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In Topic: Prize Poll - Who will win the PSE 265lbs+ Grand Prix

Yesterday, 03:23 AM

I should have mentioned that the poll was closed just before the start of the quarter finals. I noted down who had voted for who at that point though and there's three votes each for the finalists.


I have just noticed the end this poll option too lol. I could have done that instead but might as well leave it open now to see if anyone wants to weigh in on the final for fun.

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17 June 2019 - 01:44 AM

Week 2 results and up to date group standings on first page

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11 June 2019 - 11:28 PM

Wold Vale Tudo Fight League 20
(Friday 15h June 2019 – Hard Knocks, Los Angeles)
(#3) Mitsugu Takeishi (11-1, 334lbs) vs. (#17) Fletch “Skeeter” Brandis (18-9, 235lbs) 
Japanese Sumo star Mitsugu Takeishi’s transition to MMA has so far been nothing short of sensational and rumour has it, that depending on tonight's performance, a title shot could be in the works for him. Of course there would be some that say that he is not ready for such a challenge and on that they might well have a point. At 25 years of age, Takeishi was a relative latecomer to MMA and has only been in the game a short while. Though he has had great success so far, there are obvious holes in his game still and at 27 years old you would have to ask how much can he possibly learn in such a short time? With that in mind, you cannot ignore results and so far Takeishi has demolished everyone put in front of him. With only one decision loss in 12 professional fights and three straight wins in a row since arriving here at the WVTFL, another solid victory on his record would surely make him an extremely worthy contender?
Facing the behemoth super-heavyweight is former title prospect himself, Fletch Brandis who has returned to the WVT under different management. With already one win under his belt since that time, Brandis is looking to set about rebuilding the reputation that he arrived with first time around and there would be absolutely no better way to do that then by beating rising star Mitsugu Takeishi. A scrappy brawler from Los Angeles, California, Brandis definitely has the punching power to give Takeishi concern but whether he can put it altogether on the night, well that is what we are here to see. 
Takeishi doesn’t mess around in the cage with many of his 11 wins coming inside of the first round. Brandis must know that and be prepared for the onslaught. Takeishi’s weight and wrestling is definitely going to be a huge advantage in the clinch and Brandis would do well to avoid getting tied up at all cost. Though not known for much of a ground game, Brandis does have at least one win by submission and would have bar far his biggest advantage in that area. Of course, the fans would love to see these two prolific knockout artists stand toe to toe but many believe that would only serve to benefit one fighter in this match up. 
A tremendous match up and a must see. 
(#9) Evgeni Lomachenko (19-18-1, 144lbs) vs. (#15) Lalama “Seal” Amana (17-12, 167lbs) 
Two wins out of three for Russian veteran Evgeni Lomachenko who is coming in off a good first round win over Comeon Hitme who had started well in the WVT but trailed off lately. Lomachenko does have that loss to current champion Dai Zexi two fights ago and at rank #7 will no doubt be looking to climb the mountain to get to him. 
He’ll first have to go through #12 Lalama Amana however and he is good form currently and undefeated in two fights since arriving. 
Despite having an ok stand up game, Lomachenko rarely seems to want to strike other than to set up for a take down. Amana is fairly well rounded and has just recently picked up a submission win so the ground is definitely an area he has some expertise in. Generally though, Amana likes to use his exceptional boxing skills to get the job done making for an interesting conflict of styles in this one. Both fighters extremely experienced and without too much weight separating them, it should be an entertaining co-main event. 
Ananada “BrokeDick” Bunyasarn (13-4, 191lbs) vs. (#9) Carlos “Pitbull” Ruas (13-7, 280lbs) 
Making his WVTFL debut tonight is Thailand’s Ananda Bunyasarn who brings with him both a solid record and reputation. Bunyasarn is probably most well known for reaching the final of the EMPIRE Openweight Tournament. Following that loss to David Paddington, Bunyasarn found himself a new camp and has gone 3-1 since that time in the recently shut down TAFC in Sydney and now makes his way to a new place to call home. 
He’ll get his start against super-heavyweight BJJ Brown Belt Carlos “Pitbull” Ruas who has already picked up two big wins in a row here defeating both Diyorbek Nurudinov and Inspektor Dee by submission. Those victories have given his stock a fairly big push and currently Ruas sits at the #9 in the Power Rankings. Another big win tonight would surely put him within sight of a title shot?
Bunyasarn is not a small man by any stretch but he will be giving up almost one-hundred pounds to Ruas tonight so we would be extremely surprised to see a KO from him in his first appearance. Thankfully for him, Ruas is more interested in the ground and while being on the ground with the far superior grappler would be of one concern, at least he isn’t expecting to have to deal with a raging 280lbs beast on the feet. Bunyasarn’s most obvious path is to wear the big man down over three rounds, avoid the attempts at taking the fight to the ground and hope to win the judges decision. Not an easy feat against the popular Brazillian at all. 
(#20) Akamu Kalani (10-8, 240lbs) vs. (#18) Kabala “The Wizard” Magaluff (8-2, 194lbs) 
A couple of tough losses in a row have dropped Akuma Kalani down to #19 in the rankings at the time of writing and likely outside altogether by the time of the fight. Kalani started off well in his debut but really does need to get a win if he wants to remain a main card fighter. 
He faces a fighter that has battled his way up from the almost the bottom of the roster into his org best rank of #17, Kabala Magaluff. Magaluff has been facing tougher and tougher competition and so far has managed to defeat all of them bringing his overall record to 8-2. Now currently on five wins in a row, Magaluff is building momentum with each win and definitely starting to garner more attention. Tonight he’ll hope to climb even further with a win over Kalani. 
(#20) Francisco “The Count” Babyara (13-10, 270lbs) vs. Hamish “The Pig” McTavish (14-12, 292lbs)
Definitely not a fighter you want to blink to often when watching is heavyweight kickboxer Fancisco “The Count” Babyara.  Currently hanging on in the rankings at #20, Babyara comes into the fight off the back of a quick submission loss to Lalama Amana. Not that Babyara seems to care as he is reportedly is great spirits and just eager to get back into the cage and throw down. 
He’ll be facing former WVTFL #4 Hamish McTavish who has managed to drop out of the rankings completely following the combination of two big losses and other well ranked fighters joining the org. McTavish was looking decidedly like a title contender in the very early stages of the org and it’ll be interesting to see whether he can make a return going forward. 
This one is expected to end quickly and brutally with both fighters being kryptonite for the other. McTavish, though sometimes critised as something of a one trick pony, is probably the more well rounded of the two and just might fancy his chances of climbing back into the Top 20 at Babyara’s expense. 
Yen “Funky” Askren (13-14, 185lbs) vs. (#14) Rustam “Eagle” Shakhbulatov (18-10, 170lbs) 
For some reason, Yen Askren has found it a little tough to find opponents of late with a couple of potential names declining to meet him. Perhaps “Funky”s all round game has them worried?
Currently 2-1 since arriving, Askren comes into the fight off of a good win over King Murhaa at WVT13. 
One fighter who did not shy away from the fight is Russian grappler Rustam Shakhbulatov who is fresh off of a successful debut win in his last fight. There he beat Phillip Baroni by decision and that was enough to put him at #14 in the rankings. 
An opportunity for Askren to take a step closer to the Top 20 with a win and perhaps even crack it with an extra impressive performance. It won’t be easy however as Shakhbulatov is in terrific form right now and currently riding a fight fight win streak. 
Shakhbulatov has a dangerous ground game but Askren might just have the wrestling ability to nulify his take down attempts. If he can manage to keep his feet he would have an excellent chance for victory though Shakhbulatov is not in novice in that area either. 
Bon Adrien De Moncey (4-2, 184lbs) vs. Jimmy “The Wall” Fothergill (5-1, 260lbs) 
Not a bad run so far for Bon Adrien De Moncey but at only 23 years of age expectations will start to demand more than a 2-1 run against lower roster fighters. 
His opponent tonight is the heavy metal drummer by day (or night really as he usually plays at night) and MMA fighter by...er..night as well. So far things have been going well for Forthergill much to his bandmates dismay. Rumour has it, Fothergill’s commitment to the gym of late has been holding up his band’s first tour of the UK midlands but he will not deterred from his path. 
A definite test for both fighters tonight as each will present certain problems for their opponent. Both still a little green at this point but both with potential. A tough fight to pick
Shawn Griffin (13-15, 168lbs) vs. Cyrius “The Snake” Python (12-12, 167lbs) 
Next up, two welterweight journeyman fighters meet for the first time with an opportunity to turn around their poor form of late. 
Shawn Griffin has struggled a little since his first debut win and has lost his last three after a step up in competition. 
Cyrius Python too has dropped off of late after a nice little two fight streak ended when he ran into now Top 20 fighters Ake Bono and Marcin Vanna. 
Python is definitely the more advanced fighter of the two but Griffin’s wrestling might just be the great equaliser in this. 
Spas “The Hammer” Spasov (7-10-1, 159lbs) vs. “Mighty Mo” Mohhamad Iman (5-1, 225lbs)
Spas Spasov picked up his first win over young grappler Mike Hagger last time out and tonight will face a similar challenge in Mohhamad Iman.
Iman is fresh off of a shock win over the vastly more experienced Magnus Fjeld and is still sitting just outside of the Top 20 waiting for his chance to break through. 
Iman will likely be the favourite even though once again his opponent has been around the game for a lot longer. Spasov does have a strong boxing style though which could cause problems for Iman if he is unable to get this fight to the floor. 
Tony “The Tank” Anderson (5-1-1, 160lbs) vs. Maciej “Highlander” Gorski (7-22, 156lbs)
A tough debut loss to a very in-form Ake Bono wasn’t likely the start that Tony Anderson wanted for himself when joining the WVTFL but tonight he’ll get an opportunity to redeem himself when he takes on Polish journeyman Maciej Gorski. 
Gorski isn’t without a win since arriving here four fights ago but at 1-3 they aren’t exactly coming thick and fast. Gorski would no doubt love to pick up a win at his less experienced opponents expense. 
Gorski is somewhat comfortable in any range but the advantage he’ll have on the feet should mean we see him try to use his superior striking skills to finish Anderson before he ends up on the floor and dealing with Anderson’s vastly better wrestling skills. 

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11 June 2019 - 11:18 PM

Wold Vale Tudo Fight League 19
(Friday 14th June 2019 – Hyashi’s Lounge, Los Angeles)
Dominique “Alligator” Bell (22-17, 139lbs) vs. Niko Marcell (14-4, 274lbs)
Two fighters both coming in after picking up wins in their previous bouts, submission wrestler Dominique Bell takes on 14-4 Niko Marcell. 
As is usually the case for Bell, he will be the much smaller fighter and on this occasion will be giving up around 140lbs of weight. Marcell himself is predominantly a ground fighter and has defeated most of his opponents with serious ground and pound. Bell might be thankful that Marcell is unlikely to want to strike on on the feet but he will still need to be extremely cautious not to be caught playing guard from the bottom. Bell has skills in that department no doubt but against a heavyweight Purple Belt with solid control and striking on the ground, probably a much safer path to try and keep top control. 
A win for either could potentially thrust them into the Top 20 Power Rankings so there is definitely more on the line here than just a typical bout
(#11) Boss Yonic (20-13, 185lbs) vs. Raycon “The Tolltaker” Figg (9-8, 289lbs) 
Current #11 Boss Yonic looks to keep on climbing the rankings, perhaps with an eye on the championship gold. An accolade that has yet alluded him in his thirty-three fight professional career. A solid decision win behind him in his organisational debut, Yonic will now play welcome party to super-heavyweight all rounder Raycon Figg. Figg has fought all over the world gaining valuable experience of which he now brings to his new home here at the WVTFL. 
Yonic has worked hard to develop a solid stand up game and that will serve him well against the much heavier Figg. Figg will still have a slight advantage in that area and will probably look to do the bulk of his damage there. The ground is where Yonic is likely to shine and if he can bring the fight there we would expect to see him either pick up a submission victory or more likely a decision win. 
Gosha Lopez (11-6, 135lbs) vs. King Murhaa (9-9-1, 210lbs)
A competitive looking match up next though with a very large weight difference. Usually having quite an advantage on the ground is natural straw weight Gosha Lopez but on this occasion, his opponent King Murhaa can not only match him but will also have a very slight advantage in the wrestling. 
Murhaa has looked a little chinny of late though if Lopez was thinking the same thing, the idea of a 135lb fighter KO’ing a natural light-heavyweight might be a little far fetched. More than likely we are going to see something of a ground battle. 
Jan “Champion” Jedrzejczyk (13-14, 147lbs) vs. Max “And” Paddy (13-16, 170lbs)
Polish featherweight Jan Jedrzejczyk managed to pick up his first win since joining up with the WVTFL last time out with a first round TKO over Crack Head. He’ll have an opportunity to heap some misery on Max Paddy who is still searching for his first win after two attempts since joining. 
Paddy has a more dangerous ground game and a decent number of submission wins to his name. The ground is definitely a place Jedrzejczyk will want to avoid and on this occasion, with only 20 or so pounds separating them, Jedrzejczyk will have a good shot at adding to his 84% record of KO victories. 
“Gyilkos Mokusok” Altintop Palonesess (9-20, 154lbs) vs. “S.H.I.G” Combato Bot One (3-2, 300lbs)
With revenge successfully achieved after defeating Umberto Grena in his last bout, Altintop Palonesess is now set to take on 300lb weirdo Combato Bot One. Bot One, now two wins into his WVTFL career, could take a step out of the lower ranks of the WVT roster if he can pick up another victory tonight. 
Palonesess is competent in all areas and is willing to go where the fight takes it. Bot One has been developing a bit of a reputation as a submission fighter. It will be interesting to see how the experienced journeyman approaches this 300lb youngster and whether he will look to stick and move rather than engage on the ground
Lukasz “Cichy” Patryk (9-22, 208lbs) vs. Umberto “Gorro” Grena (14-23, 169lbs)
With his previous win, Polish fighter Lukasz Patryk brings his WVT record to 2-2 and tonight gets a chance to bring that into the positive as he takes on out of form Umberto Grena. Grena, now on a three fight losing streak with his most recent loss coming by way of previously defeated Altintop Palonesess, is in dire need of a win if he is to avoid falling into the very bottom 10 of the WVT. 
Patryk has arguably better stand up with a decent weight advantage behind him. He is currently the more in-form fighter and will definitely be coming in as the favourite though he would be foolish indeed to completely overlook Grena at this point. 
Crack Head “Roks” (14-19, 153lbs) vs. Victor “Malas Noticias” Mordino (6-16, 180lbs)
Crack Head has been active since arriving at the WVTFL though not particularly successful thus far. His last three fights have all ended by first round TKO and some believe that it may be time for “Roks” to hang them up. 
Regardless, he’ll take to the cage tonight to face Victor Mordino who is also in pretty poor form currently. Riding a four fight losing streak, two of which since joining the WVT. Mordino needs a win even more than his opponent tonight. 
Head has a decent submission game when he is on form but tonight he’d do well to change things up and try to win on the feet. Mordino is weaker there and has a higher level of jiu-jitsu so would likely welcome a head to head on the ground. 
A tough fight to predict but Mordino is still managing to keep somewhat motivated and that might just count for a lot. 
Jack “The Joker” Holloway (2-1, 184lbs) vs. Petr “The Bee” Kotrc (5-14, 134lbs) 
Newcomer Jack Holloway joins as after a 2-1 stint in the QFC ranks. Holloway has only really just gotten into MMA at the age of 25 and so still has a lot of learning to do. 
Aiming to teach him a thing or two tonight is Czech journeyman Petr Kotrc, a game all rounder who will take on all comers. Kotrc hasn’t managed much of a record since joining though he has made sure to keep active. A 4-1 and 5-14 he will provide a good test for his opponent tonight.
All things considered, both parties are pretty evenly matched skill wise with only Holloway’s weight advantage and Kotrc’s vast experience standing out as major factors.
 The bookies oopen with Holloway as a slight favourite. 
Marcus “The Slugger” Harris (9-9, 162lbs) vs. Perdue “The Spider” Willshire (5-15, 142lbs) 
Another debut tonight as Marcus Harris makes his first appearance in the WVTFL cage. He’ll be taking on flyweight journeyman Perdue Willshire who is still searching for his first win in four fights since arriving. 
Both fighters fairly experienced at this point though Willshire has been around the game a bit longer. In fact it’s actually quite impressive the amount of fight experience Harris has already since getting started. Both fighters fairly equal though Willshire looks to have a razor thin edge in the clinch. Harris is in the better form currently though so it’ll be a tough for betting enthusiasts to get this right. 
Oleg “Easy E” Liguy (10-14, 185lbs) vs. Paul “The Future” Sight (9-11, 192lbs)
Looking over Oleg Liguy’s record, he has fought some very tough competition and you could somewhat forgive a not so impressive 1-4 record since arriving. With half of those losses coming by way of decision Liguy is definitely not a man to be easily brushed aside. 
His opponent Paul Sight has managed to lose his winning record since arriving here after three losses in a row put him at 9-11. Again, some tough fights have come Sight’s way including current number one contender challenger Jack Dawson and current #17 Kabala Magaluff most recently. 
Another tough fight to predict as both fighters are in similar form with similar records and both have around the same percentage of KO victories (80% for Liguy, 88% for Sight) although Liguy’s have come from ground and pound while Sight’s have come occurred whilst standing. 
A very difficult one to pick a winner. 

In Topic: League of Madness

11 June 2019 - 11:11 PM

One suggestion I would make is maybe have the coaches pick their teams by the manager then start fighter creations. That way instead of picking the fighters that are available the teams can game plan, someone make a clinch monster, someone make a BJJ guy, or however they decide. That way if they want to have a specialist for a matchup the managers can decide who makes the special build. 


If we dont gameplan fighter creations we might all end up with the same build. Just an idea, I really dont care, just figured I would throw it out and see what people think. 


I'd prefer it the other way to be honest. I think it will be cool for the managers to pick from whats available and try to make the best team out of it. 


Plus I wouldn't be cool with being told how to use my fighter spot. If I want a feeble/feeble/feeble/blue that's my business dammit!