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ICON Interviews: Three Division Champ, Moses Onchooto on Life, The Universe and Everything

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Posted 18 June 2016 - 07:49 PM

CM: Hello once again to everybody at ICON Interviews; our guests just keep getting better and better.  Last time we had 23 year old Welterweight phenomenon Yngve Stolt; we have a treat for you today.  We have a three division champion! Fighting for Steel Penn – ICON and holding its 135lb, 145lb and 155lb belts; the number 2 Bantamweight in all of MMA Tycoon, Moses Ohchooto!





CM: Moses Ohchooto; congratulations buddy, this is a fantastic achievement and you have made history, talk us through what it feels like to hold three belts and what this means to you?

MO: Hey Chael; thank you so much for having me. Also for allowing my 3 boys into the room. Let me introduce you to them; first is Moses Jr. he is 5 as you can see he is holding the 55 strap. Then we have Mason; he is 3 and has the 45 strap. Then we got the little guy Mackey he is 2 and he just refuses to let go of the 35 strap. 
Man it’s just been surreal. Holding one belt is near impossible and I have managed to get 3.  Aside from my 3 boys this is my greatest achievement ever.  I am on cloud nine.  I’m pleased that I could do this for me and my family, let’s not forget about Mello he has invested much time and money in me. He has never given up on me when he easily could have.


CM: It’s an absolute pleasure to have you all; maybe those guys will follow in their father’s footsteps one day.  Which belt is your favourite?

MO: Favourite belt? I really don’t have a favourite but the 155 belt was the toughest one to get; as of course Chael you have seen. I’m proud of them all and also thanks to the Org for electing me into the HOF Yeah Baby!!!


CM: Congratulations on the Hall Of Fame as well my friend.  That was one hell of a war between you and Lamont.  What was your game plan going in? And did anything at all surprise you about Lamont in that fight? He did seem to rally late on. 

MO: Well because of the weight difference we developed somewhat of a different training camp. A lot of weights and a lot of CT. I needed to get stronger to handle him, which as you seen really paid off.  I was able to adapt my game plan really effectively with the added strength. I thought he would have kept the fight at distance more. Surprised at how many times he instigated the clinch. Really tough SOB!! Wow!! I landed over 140 significant strikes, cut him open in the 1st round and opened it up more in the second and 3rd. To the refs credit he didn’t stop the fight. Nothing worse than the Doc stopping a fight. Honestly I know the judges gave him the 4th round, but at no time was I ever phased or hurt by any of his shots. He missed a lot. He rallied and he made it a great battle man. Hats off to him.


CM: Obviously fans love super fights and so does everybody; so now that you are the champion of three weight classes, does the fight on 25th June between Tallon and Tsoi at Evolution interest you? It is at your natural weight class after all.

MO: Absolutely it does. Either one of those men I would fight in a hot minute. Personally I predict that Tsoi wins that match. Kinda funny you mention Viktor. Mello mentioned him to me just the other day. I was kinda getting excited about Donny Donowitz. I even called him out on Buzz. But after further thought a super fight against Viktor on the big Island. Holy cow man. Make it happen! Make it happen!


CM: That’d be one hell of a fight! I think a lot of people saw that, obviously Mello called out Donny on your behalf; possibly the greatest Tycoon fighter of all time vs the first ever three division champion, that’d be one of the biggest fights ever surely? Do you have any word from Donny or Mihail on that?

MO: Have not heard a thing from Donny’s camp. Actually think he is contemplating retirement. I see he is not signed with anyone. Heck he might already be in the Bahamas for all I know. The way I see it now I want to do everything I can do to help SP-Icon become one of the best Orgs in the World. The way to do that is to get Tsoi or Mallon or Donowitz to come to the Big Island to fight me in a super fight, and to see what SP-ICON and Moses Ohchooto are all about.


CM: So you would like to fight all three of them? You are only 31 years old, you have plenty of time.  Out of those three fighters which is the dream fight for you? Or would it be somebody else that we don’t know about yet?

MO:  Chael; You know I will fight anyone at any time. The dream fight would be Viktor though. He currently is the No.1 ranked 135ib fighter in the world. I’m the No.2 in the world I believe everybody would love to see that fight. We need to find a big Arena for that event. On the Big Island!!


CM: You seem to going to all sorts of big places in your career; do you find it odd that at this stage, as a champion in 3 weight-classes you are not included in the P4P top 10 rankings?

MO: I know there are some tough; tough men out there. I hold 3 belts in 3 different weight classes. I definitely should be in the top ten, more like the top 5.  But that’s ok I’m gonna get there real soon. Real soon.


CM: Well there are many who believe you should already be there.  Last couple of questions now and then we’ll wrap this up.  Have you received any backlash from any fighters at SP – ICON who have had to wait for their shot at you? Do you see anyone from within the organisation who stands out as somebody you should fight next?

MO: I have not heard of any backlash in the Org itself. There have been others out there in the tycoon world who have been talking a bit. We have to keep this clean remember my boys are here. So we can save that conversation for another time as we have some great talent here. We have been talking a lot about super fights and this and that. Let’s not forget we got some tough tough dudes here. Pikku Cletus; Sean Eliah and many more, I’m assuming; and I actually want my next fight to be to defend the 135 belt against the winner of the Landry vs Richards fight on the 2nd of July. I’m not gonna hold up the division. So Cletus, Sean; you’ve heard it here first. It’s up to you two now. I won’t be able to attend the fight I will be back in New York training @Mello MMA shout out to Team Mello.!! Yeah Fellas see y’all soon.


CM: Final question then; will you be finishing your career with SP-ICON, and look to help grow the organisation? Or is it fair to say that you may be somewhere else to look for bigger fights in the future?

MO: As long as I hold a title with this Org I will be here. As long as the Org does its job in marketing our product and bring in the very best talent I will be here.  I’m loyal to SP-ICON and I appreciate everything they have done for me. I’m always going to be looking for big fights. I have a mission and it’s started here; I’ve made history.  My next chapter is to become the #1 P4P fighter in the world.


CM: Moses; my friend it was a pleasure to have you on ICON Interviews as always, we wish you the best of luck in whatever your future holds; I’m sure you will be bringing us great fights as you always have done in the past! That’s gonna do it for this edition of ICON Interviews! See you all next time!










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