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Posted 14 February 2017 - 09:16 PM


Ghetto "Bruce T" Fabulous

Ghetto, how are you doing? Your looking fresh and man carrying a lot of bling. You are fighting in what many are calling a tournament of the ages, a murders row of bantamweights in the Genin Grand Prix being put on by JUTSU!

im doing great, and im very excited to get in the cage

Your an accomplished grappler, how well do you think your Brazilian jui jutsu skills are going to stack up against some of the strikers in the tournament?
strikes are ineffective on the ground, so im not worried.

The bracket has not been released yet - would you like to know who your opponent is so you can train for him or does the unknown take some pressure off?

i could careless who i face next, hopefully its someone who wants to stand and bang, i have some pretty good hands and im excited to show them

Your a Tokyo resident, will you be showing some of the non Asian fighters around town?
fk no, im to busy. I dont have time for peasents.

Thanks for your time Ghetto and good luck.
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Posted 14 February 2017 - 09:27 PM

BJ Penn

BJ your in the Genin Grand Prix, hosted by JUTSU how many people will be coming over to Tokyo with you to show support?My family, friends, relatives and some of my supporters will be coming to me.

I heard that Manila may not be showing the live event, can you shed any light on this?sad to say, your right war machine,but to all my fans who wants to enjoy my fight, I will be giving 100 free tickets .

Your wrestling pedigree has been talked about by your coaches, are you working on anything else?well ,we were working hard on everything we can.

To your fans that may not get to see you what would you like to say?
To all my fans, thanks for supporting me, this game is ours,see you there:)

Good luck BJ!
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