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New LA Alliance - 2 experienced managers needed


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Posted 16 October 2014 - 03:59 PM

I'm interested in starting a new small ( 3 - 4 member ) alliance based in Los Angeles. My member number is 8725 - I've owned an org, a clothing company, and now own a private gym. I stepped away from this game for a couple of years, but now I've been back for a few months, and I'm enjoying the shit out of it again. (Partially cause my island fighter is kicking ass! )
I need some good experienced managers in LA (or willing to move there) to share this gym with and spar with. I've got a black belt bjj spar bot, and a 4star boxing spar bot, but I'm looking for some more guys with that level or better and hopefully in multiple disciplines to come join.
From my experience in this game and what I've seen, the successful alliances - and success being measured in wins and losses - are the alliances that are small, close knit, located together geographically in game and RL, and use each other's businesses to make all of the fighters better - generally speaking using the income generating businesses like clothing companies and orgs, to fund the fighter improving businesses like gyms and nutrition companies - nutrition being of course both once it grows large enough.
I live in the southeastern US. My in game preference is LA. I have a gym, but am wiling to run any company other than an org.
If you're interested in being a part of starting this thing up, you can post here or PM me in game.

Ps - Convicted - Broken Halo - you guys are the successful models I'm talking about - if either of you guys want to let me in - we can just delete this post and eliminate the young gun threat that'll be coming. ;)
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