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Ironman Fight Club - Official Thread

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Posted 08 January 2018 - 02:25 AM

8 of the 8 fighters left are from different countries so diverse backgrounds.  ill be interested to see how carver frost does as he is going to fight a brown belt in bjj next and if he wins than a wonderful wrestler so he has to go through a bunch of ground fighters to make finals and the first ground fighter he fought he won in 5 seconds.  i cant wait to see the russian wrestler vs another kirby family wrestler who got to the finals last tournament.

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Posted 08 January 2018 - 11:57 PM

Iron Man Fight Club

New Blood V.2 Round 1 - Post Fight Recap

7th January 2018 – Hyashi’s Lounge, Los Angeles


Main Event – Iron Man Division

Schmorgen Biscuit vs. “Gypsy” Tommy Walcott


The main event featured one of two big rematches of the evening with Schmorgen Biscuit taking on “Gypsy” Tommy Walcott.

In their first encounter Walcott won a controversial decision in a fight that many believed Biscuit had edged.

Nothing drastic had changed between then and now so fans of both fighters were looking forward to a witnessing a clear cut result this time around. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be as controversy reared it’s ugly head once again leaving things between these two even less definite.

Round one opened with Biscuit securing an early takedown from the clinch and Walcott showcasing some improved ground defense as he fended off the submission attempt from Biscuit and managed to reverse his larger opponent. Biscuit fought hard to regain position but Walcott was content to stall from half guard and doing just enough to look busy for the referee. The action dropped a few levels as both fighters cancelled out each others actions but close to the end of the round Biscuit managed to slip a leg through and regain full guard but was unable to do anything with it as the bell sounded to close round one.

Round two and Walcott landed a nice uppercut on Biscuit and followed up with some jabs and combinations that missed their mark. Biscuit moved into the clinch and began driving knees into Walcotts body with Walcott picking his chances to return fire when he could. Both fighters stayed active but Biscuit seemed to be the more aggressive. Walcott defended well and managed to block most of the knees from Biscuit as well as his attempts at a takedown and, as the round drew to a close, began to land more frequently.

Going into the third and final round it was unclear just who was ahead but Walcott seemed to take the initiative and landed with a good uppercut. Biscuit attempt to follow up with a double leg but Walcott saw it coming and instead was bundled up against the cage. Biscuit landed a good knee to the midsection as he controlled Walcott in the clinch and managed to sneak through a nice elbow that open up a cut on Walcott. Biscuit worked aggressively once more but missed far more than he landed while Walcott managed to tag him back clean in return. Just after the three minute mark, Biscuit managed to secure a single leg and took Walcott down to the ground where he starting landing with some strikes on the ground. Walcott managed to reverse just before the end of the round.

As the judges scores were read out it was clear that some had different opinions on what they’d just seen with one judge seeing it Biscuits way and two scoring for Walcott giving Walcott a split decision victory.

Tommy Walcott defeats Schmorgan Biscuit by Decision (Split)


Although it wasn’t the decisive conclusion that many had hoped for the result made it two for two for Tommy Walcott and with both fighters now going their separate ways in separate divisions it seems unlikely that their paths will need to cross again.

Walcott now improves his record to 9-3 and is likely to enter the lightweight rankings at #2 but with some less than impressive recent form and an even more recent loss to division leader Klaus Chugman he may need to pick up another victory before he is guaranteed a place competing for the vacant lightweight title.

For Biscuit, the loss ends a three fight win streak and adds another “L” to his record putting him at 8-4. Biscuit will now move into the IFC middleweight division and is very likely to be ranked somewhere around the #5 mark.


Co-Main Event – Iron Man Division

Wolfgang Lee Roth vs. “Red Ribbon Armys” Android Seventeen


The co-main event of the evening featured a returning Wolfgang Lee Roth taking on heavy hitting heavyweight Android Seventeen in a rematch of their first encounter in which Lee Roth put on the performance of a lifetime to get the first round submission win in a fight many believed him to be the underdog.

With rumors flying around that Lee Roth’s return wasn’t being taking seriously by his camp with Lee Roth’s mental state and absent manager being the biggest concern by those close to him, there were fears that we weren’t going to see the very best Wolfgang Lee Roth in the cage tonight. After thirty seven seconds of the first round, all those fears washed away.

The fight started furiously with Wolfgang missing with a big telegraphed uppercut from far out and Seventeen pushing back with a slapping kick across the body and a crisp jab to the face before Lee Roth took the opportunity to bring Seventeen down to the mat and gain side control. Lee Roth quickly worked into position for a kimura and feeling secure, torqued the arm forcing Android Seventeen no option but to submit and end the fight

Wolfgang Lee Roth defeated Android Seventeen by Submission (Kimura) at 0:37 of Round 1


A superb result for Lee Roth and with it removing all doubt of getting lucky in their first fight. Unfortunately however the future is uncertain with Lee Roth’s management having yet to resurface and sign the contracts takings him into the new lightweight division where he would no doubt be an instant top 5 fighter.

The curse of the submission remains for Android Seventeen who now drops to his seventh loss in a row and sixth submission loss within those. Somewhere along the lines Seventeen must have really upset the gods of BJJ and perhaps only a pilgrimage to Rio to obtain his black belt could appease their fury. Seventeen will remain in what will now be re-branded as the IFC heavyweight division and will get back to fighting the bigger boys of the org


New Blood Tournament V.2 – Round 1 (Fights in order of brackets)


It was another intense night of tournament action with each and every fighter putting it on the line for a shot at the New Blood title. There was some interesting results with some fighters emerging as heavy favorites to take it all.


Mohammed Ruslanov vs. Sal Sizzaro


Our tournament opener featured one of the early favorites in Russian wrestler Mohammed Ruslanov as he took on big Jamaican Sal Sizzaro.

It was a hard, gritty, competitive three round affair with Sizzaro faring much better than the oddsmakers would have had you think.

Round one went to Ruslanov who took advantage of some wild striking by Sizarro to hit an early takedown and land in guard. Ruslanov kept very busy while on the floor constantly looking to improve posistion whilst peppering big Sal with some ground and pound throughout. Sizarro at least attempted some offense with a couple of submission attempts but overal it was all Ruslanov.

Round two was more even more of a dominating one for Ruslanov as he once again hit the early takedown and proceeded to chip away at a prone Sizzarro for the entirety of the round.

Going into the third and final round Sizarro would have known he was two rounds down and would need a finish to guarantee progress in the tournament and much to his credit he did manage to make things very interesting.

Third round began with Sizarro throwing out jabs and body shots that missed by quite a distance and Ruslanov attempting takedowns which Sizzarro defended well. The fight went on like this for a couple of minutes and Sizarro still probing for the fight ending punch when he suddenly changed tactics and followed up an overhand right with a takedown of his own. Ruslanov reacted just a second too late and found himself on his back for the first time in the fight. He wasn’t there long however as he quickly reversed into the guard of Sizarro but perhaps that’s what Sizzaro had anticipated and instantly threw up a quick triangle attempted that Ruslanov was forced to defend. Ruslanov was happy to throw little shots from guard from then on but not before one final attempt to finish the fight by Sizzaro who in the last minute got an arm round the Russians neck and tried for a guillotine choke to no avail. The bell sounded and a knowing Ruslanov got to his feet to await the judges decision.

Mohammed Ruslanov defeated Sal Sizzaro by Decision (Unanimous)


Ruslanov now moves into the second round but after such a long and tiring fight like tonight he may have to take a little time off to regain his energy and that will eat into his training time.


Jake “The Rattlesnake” Kirby vs. James Dean Bradfield


Next up we got out first glimpse of this tournaments entry from the Kirby family and expectations couldn’t have been higher as Jake “The Rattlesnake” Kirby took on Welsh boxer James Dean Bradfield.

It was no surprise to anyone when Kirby landed a lightening fast takedown with the first move on the fight and put Bradfield squarely on his back. Now completely out of his element, Bradfield could only wriggle uncomfortably as Kirby proceeded to tee-off on his defenseless opponent and it wasn’t long before Kirby opened up a big cut on Bradfield. A minute in and with Kirby laying it on heavy, Bradfield’s cut began to get worse and worse and after some big hammerfists to the face the referee halted to fight to seek the opinion of the doctor who decided that the damage was too severe and the fight needed to be stopped there.

Jake Kirby defeated James Dean Bradfield by TKO (Cut) at 2:21 of Round 1.


With expectations met, Jake Kirby marches on fresh and unscathed to set up a tantalizing second round showdown with fellow wrestler Mohammed Ruslanov. Ruslanov will have size on his side but will he be able to deal with the aggressive style of this Kirby fighter? We absolutely cannot wait to find out


Kurt “Nightcrawler” Wagner vs. Dai Zexi


Our third tournament fight was a battle of the BJJ Brown Belts with American Kurt “Nightcrawler” Wagner taking on China’s entry into the tournament Dai Zexi.

Zexi opened up round one with some attempts at tagging Wagner’s body before following up with a nice takedown into side control. It was interesting to see whether Zexi’s slight advantage in the wrestling would effect the grappling element of the fight and initially it looked like it would as Zexi maintained control on top and threatened with submissions. Around a minute in Wagner managed to get back to half guard and made some attempts at a couple of awkward submissions from there. Zexi kept busy with some ineffective strikes from top and both fighters traded submission attempts before being stood up with thirty seconds of the round to go. Zexi once more missed with a sloppy shot to the body which Wagner punished with a quick takedown counter of his own and the round ended with Zexi attempting a weak triangle choke.

Round two started with Zexi attempting to score points on the feet. He didn’t managed to land but it forced Wagner to shoot from a distance which Zexi was able to pre-empt and avoid. One shot from Zexi was a little too sloppy however and Wagner countered with a successful takedown into half guard. Zexi worked quickly in getting back to full guard and was able to push off into a loose triangle attempt that Wagner defended. With a slight adjustment however Zexi transitioned beautifully into a tight armbar and this time Wagner was trapped with no place to turn

Dai Zexi defeated Kurt Wagner by Submission (Armbar) at 2:18 of Round 1


Dai Zexi moves into the second round now without suffering too much fatigue and will likely be back to training in a day or so. With Zexi showing enthusiasm for the stand up but without the finesse will he begin to work on improving in that area or will he put all of his effort into improving his wrestling in order to help him get the fight to the floor? With four weeks to go until the next round we will be keeping a close eye.


“The Dangerous” Beast Incarnate vs. Carver Frost


The opening rounds most anticipated match up between two very interesting fighters ending up being one of the most anticlimactic we’ve seen so far when “The Dangerous” Beast Incarnate was knocked senseless by New Zealand’s Carver Frost.

“The bell rings for round one and we are underway….”

“...Frost ducked down and unloaded an uppercut from hell that sent Incarnate clean off his feet...”

Carver Frost defeated Beast Incarnate by KO at 0:05 of Round 1


It was a brutally quick end to a fight that never even began to get going. Frost moves on to the next round to take on BJJ fighter Dai Zexi and will now no doubt be bringing with him the utmost confidence in his own holy knockout power that rightfully earned him “knockout of the night” honors.


Armel Vidal vs. Pedro Costa


Heading into the bottom half of the bracket we had Monaco’s natural Bantamweight Armel Vidal giving up over fifty pounds to Brazallian wrestler Pedro Costa.

Vidal had looked good in his previous one and only QFC fight but that was in his natural weight class and now he was face to face with a larger opponent and the bookies had predicted a wash out for the smaller Thai boxer. What was to take place however was nothing of the sort.

For a fighter with no real striking experience Pedro Costa did exceptionally well on his feet against the highly skilled Vidal and tried to keep pace in round one, even managing to open a cut on Vidal. Though Costa was getting through, Vidal was a step ahead throughout and just edged the round due to his work rate on the outside and in the clinch.

Round two saw Vidal come out strong early and pepper Costa with jabs to the head and body. Surprisingly Costa had not gone for a single takedown up to this point and many began to question his game plan in the face of superior striker Vidal. Costa moved into the clinch but was having no better success there. Close to the three minute mark Costa pulled guard and Vidal down with him. Costa began to attack with submission attempts off of his back but Vidal was able to hang on and stall long enough to force a stand up. With thirty seconds to go Vidal took the opportunity to seal the round and set about punishing the body of Costa who was visibly hurt with one particularly stinging shot.

Going into the last round Vidal was up by two and most likely anticipating Costa going all out to secure the takedown and get the finish but that was not to come. Costa continued to press on without attempting to shoot while Vidal tagged him to the body and head for a full five minutes and coasted to a unanimous decision victory.

Vidal Costa defeated Pedro Costa by Decision (Unanimous)


Costa will likely look back on this fight and in hindsight wish that he had made more of an effort to get the fight to the floor where he would have had a significant advantage. Vidal never looked to be in trouble at any point in the fight and seemed very comfortable with his stick and move style of striking and now moves into the second round of the competition


Dreamier Panda vs. Warren Goldner


Another grappler versus striker match up in which the oddsmakers got wrong when Germany’s Warren Goldner upset Japanese wrestler Dreamier Panda with a stunning left hook that sent him crashing to the floor and then following him into mount and landing a few more for good measure.

Panda barely got into the fight and coming from the team that placed third in the previous tournament will no doubt be disappointed to crash out so early and in such a fashion.

Warren Goldner defetaed Dreamier Panda by TKO (Strikes) at 0:13 of Round 1


With this win, Warren Goldner moves on and will face fellow striker Armel Vidal in the next round. Goldner will certainly feel confident with his power having just KO’d a natural light-heavyweight and may feel that gives him an edge against the smaller Vidal. One thing is for sure though and that is that Goldner will feel very good about proving wrong those that predicted a Panda win.


Boris Boulder vs. Paily “Dragon” Vattakkuzhi


Coming up to the close of the tournament Ukrainian wrestler Boris Boulder took on the tournaments most experienced competitor in India’s Paily “Dragon” Vattakkuzhi.

Boulder was giving up over one hundred pounds in weight to big Paily Vattakkuzhi and sensibly wasted no time in going for a takedown and the relative safety of the ground. Sitting in the guard of Vattakkuzhi, Boulder seemed content to stall and throw the odd shot which Vattakuzhi blocked easily. After about a minute of this the referee had enough and stood both fighters up. Now more prepared, Vattakkuzhi stuffed a takedown attempt from Boulder and countered with a strong right hand that opened Boulder up. Boulder sensed the power in the former super-heavyweight and once again made the smart move of taking his opponent off his feet. This time however Boulder showed more hustle and got down to the task ahead softening up Vattakkuzhi with elbows from mount and forcing him to give up his back. Boulder kept up the pressure and not long after was able to secure a tight rear naked choke to end the fight in the first round

Boris Boulder defeated Paily “Dragon” Vattakkuzhi by Submission (RNC) at 2:58 of Round 1


A good result for Boulder who advances to the next round without taking too much damage from his bigger opponent. He will need a few stitches but generally is expected back in the gym very soon.


Nigel Farage vs. Georges “The Guillotine” Danton


Our final fight of the tournament and these warriors certainly saved the best for last when English kickboxer Nigel Farage took on French striker Georges “The Guillotine” Danton.

Nigel Farage was representing the same camp that produced previous champion Fay Gott and because of that all eyes were firmly fixed on this fight.

The first round started fast and furious. A jab from Danton found its mark and Farage sent a cross straight back which instantly opened up the face of Danton. In retaliation Danton cracked Farage with an open hand slap and from then on it was a brawl. Both fighters traded shots but Danton threw two to Farages one. Just over a minute in a stiff jab wobbled Farage and Danton fell upon him with shots to the head. Farage fired back and hit Danton with a nice hook that put Danton on wobbly legs himself. The fight stumbled  into the clinch where Danton started to take over a little managing to out strike Farage on the inside. Danton racked up some extra points after managed a nice little trip to take Farage down but neither fighter showed much on the ground and were stood back up after a short period. Danton finished the round off strong tagging several times before the bell signalled the end of round one

Round two began and perhaps sensing that his best work was done on the inside, Danton moved into the clinch. Once again Danton took over and Farage was starting to get hit more often without offering much back in return. Short rights and uppercuts landed for the Frenchman and started to take their toll. A couple of minutes into the round Danton cracked Farage with a big right that sent him crashing to the floor. Dazed but not out, Danton waved Farage back to his feet before connecting with a huge hook that dropped him again. By some sheer force of will Farage stayed conscious and Danton once more waved him to his feet but while the lights were on in Farage’s head, no one was home and he was at the mercy of “The Guillotine”. A massive overhand right landed and the referee could watch no longer stepping in to end the fight.

Georges Danton defeated Nigel Farage by TKO (Strikes) at 2:29 of Round 2.


A terrific performance from both fighters but especially Danton who out struck Farage by a significant margin. The fight earnt the approval of the crowd and the “fight of the night” honors.

Early favorite Farage is out and Danton moves on but he will have a very tough match up ahead of him as he faces submission wrestler Boris Boulder in the next round.   

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Iron Man Fight Club XXXIII - Preview
(13th January 2018 – King Theatre, Los Angles)
Main Card
Main Event – Iron Man Division
Louis CK (10-1, 202lbs) vs. Steven “The Steamroller” Kennedy (8-6, 178lbs)
Headlining tonight’s event we have Louis CK who will be making his final appearance in the IFC cage taking on former champion Steven “The Steamroller” Kennedy who will no doubt be aiming to send CK off with a bang. 
Louis CK had some great successful prior to arrival in the IFC having managed to rack up a 9-0 record consisting of mostly first round knock outs and also taking the Marty Robbins Fight Ranch sixteen man tournament title in the light-heavyweight division. It was this run of results that lead to an opportunity to fight for the IFC title against undefeated champion Mew Choo at IFC XXII. On that night Louis CK looked very good early on and pushed the champion further than he had ever been to date but ultimately, fell short and suffered a third round TKO and the first professional loss of his career. Taking some time away to improve his skills, CK made his return recently against heavy hitter Taz Bandichoo and proved that old habits die hard as he finished Bandichoo by first round KO in a fight he dominated. 
For his final fight in the IFC he will do battle against one of the longest serving Iron Man veterans and second ever IFC champion Steven Kennedy. 
Kennedy comes into this fight fresh from his quick dispatch of young striker Terry Bogard in which he carved through the takedown defense of Bogard early in order to give him a quick lesson in the art of submissions, getting the Kimura finish three minutes into the first round. 
Previous to that, Kennedy had been somewhat inconsistent in his results having alternated wins and loses over the course of five fights and managing to win just three of them. This form, whilst by no means terrible, had put Kennedy in the dangerous position of flittering in and out of the Top 10 and on the brink of getting swallowed up by the swath of hungry young talent coming up in the ranks. Though Kennedy has done quite well against some of the younger prospects he has faced, his opponent tonight might be his toughest yet. 
Though technically not too far apart in the striking department, CK has a far better record when it comes to the stand up and possibly performs beyond what might be expected for his level. CK will also have a small advantage in the wrestling which could be a key factor as Kennedy will doubtless want this fight on the floor sooner rather than later. Kennedy’s strength will be as always in his Jiu-Jitsu and if CK’s list of KO’s is impressive, Kennedy’s is equally so when it comes to submissions. Kennedy isn’t a typical BJJ fighter however and will mix things up with strikes in order to set up his takedowns but generally, if he cannot get the fight to the floor and keep it there, he doesn’t fare well and this is likely to be the case in this match up. 
Louis CK will be the strong favourite going into this fight but it isn’t without it’s dangers as Kennedy is a master submission artist and should CK find himself on the floor his odds for victory goes down significantly.
Co-Main Event – Iron Man Division
Vincent Lemieux (9-4, 270lbs) vs. Terry Bogard (5-3, 179lbs)
Our co-main event of the evening could already be a contender for fight of the night with a rampaging Vincent Lemieux taking on skilled young striker Terry Bogard. 
Vincent Lemieux is a bad man. Currently on a winning streak of nine, it has been a long time since Lemieux has tasted defeat and that doesn’t look like it’s about to change anytime soon. Though Lemieux got a fair amount of his wins within the less competitive QFC system, he has now quite clearly proven himself with wins in the Steel Penn of Hilo org and now within the IFC. The most frightening part of Lemieux’s rise is the fact that every single one of those nine wins have been within the first round and by TKO or knockout. There can be no more doubt. Lemieux is the real deal and it’s going to take a super heroes effort to stop him. But could his opponent Terry Bogard be the one to do it?
Terry Bogard’s career begin with aspirations of KT glory but through a twist of fate ended up with the IFC instead and thrown into MMA competition. Striking has never been a problem for Bogard but he has been found struggling once or twice with the other side of mixed martial arts and that is the grappling, though he has been making some improvements with his wrestling of late. Tonight Bogard will not need to concern himself too much with takedowns and submissions however as his opponent Lemieux is a man who likes to thrown down and that will suit Bogard down to the ground. The question is can he withstand the ferocious power of the much larger fighter and does Bogard himself posses the means to take out Lemieux?
Technically Bogard is the better striker overall having worked almost as hard on his boxing as he has on his Muay Thai. He also has a perfect record of knockouts himself for each of his five victories so far but what is true on paper doesn’t always transition to the cage and truth is that Vincent Lemieux is a simple, straightforward fighter who throws with phenomenal precision and power and currently that is working perfectly for him. 
Lemieux will be the favourite for this one. Bogard is a good striker, is young and a good solid prospect but you just get the feeling that perhaps this isn’t quite his time and that Lemieux will be just too big and too powerful for him on this occasion.
Fight 8 – Iron Man Division
Bricks “Parpaing” Thrower (10-6, 204lbs) vs. Albert Van Rooy (2-2, 256lbs)
Since making his Iron Man debut at IFC I, Bricks Thrower has been one of the most active fighters on the roster and is currently one of a handful tied for most fights in the org at 14 apiece. Thrower began his career at eighteen and threw himself straight into competition. His training has been hands on and in the cage but in spite of being so active Thrower has found time to improve his skills in the gym when he can and has slowly matured into a decent all round fighter. Recently he has been on a run of good form that pushed him up the rankings and onto a collision course with former champion Ricky “Big Tex” Hughes. It was a huge opportunity for Thrower but one that he was ultimately not ready for and as such dropped to his first defeat after four wins. Now once again Thrower is back and we will get to see how well he will deal with such a big defeat. 
On the other side of the cage is relatively inexperienced Thai Boxer Albert Van Rooy who after losing his first two professional fights has bounced back superbly and will be coming into this fight on a small two fight win streak. The turn around began with a shock second round knockout of hot prospect Kirk Lazarus during Lazarus’ debut and then most recently when he managed to survive a round on the ground against Japanese submission wrestler Yoshihiro Sexyama and win once again by second round knockout. Now in his return he will look to pull off another upset this time over the very experienced Bricks Thrower 
Despite the gulf between them in cage experience, this fight is expected to be very competitve and could go a number of ways. 
Van Rooy will fancy himself as the better striker despite Thrower having a decent amount of KO’s to his name and will very likely want to keep the fight standing. Thrower might consider taking the fight to the ground where Van Rooy has no real experience though he did showcase some good defense there during his last bout. 
Both fighters have suffered losses so it really is anyone’s fight to take. With Thrower’s experience and time in the game taken into consideration he could be considered the slight betting favorite but Van Rooy is improving and is in good form with wins over some very credible opponents. 
Fight 7 – Iron Man Division
Bea “Rick” Mason (6-4, 175lbs) vs. “The Phenomenal” Orgasmic Bliss (2-2, 300lbs) 
Next up we have two fighters known mainly for their grappling skills with BJJ brown belt Bea Mason taking on purple belt wrestler Orgasmic Bliss.
Bea Mason has a good early start to his IFC tenure managing three wins out of four with all three of those wins coming via way of submission. While his overall 6-4 record isn’t going to turn any heads right now he is still a young fighter and he seems to be improving his striking skills rapidly marking him as an interesting prospect well worthy of keeping an eye on. 
He’ll get the opportunity to further that record tonight as he takes on a fighter who has done okay for himself despite not having been involved in MMA for very long. 
Orgasmic Bliss comes into this fight with a record of 2-2. Suffering a loss in the QFC for his pro debut, Bliss arrived in the IFC near the bottom of the roster but quickly dispatched his first two opponents both by first round stoppages. This early success moved him up the rankings somewhat and into a much more competitive match up with Greg Bell. At that time however it was a possibly step too far and Bliss suffered under the heavy hands of Bell and in the end was stopped by a cut. Not a defining finish by any means with Bliss looking game throughout.
This fight is most likely to end up being decided on the ground and it will be very interesting to see two different styles of grappling in play. One major possibility however is that Mason attempts to take advantage of his ever improving striking skills and keep this fight on the feet but with his lack of wrestling it’s unlikely that Bliss will have much trouble getting him down. 
Expect Bliss to come into this fight with guns blazing and to put pressure on Mason early but with the smaller BJJ fighter constantly improving each time we see him and a perfect  submission finish rate behind him, Mason will definitely be the one with more options for taking the win here.
Fight 6 – Iron Man Division
Sirimongkol Niyotrong (3-3, 152lbs) vs. Jonathan “Money Shot” Davis (4-4, 142lbs) 
Our first fight of the evenings undercard and another fight that is being earmarked for potential fight of the night honours with natural featherweight Sirimongkol Niyotrong taking on natural bantamweight Jonathan Davis. 
Both Niyotrong and Davis would be considered strikers but both are coming into this fight with some very different recent form. 
Niyotrong has managed to scrap his way to three consecutive unanimous decision wins in recent times after a disastrous three fight losing streak starting with his debut. He has displayed some diverse clinch fighting and some good Muay Thai on the outside but is perhaps lacking power to really finish the fight?
Jonathan Davis, on the other hand, comes into this fight off the back of a three fight losing streak after a very respectable start in MMA. His most recent loss was his debut in the Iron Man division after getting his start in the IFC during the first ever New Blood Tournament. In that fight he suffered a TKO loss to a much bigger Vladimir Impaler who managed to beat Davis to the punch far too often and was able to easily avoid the many combinations thrown by Davis during that fight. 
Davis' main strength is still his wonderful boxing skills which he was previously having a lot of success with but now looks to have improved his grappling skills by a fair amount also. Niyotrong has been training in both boxing and Muay Thai but hasn’t reached the same level as Davis with either of them. Grappling wise both fighters are fairly even with Davis having a slight edge in the wrestling.
Davis has had a rough time lately and will no doubt be eager to put an end to his poor form and get back to winning ways whereas Niyotrong has already come though what Davis is going through and will not want to head back to that dark place. It’s been a while since Davis had his hand raised and he could really do with a victory here but don’t expect Niyotrong to have any pity. A very tough fight to predict an outcome except that it is likely going to be an absolute way and a treat for the fans watching.
Fight 5 – Iron Man Division
Gin Kobra (5-8, 140lbs) vs. Yoshihiro Sexyama (2-4, 190lbs)
Next up, experienced IFC vet Gin Kobra looks to pick up his second win in a row when he takes on struggling Yoshihiro Sexyama
Last time out, Gin Kobra put on a gritty performance against Boyd Clark to overturn a string of losses that had served to confine him to the lower ends of the IFC roster. 
His opponent Yoshihiro Sexyama is currently going through a similar situation and hasn’t managed to get his hand raised since beating Ivan Shtirko back at IFC Mid Week 7. 
A competitive fight is anticipated with Kobra’s superior experience excepted to play a major role.
Fight 4 – Iron Man Division
Yuri “Subversion” Bezmenov (2-0, 207lbs) vs. Lord “God of Destruction” Beerus (3-4, 185lbs)
Stepping up to take on emerging monster in Yuri “Subversion” Bezmenov is Lord “God of Destruction” Beerus who is has had a rough few fights of late and comes into the bout on the back of a three fight losing streak. 
Bezmenov made his successful IFC debut at XXX managing to get the first round submission against a more experienced fighter in James Gregor. If Bezmenov’s imposing grappling skills weren’t frightening enough, his striking seems to be improving at an alarming rate too. 
It’ll be an almost impossible task for Lord Beerus to pull off the upset here where he will find himself at best only equal in BJJ. Bezmenov will have an advantage in every other area but with one caveat going into this fight being that if Bezmenov decides to simply try and bulldoze his way through Beerus he is likely to end up fighting from guard. This could play right into Beerus’ strengths and allow for the practically impossible to become possible and that is a submission finish from the fighter who has so far shown great aptitude for such things when presented the opportunity. 
Bezmenov the overwhelming favourite despite this being only his third professional outing 
Fight 3 – Iron Man Division
Sascha “Widow Maker” Koniezko (2-5, 185lbs) vs. Chong “The Star Fish” Tay (6-6, 210lbs) 
Sacha Koniezko has perhaps started to find his groove in the IFC after a disastrous five fight losing steak to begin his career. His last two fights have been decisive KO finishes and now he is back looking to pick up where he left off but this time he will be facing dangerous striker Chong Tay
Chong Tay has found it difficut to maintain any kind of decent form and usually finds himself alternating between wins and losses. On this occasion, Tay’s last fight was a loss and he will be bringing with his a record of 6-6
If he can manage to avoid the heavy hands of Tay and get the fight away from danger then he will have a very good chance of continuing his current run of wins
Fight 2 – Iron Man Division
“The Barbarian” Battle Ram (9-5, 220lbs) vs. Zoran Sablic (4-2, 204lbs) 
It’s been quite a roller coaster for “The Barbarian” Battle Ram since signing with new management and re-signing with the IFC. Starting with two losses only to bounce back with two wins, Ram has once again dropped to two in a row and is going to have to dig deep to turn things around once more. 
Tonight he’ll face Zoran Sablic who is also currently on a two fight losing streak since joining new management and will be hoping to return to the form that he started his career with when he amassed his first four wins. 
Confidence will be an issue here with neither fighting currently have much at all. This could lead to a very tentative fight which could favor Ram if Sablic is too timid to get in for the takedown he will surely need. 
A fight that both really need to win but could go either way on the night
Fight 1 – New Blood Division
Rock “The Hurricane” Lee (0-0, 155lbs) vs. Jason “Arm Bar” Card (3-2, 280lbs)
Getting the evening started is a fight from the New Blood Division and young debutante Rock “The Hurricane” Lee takes on 3-2 Jason “Arm Bar” Card who comes to us from the same camp as current IFC hall of famer Ricky “Big Tex” Hughes. 
Lee is a striker who has made Muay Thai his sole focus up to this point and is really an unknown quantity at the point. Significantly smaller than Card, Lee will be thrown into the deep end with his introduction to open weight fighting and will need to be very careful not to get caught by his larger opponent. 
Card has already been busy in his very young career and has managed a 3-2 record so far whilst still only eighteen years of age. 
Card will be the slight favorite in this fight due to his size and experience advantage but without knowing anything about his opponent, any predictions are going to be difficult. 

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Iron Man Fight Club XXXIII

(13th January 2018 – King Theatre, Los Angeles)

Post Fight Recap


Main Card


Main Event – Iron Man Division

Louis CK vs. Steven Kennedy


A departing Louis CK will walk off with a swagger after dismantling former IFC champion Steven Kennedy in under a minute.

Kennedy seemed to be performing well, mixing up his strikes and landing what he threw but CK was a step ahead and a nice string of punches to the body and head followed up with a big uppercut dropped Kennedy to floor. Clearly still hurt as he was waved back to his feet, Kennedy tried to avoid the oncoming assault but his legs were gone and a neat little feint to the midsection by CK caused Kennedy to drop his hands providing CK with the opportunity to land the killing blow. A left hook crashed into the side of Kennedy’s head and that was all she wrote.

Louis CK defeated Steven Kennedy by KO (Punch) at 0:51 of Round 1


Louis CK now moves on and will take with him a 2-1 record from the IFC. Though he suffered the one and only loss on his otherwise perfect record he can at least hold his head high knowing that he gave undefeated IFC champion Mew Choo the toughest fight of his career.

A tough break for Kennedy who won’t feel like he did a terrible amount wrong in this fight but nevertheless picks up the seventh loss of his career taking his overall record to 8-7. With some erratic form of late it will be interesting to see just where ends up in the new middleweight division rankings when they are drawn up.


Co-Main Event – Iron Man Division

Vincent Lemieux vs. Terry Bogard


Vincent Lemieux came into this fight on a streak of nine crushing first round KO victories so it was no surprise when young striker Terry Bogard was tarred as the heavy underdog coming in. Giving up over ninety pounds in weight to Lemiuex there were also doubts as to whether he possessed the power to trouble his larger opponent but what transpired over the next forty-six seconds answered all those questions and them some.

Lemieux came out swinging with Bogard doing his utmost to avoid everything coming his way but Lemieux followed up a missed uppercut with his trademark monster right hand that dropped Bogard instantly to the mat. Springing straight back to his feet, the damage was immediately obvious as the blood poured from a cut on Bogard. Lemieux rushed in in an attempt to finish the fight and missed with a big body shot and wild combination then out of nowhere BOOM! Bogard returned fire with his own big right hand that sent the big man crashing to the ground. Showing good composure, Bogard resisted the urge to follow him down and instead waved him to his feet. Resuming the action, Bogard landed a nice leg kick and Lemieux hit back with a nice one two. Another wild combination from Lemieux and this time Bogard countered with his own flurry of punches that dropped Lemieux backwards with his head making a sickening thud on the mat. This time Bogard followed up with a couple of strikes for good measure and walked off before the referee could even step in.

Terry Bogard defeated Vincent Lemieux by KO (Strikes) at 0:46 of Round 1


It was a fantastic result for Bogard and one that he will no doubt find especially pleasing after proving wrong those that doubted him. Bogard will now move into the new IFC middleweight division and this win will surely go a long way as the new rankings are compiled.

Lemieux tastes defeat for the first time in ten fights and will now need to go about recovering from this upset. He now moves into the heavyweight division with a record of 9-5 and will be expected to feature somewhere in the Top 5 of the new division rankings.


Fight 8 – Iron Man Division

Bricks Thrower vs. Albert Van Rooy


Young IFC veteran Bricks Thrower was unable to put his superior experience to use as suffered a nine second KO loss to heavyweight Albert Van Rooy. It was the second quick first round KO in a row that Bricks has suffered and so it might just be the perfect timing for him to be move into the new middleweight division.

Another solid victory for Van Rooy who has bounced back nicely after going 0-2 to begin his career. Now having won three in a row, he will move into the heavyweight division and surprisingly could find himself somewhere within the Top 10.


Fight 7 – Iron Man Division

Bea Mason vs. Orgasmic Bliss


Natural welterweight Bea Mason picked up his third win in a row to move to 7-4 overall but it wasn’t without taking quite the beating to get there. His three-hundred pound opponent Orgasmic Bliss made sure to work him over good, dominating the first round with relentless submission attempts and some vicious ground and pound. Going into the second round Mason started to work his way back into the fight and landed a takedown of his own. Both fighters took it in turns to test the submission defense of each other but just before the end of the round, Mason somehow managed to the back of his much larger opponent and sink in a rear naked choke forcing Bliss to tap.

Bea Mason defeated Orgasmic Bliss by Submission (RNC) at 4:50 of Round 2.


Mason has been in good form of late and looks to improving his skills at a decent rate. He now moves into the new IFC middleweight division where being only several pounds away from making the lightweight limit, Mason will still be somewhat undersized in his new division. With performances like tonight however, perhaps that’s just how Mason likes it




Fight 6 – Iron Man Division

Jonathan Davis vs. Sirimongkol Niyotrong


Sirimongkol Niyotrong battled to a three round unanimous decision victory over Jonathan Davis who has been struggling to recapture past form of late.


Fight 5 – Iron Man Division

Yoshihiro Sexyama vs. Gin Kobra


Sexyama put an end to his three fight losing streak with a hard fought submission victory over veteran Gin Kobra. Kobra looked to have just edged the first round overall despite Sexyama threatening with submissions throughout. Sexyama made sure to get the job down in the second round however and just squeaked out the submission before the end of round bell


Fight 4 – Iron Man Division

Lord Beerus vs. Yuri Bezmenov


Lord Beerus gave his very best trying to take out up and coming monster middleweight Yuri Bezmenov but could never have expected to be on the receiving end of a first round head kick KO from the exceptional wrestler from Russia. Bezmenov continues to climb the rankings as his improves his record to 3-0


Fight 3 – Iron Man Division

Chong Tay vs. Sascha Koniezko


Chong Tay made short work of Sascha Koniezko finishing the fight with a TKO at 0:14 of the first round.




Fight 2 – Iron Man Division

Battle Ram vs. Zoran Sablic


Battle Ram defeated Zoran Sablic by TKO (Punch and Knee) at 1:46 of Round 2


Fight 1 – New Blood Division

Rock Lee vs. Jason Card


Jason Card defeated Rock Lee by TKO (Knees) at 4:11 of Round 1


The following "of the night" awards are sponsored by IniTech Nutrition who stock both 160q Stamina Fuel and 160q Muscle Bulk along with their pioneering Chaos Energy 160q Recovery sup. 
Fight Of The Night goes to Terry Bogard vs. Vincent Lemieux

KO Of The Night goes to Terry Bogard

Sub Of The Night goes Bea Mason



***Rankings are currently suspended whilst the new divisions take form***

***They will return shortly with title fight announcements for the IFC Lightweight, Middleweight and Heavyweight categories***



Rankings are determined by hype/pop, p4p rank, win/loss record and a few company internal criteria. Rankings can and will change frequently after each event

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Iron Man Fight Club XXXIV Preview
(20th January 2018 – King Theatre, Los Angeles)
Main Card
Main Event – Iron Man Division
Brooklyn Brawler (8-3, 190lbs) vs. Ken “The Worlds Most Lethal” Shamrock (5-6, 175lbs)
Up next we have the final appearance from Ken “The Worlds Most Lethal” Shamrock as he enters his retirement fight against a very tough Brooklyn Brawler
The last time we saw Brooklyn Brawler was at IFC XXXI where he was competing for the Iron Man Championship belt against Mew Choo. Those that truly believed that Brawler could topple the undefeated champion were few and far between but some experts predicted that the Brawlers strong clinch game could be the key to unlocking Choo. Even though he went in as the underdog, it was a disappointing performance from Brawler who never really managed to get going and was defeated in the first round by submission. Now Brawler makes his return for the last time in the Open Weight Iron Man division before moving into the newly opened IFC middleweight division and what a fight to finish on taking on game scrapper Ken Shamrock.
Ken Shamrock has spent his entire career in the IFC after making his debut back in august of 2017 at Mid Week 3. Since that time Shamrock has had many ups and downs and has amassed a career total of 5-6 but no matter who his opponent or how tough, Shamrock has always come to fight.
For his last fight he faces an extremely difficult opponent but no matter the result Ken Shamrock will always be fondly remembered for his epic white belt submission win over Terje Warholm during his debut. Could we see such an upset tonight? Anything is possible.
Brawler will enter this fight as the favourite mainly due to his dangerous clinch game but Shamrock will have the advantage from a distance on paper at least. Brawler has a very good knockout record and could trouble Shamrock’s chin should he catch him so Shamrock will need to be very careful not to be too overzealous when coming forward.
This fight is earmarked as a potential fight of the night. Both fighters come to fight and we hope that no matter the result, this will be a grand send off for the worlds most lethal Shamrock
Co-Main Event – Iron Man Division
Wilson “KO” Reyes (7-5, 287lbs) vs. Big Murha (4-0, 215lbs)
Next up we have a big opportunity for up coming prospect Big Murha when he takes on high ranking super-heavyweight Wilson “KO” Reyes who will be no doubt be in a foul mood after recent KO loss to Vincent Lemieux in his previous fight.
It was a huge blow to the title aspirations of Reyes who up until that point had racked up three wins out of three and had made quite the impressive entrance into the IFC since his debut at Mid Week 9. Still, his momentum wasn’t completely derailed by the loss and Reyes hung on to a Top 10 spot but if he wishes to remain there he will need to be on top form in order to take out his opponent tonight.
Big Murha has been impressive during his young career and after four fights undefeated has definitely been a fighter worth keeping an eye on. Tonight he faces what is likely to be a big step up in competition for the young fighter as Reyes has over twice the experience of and has been training for a decent amount of time longer too.
For the amount of time Murha has been training his improvements have been rapid and you can tell that he has been working diligently on perfecting his clinch game. Reyes is absolutely no push over but still will want to avoid any fighting from close quarters and will instead want very much to keep his distance and wait for an opportunity to hit Murha very hard. Reyes has the power to do it if he catches Murha but so far in his short career, Murha has managed to overcome each obstacle put in front on him.
A tough fight for Reyes for sure and one he will need to be on form for if he is to walk out victorious.
Fight 8 – Iron Man Division
Japa Koniu (5-1, 235lbs) vs. Taz Bandichoo (6-6, 240lbs)
Japa Koniu, a Polish heavyweight who came out of nowhere and burst into the IFC Top 15, will tonight face another big test this time in the form of aggressive slugger Taz Banichoo who has not quite been the same since losing his four fight win streak to Don Joe back at IFC Mid Week 9.
Since joining up with the IFC, Koniu has managed to add another two victories to his then 3-1 record and will likely place somewhere in the Top 10 of the new heavyweight division once the rankings have been established. His last fight against BJJ brown belt knockout artist Jaxson Wilder was the first time that Koniu had been outside of the first round which goes a way to describing the level of competitiveness shown during that fight. It was a battle in which both competitors gave everything they had but in the end it was Koniu’s volume of punches that won him the judges favor. Now tonight he will need to do it all again against an opponent who, on his day, is more than capable and happy to knock your block off.
Taz Bandichoo comes into this fight with an overall record of 6-6 with all six of those victories being by brutal first round knockout. A statement that would usually invoke a respectable amount of fear from a potential opponent only at this point, Bandichoo has not managed to deliver the goods in three of his last fights and instead seems to have had progressively worse results in each one. His last, against Louis CK, Bandichoo was outclassed and beaten to the punch for almost the whole of round one before falling to a TKO end. A far cry from the form that propelled Bandichoo out of from the bottom of the roster and into the Top 10 not so long ago but perhaps tonight is the night that “Crash” turns things around?
As has been the case for his last few fights, Bandichoo will seemingly have the advantage in the stand up although that hasn’t counted for too much considering the results. A key factor however is that Koniu, like Bandichoo, has so far preferred to fight from the outside and avoid the clinch, a department that Bandichoo has shown clear weakness in recently. If this is the case then Bandichoo will quite possibly find more opportunities to land with his aggressive style if Koniu and if the fight did turn into a brawl Bandichoo’s chances of victory would improve greatly. It’s likely that Koniu’s wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu are more defence orientated but none the less could provide him with a lot more options in the cage as those areas are still something that Bandichoo has shown little interest in.
This could be a big opportunity for Koniu to take out a former Top 10 fighter in Bandichoo and move himself further along in the rankings. A win would put him at 6-1 overall with a three fight streak and that would be a very good base in which to move forward. Bandichoo on the other hand has already fallen a fair distance from his best placing and will not want to drop any further. He will have a hell of a punchers chance but based on current form, Koniu will be going into the fight as the bookies favourite.
Fight 7 – Iron Man Division
(Brock “The Bodyguard” Sampson (5-2, 169lbs) vs. Stewart Pack (9-2, 265lbs)
With almost one hundred pounds in weight between our next two fighters it’s fair to say that Brock “The Bodyguard” Sampson will once again have his hands full with IFC newcomer Stewart Pack.
Brock Sampson comes into this fight off the back of a loss after making a huge step up in order to face a former Island org champion in Thor Magnunsen. It was a lot to ask and on that occasion too much as Magnunsen overwhelmed Sampson with his size and strength in the clinch and ended the fight after only a couple of minutes into the first round. Now Sampson returns in what is likely to be the last time he has to face such a massive weight disadvantage before moving to the emerging Iron Man Lightweight division and his fans will be hoping that he can fare better against his debuting opponent tonight.
Stewart Pack enters the IFC arena with an impressive 9-2 record and even though the majority of those fights have been in the QFC system, Pack has looked dominant when winning and currently holds a 100% finish record for all nine victories.
Pack is very much a ground fighter who looks to put his opponent on his back and proceed to pummel them unconscious while Sampson is a BJJ Brown Belt who likes to brawl which makes this match up very interesting as we get to see just how much of a part the weight difference will play here.
Sampson has had good results so far with his hands when faced with equal or slightly better strikers so is likely to feel comfortable in taking the fight to Pack while Pack is realistically only going to be looking for the takedown. If Pack does managed to get the fight on the floor then Sampson will need to be very quick in finishing as he will surely not be able to withstand many big shots from the two-hundred and sixty five pound monster that is Pack.
Bookies see this as a very close affair with perhaps Pack just edging it.
Fight 6 – Iron Man Division
Dave “Tightass” Brooksbank (6-8, 160lbs) vs. Boss Yonic (8-5-1, 185lbs)
Next up we have a rematch between two long time IFC veterans and two accomplished ground fighters in BJJ brown belt Dave Brooksbank and submission wrestler Boss Yonic.
In their first match up back at Mid Week 4, Dave Brooksbank was able to squeak out a submission win in the last minute of the last round in a fight that could have easily gone either way. With so much time having passed since then we look at the differences between them leading up to this fight.
After winning the their first encounter, Brooksbank went on to win his next two fights against two very highly regarded young prospects in Terry Bogard and Cattan Engoria and with the momentum of these wins found himself within the Top 10 of the Iron Man Fight Club reaching as high as #7 at his best. Recent times haven’t been so fortunate however as Brooksbank currently rides a three fight losing streak and having been finished in all three of those by KO really does need to figure out a way of dealing with the strikers of the division although, tonight, he won’t have to worry too much about that.
His opponent Boss Yonic hasn’t done badly at all for a fighter that has never seen the inside of a boxing or Muay Thai gym in all his life and what’s even more impressive if that fact that Yonic has never been knocked out in over fifteen professional bouts. Since his submission loss to Brooksbank, Yonic has managed to pick up four wins in six and though has made some decent upwards progress is still a little way short from his previous best #9 rank.
Nothing too drastic has changed since their first battle except for possibly Yonic’s promotion from Blue to Purple in BJJ and perhaps some minor improvements for Brooksbank in wrestling and in the stand up.
Brooksbank could look to turn this into a brawl although with Yonic’s granite chin it isn’t likely that he would manage to get the finish before Yonic lands a takedown but, none the less, it could score some points with the judges. What’s more likely is that this fight ends up being similar to their first with both fighters wrestling for control of the ground game. In that department Brooksbank has possibly the edge in submissions but Yonic’s wrestling has helped him control many a tough opponent in the past.
Their first fight could have so easily gone either way before Brooksbank snatched the victory at the last second so look for this fight to once again be a highly competitive affair with no clear favourite at this point.
Fight 5 – Iron Man Division
Vladimir “The Horizontal” Impaler (5-2, 270lbs) vs. Crack Head “Roks” (8-5, 153lbs)
Another David versus Goliath match up with heavyweight Vladimir Impaler taking on natural featherweight Crack Head.
“The Horizontal” one Vladimir Impaler has so far managed a very respectable 3-1 record in the IFC and is currently riding the wave of back to back wins. With an overal record of 5-2 and still only twenty years of age, Impaler looks to be in a fairly comfortable position right now.
His opponent Crack Head makes his first appearance after what would have been a disappointing loss to former rival Kongchai Phetboonme who called out Crack Head after losing their initial bout earlier last year.
The loss was the second in a row for Head who previous to that had been starting to makes waves in the IFC going undefeated in his first three fights. Currently sporting an 8-5 record, Head faces a big challenge tonight and will need to navigate his way around a one hundred and twenty pound weight disadvantage to get through it.
Most of Head’s victories have been through the use of his strong submission wrestling game and tonight he will need every bit of skill in that department in order to triumph. Impaler has some exceptional boxing skills and a proven KO record and so anything he lands is likely to send shock waves through Head’s skull. Impaler is let down a little on the ground however and though he has a mediocre level of wrestling, it may not be enough to stop the fight ending up on the ground and if that does happen Impaler’s size and strength will count for nothing.
Bookies have Impaler as the betting favourite citing his size and KO power as being the main factors.
Fight 4 – New Blood Division
Tan Han Tuong (4-1, 271lbs) vs. Hank “Hill” Jones (3-1, 212lbs)
Next up we have a very important match up from the New Blood Division with two fighters who could be due a shot at the vacant title pending a win here tonight.
Tan Han Tuong has been tremendous since joining the IFC’s New Blood Division having gone a perfect 3-0 so far and with each victory being by way of first round KO. Now currently 4-1 overall and on a three fight win streak, another win here would all but guarantee Tuong the next crack at the divisions title so the stakes have never been higher for the natural heavyweight from Vietnam.
Standing across from him tonight is Hank “Hill” Jones who began his career here in the IFC and has so far managed a very respectable 3-1 record. Though Jones will enter the cage confident from his last victory, a KO win over Tuong’s team mate Duc Minh Pham, he did suffer a loss previous to that fight and because of that may need an even bigger performance to be guaranteed the next shot at the title should he win here tonight.
In regards to skills both competitors are fairly similar with Tuong’s wrestling being slightly more advanced than Jones’ but whether this will make much of a difference remains to be seen. Tuong will have almost sixty pounds in weight on Jones but will be some fifteen centimetres shorter than his opponent. This could be to Jones’ advantage if he decides to keep the fight on the feet but what’s more likely is that Jones’ decides to mix things up and has shown a decent offensive ground game when given the opportunity.
This is a tough fight to call. Tuong has been in great form and looks extremely formidable with his Muay Thai but Jones does have a win over a fellow team mate Pham in his last fight. With so much riding on the result of this fight both fighters are sure to be extra motivated so make sure to keep an eye on this one folks as it could be a potential fight of the night
Fight 3 – New Blood Division
Gyukosho “Fukizilla” Fujimoto (1-0, 250lbs) vs. Matthew De Barros (3-1, 273lbs)
Another match up from the New Blood Division and another two fighters making their debuts with Japan’s Gyukosho “Fukizilla” Fujimoto taking on South African Matthew De Barros.
Gyukosho Fujimoto enters the IFC New Blood Division as quite the hot prospect. Having already made some very good progress in his skills at such an early point and having picked up an impressive head kick KO win in the QFC, Fujimoto already looks like he will be a big deal in the division.
Tonight we get to see him make the step up to the professional leagues and he’ll be taking on a slightly more experienced fighter in Matthew De Barros.
De Barros comes to the IFC with a record of 3-1 which he has built in the QFC system. Racing ahead to a quick 3-0 record all by first round KO’s, De Barros tasted defeat in his last bout when he in turn was finished by KO but in the second round.
De Barros hasn’t seemed to make the gains that Fujimoto has on paper at least but often times this doesn’t mean as much as you might think. 
Fujimoto has accelerated past De Barros in all but his Boxing and it is this area that De Barros will need to make count if he is to make his debut a successful one. De Barros has a little size on Fujimoto in both height and weight and has proven to be adept at sleeping unwitting opponents and if Fujimoto doesn’t respect the power of De Barros he could be in for a shock if a stray bomb should land.
Despite this Fujimoto will still go into the bout as the overwhelming favourite and with De Barros’ management team going through a period of absence Fujimoto’s odd’s just increased twofold.
Fight 2 – New Blood Division
Jammu Seta (2-0, 205lbs) vs. “The Unbreakable” Gideon Navarro (1-1, 182lbs)
Next up in the New Blood Division two fresh young fighters both making their IFC debuts meet in what would most likely be a classic grappler versus striker match up.
Jammu Seta comes to the IFC already marching the path to glory having picked off his first two opponents by submission in the QFC system. With only the barest of striking skills, Seta has so far made the best of his proficient wrestling ability to get the fight to the floor where he can really shine with his Brown Belt level BJJ.
His opponent is “The Unbreakable” Gideon Navarro who, like, Seta, has already tested himself in the QFC on two occasions. Navarro has gone 1-1 there so far with his last fight being a submission loss which I’m sure he will hope is not a precursor to what is to come in tonight's match up.
Navarro is slightly older then Seta and has had time build up a competent all round skill set to bolster his main weapon which is his Muay Thai. His is far from a novice on the ground but compared to Seta, the best he could hope for is to defend long enough to force a stand up.
Navarro gets a slightly later start in the New Blood Division and will most definitely need to pick up a win here if he is to have a realistic chance of working towards the title. For Seta, at 2-0 and still only eighteen, he perhaps has a little wiggle room in that regards but still will no doubt battle hard to protect his early undefeated run.
Hard to separate the two going into this fight but don’t expect the fight to go to the judges
Fight 1 – New Blood Division
Paul “Tapout” Walker (3-2, 186lbs) vs. Duc Minh “Ram” Pham (4-2, 175lbs)
In his last bout Paul “Tapout” Walker punished wrestler Daniel Thielke’s lack of submission awareness with a rapid fire thirty second armbar in the first round and driving the final nail in Thielke’s decision to retire. The win gave Walker a winning record once again and also the slimmest of hope for possible competing for the division title before turning twenty and moving on.
His opponent Duc Minh “Ram” Pham suffered a set back to that very same ambition in his last fight when he was stopped in the second round by a Hank Jones KO.
With both fighters possibly out of the title picture it seems that only pride remains at stake.
Walker has done well so far with his BJJ and a determined nature but his lack of skills in other areas make things so much more difficult for himself and without at least some solid wrestling to help get the fight to the ground, he may find himself struggling to compete against the more developed fighters he will comes across. On this occasion Pham’s wrestling might just be within reach for Walker to compete with and Pham will need work hard to remain on his feet and where he needs to be.
Pham will enter this one as the favourite as Walker will need to work harder to drag the fight to the floor whereas Pham really need only keep his distance and pepper Walker with shots from the outside. 

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Oops, I accidentally downvoted that. Nice work as always

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good as always however my only critic is the fact that it was never mentioned that brawler vs shamrock is actually a rematch of brawlers debut in ifc.  it would of been a nice add to mention ken shamrocks retirement fight was a grudge match from earlier in his career. besides that small oversight though its always awesome to read my upcoming fight previews.

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