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#904696 Does your fighter lose skills if he does not train them?

Posted by RegularJohn on 02 February 2020 - 06:13 PM

Do fighters skills diminish over time if they are not trained, like kicks and punches? What about majors like Boxing overall? Physicals like cardio and strength? 


Does fighters ability to learn skills diminish? If you have an 18yo what should you have him learn first?


I have one 18yo project fighter, and focusing on physicals and sparring. Should I adjust that? have him learn more specific skills? 


thanks for the input


If you spend too much time without fighting and without training a specific skill (among the highest ones) that skill will diminish. it varies how much time it takes for each fighter but it's about 2-3 months; That applies to secondaries, primaries and physicals;


Fighter's ability to learn (i.e. learning speed) diminish as they get older; I would have an 18y/o learn first cardio and strength up to 13; then your main secondaries up to 13-14;


There are different strategies to develop an 18 y/o project. I believe most people train a little bit of everything among the main secondaries, primaries and physicals. Some people wait a bit longer to start having projects sparring.

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#904460 Huge Bias (fight rating) against grappling

Posted by RegularJohn on 31 January 2020 - 01:37 PM

To casual fans who don't really watch MMA you are right... Grappling is the missing aspect of muy thai and boxing.. MOST MMA fans DO NOT watch boxing AT ALL... If there was no grappling in MMA it would not be even close to as popular... There are polls online that prove that the average fan enjoys a grappling match, they just hate when people do "lay and prey" Khabib is one of the worlds most popular fighters, He cannot strike worth shit on the feet, the most we have seen him do is land a few lucky strikes... Also about 50-60% of mma fans do or have at some point trained Jui Jitsu, it's common knowledge that someone in mma with no wrestling or grappling is going to lose almost all their fights so the audacity of you to say "grappling generates less popularity" is downright blasphemous and an outright proven lie! 


You were right until the end then you went off at aylib for no reason at all. he is talking about the game (which should be obvious).


Having said that, grapplers can be very sucessful at lower levels. it's when everybody is maxed out with Elite Wrestling/BJJ Black Belt/ Elite secondaries that grapplers become less effective, for many reasons, the biggest one IMO being the incredibly low ammonut of actions per minute on the ground which makes you run out of time very quickly.


I actually strongly advise noobs to create a couple grapplers so they can score a couple sub wins against white belts and feel good about themselves.

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#899496 GAMMA opens in Las Vegas

Posted by RegularJohn on 17 November 2019 - 01:26 PM

Congratulations to Carlos. He has been one of the best managers in the game for a while always facing top competition but this year he seems to have found another gear.

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#899197 Slow weekend

Posted by RegularJohn on 11 November 2019 - 01:08 PM

Forums are dead everywhere not just in MMATycoon. People don't wanna read anything except memes.


The game could use some improvements but it is fine.

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#897739 What are the best nutrition companies?

Posted by RegularJohn on 17 October 2019 - 10:00 PM

Sully GOAT.


Zenith, Milwaukee Nutrition, FinnFighters are all good too.

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#896438 New Player LF NY Group

Posted by RegularJohn on 23 September 2019 - 11:58 AM

Get a mentor from the mentor page (the blue and green icon on the main menu)


Ask whatever you want in the forums but don´t forget to get the mentor.

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#895873 UnderGround FC 340k

Posted by RegularJohn on 14 September 2019 - 12:01 PM

I feel slightly butthurt for not having had a writeup about the event where my boy fought. looking forward to next time.

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#895654 Fight Attributed to Manager (who has never managed the fighter)?

Posted by RegularJohn on 10 September 2019 - 01:40 AM

This is a pretty fucked up error and we've talked about another similar error in the alliance chat. imagine if this starts happening more often.

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#894413 Demolition MMA - Official Smack Talk Thread

Posted by RegularJohn on 22 August 2019 - 12:46 PM

Thanks for your efforts Winger and thanks and good luck to whoever bought the org.


Alfred Winterbottom as usual coming to the rescue, thanks too. I would love to have my 325k'er into the fold but he got an offer he couldn't refuse from outside.


Best I can do to help is offer projects to do test fights for minimum contrats (if the org is into it). Cheers!

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#889496 Spammer

Posted by RegularJohn on 19 June 2019 - 11:01 AM

Nate Baker is a badass org owner and he has sent perhaps 15 messages total over the last month. May this thread become a Nate Baker appreciation thread.

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#888373 Training Camps

Posted by RegularJohn on 04 June 2019 - 11:29 AM

Putting more thought into this I realized that sleazy Tycoon managers could (definitely would) exploit this by getting in bed with their cousin's org, set up ridiculously easy fights and enjoy the extra training with next-to-no payoff. So some tweakening would have to be done. I still like the concept of it.

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#888258 VIP Help

Posted by RegularJohn on 03 June 2019 - 11:18 AM

But Mike never logs in and doesn't care about the game anymore! He only cares about tiles in the bathroom and his newborn son... what about us??

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#888186 Training Camps

Posted by RegularJohn on 02 June 2019 - 11:30 AM

This is one of the best ideas ever. Congratulations.


I would only argue that the benefit should be significantly smaller than a third daily training session because this would skew even more the playing field in favour of older/rich managers. IMO if you get a couple more sessions on the week it would already draw major interest.

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#887636 GAMMA opens in Las Vegas

Posted by RegularJohn on 25 May 2019 - 12:15 PM

Cool info.


Couldn't help notice that three YABAI mates are the top three in the past 9 months. But of course congratulations to Whymer!

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#887579 Island Season

Posted by RegularJohn on 24 May 2019 - 01:27 PM


I don't consider myself a top 10 manager, it seems they let just about anyone into the top rankings these days :) But since I was about to quit anyway - yes I threw my latest sparbot into QFC twice while I was at all time high personal ranking just to farm whatever little extra hype i could and go as high as possible while i had the chance. I don't mind admitting that, it's the most cheesy thing I've done since I started playing. The other bot was fighting around once a month well before this to try and keep his depops in check.


But yes, I couldn't agree more a managers achievements should not be judged by the ingame ranking system.


Congratulations for just admitting it like that. That's the rarest thing in the internet.


Not that there's anything wrong with it. People do whatever they want and we call them out on it if we want it. Camara just gets way too butthurt about hype for someone who claims they don't care about hype.

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