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TGC Smack Thread

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Posted 10 October 2018 - 03:09 AM



TGC 76 Preview




Luc Gagnon (13-3-0) vs Marciano Cobb (13-3-0)

Our main event of the evening is a championship match with the TGC middleweight belt on the line. Luc "Cool Hand" Gagnon and Marciano "Crusty" Crab will meet in their trilogy fight. Cobb won the first one in an unanimous decision and took the title at TGC 64. Gagnon came back at TGC 72 and submitted Marciano in the first round with an armbar to regain his title. This has the makings for a longer series than 3 as the two 24 year olds should have plenty of gas in their tanks to keep this rivalry going but who will take the advantage here in the trilogy fight. Both fighters hold identical professional fighting records but Gagnon is 5-1 in TGC while Cobb is 4-1. Both fighters know each other very well by now but for the fans who are watching this happen for the first time, Gagnon is should have the slight advantage in grappling while Cobb has the slight edge in striking. Cobb is an elite level boxer while Gagnon is a world class black belt submission artist. Gagnon prefers to finish you on the ground while Cobb will box your head off which sometimes leads to dominating decision victories. Gagnon is a 5cm height advantage and slight weight advantage. In their first fight Cobb managed to keep the fight on the feet stuffing 13 of 15 takedown attempts and lighting up Gagnon at range taking the fight 4 rounds to 1. The rematch had Gagnon going into the clinch and pulling guard and catching Cobb trying to stand up and finished him with an armbar early. Look to see what adjustments Cobb can make in order to regain his belt or whether Gagnon defend his belt successfully and take a 2-1 lead in this rivalry.






Karelin Pripyat (11-3-0) vs Mukinio Tambua (10-4-0)


For our co-main event we have a heavyweight tilt for you as the red hot Karelin Pripyat faces off against Mukinio "The Wrecking Ball" Tambua. Pripyat is on a 5 fight win streak finishing all 5 of his opponents but he's been away from action since TGC 52 back in April and we'll see if he can pick up where he left off. Tambua after coming short against heavyweight champion Bartholomaus Wolff finished Tskhadaia at TGC 73 with a kimura and will looking to build up enough of a run to get another shot at the belt. Both heavyweights are master class grapplers so look for much of this fight to be on the ground. Pripyat has 5 submission victories in TGC as well as 4 by knockout and he's going to be looking to finish Tambua as well. Tambua prefers to submit his opponents as he's got 9 subs to his name with only 1 KO. On paper both men are fairly evenly matched with Pripyat the slight favorite. Pripyat is a legitimate black belt BJJ while Tambua is a high level brown belt. Both men are fairly even in terms of physical attributes with Tambua having a 3cm height advantage.





Maxxy Baby (23-7-1) vs Iolyn Madog (11-3-0)


We've got a couple of killers in this featherweight fight as former TGC champion Maxxy Baby will be looking at a crack at getting his belt back if he can get a W here. It won't be an easy task though as he faces Iolyn "Tywysog y Gigfran" Madog who's only ever lost to the reigning champ Diego Escobar. Madog has beaten everyone else he's faced but his kryptonite seems to be the current featherweight champ and former lightweight champ Diego Escobar. Madog fought his way to two attempts at the TGC lightweight belt against Escobar and fell short both times before moving down a weight class to featherweight where he ran into him again at TGC 74 for a chance at the belt and yet again he fell short. Both fighters are looking at another shot at the belt and a win here may put them next in line. Baby is a power puncher but at 30 yrs old he may be starting to decline and the younger Madog will have the slight advantage at least on paper in the standup while Madog is also the better grappler. It's a similar story to Baby's last fight against Bush where he finished him in the first round though so don't be writing him off just yet.




Dave Wearmouth (6-2-0) vs Avraam Papadopoulos (10-2-0)


Dave "The Rave" Wearmouth a former CCF champion and kickboxing champion won his TGC debut against Papadopoulos and after losing a decision at TGC 74 to Yoshida he's set to face Papadopoulos in a rematch. Papadopoulos had his 4 fight win streak broken the last time he faces Wearmouth but coming off a win against Partio he's looking to build a new streak by avenging his loss here. Both fighters are evenly matched on their feet as they are both world class strikers but Papadopoulos should have the advantage on the ground if it gets there. Wearmouth being the better wrestler will look to make sure it doesn't. In their last match we saw Wearmouth put his kicks to good effect landing some nice leg kicks while also doing some major damage in the clinch with his elbows and punches to the head. Papadopoulos did manage to take Wearmouth down 4 times in 12 tries last fight but Wearmouth managed to fend off all of Papadopoulos's submission attempts in an unanimous decision victory. What will happen this time around after two months of training?

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Posted 10 October 2018 - 03:10 AM



Anthony Johnson (11-8-0) vs Carl Moore (7-5-0)

This should be an exciting matchup as we have two former champions here who both love to win by knockout. Anthony "Rumble" Johnson is a high level striker who's 6-7 at TGC. He's a former TGC champion at light heavyweight but hasn't made his way back to title contention since losing it. His opponent Carl "Backpack" Moore is an exceptional wrestler and former CCF champion. Since his move to TGC he's gone 2-2 winning his last match at TGC 73. Johnson is the better striker but Moore has the edge in grappling while both fighters are by no means poor at any facet of the sport. Moore hasn't seen a fight past 1 round and with Johnson's knack for KO's this should be a barn burner.




Bobby Wangler (13-6-0) vs Yuri Bezmenov (6-1-0)

The former champion "Vicious" Bobby Wangler is set to face off against another dangerous prospect on his road back to the belt. Wangler a former TGC light heavyweight champion has had a rocky last few fights going 2-3 after losing a title shot against Mark Steve. He'll face off against the lesser known Yuri "Subversion" Bezmenov from Russia. Bezmenov came over from IFC at TGC 54 where he had a KO loss to start his TGC career. He's since been training and is now ready to show off his new and improved skills. Bezmenov is a legit black black in BJJ and has a vicious ground game with 5 submissions to his name. Wangler on the other hand prefers to finish his opponents standing up or with some ground and pound. He's also never been submitted so this should be an interesting match up to watch.





Don Petersen (15-7-0) vs Abraham Durden (5-3-0)

We've got another striker vs grappler match up for you as Don Petersen is as good of a grappler and submission artist as you'll find anywhere. The defending division 3 TWGC 185 lb champion has had a rough go in his TGC career to date as he's only managed 1 win in his last 5 fights. He has been facing the best of the best however as his TGC debut was for the 170 lb title. Since then he's managed only 1 decision win and is looking to find the right way to integrate his world caliber grappling into MMA success. He'll be up against a well rounded Abraham Durden. Durden is a sensational wrestler with high level striking and brown belt in BJJ. He's got good power with all 5 of his wins coming by knockout. The 22 year old is looking to continue building his resume against the struggling grappling legend in Petersen.

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Posted 10 October 2018 - 03:10 AM



Diego Gaspar (11-5-0) vs Watch Out Ronaldo (8-4-1)

And here we have a match up against two promising prospects. Diego "The Matador" Gaspar is a high level brown belt submission artist who's developed a respectable standup game. With all 11 of his wins coming by submission he's a major threat if he can get you on the ground. He'll be facing off against Watch Out Ronaldo who's a high level striker but he's no slouch in the grappling department either. Ronaldo has been a bit of a decision machine in his career thus far with all of his 13 fights going the distance. He's got the cardio for it for sure. Will Ronaldo light up Gaspar on the feet for all 3 rounds of this fight or will Gaspar manage to take him down and work his magic?




Nick Tessier (5-6-0) vs Kaine Krause (16-4-0)

Next up we got some high level fighters you may not have heard about. Nick "Titanium" Tessier is an exceptional well rounded MMA fighter. He's had a rough start in TGC thus far going 2-3 losing his last two fights but none of them have been easy fights. He's looking to get into the win column here against Kaine "The Sexy Clown" Krause who's a top 10 kick-boxer in the world that's transitioning to MMA. Krause had his MMA debut at TGC 70 where he fought to a draw after 3 rounds. He's looking to get his first W as a mixed martial artist and everyone knows he's got the advantage as the better striker but will his wrestling and grappling be up to the test against the brown belt Tessier?





Shawn Griffin (10-8-0) vs Jao Rua (9-0-0)

This undercard bout features a undefeated grappler out of Brazil in Jao "Hybrid" Rua against a TGC veteran Shawn Griffin. Both fighters are primarily grapplers but Rua is a much more competent striker than Griffin. Griffin's strength is his wrestling but Rua is a superb wrestler as well and should have the advantage on the ground as well. Rua's finished all of his opponents in the first round except for the last time he fought at TGC. That took him 3 rounds to find the sub. Griffin on the other hand is coming into the fight with a 2 fight win streak but he looks to be the underdog in this match up. There have been reports that he's has a tough training camp and his morale is rather low coming into this fight.

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Pekka "Punchmaster General" Toivonen


"It has only been 24 hour since beat down of invalid crybaby's fighter, and Pekka is already back to painting fences and doing basic carpenting. Little baby men stand no chance against Finnish working class fury."

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