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Bet on GAMMA#694 Bubba v Simmons

13 February 2018 - 05:59 AM

Bubba "Shrimpin" Gumption (273905) 






Brandon Simmons (281136)



I got 100k on Bubba. Whoever is first too take this bet on will get it. 


Tony "T-RAM" Ramos (261528)





Volya "Nika" Nikolaev (217270)



I got Tony for 100k if anyone is down. Whoever is first too take this bet on will get it. 

Church of Tycoon

10 January 2018 - 04:53 PM

The Church of Tycoon is a church for the fighters and managers of MMA Tycoon. Here you can believe in the teachings of swole jesus and he will help you become a better fighter and turn you into a champion! 


Are you someone who has a negative record in MMA? Strung on a couple of losses in a row? Given up on hope? Thinking of retiring at a young age? Well think again because the Church of Tycoon is here to help you! With daily prayers to swole jesus and when you follow his teachings he can turn anyone into a champion! So if you want too become a member of the church signup below! PRAISE SWOLE JESUS


Cardinal Valentin "Second After God" Nasimentu (218057) can help you through the process!  :training2: 







Why are you joining? 


What do you want to get out of this? 



The church of tycoon does accept tips and they are welcome! PRAISE SWOLE JESUS :shades: 

UFC Fight Night Stephens vs Choi Bets

08 January 2018 - 12:04 AM

The Card:


Jeremy Stephens vs Dooho Choi 


Uriah Hall vs Fedor Belfort 


Paige VanZant vs Jessica-Rose Clark 


Kamaru Usman vs Emil Meek  





Darren Elkins vs Micheal Johnson 


James Krause vs Alex White 


Matt Frevola vs Marco Polo Reyes


Thiago Alves vs Zak Cummings 


The others I am not as interested in. Also I am allowing anyone to do a Pick Six-Eight for 100k-200k. Which means you have to pick six or eight winners for a huge payout. For this to happen all six of your fights has too come out victorious. Huge risk, huge reward. 


If anyone is interested message me before the bet happens and we can get the bet started. 


Tycoon World Bookie

02 January 2018 - 10:16 PM

I have seen many diffrent forums in the world of MMA Tycoon, but all of them are UFC most of the time. But I have never seen one specifically for MMA tycoon. So I am going to start it up.



*Bets have to be made an hour before the specific event starts 

* Money has to be sent or the bet will not be counted 


Types of Bets Allowed


*Parlay (Pick Four - Ten)

* Over/Under


If you have any questions or concerns please send me a private message and we can talk. Or on this forum and I will also answer them 


This Week for Bets:


Wed: 2018-01-03

CEC 762 - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=897694

PFC 6 Tournament Semi Finals - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=897685

AD515 - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=898364

NJMMA #26 Title Night - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=897719

PFF 14w Chavez vs Kane - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=897906

Dynasty Fight Night 23 - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=897904


Thu: 2018-01-04

ABW Jones-Fujiwara - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=897467

CEFC Live 47 - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=898265


Fri: 2018-01-05

UGD 94: Man vs Puno - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=897868

Syn 559 - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=897745

Gladiators 70 Knox v Pyke - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=898209

OFC: Blood Night XLVII - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=898216

Kamikaze 70: New Year - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=897655

RISE 7 - Kelly vs Suarez - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=897942

TAOC #2 Hardy X Santiago - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=897721

CCF FN 04 - McDonald vs Temby - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=897814

Glory Crown Grand Prix Round 2 - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=897396

Dare KT Series 3 - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=896910

EFA 8 Stewart vs Brockheart - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=897660


Sat: 2018-01-06

Gamma#683 Hoyce vs Gunnar 2 - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=890077

Gamma#684 DaCoca vs Bubba - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=890078

AD516 - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=898365

Duel#120 Feltre vs Falcao - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=897878

CEFC 271 - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=898341

IFC XXXII - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=896646

PFC Ryan vs Svensson - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=897363

RS 163 Rising Sun - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=898390

TGC 37 Cobb vs Sylvia - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=897214

Duel#121 Saibot vs Ohchooto - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=898200

MMAHelsinki - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=897671

KFC: Defended - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=898620

PFF15 - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=897907

Gladiators 71 Wallace vs Bravo - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=898210

Dare 21 - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=897485

NJMMA 27: Poppa vs Muslim - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=897941

Dynasty 28 - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=897905


Sun: 2018-01-07

Aspire 97: Tsoko vs Susi - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=898075

Dare 22 - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=898250

MMAA Bestarsson vs Man - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=897801

IFC New Blood V.2 Round 1 - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=897665

TRFC105 - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=897669

NYFN Legends Tournament r.5 - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=897959

EFA 9 Williamson vs Gomi - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=897782

EFA 8 - http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=897382

UFC Fight Night Weidman vs Gastelum Place your Bets

17 July 2017 - 01:56 AM

Weidman vs Gastelum - Already taken in other forum


Dennis Bermudez vs Darren Elkins (Elkins) - 100k


Patrick Cummins vs Gian Villante (Cummins) - 100k


Jimmie Rivera vs Thomas Almeida (Almeida) - 100k




Lyman Good vs Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos (Santos) - 50k


Rafeal Natal vs Alessio Di Chirico (Chirico) - 50k


Ryan LaFlare vs Alex Oliveira (LaFlare) - 50k


Damian Grabowski vs Chase Sherman (Sherman) - 50k


Kyle Bochniak vs Jeremy Kennedy (Kennedy) - 50k


Brian Kelleher vs Marlon Vera (Kelleher) - 50k


Timothy Johnson vs Junior Albini (Albini) - 50k


Shane Burgos vs Godofredo Pepey (Burgos)  - 50k


Frankie Perez vs Chris Wade (Wade) - 50k