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Event: Quick Fight Championship     
Date:   Jul 20, 2017
Slade fails to land the takedown.
Slade is looking to score with low kicks.
A telegraphed takedown attempt from Slade is defended easily by Biernat.
Biernat throws a series of punches but Slade moves out of range.
Slade tries to counter by moving into the clinch but Biernat manages to circle out of the way.
Slade swinging wildly here.
Biernat tries to counter by closing the distance.
We've had a slow start to the round here - hopefully the action picks up.
Slade gets his takedown attempt stuffed easily #CL2#
and Biernat moves into the clinch.
That's three failed takedown attempts in the round for Pierce Slade. That's going to take a lot out of him.
Slade wants to push off and get back to the center of the mat but Biernat has him pressed against the cage.#BC2#
Biernat pushes off and circles away, back to the middle of the mat.#T1#
Slade shoots in but doesn't get the takedown
and Biernat connects with a straight left hand counter down the middle.#CL2#
The fight moves into the clinch position.
Biernat stops a takedown attempt from Slade.
Slade letting Biernat take a breather here.#TD2#
Biernat has managed to pull guard. Let's see whether he can work an aggressive guard. It will also be interesting to see what tactics Slade uses from the top position. #SU#
Slade stands up from Biernat's guard - Slade perhaps looking for a knockout.
Slade fakes high and shoots in for a takedown but Biernat avoids it really well and circles away.#T2#
Slade misses with a few strikes there.
Slade tries to shoot in for a takedown. He's got hold of a leg but Biernat swivels and escapes.#CL2#
Biernat closes the distance and clinches.
Slade is trying to pull guard but being pressed up against the cage enables Biernat to keep the fight standing.
Biernat tries a knee to the head but Slade blocks it.
Biernat's corner are urging him to control the action in the clinch for a moment, rather than mount any serious offense. I'm sure the crowd appreciate those instructions... not.
Slade is stalling here.
Slade tries to pull guard but Biernat won't allow it. #T3#
Slade tries to pull guard but can't drag his opponent to the mat. Biernat just stands there and leans against the cage.
Biernat looking for a takedown. #TD2#
Biernat manages to pull guard. Let's see whether he can land a sub off his back.
Biernat throws a couple of shots from the bottom but they don't land. #ES2#
Biernat is scooting his butt against the cage and has managed to get back to his feet. Slade presses him back against the cage, presumably looking to take the fight back to the mat.
Slade gets double underhooks to prevent a takedown attempt from Biernat.
Slade tries to break the clinch but Biernat is controlling the position.
The pace really dropping off here, momentarily.#BC2#
Biernat pushes off and circles away, back to the middle of the mat.#T4#
Slade tries to shoot in for a takedown. He's got hold of a leg but Biernat swivels and escapes.
Slade dives in for a single leg takedown but Biernat sprawls and the fighters end up clinched against the cage.
Biernat unleashes a big counter combination but Slade bobs and weaves and avoids any damage.
Slade lands a jab to Biernat's midsection.
Biernat shoots in looking for a takedown but Slade manages to keep the fight standing, pushing Biernat's face into the canvas for good measure before circling away.
Slade lands with a nice body punch.
Biernat shoots in but doesn't get the takedown
enabling Slade to counter with a crisp jab.
The crowd thankful this round is nearly over.
Slade tries a head kick but it misses.
Fantastic stuff here - a very entertaining period of action, which has drawn cheers from the crowd.
Biernat throws a body kick that misses.
And that’s the end of the round – the fighters go back to their corners.

Mateusz Biernat dominated that round.
That's time! Back to the action!
Slade forces Biernat back against the cage and clinches.#BC2#
Biernat breaks the clinch.
Slade misses with a low kick as Biernat jumps back.
Biernat is loading up here, looking for a big counter of his own.
Slade gets his takedown attempt stuffed easily
and Biernat cracks him with a counter punch right on the button.
Slade gets caught by a brutal right hook which buckles his knees! Slade tries to backpedal with his spaghettilegs but Biernat is headhunting and goes for the kill. A jab and a right hook connect and Slade buckles badly as his eyes roll back. The referee steps in and saves Slade!! Slade is complaining but he was clearly out on his feet. Biernat throws his mouthpiece into the crowd. Mmmm spit-tastic.

Ladies and gentlemen, after 0:32 of round 2, we have a winner by way of TKO (Strikes). Mateusz Biernat!


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