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Bushido Middleweight Grand Prix

Bushido Middleweight Grand Prix Tournament

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Posted 29 July 2017 - 03:04 PM

Can I create fighter in few days? I just have no time at this point but when the brackets will be full I will put my guy out there. I is that fine?

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#22 Rei


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Posted 29 July 2017 - 03:41 PM

Can I create fighter in few days? I just have no time at this point but when the brackets will be full I will put my guy out there. I is that fine?


Tournament is full - may I direct you to something that might be to your liking





The Bracket is as follows:





Proof of the random draw can be found:





The first round of match ups will be four weeks from now, on the 26th of August, on Bushido 66. Fight offers will be sent as soon as possible.



Also I will now begin working on promotional material and will be private messaging each of the managers involved for some questions and answers regarding their fighters! 



Let's get this show on the road!

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#23 jsdaugh


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Posted 29 July 2017 - 08:56 PM

Cool , Corwin definitely is an underdog in this.
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Posted 17 August 2017 - 08:54 PM

Wanted to get this out a long while ago, but some fighters took their time to reply. Without further ado: 



Welcome to the Bushido Middleweight Grand Prix opening press conference!





Short opening video^



Aidan O'Neil (14-2-0)  - Semi-Retired

Bushido Marketting and Promotional Team




"Hello everyone, fans and media alike. Today, we kick off the Bushido Middleweight Grand Prix with a press conference where all competitors are here and ready to answer all of your questions.  Without waiting any longer, let me introduce to you the men that will be battling it out for the ultimate prize."


"First to the stage is the former Bushido Light-Heavyweight title contender hailing from Busan, South Korea - Seung-Jin Bailey"


"Following him is  Bushido Hall of Famer and former four-time Bushido Welterweight Champion - Jukka Toskala"


"Next, I'd like to welcome to the stage former DFC and AFL Middleweight Champion, and former Bushido MW title contender - Zell Dincht"


"With an outfit like no other, former The Island standout Nam Ho joins our fighters on the stage"


"The one and only current Bushido Middleweight Champion takes his seat - Khalid Mamedov"


"With a high top fade as fresh as his suit, I welcome Buzz Meeks to the stage"


"Next, I'd like you to give it up for "The Man They Call" Jayne Cobb, the former AFC Middleweight Champion"


"And finally, please welcome the youngest man in the competition - Corwin Valentine - as he sends his final text message"






"We'll start off by letting the members of the media ask some questions, before opening the mics to the public."





Q: First question is for Khalid. Khalid, you're obviously the current Middleweight Champion and have defended your belt a couple times now so I've got to ask - did you enter this tournament to stay active, or was it just to continue to challenge yourself? 

A: It was both reasons, I'm always looking to push myself to new limits and winning this tourney is just what I'm looking for to push myself to that next level and cement my status as the 185lbs Title holder. I feel at the top of my game at the moment and at the age of 23 the future looks very bright for me.
Q: Secondly, you have drawn Zell Dincht in the first round of the tournament - what do you think about having to fight him again, and do you think it will go the same way as the last time?
A: Yeah that's right, a very tough opponent in Zell with a good win coming into this tourney and he has a very good manager in his corner. I fear the fight this time will be very different and tough, he just got caught sleeping last fight in 1 of my many submissions,the fight might last a little longer this time but the final result will be the same.
Q: This question is for Zell. Zell, you came into Bushido with a lot of eyes on you as you and your teammates had a press conference to announce your arrival. Do you feel like you need to win this tournament to live up to the expectations of the public, or do you not care about what people think?
A: It's a fresh division so there were a lot of eyes on which guys would be coming up in it. I just put myself out there and made myself stand out. If you win or lose, that's what makes your career, but I'm not gonna shy away from getting the exposure I think I deserve. This tournament is the best way for me to prove that I am one of the best in the division, and it lets me see how I am doing as a fighter. I don't feel like I need to win the tournament, but I am still going to be trying to win it 100%.
Q: Another question for Zell. The draw has taken place as you know, and you're set to rematch not just a former foe, but the current Champion Khalid Mamedov in the opening round. How do you fancy your chances this time?
A: I think I underestimated him last time out. My camp felt my ability to defend on the ground was good enough but it turned out to not be the case. It's all about refocusing now, and now we got a fight done with him, we can adjust our planning and our strategy. I don't wanna be a guy who wins the tournament by fighting the easiest competition, and if I want to win it's clear I'm gonna have to defeat 3 highly competitive guys. I think my chances in this fight are better than people expect, but I'm under no illusions that Mamedov is a tough competitor.
Q: This question is for Toskala. As we all know, you are the former Bushido Welterweight Champion as well as a Hall of Fame inductee. would winning this tournament compare to those two achievements in your mind? How much does this mean to you?
A: I started my professional career at Bushido and now I’m back to finish it at Bushido, I’m not here to sit back and get some easy wins in the lower ranks, I’m here to fight the best, win this tournament and add another crown to my achievements. 
Q: You're against Corwin Valentine in the first round, how do you feel that fight will go?
A: In the past year, I have fought 6 title fights back to back against top contenders and held multiple belts, I’m no stranger to tough fights and expect nothing less from Valentine, but ultimately, he’s just a stepping stone. 
Q: This one's for Bailey. You recently returned to the Bushido ring where you picked up a win, so why is it that you chose to move down instead of going for a title run in your usual division - Light-Heavyweight?
A: The money and the glory, simple as that. I get the belt as well as cash and recognition if and when I win this tournament. Maybe I'll move back after, we'll see what happens. I'm young, one of the youngest in the competition, so I have a lot of options once this is all said and done.
Q: Another one for Bailey. You're up against Buzz Meeks in the opening round and heis currently on a losing streak. How does this effect your approach to the fight? 
A: His record doesn't matter to me. The guy has only fought once in the last three (tycoon) years and it ended with a quick submission. How am I to know how much better his striking got in all the time off? I'll treat it like any other high-level bout.
Q: Hi, this question is for Nam Ho. Nam, you made a name for yourself on the Island where you managed to win the end of season tournament with relative ease. Do you feel the experiences you had on The Island have helped prepare you for taking part in the Bushido Grand Prix?
A: Of course! To be honest I was quite impressed to win the Island tournament. I've had quite limited resources at the island to prepare and I felt quite lost after the loss to Bamgbose whose technique was quite inferior than mine (also he was a young brat!). Then, the tournament came and I basically can-crushed till the finals -laughs-
Q: A second question for Nam. You'll meet Jayne Cobb in the first leg of the tournament, how do you feel your style matches up with his, and what will you need to do in order to get the W?
A: Well, Cobb seems to be a decent prospect... A shame he will face the Fifth tiger at the first round. Its no secret that Cobb will try to take me down. All i can say is that ill show to my fans my technique by testing Cobb`s chin. Get ready...
Q: Sup Cobb, got a question for ya. You've had a long lay off going into this fight in which you've flown under the radar. Do you have some newly developed tricks up your sleeve for this tournament or is it business as usual?
A: Truth be told I have just been working on the basics, the best fighters in the world aren't doing spinning crane kicks and all this fancy stuff, they are just doing the solid good honest basics really well and that's what my focus has been, I took a lay off in Tibet to contemplate my fates at the plateau for about 3 months and then it was right back to the gym.
Q: Me again Cobb, can I just ask what you think of your first opponent Nam Ho? He made a name for himself on The Island and become somewhat of a star - so are you looking to take the hype and popularity he has all for yourself?
A: What do I think? the mans dangerous, look at him! he wars a tiger face for god's sake, nobody's ever finished me before but this guy's likely to push his luck, can I win they ask me? you better believe I can win, this goes to the ground and its game over, just like that, and he knows it, watch him run from me, while this yuppie was out winning Island season's I was out winning life, and I got a whole lot more winning to do before I cash out.
Q: Hey Corwin, this question is for you. You're coming into this tournament as an underdog and I gotta ask, are you feeling the pressure? Or is there some relief knowing that there are less eyes on you as this tournament kicks off?
A: I think I feel more pressure knowing my last two fights ended by TKO due to cuts, and my momentum stalled. I was fighting against a heavyweight where he was able to use his weight against me, so I feel pressure to perform better at my natural weight.
Q: A second one for Corwin. The draw has just taken place and you're up against Jukka Toskala - how do you fancy your chances, and do you think that the age difference will play a part in your possible victory?
A: Jukka is a Hall of Famer for Bushido and a champion, pretty rough 1st round draw for a 22 year old and probably the least experienced guy in the tournament, but I am not afraid and to fight someone of his caliber is inevitable if you want to become the best. I will do my best and hope win or lose that the experience will help my career.
Q: Hi there, I got a question for Buzz Meeks. You're coming into this tournament on the back of a losing streak, are you feeling the pressure of needing a victory? or is there some relief in knowing there are less eyes on you?
Before Meeks could even open his mouth to answer, a commotion in the crowd picked up in volume and numbers, and before long security and officials were made to clear the area. This concluded the press conference, and some of the fighters were seen taking pictures and signing autographs after the scene had calmed down.

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Posted 17 August 2017 - 09:29 PM

Nice Rei 

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#26 Gangles


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Posted 17 August 2017 - 09:53 PM

Great press conference. Look forward to watching the Grand Prix.
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Posted 18 August 2017 - 12:55 AM

Amazing work Rei!

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Posted 24 August 2017 - 09:38 PM

Bushido Middleweight Grand Prix 
Opening Round preview
On August 25th, the Camden Conference Centre will open its doors to an event unlike ever before - The international tournament known as the Bushido Middleweight Grand Prix. The opening round features eight fighters from six different countries, with all of them vying for the same prize - Glory. This will be the first time that Bushido has hosted an event on foreign soil and what better place to have the opening round than London, the birthplace of modern Boxing.
27b24.jpg  14616296799055.png
Middleweight Grand Prix
Opening Round
Buzz Meeks (3-3-1, Bushido Debut) vs. Seung-Jin "SJB" Bailey (9-4-0, 4-1-0 Bushido)
In the first fight of the evening, two young and promising competitors will clash as Buzz Meeks and Seung-Jin Bailey face off. In the red corner we welcome the first Azerbaijani fighter to grace our ranks, former DFC Middleweight Buzz Meeks as he makes his promotional debut this evening. And in the blue, we will welcome former Bushido Light-Heavyweight title contender, South-Korea's Seung-Jin Bailey.
Fighting out of New York, Azerbaijan's Buzz Meeks will be looking to put an end to the losing streak he has amassed as of late with a win in this opening round. Since losing for the third time in a row back on Ascension 0513, Meeks took some much-needed time out to work on his game before coming back to the ring. Due to his impressive training footage that was circling social media as well as a rumor of his imminent return, an invitation to the Grand Prix was thrown his way - and here we are. Meeks is a naturally heavy-handed fighter and has won all of his fights so far by way of Knockout, all within the first round. His power, made greater by his exceptional Muay Thai, is the key to his successes in the octagon and these skills will play a huge part in his fight this evening. Buzz will have to keep his questionable chin tucked and exploit the weaknesses in his opponent's Muay Thai if he wants to progress to the second round.
Formally known as "The Beast of Busan", Seung-Jin Bailey made his return to the Bushido ranks on Bushido 60 after an extended period in other organisations. With a 59 second Knockout of Ryu Aokison on his first fight back, the imposing South Korean had earned a place in this tournament. To this day, Bailey has earned each of his nine wins by way of Knockout and has also suffered all four of his losses by (T)KO, one being via cut. This means that both Meeks and Bailey fight with a double-edged sword as both possess high knockout power, at the cost of questionable chins. Bailey is a Boxer, a Sensational one at that and like previously mentioned, his weakness lies in Muay Thai so he will need to weary of the kicks and clinches of his opponent. It is also worth noting that Bailey is far larger than Meeks, as his natural weight is around 202 lbs before cutting compared to that 190 lbs for Meeks. This means that the Korean may move slower than his opponent this evening, but could have the strength and power advantages. This is all speculation however as we do not know what happens until the bell sounds!
The winner of this fight will earn a spot in the second round of the tournament in Las Vegas, and will be one step closer to glory.
30w13.jpg  14974580734642.png
Middleweight Grand Prix
Opening Round
Jukka Toskala (14-3-0, 8-2-0) vs. Corwin "Vindicate" Valentine (4-4-0, Bushido Debut)
The second fight of the evening is between two men that are at completely different stages of their career as Bushido Hall of Famer and former Welterweight Champion Jukka Toskala returns to the ring, meeting the much younger and far less experienced Corwin Valentine. This will be the first time that a 30 year old has clashed with someone eight years his junior in the red and white Bushido ring, and what better event for it to happen than the first ever Bushido Grand Prix.
With more credits to his name than most fighters, the esteemed Finnish Phenom Jukka Toskala looks to add another to his list of achievements and to do so he must first get past his opponent this evening. It is unsurprising that Toskala is one of the competition favourites given that he once held one of the longest winning-streaks in company history, as well as being the Former Welterweight Champion with three title defences. The main key to Toskala's success is his Wrestling, as he uses it to help him enforce his will on his opponents in the clinch, often breaking them down and earning him a Knockout victory. To this day there has yet to be a man Toskala feared so much that he'd avoid the close-exchanges, and similarly none have bested him in that area either. It doesn't take a master analyst to know that the Hall of Famer will aim to drag Valentine into the clinch and make it a dirty fight. Whether it would be enough to earn him a place in the next round however, remains unanswered.
Opposite Toskala will stand the young and ready Corwin Valentine as he looks to impress all on his promotional debut, letting it be known that he deserves a place in this prestigious competition. Before losing his last two bouts via cut to a man almost literally twice his size, Corwin enjoyed a short winning streak in which he was defeating opponents of all shapes and sizes, by all different means. It would be a lie if I claimed Corwin was as skilled as Toskala on paper as it simply is not true - but Valentine is a survivor, always pushing for the takedown and not stopping until he gets it. Even in the clinch where Toskala shines bright, Corwin has shown an understanding of Muay Thai as he kneed the ever-loving-shit out of former foe Hesekiel Troot when the pair clashed not too long ago. It is doubtful that he will survive in the close-exchanges with Toskala however, and the youngster must rely on getting the fight to the mat if he wishes to do what he does best. It's an uphill battle for young Corwin this evening, but a win tonight would set him up for wonderful things in the future.
The winner of this bout joins the winner of the previous as the second man to progress in the Bushido Middleweight Grand Prix!
14835738108864.png  14621932508849.jpg
Middleweight Grand Prix
Opening Round
"The Gypsy" Khalid Mamedov (8-3-0, 3-0-0 Bushido) vs. Zell Dincht (8-3-0, 1-1-0 Bushido)
The third fight of the tournament is possibly the one with the most eyes on it as the current reigning Middleweight Champion, Khalid Mamedov looks to defeat former adversary in the former DFC & AFL Middleweight Champion - Zell Dincht as the two meet for a second time. In their previous fight Mamedov quickly earned the takedown after a brief exchange on the feet, and from then on he would work for a submission that finally came to fruition late in the opening round. As this is a non-title fight, Mamedov risks not his belt but pride in this fight, and a trilogy may come about if Dincht is to walk away the winner.
Fighting out of Las Vegas but born in Romania, self-proclaimed "Gypsy" Khalid Mamedov looks to challenge himself further, and he noted at the press conference that by winning this tournament he would cement his legacy as the top Middleweight. With notable wins over former Middleweight King Benson Whyte as well as his opponent this evening Zell Dincht, it is no surprise that Mamedov has the most eyes on him going into this tournament as he is a fighter unlike many others. The Romanian boasts a diverse and high level skill-set as his Elite Boxing and Black Belt in BJJ have earned him multiple knockout victories as well as submissions, making him an extremely dangerous man in all areas of the game. Not a man to take lightly. Mamedov isn't untouchable however, as the Champion has found himself on the recieving end of knockouts and submissions, and some analysts believe his chin isn't all that great. Mamedov is a product of hard work and elite techniques, and he does not rely on god-given gifts to earn victories, making him all the more dangerous. 
Looking to earn redemption in the form of sweet vengeance is none other than former DFC and AFL Middleweight Champion Zell Dincht. Admitting that he underestimated the Champion the last time that they fought, Dincht will be coming into this rematch with a laser focus and a complete understanding that Khalid Mamedov is one of the toughest 185ers on the planet in this ID range. A master of Muay Thai, Dincht will be looking to exploit the weakness of his opponent and must avoid the ground game to the best of his abilities or it could spell disaster. With a granite chin and heavy hands his chances are more than great this evening. With these two perks, Dincht has earned a number of knockout victories, and will no doubt be hoping to add another this evening. One thing is for certain though, and its that Zell must change his gameplan from the first time these two met, to avoid getting caught by the takedown early. 
Will the Champion make it to round 2, or will he go home early? Find out tomorrow night, live from the Camden Conference Centre.
14890908364389.png  15000673025519.jpg
Middleweight Grand Prix
Opening Round
"The Man They Call" Jayne Cobb (8-2-0, Bushido Debut) vs. Nam "The Fifth Tiger" Ho (18-4-0, Bushido Debut)
The final fight of the opening round is between two of the most interesting characters in the line up as former AFC Middleweight Champion Jayne Cobb takes on The Island Season 6 winner and LIA Middleweight Champion Nam Ho, for a place in the second round. Riding the momentum of a four fight win-streak, Jayne Cobb will be looking to extend it this evening as he makes his promotional debut. To do so he will need to pass the extremely experienced The Island sensation Nam Ho, who recently had his long streak of wins put to an end.
After watching his career progress under the banner of DFC, Jayne Cobb was extended an invitation to the Grand Prix by Bushido executives due to his number of great victories as well as his interesting persona. Primarily a grappler, Cobb aims to take the fight down early where he begins to break down his opponents with strikes followed by submission attempts. In an awe-aspiring move, Cobb managed to earn a submission victory in no more than 13 seconds from the starting bell as he forced the aforementioned Buzz Meeks to tap out due to a tight Kimura. Cobb has been out of action for quite some time now and when rumors of his return to MMA began circling the web, none were surprised to hear he'd make his comeback as part of this tournament. It will be interesting to see how Cobb deals with the wrestling of his opponent this evening, and whether or not he can dominate Ho on the ground like others have in the past.
With a tiger mask laced up on his face and a pro wrestling belt of sorts draped over his shoulder, The Island Season 6 standout Nam Ho will make his walk to the Bushido ring this evening with all eyes on him. With a fanbase like no other fighter in a promotion, "The Fifth Tiger" no doubt expects to get the largest reaction from the crowd when the time comes. They say the crowd can't fight for you however, and luckily for Busan's Nam Ho, he has the skills needed so that it is not a problem. With fantastic Boxing, decent Muay Thai and great Wrestling Nam Ho is a well-rounded individual that has the ability to survive wherever the fight may take place. You don't earn 16 career knockouts out of 18 wins without doing something right, and some say that Nam Ho's talents come from the Tiger mask he is allowed to wear in the ring. 
Will "The Man They Call" Jayne Cobb join the three others waiting in the second round, or will "The Fifth Tiger" Nam Ho let his animal side out this evening? Find out that and more by tuning in!
Thanks for reading!

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#29 Necrocrawler


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Posted 25 August 2017 - 07:18 PM


Nam "The Fifth Tiger" Ho(19-4, Bushido record: 1-0)


"Im here to say im completely disappointed with my performance... I was ready to show to my fans some of my tiger techniques and specially the double lariat tiger variation but unfortunately, all my opponent wanted was to hug and take me down... I hope that me and Khalid will show the true spirit of the warrior on the next bout. Again i would like to thank Bushido for the opportunity and after i win this tournament, im calling The Dragon Reborn for a match to see who`s stronger: The Tiger or the Dragon!"

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Posted 30 August 2017 - 07:03 PM

As you know by now, the first round of the tournament has come to pass and we are on to the next. The bracket is updated, and looks like:






Another press conference is in the works for the second round, and questions will be rolling out over the following days. I'm looking forward to another good show!

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Posted 07 October 2017 - 02:49 PM

-2nd place = $350,000


Not bad for a guy who has been on the soon to be cut list his entire career.

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Posted 07 October 2017 - 02:59 PM

1st place = Khalid Mamedov

2nd place = Buzz Meeks

3rd place = Nam Ho


Will be paying out prizes over the coming days


edit: all prizes have now been paid out!

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Posted 07 October 2017 - 05:09 PM

Thanks Rei and all the best :)

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