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EVO175: Bloodsport!

Evo Writing

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Posted 06 June 2015 - 02:31 AM



Evolution Presents....





EVO 175 - Bloodsport!


Credit to John Hetfield (Beck) for the Poster Design!


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Posted 06 June 2015 - 02:32 AM

EVO 175: Bloodsport!


Live from Wombley Arena, London


Live on the Tycoon Network!


In association with Pearson Specter Litt

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Hello everyone, and welcome to our preview of the upcoming EVO event, EVO 175: Bloodsport! This promises to be a huge event for the fans in attendance, and those watching worldwide. With only the one title fight on show, this card is still stacked from top to bottom with highly ranked contenders, and it is an event that won’t disappoint. With a headlining fight of EVO Heavyweight Champion Leonardo “Voodoo Child” Ferreira taking on Troid Heavyweight Champion “Cocky” Rocky McColgan, it is the most dominant Heavyweight in the world right now taking on what many have called the future of the Heavyweight division. Without further ado, let’s get right down into the action!





Our first fight of the evening features former NGF, EVO and CEC champion Enzo Moretti taking on Vlad The Impaler.


Enzo Moretti has held titles in four different orgs, including EVO, and he will be looking to get back to the top, and that road starts now. Currently on a two fight losing streak, which consisted of him losing his CEC title, he has shown great survivability, only suffering a stoppage loss on 3 occasions in his career. He is an expert in Boxing, MT and Wrestling, with very few holes in his game. It has been over 4 years (In game time) since he was last knocked out, and he will be confident in being able to stand and bang with anyone.


Vlad The Impaler hasn’t won any titles in his career, losing his 3 title shots he had, 2 of which are to long time foil Nelson Muntz. He is currently on a 3 fight losing streak, with losses to Johnny Fantastic, Ziggy Cliff and Artem Bessmertin. Like his opponent, he has shown great resilience, losing only one fight in his career due to stoppage. This fight will come down to who can last longer in the pocket, but any outcome is a possiblity in this fight.


Prediction: Enzo Moretti to win via Unanimous Decision





Coming up next, we have a featherweight showdown between Anton Dorozhkin and probably the best fighter to have not reached the #1 P4P spot, Waru Kuzuri.


Anton Dorozhkin is an elite level grappler who has trained up in his striking to make himself a threat to anybody he steps into the cage with. A former Ryze: New York title contender, he has yet to taste gold, but is currently on a 4 fight winning streak to put himself on a right path to another future title shot. He faces one of his toughest tests so far in his career, and it will send out a statement if he is able to overcome this hurdle.


Waru Kuzuri is a living MMA legend, and one that has not experienced the glory of being the #1 P4P fighter, although he shaved it as a close #2. His career speaks for itself. Winner of numerous tournaments, champion in many of the orgs he has fought for, and now here he is, on the hunt for another experience of glory. A tricky customer to finish, he has KO power himself, which makes him a dangerous competitor in any environment.


Prediction: Waru Kuzuri to win via (T)KO in Round 3




A slight move up the weight classes now, with a Lightweight bout between former champion Jacque Schtrappe and “The Lion” Nick Shields.


Jacque Schtrappe is an Evo veteran, with this being his 21st in the org. He ended a 3 fight losing streak in his last fight with a unanimous decision win over Kale Kummola. He is a dangerous striker, with 24 (T)KO wins in his career, and he is sturdy enough to survive the majority of what his opponents have thrown at him. He holds a lot of size over his opponent, so it will be interesting to see how he uses this to his advantage coming into this bout.


Nick Shields is currently on a tough run of results, having lost his last 3 fights to some big names in Anabolinen Steroidi Jr, Juan Koski and Bjorn Helgi. Despite this, he still has never been knocked out, with only a solitary submission loss ruining it. He has the ability to submit and knock his opponents out, making him dangerous two fold for any opponent. A great grappling game is supported by a sturdy striking game, but he will need to gain a dominant position in this fight.


Prediction: Jacque Schtrappe to win via (T)KO in Round 2




A trip to the land of the giants now as the heavyweight division gives us a clash between Thor Skarsgard and Renzo Machida.


Thor Skarsgard is a true knockout machine in MMA. With 36 wins on his record, 35 of those have been finished early due to his striking, a fearsome record that no fighter should take for granted. However, he is currently 0-3 in Evo after moving over from the now defunct CONFLICTION MMA. If he keeps on this slippery run of results, he may find himself on the scrap heap before long. He does have a height advantage in this bout, so if he can exploit that, he may be able to turn his Evo career around.


Renzo Machida is more experienced than Skargard, and is one of the old guard of MMA. 65 fights in MMA have yielded 44 wins for him, 35 of which were (T)KO wins, showing he is a dangerous striker. He defeated Constantine Titanus in his last bout, but is struggling to string a win streak together, something he will be hoping to do before he eventually hangs up his gloves.


Prediction: Thor Skarsgard to win via (T)KO in Round 2




Back down to the Middleweight division now as former Gamma Contenders champion Brian “The Bitter” Donnelly takes on undefeated KT legend “The Time Machine” Tommy Grunge.


Brian Donnelly is currently on an 11 fight win streak, with his single loss coming in his first MMA bout. Despite this, question marks have been raised as he fought in Gamma related orgs, with many claiming this is down to favourable booking. Well now he has shown he has the balls to move to the big times, and is looking to make his stamp in one of the biggest orgs around. With a decent striking game, many point his main weakness as his BJJ, which is only at a Purple belt level. However, in this fight he will be in there with a KT fighter, which will keep the fight in his favoured place, although it will also be in his opponents speciality.


Tommy Grunge was one of the most recognisable names in KT. Embarking on a career that would leave him 20-0 on his record, he made the jump to MMA. A former EFFA champion, he has shown his striking is some of the best in the world, and he showed that in his MMA debut against Felix Tilthammer. He will feel at home in this bout, with little threat of his opponent trying to work a ground game. His superior striking makes him a strong favourite in this bout.


Prediction: Tommy Grunge to win via (T)KO in Round 1




We drop further in the weight classes with a Lightweight fight that sees Tarrance Clam Digger take on former NGF champion Bjorn Helgi.


Terrance Clam Digger is making his Evo debut in this bout, having failed to capture the Ascension 155lbs title in his last bout. He has a great record, and has shown his ability to win fights with both (T)KO’s and Submissions. Another point of his record, is he has never been (T)KO’ed, although 2 submission losses prevent him from being an indestructible shield. Growing up in Compton has taught Terrance a thing or two about survival, and he will be bringing that into the cage here.


Bjorn Helgi is a dangerous fighter, with elite levels of Striking and Wrestling. He has trades wins and losses in his last 8 fights, and will be hoping he can gain another win in this bout. His questionable chin is the one big mark over him, and it is something Terrance may look to exploit in this fight. Despite this, Helgi is a fighter that Clam Digger can’t underestimate, or he risks being punished heavily for it.


Prediction: Terrance Clam Digger to win via Unanimous Decision.




Another Lightweight division bout now as ITFL Season 3 Winner “Don” Juan Koski takes on former Evo Lightweight Champion Anabolinen Steroidi Jr.


Juan Koski has traded a win and a loss since signing for Evo after claiming glory in the ITFL individual season finals. He has lost twice via TKO (Cuts) in his career, which could be a problem against any fighter with the ability to exploit it. However, he was won 7 fights via (T)KO and a solitary submission win, to show he can win by more than just the regular means. With all of his skills up to a good level, he now faces a tough challenge in the former champion, and this will be a big stage for him to prove himself on.


Anabolinen Steroidi Jr is one of Igor Byhenikov’s best fighters, and it was a proud moment for Igor when he claimed a victory over Henrik Torhammer to becoming the new champion. However, that reign was shortlived, but it instilled a confidence, and a passion, in Steroidi Jr, and he is determined to win that title back. He has shown great resilience with only 3 of his fights ending in him losing early. He has (T)KO and Submission wins, but he has shown he favours control of his opponents over the risk of going for the finish with 14 decision wins. He has the edge over his opponent in skill and experience, and it will be interesting to see if he can make this count.


Prediction: Anabolinen Steroidi Jr to win via Unanimous Decision




Oh look at that, another Lightweight clash now as the aforementioned former champion Henrik Torhammer takes on Danny Volcanic.


Henrik Torhammer is a former NGF champion, who lost his title to Bjorn Helgi on his last fight in the org. From there, he captured the Evo title in his debut and would go on to hold it for almost 4 months before he dropped the title to Steroidi Jr. However, he bounced back from that loss with a TKO (Cut) victory over Juan Koski. He has the ability to win fights through both his striking and his submissions, the issue is his opponent has to figure out what he will be aiming for.


Danny Volcanic has had an amazing career. Going 51-15-2 in his career, he has never lost via stoppage, with all of his 15 losses coming via Decision. With elite levels of boxing and wrestling, he has won 18 of his fights via (T)KO, showing an aptitude for taking fights the distance. He is at a height disadvantage in this bout, but has the ability to win it regardless.


Prediction: Henrik Torhammer to win via (T)KO in Round 3




Our Co-Main event of the evening is sponsored by GBK16’s writings. For quality and consistency, just PM Grant Brophy (93477) for availability.


A Super Heavyweight clash awaits us now as Alexander Emelianenko takes on “Rock Em Sock Em” Rockford Knight.


Alexander Emelianenko is currently on a 5 fight winning streak, which has stretched over his spell in AMSFC and his one off appearance at Forbidden Violence’s (Then) closing show. He won his debut fight against Tigran Badoyan where he was able to expose his susceptible chin to attain victory. With the ability to win fights through both (T)KO and Submission, he gives his opponent more things to consider in their game plans, while only he knows what he will be aiming for in his fights. His last loss was over 6 months ago to Hamish Kersikov, and a win here could lead to either a title fight, or let him get closer to a rematch to avenge said loss. Only he knows what his future plans are.


Rockford Knight is currently on a 4 fight winning streak, with wins over notable names such as Thor Skargard and Wei Pei. He has serious KO power, but many have questioned his chin in the past, although fighting at HW can mask the lines between a good chin and a bad chin. With a former #1 manager in Baby Face Nelson backing him, he can game plan for how to play to his strengths, but sometimes, that just isn’t enough.


Prediction: Rockford Knight to win via (T)KO in Round 2




Our main event of the evening is sponsored by Evolution’s merch partner: Pearson Specter Litt. When you visit PSL, you know you are among quality. Visit Pearson Specter Litt for the finest in quality threads in MMA Tycoon.


Now, our Main Event of the Evening is a Heavyweight title clash which pits Evo HW champion Leonardo “Voodoo Child” Ferreira against Troid HW champion “Cocky” Rocky McColgan!


In my previous preview, I listed Leonardo Ferreira’s recent history, from the time he debuted in Evo, up until his recent win over Rocky Tyson. Now, I will refer to his victory in his last bout. In a “Champion vs Champion” clash with then 205lbs champion Doctor Doolittle, Ferreira took it into the 5th round, dominating each of the first four rounds, and from there he swarmed. After rocking Doolittle with a crisp jab, he pounced, throwing hook after hook, and all of them connected, leaving Doolittle wondering where he was, and seeing stars. Ferreira immediately wanted the challenge of McColgan, and the deal was made.


“Cocky” Rocky McColgan is undefeated in his career, and is one of the biggest prospects in the entire sport. He started out his career under Ezekiel Rage, before he left the game. Rocky competed in one fight under Rage. Upon being left by his management, he was picked up by Janne Finland, who spent time training him up before signing him with BEEF, where he went 10-0, capturing the HW championship and defending it successfully four times. From there, BEEF merged with Umbrella, ran by Igor Byhenikov. Rocky immediately made an impact there too, capturing the title in his first bout. He would have two more fights in Umbrella, defending the title successfully against Mike Maczynsky before engaging in a non title fight with Joe Gage, which he again won. This put Rocky at 14-0, with his org records being 10-0 in BEEF and 3-0 in Umbrella. From there, he was signed to Troid, and in typical Rocky fashion, won the title in his debut fight against fellow Irishman Seamus Farrelly. He successfully defended his title against Mack Luster and Captain Boromir, before agreeing a superfight with SFC’s HW Champion Chick Bowdrie. McColgan won that fight with a KO in the first round. He returned to Troid to find a familiar face in former champion Seamus Farrelly as the #1 contender, but much like the first fight, McColgan dominated and won via TKO (Strikes) in the first round. As part of a deal between Evo and Troid, McColgan made the step up, and as he has done in his last 2 orgs, he is fighting for the championship in his debut fight. Will McColgan pull off a shock by defeating Ferreira? Or will Ferreira continue his dominance by defeating the young prospect? Well, only way to know will be to keep an eye on this fight at 6pm GMT!


Prediction: Leonardo Ferreira to win via (T)KO in Round 4


Well that’s it from me, and it was a pleasure to preview another amazing card from Evolution, where the big question of who wins between Ferreira and McColgan will finally be answered. Be sure to spoiler the fight, as it call kicks off at 6pm GMT!


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Posted 06 June 2015 - 02:47 AM

Holy Crap,  thats good     , nice  

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Posted 06 June 2015 - 03:00 AM

he is great

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Posted 06 June 2015 - 03:03 AM


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Posted 06 June 2015 - 05:56 AM

Ooo that's perdy.

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Posted 06 June 2015 - 06:26 AM

Ferreira  McColgan nice fight by org owners :)

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Posted 06 June 2015 - 10:01 AM

Koski vs steroid looks a tear up ASWELL good luck all
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Posted 06 June 2015 - 12:25 PM

Should take Evo back into top 3 :)
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Posted 06 June 2015 - 03:27 PM



"Lucky" Liam O'Connor

33 years old


13-6 (3-1)



"The Irish invasion is coming! Many have Rocky as the underdog, I'm telling ye, put your money on him, Rocky McColgan is going kick ass tonight!"

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Posted 06 June 2015 - 07:23 PM

Quick look at the Event shows how I did with my predictions:


Fight #1


Predicted: Enzo Moretti to win via Unanimous Decision


Result: Enzo Moretti wins via Unanimous Decision



Fight #2


Predicted: Waru Kuzuri to win via (T)KO in Round 3


Result: Anton Dorohzkin wins via Unanimous Decision


Fight #3


Predicted: Jacque Schtrappe to win via (T)KO in Round 2


Result: Nick Shields wins via (T)KO in Round 3



Fight #4


Predicted: Thor Skarsgard to win via (T)KO in Round 2


Result: Thor Skarsgard wins via (T)KO in Round 3



Fight #5


Predicted: Tommy Grunge to win via (T)KO in Round 1


Result: Draw



Fight #6


Predicted: Terrance Clam Digger to win via Unanimous Decision


Result: Bjorn Helgi wins via Unanimous Decision



Fight #7


Predicted: Anabolinen Steroidi Jr to win via Unanimous Decision


Result: Anabolinen Steroidi Jr wins via Unanimous Decision



Fight #8


Predicted: Henrik Torhammer to win via (T)KO in Round 3


Result: Danny Volcanic wins via (T)KO in Round 1


Fight #9


Predicted: Rockford Knight to win via (T)KO in Round 2


Result: Rockford Knight wins via Split Decision



Fight #10


Predicted: Leonardo Ferreira to win via (T)KO in Round 4


Result: Leonardo Ferreira wins via (T)KO in Round 4



So overall, I got 5 of the 10 winners correct, although you could discount the Draw to make it 5 out of 9.


Also noticed I got 3 of the fights spot on with my predictions, although I got a few of the fights horrendously wrong.

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Posted 06 June 2015 - 10:39 PM

I thought grunge won
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Posted 06 June 2015 - 11:09 PM

Fight #9


Predicted: Rockford Knight to win via (T)KO in Round 2


Result: Rockford Knight wins via Split Decision



Judges saved Rockford Knight... In my paper Emelianenko didnt lost single one round. Actually that one judge is quite right with 30-29 Emelianenko W.

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