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#925774 Sucker Punch Pro Series (355k+) Opens in Sydney

Posted by HareRumpler on Yesterday, 11:27 PM






Hello again Sucker Punch Fans!  I’m Hare Rumpler along with my partner and analyst, Donkey “Dan”, and Suzy Sucker Punch, our happy go-lucky media correspondent!  We had a ton of fun on tap last night with our card over at the Bondi Outdoor Arena in Sydney, where we finished off the Lightweight Cockshot Sorter Series tournament along with an extravaganza of other Lightweight action! 


I’m going to say right off the bat here that there were more than a few surprises last night and I think Donkey may have had one of his worst nights of predictions so far!  Perhaps not THE worst, but it was right up there!  And that is definitely not a bad thing.  I love it when the fights aren’t that predictable…and even more when a curveball is thrown like it was last night.  Most of the time, Donkey is right on when he uses his go to moves for looking at morale or energy to determine the edge in a fight.  But last night we had more than a couple guys buck the trend and somehow find a way!  That’s awesome…would be more awesome if they come in prepared next time, but damn, talk about heart on the part of the fighters!


Unlike some of our more recent cards, this one was a solid mix of finishes and decisions!  Three Decisions on the night, three TKO finishes, and a heavy dose of submissions with four of those!  So there was definitely a little something for everybody in this night of action.


I say we get to talking about our merchandise partner and sponsor, and then jump right into it, ok?




When you think about training your fighters, one of the biggest concerns is keeping them in the gym and actively training, am I right?  And you can’t do that if they have to be stopping to recover and rest for sessions here and sessions there!  That is why you need to visit our sponsor, Shadow Warrior Nutrition, and specifically grab some of their Shadow Warrior Tea 160Q.  It is literally the best energy loss reduction supplement money can buy and will keep your fighter in the gym training rather than sitting days out resting!  Stop on over there today, you will NOT be disappointed!


Now, let's get to it!  


Undercard Bout #1: Featherweight Sparring Session

Kazuhisa Nagashima Defeats Surianglek Sitsongrit via Unanimous Decision


Donkey, our first fight of the evening was a little one round, three minute sparring session between these two kids.  Both were out to show what they’ve got to their respective managers in hopes of obtaining a permanent spot in the stables. 


Ultimately the result isn’t that important.  Sure, one will get a win on their record and the appropriate level of rank jump and hype and the other will learn something about their morale after a loss. But more importantly, the managers really want to see what they may be hiding in the tale of the tape!


We could tell neither really came out with intensity in this sparring session, probably purposely so. There were some strikes thrown, sure, but a lot of it was a bit of kicky-kicky here and there, some to the legs, some to the body. From both fighters.  A bit like two little girls kicking their older brothers in the shins there Donkey!  Haha.


Donkey, any comments on what we found out…?


Donkey’s Takeaways:

I don’t know whether we really got any great results that will please the managers involved or not here Hare.  Nagashima showed a Solid Chin there in the TotT for his manager, Esiah Xavier, but that may or may not be good enough depending upon what he’s looking for.  He won the fight, so nothing learned about morale and confidence.  For Sitsongrit, it turns out that with the loss his confidence remained VERY high, which is fantastic.  But…he showed Determined in the TotT, and that’s not something Theksit is usually willing to accept.  So word on the street has it that Sitsongrit is looking for new management and one more opportunity!




Undercard Bout #2: Lightweight

Robin Van Doen Defeats Sho Pereyra via TKO (Strikes)


We move on to the first non-test fight of the card here as Doen faced off against Sho Pereyra.  I know Donkey got this one wrong…dead wrong.  But admittedly, even I underestimated Doen on this one and thought that with the disadvantage in morale he’d potentially be easy pickings for Pereyra.  Turns out, that wasn’t the case at all! 


Pereyra came out and rather than try to get this fight to the ground, where we believed he might have been able to have some success, he stood with Doen and even took it into the clinch right after the one minute mark.  Doen was the stronger standup fighter, so no doubt he had no issues whatsoever with Pereyra’s initial approach to the fight!  With Pereyra unable to land any shots, both separated and in the clinch, he did finally attempt a takedown about halfway through the second minute.  By then Doen had established his rhythm though and was landing the occasional well placed shot.


Not sure if Pereyra lost his focus for a moment or two, or what, but just before the two minute mark Doen was able to come over with a hell of a head kick that put Pereyra out on his feet! Wasn’t more than a couple more strikes before the ref was jumping in to save Pereyra!


What do you think Donkey…?


Donkey’s Takeaways:

Doen needed a win, and at 0-3 coming in, he got a much needed one here.  And kudos to him for going in there and getting it done!  But really, the story on this one is a bit more on the side of how many things didn’t go the way they should have for Pereyra!  First, he was 1-4, and really needed a win.  Second, he had the advantage of an opponent being low on morale…and I might add, having started his MMA career a couple thousand spots behind him.  Then, he didn’t go to his strength until it was almost too late in the fight, waiting until after the first minute to even attempt his first takedown.  Doen may be on his way up the ladder now, which is fantastic…but Pereyra, unfortunately, was shown the door after the top brass met with his manager following the fight.




Undercard Bout #3: Lightweight

Ko Artist Defeats Jank Stank via TKO (Strikes)


Yet again!!!!  Donkey, the world is upside down for this event and so far you just haven’t been able to get one right, despite following your well-heeled guidance!  Artist came in with considerably worse morale than Stank did, but something must have turned that attitude around, because he stepped into the cage and decided he was NOT leaving with another loss in this one!  And boy did he come for it fast!


Thirty-eight seconds Donkey!  That’s what it took Artist to finish this one off and really, in many ways, essentially stave off disaster and potentially start a career defining turn-around!  Now, will he come into the next fight fully prepared though?!?  I sure hope so, let’s not ruin a good start!


And you know me Donkey…if you’re going to make a big statement with a finish…I’m all for it being done via a huge ass head kick! This makes it two in a row if you look back at the fight before this!  This one brings home KO of the Night for Artist though, as the fans loved  how quickly he went out there and put the smack down, and likely the way he just DROPPED Stank with that shot!


Well, what do you have for us Donkey…?


Donkey’s Takeaways:

Well, well, well!  Two in a row wrong!  I can’t remember the last time I started out an evening so badly with my picks.  But that’s ok, I don’t really like when I can pick them easily!  A surprise and shocking finish is always more fun for us and for the fans.  Artist bounces back from a four fight losing streak, and makes the case that perhaps he can turn it around?!?  Only time will tell, but he HAS to swap out those tighty-whities and get the morale further up despite the win!  For Stank, he just wasn’t able to show it for us here at Sucker Punch.  We’re really glad he gave it a shot, but with a 1-2 record here and a 3-6 overall, it was time to help him help himself with a new career!




Undercard Bout #4: Lightweight

Corona Virus Defeats Conor Notorious via Submission (Kimura)


Our fourth fight of the night ended up very, very lopsided!  At least Donkey got this one right, although he did claim this was going to be a great, hard fought one.  Well, it may have been great, as far as results go, for Virus, but it wasn’t strictly hard fought and really, it was just one of those “it’s going to happen sooner or later” scenarios.


Notorious got one strike attempt in…that’s it.  Then he was taken down, and the submission spam began!  Eighteen sub attempts later over the course of four and a half minutes, he was tapping out due to a kimura!


There’s really not much more to say about this one.  That was literally the fight.  Couple strike attempts, a takedown, sub, sub, sub…more sub…and bam! Done. 


What do you have for us, Donkey...?


Donkey’s Takeaways:

While a win is a win, the fans identified this for what it was and apparently rated it low at 25%.  Well, I like a good game of chess on the ground as much as the next guy, but that’s not what this was.  This was Notorious biding his time and hoping for the bell, no hope of escape, yet being able to do a fairly decent job of fending off the sub attempts.  But you can only do that for so long!  Solid win for Virus…a last hurrah and loss for Notorious.  This loss took him to 2-6, with three losses in a row and it was time for us to part ways and go our own directions.  Good luck with his next gig, we appreciated his time with us.




Undercard Bout #5: Lightweight

Veljko Bakocevic Defeats Rock Lee via Submission (Kimura)


Wow, and with our last fight on the Undercard Donkey now goes 1-3 on his picks for the night!  Donkey, I can’t remember the last time you had such a rough go man! 


Tonight, the rules of coming in with your morale and energy managed and prepared were right out the window apparently!  This is the third fight where Donkey went with his rule of thumb on that, and came out on the wrong end of the pick! 


Bako did a fantastic job of staving off Lee’s strikes over the first minute or so…giving himself just enough time to recover from one takedown miss and then nailing the next at about a minute in!  From there, it was wham, bam, thank ya ma’am, here’s a kimura for ya, goodnight friends!


Bako’s slip into that kimura was so slick and smooth it got him Submission of the Night honors!  Great stuff, well done, and a great display of technique!  Clearly he came in determined that there would NOT be any talk of whether this was the end of the road for him or not after this fight!


Donkey, how about that, eh…?


Donkey’s Takeaways:

No question about it, Bakocevic clearly knew that he had to come through in this one, and kudos to him and his camp for coming in with a plan, training appropriately for the skills he was going to need to get it done, and then doing it!  His strike defense was strong early, his takedowns up to snuff…and that kimura was a pretty little thing.  For Lee, this doesn’t put him in an awful position, but it has to be disappointing.  He had won two in a row and looked to be on the verge of making a case for himself to be in the picture for top contender sometime soon.  With this loss, he’s going to have to step back and work his way back up, and perhaps clean up that ground game that may have been exposed a bit in this fight.  He’ll come back strong, no doubt.




Main Card Bout #1: Lightweight

Rey Bargos Defeats Bobolo Jubbly via TKO (Strikes)


Donkey!!!  What is going on here man?!?!  Is this the twilight zone or something?!?  Are you seriously 1-4 now on the night?  Wow…unheard of!  But kudos to these young fighters for going out there and keeping us on our toes! This is why you fight the fights in the cage and not on paper folks!


If you had told me before I saw this one that this fight was never going to make it to the ground and that it was going to be dominated on one side in standup, I would have told you that you were full of crap and to stop trying to pull my leg Donkey!  But that is exactly what happened!


Jubbly had six shots at putting this thing on the ground. SIX.  When do you ever see this guy get that sort of opportunity and then have zero success? Well, apparently the other night, that’s when!  Bargos’ camp claimed that he had stepped up his training game.  That he had worked with the best, had a fantastic camp and was very, very confident that they worked on what they needed to for this. Well, damn…ain’t that a thing?  Cause he came into this with his takedown defense TIGHT…and piggy backing on the ability to keep this thing on the feet, his striking was ON POINT!  14 for 14 head shots, 9 for 9 body shots…and boy, that was enough!


This easily could have been KO of the Night or Fight of the Night if it wasn’t for an exciting head kick that stole the show early and a championship fight that brought the drama and suspense as well.


Donkey, wow…eh…?


Donkey’s Takeaways:

I’m getting them all wrong tonight Hare, or most of them it seems, and that’s pretty cool!  You were wondering where Jubbly’s profile picture has been lately? Well, if you figure out where his takedown game went, they might both be in the same place!  Certainly they weren’t here for this fight.  That’s probably a bit unfair to say, as I suspect that Bargos’ preparation had more to do with it than a lack of skill for Jubbly.  Jubbly was on the verge of going 3-1, rebounding from a loss to Frankie Logan in the Sorter Series finals and having his name right back up there as a top contender candidate.  Now, he’ll need to work a bit longer to get back there.  *spoiler alert*  For Bargos…he’s definitely turned some heads now!  He’s 2-1 on his career, with his only loss being to NEW champ Frankie Logan.  So really, that’s almost like a half loss, being he took him to a decision!  His future seems bright.


Suzy was down ringside while Alex Conors was waiting for Rey Bargos, his fighter.  He approached her and had this to say…


Alex Conors:  I would like to announce Rey Bargos has not only signed two new sponsorships after his latest win but also a new 5 fight deal with SPPS. Bargos is ecstatic about the deal and awaiting word on his next challenge.


Suzy Sucker Punch:  Mr. Conors, that is fantastic to hear, and I know that everybody in the organization is excited to know that Rey will be around for a while!  His fans certainly will be celebrating this win and the new contract tonight!




Main Card Bout #2: Lightweight

Valery Bokov Defeats Frank Carey via Submission (Armbar)


You know Donkey…the fans really didn’t give this fight a high rating, but I loved it!  Honestly, this fight went almost exactly as we anticipated, with both men wanting it on the ground and both getting their opportunities to do what they wanted to.  Short of finishing early that is.  I guess the fans just don’t appreciate a chess match of different skill sets on the ground the way I do!


As I said, both men were intent upon this being on the canvas.  We knew that, and it was just a matter of establishing position and getting the right chances.  In the first round, they both had them, with the position reversing a couple times, Carey working the ground and pound and Bokov trying for the submission.  A close round, but Bokov got it. 


Round 2, more of the same, clinch, takedown, sub attempt, ground and pound, reversal, you name it, we got it! Carey took this one, in what was turning out to be a really close contest!  And finally the third round…and again the clinch from Carey and the takedown.  The punchy-punchy thing ensued from Carey and the sub attempts for Bokov!  And then…the fatal mistake…Carey went to posture up…left his arm there…and BAM!  Bokov had it for the armbar!  Another one that could have easily been the Sub of the Night right there, such a key pivotal move to nail that submission when it presented itself!


Donkey, anything…?


Donkey’s Takeaways:

Wow, I finally get another correct!  This was a really, really good fight.  We suspected it would be, and it did NOT disappoint!  I’d watch this one over and over as well Hare, so I’m with you on that.  This one gives Bokov two in a row and three of his last four…and puts him right into the discussion for potential top contender soon!  For Carey, we didn’t have a lot to go by, but we were able to figure out what his plan would be.  He tried to implement it, and had his chances, but he just couldn’t get past that solid chin of Bokov’s. It’ll be fun to see how he evolves and where he goes from here!




Main Card Bout #3: Lightweight

Tua Graves Defeats Piney Winston via Unanimous Decision


We’ve got one that went the distance here between two fierce competitors Donkey!  You got the winner correct, but I don’t think anybody saw this going to a decision.  And frankly, considering all of the action in this fight, it’s unbelievable that it did!


This one was ALL ground.  We weren’t sure if Graves would definitely take it there, but he most certainly did…and Winston going to the ground was never in question.  Four takedowns over three rounds, all by Graves, resulting in almost the entire fight being spent on the ground.  A lot, and I do mean a lot, of jostling for position, some serious ground and pound from Graves…which likely won him the fight with the judges…and…WOW…twenty-four submission attempts between the two of them!  And not a one managed to be finished! Say who-what?!?!


Let me repeat that last part…16 sub attempts by Winston…a brown belt…and an accomplished submission artist…8 sub attempts by Graves…no chopped liver himself!  And they didn’t finish this thing, that’s how much this fight was a game of cat and mouse, one upping the next and just refusing to be caught!  Damn.  Just…damn.


Donkey, over to you, what do you have…?


Donkey’s Takeaways:

Graves gets the win, no doubt as you said by controlling the action and landing strikes on the ground.  But this was a well fought battle from both sides!  Graves gets ahead of things now with a 5-4-1 record…and Winston still retains a solid 6-3…I can’t wait to see more fights from these two…they both belong right up there in any discussion!




Co-Main Event

Lightweight Bout

Demi Achilles Defeats Two Two via Submission (Kimura)


Heyyyy!  Donkey, you finally nailed one right on the head, winner, finish and exact sub!  Nice.  Way to bounce back late! 


The Artist Formerly Known as Two (TAFKAT), now known as Raleigh St. Clair, having moved out of his mom’s house, rejected her lack of love for him as the second child…and perhaps had a sex change…is that a porn star name Donkey?...came in and did his very best to control this fight, implement the game plan that we actually suspected he might and got off to a good start.  His strikes were landing unhindered in the clinch once he established himself there. But then…and this is the head scratcher…um, after wisely and valiantly shrugging off six takedown attempts by Achilles…he…well, Donkey…he took this to the ground himself!!  No, seriously.  He basically committed hari-kari! 


That’s where this fight went from REALLY good for him, to REALLY bad, REALLY fast.  Sure, he landed a couple shots on the ground…but his safe zone was on the feet.  Achilles is deadly on the ground with his submission game! And sure enough, a little over a minute later, Achilles had taken a couple shots, but in the process had worked into a better position…and bam, there was the kimura…for the win!


Donkey, I really have to believe that Two’s…er, I mean, St. Clair’s…manager and he must be shaking their heads still, a couple days later…wondering what possessed them to do that.  Pretty much gave the fight away that they had well in hand I’d say.


Donkey, got anything on your mind…? 


Donkey’s Takeaways:

I figured Achilles was going to eventually get this to the ground.  And once that happened, I figured this was his to lose.  I NEVER figured that he’d be gifted that trip to the canvas! Wow.  I’m with you Hare, this fight looked like it could have been finished from the clinch or shortly after in standup. This is one that St. Clair’s camp is going to look back on and wish they could have back.  For Achilles, you take em where you can get em!  So he’ll take it, and this puts him in the driver’s seat to make a case as a potential top contender!


Demi Achilles was heading to the locker room as Suzy caught up with him for a few words…


Suzy Sucker Punch:  Demi, you were picked to win by Donkey, and now, even after perhaps a rough start to the fight, you’ve come out the victor.  With only one loss on the record, some are saying you’re in the driver’s seat for a spot at the top of the division again.  Any thoughts on your record and what it means?


Demi Achilles:  As I said to you guys, my loss was just a fluke. I came unprepared. But now I'm always prepared and ready to bang!


Suzy Sucker Punch:  I have a feeling that Demi will get the chance to prove that in the near future, and his fans can’t wait!




Main Event

Lightweight CSS Championship Bout: #1 vs. #15

Frankie Logan vs. Vinicius Verreira


Our Main Event tonight folks!  It was time to belt our very first Lightweight champion here at Sucker Punch!  Two extremely talented fighters both very deserving of this shot, I couldn’t wait for this fight there Donkey!


Frankie and Verreira both navigated a tough tournament full of talent, with Frankie actually having one opponent bail and run with tail between legs at one point.  We just had a heck of a finish in that prior fight, so the crowd was all on edge and ready to go for this big one…and now it was time, as Juice Fluffer made his way into the cage…here’s the replay of the fight start…




Juice Fluffer enters the cage…


“Ladies and gentlemen…this is the Maaaain Event of the evening!”

“The judges for this bout are Summer Carpenter, Ben Hemmingworth and Skip Squint.”

“Our sponsor for this event is Shadow Warrior Nutrition.”

“Annnnnnnd Now!  The moment Sucker Punch Pro Series fans around the world have been waiting for!”

“LIVE!, from The Bondi Outdoor Arena in Sydney, Australia…”

“Iiiiit’s TIME!  Three rounds for the Undisputed Sucker Punch Pro Series Lightweight Championship of the World!”

“Introducing first…to my left, fighting out of the red corner.  With professional record of three wins, one loss and NO draws, he stands 178 centimeters tall, weighing in at 153 pounds and 21 years of age, representing Falkirk, Scotland and fighting out of your very own Sydney, Australia…the NUMBER ONE seed overall in the Sucker Punch Lightweight Cockshot Sorter Series, Frannnnkieeeee… “The Scotch Kiss” ….LOOOOGANNNNN!!!

“And now introducing…to my right, fighting out of the blue corner.  With a professional record of three wins, one loss and NO draws, he stands 180 centimeters tall, weighing in at 155 pounds and 21 years of age, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and fighting out of London, England …the number fifteen seed overall in the Sucker Punch Lightweight Cockshot Sorter Series, “Viniiiiiiiiiciuuuuuussss...VERREIRRRRRAAAAA!!!

And we were off folks!!! 


This was a hard fought contest, although if you just look at the judge’s scorecards it’s not going to seem that way.  These two combatants came out and went at it right from the bell, landing shots for over a minute before it was taken to the clinch.  As we said in the preview, with Logan, you never quite know how he might attack you in any given fight…but wow…did Verreira plan to show us that he could be the one to pull out the surprises from his bag of tricks!


The second and third minute were spent in the clinch with shots taken back and forth!  Then back to separation for a minute with more shots exchanged and a bunch of sizing up.  Then the surprise came…into the fifth minute of the first and Verreira decides to take it to the ground!  Ok! So it’s on, we’re about to find out what that brown belt of his is all about for the first time in his career!...and…sub attempts from Verreira…they didn’t succeed, but they were there, and he was taking a new angle on things!  Frankie got the round, but it was Verreira who definitely brought the stunning surprise in that one!


Round 2…some more boxing…shots land…and clinch!  And then…BOOM, just to show it wasn’t a mistake, Verreira takes it to the ground yet again!  With top position, he was able to avoid much in the way of damage from Logan while starting to work the subs, which he did over and over, with Logan thwarting him at every turn!  The round ended with Verreira failing to get the submission shortly after a very close attempt at an armbar!  The refs gave that one to Logan, no doubt due to landing more shots in the standup, but honestly I felt like Verreira got that one being the aggressor and getting it to the ground.


Round 3…!  And Logan clinches again…with Verreira AGAIN taking it to the ground, clearly determined to finish this thing with a sub from down there!  Logan neatly escapes though, gets back to the feet…and then begins the process of taking over and exerting dominance in the standup, refusing to let this thing go back to the ground again!   Verreira seemed a bit more focused on the counter, waiting for the right moment, while Logan continued to tenderize his legs, body and face!  With the fight clearly in hand…Donkey…this is when the real shocker came!


In what can only lead to some bad blood down the line between these two, Logan, who already seemed to have the fight in hand going into the last and final minute…oh my…yep Donkey!  Ooooooh baby, this is SUCKER PUNCH my friends!...and Logan, living up to his name and showing us just why he’s done things to earn the “Scotch Kiss” moniker…landed a nasty shot to the boys!!  Yep, those family jewels just got reduced in value folks!  Here it was…


That's four minutes gone in the round.  Oooooooooooh, not good. A low kick from Logan lands where it shouldn't have, right in the... well, you know what he did? He kicked him in the penis. He's injured, injured bad. The referee sends both fighters to their corners and Verreira has 5 minutes to recover. He's OK now though... a thumbs up from Verreira and we're back underway with a touch of gloves.


Dang Donkey!  In a championship fight no less!  That one’s going to be remembered for quite a while…certainly by Verreira!


Juice Fluffer enters as the referee has both fighters in the middle of the cage…


“Ladies and gentlemen, after three rounds, we go to the judges’ scorecards for a decision…”

“Summer Carpenter scores the contest, 30-27, Logan.”

“Ben Hemmingworth scores it, 30-27…”

“And Skip Squint scores it, 30-27…”

“For the winner…by Unanimous Decision…ANNNNNNDDDD NEWWWWWW…Sucker Punch Pro Series…Undisputed…Lightweight Champion of the World… “The Scotch Kiss” Frannnnkieeeee…….LOOOOGANNNNN!!!


WE HAVE A CHAMPION DONKEY!  We have a champ!  You have anything else…?


Donkey’s Takeaways:

Wow!  Yes indeed, some big moments and big shocks in that fight!  I had the call wrong, but the suspense was worth it!  First, Verreira fakes us all out, going with a tactic and approach he’s never shown before…and honestly, it could have paid off at any time!  Credit to Logan for managing to fight off those subs and stay cool under a lot of pressure from Verreira.  For Logan, a well-rounded fight where he showed just why he’s so dangerous and difficult to plan for, with a varied skillset that isn’t weak in any given area!  A well-earned championship, especially to avoid being subbed out with so many opportunities given to Verreira!  But that shot at the end…oh boy.  To the boys?  C’mon, was that necessary…or just part of the package and what you get when you have a reputation to uphold!


Suzy made sure she was at the cage door waiting for Frankie Logan as he exited, the victor and first Lightweight champion, his manager beside her with a smile on his face…


Suzy Sucker Punch:  Frankie, you have to be very, very happy with this result.  Verreira definitely brought something to the table, tried your move with keeping his opponent off-base, but you hung in there and pulled it off!  How are you feeling right now?


Frankie Logan: I am very proud to be the first Sucker Punch Lightweight Champ at the most prestigious 355k org in the game. Now the hard work begins!  Vinnicius is a tough opponent, a well-trained grappler with a single hitter quitter is very dangerous. We knew we had to fight smart in this one, outpace him on the feet and tire him on the ground.


P J Jones:   Suzy, just wanted to thank Sucker Punch for everything. It’s great to get a win but the best part is the energy, excitement and professionalism at SP, which is second to none. This is a very exciting organization that we look forward to being involved with for a long time. In fact we have just signed a LHW prospect to SP and we have very high hopes!


Suzy Sucker Punch:  Undoubtedly this is a night that both of you, and the fans, won’t forget for a long time, if ever!  Congratulations on the championship!




So there we have it Sucker Punch fans!

Great stuff and the Sucker Punch universe now has its first Lightweight Champion!  And some other great fights, clearly flipping the script on Donkey all night long and throwing surprise after surprise!  This is what we come out for folks, the excitement, the twists and turns, the action packed fun!  Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!


See you all soon, and till then…


Keep it cheap and dirty…Sucker Punch Pro Series 355k+ style!

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#925762 Sucker Punch Pro Series (355k+) Opens in Sydney

Posted by HareRumpler on Yesterday, 07:35 PM

No surprise here...I cannot WAIT for this fight....!  Talk about building up for it!

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#925673 Sucker Punch Pro Series (355k+) Opens in Sydney

Posted by HareRumpler on 12 August 2020 - 08:52 PM



Alright folks, here is the first set of rankings for the Lightweights as they join all of the other divisions with all of our Sorter Series tournaments now complete!.  


As I've said every time, I'm not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I do put a lot of effort in when looking at the fighters in the divisions.  I'm not a big believer in P4P or WC rankings for ID Restricted orgs, and certainly not for newer ones unlike, let's say, 340k which would be more established and the fighters would usually have a lot more fights under their belts.  Instead, I tend to look much more closely at overall skill ratings, records in and out of the org, who they've fought, ID, age, etc.  both when setting up the rankings as well as when I do the matchmaking.  Just know that while it may not be perfect, and while this may not closely match the listing if you look at the org's division by hype/pop, WC rank or P4P rank, there has been a lot of thought and time spent on it!  But hey, if you disagree, let's chat...but just know that a throat punch or kick to the taint is not beneath me! LOL!


I'm posting them here, but the current rankings for each division as they are established will always be available here:  http://www.mmatycoon...=65096&p=910173






Featherweights unranked outside the Top 10 at this time, but on the bubble:  Bobolo Jubbly / Frank Carey / Guy River / Montesh Dominguez

Also unranked outside the Top 10 at this time:  Veljko Bakocevic / Ko Artist / Raleigh St. Clair / Rock Lee /  Robin Van Doen / Mike Snot / Kira Yoshikage

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#925639 2 mil giveaway

Posted by HareRumpler on 12 August 2020 - 05:07 PM


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#925629 Looking for Test Fights

Posted by HareRumpler on 12 August 2020 - 02:23 PM

http://www.mmatycoon...531#entry925561 Here is the official forum thread for MMA Tycoons official testing fight org.

Yes, PSE is your official spot to hit if you need quick turn around test fights. Weve had a few successful events already and with events booked every other day for the month of August. You can get the test fight you need quickly. Im always looking for managers who need test fights and I go above and beyond and actually seek out and offer test fight contracts to managers in effort to find test fight match ups for your guys

So, the next time you think hey I need to test this guys hiddens before I waste time and money training him. Come find me!


I'm not normally one to get on somebody's case about posts in the forums...but a little bit inappropriate to hijack a thread to redirect folks like this...?  Hope you see my point.


And FYI, there's nothing "Official" about the use of the Phoqus Test Fights org.  It's not an MMATycoon run, funded or pointed to org as an official means of testing fighters, it's just another org.


So again, we have an open slot for a test fight on Aug. 15 this coming Friday Night/Saturday morning if anybody needs a test fight.  

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#925624 Looking for Test Fights

Posted by HareRumpler on 12 August 2020 - 12:20 PM

We have an open fight available over at Sucker Punch for the Aug. 15 Card this coming Friday night/Saturday morning.  


If you have a fighter and a dance partner for him and want a test fight, we're able to help!


No takers who need test fights?  If not, I'll probably be creating a couple of new guys myself and taking advantage of the testing opportunity, but would prefer to see others use the slots if possible!

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#925622 Sucker Punch Pro Series (355k+) Opens in Sydney

Posted by HareRumpler on 12 August 2020 - 11:43 AM

Sucker Punch CSS 155# Finals Post Show Media

With that Rey stepped down and made his way to the back.


I clipped most of it in the quote above because I didn't want to unnecessarily re-quote it all...but damn, that right there is fighter commentary gold!!!  Great stuff, great read!  I love it!  You've got a job as an interviewer here if you ever want it!!!

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#925601 Hardcore - Official Smack Talk Thread

Posted by HareRumpler on 12 August 2020 - 02:45 AM

I want to send a HUGE shout out to Hare Rumpler for his amazing work helping us with our new logo and rankings.  We worked together to get the design together, and then he took over like a man on a mission and put together an amazing look for me, helping to hone in on the fighting spirit of the HFC.

Hare, thanks man, you're a hell of an individual.


Happy to help!  It was fun.

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#925591 Collision Course Combat Club

Posted by HareRumpler on 12 August 2020 - 12:22 AM

Best of luck, go get it!

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#925583 Sucker Punch Pro Series (355k+) Opens in Sydney

Posted by HareRumpler on 11 August 2020 - 11:07 PM



Super excited that we've got a couple of top 10 hyped fights for tonight folks!  This is going to be a great card, I said it in the preview, and I can't wait to see the results and look through this one!



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#925582 Hare's Avatars For Bid/Sale

Posted by HareRumpler on 11 August 2020 - 10:56 PM

New Auction Item:  FU Storm

Min Bid: 100k (please increment in 20k or more for raises)


Will likely leave up for about 24 hours or so after final bid before closing.    


All images, animated and three static, included for the winner as a single package.

Enjoy and happy bidding!


Avatar-FU-1.png Avatar-FU-2.png Avatar-FU-3.png Avatar-FU-Rain.gif

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#925581 Sucker Punch 355k+ Staff Writer - Interviews

Posted by HareRumpler on 11 August 2020 - 10:53 PM



Ok folks, so...I've been able to actually keep up with the previews and reviews in house, amazingly...although it has definitely been challenging.  I very much want to start having some interviews done for certain situations, which we can discuss my plans if you're interested. So...we're looking for a staff writer to do interviews. 


Interested?  Think you can come up with not only the types of questions and commentary that folks want to hear, but something that fits our theme, feel, etc. and also keeps it funny and entertaining?  Let's talk! 


I'm not looking to rob somebody blind here for their work.  You'll be paid well for the job, no worries about that.  


Take care, and hope to talk soon!





Still looking if anybody is interested!  Will make it worth your time, let's chat!

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#925560 Sucker Punch Pro Series (355k+) Opens in Sydney

Posted by HareRumpler on 11 August 2020 - 03:09 PM

Damn, great stuff Alex!  Can't wait to see this fight!  I'm not even more intrigued to see the details and how it plays out than before, awesome!

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#925543 Sucker Punch Pro Series (355k+) Opens in Sydney

Posted by HareRumpler on 10 August 2020 - 10:47 PM



Sucker Punch Preview



Welcome, welcome, welcome Sucker Punch Fans!  I’m Hare Rumpler along with my partner and analyst, Donkey “Dan”, and our tenacious media correspondent, Suzy Sucker Punch!  We have a fantastic card coming up for you in just over a day now that includes the conclusion of our Lightweight Cockshot Sorter Series tournament! 


We’ll be belting our first Lightweight champion in just over a day, as well as featuring a card chock full of Lightweights out to prove that they have what it takes to climb to the top and sit on the throne!  In addition, we’ll start out the evening with a little sparring bout between two of Yabai’s hopeful young fighters, managed by Theksit Ruengruong and Esiah Xavier.


The conclusion of this Sorter Series tournament brings the entire set of Sorter Series tournaments to an end, as the other five weight classes have just finished theirs over the past two weeks or so!  Exciting times, as within the next 2 weeks or so we should have champions for all of our divisions and that’s some awesome stuff, at least I think!


Donkey, I know what you’re hoping for in the next 24-48 hours…and that’s that we have a card where all of our fighters come in prepared and ready to go, ready to get out there and give it their all and their best!  I hope so too, but usually you get at least a couple stragglers who just haven’t paid attention to their energy or morale. Taking a quick glance, it looks like the majority of our fighters have got their energy in order…with the possible exceptions of Notorious and Pereyra, at 89% and 86% as we speak respectively.  That’s not bad though, and if they rest in time they’ll have plenty of time to top that off! 


I’m hearing relatively good things from Suzy regarding the morale of the fighters.  She reports that we may have a few in the first couple matches that are coming in low, specifically in the Pereyra/Doen and Stank/Artist fights, and possibly a couple later on throughout that may be off by 10% or so, but generally things are looking fairly good for this card! 


Note to everybody…and honestly, this shouldn’t come as a surprise now that we’re starting to head into the conclusion of our first round of contracts…regardless of whether contract extensions were offered or not, one thing we are heavily looking at is performance as well as how it relates to preparedness.  If a guy is coming in fully prepared, but struggling, we’re likely to give a little more slack.  If a guy is winning, despite not coming in prepared, well, we won’t love it, but hey, winning is winning, so yes, some slack will be given…but honestly not as much as being fully prepared. Now…for those fighters who are struggling…and also consistently coming in unprepared…well, I think there shouldn’t be any surprise what may be coming.  Yes, we are getting to the point where we’ll probably start setting some of those guys free.  So please bear that in mind.  If your energy has been off, or your morale is consistently low…it’s time to fix that.  If you need help with that, it’s time to holler at me and ask questions or work on things.  We’ve always offered to be as helpful as possible, trying to provide as much info as we can to help you prepare your fighters.  We won’t stop that, but at the same time, at some point it becomes time for the manager to take personal responsibility!  If you’re short on cash, we’re even willing to arrange to have some clothing or nutrition supplements sent to you to help out with energy/morale. But you have to be willing to use them and work to get your fighter where he should be.


Well, I think it’s time to talk about our merchandise partner and get on with this thing, no?




Do you find that you’re resting your fighters too often? Two, three, maybe even 4 times a week sometimes?  If that’s the case, you’re probably not supplementing their training, and if you are I’m thinking you’re not doing it with Shadow Warrior Tea 160Q, which is Shadow Warrior Nutrition’s outstanding energy loss reduction supplement.  It’s the best money can buy and will keep your fighter in the gym training rather than sitting days out resting!  Stop on over there today, you will NOT be disappointed!


Now, let's get to it!  


Undercard Bout #1: Featherweight Sparring Session

Kazuhisa Nagashima (0-0-0) vs. Surianglek Sitsongrit (0-0-0)


Similar to our last event…well…we have almost an exact situation again…same managers, similar fighters, only this time, Featherweights!  So I could write something entirely new…or…well, I could cheat and just repeat…ooh, I like that, let’s cheat!  This is Sucker Punch after all!


We’ll start the big event tomorrow night with a little warmer-upper…just a little sparring thing where these two kids will go out there and dance for three minutes.  Surianglek Sitsongrit is currently managed by Theksit Ruengruong…Where does he come up with these names anyways? I assume they actually mean something in a language that I don’t know, so I’ll assume it’s my ignorance on this one!  Kazuhisa Nagashima…ok, here we go again Donkey…?!?...is brought to us courtesy of Esiah Xavier.  So once again we’ve got a bit of Yabai on Yabai violence on tap for tomorrow night!


Both of these Yabaites will be looking to see if their latest young hopefuls have what it takes to make it down the long road of training, sparring, fighting and eventual glory!  For now, they’d just like to see if they have any really cool hidden abilities, certainly find out if they’ve got some bad ones they should run away from, and maybe see how they handle losing. 


Neither of these camps are overly forgiving of shortcomings when it comes to new prospects, so they both have their work cut out for them if they want to become permanent features in these manager’s stables.


Donkey, you making a call on this one, or no…?


Donkey’s Pick: No Point

Nah, you know I don’t usually bother with the “test fights” when it comes to predictions.  Way too many unknowns, and you don’t even know if the managers have bothered to really give much in the way of instruction to their guys.  They just want to find out if they like pizza more than knocking somebody the hell out, or if it’s easy to break their jaw than it is to break the tv screen they like playing all their video games on or not!  Don’t get me started on moonwalking or bleeding like a stuck pig!  Good luck to these kids, may they have granite chins bestowed upon them and the confidence to bounce back from anything the cage throws at them!




Undercard Bout #2: Lightweight

Sho Pereyra (1-4-0) vs. Robin Van Doen (0-3-0)


Ok, on to the core of our action for the evening, with our first of nine Lightweight bouts scheduled to take place!  This one will feature Sho Pereyra facing off against Sucker Punch newcomer Robin Van Doen. 


Now, this one will obviously not thrill Donkey too much, given that Doen is coming into this fight at about…I’d say between 35-40% morale.  That’s  not good, and will undoubtedly score a pick for Pereyra in this one due to that disadvantage.  Now, normally we’d scorn Uncle Doe, Doen’s manager, a little bit here for not having his fighter fully prepared to fight…but he’s new to Sucker Punch and perhaps was not held to a higher standard previously!  Well…you’ll certainly hear about it from Donkey, so keep this in mind between now and next month’s fight!  Haha.


Pereyra scored his one and only win two fights ago against Erik Versteeg.  In that win, he worked the ground game well and secured himself a submission victory.  In this fight with Doen, he’s undoubtedly going to want to reproduce that approach and try to do the same.  He has the advantage in both wrestling and Jiu Jitsu, and would be well served to use that advantage well.  Given Doen’s lack of morale, he should very be able to successfully get this to the ground and take advantage once there.


Doen is the more skilled standup fighter in this matchup, both with his boxing and Muay Thai.  He’ll want to do everything he can to keep this fight on the feet and do some damage there, especially if he can’t keep it there.  But that morale may make that more easily said than done. 


What do you think Donkey…?


Donkey’s Pick: Pereyra via Submission (Kimura)

For Doen, this is a shame.  At 0-3, he really, really needed to come in here with a change of scenery and show that he could be successful. But coming in low on morale makes that next to impossible more often than not.  Change those clothes and get that morale back up young man!  For Pereyra, he very much needs this win as well.  And with Doen coming in the way he is, there is no excuse not to get it.  It’s not often that you say a fight is a “must win”, but this one is.  If he can’t overcome Doen, it’s likely he and his manager may be sitting in the org’s front office or receiving a call Thursday morning to discuss his next career choice…




Undercard Bout #3: Lightweight

Jank Stank (3-5-0) vs. Ko Artist (1-4-0)


Well Donkey, get your lecturing voice warmed up…because you’re going to need it for both of these kids.  Both Stank and Artist both come into this fight with low morale, albeit Artists is much worse off than Stanks.  This despite the fact that both have losing records at this point.  Coincidence?  Probably not.


Ko Artist comes into this one with a 1-4 record, with that one win dating back to his first fight in a QFC Tournament.  He got bounced from that tournament in Round 2, and has so far been unable to chalk up his first win here at Sucker Punch in three attempts.  This boy is still  running around in his tighty-whities, so clearly despite four losses in a row, no effort has been made to correct his morale so far in his career.  That’s unfortunately.  He is the better Muay Thai artist and wrestler in this fight and you’d expect him to try to take this fight to the clinch and win it there.  He comes into this one at about 20% morale though, so that is going to be a serious detriment regardless of what his strategy is.


While Stank will likely be the favorite in this fight from Donkey’s viewpoint, he doesn’t come into this thing fully focused and ready to go either.  At about 35% low on morale, he too could have come in a bit more prepared.  Perhaps it’s because he’s also still in his tighty-whities as well, or maybe it’s because he lives in his mom’s basement according to his bio!  He’s the better boxer of the two in this fight and will want to stay out of Artist’s clinch and take him out either with a finish or by consistently scoring points when he can. 


Over to you Donkey, what do ya have for us…?


Donkey’s Pick: Stank via TKO (Strikes)

This one is difficult to pick, and not for the right reasons.  I’m going to go with Stank here, only because he has won a few more fights than Artist and his morale isn’t quite as low.  But if you put these two up individually against just about anybody else who did come in prepared, I probably wouldn’t choose either.  For these two, this fight pretty much equates to an “I quit” match.  The loser undoubtedly finds himself with an appointment in the Dean’s office in the morning to discuss work opportunities in the mailroom.




Undercard Bout #4: Lightweight

Corona Virus (1-2-0) vs. Conor Notorious (2-5-0)


Our fourth fight of the evening will see yet another two young competitors who,  yes, again both need a win! 


For Virus, this is an opportunity to put new life into his career, pull even at .500 and really in some ways wipe the slate clean.  He’ll be the more advanced boxer in this fight, as well has having a slight advantage wrestling and a blue belt versus his opponent’s white in Jiu Jitsu.  At 19 years old, he’s still young, but you don’t want to start falling too far behind too early in the career. This is not a make or break fight for him, but certainly he would very much like to walk out the victor.  He’s coming in with some momentum off his last fight which he managed to win via TKO over Ko Artist.  He took an aggressive stance versus artist with his boxing, and I expect he’ll likely do the same tonight against Notorious.


Notorious is by far the better Muay Thai artist in this fight.  He’s on a two fight skid at this point, but his morale is still up, so clearly his manager is managing that aspect of things, which is good to see!  Right now, he’s a little down on energy, but I expect he’ll be rested over the next 36 hours and ready to go come fight time!  Despite having the Muay Thai advantage, I’m not sure if Notorious will clinch up or not in this one.  His prior win, three fights back, came via a stellar and exciting head kick, and he spent the majority of the fight working his boxing.  So there’s a chance we see these two simply go toe to toe and bang in this fight!  Whatever he does, he’s going to want a win…and badly…as this is a pretty big fight for him.  He may get another shot after this should he lose, but I wouldn’t imagine too many more would be on the table.


What do you have for us, Donkey...?


Donkey’s Pick: Virus via TKO (Strikes)

These two are well matched and it’s going to be a great, hard fought fight.  I expect somebody is getting finished, and I also suspect they may come out with pretty similar approaches, with Notorious perhaps mixing it up a bit more with the kicks.  From that angle, I may very well be wrong with my pick here, as the diversified attack from Notorious could prove a difference maker.  But if Virus is able to be aggressive and land his strikes, I think he may get this win.




Undercard Bout #5: Lightweight

Rock Lee (2-1-0) vs. Veljko Bakocevic (2-6-0)


Our last fight for the Undercard portion of this event will see Lee face off against Bakocevic in the cage!  Donkey, you’ll be very happy to know that Lee comes into this fully prepared and focused, ready to go at it.  You may notice I didn’t say the same for Bakocevic…who may be just a tad low on morale.


Lee will have the better skillset in standup for this fight, with both his boxing and Muay Thai.  Currently 2-1, he’s riding a two fight win streak here in Sucker Punch, having only dropped his first fight with us.  If he can win again tonight he’ll be able to move himself up considerably on the ladder with a 3 win streak and having shown he’s ready for the upper end of the competition!  Both of his prior fights were won by decision, so he knows how to take it the distance if he needs to.  His past two fights have proven that he can come at you with a very varied attack on the feet, using his kicks as much as any other strike if not more.  He’ll want to keep this one on the feet and finish it there, as Bakocevic can be dangerous on the ground.


Speaking of which, Bakocevic will be trying for the exact opposite most likely!  With the advantage in both wrestling and Jiu Jitsu, and a history of submission victories in both of his two wins, undoubtedly he will not want to tangle with Lee on the feet and instead want this on the ground early and often.  Well, maybe not often, not if he can finish it quickly, which is always a big bonus! Bakocevic really needs this win, as slipping to 2-7 would be disastrous for him. 


Donkey, who are you taking in this one…?


Donkey’s Pick: Lee via TKO (Strikes)

I really just can’t go against my rules on morale, as I’m a true believer in coming in prepared.  We try to do such tight matchmaking here in Sucker Punch that giving up any advantage, whether it be morale, energy or both, can very often be pivotal.  For Lee, he’s prepared and that’s huge.  I expect he’s going to get himself into the talks of whether he belongs in the top 10 after this if he can pull of the win.  For Bakocevic…well, I don’t envy him the discussion with his manager and Hare if he should lose this one.  It may not be the end yet, but the edict will be there to win…or…well…let’s not go there yet.


Over the weekend Suzy got in touch with Rock Lee’s camp, and Yamashita Craven allowed Rock to take a few minutes out of training to speak with her…


Suzy Sucker Punch:  Hey there Rock, another big fight upcoming next week, are you guys prepared and ready to go?


Rock Lee: Veljko can't do anything but grapple. He can't even keep his own morale topped off.  If I can stay on my feet, I'm going to knock this fool out!


Suzy Sucker Punch:  Well, the fans always love a big finish!  We’ll all be looking forward to seeing if it goes down as you predict!




Main Card Bout #1: Lightweight

Bobolo Jubbly (2-1-0) vs. Rey Bargos (1-1-0)


We move into the Main Card here with our fifth fight of the evening and with that your classic standup versus roll around on the ground matchup!  Jubbly is the guy who likes to take it to the canvas and roll around with you a bit.  Bargos, on the other hand, likes to punch you in the face for trying that shit!  Haha. 


But here’s the really important question of the day Donkey…and I thought this was a bit strange I the past as well…but now it’s time to really ask about it.  What’s with Jubbly’s profile picture always being missing? I mean, is this guy like the masked singer or something?  Is he in witness protection? I don’t know what’s going on there, but what I do know is that this guy has a brown belt in Jiu Jitsu and wonderful wrestling.  And what does that spell?  Trouble on the ground, with a capital “T”, that’s what!  He’s going to try to get this thing down there early and finish it via a sub. 


Bargos’ job is to prevent that from happening by any means necessary.  He has a blue belt in Jiu Jitsu, so he’s not completely helpless down there, but that’s no brown belt.  He needs to use those striking abilities of his early to do damage and try not to let it get into the danger zone.   He took a very dangerous Frankie Logan to a decision two fights ago, so he can certainly scrap.  And he managed to knockout Conor Notorious in his last fight, so he’s coming in with confidence. Now it’s time to see if he can defeat a serious ground game!  Btw Donkey, love his Goonies shirt!


Donkey, who do you have winning this thing…?


Donkey’s Pick: Jubbly via Submission (Armbar)

This is the very first really tough one tonight for me.  Both fighters are prepared, which is awesome!  Both have significant skills, in completely different areas, so again, that makes it very tough.  Both are 21 years old and have been training about the same period of time, so again…ding…they match up scary well.  Jubbly has zero standup and striking game…so this really comes down to…can he get it to the ground?  If he can, it’s his.  If he can’t, oh boy, he’s in for a world of hurt!  I’m going to say he does get it down, and gets the sub.  But I may be very, very wrong on this one!  Just saying that now.


Suzy reached out and was able to get a statement from Alex Conors, manager for Rey Bargos…


Suzy Sucker Punch: Hello there Mr. Conors, it’s so nice to speak with you.  I think this might be our first time!  Rey has what some are calling a very big opportunity coming up this week against Bobolo Jubbly. Donkey claims it’s a really, really tough fight to call. Do you guys feel you’ve got a plan in place that will let you succeed?


Alex Conors:  Rey Bargos has been training with elite wrestlers and BJJ Black belts in preparation for his bout. His MMA record sits at 1-1 and after his KO win he is ready to make some noise. In this fight he wants to start out faster than he did in his last fight and he wants to make a statement.  If all goes well for Rey. he'll have something to say on the mic afterwards!


Suzy Sucker Punch: Well, I know we’ll all be sitting on the edge of our seats for this one!  I can’t wait to see both of these kids bring it to the table…or in this case, the cage!




Main Card Bout #2: Lightweight

Valery Bokov (2-2-0) vs. Frank Carey (1-0-0)


Moving right along Donkey!  Next up, two more young warriors who come into this thing ready to rock and roll, fueled up on energy and focus right where it should be!  Nice!


Carey makes his Sucker Punch debut in this one after previously starting his career off with a win over in RRFC.  He’s an exceptional wrestler who also carries some skills in the other prime areas, especially Muay Thai.  In his sole fight to date, he took the fight to the ground repeatedly and was intent upon working over his poor victim with some serious ground and pound.  And an aggressive bit of it at that, with 50 shots thrown!  The “ouchie” part of that, is that 36 of them landed!  I’d expect more of the same in this fight.


However, if Carey does want this fight on the ground for the GnP show, he better be the one to dictate how it gets there and where he is once he’s down there…because Bokov has no issue with going to the ground either!  He’s a submission artist with a purple belt in Jiu Jitsu and both of his prior wins were via subs, Americana and Armbar.  While Bokov might not have an issue with being on his back and working with his opponent in guard, the smart move for him would be to gain the top position if he can, which should negate much of Carey’s offense…then he can work his sub game without too much fear.


Donkey, what are you thinking…?


Donkey’s Pick: Bokov via Submission (Triangle)

Another really, really great fight here!  And two different styles, but one thing we know is this is likely going to the ground early!  Carey had better have very good escapes, defensive grappling, transitions or knowledge of submissions as well, because if he doesn’t have at least a couple of those things could get ugly.  I’m going to go with Bokov only because he can work from top or bottom in this fight, while Carey is mostly limited to needing to gain top position.




Main Card Bout #3: Lightweight

Piney Winston (6-2-0) vs. Tua Graves (4-4-1)


Wooo, a big one coming up here Donkey!!!  Two very skilled fighters about to go at it in this one.  The only downside being that as of now, both of them are just a little off on morale, about 10-15% or so with Graves missing a bit more than Winston.  Neither is awful though, and they should counteract each other. 


Graves is a dangerous fighter who will technically have the advantage in boxing and Muay Thai in this fight, but in reality, loves to take his prey to the ground and brutalize them once there.  So far in his run with Sucker Punch he’d done that successfully twice in the Sorter Series and made it to the semi-finals, where he ran into Vinicius Verreira who was finally able to put a stop to his reign of terror on the ground, preventing Graves from taking it there effectively.  Up till then, Graves was one of the favorites in the tournament.


If Graves does take it to the ground, he’s going to have to be very careful in this one as Winston is a submission artist with respectable wrestling and a brown belt in Jiu Jitsu!  Winston was on a roll coming into Sucker Punch having won four QFC fights in a row, and then went on to win the first two rounds of fights in the Sorter Series.  It was when he came up against Demi Achilles, who managed to out-match him on the ground and turned the tables with a submission victory of his own on Winston, that he finally found somebody who could stop him. 


Maybe there’s a chance that Graves tries to work the standup in this one, let Winston tire out in trying to go to the ground, and then work his ground game from there if he can land on top?  It will be interesting to see where and how this one goes!


Donkey, over to you, what do you have…?


Donkey’s Pick: Graves via TKO (Strikes)

I remember how ticked off Graves was after the loss to Verreira.  Somehow, I think he’s coming into this one with his hair on fire looking to get himself back into the title picture quickly.  If he can win this one, he certainly makes a strong case for himself and positions himself very well.  However, this is no easy fight.  Winston is extremely dangerous and likely has the same aspirations!  If he’s not careful, Winston will be putting him to sleep or making him tap out before he knows what happened.




Co-Main Event

Lightweight Bout

Demi Achilles (5-1-0) vs. Two Two (4-1-0)


Rumor has it that the Co-Main event tonight will see two up and comers who have “possible future contenders” written all over them go at it!  The only folks standing in their way are the kids in the fight prior to this, Winston/Graves and Frank Diaz who will be fighting later this month against Cole Hotman, who we specifically brought in to see if Diaz is ready to be top contender or not. But there are also other talented fighters in the division that they have to keep a close eye on!  But before they worry about any of those others, they need to be focused on each other in this fight!


Achilles came into Sucker Punch with an excellent 3-0 record…and then ran into a buzz saw that is Vinicius Verrera in the first round of the Sorter Series tournament.  Verreira went on to the finals and fights in the Main Event tonight to see if he can get himself belted as our first champion, so there is no shame in his loss to Verreira!  Since then, he’s been on a streak again with two wins against Ko Artist and Piney Winston.  The win over Winston was especially impressive given he stopped an accomplished submission artist in his own game!  There is no doubt Achilles will be looking to put those submission skills on display again here tonight.


Two Two will see only his second fight with us here at Sucker Punch when he faces off with Achilles.  Before joining us, he had an impressive 3-1 record from the QFC, and went on to prove that it wasn’t “just” a QFC record with a win over Veljko Bakocevic via knockout in his last fight. Two is an accomplished Muay Thai artist with reasonably good wrestling to compliment it, and uses that skillset to clinch up in fights and abuse his foes.  His goal tonight is simple…manage to dish out the abuse, but avoid being taken down! If this goes to the ground, he’s going to be in big trouble versus Achilles.


Donkey, you have a call here…? 


Donkey’s Pick: Achilles via Submission (Kimura)

I’m not dismissing Two’s credentials, skills or record when making this pick. This is just a credit to the skillset that Achilles brings to the table.  If Two keeps this on the feet, and can take control on the clinch, denying the takedown or pulls to guard, then he’ll do very, very well in this fight.  But if not, and I suspect at some point it will get to the ground, then Achilles is suddenly going to be in the driver’s seat.  I can say this, whoever wins this will certainly have laid claim to a right to try to become top contender going forward.




Main Event

Lightweight Bout

Frankie Logan (3-1-0) vs. Vinicius Verreira (3-1-0)


Our Main Event tonight will finally see one of these two 3-1 fighters be crowned the king of this division, wearing a shiny new belt and representing the Lightweights and Sucker Punch as the first ever Lightweight Champion! 


Both of these fighters have now made it through the gauntlet that was the Lightweight Sorter Series to make it to the Finals! And congrats on that, that is no easy feat!  These two come in ridiculously closely matched in skills, with Logan having just a small advantage in boxing and the slightest edge in Muay Thai.  Other than that, their skills are mirrors of each other.  They also stand about the same height, with Logan just slightly shorter by 2 cm and walking at about a little under seven pounds lighter.


Logan boasts a TWGC belt from a grappling tournament he won there.  If he can manage to win tonight, he’ll add a second belt to his cabinet!  He has already gone through two very strong opponents in Rey Bargos and Bobolo Jubbly, proving that he can go the distance with a striker in Bargos and can defeat another ground based fighter in Jubbly.  The danger when you face Logan is… you have no idea which angle or way he’s going to come at you and try to win!  He could try to clinch you up and abuse you in the standup.  Or, he could try to take it to the ground, where he’s been known to attempt subs and also assert a dominant GnP game.


Tonight, Logan faces off against an extremely dangerous Verreira, who has finished opponents with his big right hand and knockout power in record times, with all three rounds of the Sorter Series being settled in under a minute by TKO or KO!  To that point, he currently holds the records at Sucker Punch for Lightweights for Fastest KO and Fastest Finish due to his ten second TKO of Demi Achilles, who, interestingly is a ground fighter like Logan can be at times.  Verreira also has a brown belt in Jiu Jitsu, but we’ve never had to see him use it yet!  So that adds yet another variable into the mix and really complicates things when you have to strategize against him.


Clearly, both of these talented fighters have their work cut out for them in this fight!  This should be an absolutely amazing battle, one that holds so many unanswered questions as to where it could go, how it will go, and who can be successful where!


Donkey, what do you have…?


Donkey’s Pick: Verreira via KO (Punch)

My god Hare, the top half of this card tonight is a killer when it comes to trying to pick winners, which means…THIS IS AWESOME!!!  P J Jones and Luc Bourdon bring some incredible fighters to the cage on this card, and this fight truly is one that should not be missed!  Ok, have I dragged my feet and tried to delay making a pick long enough here?  Honestly, this is a complete, “close the eyes, and throw the dart” move here.  I’m going with Verreira, because the unknown about his brown belt intrigues me…and I think we’ll find out more about that when these two face off…if he doesn’t end it fast like he has his other fights!


Suzy got in touch with Frankie Logan, actually, she was lucky enough to happen to catch him walking into the hotel earlier today…


Suzy Sucker Punch:  Frankie, great to see you made it to the hotel, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised being that you’re based right here in good ole Sydney!  Are you excited for this, I imagine  you have to be…any thoughts?


Frankie Logan: Absolutely, but I don’t want to say too much. Hey, tell Hare and Donkey that I love the poster for the event!


Suzy Sucker Punch:  Well, good luck in  your fight Frankie, and I’ll let Hare know about the poster!  He actually does them all himself believe it or not!




So there we have it Sucker Punch fans!

Wow!  If you’re not sure whether you should have a ticket to this event or not… you need to go back and re-read that preview folks!  Because the answer is…YES…you should!  This is not one to be missed, there are fantastic fights in store when these Lightweights go at it, and it all culminates in a few fights at the tail end that should have people talking for a month until they see them return to the cage again!  I can’t wait Donkey!


Hope you’re all ready for a heck of a night!…See you all soon, and till then…


Keep it cheap and dirty…Sucker Punch Pro Series 355k+ style!

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#925542 Sucker Punch Pro Series (355k+) Opens in Sydney

Posted by HareRumpler on 10 August 2020 - 10:44 PM

26w26.jpg       Ronnie Bass


Hey, DJ (Costune), let's spin that fight back...


My fists are steel, my balls are hot.

Last time I hit you, you forgot where you at.

This time I'll show you, it wasn't a joke.

Cause again I'll be cramming my fist down your throat.


Suzy Sucker Punch:  Wow guys!  Did any of you realize that Ronnie Bass was a poet?  Costune has some set of skills to deal with in this fight!  

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