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Posted 26 May 2011 - 04:49 PM

Ok I finally decided it was time to put our previews and reviews on the forum in this little place where it belongs. I have been really bad at doing previews and even worse at the recaps due to time constraints and 2 troublesome children but times are changing. I have hired a top notch writer to do previews for all our events and I will make a promise to myself and to all my loyal fighters and managers that I will now do recaps for every event CEC has. This combined with the fighters interviews I will be doing and posting in our smack talk thread will hopefully make life here a little bit more interesting for you all.

Thanks to you all for choosing to battle it out at CEC.
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Posted 26 May 2011 - 04:53 PM

CEC 146 : 200k Bounty rd2 Preview

CEC 146 : 200k Bounty rd2 features the 8 winners of the opening round of the bounty going head to head, this will bring us closer to discovering who is the best of the group of new 185lbs fighters brought to CEC and of course will leave us with 4 men closer to that $200,000 contract. It will be headlined by a welterweight title fight with the current champion facing a previous champion. Hold on for some exciting fights.

The Main Event pits the king of 170lbs Pao Ling against one of only four men to have held the belt before him, Cappadonna Frappuccino. Ling won the title back at CEC 102 and has defended it 4 time since including a rematch with the man he took it from, Sonny Crockett. He also won another fight tha was scheduled as a non-title fight due to it being the final fight of his opponents contract. Frappuccino has had his ups and downs since losing the belt which was also his first ever defeat. Never really managing to put a run together it looked as though he would never get back to his former glory, until now. With 4 straight wins over top contenders Cappadonna is looking to make it 5 in a row, grab himself the champion status again and become only the second man to ever beat Pao Ling.

In the Co-Main Event we will see 2 fighters desperately wanting to get back to another fight with Ling by either taking the belt from him personally or removing it from his successor if there ever is one! Sonny Crockett lost the title to Ling then failed in an attempt to win it back, he also lost it the first time to Cappadonna Frappuccino so he wants another shot at him. In his second reign he made 5 defenses before Ling took it away. Henrik Luhtanen took out 2 top guys before he got the chance at the belt, again Ling was in no mood for losing his beloved title so Luhtanen was left out in the first round. A former champion at BS:H, Luhtanen likes to stand and bang, as does Crockett, expect fireworks here.

The 145lbs division is a very tough place to be right now with some of the best fighters out there being that weight. Roger D Roger is one of them, in fact his only loss is a sore point for him as it was for the CEC title in a fight he dominated from start to finish and lost with seconds remaining to an armbar. He has since won 3 in a row and another here would leave him with a possible title shot which may even be against his only conqueror, Sepi Kumpulainen. Here though he faces Vladimir Solovyev and he will be no easy fight for anyone. Formerly a champion with FFC Challengers, Solovyev is the kind of guy that knows what it takes to grind out the decision win and he also only has a single loss on his record. This fight definitely sees the winner move considerably up the rankings.

We hit the 205lbs division for this fight between 2 very experienced "almost" men. Tommi Tummutti has 30 fights on his record, winning more than half of them but never tasting gold. He almost got there after an undefeated run took him to the door of Tommi Hartola but he was sent away empty handed and has failed to put a string of solid wins together. Bob White is almost the opposite but with the same result in the end, he started slowly at CEC and seemed like a stepping stone for other fighters, then he went on a run that saw him completely destroy very good fighters and climb up the rankings. He was derailed recently but came back strong with another win, he wants another run like before and a title shot could be in his future. Another stand up battle will be expected here with these solid hitters.

Valdemer Kosonen was supposed to come in and clean house at 155 but something went wrong and his CEC record reads 2-3, but he does have a win over the champion, Slim Shadie. He also won his last fight so maybe he has turned a corner and his ability is ready to shine through. Some groundwork is expected from him if he wants to get a second successive win in this fight as he faces a great stand up guy in Urho Kukkamaa. Urho lost in his last 2 outings and a third in a row would be a disaster for such an impressive fighter, with CEC making roster cuts a losing streak is not something that any fighters wants to go on, even if it is only to the real good fighters of the world.

The big guys come out to play in this 265+ rematch between Zenon Heavy and Solid Snake. It was Snake that won last time with a knockout he desperately needed after losing 4 fights in a row. He has not fought since though, meanwhile Heavy has bounced back with 2 big knockouts of his own. Revenge is on the mind of Zenon while Snake will want to repeat the big punch that ended it in the first round last time. It really is a must win fight for these guys and an exciting performance wouldn't be too bad for them either.

Now for the tournament fighters, 185lbs needed a boost so 16 fighters all with 0-0 records arrived at CEC, now we have 8 that all sit at 1-0, soon we will have only 4. First up is Gary Moore and Varian Wyrnn. Moore impressed in the opening round as he took just over a minute to eliminate Italian Salvatore Riina with impressive striking, Riina has not been seen since and it is thought he may have went back to Italy, his head hung in shame. Wyrnn found it a bit tougher as he dominated but failed to finish Kris Mahoney. This will see 2 solid stand up fighters throwdown for as long as they are both still conscious.

Pusse Helstrom was the other guy that earned himself a finish from strikes as he ended the tournament for Angelo Russo inthe opening round. He may get more of a challenge in this fight though as he faces a more well rounded fighter in Andersson Penn. His victory was a takedown and control victory over a pre tournament pick for many Georgios Geremek. Helstrom should be able to control the area this fight takes place in with his superior wrestling but we haven't seen enough of him to know how good he is. Penn may have been working on his ground strikes and will hope for a similar result in his first fight.

Next it will be the turn of Francis Begbie and Viking Berserker. Begbie picked apart Denis Koljeno as he put on a striking clinic for all to see, avoiding every one of his opponents takedowns and punishing him each time he failed. Berserker was mocked at the tournament start as he could easily have had about another half of himself and still weighed in. Giving away about 60lbs to everyone else Berserker came out and controlled all 3 rounds with Bill Nye in the clinch and threw nothing but glorious elbows, both men ended up bloody but there was no doubt that Viking took all rounds. It will surely be another stand up battle here, Begbie has the advantage on the outside, Viking in the clinch.

One ground fighter made it through to the next round when Ivan Mujo submitted Sami Sumolainen with an armbar after being cut open from a devastating head kick right at the start of the fight. He got himself back together though and scored a takedown in each round and in the third got the armbar. Erik Desmond will have noted the way Mujo fights after he himslef made it to this round with a decent ground perfrmance of his own which earned him the decision over Jordan Van Norman. Desmond was also cut in his fight but his powerful takedowns left his opponent unable to capitalise on it. Mujo will want another ground battle while Desmond will have to be careful if he plans to go for the same tactics this time around.
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Posted 02 June 2011 - 03:14 PM

CEC 147 : Making Waves Preview

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This report is brought to you by Artais.

Hello there, Earthling. This is the new writer in the block, Artais and it's time to go through this week's event. Making waves, nice title I would say. No matter win or lose, 20 fighters will make waves in Hard Knocks arena, it's just that who can create tsunami height wave that will put is status and stock up the most, that's the focus of this event. Wait what? Why the hell is my eyes all white(Picture in the official forum thread of CEC)? I will answer that next week. Now stop pestering me so I can start the preview.

SHW: Richard "Nightmare" James(4-6, 4-5 CEC) vs Pate "Casanova" Rakko(7-11, 2-7 CEC)
Both men definitely have passion and patient in MMA, especially Rakko here. Despite being a Casanova and can probably setup a company and create a playboy type magazine to earn a shit lots of money, he insists to stay in MMA. CEC appreciates this man and despite his record in here, he isn't cut from the roster. It's his time to show that he can fight once again and this time he will be up against James the Nightmare. Nightmare has an edge on the standup and his sprawling is pretty okay against someone of Rakko's caliber but then if Rakkow is able to take him down, then he is in trouble. 50:50 I would say.

Prediction: James, KO. Rakko has chin but zero striking D and James a combo lover.

LW: Sir Blocko(5-4, 0-3 CEC) vs Roger Silva(10-8, 8-8 CEC)
Blocko's huge jump from local circuit directly onto a top level org like CEC really isn't a very good career move in my opinion and that is supported directly by his 0-3 record inside CEC. Silva is someone that is a force in CEC in the early period but has not been replaced by the new specimens. He wants his second coming though and by taking out Blocko will mark the second coming of him. Two all-rounders, one will make waves.

Prediction: Silva, submission. I love his ground game and I think he will perform well.

MW: Apu "Dhalsim" Nahasapimapetilan Jr(6-2, 4-2 CEC) vs "The Dark" Emperor Vader(8-2, 1-0 CEC)
Ever wanted to play Capcom vs Star Wars? You have filed a complaint to Capcom for doing Capcom vs whatever but not Star Wars? Well, buy a ticket and come to this event as we will see Dhalsim vs Vader here. Dhalsim might not have the arm-extending skills, he has nice kicks that served as an extended arm in a way. There's no doubt that he will be utilizing his kicks in this match to try and get another victory. His problem is knockout power but he has the game plan to solve that. Vader, despite not having his light saber, can knock the sense out of...hmm...one...two...99.98% of population in this world. After cut by Syn, he found his home in CEC and racked up another KO that has became cliche in his fight against Biot Savart. Now, it's time for him to touch the skin of Dhalsim with his touch of death, can he do it? Or Dhalsim will slice the dark side with his scything legs?

Prediction: Vader, KO. Not having KO power might be the downfall of Dhalsim unless he can cut Vader's offense with kicks.

LW: "Old Number 7" Jack Daniels(6-2, 2-1 CEC) vs "Needlenose" Ned Ryerson(11-4, 1-0 CEC)
This two are purists in a way. Daniels, has a vicious ground and pound fighting style and he really has one of the best ground and pound skill in the LW division. Ryerson, on the other hand, has some mad skill in kicks. It seems that he plays amateur football(soccer for American) for a while before entering the world of MMA. Well, you will never know the feeling of getting kicked by someone that plays football until you felt it yourself. However, Daniel seems tailor-made to anti Ryerson's style of fighting. Once he takes the leg of Ryerson and put him down, the waves of punches will be on their way and we all know Daniels is definitely someone that can make waves on the ground.

Prediction: Daniels, decision. I think Ryerson can hold on to a decision.

HW: Craig "Redneck" Thomson(10-4, 5-3 CEC) vs Pera Kuukkeli(12-7, 9-6 CEC)
Redneck vs Redhair. Nice matchup, huh? After chaining four wins in a row, "Redhair" Kuukkeli is back on the track with his career and he will face his red team brother, "Redneck" Thomson in a clash of red warriors. Both men have the common traits of the red warriors, a born-for-MMA chin. Parents out there, if you want a granite chin, just make your babies red in whatever way...just don't stab him because blood is red too...anyway, both men have the weakness of both men. Thomson has the muay thai skill but then he rarely kicks so I don't see that much use of muay thai yet from him; Kuukkeli has the wrestling to put Thomson to the ground, which is definitely the weakness of Thomson. It's just who can take advantage of their other's weakness and who can do that will have an edge in this one.

Prediction: Thomson, KO. Despite not utilizing kicks, his fists can break Kuukkeli in my opinion but then if he uses some MT moves, good for him.

SHW: Royce Gracie(12-5) vs Ilmari "Helvetti" Laine(12-8, 3-2 CEC)
Two big freaking grapplers at its finest will battle against each other. This is definitely Zangief vs Armor King(Well, he knows submission) of CEC. Both fighters have found success in their career by mixing some strikes and then take their opponents down all of a sudden, definitely two fighters that those pure takedown chasers can learn from. Who will win then? Tough question. Laine is definitely the one to take Gracie down and control from top. Hell, he will probably lift Gracie up and perform Final Atomic Buster if given the chance to do so. Gracie needs to make sure his opponent doesn't get to a good position instantly after the takedown and then work on positioning before submission, in my opinion. A grandmaster chess match on the ground, a match for the ground game lovers.

Prediction: Laine, decision. Laine might not put his opponent away but his GnP might force Gracie to defend instead of attack.

LHW: Jack "The" Ripper(10-8, 6-5 CEC) vs Aarne "The Terror of Morocco" Juutilainen(10-5, 0-1 CEC)
I find this to be a very hard fight for Ripper, at least on paper. Juutilainen is well-known for terrorizing his opponent with elite takedown ability that is pretty much unstoppable with his level of speed. Luckily for Ripper, his hands are pretty destructive so he always have a puncher's chance against anybody but then Juutilainen is simply too hard to finish until this day so Ripper needs more than that. For me, Juutilainen's obvious weakness is that he doesn't strike much and if Ripper can defend against the early rush, he definitely has a chance to break his losing streak.

Prediction: Juutilainen, submission.

LHW: Possu "Jokinen" The Pumpkin(8-3, 7-3 CEC) vs Mauri "Destroyah" Saarinen(12-7-1, 3-2-1 CEC)

You can laugh at Jokinen for his pumpkin face all night long but once he put his hand on your face, your laughter will stop pretty much directly. Also, if there's a best pumpkin specimen award, Jokinen might get the award due to the resistance of his face. No knockout and hard to cut, he is one fine pumpkin compared to the other that will break into half when you punch them. After two wins, the pumpkin will face the destroyer...I meant, THE DESTROYAHHHHH!!! YAHHHHH!!!! Yeah, he will scream YAHHHH when he is destroying you on the ground. He said in an interview and to quote him, "I don't care about my opponent being plant or animal, I will go YAHHHHH and smash him into a nonliving thing.". Huge statement there, can his ground and pound crush The Pumpkin?

Prediction: The Pumpkin, KO. Clinch and knee for the win.

SHW Title: Sergei Ivanovits(11-4, 9-4 CEC) vs "Tricky" Richard Sharpe(7-3, 1-0 CEC)
With some luck, Sharpe gets his title shot after only just one win inside the CEC cage. Famous for his trickiness inside the cage, Sharpe definitely feels he can dethrone Ivanovits by doing something Ivanovits will never expect inside the cage. Hmm, I doubt that but we will see. The reason being Ivanovits pretty much seen everything possible inside the cage already. He is also a well-rounded fighter that loves to mix things up so I highly doubt Sharpe can do something that will surprise him. Both tricky men will go to work in a five rounds war of intelligence, who is the superior? Who is the Napoleon(or just insert any tactician name here)?

Prediction: Ivanovits, decision. Sharpe is pretty hot in this one but I am going for the champion.

HW: Tyrone "Crackrock" Biggums(18-8, 9-1 CEC) vs Riddick "Hercurock" Wannick(13-8, 9-4 CEC)
This is a rivalry match as two "Rocks" go one on one in the main event. After 10 fights in CEC, Biggums finally got the title after a huge knockout of Rob Green in CEC 142 and he definitely doesn't want his celebration period to go away after CEC 147. He promise that Wannick will face the best Crackrock ever. Wannick doesn't care that much though, he said he will beat Biggums in his 100% so there's no excuse. As a direct descendent of the legendary Hercules(hence, Hercurock) himself, Wannick knows the inside out of many martial arts. With that many arts to use, he has the position advantage simply because of his well-rounded play style. Crackrock isn't impressed either, he said no one escape his fists and I don't how but until now, no one escaped Biggums's fists, 18 wins, 18 KO, that is indeed Jesus Gonzelez's level of knockout power. Wannick needs to keep his way out of stand and bang. Clinch and hit or ground and pound, just stay the fuck out of stand and bang or he might find himself to be the 19th person in the Crackrock's knockout list.

Prediction: Biggum, KO. I love KO so I don't care, I am going for Biggum.

When the fights are over and the dust is clear, waves of impact will shake the world of MMA. Who will step on the corpse of their opponent to be one step ahead of being a legend in this sport? This is Artais and we will find out about that in the event. I will see you all there and thanks for reading.

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Posted 04 June 2011 - 04:45 PM

CEC 148: Beat The Boss Preview

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This report is brought to you by Artais.

CEC doesn't stop this week as we have another event coming up tomorrow and for the white collars out there, you all will definitely love this show because the theme is "Beat The Boss". I know all of you really want to just smash your boss into a bloody pulp but no no no, this is not everyone against Gus Malcolm, it's Malcolm's stable of fighters against the CEC. There will be 6 Malcolm's fighters in this card, definitely an interesting concept. And side note, BTB = Beat The Boss bout.

MW BTB: Cris "Clubber" Carter(7-7, 3-1 CEC) vs Marc Tong Panong(12-11)
Carter is probably one of the weakest fighter of the boss's stable, at least record-wise. Well, Tong Panong really isn't that good record-wise either so this is a very fair battle for me. Tong Panong, despite having a very Thailand name, is actually a wrestler from France. A rare breed as France is more of striker country. Carter is a fighter that loves the clinch as he can just club you on the head again and again there. Pretty standard strategy but he can do it very well so that is dangerous. A fight for position, who will win?

Prediction: Carter, decision. Tong Panong's weak chin might be a problem.

LW BTB: "The Highlander" Bobby Bruce(4-2, 1-0 CEC) vs Joao "Lover" Goulart(12-9, 8-6 CEC)
What will happen when The Highlander meets his lover? Well, let's just say that Highlanders love it rough so he's going for some hardcore stuff here. Bruce is Malcolm's fighter and he definitely knows how to kill you with sick muay thai-based strikes. Goulart, on the other hand, is very well-rounded with the ground game being his best part of the game. I don't think Goulart can top the striking of Bruce so he better find another way to win.

Prediction: Bruce, KO. Granite chin isn't a problem for a rough mother fucker.

WW BTB: Tonto "T-Mac" MacTavish(5-2, 1-0 CEC) vs Yrjo "Anti-Vanhala" Puska(13-6, 12-6 CEC)
This is another boss's striker against CEC's grappler. Of course, both of them are very well-rounded but their tend to lean on striking and grappling respectively. This seems pretty unpredictable actually since Anti-Vahnala can go strikes with MacTavish if he wants to. He definitely ain't an Anti-T-Mac but his striking is as good as MacTavish in my opinion. Technical-wise, MacTavish won but Puska is physically great.

Prediction: MacTavish, decision. 3-0 for the boss so far in my book.

LW BTB: "Disco" Dave Lee(9-7, 1-1 CFC) vs Mark "Lobster" Worsely(9-4 CEC)
Disco Lobster? Hmm...sounds interesting. Lee is a more well-rounded of the two while Worsely is someone that can put his fists on your face in whatever position. He likes the ground more but if he cannot get a takedown, he will trade with you without any problem standing up. Hmm..I guess that means Lobster are adaptive? I ain't biologist so I don't know.

Prediction: Worsely, decision. It might not be a good name but he could do good I believe.

HW: "King" Jizzle Bunz(18-8) vs Kaarlo "Timpuri" Vihtala(9-4 CEC)
The King on the ground will take on Timpuri, a striking-oriented fighter. Bunz has hit the downhill of his career but has now bounced back before entering the CEC. However, scoring Ws in the local circuit really doesn't impress me and it never will so I am not impressed. As for Vihtala, his career started out with some massive knockouts but he just couldn't knock the higher tier fighters so I am not impressed either. So, one of them better impress me in this match.

Prediction: Vihtala, decision. If he truly wants to impress me, he needs to finish it but I doubt it though.

MW BTB: Jeff "Rumble" Ramrod(9-6-1, 1-0 CEC) vs "Pornstar" Harry Stroker(5-2)
Harry Stroker, the one that can knockout a pussy and a man. Stroker is probably one of the most famous pornstar in the world right now because he has credit inside the AV industry for his XXL "brother" and now has racked up a good record in MMA. Ramrod better stay focus and don't try to stare at Stroker's stroking tool too much in this one and he also have to make sure he will not be annoyed by Stroker's dry humping inside the clinch(or on the ground) because I am forecasting that to happen. If Ramrod can stay focus, he will do good as long as he can avoid the sick knockout power of Stroker.

Prediction: Stroker, KO. Going for the pornstar. Not his fans though, my "brother" is XXXXL so I don't see a need to admire him.

MW: "Brain Surgeon" Blake Edwards(10-0 CEC) vs Damian ""The Dark"" Swan(9-2 CEC)
Both men are definitely gunning for a title. Why is Edwards not getting a title shot despite a 10 wins streak? Well, his decision-seeking style means not all fans like him enough. Of course, win over and over again and he will be up for a title shot. Swan wants the title shot too and he's The Dark Swan so Brain Surgeon really needs to be careful with his surgery tonight as Swan can knock people out easily. Edwards has a very solid chin and some good striking D though but still, one clear hit and he will be down for sure. It's all about execution. As for Edwards, a good way will be ground game.

Prediction: Edwards, decision. This match has like 98% chance of going decision.

LHW: "The Hammer" Matt Lipsky(14-5) vs Tommi Kauri(13-4)
Malcolm is probably thinking "Welcome to CFC, now fights a fellow import" when he match them up. One of them, a hammer in clinch; his counterpart, a massive punch rainer on the ground. No matter where this one is going, a knockout is likely to happen. A good news for Kauri is that Lipsky doesn't possess his weakness, which is submission, and that will really make Kauri more comfortable with aggression on the ground. Kauri has a very terrifying takedown success rate of 72% while Lipsky is simply dominant inside the clinch. Who can take advantage of their own battleground?

Prediction: Lipsky, KO.

SHW BTB: "The Big Yin" Charlie McGregor(6-1, 1-0 CEC) vs "Exit Light" Bob Burnquist(10-5, 4-3 CEC)
After a winning run, Burnquist was just one step away from getting to the throne. After getting knocked out very quickly in the first round of the title fight by Sergei Ivanovits, Burnquist looks very tempted to smash McGregor up. I can understand, nothing is better than unleashing your angry toward your boss, right? For me, Burnquist has to be cool in this one because one takedown from The Big Yin(brother of The Small Yang? Who's Small Yang anyway?) can spell the end and a way to the exit for Burnquist. It's a one hell of a battle for sure, knockout guaranteed.

Prediction: McGregor, KO. Wow, I sure pick a lot of Malcolm's fighter.

LW Title: Slim Shadie(16-7, 14-5 CEC) vs Jayson "The Afrodesiac" Timmons(10-4, 3-0 CEC)

4 title challenges, 2 wins, no defense. Shadie is a very good fighter that just can't perform well when he is with the title. It's like the title is sending the power to his opponent to demolish him. Still, he looks to turn things around and hopefully stay with the title for a bit longer this time. Yeah, everyone wishes that they will stay with the title forever but that's just talk. One problem for Shadie is his questionable chin but then Timmons doesn't have the best explosive in his hands so that's a good news for Shadie. Still, The Afrodesiac has proven himself so far to be a very tactical and a brain user inside the cage. He doesn't need the power, he will just top you up with attacks for all three rounds and takes away your confidence by doing that. Can Shadie finally breaks the egg of his title defense count?

Prediction: Shadie, decision. Alright champion, I am supporting your poor ass this time.

A very cool event for everyone out there. Let's see if the boss is really the boss inside the cage or what, this is Artais and- Oh, I haven't answer the eye question, right? Well, I will answer about that next week, going to warp back into my home world for now.

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Posted 04 June 2011 - 08:41 PM

CEC 147 : Making Waves Recap

With this event our aim was to get back into the worlds top 10 so we decided to have not one but two titles on the line, something that we will be looking to do at every event in the near future. Well what do you know, it actually happened as we jumped up to 9th spot with a solid event that filled the crowd with excitement. This event also provided us with our highest ticket revenue to date so we are definitely headed in the right direction.

It all started when Richard James and Pate Rakko faced off in the super heavyweight division. Rakko wanted no part of any stand up fight and this showed as he tried to go to ground 8 times of his own accord and twice when James put him there with big shots. James cut his opponent before dropping him the first time, he followed him to the mat as he sensed a finish was near but Rakko was happy with that move as he worked from the bottom looking for a submission finish. Eventually James decided to get back to his feet and once there he was again in complete control, he put Rakko down again and this time landed two huge blows from guard which ended the fight and got him a nice little $1,000 for KO of the night.

KO of the night was then to be followed quickly by submission of the night as Sir Blocko and Roger Silva took centre stage. Two very evenly matched fighters, both with brown belts in jiu-jisu meant that it would be hard to pick a winner but early on it looked like Silva was the more on his game as he landed leg kicks and takedowns while avoiding everything that came back at him. The first round definitely belonged to him and in the second he scored yet another takedown early on and seemed to be controlling everything. Blocko had tried a few submission attemts and when he slapped on a guillotine while in half guard it looked as though he was just going to waste more energy, in an instant though he moved to full guard and really started to crank the neck, next thing you know Silva is out cold and Blocko finally gets that first CEC win!

If CEC could be accused of anything it is perhaps the lack of strength in the 185lbs division, a few things have been done to change that and there was one of them on display here. Emperor Vader had breezed through his first fight as he effortlessly destroyd Biot Savart, today he faced Apu Nahasapimapetilan Jr a very capable opponent. Vader was in no mood for messing around though and ripped right through Apu like he was a mere unskilled amateur, this is no disrespect to Apu, Vader was just far too good here. A few solid leg kicks and some big power punches and Apu was in serious trouble, one final huge blow and he was out. Emperor Vader has certainly shown he has the skills in his outings so far, a bright future is expected for him and I don't think he will disappoint.

A lightweight bout was next and this would be a perfect time for Jack Daniels to get back on track, his last fight saw him lose to Jayson Timmons who will now fight for the 155lbs title so that shows how big a loss that was for Jack. Today he faced Ned Ryerson who has a 1-0 CEC record. Not the most exciting fight we have ever had but it was fairly entertaining. Daniels seemed to start well as he scored a takedown but then didn't do much as his ground strikes mostly missed, Ryerson switched and ended up on top where he failed in an armbar attempt. Back to the feet and Ryerson landed a sweet right that nearly took the head of Daniels clean off, Ryerson takes the round. The second round was similar as Daniels got takedowns but didn't threaten, Ryerson again better on the feet and again wins the round. Into the third and Daniels gets the takedown, a bit more urgency now as he knows he needs the finish. Ryerson looks for more subs but Daniels controls from the top to win the round, too little too late and Ryerson gets the unanimous decision win.

The next fight you may have missed if you went to use the bathroom facilities or fancied a beer, it took longer for the fighters to get to the cage than it did for the fight to be over. Craig Thomson is a handful for anyone but today he was facing a rejuvinated Pera Kuukkeli who was riding high on a 4 fight win streak. It all came crashing down today even though Kuukkeli looked on form at the start when he cut Thomson but hey these things happen and it was the only punch that landed on Craig as he took over and just went crazy. Kuukkeli was smacked around like he had insulted everyone Thomson knew and before anyone could catch their breath the beating was done. Craig Thomson is an animal and even though he didn't actually win KO of the night there were fighters here that will be cautious of his hands after that.

Royce Gracie arrived at CEC and was instantly picked out as a good opponent for Ilmari Laine, now we know he was a good opponent for Laine, it's just that Laine was not a good opponent for him. Taken down and ripped apart the way you would expect to be if you happened to be facing a werewolf and not just a man, Gracie was in trouble and he could do nothing about it. Not seriously hurt but there was more blood than I thought a man had in him splattered across both fighters and the cage. He seemed to bleed more with every strike landed, the ref called in the doctor and the inevitable happened, a stoppage due to the world being painted red, your winner Ilmari Laine.

More blood was to come in this light heavyweight battle, not as much though and no doctor stoppage required. Jack Ripper needed a win as he had lost 2 in a row, Aarne Juutilainen needed a win as he had lost on his debut, both men had to provide the promised goods here. Within a minute both guys were bleeding and this looked like it would end in the first, fortunately neither cut was in a dangerous area and we continued. Round one ends with neither judge agreeing who won it, scores of 10:9, 10:10 and 9:10 showing how hard it was to score. It wasn't going to factor too much in the end result though as from the start of the second round Juutilainen took control. He got the takedowns, utilised the clinch and just basically outworked Ripper for the remainder of the fight, earning himself his first CEC win.

Possu The Pumpkin had apparently been asking to fight Mauri Saarinen and CEC owner Gus Malcolm agreed that the fight was right for both men at this stage, they do say you should be careful what you wish for though. I don't know if Saarinen felt disrespected by this request or if this was the gameplan he would have had regardless but he came out with aggression and purpose, scoring a takedown instantly and punishing Pumpkin for the whole round with strikes. As the round is ticking down and there is under a minute left Saarinen ends it with some brutal ground and pound that had the referee jumping in to end it.

So we reach our Co-Main Event and just now it would be hard to pick a real standout fight, well the super heavyweight title was on the line and we were about to witness fight of the night! Sergei Ivanovits was looking for his third defence of his belt while Richard Sharpe had show enough in his CEC debut to be given his shot. The opening round was easy to call, Ivanovits just looked a class above as he picked his shots perfectly, cutting Sharpe open, knocking him down, rocking him and generally dominating. Into the second round and agin it's easy to call but this time it is Sharpe imposing his game on the champion as he scores with the takedown and controls the whole round. The third is where it got tricky, effectively just a kickboxing match that both men seemed to enjoy and both thought they won, I am glad it wasn't me judging. The fourth saw Ivanovits excel again, as he started to pick his shots again and not just brawl as he had in the previous round, he poured the pressure on as he opened up Sharpes cut again. The final round was again a tough to call affair, as the two fighters started to brawl as they had in the third, these two rounds would prove to be the vital ones as Sharpe seemed to have a better landing percentage but Ivanovits was the more aggressive fighter, throwing more but maybe landing less. In the end the judges didn't agree, scores of 47:48, 49:46 and 48:47 means that Ivanovits retains his title by split decision. I would love to see these two warriors fight again.

So onto our Main Event of the evening and we had already had our moneys worth from the previous fight alone, maybe a good job as the promise of a good, entertaining, back and forth battle was quicly extinguished when Tyrone Biggums brutally battered the challenging Riddick Wannick. Now Wannick is a great fighter, he has beaten some quality guys on his charge at the title but this was just a step too far for him. Biggums unleashed hell as we witnessed another bloody beatdown, like the cage required more blood than it already had, if you never arrived early then you would never have known who tonights sponsors were! A few leg kicks were all that Wannick managed as the blood just poured from his face, with each strike everyone looked towards the doctor at the side of the cage and when he finally did step into the cage we all knew it was over before he called it. Biggums remains the heavyweight champion, who on earth will want to face this monster?
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Posted 08 June 2011 - 08:17 PM

CEC 148 : Beat The Boss Recap

Well we all know what this event was about, six of these fights would feature warriors from from the stable of the very man that runs CEC. A while back all the fighters here were offered the chance to call out the owners guys and some took that opportunity. Also on the card was a title bout in the lightweight division.

The opening match up pitted Malcolm fighter Cris Carter against Marc Tong Panong. Even though he was tipped to win this one, Carter had been struggling for a while and this would prove no different as he probably made his last appearance as an mma fighter. Tong Panong started well as he scored an early takedown and looked for submissions throughout the first round. The second roundsaw him score another takedown but this time he did little work on the ground and when it was stood back up Carter did enough to steal the round. The third was more like round one though when Tong Panong got it on the mat again and worked harder than Carter, earning him the round and the fight with all judges giving him a 29:28 decision. CEC fighters 1 The Boss 0.

Our second fight saw Malcolm fighter Bobby Bruce even the scores in very quick and devastating fashion. Joao Goulart never even stood a chance when Bruce landed a crushing kick to the head with his very first landed strike. As Goulart got back to his feet he was visibly shaken and bleeding, he landed a nice punch combo but when he missed a leg kick Bruce was all over him again with a sweet hook then a huge right hand that put Goulart out for the night. Knockout of the night goes to Bruce and with that it's CEC fighters 1 The Boss 1.

Next we were about to witness an entertaining but one sided fight when Tonto MacTavish stepped in to face a CEC great in Yrjo Puska. From start to finish MacTavish moved in and out landing every strike he threw as he picked his opponent apart with little effort. 229 times Puska was hit in a variety of ways and he only managed 1 solitary punch in reply. Needless to say after 3 rounds of this consistent beatdown all judges gave MacTavish a 30:24 decision win. Although one sided it was probably still the most exciting fight on the card. CEC fighters 1 The Boss 2.

Dave Lee wasn't supposed to stand a chance against Mark Worsely but he definitely went out and done himself proud. Worsely started brightly, taking the fight to the ground on two occasions and looking for the finish, even when Lee got the reversal Worsely looked the better fighter. The second round was very different though, Lee kept it standing for nearly the whole round and worked his striking to the max, landing punches and kicks as he looked impressive and dangerous. Then came the third, controversial or just too tough to call? None of the judges agreed on how to score it, one sided with Worsely as he got it to the mat early, one went for Lee due to his better striking in the stand up, while the final judge called it a draw which essentially left the fight a stalemate. So CEC fighters 1 The Boss 2 and a draw.

Our next fight was what can only be described as a brutal beatdown that ended in a bloody mess. Jizzle Bunz made his CEC debut against a man with a tendency to bleed in Kaarlo Vihtala, however, it was to be Bunz left battered and bloody as Vihtala went to town and showed how lethal he can be. In less than a round a combination of punches and knees produced so much blood that the doctor had to step in and call an end to the fight. Vihtala is heading to the top where he rightfully belongs.

Jeff Ramrod is the type of fighter that is always involved in exciting fights regardless of the outcome, he puts it on the line win or lose and this was no different. Harry Stroker was a dangerous opponent to take on, Ramrod knew he could get beaten on if he wasn't careful, this is exactly what happened. Nicknamed "Paperboy" by his sparring partners due to his very thin skin, Ramrod was yet again bust open quickly and Stroker put on a round and a half of punishment before all the blood became a little too much. Jeff would have continued to take that beating all night but the doctor wasn't allowing it. CEC fighters 2 The Boss 2 and a draw.

Blake Edwards has reached a point where he must be wanting someone to beat up his stable mate Alexander Maynard so that he can get a shot at the title, otherwise he may have to do it himself. Edwards remains undefeated after he worked over Damian Swan in every area of this fight, although unable to finish the fight Edwards was clearly just a level or two above Swan today as he has been against everyone he has faced. Swan tried to get into the fight but just couldn't and Edwards walks away with all judges agreeing that it was 30:25.

Two fighters making their debuts in CEC were Matt Lipsky and Tommi Kauri. It had been predicted that Lipsky could score a knockout finish but that never really looked like happening. Kauri had the perfect gameplan to not allow Lipsky to do his thing, his takedowns were well executed and once on the ground he remained active enough for the referee not to stand them up. Always trying to land strikes from the top meant that Lipsky could do little more than defend and improve position with no offence. This was the pattern for all three rounds and earned Kauri the unanimous decision win.

The Co-Main Event was the final fight of the beat the boss bouts, Malcolm fighter Charlie McGregor needed to win to secure more victories than defeats for his manager when he faced Bob Burnquist. McGregor has a simple but effective tactic of taking people down and pounding them out and this is again how he got himself the win. Burnquist found himself cut in the opening seconds and this may have had an effect on his performance as shortly after he was on his back being punched in the face. McGregor mixed it up though as he threw in a few submission attempts as well as the big punches. Just over halfway through the first round he landed the big strike that mattered and left his opponent out cold. McGregor makes it CEC fighters 2 The Boss 3 and a draw. Overall a success for The Boss.

The Main Event was to be the first attempt at a defence of the 155lbs title for recently crowned Slim Shadie as he took on Jayson Timmons. The challenger has a good ground game but he was facing a higher calibre of jiu-jitsu in this one so standing up was surely his best option. Shadie wasn't about to let anyone dictate where the fight would take place though and he worked hard to control the fight, standing he done well but it was his takedowns and what he went for on the mat that earned him the first four rounds. Knowing that he had the win in the bag he played it safe in the last round, Timmons went for it with some great striking and even though Shadie again got it to the ground the challenger took the round. Too little too late though and Shadie earns his first ever title defence as the judges score it 49:46 all round.
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Posted 10 June 2011 - 06:15 PM

CEC 149: Sweet Dream Preview

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This report is brought to you by Artais.

Welcome to the preview of CEC 149: Sweet Dreams. This card will deliver some sweet dreams to the fans of CEC, I guess that's what the title means. As for the fighters, 10 will walk away with sweet dreams while 10 will probably have nightmare for that night. It's in their hand, as they have a choice between sweet dream and nightmare, who will hold their chance to have the sweet?

SHW: Svullo Uzi(3-2 CEC) vs Kodarc Beastmaster(3-5, 1-1 CEC)

The night will start with a classy striker vs grappler bout, as Uzi will face off beastmaster to determine who can get the first sweet dream of the night. Judging by their questionable striking defense and mediocre chin, their dream might come real soon as they enter the cage. Uzi has huge reach advantage so I am looking forward to see whether he can use his footwork and reach to snipe the grappler.

Prediction: Uzi, KO. Not like I trust Uzi's takedown D too much but Beastmaster's chin is very hard to bet on.

WW: Pasi "Radioääni" Ruohonen(10-10, 7-10 CEC) vs Mulroon "The Buffalo" Deforz(5-5, 1-0 CEC)
Veteran Ruohonen will see if he can tame the incoming talent down as he faces off with The Buffalo. Deforz sure has the chance to impress the crowd once more tonight ash he is getting quite some notice after the huge KO win in CEC 139. Ruohonen's time in CEC really isn't that sweet and so he really needs a sweet dream as of that night. Both men love to strike so a striking battle is likely to happen, especially when Ruohonen isn't that good on the ground. His chin plays a huge role here.

Prediction: Deforz, KO. Very doable with a good game plan.

LHW: "The Saint" Mauricio Gracie(10-9, 5-6 CEC) vs "Pointon" Glad Tihata(13-12, 0-1 CEC)
Tihata's CEC debut didn't turn well after losing by a late knockout in CEC 139. Let's just say that Tihata's takedown defense really isn't too good and a good news for him is that Gracie loves to strike despite being a Gracie. This Gracie wants to change the Gracie family up, he always believe that he can learn how to strike instead of going for the art of brazilian jiu-jutsu like the hundreds of his brethren. It really didn't go too well until now judging by his record. Let's see if he can turns my point around.

Prediction: Tihata, decision. Tihata's last loss is a well-fought battle so I see him taking this one.

MW: Armo "Taikaspurgu" Kuusela(9-7, 8-7 CEC) vs Adrian "Deathperado" Desper(4-3, 2-2 CEC)
I admire these man for joining such a big org like CEC in the ealiest stage of their career and is now still a member of CEC. Their record will likely be better if they are fighting in some smaller orgs so you cannot judge these two by their records. Let's just be honest here, Desper is in a very tough fight. However, I see the ground being the Deathperado's best field to get this one done. Or maybe he will impress me with another way, I am interested to see this one.

Prediction: Kuusela, decision. Still, I am going for the favorite.

SHW: Tsa Rock(4-0) vs "Rubber-Man" Rubert Kuminauha(16-12, 12-9 CEC)
I personally love the menacing yet pretty cool-looking face of Rock. That asides...and no I ain't gay, Rock is a rising star after taking victory in every matches so far in some feeder orgs and finally, he was in a huge org, the CEC, and will face his first hard test of his CEC career. Well, a good test for Rock definitely since Kuminauha can be a gauge on how Rock fares against grappler. Kuminauha is a pure grappler and I personally would suggest him to take some basic striking class. So, let's see if Rock can pass the grappler test and be a real force to reckon with, or not.

Prediction: Rock, decision. I never believe that going for takedown 99.99% is a good idea.

WW: Vinny "Vidi" Veechi(17-6, 1-0 CEC) vs Martti "Koirankives Seipään Pääss" Molo(15-9, 0-1 CEC)
Veechi has a good start in CEC and his counterpart has a bad start. Still, a start doesn't mean shit in the MMA business so let's see how they approach this one. Well, I believe Veechi can give Molo problem. Molo has a solid chin so he has no problem dealing with most strikers but then Veechi has the correct way to get a win, which is submission. Molo, on the other hand, is one freaking good striker so I think takedown alone can be a huge factor of this fight. A little statistic: Veechi's takedown rate 47% vs Molo takedown defensive rate of 78%. Molo is very good in defending takedown and I rate him to have an edge in striking. Hmm...I really can't figure out this one, so let's go with a show down of takedown against takedown D.

Prediction: Molo, decision. I see a rebound.

FW: Cole Trane(5-2, 4-1 CEC) vs Ian "Game Face" Askew(5-2)
There's nothing better than puting two fighters with the same identical record and let them fight with 100% intensity to try to get the better result than the other. Both are pretty identical in a way, that's they finish their fight in a way that send the crowd into frenzy cheer mode. Trane can just do nearly anything on the ground, triangle, kimura, armbar, kneebar, you said it and it should be done. As for Askew, his best KO is no doubt the spinning backfist but then he has a good amount of KO wins there so that is a huge draw to the fans. All fans expect this to be good so let's see if this is just as good.

Prediction: Trane, submission.

LW: Ilkka "Paloittelija" Laitinen(14-8, 14-7 CEC) vs Taavi "Ghost" Liisteri(15-13, 4-5 CEC)
Finally, Laitinen got his CEC belt that he has no taken in so many title fights but then he was dethroned in his first title defense. For now, he needed another shot but then I don't really understand fighting someone with a negative record in CEC will help him too much here. I see this more like a test for Liisteri, if he can get the win today, then hell, he is actually quite good. Being a pure grappler by all mean, Liisteri has to rely on takedown and sometime, he relies too much on it and that is his downfall until now. Another fight with takedown being the factor here.

Prediction: Laitinen, KO. Laitinen is very solid...that doesn't make Liisteri liquid for your information.

HW: Rob Green(18-5, 4-2 CEC) vs "Hangman" Gorgin Golzar(7-2 CEC)
Golzar's nickname actually reminds me of Rev Theory's song with the same name, haha. Ahem, sorry for the side thought and let's get back to the fight. First, I have to say that Golzar can really hang with the best guys this world has to offer as he is racking up quite a good record after joining CEC without any pro experience. Both men are largely striker but then Green is far better in terms of overall striking skill while Golzar has the greco-roman wrestling base so he has good clinchwork and dirty boxing. Chin-wise, Golzar's better; height-wise, Green's taller. With that sort of statistic, I think Golzar definitely can take some punches to get inside and fight like an inside fighter. If he fears to take punches, then Golzar will not win due to the reach disadvantage. Can Golzar hangs on until he is close enough to punish Green?

Prediction: Golzar, KO. This kid can hang, at least in my view.

FW Title: Craig "The Hypnotizer" Carter(14-3, 1-0 CEC) vs Sepi "Dippadappa" Kumpulainen(16-5, 9-2 CEC)
Despite being a freaking good fighter, and even I have to agree on that, The Hypnotizer has not impressed me even with the convincing knockout in last fight. Well, it's just that I personally would want him to fight someone else before heading into the title picture but what's done's done. Now I will see if he can impress me or not in his first title defense, against the submission machine, Sepi Kumpulainen. If you look at many fighters' profile, you will see a lot of KO in the early stage and then decision...decision...Zzzzz decision...but not for Kumpulainen. You can throw the best out there and he will make him tap. 9 CEC victories, 8 submission wins, he definitely has the skill to submit the best of the best in CEC. Same can be said to Carter, he has the power to turn a man into ashes in the matter of seconds. One weakness for Kumpulainen, his striking isn't good enough to mix in and that is always a big weak point in my opinion, Kumpulainen better gets a takedown early in the round and in every round or he will be hypnotized by the champion's strikes.

Prediction: Carter, decision. As much as I don't like Carter for now, I don't really buy the takedown only game plan.

Okay, done with the preview, time for the answer. Why are my eyes white in color(Refers to forum thread for picture, or my Facebook)? Well, I am not entirely human. Okay, next question...Oh, what EXACTLY am I? Good question, stay tuned for next week's preview for the answer. This is Artais, wishing everyone will have their sweet dreams forever.

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Posted 15 June 2011 - 05:00 PM

CEC 149 : Sweet Dreams Recap

So CEC 149 : Sweet Dreams would potentially see the ambitions of some fighters realised but would also hurt the goals and dreams of others. With the featherweight championship belt on the line as well as some title implications in other bouts, this event was exciting and left us sitting 15th in the global rankings.

We opened the evening with a fight at super heavyweight, two fighters faced off, neither could afford to lose. Svullo Uzi came out with purpose and really put the hurt on Kodarc Beastmaster with an impressive first round. In the clinch Uzi looked so determined and dangerous that you had to give him the round 10:8. Beastmaster had some serious work to do now, the next two rounds saw a complete turnaround, takedowns were utilised and once on the mat Beastmaster was just too good as he took both easily. That first round made the difference though and resulted in a 28:28 draw given by all judges, neither could afford to lose and neither did.

Pasi Ruohonen needed something special to happen when he stepped into the cage against Mulroon Deforz, one win in his last six fights really isn't what we require of a CEC fighter. Deforz had won his only fight in CEC to date and wanted to continue his rise, not to be though as Ruohonen saw his hunger return. Deforz was swinging and missing while Ruohonen picked his shots perfectly and put his opponent on the mat before pouncing on top of him and landing more crushing blows to finish it in a little over a minute.

If the last fight ended quickly the next just showed that it can always be quicker. Mauricio Gracie had lost twice on the trot, Glad Tihata had lost on his only CEC outing, both men needed a win to improve their standing. Tihata never even gave Gracie a chance as he stormed out and landed the shots that mattered, a couple of huge punches put him on top of the world and put Gracie out cold on the canvas. Knockout of the night award goes to Tihata for this fantastic finish in under a minute.

The fight between Armo Kuusela and Adrian Desper looked as though it could be a competitive one when it was first announced, the reality was that Kuusela was just too much for Desper to handle in this one sided affair. Armo put on the perfect display as for three rounds he moved in, landed his strikes and moved out beforeDesper could land any form of retaliation. This was the same in the clinch, Kuusela landed and Desper missed. The frustration was even worse when Desper tried to get some takedowns and every single one failed. In the end a very comfortable decision win for Kuusela with judges scoring it 30:25, 30:25 and 30: 24.

Another fight that went the distance and was a little one sided happened when Tsa Rock faced a former heavyweight champion in Rubert Kuminauha. Rock was fantastic to watch and fans were on their feet as the excitement filled the arena, he made a very capable fighter look like a rank amateur as he avoided all takedowns and landed great strikes fromthe outside. Kuminauha just couldn't cope with the variety of shots being thrown at him and the accuracy used to pick him apart was exceptional. The one criticism that could be had of Rock is his killer instinct, various times in the first round he could have ended it but didn't, Kuminauha is tough though and we cannot forget that. Fight of the night awarded here despite it being all one way traffic. Rock gets the decision 30:24 on all cards.

With the previous two fights being total domination we needed a tough fought, hard to call, close battle. Up steps Vinny Veechi and Marti Molo to provide us with just that. Both men had made their debut recently, Veechi had won, Molo had lost so this was going to be good. Veechi was good in the first round as he avoided blows and landed a takedown twice, on th ground he done little but enough to earn the round. Molo came back in the second, again he was taken to the mat but before that and after it got stood up again he let his hands go and looked the better fighter. Into round three and this really would be the decider. It may not have got fight of the night but this may have been round of the night, Molo again showed great stand up skills but Veechi wasn't too shabby as he fought back with some good strikes of his own and a late takedown to leave fresh in the judges mind. Despite that, Molo got the nod from all three judges with a 29:28 decision win and a great fight.

When you talk about dreams, goals, ambitions whatever, you have to mention Cole Trane. At 21 years old he has reached quite a height in CEC after his win here over Ian Askew, the problem he will have now is he may have reached to high too soon and his next fight could be a real tough one. Anyway, from the start here he was in control, an early takedown saw little happen on the ground so it was stood up again, this was repeated a few times as Trane looked to find a hole in the ground game of Askew. It was found in the second round when he took it to the ground for the sixth time, moved into mount and slapped on a nice little armbar that left Askew with no option but to tap out. Submiision of the night was earned with the armbar, his sixth submission win of his career.

Illka Laitinen has had atough CEC career, when he finally got his hands on the belt at the fourth attempt he lost it in his first defence. In this bout he bounced back against Taavi Liisteri when he dominated from start to finish. In round one he done everything except finish him as he cut open and knocked him down with great crisp striking. Round two didn't get any better for Liisteri when a big head kick took him right off his feet, Laitinen continued the stand up punishment and still loked fresh as a daisy as the third round started. In this round Liisteri finally got it to the ground but even there he was not the better man as it was Laitinen who was able to control position and avoid all submission attempts. At the final bell all judges agreed to a 30:25 demolition job by Illka Laitinen.

A Co-Main Event that pitted ex champion Rob Green against up and comer Gorgin Golzar. Green had just lost the belt in his second loss to Tyrone Biggums so was looking to come back strong and emerge again as the top contender. Both fighters went for it from the start and it was easy to see that one was leaving knocked out. Golzar threw big but missed with his wild striking, Green was also putting some meaty blows out there and connected with a few as Golzar got cut early on. After two minutes a huge head kick put Golzar on the mat, he got back up and looked a little confused as Green glanced low but kicked high and again Golzar was on the deck, this time it was all over though and it is rumoured that Rob Green may move to super heavyweight for a shot at Sergei Ivanovits for his next fight.

Our man with the previews, Artais, has been rather cruel towards our featherweight champion Craig Carter. He believes Carter did not prove himself worthy of a title shot, maybe he will think differently after this fight. Carter pretty much walked trough Valentin Berg to take the belt and now he was facing another top boy in the division, Sepi Kumpulainen. Between Berg and Kumpulainen we have the history of the featherweight title almost sewn up, James Butler won it and lost it on his first defence. Carter is here to write new pages in the history books though and he added page 2 today. To be fair, Sepi was never really in this fight, he tried to get it to the ground but even when he managed it he couldn't really get any momentum going. Carter stood and blasted away, impressing the judges as he went. The whole fight was the same pattern, Carter was streets ahead, even on the ground where Sepi has finished so many, Carter was in control. Judges all gave a 50:44 verdict and Craig Carter has now defeated the two dominant forces in our 145lbs division, So let's wait and see what Artais will say of Carter in his next preview, has he gained a new found respect for The Hypnotizer? We shall see.
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Posted 16 June 2011 - 06:57 PM

CEC 150: 200k Bounty Semis Preview

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This report is brought to you by Artais.

Welcome to CEC 150 : 200k Bounty Semis...the preview, not the exact show, anyway congrats to CEC for hitting the 150th show, a huge milestone for the org and definitely it's time for the 200k bounty tournament contenders to shine once again.

MW 200K Bounty: "King" Varian Wyrnn(2-0 CEC) vs "The First" Viking Berserker(2-0 CEC)
Can anyone answer me why the heck am I seeing Berserker's weight as 133lbs and yet he can still fighting MW? That aside, both men really didn't show the skill to finish anybody so this is pretty much going to be three rounds fight. We have two men that love to use their strategy to impress the judges and get the higher scores, so this is a battle of wit and strategy.

Prediction: Berserker, decision. This guy has major weight disadvantage and still win, so yes I am going for him.

MW 200K Bounty: Pusse Helstrom(2-0 CEC) vs Erik "Horifudo" Desmond(2-0 CEC)
I personally think this will be the more-fun-to-watch semi. One of them a very horrifying ground and pound artist; another is one heck of a beast inside the clinch. This two loves to finish, especially Helstrom as he impressed the crowd and is now the hot bet coming into the semi. Can he rack up another impressive first round KO over Desmond? We will see as Desmond has his chance too.

Prediction: Helstrom, KO. Might not be first round, but I am going for him.

LHW: "Iron" Doug Harvey(5-1, 4-1 CEC) vs "The Original" Osmond Schwartz(7-7, 2-2 CEC)
After losing two straight bouts in CEC, Schwartz bounced back by chaining up a winning streak by two submissions in a row. CEC decided to give him a huge test in his fifth CEC bout as he will take on the one named himself Iron. No doubt, this guy is one solid fighter with iron chin and a good solid skill set. Harvey loves to take the fight to the ground, just like Schwartz, and so I believe this will definitely be a ground fight. Let's see if Harvey can bounce back from his first career loss.

Prediction: Harvey, KO. Schwartz is kind of easy to finish.

WW: Clint "The Cowboy" Fredriksson(13-7, 4-2 CEC) vs "Pastrami King" Hy Wiener(8-4)
Wiener sure jumps around a lot of orgs and he is ready to come and impress the crowd of CEC, likely for 2 or 3 fights before he leaves and seeks another home. I call him a ronin style fighter, a wanderer and I don't really think that is good for his career at this stage. He needs a title shot to build his legacy up. Of course, personal view. For his first fight, he will meet The Cowboy, a tough dude but doesn't possesses too much of finishing capability. Still, you don't need to finish to literally demolish a fighter so it's all good. Wiener has clinch advantage while Fredriksson loves the ground and I give The Cowboy a slight striking advantage as well. Let's see who can dictate the position of this fight and he will likely to be the winner of this.

Prediction: Wiener, decision. Might not get a KO but I think will he score a decision.

LHW: Johannes "Atlas" van Bruggen(10-3-1) vs "Kuningas" Marco Tammipuomi(9-6 CEC)
Tammipuomi bounced back from the bad losing streak and is now looking good. There's no doubt that Tammipuomi has some threatening jiu-jutsu on the ground but his wrestling isn't on the level he really hoped it to be. van Bruggen, one tough striker, impressive standup striking and impressive ground striking as well. Oh yeah, add in his dirty boxing and we have something to defined the word "MMA striking". Tammipuomi has displayed a doubtful chin many times in his career so staying clear and away from van Bruggen should be his first priority. Tammipuomi is the taller and heavier fighter so if he can take van Bruggen down, he really is in the green zone.

Prediction: van Bruggen, decision. Despite Tammipuomi's chin, van Bruggen really isn't a finisher.

FW: Karl "The Hurricane" De Groot(10-4) vs Sami Kolari(12-7-1, 11-7-1 CEC)

The Hurricane makes his debut in CEC 150 and looks to deliver a level 5 hurricane impact at 200mph. De Groot really is a striker that represents a hurricane well. His hand speed, wow, it actually looks like a normal punch speed in slow-mo camera, now imagine that in the normal speed, it's like a fast-forward mode, that's for sure. Besides the sick hand speed, he has some sickening leg kicks that can chop your legs off like a knife on banana. I give the ground advantage to Kolari though but he really has to take De Groot down as I don't really see his standup skill is enough to fight with De Groot in the standup.

Prediction: De Groot, KO. My guess, Tatsu-Maki-Senpu-Kyaku(Ryu's hurricane spinning kick).

FW: Vladimir Solovyev(10-1, 1-0 CEC) vs Valentin "Henning" Berg(12-4, 10-2 CEC)
Two time CEC featherweight champion, Valentin "Henning" Berg, is definitely looking for his third reign. He is a very impressive fighter, 2 title runs, 5 title defenses and all in CEC, that's some number you can be proud of. If you ask his victim what makes him so different, they will see it's his speed and sickening takedown ability. He simply know which part to grab that can make you lose your balance the most, you can say he is a PhD in Fighting Physics, for he is just that damn good. Solovyev, former FFC champion, definitely a very tough fighter with a sick record. Solovyev is a tough dude that love to use mass strikes strategy to win. If he is a RTS player, he will be the macro king, just build a lot of unit and then throw all of them at you. Can the former champion's image stays or will Solovyev takes him out?

Prediction: Berg, decision. Gut feeling.

LW: Kimmo "Rockhead" Kivipaa(14-4, 9-3 CEC) vs Keijo "Kehari" Kuosmanen(13-9, 1-0 CEC)
Both men want a streak going and not a streak breaker here so this is one fight to prove their worth. Both men are freaking beast nontheless, Kivipaa is a very impressive boxer and trust me, racking up a 14-4 record in MMA with 99% boxing is not an easy feat to get. Kuosmanen definitely has the ground advantage here but then Kivipaa not only has a rockhead, he has rock solid takedown defense as well, 81% takedown defense rate proved that more than anything else. If this heads to the ground, no doubt Kuosmanen will rack up a huge win against a high profile fighter and a former champion but his chance to get that is quick slim in my opinion. Still, we will soon to find out if I am correct or not.

Prediction: Kivipaa, KO.

LHW: Tommi Hartola(13-3 CEC) vs Stephen "Bonesnapper" Dyzer(9-3, 5-2 CEC)
The fans want to see Hartola vs Tolonen III, Hartola wants it too and I am fine with it. Since Tolonen is still the LHW champion as of now, the only way for Hartola to get to that status will be winning again and again, non-stop. Dyzer definitely wants that title shot for himself and he has been truly impressive in his recent bouts, two nice submission wins boost him up into the co-main event of CEC 150. He knows he has to stay in the glory zone and he definitely have a chance today. Hartola has reach advantage and he utilizes his kicks very well so Dyzer really needs to find a way to get closer so he can snap the bone of Hartola and his chin better hold on.

Prediction: Hartola, decision.

LHW Title: Viiksi "Heads Off" Tolonen(18-2, 17-2 CEC) vs Tommi Kauri(14-4, 1-0 CEC)
After staying for a long time in IFT and also won the title there, Kauri came into CEC and took out his first opponent just not long ago. That impressive performance earned him a shot at the title and this is indeed, another huge test of his career. There's no doubt that he would want to add someone like Tolonen into his resume so he is all for this one. This is a standup striker vs a ground striker matchup and takedown is really a factor here. Kauri is one of the best takedown artist statistic-wise as I really don't see many fighters pulling a 72% takedown success rate. On the other hand, Tolonen has his anti-takedown leg kicks in his arsenal. Not to mention that he is really one elusive man on his feet. I see Kauri defending a lot in this one as Tolonen will not go away until he gets someone's head off and for this fight, it would be Kauri's head. Can Kauri surprise the crowd as the underdog?

Prediction: Tolonen, decision.

Q&A session. Where I am from? Well, definitely not Earth. I am from somewhere far far far far far away from Earth and you pathetic humanoid will not know what's the planet anyway so I don't think providing a name here is going to help. You can't wikipedia that thing out. Next Q please. I will be taking manager's question I guess, just PM manager ID:12325, he's my mailboy. Either way, good luck and enjoy CEC 150 there, humanoid. Oh, I answered the wrong question, huh? Well, consider me alien then. Good bye.

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Posted 22 June 2011 - 04:22 PM

CEC 151: Immense Preview

Posted Image

This report is brought to you by Artais.

CEC 151, judging by its name, should be nothing but an immense event. How immense will it be? I personally am not sure. My first guess will be that the immense is all about the fights, meaning that they will be great as I don't see this event being immense in somewhere else. Standard Hard Knocks Arena, standard price, nothing much really so I will judge it by the fights.

WW: Luiz Fernando "Nando" Gonzalez(13-5) vs The Greek(16-8, 1-2 CEC)
Gonzalez enters CEC and looks to shake things quite a bit by getting his first win in an immense event. If he takes this onto the ground, then his victory will be very close to himself as he has very impressive ground game. He provides multithreat on the ground, from his power-packed ground and pound to his out-of-no-where submissions. The Greek has some bad record on the ground so avoiding that is his first goal and putting the fight into the clinch wil be his ultimate goal. His CEC record isn't that good, can he turns things around here?

Prediction: Gonzalez, KO.

FW: Ludovicus "Soda" De Jong(11-7, 1-0 CEC) vs "The Painter" Hans De Vries(10-5)
The Painter is not only a painter but definitely a traveller as well. Once again, he comes back to Helsinki for a match in CEC and the CEO has no problem giving him the returning Soda. Well, you might think that, hmm...a painter can drink up a soda in one gulp so there's no problem for De Vries but heck no, De Jong might a one-trick pony but his kicks are pretty solid. De Vries might not walk over him but De Vries has a very good chance of executing his clinch of paint, with his opponent's blood being the paint of course, and dries up the soda can.

Prediction: De Vries, KO.

WW: "The Mexican" El Spico(5-3, 1-0 CEC) vs Urho "Uki" Kekkonen(10-5, 6-4 CEC)
The Mexican Decision Master is ready to get another scorecard like usual as he squares off against the one known as Uki. So far, Uki's losses are all by finishes and El Spico has no problem adding a decision lose to his opponent. An usual fighter likes to finish but he loves decision. He said that it is to maximize the usage of judges, why pay them when you are not using them, right? He's definitely a PhD in accounting and business school, knowing to utilize the resource as its finest. If he wants to keep his all decisions record intact, he better be careful of Uki's destructive striking that is equal to a bazooka against El Spico's handgun. Uki is definitely looking for a finish to screw up El Spico's perfect record, can the PhD defends against that attempt?

Prediction: El Spico, decision.

HW: Matto Monni(13-12, 7-10 CEC) vs Antti "Hajy" Isotalo(8-1)
Monni needs to start winning by a bunch before his overall record gets ugly and really, his recent performance is feeble at best. Isotalo doesn't impress me either and you can never impress me even if you win 100 QFCs, those are the local circuit, this is the big game and Isotalo is ready to put his well-made record into test. Isotalo is mainly a wrestler but with Monni holding his Achille's Heel, will he be able to score a victory on the ground? Or a submission is going to get him once again?

Prediction: Monni, submission.

WW: Niko "Nakuttaja" Nakkeli(6-7, 1-0 CEC) vs "Iloinen Sparraaja" Jasse Pesonen(9-6)
You don't see too many fighters with negative record entering CEC and definitely not going to be in the mid-card. Nakkeli shows that he is different from other fighters. He might not have a good record but he doesn't sucks. He's just a striker though and he has to make sure he stays on his feet because Pesonen is a killer on the ground but then his problem is always his bad standup. Both hold the weakness of both men, let's see who can perform better.

Prediction: Pesonen, submission.

WW: Martin "Thunder" Zaromskis(10-5, 6-5 CEC) vs Seppo "Salama" Susikasi(13-5, 1-0 CEC)
Susikasi meets Thunder in his second CEC bout and there's no doubt that he is going for the ground just like every matchup. Susikasi is a beast on the ground, with his submission being his main offense and Thunder definitely doesn't like the ground game. He is likely to go with his usual thunderous strikes style, which he has minor reach advantage over Susikasi. Meh...not sure what else can I say about these two, prepare for the thunder or salama?

Prediction: Susikasi, decision.

HW: Edilson "Ariranha" Rubiera(8-2, 7-2 CEC) vs Johan "Shock and Awe" Gutenburg(7-3 CEC)
Two men with 7 wins in CEC are looking forward to their clash in this event. I like the HW division for their huge physical differences. Some say style makes fight but in HW, body type makes fight too. Rubiera is one gigantic Ariranha, very bulky for his height, he is best at driving his bulk onto his opponents to put them down and then jacks his fists on their faces until the referee stops him. Gutenburg plays a similar game but being the lighter one with not much of BJJ to speak off really isn't helping him at all. Can Gutenburg delivers shock and awe to the crowd by taking out the huge Rubiera?

Prediction: Rubiera, KO.

SHW: Solid Snake(6-5 CEC) vs Bad Mojo(5-2)
Bad Mojo dives into CEC and is ready to be the 12th boss in Metal Gear Solid 151: Immense. What can Solid Snake do to get a victory against a 225cm monster like Bad Mojo. Well, this is not Jackie Chan movie or Bruce Lee's The Game of Death so the protagonist might not win here. Both men are strikers with explosive hands but with such a reach advantage on Bad Mojo's side, Solid Snake really needs to get very very inside to pose a threat. Mojo is not in a good run now so that might affect his confidence a little bit. All in all, ready for an inside fighter vs outside fighter boxing battle.

Prediction: Mojo, KO. Snake's chin =/= good chin.

HW: "The Genetic Freak" Zydrunas Zavickas(5-0) vs Craig "Redneck" Thomson(11-4, 6-3 CEC)
The Genetic Freak is no doubt a freak physically as he has great strength and also the flexibility to lock in whatever submission that a BJJ practitioner can do. Yes, omoplata included. Sadly for Zavickas, Thomson is unlikely to play the ground game with Zavickas, he is going stay on his feet and look for the knockout. A man with 90% knockout rate, Thomson has only one bout that doesn't end in a knockout so far in his career and that says a lot about his reckless abandon style of approach. He is slightly taller but lighter so using speed is what he needs here. He needs to stay clear of Zavickas's takedown or he will be going away from the cage with a twisted limb.

Prediction: Zavickas, KO. Ground and pound.

MW Title: Alexander "Doc" Maynard(11-2 CEC) vs Pao "Sifu" Ling(14-1 CEC)
Okay, I get why this event is immense now. A freaking superfight as the main event pitting the WW champion against the MW champion is no doubt, immense by all mean. Sifu really is one heck of a sifu(master) in martial art. His weird sort of swiftness and kung fu stance can surprise literally everyone in the MMA world. Then, you add in his Ip Man's level of hand speed and you clearly understand why he is 14-1 so far. His opponent, Maynard is not the MW champion for unvalid reasons. He's equally tough as a striker as Ling albeit a little different in terms of style. He loves to jab from the outside a lot and that can be devastating if used properly, just like how he used it. Maynard has one advantage from what I see, dirty boxing. Ling doesn't show much inside the clinch so I am not sure what he can do there. A clash of champions, who will be the champion of champions? The westerner Maynard or the easterner Ling?

Prediction: Maynard, decision. Going for the slight underdog here.

Okay, so this event is immense in size(fighters' size) and the main event. Good for the fans and me. As for the Q&A section, guess I will pause it first since there's no PM or so to my mailman. I am here to provide preview to you all pathetic humanoid and I will continue to do so. See you all real soon as I cover the second event of this week.

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Posted 25 June 2011 - 04:31 PM

CEC 151 : Immense Recap

CEC 151 was titled Immense, this was due to the fact that for the third time in our history we had a face off between two very impressive champions. The middleweight title was up for grabs as the current 185lbs king was matched up with the much smaller welterweight champion. With a combined record of 25-3, this really was a great Main Event. Immense if you will.

It all started a lot more low key though when Luiz Fernando Gonzalez made his first appearance in CEC and The Greek made his last, not offered a new contract after an early first round loss. Gonzalez looked good on his debut, wasting no time and getting the fight to the ground early. Once there he peppered The Greek with strikes to soften him up a little before switching his attack to go for an arm triangle that quickly became an armbar which saw the tapping out that earned Gonzalez a comfortable start here.

Next we had to relatively even matched fighters facing each other when Ludovicus De Jong and Hans De Vries clashed at featherweight. In truth we got a rather one sided fight, De Jong just couldn't get into any rhythm and didn't look as dangerous as in his debut fight. De Vries on the other hand was efficient and hardworking throughout, his striking was tidy, accurate and really impressed the judges. He took every round, quite easily, the better man in every area, you could not argue and neither did the judges when they decided on a 30:27 decision win for De Vries.

Then came the brutality that we are used to seeing on every CEC card put on, there is always one fight that leaves your stomach feeling a little funny. El Spico had a tough first fight here, a split decision win, it didn't get any easier when he was put in the cage with Urho Kekkonen, a balls to the wall violent specimen of a man. Kekkonen does like the opening round finish and that proved to be the case again in this fight, his accuracy was great with his striking but the power was still there also. Just after the three minute mark the damage was done, a big head kick put Spico in a different world and left blood on the canvas, he stumbled about a little before Kekkonen ended it with a massive uppercut that made even the hardest of men cringing a little.

After that wee saw something very strange and extremely disappointing. Not so for Matto Monni or his fans though, he came out and done his job as he earned a very quick submission win over Antti Isotalo. An 8-1 record is what Isotalo walked in the cage with but after Monni got the quick takedown Isotalo just looked gassed, the Americana followed and the crowd were left stunned by what they had just witnessed, easy for Monni.

Another early submission finish followed but at least it was a little bit more competitive. Niko Nakkeli landed the first blow of the fight and Jasse Pesonen did not like it one bit, so he went to clinch. He worked some knees to the body before taking the fight to the mat. Fairly quickly he had managed to get a hold of an arm, Nakkeli saw it coming tey he did nothing to defend it and wham, armbar finish for Pesonen.

Martin Zaromskis and Seppo Susikasi provided us with yet another early finish. Susikasi had won his CEC debut and Zaromskis was coming off a loss so it was obvious how this one was ending, wasn't it? Zaromskis knew what he was doing, he knew he wanted the fight in the clinch so he made it happen. From there it was fairl routine and straightforward for him, some dirty boxing, knees and elbows saw the end of Susikasi. A huge elbow followed by two more heavy strikes and Susikasi was on the floor tapping the mat in desperation as he wanted no more of this punishment.

A rematch followed hot on the heels of that last fight, at CEC 127 Edilson Rubiera won a unanimous decision when he fought Johan Guttenburg, it would be different this time around. The winner remained the same but the manner in which he won was more convincing than previously. Strangely it was Gutenburg himself that caused the fight to end the way it did, he got an early takedown when Rubiera was happy to stand and trade but was reversed almost instantly, from that point he was in trouble. Rubiera landed some sickening blows from top position, really scary strikes that just bust open Gutenburg and left his face mashed up, the blood just kept pouring the more he was hit and eventually the doctor stepped into the cage to end the demolition job put on in front of the world.

The superheavyweights were on show after that, Bad Mojo was making his first appearance in the CEC cage, Solid Snake had just done the double over Zenon Heavy but outside of that he had struggled to win lately, well that continued as Mojo impressed with his power. Snake took pretty serious punishment to the head and body, Mojo was punching straight through him and Snake was hurting, badly. A big left right combo put Snake on the deck, he got back up only to find Mojo swinging a hook towards him, nothing could be done to stop it coming and that was the last Snake saw of this fight. Great debut for Mojo.

The Co-Main Event was to produce the answer as to who would be facing champion Tyrone Biggums next for the heavyweight title. Zydrunas Zavickas brought an unbeaten record with him when signed by CEC, a win over a highly rated fighter such as Craig Thomson would put him straight into the title mix. Thomson has looked as though he is always one win away from top contender and then his blood vessels just explode! Zavickas looked great in the first round, tou could see why he had never been defeated, a takedown and beat him up approach was perfectly displayed, you could not argue that he was good. Thomson got a harsh lecture at the end of the round and came out a different fighter, when they say domination they will refer to the next two rounds of this fight as an example. Using only his fists he battered Zavickas for the rest of the fight, both rounds scored as 10:8 due to the excellence of the display, he opened a cut in the process of the beatdown. A unanimous decision was the result, 29:26 all round, Zavickas suffers his first defeat with a lesson in fist fighting, Thomson goes onto a rematch with Biggums, this time for the belt.

And then it was time! The Main Event, middleweight champion Alexander Maynard against welterweight champion Pao Ling, what a fight! In truth what we witnessed was as one sided a fight as you are ever likely to see, it wasn't that Maynard was bad, Ling was just incredible. Every round was the same, all stand up with Ling just picking the champion apart, Maynard landed little but to be fair he just never got a chance to throw very much. Leg kicks left awful bruises on the legs of Maynard, body kicks left him gasping for air, head punches had him covering up and not throwing back, it was a perfect performance from Pao. Everytime Maynard went to defend one strike it was a different one that came his way, if he tried to check a leg kick he would find the leg crashing against his ribs. At one point Ling rocked him in the fourth round but give Maynard credit, he did not go away, he went the distance but would not be surprised to see the 50:40 scores handed out by the judges, 10:8 in every round, Ling now holds two titles in CEC, the only other man to do that was Viiksi Tolonen, no surprises that these guys come from the same camp. Revenge could be coming though when a team mate of Maynard faces Ling next, Blake Edwards. But tonight was all about Pao Ling, the new middleweight champion in CEC.
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Posted 25 June 2011 - 10:44 PM

CEC 152: Felony Preview

Posted Image

This report is brought to you by Artais.

CEC is going to do some damage as we presents to you all, CEC 152: Felony. Be ready for some felony level damage that the fighters will unleash toward their opponent in this event!

LHW: Jones "The Kid" Junior(9-5, 8-5 CEC) vs "The Viking" Mikko Hantunen(8-10, 8-9 CEC)
The starter will be a battle of The Viking against The Kid. Both men are very loyal to CEC and so they did meet once in CEC 109. In that match, Junior won by dragging the fight to the ground, somewhere Hautunen really wasn't very good at. Still, thing might be different this time seeing that both fighters had improved quite a bit. Who will win their second meeting?

Prediction: Junior, decision.

MW: Mark "The Saint" Bigwood(3-2-1, 1-0-1 CEC) vs Sum Yung Guy(4-3, 4-2 CEC)
The Saint will test his sanity against Sum Yung Guy, a Thailand local with sick muay thai clinch. Bigwood is a well-rounded fighter but he isn't really too good in any area. In my opinion, his strongest area is his standup. Guy doesn't show too much of a MMA style of fight too as his only offense is to take his opponent into the clinch and just knee him to oblivion. With such simple game plan, this one might be exciting as both fighters don't mind to go all out.

Prediction: Guy, decision.

LW: Juha "Kari" Tappio(6-5, 2-1 CEC) vs "The Groundhog" Eduardo Silva(11-6, 3-1 CEC)
A very high level ground game is likely to happen when Kari squares off with The Groundhog. The Groundhog, as his nickname said so, loves to work on the ground. With formidable submission skill in his arsenal, Silva has no problem submitting anyone on the ground and he had a finishing rate of 91.82%. Tappio is a wrestler that loves to take people down and pound on them. This might not be the best option against Silva though but then I don't see another option for Tappio. Tappio can win if he defends good enough. It's the spear of Silva against the shield of Tappio and the better one will win.

Prediction: Silva, submission.

HW: Paul "Rousimar" Harris(6-7) vs Erik "EJ" Jones(6-2, 2-1 CEC)
This is another high level ground game and this one is all about techniques. Let's talk the belt color out of the picture for now because the color really doesn't help Harris so much. Harris has the higher level belt-wise but he is sometime sloppy on the ground, losing three times by submission while EJ is a very solid purple belt. However, Jones has lengthy limbs so he has to be more careful down there while Harris needs to use his weight to get the upper hand to increase his chance of winning this. A jiu-jutsu battle, who will get it done?

Prediction: Jones, submission.

MW: "The Dark" Emperor Vader(9-2, 2-0 CEC) vs Leo Sarsola(5-3, 2-2 CEC)
After a little ground game, it's time for some striking battle. It's not all just stand and bang though because Sarsola occasionally brings the fight to the ground to unleash his vicious ground and pound(and I include GnP into the "striking" as well). Vader, on the other hand, is a pure striker until today and his highlight videos on YouTube are more than enough for us to understand that he is one heck of a killer in a standup battle. I think Sarsola will bring this to the ground though but oh well, let's see how this go.

Prediction: Vader, KO.

FW: Diego "Lighting" Samburgerhio(8-6, 1-3 CEC) vs Rorst "Braten" Gracie(11-8, 6-4 CEC)
First and foremost, I have to say welcome back to Lightning as he starts his pro MMA career in CEC before fighting in other orgs. Now that he is back, there's no doubt that he wants to do better than his last outing in CEC. His first obstacle is none other than a Rorst Gracie and much like any Gracie, he understands the ground much like his own fingers. Samburgerhio doesn't suck on the ground though, he is named Lightning because of the way he takes his opponent down, quick and powerful and Gracie better be ready for some impact because Samburgerhio loves to challenge his opponent on their strongest area. It's vicious ground and pound versus the submission, can the Gracie defends the art of his family?

Prediction: Samburgerhio, decision.

LHW: Maxi Uzi(5-2, 4-2 CEC) vs "Persidentti" Tarja Halonen(9-2, 6-2 CEC)
Both men are on a good roll right now and they looks to hurt the other's roll to continue their own roll. Uzi has racked up a pretty good record so far but then he is merely an one-trick pony in my book. Of course, I do agree that you can be a successful MMA fighter with one-trick but you have to be very, very good in that particular one thing and I don't think Uzi is on that kind of level. Uzi's takedown isn't too great but he makes up for it with his finishing move from bottom. Halonen likes to take his opponent down soemtime but he should NOT do that in this one. His best route to victory is to stand and bang and I foresee him to do that. It's not a hard decision to make.

Prediction: Halonen, decision.

LW: Anabolinen Steroidi(15-9-1, 6-5-1 CEC) vs "The Nigerian Prince" Nelson Liriano(17-8-1, 0-1 CEC)
Liriano finally gets his chance to redeem himself from his best debut in CEC. The Nigerian Prince will test his hands on Steroidi this time. He can't look down on Steroidi in this one or he might get another 'L' on his record. Steroidi, much like his name implies, is one huge LW that can easily lift an elephant up and powerbomb the beast down with ease. Not only he is that tough, his submission skill is pretty good as well but the same can be said to Liriano as he possesses the hands of death. Takedown pretty much decides this fight so this is a test on Liriano's takedown defense.

Prediction: Liriano, KO.

LHW: Harri "Fairplay" Mulqvist(13-5, 12-5 CEC) vs Aarne "The Terror of Morocco" Juutilainen(11-5, 1-1 CEC)
Mulqvist is one poor guy, three title challenges, three failures. Well, it was all fair play so he is looking for his fourth chance right now. In the co-main event of CEC 152, he will square off against The Terror of Morocco, who is indeed one terrifying creature among men. With his elite level wrestling, Juutilainen pretty much abandons the striking aspect of the MMA game and just looks to drag his opponent to the ground. With his kind of wrestling level, he has the ability to do so and most of the time his opponents are forced to fight him on their back. Mulqvist is fine though as he is solid everywhere and has proven time to time that he can submit his opponent if the circumstance is correct. Will Mulqvist's road to another title challenge be delayed by The Terror of Morocco?

Prediction: Juutilainen, decision.

SHW Title: Sergei Ivanovits(12-4, 10-4 CEC) vs Rob Green(19-5, 4-2 CEC)
There's nothing that can cause more felony level of damage inside the cage than two SHW monsters and this is indeed, a fitting main event for the event. Ivanovits is on his fourth title defense this time and as usual, he is given one tough customer. Rob Green is very clever fighter with vicious striking ability, be it in clinch or standing. His height means that his kicks are the farthest weapon throughout the entire MMA world and that is one dangerous weapon. Also, his knees are vicious too, being so high off the ground, the headhunting process is much easier. Ivanovits doesn't mind a striking battle though as he is more than happy to expose Green's questionable chin if given the chance to do so. However, I am not so sure if Ivanovits's weight could help him against a lighter and faster Green. Ivanovits's best way to win is to go headhunting in my opinion and that is his usual game plan so be ready to see some head-to-head action.

Prediction: Green, decision.

Alright, that's all for this week. I will see you all next week, same time.

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Posted 07 July 2011 - 09:48 PM

CEC 154: Firing Line Preview

Posted Image

This report is brought to you by Artais.

I don't care who the heck you are, you better stay off the firing line tonight because twenty fighters will shoot you to death if you are blocking their path to victory. Let's check out the first half of the week CEC is giving to the fans!

SHW: Pate "Casanova" Rakko(7-12, 2-8 CEC) vs Ho Mo(8-11, 3-7 CEC)
We start the night with two fighters on the inconsistent side. To be freaking honest, these two should consider dropping to a lower level org first because I don't think they will do good here in CEC...except this fight I guess. With both men being ground fighters, this is clearly going to the ground and I give the edge to Rakko because he has never been subbed before.

Prediction: Rakko, submission.

MW: Gary Moore(1-1 CEC) vs Francis "Franco" Begbie(1-1 CEC)
Both newcomers are ready to take the second win of their career right in the firing line. This one is a pretty good matchup stylistically. Moore is wonderful striker with crisp punches and some basic muay thai(which he doesn't put to use yet) while Begbie is a wrestler turned striker. Since this is likely to be a striking battle, the reach advantage of Moore is very big and since he is a very good boxer, I think he will utilize it very well.

Prediction: Moore, KO.

HW: Pera Kuukkeli(12-8, 9-6 CEC) vs Ivan "Drago" Dragunov(11-7, 0-1 CEC)
Dragunov had a bad debut and the day still seem dark for him as Kuukkeli is one tough fighter to match up with, losing to Craig Thomson in CFC 147, Kuukkeli looks to get back to another winning streak. Dragunov might be more well-rounded than Kuukkeli but with a boxing and wrestling base, Kuukkeli has solid skill to cover every position and despite his questionable chin, he has more than enough to give Dragunov trouble.

Prediction: Kuukkeli, decision.

LHW: Lee Ismael(6-3) vs "The Dangerous One" Cy Coe(8-7, 5-4 CEC)
The Dangerous One is a dangerous fighter to face...obviously, right? If Ismael wants to get a win he has to focus on the chin of Coe, which is the least dangerous part of him. Ismael is a striker that utilize explosiveness and hand speed to the best so he has no problem with the slight reach disadvantage. As for Coe, he can strike but what is dangerous about The Dangerous One is his takedown and his Armbar of Coefficient. Using maths to optimize the leverage, the armbar of Coe is one of the most lethal armbar in the world and he is definitely looking to lock that one in.

Prediction: Ismael, KO.

LW: Tatau Bloodgood(9-8, 1-0 CEC) vs Urho "Ugi" Kukkamaa(8-7, 6-6 CEC)
A firing line of strikes will be in play as this two collide in the middle of the cage. Both men are very good in every position but they would strike more than anything else. Kukkamaa has the better clinch game and with his vicious muay thai elbow, can pretty much cut Bloodgood's head off. Bloodgood should work the outside as his boxing skill is pretty much at a pro boxer's level and that is something Kukkamaa lacks.

Prediction: Bloodgood, decision.

MW: Takahiro Tamura(4-1) vs Severi "Lentävä Kalakukko" Suhonen(3-1 CEC)
Suhonen really is a uprising star, with 3 SotN awards in 4 matches, I have to say he is one of the rare breed that can entertain the crowd on the ground. He is against one of the most aggressive striker ever, with average of 160 strikes per fight, that is really crazy. Suhonen needs to avoid the punches or he will be in big trouble.

Winner: Tamura, decision.

HW: "Gatt" Ante Gattuso(5-3, 1-0 CEC) vs Matt Zwart(6-1-1)
With serious power, Gattuso looks to breakthrough the firing line with his fists against the debuting Zwart. Zwart also has a good amount of power but his real threat is none other than his clinchwork. One of the best hugger according to the 500 girls that he has dated, he can hug you with gentleness or give you massive headache with his knees. Gatt needs to close in and jacks Zwart up quickly or else the kicks might also expose him. Can Gatt really power through his opponent?

Prediction: Zwart, KO.

WW: Martti "Koirankives Seipään Pääss" Molo(16-9-1, 1-1 CEC) vs Henrik Luhtanen(8-3-1, 2-2 CEC)
Two strikers will meet up to scrap for the best. Molo has serious advantage on paper as he is nothing but solid in what he does, including vicious standup skill and also great muay thai clinch skill. Luhtanen isn't the best technical fighter but his ability to just come in and try to hit you proves to be very useful for him throughout his career. However, Molo is one of the safest and tactical player in the game so Luhtanen needs more than mere aggression in this one.

Prediction: Molo, KO.

HW: Riddick "Hercurock" Wannick(13-9, 9-5 CEC) vs Kaarlo "Timpuri" Vihtala(10-4 CEC)
After the title losing the title bout against Tyrone Biggums, Wannick wants another win to avoid entering the slump but taking a win over Vihtala is not easy at all. They both are strikers but Vihtala just has the instinct inside him and also the impressive head movement. It's very hard to catch Vihtala but once you do, his chin really isn't that hard to break. Hercurock's footwork definitely will prove to be help. He's lighter, he's quicker and he needs to use that to get to Vihtala's chin.

Prediction: Vihtala, decision.

FW Title: Craig "The Hypnotizer" Carter(15-3, 10-2 CEC) vs Vladimir Solovyev(11-1, 2-0 CEC)
After impressive performance in both his CFC bout, Solovyev looks to bring the CEC title to Mama Russia. A sambo user, Solovyev has wicked skill and his defensive ability is very very impressive. This dude moves real quick and might be hard to hypnotize. Carter isn't by any mean slow though and with the reach and weight disadvantage, he has to be elusive, which is not a problem seeing that he is usually the smaller fighter and yet racked up such an impressive record. I personally think that Solovyev's clinch might prove to be the factor here.

Prediction: Carter, decision. Still, I am going for a win for the champion.

Alright, that's all for this week. I will see you all next week, same time.

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Posted 09 July 2011 - 03:19 AM

CEC 155: 200k Bounty Finale Preview

Posted Image

This report is brought to you by Artais.

For the second part of the week, CEC brings the fans the finale of the 200k bounty tournament. Who will be getting the 200K? Who will define history? Who will get their job done? It's all in there and it's for you to find out.

WW: Paul Ooka(5-7, 1-3 CEC) vs "The Destroyer" Jari Jutila(9-8-1, 0-1 CEC)
The event opens with two fighters that certainly has the skill set to be better than their record stated so but you can't expect to win with good skill in a great org. Still, this is pretty winable for both guys so they better go hard in it. Both men are quite the same type of fighter that can strike you in both standup and the ground but then I give standup to Jutila due to his power and ground for Ooka for his technique there. This is all about who can come up with a better game plan I guess.

Prediction: Ooka, decision.

LHW: "Matheinho" Matheus Carvalho(8-6-1) vs Rafael "Pure" Martinez(4-1, 0-1 CEC)

Both men are leaning to the ground but with Martinez being a BJJ black belt, I think it will make Carvalho a little hesitate to drag this to the ground. However, Martinez isn't a stranger to the standup game either so this is definitely not easy for Carvalho. I am not sure how Carvalho is going to approach this as he looks like he is on the disadvantage anywhere he go.

Prediction: Martinez, decision.

WW: Pasi "Radioääni" Ruohonen(11-10, 8-10 CEC) vs Yrjo "The Phenom" Puska(13-7, 12-7 CEC)
A win is all they need to turn things around and yet that sounds so far away from them. I like the overall skill set of The Phenom but then Ruhhonen brings very legit threat into the cage. His striking skill is nothing but excellent and by excellent, I mean FAR FAR above average. Not only he can strike with blinding speed but his angle finding skill is calculator level. Puska can win this by utilizing his overall skill and drag it away from the standup and Ruohonen needs to be aware of that.

Prediction: Puska, decision.

LHW: Bob White(13-8, 8-6 CEC) vs Jack "The" Ripper(10-9, 6-6 CEC)
Ripper is in the slump of his career and if he cannot get a win against White, his career might truly be in danger. Ripper has the height advantage and that can be huge in this one but I don't really see he utilize his reach intelligently so far in his career so that remains to be seen. White can get this done if he can close in and aim for the body. I think he will do that as body punch is one of his favorite punch.

Prediction: White, decision.

LW: Taavi "Ghost" Liisteri(15-14, 4-6 CEC) vs Sir Blocko(6-4, 1-3 CEC)
After a bad streak, Blocko has returned to the winning section but then his future doesn't seem good as Ghost is nothing but a killer in what he does. Blocko is more of a ground-oriented fighter so Liisteri really is a bad matchup for him. When the fight is on the ground, Liisteri is likely to be the winner and he is an elite in all sort of arm lock. If Blocko ever want to go to the ground, he needs to avoid the positions that Liisteri can grab his arm or an early stoppage is likely to happen.

Prediction: Liisteri, submission.

MW: Pusse Helstrom(3-0 CEC) vs "King" Varian Wyrnn(3-0 CEC)
The final of the 200K Bounty Tournament is here as Helstrom faces no one but the King in their final destination. This is easily a stylistic match-up with Helstrom taking up the role of the grappler against the striker Wyrnn. I am truly impressed by Helstrom in this tournament, 3 KOs by ground and pound is easy to do but his lack of striking defense means that he needs to be careful. The good news for him is that Wyrnn doesn't have that much of a knockout power to speak off. However, Wyrnn is one quick and elusive man and is best at impressing the judges through quick and technical striking. Can Helstrom get another victory on the ground or will Wyrnn be able to shove Helstrom off and be the true King?

Prediction: Helstrom, KO.

HW: Tsa Rock(5-0, 1-0 CEC) vs "Hangman" Gorgin Golzar(7-3 CEC)
Rock is on a high momentum push here, taking one of the night award for three straight fights and he is no doubt looking for another win here to get more crowd on him. He is given a striker in this one and Golzar is pretty much a pure boxer until now with a lack of MMA display. Still, he proves that his hands are always dangerous by knockout after knockout and that can cause trouble to Rock because Rock is not much of a finisher and that means Golzar has chance to finish this one if he can stay healthy inside the cage. Can Rock get another win down his belt? Or will the Hangman be too much to handle and Rock's chin will finally be tested?

Prediction: Rock, decision.

LW: Jayson "The Afrodesiac" Timmons(10-5, 3-1 CEC) vs Mark "Lobster" Worsely(9-4-1 CEC)
The Afrodesiac is one tough competitor, racking up wins non-stop until the champion stopped him in CEC 148. Lobster is not the champion thought and that means he is in a lot of trouble tonight. Of course, he has been in a lot of trouble before and has power through it so this is nothing new for Lobster. With his sick wrestling, he can take Timmons down if Timmons is not utilizing his footwork and balance good enough. Worsely also has a reasonable striking game to cause problem so Timmons needs to be on 100% to really get out with a win.

Prediction: Worsely, decision.

HW: "King" Jizzle Bunz(18-8, 0-1 CEC) vs "Rubber-Man" Rubert Kuminauha(16-13, 12-10 CEC)
After a lacklusting performance in his previous bout, Bunz looks to get something done tonight and his opponent will not allow him to do that. Rubber-man earns his name by being one sticky glue on the ground. Once he takes you down and has a solid hold on you, your chance of getting up and away from the ground is very close to zero. With solid ground control, he will then proceed to work a hold and finish it off his way. I personally do see Bunz having the proper threat to Kuminauha and that is the clinchwork. Bunz's clinchwork is truly amazing and that can be a great test to Kimunauha as long as Bunz prevent any guard pulling by his opponent. Of course, Bunz is a legal threat on the ground too so giving him top control might not be the best choice either.

Prediction: Bunz, decision.

HW Title: Tyrone "Crackrock" Biggums(19-6, 10-1 CEC) vs Craig "Redneck" Thomson(12-4, 7-3 CEC)
Biggums easily cut Thomson to a doctor stoppage in CEC 108 and Thomson finally, after a long time, has a chance to redeem himself. It sure takes a while for the Redneck to get a winning streak going and this is a chance he needs to treasure. Crackrock is a very new champion that has a lot to prove and by taking another win against former opponent Thomson is definitely good for him. I personally see kicks being the weakness of Biggums but then Thomson is more of a puncher and that means he is actually playing Biggums's game. With both guys finishing fights after fights, I see a finish in round 2 or perhaps round 1 and I see Biggums to get it done once again with his natural reach advantage helping him. Can Thomson pull off a surprising win to claim the championship belt or will my prediction be correct?

Prediction: Biggums, KO.

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Posted 16 July 2011 - 06:10 AM

CEC 156 : Consequences Preview

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This report is brought to you by Artais.

In life, there are consequences for everything we do. Inside the cage, it's the same thing. If you don't give it you all there, you will regret; if you put everything on the line, you will see the result of your hard work. 20 warriors will face their very consequences tonight inside the Malmi Sporsthall.

WW: "The Mexican" El Spico(5-4, 1-1 CEC) vs Mulroon "The Buffalo" Deforz(5-6, 1-1 CEC)
We start the night with a Mexican against a Buffalo. Spico has to bring this to his favorite position, which is the clinch, to win this. The Buffalo has some really good hands outside and also a slight reach advantage. It's up to Deforz to use that and prevent the clinch. Deforz has power in his hand as well and can knock Spico out if given the chance but with Spico is the ultimate clinch grinder, he is one dangerous matchup for anybody.

Prediction: Spico, decision.

LW: "Rr" Ranta Runtiringen(11-7, 0-2 CEC) vs Roger Silva(10-9, 8-9 CEC)
Both men have their own glorious time in the past but really, their performance in the previous few months were nothing but disappointment. The good news is that one of them will have the chance to bounce back tonight. I see Runtiringen going for his usual muay thai style of attack while Silva is going for the takedown. The fact that Silva has wins against CEC level fighters while Runtiringen hasn't done that yet so far is making me leaning toward Silva for now.

Prediction: Silva, submission.

MW: Apu "Dhalsim" Nahasapimapetilan Jr(6-3, 4-3 CEC) vs Marc Tong Panong(13-11, 1-0 CEC)
After the recent victory in CEC 148, Panong looks no further than advancing his status in the MW division by taking out the so-called "Dhalsim", Nahasapimapetilan Jr. Nahasapimapetilan Jr is one weird specimen as he has the level of muay thai to threaten anyone yet lacks the killing power. However, his average level of BJJ has helped him finishing two fights. I guess he is a natural grappler than a natural striker. Panong is a well-rounded guy and I don't see Nahasapimapetilan Jr's BJJ works tonight. I see Panong going for takedown and top control and maybe grind out a win.

Prediction: Panong, decision.

WW: Tauno Tasalakki(11-8, 5-5 CEC) vs "Destroyer" Dylan Dunham(4-2, 3-1 CEC)
It is very weird that I cannot really find a word in my vocabulary list to describe this fight. Grrrrraaaaaah, I guess this is more of a test for Tasalakki than Dunham. The Destroyer is on the rise for sure but I see this one as a match that Tasalakki has something to prove. He has stuck in the mid-card for so long and is basically a gatekeeper. He needs to wash that status away by taking more wins in CEC. Dunham has the wrestling and vicious ground strikes but Tasalakki's all-around game with a fair amount of submission win has proven that he can stay on the ground and kill you if given the chance. I see this one going to the groudn but I am not sure who will win.

Prediction: Dunham, decision.

FW: Ian "Game Face" Askew(5-3, 0-1 CEC) vs Morgan "Werstoner" Bunch(4-2, 3-2 CEC)
For the casual fans out there, there's nothing much better than a striking exchange and this will be the match they are looking forward to as I don't think this one will ever leave the standup position. Game Face is a reach user that can probably snipe everyone in the FW division from the outside thanks to his height. Werstoner, on the other hand, is a angle mathematician. His calculation of the angle is as accurate as a supercomputer inside a science lab and you just can't predict how he will throw his punch. The distance master vs the angle master, who is the true master of the striking art?

Prediction: Bunch, KO.

MW: Bunny "Wailing" Wailer(7-3) vs Damian "The Dark" Swan(9-3 CEC)
Casual fans are definitely still staying in their seat now because after the Askew vs Bunch battle, this one is yet another pure striking battle between two tough dudes. Wailer is a London import with excellent head movement and some great right hooks. His right hooks has killed 5 men inside the cage but it is merely a possibility against Swan because Swan is just so hard to finish. His heart is as big as a whale and even if you run him over with a tank, he will still stand up and fight given that he survives it. He might not have the technique of Wailer but his withstand-and-trade style is something Wailer has never faced before.

Prediction: Swan, decision.

SHW: "Tricky" Richard Sharpe(7-4, 1-1 CEC) vs "Exit Light" Bob Burnquist(10-6, 4-4 CEC)
This is a fight between two frequent award winner so this is one to look forward to, especially when they both are trying to get another title shot, this is going to be battle with both guys at 120%. Both of them have an all-around skill set but then Burnquist loves to stand and trade more than anything else. Sharpe likes to switch his game plan everytime and that's how Tricky he is. If he can stay away from the standup, I think Sharpe will have the upper hand against an uncomfortable Burnquist.

Prediction: Sharpe, decision.

LHW: Johannes "Atlas" van Bruggen(11-3-1, 1-0 CEC) vs Stephen "Bonesnapper" Dyzer(9-4, 5-3 CEC)
Atlas did good in his first CEC match but there's still more to prove if he wants to stay at the upper level of the LHW division and the one known as Bonesnapper is definitely a good test for him. After two bonesnap of the night performance, Dyzer failed to get another win at CEC 150 and he really wants to snap some bone to unleash the rage inside himself. Despite van Bruggen's great wrestling, I consider stand and bang to be a better approach for van Bruggen because despite Dyzer has solid standup, it isn't near the level that will threaten anyone in the upper level.

Prediction: van Bruggen, KO.

HW: "The Devil" Ernesti Vihervaara(15-3) vs "The Genetic Freak" Zydrunas Zavickas(5-1, 0-1 CEC)
There's no better timing for the young lion inside Zavickas to take down a legendary figure and add it to his resume. The Devil is one fearful creature inside the cage but is now at the biggest slump of his career, losing two fights in a row for the first time in his career. Still, his two defeats were against world class Golden Glory and Jan Paulsen so you cannot really say that he has declined a lot and is not The Devil anymore.

Zavickas has to get this to the ground to win because anywhere else is The Devil's Playground. Despite the two losses, Vihervaara is definitely still the hot dog coming into this one. A must-win for both men: The devil needs to mend his wound; the freak wants a huge jump in his career. Will Vihervaara's demonic level of speed and power help him once again or is it true that devil inside him has already betrayed him and he no longer has the power?

Prediction: Vihervaara, KO.

MW: Pao "Sifu" Ling(15-1 CEC) vs "Brain Surgeon" Blake Edwards(11-0 CEC)
After 11 solid wins inside the CEC Cage, Edwards has finally reach the level of no.1 contender. The journey of the Brain Surgeon really is one inspiring road. It takes him so many fights, so many chances that he might not win and he prevailed through any and every of them. Now, his dream is only blocked by one more man, this is the final stage of "The Rise of Black Edwards" and at the end of the road, under the cover of the heavy mist on top of the MW mountain, is none other than the CEC legendary figure, Pao "Sifu" Ling.

Pao "Sifu" Ling looks up at the challenger, with his body covered by the ancient Chinese style of martial artist robe, and he will ask Blake Edwards one question, "You can see, but...can you look?". Ling will then look over at his right, the fallen figure of the former MW champion, Alexander "Doc" Maynard, before locking his eyes with Edwards' once again. Edwards replies with nothing but a smile, "I am here to fix you, not look." and the epic battle will begin! Edwards need to stay away from stand and trade because in my opinion, there's not many fighters can outstrike Ling there.

Prediction: Ling, decision.

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Posted 23 July 2011 - 07:15 AM

CEC 157 : Another Bite Preview

Posted Image

This report is brought to you by Artais.

These fighters want another bite of the gold or just another bite of victory. Well, I have to agree that victory is sweeter than the best ice cream in this world and it is normal and essential for a fighter to have lust and desire to win. Let's wait no more to check out the 20 fighters that want another bite.

SHW: Richard "Nightmare" James(5-6, 5-5 CEC) vs Svullo Uzi(3-2-1 CEC)
We start the show with one hell of a striking battle. Both men are knockout artists but then, they are also good at getting knocked out beautifully so this is indeed the cameraman's dream match. Uzi has a good amount of height advantage in this one so I see him using it. Other than that, this is pretty much two boxers ready to punch and get punched.

Prediction: Uzi, KO.

LHW: "Grizzli" Filip Suligoj(6-5) vs "The Original" Osmond Schwartz(7-8, 2-3 CEC)
Grizzli looks to bring his striking game into the CEC scene and his first opponent is The Original, which is not very original in terms of fighting style. His fighting style is very straightforward to me, he's a grappler and that's it. He's not much different than other grapplers and has weak striking defense just like many of them. Suligoj is definitely looking to hit Schwartz hard before a takedown put him onto the ground.

Prediction: Schwartz, submission.

WW: Luiz Fernando "Nando" Gonzalez(14-5, 1-0 CEC) vs Niko "Nakuttaja" Nakkeli(6-8, 1-1 CEC)
Gonzalez looks very good with a sub of the night armbar win in CEC 151 and he looks to further his cause by taking out The Woodpecker, Niko Nakkeli. If this ever hit the ground, Nakkeli's lack of ground game will pretty much give Gonzalez the perfect opportunity to finish him so going to the ground is nothing but a no no. Woodpecker is a very good striker though, with woodpecking style of quick and explosive punching style, he is definite one heck of a fighter to face in the standup. Nakkeli has to work the reach disadvantage and avoid the takedown at all cost to grind out a win.

Prediction: Nakkeli, decision.

WW: Vinny "Vidi" Veechi(17-7, 1-1 CEC) vs "Pastrami King" Hy Wiener(8-5, 0-1 CEC)
Both men are very good wrestlers but proficient in different type of things. Wiener is one heck of a clincher and has added muay thai element into his supposed-to-be wrestling clinch and that has proven to be something hard to deal with. For Veechi, he is a ground killer and if he can take Wiener down, he has a very high chance of putting Wiener into a submission. Let's find out whose style of wrestling is better for MMA.

Prediction: Veechi, submission.

FW: Mike Benz(14-5, 0-1 CEC) vs Sami Kolari(12-8-1, 11-8-1 CEC)

Kolari, one of the CEC original, is ready to take on the ground and pound import Mike Benz tonight for a much needed bite of victory. Benz is one heck of a ground and pounder but a great BJJ artist is always his Achille's Heel and Kolari fits into that category as well. If Benz decided to stand and bang, Kolari has good kicks so he is not really in the disadvantage too. Wherever Benz go, he has to win by technique and strategy can he do it?

Prediction: Benz, decision.

LW: "The Nigerian Prince" Nelson Liriano(18-8-1, 1-1 CEC) vs Keijo "Kehari" Kuosmanen(13-10, 1-1 CEC)
This is a striker vs grappler battle with The Nigerian Prince playing the role of the striker and Kehari playing the role of the grappler. Defensive-vise, Liriano has only 1 lose by submission whle Kousmanen has 4 loses by KOs so Liriano certainly show that he has better defense in this case. Kousmanen has to be careful and avoid the power punches if he wants to get this to the ground and win this one.

Prediction: Liriano, KO.

FW: Valentin "Henning" Berg(12-5, 10-3 CEC) vs Diego "Lighting" Samburgerhio(9-6, 2-3 CEC)
Berg definitely wants to get back to the title picture and his losing streak really isn't helping him in any of that. For Samburgerhio, he is ready to take on the the upper tier fighters of CEC and looks to boost the hype of his second coming to another level by taking Berg out. However, that really sounds difficulty as Berg is definitely not an easy one to face and is probably the toughest fighter to face in Lighting's career. I see Berg defending Samburgerhio's takedowns and not go down to the ground. Standup-wise, he has high chance of winning the battle.

Prediction: Berg, decision.

LW: Mark "Lobster" Worsely(10-4-1 CEC) vs Kimmo "Rockhead" Kivipaa(15-5, 10-4 CEC)
Rockhead is definitely on fire now after losing a very close split decision to Slim Shadie in a championship battle. He wants another bite of the title but before then, he has to take a bite of Lobster. Lobster's threat is that he can hit you a lot in the standup and out of nowhere, take you down and punish you even further down there. Rockhead has solid clinchwork though and I see him utilizing that as part of his plan. Positioning plays a very big role in this one.

Prediction: Worsely, decision.

SHW: Sergei Ivanovits(12-5, 10-5 CEC) vs Bad Mojo(6-2, 1-0 CEC)

Bad Mojo will have a btie of the two time champion Ivanovits in his second CEC bout. After the beautiful performance Mojo put in in his KO of the night punch in CEC 151, Mojo is looking forward to putting his fists on Ivanonivits and hopefully get another worthy name under his resume. Ivanovits is no stranger to striking either, having 8 knockouts win so far. Both men clearly are going for striking battle tonight and the kicks might be Ivanovits's key to victory. As for Mojo, if he can connect cleanly, it's not surprise that Ivanovits will fall.

Prediction: Mojo, KO.

FW Title: Craig "The Hypnotizer" Carter(15-3-1, 2-0-1 CEC) vs Vladimir Solovyev(11-1-1, 2-0-1 CEC)
For the main event, which defines "Another Bite" very well, is the instant rematch of the champion Craig Carter against the challenger Vladimir Solovyev. Their previous meeting in CEC 154 was nothign short of epic and both of them brought their best into the game. We witnessed a battle of standup, clinch and ground and I predict that we will see the same thing tonight. Their standup are pretty much equal so their clinch and ground game is likely to be the key for this one. Heck, I am not sure what will happen either but let's find out.

Prediction: Carter, decision.

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Posted 29 July 2011 - 10:10 AM

CEC 158: Glory Awaits Preview

Posted Image

This report is brought to you by Artais.

Glory awaits all the warriors tonight inside the Hard Knocks Arena. However, only half of them could obtain glory by tonight's end, who will be the half to achieve that and who, will they defeat?

WW: Adrian "Deathperado" Desper(4-4, 2-3 CEC) vs Roman "Caesar" Empire(12-9, 0-1 CEC)
Glory awaits the Roman warrior if he can revive his career once again with a win tonight. After the weightclass change into the welterweight, Empire faced his defeat in his CEC debut and he looks to get back to 1-1 against Deathperado. If given the chance to work his submission, Desper can really end a match in a blink of an eye and so I think Empire will stay standing and looking to bang it out. You never know what will happen since they are well-matched.

Prediction: Empire, decision. Experience matters.

SHW: Solid Snake(6-6 CEC) vs Kodarc Beastmaster(3-5-1, 1-1-1 CEC)
Snake found a winning streak going but it was broke by nothing but Bad Mojo as the Mojo knocked him out cleanly. Well, the good thing was that Beastmaster's chin isn't tough to break either. This one isn't hard to judge as Snake was one aggressive dude and he sure is going for his usual aggressive all-out attack while Beastmaster is surely going to take this to the ground.

Prediction: Snake, KO.

LW: Sami "Syke" Salama(11-6) vs Juha "Kari" Tappio(7-5, 3-1 CEC)

Tappio is very strong now, chaining up a three win streak and looks to get the fourth done as he takes on the incoming Sami "Syke" Salama. Salama is not easy to takedown and has very good standup so I see the problem on Tappio's side. Solving the takedown issue will be the top priority of Tappio coming into this one.

Prediction: Salama, decision.

SHW: Sluggo Brott(10-6, 1-3 CEC) vs "Kuningas" Marco Tammipuomi(9-7 CEC)
Brott finally got his first CEC win in CEC 139 but can he continue with that sort of performance tonight? Brott has the better wrestling so going to the ground against Tammipuomi sounds like a fine plan or Brott can choose to stand and bang. To me, Tammipuomi's biggest strength is his submission skill so I guess Brott is going for stand and bang.

Prediction: Tammipuomi, decision.

WW: Clint "The Cowboy" Fredriksson(14-7, 5-2 CEC) vs Urho "Uki" Kekkonen(11-5, 7-4 CEC)
The Cowboy is a very good technical striker that has the aim of a top class cowboy with his jabs. His problem is that his gun lacks power just like the gun of wild west era. Kekkonen, on the other hand, can knock out anybody in any given day if he connects cleanly. Besides their standup, which are pretty equal, they are good on the ground and in the clinch respectively and so the positional battle is likely to be a key factor here.

Prediction: Kekkonen, decision.

HW: Matt Zwart(7-1-1, 1-0 CEC) vs Tsa Rock(6-0, 2-0 CEC)
Both men are quite new to the MMA world but that doesn't mean they cannot win. In fact, both of them are killing the competition so far and now that they face each other, it's time to take the other down and absorb the hype for their own usage. This is definitely going to be a stand and bang for sure or perhaps a clinch fight. Ground is virtually not existing in this match. Rock is the more defensive one with a rock hard chin and love to throw punches in bunches and keep his distance. Zwart has no problem though since he uses kick and can strike from the outside. I think Rock needs to stay away from the clinch in this one because the knee of Zwart is no joke. I see Rock doing better in the standup though but that's not for me to decide so we will see.

Prediction: Rock, decision.

MW: Alexander "Doc" Maynard(11-3 CEC) vs Leo Sarsola(6-3, 3-2 CEC)
After losing to Pao Ling, the six awards of the night winner is looking to take back his belt and he will start his road to the throne tonight as he takes on Leo Sarsola. If Sarsola wants to take the glory tonight, the ground will definitely be his biggest friend and the takedown, his partner. Standup-wise, only someone at the level of Pao Ling can handle Maynard and I don't think Sarsola will be able to do so and that means it's ground or grounded for him and by "grounded", I mean knocked out or just losing this one.

Prediction: Maynard, decision.

LW: Ilkka "Paloittelija" Laitinen(15-8, 15-7 CEC) vs Roger D Roger(8-2 CEC)
The former champion faces one of the biggest challenge in his life tonight as he takes on the wrestling sensation that goes by the name of Roger D Roger. Roger averaged 1.1 takedowns by match not because he don't go for takedown but because he only need one takedown to put you on the floor and he will just beat you up in that single round. Laitinen has problem on the ground all the time so he better be prepared for this one. Roger has solid standup too that outclassed your usual grapplers so Laitinen has to do very good in the standup and make sure he avoids the takedowns for a higher chance of winning.

Prediction: Roger, KO. Grond and pound.

FW: Karl "The Hurricane" De Groot(12-4, 2-0 CEC) vs Cole Trane(6-2, 5-1 CEC)
The Hurricane continues to cause disaster and destruction in the featherweight ranking of CEC and Trane looks to stop that tonight by submitting The Hurricane. De Groot has good takedown defense so this is going to be tough for Trane and Trane is likely to face a new thing in his career, knockout. His career so far is nothing but submission. 6 submission wins and 2 submission losses. De Groot might be the one to give Trane a KO lose with his hurricane double spinning and twisting flying head kick, watch out for that.

Prediction: De Groot, KO. Hurricane double spinning and twisting flying head kick.

LHW Title: Viiksi "Heads Off" Tolonen(20-2, 18-2 CEC) vs Stephen "Bonesnapper" Dyzer(10-4, 6-3 CEC)
Bonesnapper finds his way into the title match after a huge triangle choke win in CEC 156. Good for him but he better protect his head with all his ability in this one while trying the snap the bone off Tolonen. A head chopper against a bone snapper, this is a striker vs grappler affair with the striker having a very huge advantage and momentum coming into this one. Tolonen is a world class fighter and if he keeps doing what he is doing so far of his career, he can definitely get the win tonight. Dyzer has five rounds to work on a submission and that has to be something Tolonen needs to be careful of. The fighter that pace himself will likely win this 25 minutes warfare.

Prediction: Tolonen, decision.

Sorry for the late write-up and good luck to everyone and may you all find glory(although I am certain some will not get glory tonight for sure).

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Posted 06 August 2011 - 07:38 AM

CEC 160: Instinct Preview

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This report is brought to you by Artais.

I am very sorry for not writing the preview of Eclipsed but I am just too busy with the stuff in my own planet. Well, the good thing is I am back now for CEC 160: Instinct. Instinct is a pretty hard word for me but let's just say that instinct is a much needed ingredient to be a successful fighter. Most will just look into killer instinct but to me, it's more than that. Every move inside the cage is instinctive and the one with the better instinct will no doubt get the win. Who has the instinct tonight? We will find out in Malmi Sportshall.

WW: Paul Ooka(6-7, 2-3 CEC) vs Yrjo "The Phenom" Puska(13-8, 12-8 CEC)
The Phenom has to win once again to become The REAL Phenom once again because now he is pretty much a washed up phenom at best. As for Ooka, getting a win streak going is big for his CEC career as well. Skill-wise, this two are very well-rounded but Puska certainly has a better clinchwork than Ooka. If I were Puska I am going to secure the clinch and work inside there but I don't know if that's a phenomenal enough for a Puska's game plan or not. As for Ooka, he has a better chance of he can get top control but has to be careful of Puska's submission. A fair fight, hard to predict and a lot of fun.

Prediction: Ooka, decision.

MW: Sum Yung Guy(5-3, 5-2 CEC) vs Kulku Koira(2-0 CEC)
It's very fun to see new faces inside the CEC cage because they certainly bring something new into the cage. As for today, the clinch-and-knee-you-to-hell master Sum Yung Guy will look to defend the clinch and avoid the takedown as he squares off against the submission monster from Finland, Kulku Koira. Once this hit the ground, there's no doubt that Koira is going to win since it's simple math that his wrestling and BJJ are more than enough to make SYG suffer. SYG has to be careful in the standup and get to the clinch because it's also simple math that he can knee Koira a thousand times if the time allows him and Koira can do nothing about it. Will Koira get a breakout third win, furthering his streak and get into the main card?

Prediction: Koira, submission.

FW: Rorst "Braten" Gracie(11-9, 6-5 CEC) vs "The Painter" Hans De Vries(11-5, 1-0 CEC)
From the web, I digged out that Braten means "To Fry" or something similar. Basically, a word for the chefs and Gracie wants to roast The Painter out tonight for a well-earned victory. Surprisingly, this Gracie really doesn't possess the ground work of a true Gracie but then he still maintain a good submission record(but sadly, a good subbed record as well). De Vries has very good defensive ground game and his main offensive attack lies in the clinch and it is his vicious muay thai combo that is so lethal, lethal enough for him to be named The Painter because of the blood of his victims there. If Gracie wants to roast or fry De Vries up, he needs to stay off the clinch. Otherwise, he's the roasted meat in my view.

Prediction: De Vries, decision.

HW: Ivan "Drago" Dragunov(12-7, 6-4 CEC) vs "Hangman" Gorgin Golzar(7-4 CEC)
Dragunov returns to CEC and is now holding a 1-1 record after the return, looking to get a 2-1 out of this match. Well, it's not eassy because Golzar is a proven Hangman that can hang with you for 15 minutes. Inversely, not many can hang too much with Golzar because his vicious hands are just that good. If Dragunov fails to snipe Golzar out and Golzar get close with his shotgun shots, Dragunov will definitely be on the ground very soon...sleeping I mean. The problem of Dragunov is that Golzar has very very good wrestling so it's very hard for him to implement his ground game. How he get this one to the ground will likely be the outcome of this one.

Prediction: Golzar, KO.

LW: Urho "Ugi" Kukkamaa(9-7, 7-6 CEC) vs "Needlenose" Ned Ryerson(12-5, 2-1 CEC)
A muay thai showdown between these two is definitely a great match to grace the card tonight. Kukkamaa has the better clinch and in fact, Ryerson didn't clinch too often anyway and in return, Ryerson has better kicks. If we merely judge it by the cover, then Ryerson is taking up the underdog role but that is arguable. Kukkamaa has better muay thai experience but if he can't take this into the clinch, I see Ryerson getting things done here.

Prediction: Kukkamaa, decision.

MW: Anthony Creaturos(17-8) vs Marc Tong Panong(14-11, 2-0 CEC)

Panong certainly looks very good in CEC so far, racking up two wins and one of them by a very convincing knockout. Creaturos is a long-time NFC fighter and also former NFC MW champion and he definitely has the chance to get into the upper echelon of CEC. I give the standup to Creaturos for his better boxing skill despite the slight reach and height advantage. As for Panong, his world lies on the earth and his doubtful chin really isn't a good reason for him to stay standing against the vicious boxing of Creaturos. If Panong can get this to the ground, it's not surprise that he will shut off the NFC import.

Prediction: Panong, submission.

LHW: "The Hammer" Matt Lipsky(14-6, 0-1 CEC) vs Jack "The" Ripper(11-9, 7-6 CEC)

Lipsky's CEC debut was rather disappointing and he knows he has to get one back tonight. The Hammer against The Ripper, both are great words to describe vicious fighters and I certainly see one of them getting hammered or ripped off tonight. The key for Lipsky will be getting the clinch before hammering the nail into the coffin of Jack. Inside the clinch, Lipsky has the solid muay thai elbows and knees on his side. As for Jack, his knockout power means that stand and bang will no doubt be his bread and butter tonight. If he can avoid the clinch and hit Lipsky hard while taking advantage of his huge reach advantage in this one, he definitely can rip Lipsky a new one with his lovely head kick or his vicious straight right. Will it be The Hammer time or will The Ripper stand tall?

Prediction: Ripper, decision.

WW: Clint "The Cowboy" Fredriksson(15-7, 6-2 CEC) vs "Beast" Rabban Harkonnen(10-3)
The Beast comes into CEC with his highly technical striking game and his first blockade on his road to the title will be The Cowboy. Fredriksson is a very solid competitor in CEC, racking up wins after wins with his technical approach, which is identical to Harkonnen. The Cowboy is not only technical in the standup but he also has master degree in the physics of Octagon Groundgame, solid wrestling and ground and pound. Being a pure striker, Harkonnen has the best chance hitting Fredriksson standing with his pin-point shots and Fredriksson has to get this to the ground for a better chance. The battle of technicians, the battle of wit, can Harkonnen's debut be a good one for himself?

Prediction: Harkonnen, decision.

HW: Edilson "Ariranha" Rubiera(9-2, 8-2 CEC) vs Tyrone "Crackrock" Biggums(19-7, 10-2 CEC)
In the co-main event, we have two best of the best of the HW division. Let's start with Edilson "Ariranha"(A Giant Otter for your information) Rubiera, this guy is quite new to the MMA world but has a very successful MMA career in a top org like CEC because of his great all-around game. He is fierce and he can take you down like a mad raging otter monster before pounding you out on ground. His build is short but bulky, a perfect size and height to take people down easily. Tyrone "Crackrock" Biggums, long time veteran of CEC, former CEC HW champion, is one of the fiercest finisher in all the CEC, 26 fights, no judge's scorecard needed. Heck, not even a third round in his career so far and I don't see it changing today. His brawling style is nothing but reckless abandon as he will step forward to you like a drugged and immune-to-pain warrior and just slug it out until the end of it. Can Rubiera stay cool enough for a takedown to happen or will the relentless attack of Biggums destroy the flow of Rubiera? A fierce otter and a fierce man, the fiercer will win.

Prediction: Biggums, KO.

HW Title: Craig "Redneck" Thomson(13-4, 8-3 CEC) vs "The Devil" Ernesti Vihervaara(16-3, 1-0 CEC)
Redneck's first title defense is nothing but extremely hard as he will take on the curent VFC champion who pretty much dominated the entire Helsinki scene with his vicious striking game. When you are inside the cage with him, you are definitely inside the cage with a devil. Heck, when you open your eyes, you will see a man with a dark aura and a body of demon behind him and that's just how horrifying Vihervaara is inside the cage. He isn't a large HW but his footwork and head movement are just great and he uses them well with his striking style. His style is a bit of speed, timing and technique, relying on the best timing to score the cleanest punch for a knockout. As for the champion, he has rebounded very well after a slump and to me, his problem is that he can be cut easily. That problem aside, he is a very solid striker that uses range plus great choice of attacks as the basis of his style. He loves to circle around and then always pick the correct type of punch to connect on your face from the outside. What helps him well is the power in his hands and that can definitely be a huge factor in this fight. If The Devil cannot close in the gap, he is definitely in a lot of trouble but I see him getting in and this fight being very competitive.

Prediction: Thomson, KO.

Okay, so this event is immense in size(fighters' size) and the main event. Good for the fans and me. As for the Q&A section, guess I will pause it first since there's no PM or so to my mailman. I am here to provide preview to you all pathetic humanoid and I will continue to do so. See you all real soon as I cover the second event of this week.

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Posted 12 August 2011 - 08:04 PM

CEC 161: Rise And Fall Preview

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This report is brought to you by Artais.

In the rules of nature, there's the rule of rise and fall. To achieve perfect balance, when something rises, something else has to fall, and that is indeed a perfect theory to be used in MMA as there's always rise and fall in just every event of MMA and CEC 161 is no exception.

LHW: Bob White(13-9, 8-7 CEC) vs Jones "The Kid" Junior(10-5, 9-5 CEC)

We start the night off with a seasoned battle of two long time CEC fighters. Both guys are extremely MMAish and has the all-around skill to handle any aspect of the fight but then they do bring different things to the table. White has the striker's essence inside his body ever since his first fight and his timing was very very good, allowing him to knock fighter after fighter out. For Junior, he is a tenacious grappler that has good double leg takedown and very very good positioning skill, going for unstoppable ground and pound anytime he gets his opponent to the ground. So, expect firework and extreme physics number in this one.

Prediction: Junior, decision.

MW: Gary Moore(2-1 CEC) vs Severi "Lentävä Kalakukko" Suhonen(3-2 CEC)
It's great to see a fight of the new generation of CEC. First, we have Gary Moore, the Northern Ireland boxing machine that is too freaking tall for a middleweight and love to use jabs and straight punches to take his opponent down. His style? Aggressive rocket launcher from the outside. In another corner, we have a the Finland local Lentävä Kalakukko, which is the name of a 1953 movie and I don't know if I can trust Google Translator but it gives me Flying Rooster Fish yet that movie is about train and robber so I don't know which one is the true meaning so let's just focus on the fighter. Suhonen is a very good all-around fighter(with a lack of boxing skill, a problem against Moore) with very good ground skill that could put Moore in a lot of trouble with the correct game plan. Still, I see Moore's major reach advantage as a huge mountain to climb for Suhonen, can he overcome?

Prediction: Moore, KO.

LW: Taavi "Ghost" Liisteri(15-15, 4-7 CEC) vs Tatau Bloodgood(9-9, 1-1 CEC)
Liisteri isn't in a good run recently and he really needs this but then Bloodgood really is not a very good matchup for him. Despite being a seasoned MMA fighter, Liisteri is nothing but a grappler with a lack of all-around skill to withstand the standup of Bloodgood. Of course, Bloodgood can't do much on the ground but his takedown defense and his elite striking skill is always a threat for Liisteri before the takedown so the pressure is more on Liisteri.

Prediction: Bloodgood, KO.

FW: Morgan "Werstoner" Bunch(5-2, 4-2 CEC) vs El Mariachi "Zidlicky" Zidlicky(3-1 CEC)
The clash of striker is one of the highlight in this card as two new generation fighters ready to put the other down to the ground with strikes. Bunch is the slightly taller one with a boxing background while Zidlicky is a very good muay thai striker but lack the knockout power despite his love of head kick. To me, Bunch has to be very careful of the length of Zidlicky's legs and if he can get inside and swing, he can definitely win this, especially when he has the threat of knockout power.

Prediction: Bunch, KO.

SHW: Ilmari "Helvetti" Laine(13-8, 4-2 CEC) vs Hank "The Tank" Holmes(3-2)
Welcome Hank Holmes into the CEC cage after five fights in Bloodbath. The Tank is indeed, The Tank, finishing all three wins of him with vicious knockout, this man certainly can go a long way in MMA if he can continue to improve. In front of him tonight is a very great test as he is going against one of the best pure wrestler in CEC and that wrestler certainly has a good MMA base by now. Laine's only problem in his career so far is his questionable chin but asides from that, he can really crush The Tank by putting Holmes on the ground and turn his face into abstract art with his ground and pound of fatality.

Prediction: Laine, KO.

LHW: Johannes "Atlas" van Bruggen(11-4-1, 1-1 CEC) vs Aarne "The Terror of Morocco" Juutilainen(11-6, 1-2 CEC)
Both men are very hungry for a win tonight and they will destroy the entire building to get it done. van Bruggen has great wrestling base but then Juutilainen is one of the best wrestler so that ain't going to work for him. So, he is more likely to approach this with his Atlas striking style, which include a lot of head shots and also incedible uppercuts. The Terror of Morocco is the better wrestler of this one and his groundwork is indeed, fascinating so he is likely to take this one to the ground. On the ground, his style is more of a ground and pounder but he will lock in something if you are caught off guard so van Bruggen has to be real careful and perhaps he can then get a sweep and hit some strikes of his own too. This can be an intense positional battle or an awesome ground exchange.

Prediction: Juutilainen, decision.

WW: "Rasittava Jeesustelija" Asko Uskovainen(10-6, 1-0 CEC) vs Piotr "Pejkaiya" Pejkaiya(8-2)
Pejkaiya joins the CEC and is ready to put his all-around skill to use here and his first opponent is one tough man to beat and the big problem for the ground-loving Pejkaiya is that on paper, Uskovainen is the better guy on the ground with a much more solid BJJ game and Pejkaiya really doesn't use his striking too much so I am not very sure of his capability there. Uskovainen's problem is his weak striking so I am very interested in what Pejkaiya's game plan is.

Prediction: Uskovainen, submission.

HW: Riddick "Hercurock" Wannick(14-9, 10-5 CEC) vs "The Genetic Freak" Zydrunas Zavickas(5-2, 0-2 CEC)

The Genetic Freak has a very good momentum going with his MMA career as he was on a 5 win streak but then his myth and hype are all gone by now after losing twice in a row. Still, he can save himself from another lose for sure and that will give him his hype back quite a bit and chop a question into pieces. The specific question is this: Is CEC too great for Zavickas? Well, judging by his 0-2 in CEC, he has to win this one or he might be out. Despite the experience, Wannick is not that good on paper and he is not hard to finish at all so Zavickas has a good chance in this one. Still, Hercurock is a very good finisher so there's threat for Zavickas too and I definitely don't see this one going to the judges.

Prediction: Wannick, KO.

MW: "Brain Surgeon" Blake Edwards(11-1 CEC) vs Bunny "Wailing" Wailer(8-3, 1-0 CEC)
Bunny "Wailing" Wailer wants to shine in CEC and taking out someone like Blake Edwards is definitely going to do the job for him. The problem is Edwards has only fallen to one man and that's the legendary Pao Ling so it's going to take 120% of Wailer in this one. Wailer is a surprisingly tough sprawl and brawler with very impressive techniques and athleticism so he can definitely cause some trouble to Edwards. As for Edwards, his all-around skill definitely help him here as he can test the ground game of Wailer if given the chance and that is likely to be Wailer's weakness in my opinion.

Prediction: Edwards, decision.

SHW Title: Rob Green(21-6, 6-2 CEC) vs Bad Mojo(7-2, 2-0 CEC)
After two solid wins in CEC, Bad Mojo has risen into the no.1 title contender status and he definitely is looking forward to take it from Rob Green. With vicious power and technique in his hands, he has a very clear indication that if he gets a good shot in, Green will fall with his questionable chin. Chin aside, Green has a very solid striking game of his own too and he definitely has the clinchwork to disturb the Mojo's flow. To me, Mojo's massive weight advantage is a factor in this one because that extra strength and power will really crush Green's chin if connected but Green has the speed advantage on his side so he should be trying to avoid shots instead of blocking them. Good luck to both of them.

Prediction: Mojo, KO.

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Posted 18 August 2011 - 03:30 AM

CEC 162 : Rock Solid Preview

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This report is brought to you by Artais.

Rock Solid, this can mean the card is rock solid and also, the fighters inside it have rock solid skill. Sadly for me I don't really have too much to add to Rock Solid so let's go into the card.

WW: Mulroon "The Buffalo" Deforz(6-6, 2-1 CEC) vs Niko "Nakuttaja" Nakkeli(6-9, 1-2 CEC)
Two strikers collide in the opener of the Rock Solid card and they both will look no further than another exciting battle for the crowd. Deforz definitely was the hot one in this most likely due to Nakkeli's doubtful chin. That aside, Deforz has the better overall skill set among them two but in a striking battle, anything can happen so be sure to attend early for a striking collision.

Prediction: Deforz, KO.

WW: "Pastrami King" Hy Wiener(8-6, 0-2 CEC) vs Pasi "Radioääni" Ruohonen(12-10, 9-10 CEC)
The Pastrami King has a very good ground base but he just love to bang too much to care about the ground. It's a good news for Ruohonen since he is also a striker himself but his chin and defense is doubtful as well. Despite the recent bad streak of Wiener, he can get this done if he is performing on his peak level on the night and perhaps use a bit of clinch to cut off Ruohonen's flow. Ruohonen's advantage is his reach so he better use it well to get the most out of it in this one.

Prediction: Wiener, decision.

WW: Macadam "Big Lips" Baird(5-2) vs Luiz Fernando "SAMURAI" Gonzalez(15-5, 2-0 CEC)
After dominating outside of CEC, Baird finally steps foot into the best Helsinki org out there to prove his worth against the best of the best and indeed, he was given a tough one for this card as he will face against The SAMURAI himself and a fellow ground fighter, Luiz Fernando Gonzalez. Barid relies most on his wrestling and destructive ground and pound but Gonzalez does more than that. Gonzalez can punch your tongue from Helsinki to London and also take your leg home and cook some soup with it. The versatility against the pure wrestling game, who can prove his worth?

Prediction: Baird, decision.

MW: "El Nino" Fernando Torres(5-3, 4-3 CEC) vs Pusse Helstrom(3-1 CEC)
Torres might not be the best fighter in CEC and he wasn't able to chain up a good win streak in the past but that doesn't mean he is in any kind, a weakling that everyone can pounce on. Tonight, it will be a tough one for Helstrom, the 200K bounty finalist but the finalist doesn't come so far into the MMA world for nothing. Both of them are excellent ground artists so this is definitely going to the ground and I see Helstrom's wrestling helps him in taking good position from the beginning. Torres is one heck of a BJJ fighter but his wrestling isn't that good so if Helstrom can hold himself on top, he has a good chance of finishing with his ground and pound yet again but be careful, Torres can snatch out a submission out of nowhere.

Prediction: Helstrom, KO. Wrestling is key here.

LW: Sami "Syke" Salama(12-6, 1-0 CEC) vs Roger D Roger(8-3 CEC)

Roger D Roger, awesome name! That aside, Roger D Roger is in the biggest crisis of his career so far, losing two bouts in a row certainly drop him to the middle of the pack and the former title contender certainly wants more than the mid-tier of the LW division. His ticket this time is in Salama's hand and if Roger wants it so bad, he has to take Salama down(I guess that's pun intended). A two times Iowa states wrestling representative, Roger has the skill to smother the best of the best on the ground but after going into MMA, he is more of a standup guy. Now he has a decision to make because Salama is one heck of a striker with remarkable kicks and good clinch game and going against Salama in such position is not the best option in my opinion. Will Roger go back to his wrestling base? We will see.

Prediction: Roger, decision.

HW: "Gatt" Ante Gattuso(5-4, 1-1 CEC) vs Dennis Gavin(9-6)
Let's take a page out of Gattuso's childhood, a story of why Gattuso hate judges. His father is a judge in the law field and then his parents divorced when he was five. His father, an asshole that betrayed his family, has created zero good memory in his childhood and that turned Gattuso into a judge-hating guy. Don't say the word "judge" in front of him or he will knock your teeth out. Go dig up Youtube and you will see Gattuso knocked out an announcer as he was declaring the scorecard of another fight in a card that Gattuso was a part in, epic clip. It's okay since the judges sometime are totally bullshit anyway. Nine fights of Gattuso ended without going to the third round and today against a very hungry Dennis Gavin? I bet this one will end at round 1. Gavin is definitely hungry for a bite right now, wanting to get out of the losing hell as soon as possible and being a finisher himself, his style matches up perfectly to Gattuso's and this one has fight of the night and knockout of the night written over it, definitely a great opener of the main card for the not-too-early audience.

Prediction: Gattuso, KO. Chin is key.

FW: Cole Trane(6-3, 5-2 CEC) vs Diego "Lighting" Samburgerhio(9-7, 2-4 CEC)
A meeting of ground fighters with two different styles, this is going to be good. Trane is the representative of the BJJ neighbour, famous for his flexibility on the ground and the tenacity that conquered six fighters so far inside the cage, five inside the CEC cage, he is a real threat to anyone in the ground department. Samburgerhio has the chance to win. I see him securing the top position easily every round with his takedown of lightning but then I think he has to play a bit safe on the ground. His ground and pound is no doubt one heck of a trouble to Trane but Trane has the submission to counter any mistake of Sanburgerhio. This is pretty much 50:50 so let's see who can dominate the ground in this occasion.

Prediction: Trane, submission. I see his CEC record is good enough to handle his opponent.

MW: Alexander "Doc" Maynard(11-4 CEC) vs "MushRoom" Gunnar Nelson(6-0)
After six fights in the local circuit with remarkable result, Nelson enters CEC to share the meat with some big sharks of the Helsinki's best and The MushRoom will square off against one heck of a fighter or a Doc if you will, Alexander Maynard in his CEC debut. When you are chaining up a six win streak, you just have to face someone as capable as Maynard. Despite having a bad run now, Maynard is not someone you can look over. His crisp boxing and sharp technique is always a problem to anyone within the MW division and his newly upgraded kicking skill will only help him even more. Still, I see Nelson having a fair chance against Maynard. Nelson is extremely talented, known for his vicious BJJ on the ground and his 101 win streak in the BJJ world of Netherlands and not only that, but he has also improved his other areas after training MMA. He could kick your legs off, dirty box and even a bit of a muay thai clinch and weirdly, he didn't use that much of a BJJ on the ground now. Can the fast rising MushRoom take out the CEC original to debut in a good way or will the gap of local circuit and CEC be too much for him?

Prediction: Nelson, decision. I believe so.

FW: Sepi "Dippadappa" Kumpulainen(16-7, 9-5 CEC) vs Onni "Rude Boy" Jokinen(8-3-1 CEC)
As for the main event, we have the debut of no other than The Rude Boy of Helsinki, Onni Jokinen as he put his skill up to test against the CEC long time grappler, Sepi Kumpulainen. Jokinen walks into the cage with one intention and one intention only and that is, knock the taste so far out of your reach you will never get it back. With a 13-2 pro boxing career and a bronze medal in boxing in the European Olympic, he has all the proof to show that he can definitely punch. He has taken his time to learn the clinch and also kicks so he is very dangerous. Kumpulainen is a straight grappler that has not much of a standup but killer grappling game which can really put Jokinen into trouble on the ground. This is a test of Jokinen's takedown defense and Kumpulainen's strikign defense in my opinion and the best will win this fight.

Prediction: Jokinen, KO.

LW Title: Slim Shadie(18-7, 16-5 CEC) vs Ilkka "Paloittelija" Laitinen(16-8, 16-7 CEC)
After losing his title to Slim Shadie in CEC 143, which Shadie took him down and locked in a vicious kimura on the ground in round 1 to go back home with the belt, Laitinen has waited quite a while for this rematch and after a decision win against Taavi Liisteri and then a knockout that shakes the earth against Roger D Roger, Laitinen is back but instead of being the champion, he is the title challenger in Shadie/Laitinen II. Laitinen is a straight up sprawl and brawler with excellent boxing base and a great wrestling skill that focus on the defensive side. The versatility of Shadie means that once he put you down, you are certainly out for good so Laitinen has to avoid the takedown at all cost tonight. The last time around Shadie did good but can he do the same tonight against a hungry Laitinen? That's something we will see. Shadie has great ground game and some good standup to handle himself against Laitinen so he is okay on the standup. Still, his chin is not as good as it is and Laitinen has a chance to knock him out clean for sure. Hmm, 50:50, no one sure what will happen and that is what it should be for a main event.

Prediction: Shadie, decision.

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