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Writing 2015 Troid EVO Insanity EP Havoc

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Posted 10 June 2015 - 02:38 AM

Insanity presents….
“There is a place. Like no place on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery and danger! Some say to survive it: You need to be as mad as a hatter!”
Hey everyone and welcome to our review of the first knockout round of the Mad Hatter tournament! Apologies are in order for the lack of a preview. It is my own mistake (I thought the tournament was later, but I lost track of dates over Easter), but I am looking forward to this review, and be sure to look out for our exclusive Preview for the Semi Finals coming soon….
Jonathan Banks vs Pat Verbeek
Our first fight of the event had one of the favourites for the tournament, Pat Verbeek, taking on a improving Jonathan Banks!
This was a good standup contest, but one where expertise ultimately became the deciding factor. Verbeek landed all 8 of his leg kicks, mixed in with his head punches, and that led to Banks not knowing what was coming and threw off his gameplan. Banks got rocked just after 2 minutes into the first round and then Verbeek finished it with a huge uppercut that actually had Banks gaining some airtime as Verbeek became the first fighter to book a Semi Final place!
Pat Verbeek def. Jonathan Banks via KO (Punch) at 2:39 in Round 1
Carl Jamison vs El Mo
Our next contest had another favourite Carl Jamison taking on El Mo!
This fight almost finished before it began. You could see El Mo didn’t look in the right frame of mind going in, and it all ended early. Jamison had 100% strike accuracy for this fight, landing 6 body punches with his 7 head punches, and that mixture allowed him to cut El Mo, and then land a big right hand which sent Mo down, but Jamison had to follow up with more strikes to ensure the job was finished!
Carl Jamison def. El Mo via TKO (Strikes) at 0:54 in Round 1
Dr Thork vs Phil Ewen
Our penultimate fight of the round pits Dr Thork against Phil Ewen!
This was a fight where Dr Thork could count on his Granite Chin to pull him through. Choosing not to go all out for the takedown, Thork looked to strike a little bit, as he suffered head punches, body punches and combos before he shot for the takedown around the 2 minute mark, gaining it and landing in side control. He immediately went looking for the Kimura, and was able to sink it in, forcing Ewen to tap out!
Dr Thork def. Phil Ewen via Submission (Kimura) at 2:56 in Round 1
Darren Kissel vs Mac Donalds
Our final fight of the round had two undefeated fighters compete to pop the cherry of the other persons loss colum with Darren Kissel fighting Mac Donalds.
Funny enough we mention popping cherries, because this is the kind of fight that would be rejected from a porn website due to excessive content. Kissel gained the clinch early in the first round, and there was sweet FA Donalds could do about it. Kissel controlled from the start to the end, landing almost all of his punches inside the clinch, and rocking Donalds late on in the round.
The second round was much the same, as Kissel clinched early again, but there would be no round end here. Pushing Donalds into the cage, Kissel flashed a swift right hand which dropped Donalds, and he followed in with more strikes to force the referee to stop the fight!
Darren Kissel def. Mac Donalds via TKO (Strikes) at 0:55 in Round 2
All the fighters remaining in the tournament could win the whole thing, so be sure to look out for our preview of the next round coming soon as we look at the match ups!

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Posted 10 June 2015 - 02:40 AM

Insanity Presents..




“There is a place. Like no place on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery and danger! Some say to survive it: You need to be as mad as a hatter!”


Hey everyone, and welcome to our Preview for the Semi Final fights in the Mad Hatter tournament! 4 fighters remain, and they are all competing for the main prize. Let’s get right down to it, and our first fight is….







This fight is a rematch of the 3rd grouped round fight, and Verbeek will be looking to avenge his loss to Jamison!


Carl Jamison is a Sprawl and Brawl type of fighter. With all american recognition for his boxing, he has built up his wrestling to cope with any grapplers in this tournament, and he is currently 4-0 in his career. With 1 Fight of the Night and 1 KO of the Night honour, he is looking like the favourite for this tournament, and he is going to be a future star in MMA. He already has the psychological edge going into this fight, so whether he attempts any mind games will be interesting as he takes on a fellow FinnFighter yet again.


Pat Verbeek has only lost once so far, and that is to his current opponent. He has devastating KO Power, but seems very one dimensional as he hasn’t improved his primaries much since the beginning of the tournament. This might be an indicator that he is jacking up on his physicals, not a bad plan for a tournament, but it leaves him lacking in his offenses which could be exploited easily, particularly by someone of Jamison’s ability.


PREDICTION: I backed Verbeek in the last fight when there wasn’t much to separate them, but I have Jamison doing the job once more and coming out victorious, maybe even with a KO this time! Carl Jamison to win via (T)KO in Round 3.








Our other Semi Final has 2 undefeated fighters squaring off as Darren Kiddel takes on Dr Thork!


Darren Kissel demonstrates clinch fighting at it’s finest! With 4 (T)KO wins from 4 fights, he has demonstrated great KO power without really being caused any problems. Great wrestling with ever improving boxing is a combination he has really made his own, and he will be confident in using it to reach the finals of the tournament. He fights a strong grappler in this fight, so it will be interesting to see if he will look to avoid getting into a grappling battle in the clinch and strike from the outside, or if he is confident enough to dominate from the clinch.


Dr Thork is the best grappler in the entire tournament, something that an undefeated 5-0 record shows, as he has won every fight via Submission! All of his fights in this tournament have ended either via Kimura or RNC. He is like an anaconda when it comes to grappling, as he smothers his opponents and asserts his dominance, often leaving his opponents helpless to his superior knowledge of grappling. He faces a tough challenge here, but if he can get it to the ground, he should have little trouble.


PREDICTION: In my opinion, I think Kissel should look to avoid the clinch in order to prevent Thork from pulling guard. Picking his opponent off from range is his best chance, and he should be confident in his superior wrestling keeping the fight standing while his strikes land. The only issue is, it only takes one takedown, and I think Thork will wrap it up quickly if it does hit the ground. Darren Kissel to win via (T)KO in Round 1.


That’s it for our Preview of the Semi Final match ups. Be sure to tune in for the results where we find out the 2 finalists for the main prize, and we can see if any of the fighters fall into their insanity!


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Posted 10 June 2015 - 02:40 AM

T84: McColgan vs Farrelly




Hello everyone, and welcome to our review of the recent megaevent in Troid, T84: McColgan vs Farrelly! What a hugely successful event it was, launching Troid from the mid 20’s firmly into the top 10, and it was stacked from top to bottom! Let’s have a recap of all the fights, and see where these fighters could go from here!


Flavius Odoacer def. Jeremy Stapleton via TKO (Punches) in Round 2


Odoacer utilised the takedown fantastically to dominate the first round, and to neutralise the striking prowess of Stapleton. He then took the fight to Stapleton in Round 2, finishing it off with a barrage of hooks to leave Stapleton out cold!


Antonio Camatta def. Neptune Loveladdy via Unanimous Decision


Despite being a world class wrestler and an Abu Dhabi champion in BJJ, Camatta dominated this fight which took place exclusively from striking range! While Loveladdy stuck to kicks, Camatta went with punches and it came off for him as he won the fight on all 3 judges cards!


Hilton Teimosia def. Durlag Trollkiller via KO (Punches) in Round 3 to remain the Lightweight Champion!


A brutal clinch war for both fighters, as Trollkiller initiated the clinch in the first 2 rounds, but found Teimosia to be a tricky competitor to keep down, and he suffered a lot inside the clinch. Being rocked at the end of the 2nd round, he still looked wobbly at the beginning of the 3rd round, and he was knocked out cold immediately by some vicious strikes from Teimosia who showed exactly why he is the champion!


Sam Urai vs Timothy Robinson ends in a Draw!


The well publicised trilogy between Sam Urai and Timothy Robinson was coming to a conclusion here, but the ending was one that nobody predicted! With an amazing back and forth battle between the two over the past 2 fights, this fight began the same, with the first 2 rounds being razor thin! Either man could have taken the first 2 rounds, but Urai produced a dominant display in the 3rd round in what should have given him the edge he needed. Alas, the scores read 29-28, 28-29 and 29-29 to rule this fight a draw! Robinson now moves on to focus on Insanity’s Mad Cash tournament, while Urai will be turning his attentions to winning back the title he lost in the past.


Altemio Sanchez def. Marcelo Aurelio via TKO (Strikes) in Round 2


A gruelling display from Sanchez, as he gained the clinch and a takedown, and fended off the submission attempts from Aurelio before landing some Ground and Pound late on in the first to open up a cut on Aurelio and rocking him. The second round has Sanchez gaining the takedown, and again landing some GnP to knock Aurelio out cold and earn a win which boosts his standings in the division!


Carlos Centurion def. Jonathan Segal via TKO (Knees) in Round 1


This highly anticipated fight didn’t even make it out of the first round! Centurion locked in the clinch early, and bruised and battered his opponent with punches, elbows and knees. He finally put his opponent out of his misery by rocking him with a short right hand and landed a big knee to drop his opponent before finishing him.


Billy Vandam def. Omar Boulami via Unanimous Decision


Omar Boulami had a tough debut fight in Troid, as he faced a future title contender in Billy Vandam. Boulami’s best chances in this fight came when he landed takedowns, where the fight was more suited to him. The fight remained on the feet however for too long, and that allowed Vandam to land punches and kicks alike to hurt his opponent and score favourably for the judges to earn the win.


Jack Daniels def. Terrence Thornton via TKO (Strikes) in Round 4 to become the NEW Welterweight Champion!


This was a great back and forth battle, as the fight took place in the clinch, on the ground and from striking range! Daniels was taken down in the first round, but showed good skills to defend well and win the round. The second round was a closer affair, with a lot of action in the clinch and it seems this was where Thornton was most comfortable in the fight. The third round was again a major clinch fight, and Thornton did extremely well to show resilience and take the round.


The fourth round was where it all ended however. Thornton clinched up again, but shortly after, he suffered a quick punch from Daniels which rocked him. Thornton tried pulling guard to avoid suffering more damage, but Daniels avoided it, and unleashed a huge uppercut which had him reeling and a barrage of strikes later forced the stoppage, and meant Jack Daniels was the NEW Welterweight Champion!


Gustav Ragnarson def. Jon Jones via Submission (Strikes) in Round 1


A short affair as Ragnarson’s mastery of grappling allowed him to get the fight to the ground within 2 minutes, and it was like piranhas in the water as he landed some heavy ground and pound to make quick work for Jones, and put himself as the next contender for the championship against Daniels!




“Cocky” Rocky McColgan def. “The Irish Psycho” Seamus Farrelly via TKO (Strikes) in Round 1 to REMAIN the Undefeated and Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World!


Rocky’s reign as the most dominant 210k+ Heavyweight fighter in the world continued with another impressive performance against former champion Seamus Farrelly!


It was a short affair once more for McColgan as he landing a big uppercut which knocked Farrelly down to the mat, and he followed him down to land more strikes which left Farrelly trying to fight the referee! With his position as the HW kingpin of Troid secured, rumours are rife with McColgan is now looking to take on more opponents, so stay tuned for this!


This was a huge event for Troid, putting us up to #8 in the World Rankings, a personal best since we returned just over a year ago, and we are going to continue our rise in the ranks! With big arenas being booked, and bigger fights being made, the future is certainly all green and gold for Troid!

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Posted 10 June 2015 - 02:41 AM

EVOLUTION presents…


EVO 170: Awestruck!


Live from our home of Wombley Arena!


Starts at 6pm exclusively on the Tycoon Network!


Good evening everyone, and welcome to our preview of EVOLUTION’s latest event, 170: Awestruck! Featuring some of the biggest fighters in the world, along with 3 title fights, there is no other event in the world of MMA that you should be looking at other than this one. Enough with the glossing of the event, the real attraction are the fights, so let’s get right down to it!




Our first fight of the evening comes out of the Super Heavyweight division as Yeo “Yoouce Willis” Jae Suk takes on “The SouthSide Swanger” Stack Shillings!


Yeo Jae Suk is on a rough run of form lately. After taking a break from EVO following Dos Bueno, he signed up with Aggressive Damage, stringing together a 3 fight win streak and capturing the Super Heavyweight title. He then made an unsuccessful challenge for Cinder Smaug’s HW title, before then losing his own SHW to Cinder Smaug in the following fight. His last fight in the org was a loss to Ghengis Congo, who he had fought 3 times previously. Questions are starting to be raised about his future in MMA if he keeps suffering losses like these, and there will be no better way to silence those doubter than with a win in this fight.


Stack Shillings makes a long awaited return to an MMA cage in this fight. At 37 years old, Shillings was 32 years old in his last fight, and after a near 5 year wait faces a tough challenge as he seeks to revive a career he thought he had lost. After going inactive while under the managerial services of Estefan Chiscano, he cut ties with the manager, and after some searching, found a new manager in Dick Hardwood. Unfortunately, both sides thought it was best to part ways before even a single fight had taken place, so it was back to the drawing board for Shillings. A little while longer, and Torrelio Sacana showed up and took him on. Sorting him out with a gym, new clothing, and helping to get his life back on track and away from the temptations of the alcohol and drugs, Shillings believes Sacana is an angel sent to save him, and he is hoping to repay him with a victory in this fight, and a long and successful partnership.


PREDICTION: Stack Shillings to win via (T)KO in Round 1







Our next fight is an exciting Featherweight division clash between two of Japan’s biggest fighters as Akira Toriyama takes on “Wetwork Ninja” Waru Kuzuri!


Akira Toriyama isn’t blessed with KO power, but he is blessed with a good chin which has seen him last 46 fights without suffering a 1st round (T)KO loss. Fighting tactically, he likes to take the fights into the later rounds where his cardio takes effect and allows him to control his exhausted opponents. He suffered a loss the last time he clashed with Kuzuri via Split Decision, and he will be looking to avenge that loss here. He suffered a loss in his last fight to Richmond Finch which stopped his 2 fight winning streak, but he will be confident in starting a new streak, one he hopes will culminate in him earning a potential title fight.


Waru Kuzuri is a fighter with a rich history, one which has earned his place in MMA Tycoon history. Ranked as the #1 fighter in two different weight divisions in the past, he has won a number of accolades, such as;


Featherweight champion at ONI, Ascension and EVO

Bantamweight champion at ONI

Blitz NY Million Dollar Featherweight Grand Prix winner

ONI Quintessential Manager Tournament winner

Ascension 4 million dollar Featherweight tournament winner


Oh, and add on top of all of that he is an ONI Hall of Famer. He is pretty much a walking legend, and he is looking to be on top of the mountain once more. Losing his fight for the title in his last bout, he was on a 6 fight winning streak before that, and the road back to title contention starts now.


PREDICTION: Waru Kuzuri to win via Unanimous Decision







Third fight of the evening coming up now as Evil Kullervo takes on Tat “Boddhidharma” Moh in the Light Heavyweight division!


Evil Kullervo has gotten off to a rocky start to his EVO career, losing 2 on the fly in the org. His only other loss in his career apart from those was the very first fight in his career under Mega Jug, but since moving to Mr Gutz he had gone on a 14 fight winning streak which made him hot property before he signed with EVO. A highly skilled fighter with the ability to finish the fight via (T)KO or via Submission, he has one of the more respected skill sets, despite his relatively young age of just 27. If he can string a few wins together, he may find himself knocking on the door for a title shot sooner rather than later.


Tat Moh is a determined fighter who has also had 2 fights in EVO, winning one and losing one. A former champion in 2 orgs, he is looking to taste gold once more, and he was unfortunate to have his last fight with A J Hearts called off due to a Doctor’s Stoppage on a cut he suffered. He will need to get back to winning ways, and Kullervo represents another young, hungry competitor for the title. If he wins, it will be a sort of double whammy as it not only elevates him, but it will also take away the claim of others in his division, making his own more viable. He is also able to win fights via both (T)KO and Submission, but his KO Power seems to be more lacking compared to his opponent, so we may see him opt for a more ground oriented assault where it appears more in his favour.

PREDICTION: Tat Moh to win via Submission in Round 3







We stay with the Light Heavyweight division now as Vagner Love takes on Mark “Roo” Riccuito.


Vagner Love is a heavy handed fighter who has a mean chin to match. He is still undefeated in Org fights, his only losses came as part of the QFC. He is a former REVO champion who never lost the belt, instead being stripped of it after moving to Evolution. He has won both fights in Evolution, defeating both Funky Punch and Hironobu Uematsu. He is nearing the top 10 of his weight class, and surely will be in place for a title shot in the future with only a couple more wins. But he faces a tough test in this fight, and one that he can not look past if he wants to reach the top.


Mark “Roo” Riccuito is making his Evolution debut in this fight, and like his opponent, is also approaching the top 10 in the weight class. He lost his single fight in Syn, which brought an end to his 5 fight winning streak, and the undefeated run he had under his new manager Johnny Lee. He possesses a Granite Chin, and has enough KO Power to worry any opponent, as he has 12 KO wins from the 14 he has tallied in his career. He will be looking to make a statement in the org, particularly at his relatively young age of just 27, and his future in Evo looks bright. A win in this battle will state his intentions, and put the upper levels of the org on alert.


PREDICTION: Mark Riccuito to win via (T)KO in Round 2







Moving down the weight classes, we have a Welterweight clash now as Tony Benson takes on “Rasta” Ziggy Cliff.


Tony Benson is another fighter making his EVO debut here, as he moves over from the now defunct Amsterdam Martial Arts Association where he was one of the star attractions. He is undefeated under his new manager Bob Vendarra, racking up an impressive 8 fight winning streak, 5 of which were title fights and 7 of which won OTN awards! He has some serious KO Power, winning 20 times via that method out of his 23 wins, and it is just as hard to finish him with only 2 losses coming via stoppage. He is a Hall of Famer at his previous org, and will be looking to leave a similar legacy in EVO.


“Rasta” Ziggy Cliff will be Tony Benson’s first challenge in Evo. Recently snapping a losing streak with a Unanimous Decision win over Vlad the Impaler, he has all the credentials for a top fighter, and he will be looking to go on a new winning streak. He is a former HONOR FC Fighter of the Year, and still holds the title of the defunct org. He has some KO Power, but his real strength lies in his ability to avoid major damage and survive fights. The reggae sensation has only ever been (T)KO’ed twice in 42 fights, and knows what he needs to do to win.

PREDICTION: Tony Benson to win via (T)KO in Round 3






Coming up now we have a title fight which pits the newly crowned champion Anabolinen Steroidi Jr against Daken Akihiro as he attempts to get his title reign off to a successful start!


Anabolinen Steroidi Jr is hitting another purple patch in his career under Igor Byhenikov rattling off 4 wins straight which culminated in a TKO victory in the 5th round against Henrik Torhammer to win the Lightweight title. He is a fantastic strategical fighter, not blessed with amazing KO power, but knowledgeable with how to win against a variety of opponents. He has 14 decision wins in his career, and is the #1 ranked fighter in the division. Steroidi Jr likes to gain as much info about the fights as he can, and that results in him being able to plan as carefully as possible for any fight he could be placed in, but don’t be surprised to see him gain a (T)KO or a Submission win either, as we have seen throughout his career.


Daken Akihiro is a revelation in the division. Winning 11 of his 17 victories via (T)KO, he loves to fight, and he has never been KO’ed in all 21 of his fights. He lost 2 fights to the previous champion Torhammer, but may find his fortunes against Steroidi Jr who provides a different style of opponent. With recent wins over Noel Contemprato and Bjorn Helgi, Akihiro has regained his confidence just in time to be the first man to challenge the new champion for the title. This is going to be a hell of a fight between the Finnish sensation and the “Mongrel” so you might want to tune in for a potential Fight of the Night candidate!


PREDICTION: Anabolinen Steroidi Jr to win via Unanimous Decision







Opposite side of the scales now as Tigran Badoyan takes on Alexander Emelianenko.


Tigran Badoyan is one of the biggest celebrities in all of Armenia, something that only comes naturally when you are the #2 ranked fighter in your weight division. Scandals broke out recently when it transpired that even before Ray J, Badoyan had indeed gotten with Kim K first, but that’s a story for another time, but it does add to the intrigue of this man. He is an exciting fighter, with hands of stone and a chin of glass, you would have to go back to when he was 28 before you would find a Decision in one of his fights. Defeating Freddie Fiddler in his last fight at 265lbs before moving up to take on this fight, he is looking to add another KO win to his CV, and will need to do it before he himself gets KO’ed.


Alexander Emelianenko is making not only his EVO debut in this fight, but also his first fight at 265+ as he has been a HW his entire career. Moving over from AMS FC, with a solitary fight on Forbidden Violence’s final card in between, he is on a 4 fight winning streak, and is the #3 ranked fighter in the division already. Like most of the fighters on this card, he has a Granite Chin and formidable KO power, and can cause issues for anybody he steps into the cage with. With a potential title fight looming for the winner of this fight, it is high stakes and is going to be an exciting fight.


PREDICTION: Alexander Emelianenko to win via (T)KO in Round 1







Another monstrous Heavyweight clash now as Wei “Dragon” Pei takes on “Rock Em Sock Em” Rockford Knight.


Wei “Dragon” Pei is the definition of a KO wrecking machine, with all 26 of his wins coming via (T)KO. Possessing a Granite Chin as well, he has the potential to be one of the biggest fighters in the world, he just needs to rack up some wins in a row in order to go into title contention. With 2 wins in a row currently, he just needs a couple more to force Mega Jug’s hand and give him a clash for the title in a fight that will be mouthwatering for the fans. As the current Syn 265+ champion, he will be looking to add more titles to his collection, and Evo will surely be the feather in the cap for him.


“Rock Em Sock Em” Rockford Knight is currently on a 3 fight winning streak since making his EVO debut. With KO power to rival his opponents, his main downfall is his questionable chin, but such is the risk of fighting at HW. With his manager being former #1 Baby Face Nelson, he has a strategic mind backing him, and he will need one in order to avoid suffering a KO loss in this bout where the main difference is in the chin.

PREDICTION: Wei Pei to win via (T)KO in Round 2






Our Co-Main Event of the evening is a Super Heavyweight title fight which pits former #1 P4P fighter Rinky “The Gangster” Spider continuing his resurgence following his loss to Ferreira as he takes on top challenger Rau Utu.


Rinky Spider is still on the comeback following his loss to Leonardo Ferreira, and he has rattled off 2 wins on the trot to show “The Gangster” still has plenty left in the tank. With 35 (T)KO’s from 37 wins, he has devastating KO Power, and his Granite Chin makes it no easy feat to knock him out. He has successfully defeated Tiny McGee in a title fight, before he went to CEC for a fight with Rocky Tyson, which he also won. Both of these fights ended in the first round via (T)KO, showing a new aggressive side to Spider which we haven’t seen for a long time. With him showing some good form, it can only be a matter of time before he goes back to reclaim his HW title he lost, and gain redemption.


Rau Utu has been on a great run of form since changing management. After leaving Ascension and Jake Hekke’s management, he has since been picked up by Azamat Alikov who signed him up to EVO. He has been on a great run of form which has seen him win his last 4 fights in a row over some big names including Neo Kable and Jay Jay Mutombo to launch him into the title picture. Possessing KO Power, he has finished 15 of his 16 wins via (T)KO, but a big question mark is his losses, all of which are via (T)KO or Submission. He faces a tough test here, and one that may just be too much for him.

PREDICTION: Rinky Spider to win via (T)KO in Round 1






Here we are ladies and gentlemen. Our main event of the evening sees two global superstars combat to prove who is the best champion in EVO, as a Champion vs Champion match sees HW Champion Leonardo Ferreira take on the LHW Champion Doctor Doolittle with the HW title at stake!


Leonardo Ferreira is a fighter so good, he has tasted success with 2 managers without missing a single step. Winning titles and defending them is like second nature to him, and he will be feeling no different about this fight, regardless of who the opponent is. Losing his debut fight in EVO in a title fight to Rinky Spider, he then won his next fight against Shavo Odin before his manager Mannetosen quit the game and Ferreira was left without a manager. As luck would have it, Dinooo saw this as his chance to get back into the game, and took on Ferreira, as well as a number of Mannetosen’s other fighters. They tasted success instantly, going on a 5 fight win streak over notable names such as Wei Pei, Brick Tires and Daniel Silva before losing to Rocky Tyson in CEC in his last fight with the org. Upon his return to EVO, Leonardo defeated Thor Skarsgard with a KO in the first round to announce he was back. He then got involved in the bitter Dino vs Bowser feud, and lead the way to victory for Dino’s roster with a Unanimous Decision victory over Rinky Spider, who at the time was looking invincible before Ferreira outclassed him to not only get the win in the rivalry, but to also take away Spider’s HW title. His only fight since that has been a fight against Rocky Tyson, in which he avenged his previous loss by defending his title successfully with a first round KO to keep himself as the new kingpin of the division. He will be looking to keep his title in this superfight, and a win will put him right back at the top of the hotly contested P4P rankings, and also make him the undisputed king of EVO!


Doctor Doolittle is a highly talented fighter currently riding a 6 fight win streak, and holding the 205lbs EVO title as he does it. Wins over widely known names such as A J Hearts, Jesse Custer and Thomas Boothe has propelled him into the upper echelons of the division, and indeed the P4P rankings. He possesses devastating KO Power, as all 20 of his wins have come via (T)KO, including his last three fights which have all ended in the first round! His main weakness would be an extremely aggressive style, one which has also seen him be (T)KO’ed 5 times in his career. While it pays off the majority of the time, it does leave him open to a well slidered fighter who can pick him off strategically. Like his opponent, a win in this fight could potentially move him up to #1 in the world P4P, so it is a big pressure fight for both competitors, and one the world will be anxious to see!


PREDICTION: Leonardo Ferreira to win via (T)KO in Round 2




Some amazing fights on display, and the whole world will be paying attention as the P4P rankings will be shaken up. Be sure to keep an eye out as EVO invades Wombley Arena again!

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Posted 10 June 2015 - 02:43 AM

Insanity Presents..




“There is a place. Like no place on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery and danger! Some say to survive it: You need to be as mad as a hatter!”


Ladies and gentlemen. Here is the moment Insanity fans around the world have been waiting for. LIVE! From the…wait, doesn’t someone already talk like this? Anyway, this event is being held in the Hard Knock’s arena in Los Angeles! These two fighters have beaten off the competition in the tournament, and both hold flawless records. Both hail from the USA, and come from opposite sides of the country, and they will be looking to prove that they are not only the best in the Mad Hatter tournament, but that they are the best in the whole US of A. Without further ado, let’s get right down to the nitty gritty right here!



Two undefeated fighters collide here in the finals as Carl “Smooth” Jamison takes on Dr “Creepy” Thork in a classic Striker vs Grappler contest!


Carl “Smooth” Jamison is a highly touted boxing prospect who made the transition into MMA upon hearing of this tournament. Having built up his wrestling along the way, he has shown his ability to Sprawl and Brawl and has racked up 5 consecutive victories, winning 2 of them via (T)KO. Displaying he himself to have a Granite Chin, he is a tough challenge for any striker to knock out. However, in this fight, he won’t be going up against a striker, instead he will be going up against the most dangerous grappler in the tournament, and his Granite Chin won’t be saving him there. Can Jamison navigate his way to a victory? Or will his inferior grappling be his downfall?


Dr “Creepy” Thork is an excellent grappler who has won many BJJ titles in White Belt and Blue Belt categories. Upon earning his Purple Belt, he decided to make a switch like Jamison to MMA. He has been developing his Boxing and Wrestling since in order to round out his game, but he is still known for his devastating submissions, the kind that has left all of his opponents unconscious in the middle of the cage. Like Jamison, Thork also has a Granite Chin, and I expect we will see his chin be tested more than Jamisons. Can Thork manage to lock in a takedown before Jamison’s striking overwhelms him? Or will it be too much for him to handle and have him be sent to the canvas unwillingly?


Be sure to tune in for the Mad Hatter finals, and be sure to keep a lookout for the upcoming tournament, also from Insanity, The Mad Cash Tournament! This will feature some of the brightest 155 and 185 prospects in the world, and is something you should definitely keep an eye on!


But for the current situation, who will take home the big prize? Carl “Smooth” Jamison? or Dr “Creepy” Thork?


Only the truly mad will be able to succeed in this finals...

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185lbs Mad Cash Tournament


Round 1


Live from the King Theatre in Los Angeles!


Good evening ladies and madmen, and welcome to Insanity’s preview for the first round of their Mad Cash tournament, for the 185lbs division! Following on from the success of the Mad Hatter tournament, the Mad Cash tournament is going to be even bigger, and with a host of big names involved, promises to be one of the tournaments of the year! So without further ado, let’s begin!


Fight #1


DeBo Train (J.J Media) 2-3-0




Lionel Santos (Frank Cross) 10-2-0


The first fight in the tournament has (according to Mickey “I give horrible odds” Hart) 12/1 DeBo Train taking on 5/1 Lionel Santos


DeBo Train is 2-3-0 in his MMA career so far, having gone 1-1-0 under previous manager Jonah King, he was picked up by J.J Media and has gone through a turbulent start with his new management. A record of 1-2-0 shows they having gotten everything in place yet, but they may feel a tournament is just the way to show what they can do. He is well rounded, but it is clear he prefers to fight on his feet, as he has shown no clinch offense or ground offense so far.


Lionel Santos is a well known grinder in MMA, and he knows what he needs to do to win. Having won 7 fights via decision, he has also displayed the ability to get a TKO with well timed strikes. He was 7-0 under previous manager Joe Smith, and is 3-2 currently under Frank Cross, pretty good considering how some careers get messed up due to a change in management. His overall ability is solid, and will cause a number of problems for Train in this fight.


Prediction: Lionel Santos to win via Unanimous Decision


Fight #2


John Dillinger (Harry Bagofdonuts) 6-1-0




Pera Pulkkinen (Jorma Oltsu) 8-1-0


This next fight in the tournament has 5/1 John Dillinger taking on 4/1 Pera Pulkkinen.


John Dillinger is one of the favourites for this tournament, but he is coming up against another favourite in the first round. He has thunderous KO power, with all of his wins coming via KO in the first round, with the longest lasting under 3 mins. His only loss has come via Unanimous Decision, showing Dillinger has a warrior’s spirit, and has all the necessities to be a top fighter. Starting his career at just 16, he is still young at 23, and could set himself up for a great career with a tournament victory.


Pera Pulkkinen is just ahead of Dillinger on the favourites list, and he is currently riding a 5 fight win streak, the last fight of which on Fight of the Night honours in TTFC. He has a slight advantage in Boxing and Wrestling, with his opponent gaining the upperhand in Muay Thai. He has also demonstrated the ability to take fights into the later rounds, and will not be fearful of being dragged into the deep end.


Prediction: Pera Pulkkinen to win via (T)KO in Round 2


Fight #3 - Non Tournament Fight


Sharky Shark (Marky Mark) 5-5-0




John Paul Wani (G Wad) 5-0-0


A special guest fight in the tournament is a Heavyweight fight pitting Shark Shark taking on John Paul Wani.


Sharky Shark is in a bit of a rut in his career, going 5-5 so far and still looking to find a solid patch of form. He has won 4 fights via (T)KO, and not losing yet to a KO. He will be tested roughly against a solid fighter here, but a win could launch him and allow him to finally go on a decent run and get to the upper levels of the division.


John Paul Wani is still undefeated in MMA, and was 5 wins on his record. With 4 of his wins via (T)KO, he has the power to get to anyone, and his elite boxing is his go to weapon here, as he is outskilled in the other 3 styles. He gives up a small bit of height to his opponent, but their weights are almost identical, so this fight will come down to a game of sliders.


Prediction: John Paul Wani to win via (T)KO in Round 2


Fight #4


Chan Sung Aoki (Scooby Ali) 5-5-0




Sam Hall (Scott Davies) 7-2-0


Continuing on with a Mad Cash clash now as 8/1 Chan Sung Aoki takes on 12/1 Sam Hall.


Chan Sung Aoki is 5-5-0 in his MMA career so far, but he is on a 3 fight losing streak at the minute. You have to be aware though that his last loss was against a much more experienced fighter, so this shows he is willing to take on any challenge put in front of him. He has some good KO power, and has yet to be finished by KO in any fight. He has the edge in training and experience over his opponent, so it will be interesting to see if he can make it count.


Sam Hall is the youngest fighter in the tournament, at just 21 years of age. Despite that, he has racked up an impressive 7-2-0 record, and will be entering the tournament under a new manager in Scott Davies. This is his 4th manager, and he has suffered 2 losses in his previous 2 fights. He will be looking to prove he hasn’t lost it, and show that he isn’t to be underestimated.


Prediction: Chan Sung Aoki to win via (T)KO in Round 2


Fight #5


Charles Grace (Gale Hawthorne) 6-5-0




Vlad Putin (Ivan Drago) 8-1-0


The next fight of the tournament has 5/1 Charles Grace taking on 10/1 Vlad Putin.


Charles Grace is a well rounded fighter, who has not been on the good end of a number of judges decisions in his career. Winning 4 fights via (T)KO, he has seen 6 of his 11 fights go to a decision, of which he has lost 4 times. He is managed by Gale Hawthorne, who at the time of writing is the #4 Ranked manager in the game. He has a good mind behind his sliders, so don’t be surprised to see him rack up multiple wins in this tournament.


Vlad Putin is not as well rounded as Grace, as he relies mainly on his Boxing and BJJ to win him fights. With 4 wins via (T)KO and 2 more via Submission, with his single loss in his career coming against Kang Xi Jia, which is the calibre of fighter he will need to overcome if he hopes to achieve glory for the motherland in this tournament.


Prediction: Charles Grace to win via (T)KO in Round 1


Fight #6


Lance Legstrong (Severo Del Bosque) 9-6-0




Donnie Felterbush (Bear Stevenson) 7-4-0


Ground fighting at it’s finest now as 9/1 Lance Legstrong takes on 8/1 Donnie Felterbush.


Lance Legstrong is a dangerous grappler who has gained 6 of his 9 wins (Don’t think dirty you people) via Submission...It doesn’t help does it? Since being sacked by Rory Daly, he was then signed up by Severo Del Bosque, who signed him to Troid where he has gone 4-5 so far. He can be dangerous against any fighter he comes up against, but his main weakness is his striking which is a bit lacklustre. With rumours flying that he is close to earning his Red Belt, he will need to show off his ability in this bout to progress.


Donnie Felterbush has jumped around a few orgs, spending time at BEEF and CFC before he moved to Epicity. He won his last fight in Epicity before signing up to this tournament, in a fight that won Fight of the Night honours. He has Elite Wrestling and a Brown Belt, but he will need to be wary of taking it to the ground due to his opponent’s ability there. He may look to keep it standing, where he holds a slight advantage, and can do the most damage.


Prediction: Donnie Felterbush to win via (T)KO in Round 2


Fight #7


Octavio Saades (Louie DePalma) 11-1-0




Lard Pecs (Mickey Hart) 5-6-0


This next fight features heavy favourite 4/1 Octavio Saades taking on 14/1 outsider Lard Pecs.


Octavio Saades is a dangerous fighter, having lost only one fight in his whole career. He has won his last 5 fights, with his last fight coming against fellow Mad Cash competitor Pika Chu. He throws a good mix of strikes, constantly making his opponent guess what he is planning next, and allow him to take advantage of any holes his opponents games might have.


Lard Pecs has a rounded game that is still below the level of other competitors in the tournament. His MMA career is sandwiched between his two spells in KT, and he is now back in MMA hoping to make a name for himself. He has never been KO’ed, but has gained 4 KO wins in his career, so even if he may seem like a lucid threat, Saades will still need to be careful or he may be in for a rude awakening...Literally!


Prediction: Octavio Saades to win via (T)KO in Round 2


Fight #8 - Non Tournament Fight


Steve Belliveau (James Listerman) 13-5-0




The Beast (Dom Jaehnke) 6-4-0


Another break from the tournament before the Co-Main and Main events as debutant Steve Belliveau takes on The Beast.


Steve Belliveau is a hugely experienced fighter, having competed in BEEF, WarZone and MFN, he has signed to Insanity, and is making his debut in this fight. With deadly KO power, he has achieved 11 of his 13 wins via (T)KO as well as displaying a sturdy chin. He won his last fight over Harland Sanders, and will be looking to make a push for the championship and show he is the best around.


The Beast is a bit of an enigma. He appears to have not been training for while, but is still ready to go for this fight. He has Elite wrestling to go with his Black Belt, with his weak point being his striking which isn’t as impressive. Despite this, he is currently on a 2 fight winning streak, and will be looking to show the new guy the ropes with a win.


Prediction: Steve Belliveau to win via (T)KO in Round 1



Sponsored by GBK16’s Writings


Fight #9


Fernand Mondego (Joe Kingpin) 4-0-0




Pika Chu (Grant Brophy) 14-5-0


Our next fight of the tournament, and the co-main event of the evening, sees 14/1 Fernand Mondego taking on 12/1 Pika Chu.


Fernand Mondego is an interesting fighter. With no fights outside the QFC, he has a 4-0 perfect record, and will be looking to make his name in this tournament. With little to no striking to speak of, he relies on his wrestling and purple belt to get the job done for him, utilising a slick Ground and Pound offense. This will be his toughest test so far, and will be where he sees if he can cut it in a competitive environment.


Pika Chu is a classic Sprawl and Brawler, racking up a 14-5 record which has seen him earn all of his wins via (T)KO. He lost his last fight, and his debut in Insanity, to Octavio Saades, but has said that he knows how he lost, and is working on improving himself. He has a record of being able to strike with anyone, but his one weakness is his opponents strength, as his BJJ isn’t as good as his other skills. Nevertheless, with his opponents lack of striking, he should feel pretty confident of being able to get at his opponents chin.


Prediction: Pika Chu to win via (T)KO in Round 1




Sponsored by DC Unrivaled, the official clothing partner of Insanity


Fight #10


Nolan Sackett (Barnabas Sackett) 16-1-0




JT Redman (Joe Lang) 15-5-1


Our main event has two superstars collide as Insanity champion and 3/1 tournament favourite Nolan Sackett takes on the least favourite 18/1 JT Redman.


Nolan Sackett is a true superstar in MMA. Going 16-1 so far, his sole loss was to Jackson Teller, a loss which he would immediately avenge in his following fight. Blistering KO power is backed up by a Granite Chin, and these are the ingredients that make him the tournament favourite. Oh, and then you throw in the fact he has Barnabas fricking Sackett for a manager and you would question the sanity of anybody that wouldn’t put him as the favourite for the tournament. He faces a solid striker in his first bout, and you can imagine he will have the perfect plan to win.


JT Redman was one of KT’s hottest names, before he decided to try his hand at MMA and jump in the deep end with this Mad Cash tournament. His Boxing and MT are all great, with his Wrestling and BJJ lacking due to his KT career. He has a 1-1 MMA record, and a 14-4-1 KT record, and a win here would be a huge shock, but it is something he is capable of. He just needs to keep the fight standing, and hope he can connect before he is dragged under.


Prediction: Nolan Sackett to win via (T)KO in Round 2


Well that’s it for the first round preview of the 185 section of the Mad Cash tournament. Be sure to check out the 155lbs preview written by John Hetfield, and I want to give one piece of advice to anybody out there thinking of being a writer.


Don’t do writing while you have a hangover...It sucks.


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EVO 175: Bloodsport!


Live from Wombley Arena, London


Live on the Tycoon Network!


In association with Pearson Specter Litt

“Home of the finest threads in MMA Tycoon”


Hello everyone, and welcome to our preview of the upcoming EVO event, EVO 175: Bloodsport! This promises to be a huge event for the fans in attendance, and those watching worldwide. With only the one title fight on show, this card is still stacked from top to bottom with highly ranked contenders, and it is an event that won’t disappoint. With a headlining fight of EVO Heavyweight Champion Leonardo “Voodoo Child” Ferreira taking on Troid Heavyweight Champion “Cocky” Rocky McColgan, it is the most dominant Heavyweight in the world right now taking on what many have called the future of the Heavyweight division. Without further ado, let’s get right down into the action!





Our first fight of the evening features former NGF, EVO and CEC champion Enzo Moretti taking on Vlad The Impaler.


Enzo Moretti has held titles in four different orgs, including EVO, and he will be looking to get back to the top, and that road starts now. Currently on a two fight losing streak, which consisted of him losing his CEC title, he has shown great survivability, only suffering a stoppage loss on 3 occasions in his career. He is an expert in Boxing, MT and Wrestling, with very few holes in his game. It has been over 4 years (In game time) since he was last knocked out, and he will be confident in being able to stand and bang with anyone.


Vlad The Impaler hasn’t won any titles in his career, losing his 3 title shots he had, 2 of which are to long time foil Nelson Muntz. He is currently on a 3 fight losing streak, with losses to Johnny Fantastic, Ziggy Cliff and Artem Bessmertin. Like his opponent, he has shown great resilience, losing only one fight in his career due to stoppage. This fight will come down to who can last longer in the pocket, but any outcome is a possiblity in this fight.


Prediction: Enzo Moretti to win via Unanimous Decision





Coming up next, we have a featherweight showdown between Anton Dorozhkin and probably the best fighter to have not reached the #1 P4P spot,Waru Kuzuri.


Anton Dorozhkin is an elite level grappler who has trained up in his striking to make himself a threat to anybody he steps into the cage with. A former Ryze: New York title contender, he has yet to taste gold, but is currently on a 4 fight winning streak to put himself on a right path to another future title shot. He faces one of his toughest tests so far in his career, and it will send out a statement if he is able to overcome this hurdle.


Waru Kuzuri is a living MMA legend, and one that has not experienced the glory of being the #1 P4P fighter, although he shaved it as a close #2. His career speaks for itself. Winner of numerous tournaments, champion in many of the orgs he has fought for, and now here he is, on the hunt for another experience of glory. A tricky customer to finish, he has KO power himself, which makes him a dangerous competitor in any environment.


Prediction: Waru Kuzuri to win via (T)KO in Round 3




A slight move up the weight classes now, with a Lightweight bout between former champion Jacque Schtrappe and “The Lion” Nick Shields.


Jacque Schtrappe is an Evo veteran, with this being his 21st in the org. He ended a 3 fight losing streak in his last fight with a unanimous decision win over Kale Kummola. He is a dangerous striker, with 24 (T)KO wins in his career, and he is sturdy enough to survive the majority of what his opponents have thrown at him. He holds a lot of size over his opponent, so it will be interesting to see how he uses this to his advantage coming into this bout.


Nick Shields is currently on a tough run of results, having lost his last 3 fights to some big names in Anabolinen Steroidi Jr, Juan Koski and Bjorn Helgi. Despite this, he still has never been knocked out, with only a solitary submission loss ruining it. He has the ability to submit and knock his opponents out, making him dangerous two fold for any opponent. A great grappling game is supported by a sturdy striking game, but he will need to gain a dominant position in this fight.


Prediction: Jacque Schtrappe to win via (T)KO in Round 2




A trip to the land of the giants now as the heavyweight division gives us a clash between Thor Skarsgard and Renzo Machida.


Thor Skarsgard is a true knockout machine in MMA. With 36 wins on his record, 35 of those have been finished early due to his striking, a fearsome record that no fighter should take for granted. However, he is currently 0-3 in Evo after moving over from the now defunct CONFLICTION MMA. If he keeps on this slippery run of results, he may find himself on the scrap heap before long. He does have a height advantage in this bout, so if he can exploit that, he may be able to turn his Evo career around.


Renzo Machida is more experienced than Skargard, and is one of the old guard of MMA. 65 fights in MMA have yielded 44 wins for him, 35 of which were (T)KO wins, showing he is a dangerous striker. He defeated Constantine Titanus in his last bout, but is struggling to string a win streak together, something he will be hoping to do before he eventually hangs up his gloves.


Prediction: Thor Skarsgard to win via (T)KO in Round 2




Back down to the Middleweight division now as former Gamma Contenders champion Brian “The Bitter” Donnelly takes on undefeated KT legend “The Time Machine” Tommy Grunge.


Brian Donnelly is currently on an 11 fight win streak, with his single loss coming in his first MMA bout. Despite this, question marks have been raised as he fought in Gamma related orgs, with many claiming this is down to favourable booking. Well now he has shown he has the balls to move to the big times, and is looking to make his stamp in one of the biggest orgs around. With a decent striking game, many point his main weakness as his BJJ, which is only at a Purple belt level. However, in this fight he will be in there with a KT fighter, which will keep the fight in his favoured place, although it will also be in his opponents speciality.


Tommy Grunge was one of the most recognisable names in KT. Embarking on a career that would leave him 20-0 on his record, he made the jump to MMA. A former EFFA champion, he has shown his striking is some of the best in the world, and he showed that in his MMA debut against Felix Tilthammer. He will feel at home in this bout, with little threat of his opponent trying to work a ground game. His superior striking makes him a strong favourite in this bout.


Prediction: Tommy Grunge to win via (T)KO in Round 1




We drop further in the weight classes with a Lightweight fight that sees Tarrance Clam Digger take on former NGF champion Bjorn Helgi.


Terrance Clam Digger is making his Evo debut in this bout, having failed to capture the Ascension 155lbs title in his last bout. He has a great record, and has shown his ability to win fights with both (T)KO’s and Submissions. Another point of his record, is he has never been (T)KO’ed, although 2 submission losses prevent him from being an indestructible shield. Growing up in Compton has taught Terrance a thing or two about survival, and he will be bringing that into the cage here.


Bjorn Helgi is a dangerous fighter, with elite levels of Striking and Wrestling. He has trades wins and losses in his last 8 fights, and will be hoping he can gain another win in this bout. His questionable chin is the one big mark over him, and it is something Terrance may look to exploit in this fight. Despite this, Helgi is a fighter that Clam Digger can’t underestimate, or he risks being punished heavily for it.


Prediction: Terrance Clam Digger to win via Unanimous Decision.




Another Lightweight division bout now as ITFL Season 3 Winner “Don” Juan Koski takes on former Evo Lightweight Champion Anabolinen Steroidi Jr.


Juan Koski has traded a win and a loss since signing for Evo after claiming glory in the ITFL individual season finals. He has lost twice via TKO (Cuts) in his career, which could be a problem against any fighter with the ability to exploit it. However, he was won 7 fights via (T)KO and a solitary submission win, to show he can win by more than just the regular means. With all of his skills up to a good level, he now faces a tough challenge in the former champion, and this will be a big stage for him to prove himself on.


Anabolinen Steroidi Jr is one of Igor Byhenikov’s best fighters, and it was a proud moment for Igor when he claimed a victory over Henrik Torhammer to becoming the new champion. However, that reign was shortlived, but it instilled a confidence, and a passion, in Steroidi Jr, and he is determined to win that title back. He has shown great resilience with only 3 of his fights ending in him losing early. He has (T)KO and Submission wins, but he has shown he favours control of his opponents over the risk of going for the finish with 14 decision wins. He has the edge over his opponent in skill and experience, and it will be interesting to see if he can make this count.


Prediction: Anabolinen Steroidi Jr to win via Unanimous Decision




Oh look at that, another Lightweight clash now as the aforementioned former champion Henrik Torhammer takes on Danny Volcanic.


Henrik Torhammer is a former NGF champion, who lost his title to Bjorn Helgi on his last fight in the org. From there, he captured the Evo title in his debut and would go on to hold it for almost 4 months before he dropped the title to Steroidi Jr. However, he bounced back from that loss with a TKO (Cut) victory over Juan Koski. He has the ability to win fights through both his striking and his submissions, the issue is his opponent has to figure out what he will be aiming for.


Danny Volcanic has had an amazing career. Going 51-15-2 in his career, he has never lost via stoppage, with all of his 15 losses coming via Decision. With elite levels of boxing and wrestling, he has won 18 of his fights via (T)KO, showing an aptitude for taking fights the distance. He is at a height disadvantage in this bout, but has the ability to win it regardless.


Prediction: Henrik Torhammer to win via (T)KO in Round 3




Our Co-Main event of the evening is sponsored by GBK16’s writings. For quality and consistency, just PM Grant Brophy (93477) for availability.


A Super Heavyweight clash awaits us now as Alexander Emelianenko takes on “Rock Em Sock Em” Rockford Knight.


Alexander Emelianenko is currently on a 5 fight winning streak, which has stretched over his spell in AMSFC and his one off appearance at Forbidden Violence’s (Then) closing show. He won his debut fight against Tigran Badoyan where he was able to expose his susceptible chin to attain victory. With the ability to win fights through both (T)KO and Submission, he gives his opponent more things to consider in their game plans, while only he knows what he will be aiming for in his fights. His last loss was over 6 months ago to Hamish Kersikov, and a win here could lead to either a title fight, or let him get closer to a rematch to avenge said loss. Only he knows what his future plans are.


Rockford Knight is currently on a 4 fight winning streak, with wins over notable names such as Thor Skargard and Wei Pei. He has serious KO power, but many have questioned his chin in the past, although fighting at HW can mask the lines between a good chin and a bad chin. With a former #1 manager in Baby Face Nelson backing him, he can game plan for how to play to his strengths, but sometimes, that just isn’t enough.


Prediction: Rockford Knight to win via (T)KO in Round 2




Our main event of the evening is sponsored by Evolution’s merch partner: Pearson Specter Litt. When you visit PSL, you know you are among quality. Visit Pearson Specter Litt for the finest in quality threads in MMA Tycoon.


Now, our Main Event of the Evening is a Heavyweight title clash which pits Evo HW champion Leonardo “Voodoo Child” Ferreira against Troid HW champion “Cocky” Rocky McColgan!


In my previous preview, I listed Leonardo Ferreira’s recent history, from the time he debuted in Evo, up until his recent win over Rocky Tyson. Now, I will refer to his victory in his last bout. In a “Champion vs Champion” clash with then 205lbs champion Doctor Doolittle, Ferreira took it into the 5th round, dominating each of the first four rounds, and from there he swarmed. After rocking Doolittle with a crisp jab, he pounced, throwing hook after hook, and all of them connected, leaving Doolittle wondering where he was, and seeing stars. Ferreira immediately wanted the challenge of McColgan, and the deal was made.


“Cocky” Rocky McColgan is undefeated in his career, and is one of the biggest prospects in the entire sport. He started out his career under Ezekiel Rage, before he left the game. Rocky competed in one fight under Rage. Upon being left by his management, he was picked up by Janne Finland, who spent time training him up before signing him with BEEF, where he went 10-0, capturing the HW championship and defending it successfully four times. From there, BEEF merged with Umbrella, ran by Igor Byhenikov. Rocky immediately made an impact there too, capturing the title in his first bout. He would have two more fights in Umbrella, defending the title successfully against Mike Maczynsky before engaging in a non title fight with Joe Gage, which he again won. This put Rocky at 14-0, with his org records being 10-0 in BEEF and 3-0 in Umbrella. From there, he was signed to Troid, and in typical Rocky fashion, won the title in his debut fight against fellow Irishman Seamus Farrelly. He successfully defended his title against Mack Luster and Captain Boromir, before agreeing a superfight with SFC’s HW Champion Chick Bowdrie. McColgan won that fight with a KO in the first round. He returned to Troid to find a familiar face in former champion Seamus Farrelly as the #1 contender, but much like the first fight, McColgan dominated and won via TKO (Strikes) in the first round. As part of a deal between Evo and Troid, McColgan made the step up, and as he has done in his last 2 orgs, he is fighting for the championship in his debut fight. Will McColgan pull off a shock by defeating Ferreira? Or will Ferreira continue his dominance by defeating the young prospect? Well, only way to know will be to keep an eye on this fight at 6pm GMT!


Prediction: Leonardo Ferreira to win via (T)KO in Round 4


Well that’s it from me, and it was a pleasure to preview another amazing card from Evolution, where the big question of who wins between Ferreira and McColgan will finally be answered. Be sure to spoiler the fight, as it call kicks off at 6pm GMT!


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Posted 10 June 2015 - 02:47 AM

Just updated this with 11 previews/reviews I have written since the last update. Going to have another Preview each week for the next 2 weeks, with work including Epicity Productions, Insanity's Mad Cash, and more Evo work!

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Posted 10 June 2015 - 04:36 AM

Great writing, keep it up ;)

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Posted 10 June 2015 - 08:26 AM

Great writing, keep it up ;)

Thanks. Majority of my roster are projects who will take some time before fighting so I need the Previews and Org to keep me busy before then :D

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Epicity Productions presents…




EP 30: The Terrible Thirties!


Live from the Wandalay Bay Arena, in Las Vegas!


Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to our preview of Epicity Productions’ upcoming event, EP 30: The Terrible Thirties! A big event for EP here, as the 170lbs championship is defended by the top ranked org fighter Bobby “The Next Big Thing” Shamrock against Sinbad “The” Sailor! Add into that you have org mainstays Lotus Suzinuki and DeMarcus DeSilva clashing in our Co-Main Event, and you have all the makings of a classic night of fighting. Without further ado, let’s get right down to the action!


Fight #1 - Welterweight Division!


Nathan Rook


Raizer Sorrow


Our first bout of the evening is a Welterweight clash as Nathan “Left Hook” Rook takes on Raizer Sorrow.


Nathan Rook is a new signing to Epicity, having competed in the QFC so far in his career. He has shown considerable KO power in his last 3 outings, however they have usually come against fighters with little to no striking. On the flip side, his one loss was against an opponent who vastly outskilled him, so he will be starting off on a carte blanc in EP. A classic example of a Sprawl and Brawler, he possesses little in the way of Muay Thai or BJJ, but has very high levels of Boxing and Wrestling.


Raizer Sorrow is a more rounded fighter than his counterpart, possessing a BJJ Brown Belt, he also has good levels of Boxing, Muay Thai and Wrestling, but his BJJ is definitely his most dangerous weapon, picking him up 4 of his 7 wins via Submission. But with his other 3 wins coming via (T)KO, he has shown he isn’t a one trick pony.


Sorrow is a diverse fighter, but this may lead to his undoing. He lacks the Wrestling to make landing a takedown a certainty, and that leaves him in an area where he is outmatched by the more experienced Rook.


Prediction: Nathan Rook to win via (T)KO in Round 2


Fight #2 - Heavyweight Division!


Sammy Sammich


Lou Sanus


Next up we have a heavyweight bout pitting Sammy Sammich against Lou Sanus.


Sammy Sammich recently made his debut in EP against Softly Weeping in a winning effort. Before signing for EP, he was a QFC regular, participating in 2 QFC’s under previous managers, both of which were losing efforts. Following that, he got picked up by Mark Harrington. From there, he won 2 QFC bouts, including one brutal 5 second head kick KO. Following that, he impressed EP head honcho Dick Hardwood who offered him a contract, and he debuted at Epic Fight Night 3. He survived an early takedown from Weeping, and then unleashed some brutal strikes which ended with a brutal combination beatdown. He has the power to get to his opponents, and he will be hoping his good form under his new manager can continue.


Lou Sanus is one of the more unfortunate fighters competing on the card. Starting off his career 1-5 under his previous manager, he was signed up by current manager Dr Jdw. From there, he moved from WarZone to Cornell Cage Fighting, having improved fortunes as he went 2-3 in the org, before leaving and signing with EP. He is making his debut in this bout, and he has shown in the past the main things to look out for are his Muay Thai and his BJJ. With his past two wins coming via Arm Triangle submission and Head Kick KO, he has shown a variety of weapons under his new management, and will be feeling more confident than he did under his previous management.


I think Sammich’s better all round game will be the key to his victory in this bout. At the Heavyweights, it is a case of energy levels being the extreme factor, but Sammich has the advantage heading in.


Prediction: Sammy Sammich to win via (T)KO in Round 1


Fight #3 - Featherweight Division!


Jamey Jasta


The Steel Penn


Moving down the weight classes again, we have a Featherweight clash that sees Jamey Jasta taking on The Steel Penn.


Jamey Jasta is making his EP debut in this bout, having spent his entire career so far in Insanity. He joins with a respectable record of 6-3-1, with his last bout resulting in an unlucky submission loss to Predator Burns. He has a sturdy chin, with none of his losses coming via (T)KO but by Sub and Decision. He is another well rounded fighter, with no glaring weaknesses, but his best overall weapon is his boxing. It is his go to offense, and can pick apart any unwary foes underestimate it.


The Steel Penn is another fighter making his debut in this bout, having signed from London based org Troid. He has also competed in Evil Empire: Amsterdam in the past where he is a former champion. He has lost his last two fights, and is currently 2-5 in his last 7 bouts. He will be hoping a change of scenery will give him a fresh run, and get him back into the positive. Although he has sub standard striking, he has Elite wrestling combined with a Black Belt, making him a very dangerous grappler to compete against. With 8 submission wins, it is clear what his intentions are for this bout, but he faces tough opposition to achieve it.


While The Steel Penn’s grappling is at an elite level, his opponent is much more rounded, and will be better equipped to deal with Penn’s offense.


Prediction: Jamey Jasta to win via (T)KO in Round 2


Fight #4 - Lightweight Division!


Junior Borg


Virgil Dreesen


Staying in the lighter divisions, we have a Lightweight bout now as Junior “John” Borg takes on Virgil “The Violator” Dreesen.


Junior Borg is competing in his second EP fight here, having made his debut at Epic FN 2 in a losing effort against Boreste Bardanos. The former Troid champion is currently 3-3 in his last 6 bouts, and will be looking to make that 4-3, and 1-1 in EP with a win here. His main weakness appears to be his ground defense, as he has lost the majority of his fights via this fashion, while he has won 8 of his 9 fights via (T)KO. He has high levels of Boxing and Wrestling, and his Muay Thai and BJJ are also up to good levels, showing he is one of the most skilled fighters at first glance. Not many are sure what the issue is what prevents him from going on a dominating run, but his management will be hoping it can be rectified and he can make a run for the EP title.


Virgil Dreesen makes his 3rd EP appearance in this bout, having won his first two fights in the org that makes him 4-0 under his current management. He began his career under the management of Chris Meat, despite being managed by 2 other managers previous to this, but a KO loss led to Chris dropping him, where he was then signed by current manager Freddy Krueger. Since then, he has had 4 fights, winning all 4, with the last 3 being (T)KO wins. He has developed an exciting style under his new manager, and will be fancying his chances despite facing the more experienced opponent.


Overall, I think Dreesen will have the upper hand heading into this bout. Borg has been unable to find any sort of form, and will feel pressurised by his opponents pressure inside the cage.


Prediction: Virgil Dreesen to win via (T)KO in Round 2


Fight #5 - Welterweight Division!


Tyrone Biggums


Jalmari Pullo


A great Welterweight clash now on display as Tyrone Biggums takes on Jalmari Pullo.


Tyrone Biggums has had a shaky start to his EP career, going 0-2 so far, including a title fight loss in his debut to Lotus Suzinuki. He followed that with a loss to DeMarcus DeSilva, but is looking to get back onto the right path here with a win. Before signing for EP, he was 8-4, and was on a 4 fight win streak before making the jump over to EP. He has a fantastic grappling game, with high levels of Wrestling and BJJ, and he has been working up his Boxing and Muay Thai to patch over the holes he had in his game.


Jalmari Pullo is making his first appearance under the EP banner here, and indeed, his first appearance under any sanctioned org banner! His career so far has seen him fight in the QFC 6 times, going 4-2 over the course of this. An Abu Dhabi champion who has been described as having extremely high levels of cardio, he has gained 3 of his 4 wins via Submissions, with his 2 losses coming via Decisions. He will be making a big step up competing in an org, and it is time to see if he will sink or swim.


Tyrone Biggums has the skill advantage, and I believe he has enough about him to cope on the ground, but Pullo’s disadvantage in the striking area could be the key difference here.


Prediction: Tyrone Biggums to win via (T)KO in Round 2


Fight #6 - Welterweight Division!


Snich Clinchwork


Yang Terbaik


The Welterweight division plays host again as we see Snich Clinchwork taking on Yang “The Best” Terbaik.


Snich Clinchwork is a major Muay Thai fighter, but uses his Wrestling to dictate the position of the fight and set himself up to get the best out of his striking. 5-1 so far in a career that has seen him fight in EP for all of it, he went 5-0 before losing in his last bout to Wrestlefuck Wrestling. He needs to recover from that loss, and get back to what he does best in order to get the win in this bout.


Yang Terbaik is 14-9 in his career, starting off on The Island where he went 5-0 before losing in the Season 1 end of year tournament. He was dropped by his manager following this, and subsequently signed to current manager Rodrigo Augusto. He signed with MMA Helsinki, going 9-6 in the org to bring his record up to 14-7 before signing for EP. He suffered a loss in his debut to Andy Carroll with a first round TKO. A 30 second KO loss in the following fight to Tre Spar followed, but Terbaik is hopeful he can get back to winning ways in this bout.


Both fighters are very similar, as both focus on their Muay Thai and Wrestling to dictate the fight. Personally, I see Clinchwork’s higher morale as a potential decider, but it will be tight against an older opponent.


Prediction: Snich Clinchwork to win via (T)KO in Round 1


Fight #7 - Middleweight Division!


Dale McCann


Kocoa Ebone


A move up one class to the Middleweight division now as Dale “Mac” McCann squares off against Kocoa Ebone.


Dale “Mac” McCann is a former WBC amateur boxing champion who has racked up 16 KO victories from a career that saw him go 22-2. Touted as the next big star for the sport, he was sidelined after tragically losing his dad at the age of just 16. He started to go into turmoil from this point, until his uncle got him back on the right path by taking him to a local gym. From there, he met MMA manager Frank King, and hey presto, he started his career. Fighting in orgs such as BEEF, SFC and Death Squad, he went 13-9 before signing for EP, and has gone 3-2 in the org so far, including a loss to Dominick De Struicao for the title. He will be looking to get back on a winning roll, and fight for the title once more.


Kocoa Ebone is a highly touted prospect in MMA, racking up a 7 fight winning streak in his career. He was formerly managed by Scooby Ali, who picked him up from Robert Glenn. Having one fight under Glenn, he was dropped by Ali without competing in a single fight. He competed in 3 QFC bouts under new manager JJ Media, winning all 3, including one vicious KO via Elbow. From there, he signed to EP, winning his first two bouts against Mack Bolan, which won Fight of the Night honours, and Ruarc Harris. He then went up against fellow undefeated fighter, and someone I know very well, Bray Wyatt in a clash to see who would be losing the 0 in their loss column. Ebone dominated the fight, gaining a 30-27 unanimous decision win to take him to 7-0, and push him further up the rankings.


Dale McCann has the slight edge in skill and experience, but he is facing off against Ebone who is feeling extremely confident in every fight. McCann also has a questionable chin, and his opponent has shown considerable KO power.


Prediction: Kocoa Ebone to win via (T)KO in Round 1


Fight #8 - Light Heavyweight Division!


Pete McKallister


Dark Fear


A feisty Light Heavyweight encounter now as Pete McKallister takes on Dark Fear.


Pete McKallister is a proud Irishman who began his MMA career at 16 under Chris Karter, who saw McKallister doing some great work on his family farm in Ireland. Noticing this, Karter offered to pay for him to get into MMA as long as he looked after some of Karter’s notorious farms. Unfortunately, McKallister ended up partaking in most of the stock he was in charge of, and Karter couldn’t have that, so he stranded him somewhere before Joe Kingpin found him, and flew him to LA. Since then, he has gone 11-1-1 in his MMA career, displaying he has KO power, but often adopting a more cautious approach, something Karter’s backhand taught him. He has gone 2-0 in his EP career so far, and will be looking to continue to prove himself. Rumor has it, he has grown an affection for the sweet green plant, and wants to build up enough cash to buy a supply of Karter’s finest. Whatever motivates him is clearly working, as he is undefeated in his last 7 bouts. A solid wrestling game allows him to dictate the fight, and dominate his opponents.


Dark Fear is a new signing to EP, moving over from DSC, and will be looking to introduce himself to the fans in style with a win. Currently on a 3 fight win streak, Fear is 11-5-1 in his career, which has seen him gain 10 (T)KO victories over his opponents. He has only fought in DSC and Forbidden Violence, and will be hoping EP is the place he can finally go on to become a champion. He is very well rounded, but it is clear his preference is to strike it out with his opponents, as he has often found himself victorious through this method.


Fear is the better striker, while McKallister is the better wrestler, which he will try to use to again control the fight and avoid getting into many major striking exchanges. I feel McKallister’s best hope is to grind his opponent down for the later rounds, but whether he can survive that long is to be questioned.


Prediction: Pete McKallister to win via Unanimous Decision





Our Co-Main Event of the evening is sponsored by GBK16’s writings. For quality and consistency, PM Grant Brophy (93477) for availability of writing.


And now, our Co-Main event is a Welterweight clash pitting former champion Lotus Suzinuki against former contender DeMarcus DeSilva.


Lotus Suzinuki was a former 2 time Ohio State wrestling champion who moved to Tokyo, Japan following the sudden death of his father in a boating accident. Under the management of Peel Steel, he began his MMA career, but made his debut in WarZone in Amsterdam. He went 9-2 in WarZone, before making a brief appearance in Impact MMA for the “Corporation vs Scholars” alliance war event as a representative of the Scholars, where he unfortunately lost. He then signed to Hilo Fight Nights, where he went 2-3 before being dropped by Peel Steel, with a record of 11-6. He was then signed up by Steve Unsinn of the Cold Blooded Killers alliance, and he signed him up to EP. He has a blistering start to EP life, defeating Andy Barclay in his debut before defeating current opponent DeSilva to become the new champ after the belt was vacated from Wrestlefuck Wrestling. He followed up with wins over Jeremy Smith and Tyrone Biggums, but was defeated for the belt by EP’s hottest new signing Bobby Shamrock. He is now on the road to redemption for the title, and will have to conquer one of the ghosts of his past to begin it.


DeMarcus DeSilva began career under controversial manager Axia Inc, going 6-1 in his career, being dropped after suffering the first loss of his career. He was then signed up by Bradley Burns, but suffered a loss in his first QFC bout with him, leading to him being sacked once more. He was then signed up by ultra popular manager Scooby Ali, who helped him to a win in their only bout with each other before they agreed to part ways. With a record of 7-2, he then signed up to current manager Nick Force, and they got off to a winning start with a TKO (Slam) victory in what was an impressive performance for his EP debut. He lost his next bout, the aforementioned title clash with Suzinuki, but followed up with a win over former contender Derek The Brave. A loss to another former contender Jeremy Smith was redeemed, with a win over yet another former contender in Tyrone Biggums. He is now looking for revenge in this bout, and become the new one for a shot at Bobby Shamrock’s gold.


A great fight for the main event, but honestly, I believe Suzinuki should be winning this bout. He has the superior KO power, and just needs to hold onto his defences before landing with a sweet connection.


Prediction: Lotus Suzinuki to win via (T)KO in Round 3




Our main event of the evening is Epicity Production’s Merchandise Parner - Conquer Clothing! Welcome to Conquer!


The Main Event of this evening sees the hugely popular champion Bobby “The Next Big Thing” Shamrock take on the #1 Contender Sinbad “The” Sailor!


Bobby Shamrock is truly one of the biggest Welterweight stars in MMA. Starting his career in the GAMMA chain of orgs, he went 4-1 in the org, including a Superman Punch KO before moving on to join up with HONOR FC. From there, he went 5-4 in the org, bringing his total record to 9-5. He was to really make his mark in MMA however with his next org, as he signed with Hilo Fight Nights. He went on a 7 fight winning streak in a run which also led to him capturing the title and defending it once successfully. He would lose the title to Viktor Krum before defeating Nelly Haynes in his final fight for the org. He then signed with EP, and his reputation was such that he earned it only took him one fight to earn a title shot, defeating Lewis Scott via TKO in the first round to send out a statement. In his last bout, he defeated Lotus Suzinuki via Unanimous Decision to win the title, and has looked impressive in his training since coming into this bout.


Sinbad Sailor spent his entire career before EP in WarZone under former manager Anita Baker. He lost his debut fight, but then went on a great run of 9 straight wins which included him winning the title, similar to Shamrock’s run in HFN. He then lost a 265+ fight to Ivan Strashko before returning to the 170lbs division and going on another 3 fight winning streak before his manager’s inactivity resulted in the belt being stripped and Sailor found himself without management. He then signed with current manager Alan Sutton, and just like Shamrock, found himself being offered a title clash after one victory in EP, this one being a KO victory over Lewis Scott. He will be looking to win another title, but faces tough competition in Shamrock.


Plain and simple, I feel Shamrock should be retaining his title. While Sailor is a dangerous opponent, Shamrock is an extremely dangerous fighter and I fancy him in this bout.


Prediction: Bobby Shamrock to win via (T)KO in Round 2


That’s it from me for this preview. Some cracking fights on display, and the fans will surely be delighted to see some of their favourites in action. Be sure to look out for the results which will be particularly telling of the future of the Welterweight division!


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Insanity’s Mad Cash Tournament


Round 2


Good evening ladies and gentleman, and welcome to our preview for Round 2 of Insanity’s Mad Cash tournament! The first round nerves are out of the way, with some shocks occurring, and others living up to the hype. With 2 more events happening in 2 different cities, we will be going with what happens in chronological order, starting with…


185lbs division!


Live from the Credit Card Center in New York!


Results from the last round:


Lionel Santos def. DeBo Train via TKO (Strikes) in Round 1


Pera Pulkkinen def. John Dillinger via Submission (Kimura) in Round 1


Sam Hall def. Chan Sung Aoki via Unanimous Decision


Charles Grace def. Vlad Putin via KO (Punches) in Round 1


Lance Legstrong def. Donnie Felterbush via Submission (Kneebar) in Round 3


Octavio Saades def. Lard Pecs via Unanimous Decision


Pika Chu def. Fernand Mondego via KO (Punches) in Round 1


Nolan Sackett def. JT Redman via TKO (Strikes) in Round 3


Now, after a hell of a first round, we are beginning to separate the real fighters from the pretenders, and that continues here, so without further ado, let’s get right down to it!


Fight #1

(Written by John Hetfield)


Carson Battistoni (Uncle Lar) 7-5-0




Dingus Datsik (Free Datsik) 1-1-0


The very first fight of this evening is a light-heavyweight bout, it seems unnecessary, but yes it is a non-tournament fight.


Carson Battistoni is dangerous boxer, he is one of the elite for sure. He has 3 wins and 1 lose with Insanity so far, out of his 7-5-0 record. I believe that Battistoni can make it far in Insanity, but I do hope he will start implementing a more well-rounded strategy for his fights. Adding a few kicks in the fights might make him an unstoppable force in the division. He has great punches, good KO power and the heart to keep on going. I reckon that against his opponent he will do well, but will it be enough to walk away as the winner?


Dingus Datsik is a new face to MMA and so far only fought once with Insanity in a winning effort, standing at a 1-1-0 record. He has a very solid striking game, one that might provide Battistoni with some trouble. Looking at both his fights so far, Dingus really mixes it up well, something his opponent has not really been doing. Dingus more than likely will take the points with that and that will come in handy if the fight goes the distance. But I honestly do not see that happen, so it’s a good thing that besides scoring points, he will also be damaging his opponent all over. It’s hard to say if he has the right skills to beat an experienced fighter like Battistoni, so this fight will be a great test for him, win or lose.


Prediction: Battistoni by TKO in the 2nd


Fight #2

(Written by John Hetfield)


Mike Allen (Mickey Hart) 10-10-0




Justin Hunter (Jack LaBear) 8-5-0


A non-tournament lightweight fight is up next between two experienced fighters, Mike Allen and Justin Hunter.


Mike Allen was part of the 155lbs Mad Cash Tournament but got eliminated in the first round. However he is not going to let that set him back and is ready to get back in there and work his way to a W. He has the skills to do so, but with a 10-10-0 record you must wonder what is going on his head when he fights. Perhaps its just bad luck, who knows. I can only hope Allen is able to get a win again soon and end his 5 fight losing streak. He relies heavy on his boxing, and I would suggest to him to throw in a few more kicks to have a more diverse game plan, and hurting his opponent all over and keeping them guessing.


Justin Hunter has finally be let go of a strangle hold and has found himself a new management team. Hunter has some solid skills and will be able to make it far, and what better way to do so on a big stage like the Mad Cash tournament. Even though it’s a non-tourney fight, all eyes are on the card and he can do an impressive performance for tons of fans to see. Much like his opponent it seems that Hunter focuses on his boxing more than anything else. I would also advice him to implement kicks in his game plan. He would become a much more dangerous fighter and he might be raking in the wins once he does.


Prediction: Hunter by Decision


Fight #3

(Written by John Hetfield)


Alfredo Barbosa (Mike Hunt) 7-6-0




Ashton Eaton (Jeff Richardson) 11-7-0


The next fight is in the featherweight division and as you might have guessed, is a non-tournament fight.


Alfredo Barbosa is a well-rounded fighter, with high skills all over. He has gathered a 7-6-0 record under 4 different management groups. One can only hope that Barbosa finally find a good home where the management is able to do well with his skills and start raking in the wins. Barbosa usually is the kind to mix up his striking rather well, keeping the fight at a distance or closing in for the clinch. He has find success wherever in those positions. He should keep in mind that his opponent might look to get a takedown and work the superior BJJ skill. Barbosa needs to keep the distance and pick his opponent apart with the leg kicks to slow him down and then go in for the kill.


Ashton Eaton is also a well-rounded fighter, but seems to prefer the ground game over striking. He has 5 submission wins on his 11-7-0 record and against a dangerous striking like Barbosa, he should be careful on the stand up, and when to shoot in with the takedown. One big counter might end the fight a lot quicker than he would like. He has to be patient, work his usual strategy and then get the takedown late to take advantage of possible fatigue. If he has the fight on the ground, I imagine he will take the fight and the win.


Prediction: Ashton Eaton by Decision


Fight #4 - Mad Cash Fight!


Charles Grace (Gale Hawthorne) 7-5-0




Lionel Santos (Frank Cross) 11-2-0


Coming up next we have our first Mad Cash tournament fight pitting 5/1 Charles “The Master Debater” Grace against 5/1 Lionel “Behemoth” Santos.


Charles Grace was the most dominant fighter in Round 1 of the tournament, scoring a 17 second KO victory over Vlad Putin. He showed stunning power, the kind of which makes him a threat to any opponent he comes up against. His striking is crisp and disciplined, and it will require a strong defence from Santos to get past this.


Lionel Santos also dismissed his opponent in Round 1 in swift fashion, with a TKO victory over DeBo Train inside the first round, although that is a rarity for him as he is known as a decision fighter more. He possesses a Granite Chin that has only seen him a (T)KO loss once in his career, although he will need to be wary in this bout or he will see that increase.


Quite honestly, I believe Grace having a better manager will be the key difference to this bout, but expect Santos to survive the opening 2 rounds.


Prediction: Charles Grace to win via (T)KO in Round 3


Fight #5

(Written by John Hetfield)


Alvin Loredo (Uncle Lar) 9-4-1




Jose Santiago (Buster Canavan) 7-2-1


The next fight is a non-tournament fight in the featherweight division. Loredo and Santiago are both long time Insanity veterans and this is the first time they meet in the cage.


Loredo is a great boxer with a possible greater chin, in his 9-4-1 record he has never been knocked out once. He relies heavily on his punches and occasionally throws in a kick. We never seem go for the takedown, even though he has the wrestling and BJJ skills to do well. One could say he is a featherweight Rampage Jackson, but he defianetly should implement more kicks in his game plan as we all know, simply relying on throwing KO powered punched is not always the way to go, even though it has worked for Loredo so far in his career.


Jose Santiago is a proper mixed martial artists, he has good striking and a good ground game, and his record shows both TKO and Sub wins. I think Santiago has found himself a good opponent in Loredo, as both men still seem to prefer to strike over anything else. Though I am expecting Santiago to implement his grappling in this fight. He has to avoid the KO power of Loredo and slow him down with leg kicks. I reckon if Santiago is able to do that, he’ll be able to get the fight down and work his superior BJJ skills.


Like most fights, it can go either way, but this fight seems a bit harder to predict than others. It’s a tough call, but I am going with..


Prediction: Jose Santiago by submission in the 3rd round


Fight #6


Silent Bob (Louie DePalma) 9-3-1




Paul Green (Bob Vendarra) 9-1-0


A non tournament bout here as former Tycoon MMA Championships participant Silent Bob takes on Paul “Bang Boom Bang” Green.


Silent Bob is undefeated in his last 3 bouts, scoring 2 wins and a draw. With wins over Bryan Manibusan and Randy Savage, he has really improved his standings, and is now the highest ranked fighter in the division outside of the champion and the Mad Cash tournament participants. With this info, it will be interesting to see if a win here will give him the boost needed to challenge once more for the title.


Paul Green has been making waves since joining Insanity under manager Bob Vendarra. After jumping from manager to manager, and org to org, he was signed up by Vendarra who then signed him to Insanity, and has found some good fortunes since then. Currently on a 3 fight winning streak, he has beaten some game opponents in Homer Jaysimpson, Liam Lee and Oh Yeah. He will need to tighten up his striking however if he wants to reach the top levels of his game.


This is a very tight contest to predict, but I expect one fighter to come out and dominate. Both are very good managers, and I expect a tense battle will be there before one fighter finds his rhythm faster.


Prediction: Paul Green to win via (T)KO in Round 2


Fight #7 - Mad Cash Fight!


Lance Legstrong (Severo Del Bosque) 10-6-0




Octavio Saades (Louie DePalma) 12-1-0


Our next fight is the second of the Mad Cash fights tonight as 9/1 Lance Legstrong takes on 4/1 Octavio Saades!


Lance Legstrong left it late (Alliteration ftw) in his first round fight, submitting opponent Donnie Felterbush with just 4 seconds left in the fight. He mixed his takedowns in with his striking, and when it hit the ground, he made full use of his skills to dominate. He will need to use his ground experience once more in order to win this bout.


Octavio Saades dominated his first round bout against Lard Pecs, using a great mixture of punches and kicks to work his opponent over and outscore him on points. That fight would have ended via (T)KO if it wasn’t for the fact Pecs has a hell of a Granite Chin.


I see the major difference here being Saades amazing diversity in his striking. He has a strong ground game, and his Muay Thai is at extremely high levels meaning every kick deals a lot of damage, while his Punches help him to disguise the kicks.


Prediction: Octavio Saades to win via (T)KO in Round 2


Fight #8 - Mad Cash Fight!


Pera Pulkkinen (Jorma Oltsu) 9-1-0




Nolan Sackett (Barnabas Sackett) 17-1-0


Another Mad Cash bout here, as 4/1 Pera Pulkkinen takes on 3/1 Nolan Sackett in a clash of the tournament favourites.


Pera Pulkkinen pulled a bit of a rabbit out of the hate in his first round matchup, as he scored the first Submission win of his career against John Dillinger. He scored an early takedown, and managed to lock in a Kimura which had Dillinger tapping, and alert his future opponents that he has more than just his striking in his arsenal.


Can you say Clinch Rape enough? Because that is exactly what Sackett did in his first round bout to dispatch former KT fighter JT Redman. Peppering his opponent with strikes, it still took til Round 3 for Sackett to land an uppercut which dropped Redman before landing more strikes to finish the bout.


Two of the best managers in the tournament, and indeed in the game today, collide here, and it will be difficult to pick a stand out winner. However, I believe Sackett has an edge going in, and should eventually come out on top.


Prediction: Nolan Sackett to win via (T)KO in Round 3



Fight #9 - Mad Cash Fight!


Sam Hall (Scott Davies) 8-2-0




Pika Chu (Grant Brophy) 15-5-0


Our final 185 Mad Cash bout sees 12/1 Sam Hall take on fellow 12/1 Pika Chu.


Sam Hall scored a Unanimous Decision victory over Chan Sung Aoki in his first round bout, scoring with a mixture of Punches and Kicks to earn favour with the judges. He showed good ground defenses, opting to control his opponent in order to force the stand up, but will be facing some different offense in this bout.


Pika Chu had, arguably, the easiest draw for the first round in the whole tournament. A strong striker, he faces a grappler with no striking game, and proceeded to win via KO (Punches) in 53 seconds. He has a great striking record, but will be facing a hot prospect who could catch him.


Pika Chu does have a great record for getting the KO, but his opponent is more skilled overall. It will come down to whether Pika Chu can land a damaging strike, but with Hall striking with both punches and kicks, it is up in the air about who will win.


Prediction: Sam Hall to win via (T)KO in Round 2



Fight #10 - TITLE FIGHT


Shintaro Nomo (AJ Nex) 16-3-0




Jozef Beast (Jeff MMA) 15-5-0


Our main event tonight is a title clash as #1 contender Shintaro Nomo takes on the champion Jozef Beast.


Shintaro Nomo is challenging for the title here after an impressive debut over Tyrone Spong. Previously to that, he claimed the gold medal for UNFC in the Tycoon MMA Championships, but then felt his calling to Insanity following the tournament. He has a developing striking game, but he can provide a challenge for any opponent.


Jozef Beast is the reigning champion, having claimed the title all the way back in February in a Unanimous Decision victory over Victor Loosa. Since then, he has claimed Unanimous Decision victories over Johnny Charco, Andy Barclay and, once again, Victor Loosa. He is a dominant fighter, but could find himself in trouble against Nomo.


Honestly, I think Nomo is tailor made to win this fight. He has superior grappling which he can exploit to win, while his budding striking and Granite Chin should help him to survive and get Beast down to the ground where he can dominate.


Prediction: Shintaro Nomo to win via Submission in Round 3


Now that concludes the 185lbs division of the Mad Cash card, and it has some big fights on it which goes down at 10pm GMT on the 20th June! Now just 4 hours later in Los Angeles, we have…




Live from the Venice Beach Arena in Los Angeles!


Results from the last round:


Boyko Kersikov def. Konrad Husky via TKO (Strikes) in Round 1


Mateus Gracie def. Mike Allen via Submission (RNC) in Round 1


Eight Twentythree def. Norman Parke via Split Decision


Dickie Dirty def. Logan Sackett via Unanimous Decision


Antoni Hong def. Beaver Hardwood via Unanimous Decision


Yushin Yamamoto def. Timothy Robinson via Unanimous Decision


Chad Didion def. Kang Xi Jia via Split Decision


Siguard Lodbrok def. Tyroil Smoochie Wallace via TKO (Kicks and Punches) in Round 1

A lot of decision results occurred in the first round, with many taking a tactical approach to it. It will be interesting to see if anyone goes for a different strategy to combat against other styles, or if they go for their own game. Only one way to find out, so let’s get right into it!


Fight #1


Roberto Gonzales (Jim Gold) 0-0-0




Home Jaysimpson (Omicron PerseiEight) 7-12-0


Our first bout of the 155 mad cash card features Roberto Gonzales taking on Homer Jaysimpson.


Roberto Gonzales is making his debut in MMA here, and while it is hard to judge what he is like, he is not as skilled as other fighters at his age. High levels of boxing are supported by a decent wrestling game, but apart from that, not much else to report, and it will be interesting to see how he handles the pressure of his first bout.


Homer Jaysimpson is a Sensational Wrestler with a Brown Belt, but despite his obvious ability, along with a small amount of striking, he has found himself on a 5 fight losing streak, with his last win coming back in September. Mix that with a questionable chin, and he seems to be a fighter who may have to consider his future in MMA, but despite this, I believe he can turn it around in this bout.


To be honest, Jaysimpson should be taking this bout, and I expect him to grind out a decision win.


Prediction: Homer Jaysimpson to win via Unanimous Decision


Fight #2


Anthony Joseph (Randle McMurphy) 7-1-0




Javier Arroyo (Louie DePalma) 5-3-0


Our next bout on the card sees Anthony Joseph take on Javier Arroyo.


Anthony Joseph is a skilled wrestler who has a reputation for knocking his opponents out. Currently on a 2 fight winning streak since joining Insanity, his debut fight saw him pick up a KO Of The Night award for a monstrous head kick that turned his opponent into a human version of a flip flop. He will be looking to keep that run going with a victory here, and a potential highlight reel knockout.


Javier Arroyo is a highly skilled Muay Thai and Wrestling practitioner, but he hasn’t had the best of fortunes inside the cage, having lost his last fight and been unable to string a number of wins together. He will be up against it here, as he faces a proven finisher, but he will be feeling confident of avoiding the damaging blows and securing a win.


I personally feel Javier Arroyo will emerge victorious from this bout, but I can see Joseph getting a (T)KO at any moment.


Prediction: Javier Arroyo to win via (T)KO in Round 3


Fight #3


David Wuzz (Shape Shifter) 6-6-0




Rocco Roman (Romano Schoots) 5-5-0


Continuing on the action sees David Wuzz throw down against Rocco Roman.


David Wuzz is a highly skilled Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and he has demonstrated this by gaining 6 submission victories. Since signing to Insanity from Troid, he has lost his last 2 bouts in a row, and was unable to show the full range of skills he possesses. However, in this bout, he is being given the perfect opportunity for that and will be feeling confident of landing another submission win.


Rocco Roman is another Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt, but unlike his opponent, he has racked up a couple of KO wins along with some Submission victories. He lost his first fight in Insanity last time out, and he has been devastated by that loss as his morale is rock bottom.


I believe Roman’s low morale will be the deciding factor in this bout, and it shouldn’t take long for Wuzz to take advantage.


Prediction: David Wuzz to win via Submission in Round 1


Fight #4


Ricky Blazer (Sean “BuckFutter” Connery) 10-5-0




Ivan Belshiknolav (Dalvarius Helgarion) 9-15-0


Coming up next, we see who will emerge victorious when “The Tyrannical Teabagger” Ricky Blazer takes on Ivan Belshiknolav.


Ricky Blazer is a long time Insanity competitor, signing after initially taking part in a QFC tournament. He is currently on a 2 fight losing streak, but has shown he can win a fight at any moment. His last 3 wins were all KO finishes, and all won him a KO of the Night bonus. With his levels of boxing supported by his wrestling, he is a dangerous competitor to come up against.


Ivan Belshiknolav is a strong Muay Thai fighter who has gone on a poor run of results, losing his last 5 fights in a row. He has a questionable chin, and regularly succumbs to submissions. Unfortunately for him, he will also be coming into this bout with reduced energy and morale, making this bout even more difficult for him.


Honestly, this should be a simple fight for Blazer to navigate, due to his opponent’s lack of energy and morale. If Belshiknolav has these up to scratch, it would be a different fight, but as it is, I have to go with a swift win for Blazer.


Prediction: Ricky Blazer to win via (T)KO in Round 1


Fight #5


Kajun Puno (Chris Karter) 6-5-0




Macho Randy (The Antidote) 6-2-0


Our next fight on the card sees Kajun Puno take on Macho Randy.


Kajun Puno is the son of MMA legend Fidel Puno, and will be looking turn his fortunes around after going 1-4 in his last 5 bouts. Possessing a Granite Chin, his most dangerous weapon in his past fights has been his slick BJJ game, which has claimed 5 victims by way of Submission. With a dangerous ground game, and a good defensive game in most areas, he will be a difficult fighter to catch off guard.


Macho Randy is a dangerous striker who has been developing his Wrestling and BJJ as a defensive mechanism, which is really required in this bout. He lost his last fight via KO to Roosevelt Coleman, having previously been on a 3 fight winning streak, and he will be confident about getting back on the right path. The key for him in this bout is defending well against Puno’s ground based offense, and making his strikes count when he can land them.


I see Puno being able to land a takedown in this fight, but the question is whether he can end the fight while he is there, or even keep the fight there and grind out a decision. Randy’s hope is to get a (T)KO, but I believe Puno will drag him under at one point.


Prediction: Kajun Puno to win via Submission in Round 2


Fight #6


Chris Severn (Sean McDonnel) 9-6-1




Machine Gun (Chris Fraser) 12-4-1


Our final non-Mad Cash fight here for you now as Chris Severn takes on Machine Gun.


Chris Severn is entering his last bout before joining Team Misfits for the ITFL, and it is clear why he was selected to be a team member. High levels of striking is also back up by high levels of grappling. The only issue is he has a bit of an issue with his chin, something which can be exploited by any potential opponent.


Machine Gun, who named himself that after learning it was the object his father used to threaten his mother as he was conceived, has high levels of Boxing and Wrestling, while his Muay Thai and BJJ Purple Belt play as more of support beams for his gameplans. He lacks a bit of KO power, but he has a Solid Chin, and that can be what works out for him.


To be honest, I feel Chris Severn should be winning this. He outmatches Gun, has a better manager, and his hiddens match up better imo as he can work it in his favour.


Prediction: Chris Severn to win via (T)KO in Round 2


Fight #7 - Mad Cash Fight!


Boyko Kersikov (Dean Sutherland) 5-1-0




Mateus Gracie (Louie DePalma) 10-2-0


The first of our Mad Cash fights now as 3/1 Boyko Kersikov clashes with 10/1 Mateus Gracie.


Boyko Kersikov is the favourite of the tournament, with the only other 3/1 fighter Logan Sackett being eliminated in Round 1. He is currently on a 5 fight winning streak, with his debut fight being a loss that, rumour has it, might have been a planned defeat. Nevertheless, he is a very dangerous fighter, with some of the best Muay Thai seen in MMA, and his strikes leave his opponents in a daze. Managed by #1 manager Dean Sutherland, he is going to be a tough competitor for anyone, and he will fancy his chances in this fight.


Mateus Gracie is still undefeated under current manager Louie DePalma, who has managed to get the best out of his BJJ Black Belt. He mixes up his takedowns with his strikes, looking to lull his opponents into a false sense of security before taking the fight to the ground and dominating his opponents. He faces his toughest challenge to date, and will send out a real statement should he emerge victorious.


Overall, I think Kersikov has the upperhand here. The fight starts where he is comfortable, and he has a good level of wrestling that can keep it standing, but he will need to hit hard to bring Gracie down before he gets into trouble.


Prediction: Boyko Kersikov to win via (T)KO in Round 2


Fight #8 - Mad Cash Fight!


Yushin Yamamoto (The Can Crusher) 7-2-1




Antoni Hong (Topo Topologies) 9-3-0


Our second ITFL bout sees 5/1 Yushin Yamamoto take on 5/1 Antoni Hong.


Yushin Yamamoto is currently on a 2 fight winning streak, having defeated Timothy Robinson in the last round via Unanimous Decision. He displayed some good defensive grappling to dominate a fellow black belt, despite being taken down in each round, he managed to reverse the position and hold off his opponent’s submission attempts to take home the win.


Antoni Hong is the current Insanity 155lbs champion, and he defeated Beaver Hardwood in the previous round via Unanimous Decision. Despite losing the first round to Beaver Hardwood, he started to mix in his takedowns in Rounds 2 and 3 better, and took both of those rounds on all of the judge’s scorecards. He dealt with his opponent’s striking well, and dominated him on the ground.


Personally, I feel Hong is the better fighter, as I see his striking to be more crisp, while his ground defences seem solid to deal with his opponent’s threats.


Prediction: Antoni Hong to win via (T)KO in Round 2


Fight #9 - Mad Cash Fight!


Chad Didion (Huey Freeman) 12-5-0




Eight Twentythree (Scott Davies) 5-0-0


Our Co-Main event, and penultimate fight of the 2nd round, sees 10/1 Chad Didion takes on 10/1 Eight Twentythree.


Chad Didion grounded out a Split Decision victory over Kang Xi Jia in the last round, using his striking well from range, but also forcing the fight into the clinch, and even onto the ground, in an effort to push his opponent to the limit. A lot of people claimed Xi Jia should have gotten the win, but Didion is the man here, and he will be looking to take full advantage.


Eight Twentythree also won a Split Decision in the first round, gaining the win over Norman Parke. He found the most success at range, picking his opponent off and winning Rounds 2 and 3 to take the fight. He will need to be careful, as Didion is a capable fighter in all areas.


The way I see it, Didion needs to make this a grappling form of fight, while Twentythree needs it to be striking from range. We know Didion can fight anywhere, but we have seen Twentythree struggle inside the clinch and on the ground, so I see Didion taking advantage for a Decision.


Prediction: Chad Didion to win via Split Decision.


Fight #10 - Mad Cash Fight!


Dickie Dirty (Bjorn O’Donnel) 11-1-0




Sigurd Lodbrok (Ragnar Lodbrok) 11-5-0


Our main event of the evening sees 7/1 Dickie Dirty take on 18/1 Sigurd Lodbrok.


Dickie Dirty caused probably the upset of the tournament, and even a potential upset of the year contender, with a victory over Logan Sackett in Round 1. Nobody gave him much of a chance, but he surprised everyone by performing amicably. He scored well on the ground, and avoided taking too much damage in striking while firing off his own shots. People won’t be underestimating him for the rest of the tournament however, but he is one of the frontrunners now with that win.


Sigurd Lodbrok disposed of his opponent in Round 1, Tyroil Smoochie Wallace, in quick fashion. He came out of the box flying, landing punches and kicks early, and rocking Wallace with two swift jabs. He followed this up with a big head kick that dazed Wallace, and followed up with strikes to force the ref to stop the fight. He has shown he has explosive striking, and he will be looking to do more of the same.


I see this going one of two ways. Siguard Lodbrok will need to end this fight in Round 1, as I feel Dirty’s grappling will wear him down going into the later rounds. I don’t believe Dirty will finish Lodbrok, but I do feel if he can survive an early onslaught from Lodbrok, he will get a decision win.


Prediction: Dickie Dirty to win via Unanimous Decision


That finishes up our preview for the Mad Cash Round 2 events. Hope you all enjoyed the writing, and I hope you all look forward to the results. Remember, the 185 round is happening at 10pm, while the 155 event happens at 2am. Also, a big thanks to John Hetfield for his contribution to the preview. Best of luck to all competitors, and I will see you all next time for the Preview of Round 3!


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Epicity Productions






EP32: International Intricacy!


Live from the Saku Dome in Tokyo!


in association with Conquer Clothing!


Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to our preview for EP32: International Intricacy! This represents Epicity Productions’ first foray overseas, and they hope to excite the Japanese crowd with a great display of MMA action. With the Heavyweight title on the line, EP is sending a solid delegation to represent, so without further ado, let’s get right into it!




Fight #1 - Light Heavyweight Division!


Shaw Shank (1-0-0) vs Wayne Conner (3-3-0)


Our first fight of the evening pits relative newcomer to MMA Shaw Shank take on Wayne Conner.


In this fight, I expect it will be an easy enough victory for Shank. He is the more skilled fighter, and Conner has not looked convincing in his career thus far.


Prediction: Shaw Shank to win via (T)KO in Round 1


Fight #2 - Featherweight Division!


Chris Cross (6-7-0) vs Guto Silveira (17-16-0)


Next up is a Featherweight clash as Chris Cross takes on veteran Guto Silveira.


Cross is the more rounded fighter here, as Silveira relies heavily on his boxing to carry him through fights. Cross’ better overall skill set should carry him through here.


Prediction: Chris Cross to win via Submission in Round 2


Fight #3 - Featherweight Division!


Jon Hopkins (5-2-0) vs Baki Hanma (5-5-0)


Another Featherweight clash here as Jon Hopkins does battle with Baki Hanma.


Jon Hopkins is the older fighter, and his striking advantage is backed up by his wrestling advantage. Having said that, if Hanma can get it down, he has a good chance to finish, but I feel Hopkins will get the (T)KO before that.


Prediction: Jon Hopkins to win via (T)KO in Round 1


Fight #4 - Light Heavyweight Division!


Jack Shaw (5-0-0) vs Santiago Diablo (5-0-1)


A Light Heavyweight clash now as undefeated Jack Shaw takes on fellow undefeated fighter Santiago Diablo.


Realistically, this fight should have been a lot closer than it will be. Diablo is coming into this fight devoid of morale, and it should be easy for Shaw to pick him off and end his undefeated streak.


Prediction: Jack Shaw to win via (T)KO in Round 1


Fight #5 - Featherweight Division!


The Sigit (13-4-1) vs Arc Turian (10-3-0)


Our last fight on the undercard sees The Sigit fight Arc Turian in a Featherweight bout!


Going by skills, Arc Turian appears to be a favourite for this bout, but when looking closer, he is not a finisher by any stretch of imagination, while The Sigit is an accomplished Submission expert. Turian’s inability to finish fights will provide Sigit with the opportunity to take it down and lock in a finish.


Prediction: The Sigit to win via Submission in Round 2




Fight #6 - Featherweight Division!


Gio Avila (10-5-0) vs James Granger (13-9-0)


The first fight on our main card sees Gio Avila face off against James Granger in the Featherweight division.


Gio Avila is a submission specialist who has gained all of his wins via Submission. While his Striking is not at a great level, he has a decent level of Wrestling which works well in tandem with his BJJ Purple Belt. His last fight saw him make his EP debut, securing a second round submission win with a tight Arm Triangle against Guto Silveira.


James Granger is also a BJJ specialist, although he has also secured wins via (T)KO and Decision to show he is not just a one weapon man. He has the superior grappling, but he will need to be wary about potentially being caught off guard. His last bout was a TKO loss to Andrew Morgan in his EP debut, so he will be hoping to bounce back with a win here.


Prediction: James Granger to win via Submission in Round 3


Fight #7 - Middleweight Division!


Coaker Kluge (10-7-0) vs Harrison Yates (9-0-0)


Rolling on with the main card we see a Dogs of War clash here as Uncle Lar’s Coaker Kluge takes on Mello Jones’ Harrison Yates on the Middleweight Division.


Coaker Kluge is a classic sprawl and brawler, but he has the Muay Thai and BJJ to show he is no slouch outside of his own comfort zone. He has some good KO power, and also a Granite Chin, providing him with enough to stand in the pocket and trade blows with anyone. In his last bout, he defeated Lucas Pierce in his last fight at NYFN before it’s closure in a 3rd round TKO victory.


Harrison Yates is undefeated in his MMA career thus far, and many have attributed that to his advance level of Muay Thai, as he peppers his opponents from range while also working them over in the clinch. In his last bout, he secured a unanimous decision victory over Donnie Datsik in a fight where he displayed his great striking skills, as well as demonstrated some great defensive grappling to nullify his opponent.


Prediction: Harrison Yates to win via (T)KO in Round 2


Fight #8 - Welterweight Division!


Sam Rogers (20-10-0) vs Tre Spar (8-6-1)


Our last bout before the Co-Main event sees veteran Sam Rogers take on Tre Spar in a Welterweight bout.


Sam Rogers is a veteran of MMA, who has only competed in 3 fight orgs in his career, Attack Fighting League, Death Squad MMA, and now Epicity Productions! His ground game is well known, as he can make you submit, and also pound your face into the canvas if given the right situation. He lost his debut in EP in his last bout, losing a Unanimous Decision victory to Wrestlefuck Wrestling.


Tre Spar is coming into his 4th EP fight here, as he looks to move up the ranks. A well rounded fighter with nothing in particular standing out, he still knows how to win, with 7 finishes in his 8 wins. In his last bout, he suffered a swift KO loss to Andy Carroll, but he will be looking to bounce back here.


Prediction: Sam Rogers to win via (T)KO in Round 2



Fight #9 - Lightweight Division!


Jeffrey Miller (13-6-1) vs Dorian Yates (8-2-0)


Our Co-Main Event of the evening is sponsored by GBK16’s writings. For quality and consistency, contact Grant Brophy (93477) for availability.


The Co-Main Event sees former champion Jeffrey Miller take on ITFL bound Dorian Yates.


Jeffrey Miller’s main strength is his stand up prowess. With 8 wins via (T)KO, he has shown he has the capabilities of ending his opponent’s nights early, and he has shown great improvements under his current management. Going on a 6 fight win streak, he claimed the EP title before losing it to Yaniv Schulmann in his last bout. With Schulmann also due to head to the ITFL, Miller will be looking to use this fight as an opportunity to stake his claim to the crown depending on what Dick Hardwood does in regards to the title.


Dorian Yates is currently undefeated under his manager Mike Jursllla, racking up a 5 fight win streak which has put him immediately among the upper levels of the division. His main weakness is his tendency to allow the fights to go to a decision, which could be dangerous if he is behind on the cards. Despite this, he is a solid fighter, and Miller will have his hands full trying to cope with Yates.


Prediction: Dorian Yates to win via Unanimous Decision



Fight #10 - Heavyweight Division! - Title Fight!


Mellow Mood © (14-3-0) vs Jacques Saint-Perrilloux (7-0-0)


Our Main Event of the evening is brought to you by Conquer Clothing - The Most Epic of Clothing Stores!


The Main Event sees a Heavyweight title clash as Mellow Mood defends his title for the first time against undefeated number one contender Jacques Saint-Perrilloux!


Mellow Mood was a recent signing to Epicity, but he had a huge crowd following from his run in WarZone, which brought him to the forefront of media attention. There was a huge scramble for him, but Epicity won out and, such was his reputation, awarded him a title shot in his first fight. He won the title from Zoey Malone Jr due to Doctor Stoppage after he opened up a nasty cut which finally bled too much in the fourth round. He is a highly skilled striker, and his grappling is no small game either as he has become an incredibly rounded MMA fighter, and he will be confident in continuing his reign and the Heavyweight champion.


Jacques Saint-Perrilloux (JSP) is also a very talented and skilled mixed martial artist. With 7 wins and no losses in his career, he has made a good start, going 5-0 under former manager Scooby Ali before being dropped, and he was then signed by current manager Gale Hawthorne, who signed him up to EP. Two dominant performances over Matt Weston and Joe Louis put him in the spotlight for a title shot, and here he is now. He has the power to trouble Mood, but he has yet to be put into any major trouble, and it may be the deciding factor in this bout if he can handle the pressure Mood will put on him.


Prediction: JSP to win via (T)KO in Round 4


That’s it for this preview of EP’s latest event! Apologies for the lateness, but I hope to have the previews done more in advance in future. It looks like it will be a great event, so be sure to keep an eye out for the results!


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Havoc Fighting League




Causing Havoc 19!


Live from Hayashi’s Lounge in Amsterdam!


In association with AnonymouS


Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to this short notice preview of Causing Havoc 19! My name is Grant Brophy, and I will be doing some previews for Havoc for the foreseeable future until a more permanent writer is found. With less than 12 hours remaining until the event, I will simply be doing a prediction for the under fight cards, with the main card getting a full preview! Now without further ado, let’s get right down into it!






Rod McLaren to defeat Lenny Lukens Jr via Submission in Round 2


Kim Woo Bin to defeat Djin Dawn via (T)KO in Round 2


Jimmy McDonald to defeat Juan Dela Cruz via (T)KO in Round 1


Manuel La Bor to defeat Nicolae Filipescu via (T)KO in Round 2


Kim Jong Un to defeat Tien Shinhan via (T)KO in Round 1




Fight #6 - Light Heavyweight Division!


Rodolfo Vieira (4-1-0) vs Steven Johnson (4-3-0)


Our first fight on the main card sees Rodolfo “The Black Belt Hunter” Vieira take on Steven “Wonderboy” Johnson.


Rodolfo Vieira’s main plan here will be getting the fight to the ground, where he has a slight advantage. He has been improving his striking skills, but his grappling remains his most dangerous weapon.


Steven Johnson is a Submission artist too, albeit, slightly less skilled than Vieira. He too has been improving his striking, but with Vieira holding the ground advantage, it will be interesting to see if Johnson keeps it standing or tries to go to ground.


Prediction: Rodolfo Vieira to win via Submission in Round 2


Fight #7 - Middleweight Division!


Kai Kha (2-1-0) vs Khal Drogo (4-0-0)


Middleweight clash to follow up now as Kai Kha takes on “The Great” Khal Drogo.


Kai Kha is making his fourth appearance in Havoc here, improving his skills greatly since his debut, with many earmarking him as a future top prospect. He

prefers to strike at range, using leg kicks effectively, and working the body as well with punches and the occasional kick. He defeated Hans Huber in his last bout via Unanimous Decision, so it will be interesting to see if he hunts for the KO or not.


Khal Drogo has been hailed by many as the next big thing in MMA. Extremely skilled for such a young fighter, many have called for his physical attributes for his weaknesses, but reports indicate Drogo has been working hard to make himself as physically ready as can be. No losses yet on his record, he was won fights via Sub, (T)KO and Decision, and it will be this diversity that leads him upwards.


Prediction: Khal Drogo to win via (T)KO in Round 2


Fight #8 - Heavyweight Division!


Sam Wilson (4-1-0) vs Tamati Ngata (4-1-0)


Penultimate fight before the Main Events here as Sam Wilson takes on Tamati Ngata!


Sam Wilson is a highly talented Wrestler who has been working on his other skills in order to bring them up to scratch. He likes to mix it up, striking from distance, the occasional takedown and clinching up. His favourite appears to be clinching where he can use his great wrestling to gain a dominant position, and he will be looking up towards the title should he win.


Tamati Ngata is the former Heavyweight champion, and he will be looking to get back on track here. Good levels of Boxing and Wrestling are his forte, and he won the Darkness title with those skills. He defeated Santeri Laukkanen in his debut fight in Havoc before facing off against Robert Baratheon for the vacant title, in a losing effort. He will be more focussed than ever, but this may be one challenge to much for him.


Prediction: Sam Wilson to win via (T)KO in Round 2



Fight #9 - Featherweight Division!


Ricky Monroe (5-2-0) vs Otso Koski (5-4-0)


Co-Main event here as Ricky “Manuki” Monroe takes on Otso Koski.


Ricky Monroe is an accomplished ground fighter, possessing high levels of Wrestling, and getting his BJJ up as well in order to defend himself from any dangers. His tactic is simple, take you down and turn your face into a pancake. If Koski can avoid this, he stands a chance. The main issue for Monroe is his lack of striking will be his downfall if he comes up against a fighter skilled in striking and on the ground.


Otso Koski is a great Muay Thai fighter, gaining 5 (T)KO wins from 5, but his bane is BJJ fighters, something his opponent will be delighted to hear. Koski has been improving his Wrestling, but the question is, will it be enough come fight time? Koski will need to get the (T)KO before the fight can go to the ground.


Prediction: Ricky Monro to win via Submission in Round 1



Fight #10 - Featherweight Division!


Darren Brown (7-2-0) vs Dupraz Herve (3-2-0)


Our main event of the evening sees former title contender Darren Brown take on Dupraz Herve.


Darren Brown is on something of a slide lately. After going 6-0, he is now 1-2 in his last 3 fights, losing a title shot and his morale has been shot lately. Lack of funds has seen him get booted from his gym, and his manager has gone MIA. Everyone is pointing to him losing here, but stranger things have happened in MMA. He is a dangerous BJJ fighter, gaining 7 submission wins from all 7, and he will be hoping he can turn his misery around with a win here.


Dupraz Herve is a developing fighter from France, and like Brown, he will be hoping he can turn his fortunes around. Currently 0-2 since signing for Insanity, he has good levels of Muay Thai and Wrestling, His boxing is also coming along nicely as he looks to remove any weaknesses in his game. He is also coming in well rested and with good morale, so he is my pick for this bout.


Prediction: Dupraz Herve to win via (T)KO in Round 1


Well that’s it from me. I hope you enjoyed the Preview, and I hope you enjoy the future writing being done for Havoc, which will be a lot better quality.


Thank you for reading, and best of luck to everyone in the fights!


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Evolution presents




2015 Inductees


Good evening everyone, and welcome to the induction of two great fighters into the Evolution Hall of Fame. There are 14 fighters in the Hall of Fame so far, among them such great names like Otso Jokinen and Mitchell Stehling. With very few fighters in there, it has gained a prestige of sorts, and now here, we take a look at two fighters who have truly become two of the best fighters, not only to have fought in Evo, but to have competed in MMA period. These two fighters have actually competed against each other in the past, and now they are here again to take their place among the gods.


Our first inductee is one of the best fighters in the world today, and has previously been called the GOAT. The following are his accomplishments so far in his MMA Tycoon career:


#1 P4P Fighter

New Generation Fighters (NGF) Hall of Fame member

Former NGF Heavyweight Champion

Former NGF Super Heavyweight Champion

Tycoon Summer Olympics Bronze Medallist

Tycoon Winter Olympics Gold Medallist

Former EVO Heavyweight Champion

Current EVO Super Heavyweight Champion

3 Fight of the Night awards

9 KO Of The Night awards

Fight of the Year 2014 winner

Super Heavyweight Fighter of the Year 2014

Fighter of the Year 2014


Current MMA Record: 40-6-0


Of course, there is only one man we can be talking about and now we would like to take you through the career of the man known as……






Early Career


Rinky Spider was spotted by Bowser BigDog early on, and spotting his potential, Bowser signed him up and had him take part in a test fight. Showing great prowess, Spider knocked out his opponent, Muhammed Jolly, within 3 minutes, and also showed he had a Granite Chin, thereby influencing Bowser to keep him signed on.


He took part in a fight at SPFT, KO’ing his opponent, Rick James, in just 45 seconds to really started having people talk about his potential. He would then sign with the org where he would start to build his reputation, New Generation Fighters.


New Kid at New Generation Fighters


Following his signing to NGF, Rinky would have his first fight at NGF Fight Night 6. He took on Petr Jakovlev, another young fighter with an undefeated record. It wouldn’t last long however, as Spider ended him with a brutal head kick midway into the first round to announce his arrival, as he was awarded the KO of the Night award. He would win his next three fights in a row, all via (T)KO within 2 rounds. This would set up a title shot against Sam Winchester (Now known as Alojz Cerny), in a fight between two of the hottest prospects in the division. Despite a hard fought battle, Spider would be unable to finish Winchester, and would lose the judge’s decision to mark his first defeat in MMA.


Despite the loss, Spider rose to the challenge of climbing the ladder again to the top, defeating Firco Nowack in his next fight with an incredible Spinning Backfist KO in the first round. He followed that up with a TKO (Cut) win over Carlos Quintana (Now known as Carlos Cutwood) to earn another shot at the gold. This time he would be competing against Polish Engineer for the belt, and he would finally capture the title with a TKO (Strikes) victory at 2.20 of the first round.


The Next Big Thing


After capturing the gold, many had claimed Rinky was the next big star in MMA. In order to live up to those claims however, he would need to keep the momentum on his side. This would start with defending the belt against the first man to defeat him, Sam Winchester. In a shock, Rinky would end the fight within a minute, finishing Winchester off with a Head Kick to retain his title, and earn the KO of the Night award.


He would suffer setback in his next bout however, dropping the title to Wei Pei, and suffering his first TKO loss in his career. He would battle Vadim Kalashnikov in his next bout, showing typical Spider attacking by winning via KO (Head Kick) in the first round to earn another title shot. This time however, he would be facing Shavo Odin for the Super Heavyweight belt, and like before, he would win the title via TKO (Strikes), albeit in the second round this time.


He would then take part in a supercard being organised by Immortals NY, as he took on and defeated Tobias Larsson. Upon his return to NGF, he Karol Cropp in a non-title bout. He would go on to defeat Samson Miodek and Wei Pei in title defences, before making the jump to Evolution.


Early Days at Evolution


After making the jump to Evo’s Super Heavyweight division, Spider suddenly found himself in shark infested waters, with everyone wanting a piece of him. He would challenge for the title in his debut, losing to Neo Kable. He would lose two fights in a row for the first, and only, time in his career in his next bout as he dropped a decision victory to Liro Tolonen in an Evo vs Ascension event. He would then go on a tear, picking up 5 wins in a row in Evo, capturing the Super Heavyweight title, and avenging the two losses to Kable and Tolonen.


He would then go on to represent Evolution in the Tycoon Olympics, which involved some of the biggest orgs in MMA Tycoon. He would pick up a win in the first round against James Proudstar via TKO (Strikes) in the 5th round, in a fight which was voted the Fight Of The Year 2014.


A loss to Ghengis Congo would follow in the next round however, and Spider would then find himself competing against Emeka Shakur for the Bronze Medal. Spider would claim the victory, courtesy of a doctor’s stoppage due to a nasty cut being opened on Shakur. This victory would really show he had arrived on the world stage, and many had him pegged as the new poster boy for Evo.


Dominance in Evolution


Spider’s reputation was becoming such that people believed he was going to be the best fighter in the world. Well, following his Bronze Medal, he continued his strive for greatness, as he defended his title against Bas Severn successfully. He would follow up that with successful title defences against Antonio Manoel, Leonardo Ferreira and Ernesto Oliveira.


Following these successes, he would take part in a clash with Simon Williams for the Heavyweight title. With the Super Heavyweight title secured, this was a chance for Rinky to display his dominance of the heavier weights and unify the two titles. He would do that, and in dominant fashion with a first round TKO victory.


From there, he took a one fight deal with Team Thomas Fight Club, defeating Daniel Silva in the first round. From there, he would return to Evo to defend his title once in the Super Heavyweight division, as he beat Declan Sweeney via Unanimous Decision to retain his crown.


From there he would represent Evo in the Tycoon Winter Olympics, and in his first round match up, he defeated Jon Hess in a high profile fight which further showed Rinky’s dominance of the heavier divisions. A hard fought battle with Codi Gale would follow in the Semi Finals. but Rinky would again end it with a head kick late in the 5th round. He would contest the finals against Yeo Jae Suk, and would finish him with a second round TKO finish to claim the Gold medal to go with the Bronze he won in the Summer Olympics.


Return to Evo


This next part brings us up to the present day Rinky Spider. After claiming Gold, he returned to Evo again to defend his titles. He took on Vyacheslav Kalashnikov, twin brother of Vadim Kalashnikov who Rinky defeated early in his career, in a bout for the title. Rinky made light work of him, forcing Vyacheslav to submit to strikes early in the second round.


His next fight would see him take on Bo Juggernaut, Ascension’s Heavyweight champion. In what was becoming a common theme for his career, Rinky won the fight and made it look relatively easy with a KO (Punch) victory in the second round.


The next fight however, was to be one that would change Rinky’s career.


In a highly anticipated clash between the rosters of Bowser BigDog and Dean Sutherland, Rinky Spider was slated to fight a former foe in Leonardo Ferreira. Rinky had defeated Ferreira previously, but that was under Choose Life’s (Mannetosen) management. Now that Ferreira was under Sutherland’s, there was an air of unpredictability coming into the bout. Sutherland claimed he would go 10-0 in the entire event, and claimed he felt supremely confident in winning, as did Bowser BigDog when asked about his thoughts on the bout. When it came to the fight, the world was shocked as Rinky Spider’s 13 fight win streak was snapped via Unanimous Decision, as he lost the Heavyweight championship.


However, rather than sulk in the corner, Spider got right back into the action, defending his Super Heavyweight title successfully against Tiny McGee. Following this was a superfight of sorts with CEC champion Rocky Tyson, a fight Rinky continued his comeback with, scoring a first round TKO.


He would then defend his Evo title against Rau Utu, and got a rarity when he didn’t win due to a finish, but rather a Doctor’s stoppage as he scored a TKO (Cut) win in the second round. A trip to Aggressive Damage followed, as he scored a quick first round KO against Cinder Smaug.


His last fight saw him defend his title against Rockford Knight, and he saw out a Unanimous Decision win to leave him at 40-6-0 in his career, and rocked atop the mountain at #1 P4P.


He is next scheduled to face Varg Velde, in a bout which could have implications of a rematch with Leonardo Ferreira should he be able to win.


With the career behind him, Rinky Spider is truly one of the best fighters in MMA Tycoon history, and he now takes his place deservingly in the Evolution Hall of Fame!


Next Inductee to follow soon…

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Havoc Fighting League




Causing Havoc 20!


Live from Hayashi’s Lounge, Amsterdam!


In association with AnonymouS


Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the Preview for Causing Havoc 20! No title fights on the line this week, but a number of upcoming stars feature in what showcases some of the best young talent Havoc has to offer. Without further ado, let’s kick off with our predictions for the Undercard!






Otso Koski def. Melvin Garcia via (T)KO in Round 1


Robert Bruce def. Cliff Burton via (T)KO in Round 2


Dae Kyung Kim def. Demir Kartal via Submission in Round 1


Aidan Harrison def. Andrewle Martin via (T)KO in Round 1


Ekong Bell def. Karl Karlsson via (T)KO in Round 2


Main Card


Fight #1


Featherweight Division


Carlton Leach (6-2-0) vs Terrell James (3-5-0)


Our first fight of the evening sees the Featherweight division’s resident footsoldier Carlton Leach take on Terrell “Thunder” James!


Carlton Leach has had a pattern throughout his career, picking up 2 wins, followed by a loss consistently. Despite this, both of his losses have come via Decision, and both of them were Fight of the Night winners. He comes to fights to give the fans a show, and with all 6 wins coming via (T)KO, he has the power to get to his opponents.


Terrell James is currently on a bit of a downer, having lost all 5 fights he has competed in since joining Havoc. Despite this, he has a solid grappling game that can trouble any opponent. The big problem is that he is known to crumble under pressure, so he will look to take the fight down asap to avoid the big hits from Leach.


Prediction: Carlton Leach to win via (T)KO in Round 2


Fight #2


Heavyweight Division


Ernesto Silva (4-0-0) vs William Cutter (3-3-0)


Our next fight on the main card is a Heavyweight clash between undefeated Ernesto Silva and Gangs of New York Season 2 participant William Cutter!


Ernesto Silva has a diverse skill range, choosing to be a jack of all trades, and master of none. He has a BJJ Purple Belt that he has used to gain 3 wins via Submission. He has a solid chin which lets him survive long enough to gain the takedown, and he will be relying on it again here.


William Cutter is a young Muay Thai fighter who is competing in Havoc for the first time. He competed in the Gangs of New York tournament, going a respectable 3-2 throughout the season. He is a Heavy Handed fighter, and he has a decent chin which has held him in good stead so far, but this fight will rely on him avoiding the takedown.


Prediction: Ernesto Silva to win via Submission in Round 1


Fight #3


CO-MAIN EVENT (As it stands)


Middleweight Division


Carl Grimes (5-5-0) vs Hans Huber (4-2-0)


Our Co-Main event (as it stands) sees a Middleweight clash between Carl Grimes and Hans Huber!


Carl Grimes is a BJJ fighter with an expanding skill set. He has gained all of his wins via Submission, but his major flaw is his glass jaw, which has seen 4 of his losses come via (T)KO. He will need to shore up his defences if he wants to win fights, because his ground offense is solid and gives him a good base to work with.


Hans Huber is a boxer who is coming into this fight in an attempt to right the wrongs of his debut in Havoc where he lost. A Granite Chin with some dynamic fists, he has shown he has the potential to go very far in MMA, and his diversity in his skills is ever growing. He will be looking to see how his game plan against grapplers works here, as he looks to earn a title clash in the near future.


Prediction: Hans Huber to win via (T)KO in Round 1


Fight #4


MAIN EVENT (As it stands)


Light Heavyweight Division


Yuuto Yoshida (8-2-0) vs Wyatt Earp (4-2-0)


Our Main Event (as it stands) of the evening is a Light Heavyweight clash as Yuuto Yoshida locks horns with Wyatt Earp.


Yuuto Yoshida is currently on a 7 fight winning streak, stretching back to his run in Choke. He is a well rounded fighter, with high levels of Muay Thai and Wrestling, as well as great Boxing and BJJ. He has won all 8 of his fights via (T)KO, and has shown he can win at any point in a fight. He will need to use these attributes to pull off a win here, and he will be banging on the door for a future title bout.


Wyatt Earp is an excellent Muay Thai fighter who has developed his Boxing and Wrestling to good levels in order to support this. With only 1 (T)KO win, he has shown a tendency to drag the fight to the judges, and has come away on the good end thrice. He has a Granite Chin, and that will come into use in this bout as he looks to survive any onslaughts that Yoshida can throw at him. This will be a big test of him, and he will be launched into the higher ends of the division with a win.


Prediction: Yuuto Yoshida to win via (T)KO in Round 3




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The Final Chapter


Live from the Camden Conference Centre!


In association with Voodoo Nutrition!


Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the Preview for the last round of fights in the Troid’s Next Top Fighter tournament. I am going to be honest, when I first started the tournament, I expected it to be mediocre at best. I had no previous experience running a tournament, I had only just taking over Troid and was running it single handedly, and I was asking for a quite a lot in order for the tournament to be successful. Thankfully, due to a great number of people who signed up, were helpful and supportive, and thanks to the fact a number of great managers were involved, the tournament turned out to be a huge success. Not many tournaments can run for nearly an entire calendar year straight, but we managed to pull it off, and we even managed to pick up “Tournament of the Year 2014” as a result, beating off some huge competition in the ITFL and even the mega tournament that was the Tycoon Olympics. I would like to place on record my thanks to the managers who stuck with this tournament through to the end, and also thanks to those managers who entered replacement fighters when the tournament was looking doomed in order to save it. This has been one of the most enjoyable experiences of my MMA Tycoon career, and it is all down to the community involvement and fun that came with some top managers being involved. My favourite part of this tournament would probably be during the first few events, chat would always have a few people in there and we would be waiting for the results to see who is going up and down the table. Was always fun to discuss the fighters and what we feel about them, and hopefully some future seasons can retain the same kind of feeling around them. Now, with all the sombreness out of the way, we do still have one last round of fights to preview, so without further ado, let’s get right into it!





Our first fight sees popular smacktalking Irishman “The Cork Convict” Conor McCracken take on the quiet and conservative (not the political party) Gregor MCconnor.


Conor McCracken has shown himself to be one of the most outspoken participants of the Season. With a vocabulary that could only come with growing up in Ireland, he has talked the talk, and put on a fight against everyone he came up against. A Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt, he has gained 7 of his 8 wins via Submission, and most impressive of all, is that he has won using a different submission every time. One has to wonder if he will pull off another submission, or possibly even a legendary TDPW. Only time will tell, but expect McCracken to take the fight down to his zone.


Gregor MCconnor hasn’t had a great tournament run, but he has shown incredible heart by staying in the tournament til the end. He has lost his last 6 on the spin, although having said that they were mostly all the top contenders. He will be hoping he can survive McCracken’s submissions and come away with another decision, as I don’t see him gaining a (T)KO.


Prediction: Conor McCracken to win via Submission in Round 1





Our next fight sees formerly dropped Sebastian Scrooge take on tournament replacement Matt Smith.


Sebastian Scrooge was an original entry in the tournament, under the management of Dave F. However, after going 0-5 in his first 5 bouts, he was dropped by his management and looked to cause an issue for the tournament. However, he was picked up by myself in order to keep the tournament going. After an initially promising start, going 2-0-1 in his first three fights, including a draw against top competitor Jimmy Doyle, Scrooge would go 0-4 in his next 4 fights, with one of those being an auto win after his opponent dropped out. His competition during these 3 tournament bouts were tough however, competing against McCracken, Carlyle and Boshtok. He will be looking to finish on a high before he leaves the MMA scene, and a win here will do the job.


Matt Smith was a tournament replacement, and he has shown he could have been one of the top competitors has he been involved from the get go. After going 4-1 in QFC bouts, he got involved in TNTF and has since gone 4-2 with wins over Yuri Boshtok and Commander Shepard. He is a dangerous Muay Thai fighter, and will be looking to finish the season on a high also, and his dangerous clinch game could be the decisive factor.


Prediction: Matt Smith to win via (T)KO in Round 1





Midway through the round now, and we see tournament leader Yuri Boshtok attempt to secure first place as he takes on another tournament replacement in Gerry Khan.


Yuri Boshtok has been a dominant fighter in TNTF, as he has racked up a 12-2 record. His big issue is fighting grapplers who are sound defensively. He was brutalised in the clinch by Matt Smith, showing a possible flaw in his game, but he was also beaten by popular fighter Jimmy Doyle. Despite this, he leads the tournament with 10 KO wins giving him the points needed to be in first place, as well as one round of NC which gave him an auto win. He has a fantastic wrestling game, and can change levels to control where the fight occurs. He will most likely be looking to take this fight to the ground, and if he does, he will be in a great position to finish.


Gerry Khan is a great Muay Thai striker who has the KO power to end anyone’s night early. Joining the tournament as a late replacement, he has gone 3-6 in the tournament but has proven to have a weakness against strong grapplers as his only losses in the first round have come via Submission. He will be hoping to keep this fight standing, and look to use his Muay Thai to great effect.


Prediction: Yuri Boshtok to win via (T)KO in Round 2






Our penultimate fight of the tournament sees huge crowd favourite Geralt of Rivia take on another popular fighter in Commander Shepard.


Geralt of Rivia has been one of the true revelations of the season. Insane KO power is coupled with a strong Sprawl and Brawl developed game which has allowed him to deal with a variety of styles and end them all with his fists. He is also one of the most spoken fighters in the tournament, regularly talking to the media regarding his opponents and this has only seen the media attention continue to swirl around him as the tournament has progressed. Once you see his KO record, you also have to add in that he has shown a great chin, and is one of the more difficult of the fighters to compete against. He will be hoping Gerry Khan can pull off an upset against Boshtok, as if he does and Geralt wins, he will claim first place. He will also be hoping Doyle can defeat Carlyle, which will guarantee Geralt claims second as long as he wins.


Commander Shepard is one of the more flashy fighters in the tournament. He has picked up 6 KO Of The Night awards as well as 2 Fight Of The Night awards. He has gained a reputation for pulling off big finishes, with Head Kicks, and even a Flying Knee, being added to his record. He has a strong wrestling game, and likes to attack his opponents with his striking. However, he does have a diagnosis of having a glass jaw, and against an opponent like Geralt, that is not something you want to have.


Prediction: Geralt of Rivia to win via (T)KO in Round 1






Our last fight of the tournament is a battle for third place, and probably Fighter of the Season, as Charles “Crossbow” Carlyle takes on Jimmy “Popeye” Doyle.


Charles Carlyle is one of the most well rounded competitors in the tournament, and has proven himself to be a real force. High levels of Wrestling and BJJ are supported by his ever growing striking game. He has shown he can finish fights, with 4 (T)KO wins and 5 Submission wins, but it is his 3 decisions wins which are preventing him from claiming the second place spot. Alongside that, he is in a fight for his third place position here as Jimmy Doyle is breathing down his neck in 4th. He will be hoping for a finish here, not only as he looks to secure 3rd, but also to possibly overtake Geralt or Yuri if they should slip up.


Jimmy Doyle is another well rounded fighter who is a serious contender for the Fighter of the Season award. Doyle is pretty much even with Carlyle, except for a Draw with Scrooge which has put him a point behind in the fight for 3rd. Two losses at the start of the tournament is all that prevented Doyle from claiming 1st, as he has gone on a 12 fight unbeaten streak which has yielded 11 wins. With excellent levels of BJJ, Wrestling and Muay Thai, Doyle will go on to have a great career following TNTF regardless of where he goes, and he will be hoping to add one of those medals to kick off his collection. He has the ability to beat Carlyle, it all comes down to a game of sliders in this one.


Prediction: Jimmy Doyle to win via Unanimous Decision


That concludes our preview of the TNTF fights, and it has been a great chance to look back at the fighters in the tournament and how they have done.


It has been a pleasure to host this tournament, and I want to say best of luck to all participants in the final round, and in their careers following TNTF.


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Insanity’s Mad Cash Tournament


Round 3




Live from the University Park in Los Angeles!


Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the Preview for Insanity’s latest event in their Mad Cash tournament - Round 3! Some shocks occurred in the last round, and some favourites managed to live up to the billing, so let’s take a quick look at the results from the last round:




Mateus Gracie def. Boyko Kersikov via Submission (Kimura) in Round 1


Chad Didion def. Eight Twentythree via Unanimous Decision


Yushin Yamamoto def. Antoni Hong via Unanimous Decision


Dickie Dirty def. Sigurd Lodbrok via KO (Superman Punch) in Round 3




Charles Grace def. Lionel Santos via KO (Head Kick) in Round 2


Octavio Saades def. Lance Legstrong via TKO (Strikes) in Round 3


Nolan Sackett def. Pera Pulkinnen via TKO (Strikes) in Round 3


Pika Chu def. Sam Hall via Submission (Strikes) in Round 1


Now that we are caught up to speed on the tournament, without further ado, let’s get right into it with the Under Card!




Fight #1 - Lightweight Division


Tomas Marley (6-2-0) vs Mike Allen (11-10-0)


Tomas Marley is a fighter who loves to strike anywhere, as he mixes up the range and the clinch, all while threatening to take you down and land some Ground and Pound. Mike Allen on the other hand is a striker who purely likes to keep the fight at range and work his opponent over with his punches.


Marley’s great diversity should provide a path to victory for him in this bout.


Prediction: Tomas Marley to win via (T)KO in Round 2


Fight #2 - Featherweight Division


Alfredo Barbosa (8-6-0) vs Boyko Kersikov (5-2-0)


Alfredo Barbosa is a Muay Thai fighter who likes to mix up his strikes from range with punches and kicks, and also use the clinch to land punches and he mixes in the odd knee or elbow into his game. Boyko Kersikov is also a fantastic Muay Thai fighter who has also improved his Boxing to high levels also. He strikes with a variety of punches and kicks like his opponent, but is more comfortable from range than he is in the clinch.


Barbosa could win this, but I feel Kersikov’s superior skills will pull through for him in this bout.


Prediction: Boyko Kersikov to win via (T)KO in Round 2


Fight #3 - Lightweight Division


Roger Cantor (12-9-0) vs Harald Hildetand (7-8-0)


Roger Cantor is a Wrestler who uses this and his BJJ in order to take the fight down and control from there. He throws a large volume of strikes to mask his takedowns, where he might be better off going more for a takedown. Harald Hildetand is a striker who also has a BJJ Brown Belt in order to be able to do some damage even if he has been taken down.


Roger Cantor should be winning this bout, unless he get’s caught with a strike or a submission attempt. As long as he can control, he will be fine.


Prediction: Roger Cantor to win via Unanimous Decision


Fight #4 - Featherweight Division


Jason Mewes (14-9-0) vs Rodney Carney (11-6-0)


Jason Mewes is a striker who has some KO Power, but he does have a history of being KO’ed by his opponents. He relies on his strikes, but can also take his opponent down and use his Black Belt to sink in a submission. Rodney Carney meanwhile is a pure grappling fighter with a Granite Chin. He uses his powerful wrestling to get his opponents down and works them over with strikes to set up his deadly submissions.


I feel Mewes ability to fight both standing and on the ground will help him in this bout as he can work his opponent over and still threaten from his back.


Prediction: Jason Mewes to win via (T)KO in Round 2


Fight #5 - Lightweight Division


Norman Parke (11-5-0) vs Kang Xi Jia (12-4-0)


Norman Parke is a diverse fighter, striking in large volumes while also shooting for Takedowns often which often catches his opponents off guard. He prefers to box from range, as his punches are far more effective than his kicks. Kang Xi Jia prefers to strike from range, but has the ability to threaten on the ground also. He has Kicks in addition to his Punching ability which could be the key difference in this bout.


I think Kang Xi Jia should take this bout, as his chin should hold well against Parke’s striking, while Xi Jia can also threaten from the ground if he gets taken down.


Prediction: Kang Xi Jia to win via Unanimous Decision






Our first fight of the 155lbs Mad Cash round and the Main Card as we see 5/1 Yushin Yamamoto take on 7/1 Dickie Dirty.


Yushin Yamamoto is a very light fighter, coming in at just 140lbs in weight. He uses this to his advantage, as he uses his speed to maximise the effectiveness of his wrestling. Not blessed with amazing power, he does however have the ability to control fights and keep it to the tempo he likes. He is primarily a decision fighter, but he can also lock in a takedown should the opportunity arise.


Dickie Dirty is a well rounded MMA fighter, as he strikes in quantity while standing and mixes up his offense by shooting in for takedowns also. He has shown considerable conditioning, as he is able to keep pace in the later rounds even when his opponent’s are tired. He is also a Decision fighter mainly, but his can finish his opponent’s if they get tired too early.


Prediction: Dickie Dirty to win via Unanimous Decision




Sticking with Mad Cash, we now go to one of the 185lbs Semi Finals as 5/1 Charles “The Master Debater” Grace takes on 4/1 Octavio Saades.


Last time around, I predicted Charles Grace to win via (T)KO in the third round, and while I got the method right, Grace showed more ruthlessness than I expected as he scored it in the second round. Similar ruthlessness will be needed in this bout as he seeks to progress to the finals.


Octavio Saades meanwhile I predicted to win via (T)KO in the second round, what what do you know, he decides to win via (T)KO in the third round instead! He defended well when it went to the ground, but rather than leave it to the judges, he went in for the kill and got the win late on.


This will be a tough fight for both men, but I feel Saades has more about him to secure a finish.


Prediction: Octavio Saades to win via (T)KO in Round 3




Our other 155lbs Mad Cash Semi Final sees 10/1 “Mexican Wolverine” Chad Didion take on 7/1 Mateus Gracie.


Chad Didion did better than I expected, as I predicted him to win via Split Decision but he went on to take it via Unanimous Decision. Performing well from range while transitioning well with the Clinch and Takedowns, he outclassed his opponent and will be hoping to performing similarly in this bout.


Mateus Gracie proved me wrong last round, as I expected him to lose via (T)KO in Round 2 to Boyko Kersikov. However, he went on to defeat Kersikov via Kimura in Round 1, and now he looks to move on again. His grappling is dangerous, and can catch any unwary opponents.


I believe Gracie will win this bout, but I don’t think it will make it to the third round. Most likely, it will end within the first 2 rounds.


Prediction: Mateus Gracie to win via Submission in Round 2




Our Co-Main Event of the evening is sponsored by GBK16’s Writings. For quality and consistency, contact Grant Brophy (93477) for all your writing needs.


We have a Heavyweight clash now as former champion “Angel Maker” Cyril Makarenko takes on debutant Hector “Hailstorm” Hernandez.


Cyril Makarenko recently came to the end of his second spell as Insanity’s HW champion, losing to Niko Alzate for the first time in 4 fights. He is truly one of Insanity’s veterans, as this will be his 17th time inside of the Insanity cage, and many believe a run of wins will mean a likely Hall of Fame spot for him, and he will be hoping he can live up to those expectations by securing a win in this bout to get back into the hunt for a title bout.


Hector Hernandez is making his debut in this bout, having signed from NYFN after their closure. He has rocket launchers for fists, having secured 11 (T)KO’s from his 11 wins, and he will be looking to announce his arrival to the org in explosive fashion here. He will look to hit hard and early, and this is certainly a fight which will have an influence on the Heavyweight division’s future.


Tough one to call here, as either fighter could easily win. If Makarenko can survive early, he will find his chances better, but it will be a good fight.


Prediction: Hector Hernandez to win via (T)KO in Round 1




Our Main Event of the evening is sponsored by DC Unrivaled - The official Merchandise Partner of Insanity!


Our Main Event of the evening is our final Mad Cash fight, the 185lbs Semi Finals and it sees 3/1 favourite Nolan Sackett takes on 12/1 underdog Pika Chu!


Nolan Sackett hit my prediction dead on the head, securing a (T)KO victory in the 3rd round last time against Pera Pulkinnen. He will be looking to his Granite Chin to help him survive Pika Chu’s explosive power, He holds some impressive power himself with 15 (T)KO’s in 18 wins, and he will be feeling confident going into this bout.


I predicted Pika Chu to lose in his last bout, as I expected him to be outskilled by Sam Hall. He proved me wrong however, breaking Hall’s chin and forcing him to Submit due to strikes in the first round. He is facing a big step up in competition here, but if he can win this bout, he will be feeling confident of beating anybody in the finals.


Overall, I just expect Sackett to have too much for Chu. Chu has impressive power, but Sackett’s ability to take a punch is remarkable, and he will be looking to dominate more as the fight goes on.


Prediction: Nolan Sackett to win via (T)KO in Round 2


That’s all from this preview of Insanity’s next event. Some high quality match ups, and the excitement is building as we see who will be competing in the finals of the Mad Cash tournament. Be sure to look out for the results, and I will see you all next time!


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Amazing writeups :o

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Causing Havoc 21


11th July 2015


Live from Hayashi’s Lounge in Amsterdam


In association with AnonymouS


Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to our preview for Havoc Fighting League’s next event: Causing Havoc 21! Some big fights happening at this event, including a Heavyweight title clash, and we can expect to see some future title contenders also feature on this event. Without further ado, let’s get right into it with a quick prediction list for the undercard!




Fight #1 - Johnny Lawrence def. The Bong via (T)KO in Round 1


Fight #2 - Jugram Haschwalth def. Avarell Dalton via (T)KO in Round 1


Fight #3 - Markus Landfill def. Phoenix Wright via (T)KO in Round 1


Fight #4 - Ground n Pound def. John Hornsby via Unanimous Decision


Fight #5 - Djin Dawn def. Tjorben Bauwens via (T)KO in Round 1




Fight #6 - Lightweight Division


Anderson Laurent (4-1-0) vs Makar Vershinin (2-1-0)


Our first Main Card fight is a Lightweight bout that sees Submission specialist Anderson Laurent look to avenge his loss against Makar Vershinin.


Anderson Laurent demonstrated his dangerous BJJ game in the QFC, where he went 4-0 while racking up 3 submission wins. However, after signing for Havoc he suffered a loss to his opponent tonight in his debut, with a TKO loss in the first round. He was unable to throw anything in that fight, as he was completely rushed by his opponent. If he has learned from that loss, he has a good chance of coming away with a win in this bout.


Makar Vershinin is a highly skilled 19 year old, with high levels of boxing, it is also clear he is developing his Muay Thai, Wrestling and BJJ also in order to make himself a more complete MMA fighter. He suffered a loss in his debut fight, a KO (Head Kick) loss, but since then he has won his last 2 fights in a row since signing for Havoc. He will be looking for a repeat performance and establish himself more in the division.


Prediction: Makar Vershinin to win via (T)KO in Round 1


Fight #7 - Welterweight Division


EA Poe (5-3-0) vs Yoshimitsu Kano (1-1-0)


Next up is a Welterweight clash as EA Poe takes on Yoshimitsu Kano.


EA Poe is a dangerous striker who has been working on other areas of his game in order continue to evolve as a fighter. He suffered two hard (T)KO losses early in his career, but has looked more assured striking since then, and this will be a good test against a strong opponent.


Yoshimitsu Kano is a BJJ Brown Belt who has made obvious improvements to his other disciplines. We have seen his Muay Thai improve throughout his career, and now he isn’t a guy who can only attack with one style. He will be looking to see how it goes striking, but can always take it to the ground and use his BJJ in order to dominate.


Prediction: EA Poe to win via (T)KO in Round 1


Fight #8 - Featherweight Division


Diego Brandao (6-3-0) vs Julian Thompson (2-3-0)


Our last fight before the main events is a Featherweight fight as Diego Brandao goes one on one with Julian Thompson.


Diego Brandao is a deadly striker with some of the most impressive KO power the Featherweight division has to offer. Possession a Solid Chin, he was dropped by previous manager Moyses Mattos before signing to an org and was then signed by A Thoupz who agreed a contract with Havoc. Since joining, he has won his two fights both by TKO, as he looks to punch his way to the top.


Julian Thompson is another of Havoc’s young prospects looking to become the next big thing. With impressive Boxing and Wrestling, he also has a Granite Chin and has faced some tough competition so far, losing to Darren Brown via Anaconda Choke before then securing a TKO victory over Crackhead Jon Jones. He will need to hope his defences are good enough as he faces a slightly more skilled opponent.


Prediction: Diego Brandao to win via (T)KO in Round 2




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Our Co-Main Event of the evening is a Light Heavyweight division as Rodolfo “The Black Belt Hunter” Vieira takes on Tien “Pokemaster” Shinhan.


Rodolfo Vieira is just on the outside of the top 5 and will be looking to crack it with this fight. Starting off his career going 4-0, Rodolfo stepped up to face current title contender Khal Drogo and suffered his first loss via Unanimous Decision. Undeterred, he has concentrate on his training and has shown improvements to his striking which will help round his skills as his grappling is well known to his competitors. He picked up a Unanimous Decision victory in his last bout against Steven Johnson, and another win here should leave him with only 1 or 2 wins away from a title shot of his own.


Tien Shinhan is a jack of all trades, and master of none. He has a very unorthodox style of fighting, but his love of leg kicks is apparent. He is currently on a two fight losing streak, and many are wondering how many more losses he can really take. He has a slight striking advantage that he will really need to take advantage of to have a realistic chance in this bout, but I am afraid his opponents superior grappling will be too much for him.


Straight to the point, this fight is all Rodolfo Vieira’s to lose. His grappling is better, and he should have enough to survive his opponents striking until he secures a takedown. The fact Shinhan isn’t even in a gym right now doesn’t help my opinion of his chances.


Prediction: Rodolfo Vieira to win via Submission in Round 1




Our Main Event of the evening is sponsored by AnonymouS - Expect them.


Our Main Event of the evening is a Heavyweight Title Clash as undefeated Heavyweight champion “The Usurper” Robert Baratheon takes on dangerous BJJ specialist Tarmo Rautakallio.


Robert Baratheon is primarily a grappler who has used the clinch in his career to dominate his fights. Overtime though, he has built up his other skills to make himself more of a striker, while also making sure he is defensively sound wherever the fight goes. He is still undefeated in his career, and has won 6 of his 8 fights via (T)KO. He has also gone the distance on 2 occasions, one being 25 mins and the other being 50 mins, to show he has the cardio also to keep competing as the fight goes on. He will be facing a tough challenge here which will test the defensive side of his grappling.


Tarmo Rautakallio is the opposite of Baratheon, in that he uses his grappling to take the fight to the ground where his BJJ allows him to control the fight. An interesting fact however is that Rautokallio has never beaten a fighter with a BJJ Purple Belt or higher, all of his victories have come over Blue or White belts. That makes for a positive omen for Baratheon, but as we all know, things are made to be broken. Baratheon will need to be wary, as Rautakallio is a very active fighter on the ground, and he can easily find himself overwhelmed.


Overall, I think Baratheon’s wrestling should be good enough to keep the fight standing, but he will need to avoid the clinch in order to avoid having Rautokallio pull guard. Striking from range is his best bet, and it is up to Rautokallio to get the fight down.


Prediction: Robert Baratheon to win via (T)KO in Round 1


That’s all from me, and this is shaping up to be a very impressive card from Havoc with popular names such as Poe, Brandao, Vieira and Baratheon on it. Be sure to keep an eye out for the results, and until next time, take care.


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