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Title Fights

Week Ending Feb 17th 2019
Empire Heavyweight Title Fight
(EMP Tower vs Murha, Madison Garden Arena)
15364292816192.gif          14223487241924.jpg
Iain "The CN" Tower vs. Big Murha
Meeting for the second time in their careers, Empire Heavyweight champion Iain Tower took on challenger Big Murha and the results were decisive
Improving on their first encounter which ended in a third round KO for Tower, this time proceedings needed only a single round to decide who would be going home with the belt and once again it was the heavy accurate shots of Tower that got the job done. Some ferocious kicks to the body no doubt softened the Finnish fighters resolve a little, it was again a combination cross and lead hook that knocked Murha out cold. 
Tower has defeated some tough competition in the heavyweight ranks here at Empire but luckily for him there is no shortage of hungry up and comers looking for their shot at the big time. It's likely that another rematch against Super Heavyweight would be first on the agenda with No.2 ranked Crotch Grabber only one win away from challenging afterwards. Also we have former SyFi heavyweight champion Rick Piano making his way to the top as well as veteran "Big" Steve Butabi currently on a good run of form. 
Empire Middleweight Title Fight
(EMP Gagnon vs Murhaa, Madison Garden Arena)
15238285841862.jpg             38w23.jpg
"Cool Hand" Luc Gagnon vs. Ispa Murhaa
Once again it was top ranked managers Alex K and Ispa Murhapuro meeting for the title this time in the middleweight division. 
 Canada's Luc Gagnon, currently enjoying his second run as Empire champion faced possibly his biggest challenge to date in the form of undefeated former IFC champion, 17-0 Ispa Murhaa
Murhaa came prepared and it was a decent scrap but Gagnon was able to convince the judges of his dominance, taking four of the five rounds and winning a unanimous decision to make it two defences in a row. 
A super fight is in the works for Gagnon while he waits for his next contender of whom could very well be no.3 p4p in the game, Chris Steve. Steve, who has a warm up fight at his new weight against underdog Boris Bulletzowich, would be the undeniable number contender should he be successful in that match up and the prospect of a showdown between the two would be positively mouth watering. 
Elsewhere in the division, returning former Empire fighter Wet Wild made a successful debut this weekend and is currently on a four fight win streak and looking like a credible threat in the division. Fomer IFC champion Roman Divac is also in good form and riding high


Empire Light-Heavyweight Title Fight
(EMP Toivonen vs Ispa, Madison Garden Arena)
13922388196887.png          22w24.jpg
Pekka "Punchmaster General" Toivonen vs. Tank Ispa
The third title fight of the weekend was for the Light-Heavyweight championship and Champion Pekka Toivonen took on dangerous up and comer Tank Ispa for his third defence
Ispa impressed with a clever game plan of taking Toivonen off of his feet and onto the ground though he was unable to do much with him on the couple of occasions he got him there. The majority of the bout was spent on the feet where Pekka's kicks did most of the scoring and awarded him the unanimous decision at the end of five rounds. 
A remarkable performance from the champion who has amassed a great deal of respect in the Empire ranks in a relatively short period of time. In fact, including tonight's bout, Toivonen has had only ten professional fights though you would be forgiven for mistaking him as a seasoned vet. 
A number one contender fight between Captain Gonza and Mark Steve will decide who get's the next shot at Toivonen's title 

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EMPIRE - Official Rankings (17th Feb 2019)
Bantamweight Division (135lbs)
1 (1) Yodsawan Sitsongrit (14-2, W,W,W,W,W)
3 (3) Kurt Verygood (19-4, W,W,W,W,L)
4 (4) Takashi Yoshida (17-4, W,W,L,W,W)
6 (NE) Angelo San Diego (19-8, W,W,W,W,L)
7 (6) Santosh Nagasaki (13-8, W,W,W,L,L)
8 (NE) Iolyn Madog (15-5, L,W,W,L,W)
9 (8) Klaus Chugman (20-8, W,W,L,L,L)
10 (7) Xing Pugberg (13-7, W,L,L,W,L)
Upcoming Fights 
(Ch) Dohn Jodson (15-1) vs. (1) Yodsawan Sitsongrit (14-2) - No.1 and & No.2 Ranked Fighters in Tycoon universe (1-3-19)
(2) Wamberto Boaz (16-6) vs. (3) Kurt Verygood (19-4) (22-2-19)
(4) Takashi Yoshida (17-4) vs. (6) Santosh Nagasaki (13-8) (2-3-19)
(5) Lito Alcala (14-5) vs. (NR) Evgeni Lomachenko (17-15-1) (3-3-19)
Featherweight Division (145lbs)
1 (1) Petdee Sitsongrit (14-2, W,W,W,W,W)
2 (NE) David Paddington (14-5, W,W,W,W,W)
3 (3) John Mills (11-3, W,W,W,W,W)
4 (5) Kieran McArthur (10-2, W,L,L,W,W)
5 (8) Kendo Hirigushi (15-5, W,L,L,W,W)
6 (NE) Nando Vasquez (10-4, L,W,W,L,L)
7 (6) Marcinho Sitsongrit (10-2, W,L,W,W,W)
8 (7) Kevin Sheedy (15-5, L,W,L,L,W)
9 (NE) Daniel Sainty (17-15, W,L,W,L,L)
10 (10) William Spud (11-3, W,L,W,L,W)
Upcoming Fights
(Ch) Diego Escobar (19-2) vs. (1) Petdee Sitsongrit (14-2) (2-3-19)
(2) David Paddington (14-5) vs. (NR) Angelo San Diego (19-8) (8-3-19)
(3) John Mills (11-3) vs. (7) Marcinho Sitsongrit (10-2) (8-3-19)
(6) Nando Vasquez (10-4) vs (NR) Jax Thomas (14-6) (24-2-19)
(9) Daniel Sainty (17-15) vs. (NR) Neil Nucombe (19-9) (23-2-19)
Lightweight Division (155lbs)
1 (1) Verneri Ahma (11-0, W,W,W,W,W)
2 (2) Enitan Arendse (17-0, W,W,W,W,W)
3 (3) Toshi Hijikata (15-3, W,L,W,W,W)
4 (5) Chris Boag (10-4, W,W,W,W,W)
5 (4) Gennady Golovkin (13-8, W,W,W,L,L)
6 (6) Kongchai Phetboonme (14-4-2, L,W,W,W,D)
7 (7) Jax Thomas (14-6, L,L,L,W,W)
8 (8) Randall Jackson (6-3-1, W,W,W,L,W)
9 (NE) Roberto Duranto (9-3-2, W,W,L,D,D)
10 (RE) Tony Hibbert (11-5, W,W,L,W,L)
Upcoming Fights
(Ch) Abdul Mumu (16-3) vs. (1) Verneri Ahma (11-0) - Mumu's first title defence (23-2-19)
(7) Jax Thomas (14-6) vs. (NR) Nando Vasquez (10-4) (24-2-19)
(2) Enitan Arendse (17-0) vs. (3) Toshi Hijikata (15-3) (8-3-19)
(4) Chris Boag (10-4) vs. (8) Randall Jackson (6-3-1) (9-3-19)
Welterweight Division (170lbs)
1 (3) Avraam Papadopoulos (14-4, W.L,W,W,L)
2 (1) Corban Storm (15-7, L,W,W,W,W)
3 (4) Hairy Scrotum (17-6, W,L,L,W,W)
4 (6) Rudolf Kleinschmidt (19-5, W,L,W,L,W)
5 (NE) Marciano Cobb (15-6, L,W,L,L,W)
6 (NE) Thomas Raske (16-5, W,W,L,W,W)
7 (7) Nate Lopez (11-2, W,L,W,L,W)
8 (8) Shane MacGowen (14-4-1, L,W,W,L,W)
9 (5) Pollisi Partio (9-3-1, L,L,W,W,W)
10 (9) Timiko Chen Lo (12-4, W,L,L,W,L)
Upcoming Fights 
(7) Shane MacGowen (14-4-1) vs. (9) Timiko Chen Lo (12-4) (24-2-19)
(NR) William Snowdon (13-2) vs. (4) Hairy Scrotum (17-6) (22-2-19)
(4) Rudolf Kleinschmidt (19-5) vs. (7) Nate Lopez (11-2) (9-3-19)
(6) Thomas Raske (16-5) vs. (NR) Jesse Pinkman (14-5) (1-3-19)
(8) Shane MacGowen (14-4-1) vs. (10) Timiko Chen Lo (12-4) (24-2-19)
(NR) Boris Bulletzowich (20-8) vs. (NR) Chris Steve (27-2) - Super Fight (9-3-19)
Middleweight Division (185lbs)
2 (2) Wet Wild (14-5, W,W,W,W,L)
3 (3) Roman Divac (18-4, W,W,W,W,L,W)
4 (5) Nick Graves (17-2, L,W,W,L,W,W)
5 (8) Jesse Pinkman (14-5, W,L,W,W,L)
6 (6) Jeff Mma (17-5, W,L,W,W,L)
8 (NE) Luther Jones (26-7, W,L,L,W,W)
9 (NE) Arany Dali (15-5, W,L,L,W,W)
10 (NE) Buffalo Marley (17-9-1, W,W,L,W,W)
Upcoming Fights 
(3) Roman Divac (18-4) vs. (4) Nick Graves (17-2) (24-2-19)
(NR) Crack Head (18-3) vs. (NR) Tiago Gomes Da Rocha (12-5) (1-3-19)
(1) Chris Steve (27-2) vs. (NR) Boris Bulletzowich (20-8) (9-3-19)
(8) Luther Jones (26-7) vs. (NR) Harold Zoid (5-5) (8-3-19)
(9) Arany Dali (15-5) vs. (NR) George Allen (9-0) (1-3-19)
Light-Heavyweight Division (205lbs)
1 (2) Mark Steve (19-3, W,W,W,L,W)
2 (3) Captain Gonza (17-4, W,W,W,L,W)
3 (5) Farley Steve (24-3, W,W,W,L,W)
4 (4) Harold Zoid (15-5, W,W,L,W,L)
5 (7) Light Heavyweight (29-9, W,L,W,L,L)
6 (6) David Brent (12-3, L,W,W,W,W)
7 (8) Bobby Wangler (17-8, W,L,W,L,W)
8 (RE) Mikhail Orlov (14-3, W,L,W,W,W)
9 (RE) Dai Zexi (12-3, W,W,W,L,W)
10 (10) Jean-Claude Marceau (11-5, L,W,W,W,W)
Upcoming Fights
(3) Farley Steve (24-3) vs. (55) Light Heavyweight (29-9) (23-2-19)
(10) Jean-Claude Marceau (11-5) vs. (NR) George Peterson (8-1) (24-2-19)
(1) Mark Steve (19-3) vs. (2) Captain Gonza (17-4) - No.1 Contender Fight (3-3-19)
(6) David Brent (12-3) vs. (NR) Anatoly Gorbachenko (18-9) (9-3-19)
Heavyweight Division (265lbs)
1 (2) Super Heavyweight (31-5, W,L,W,W,W)
2 (3) Crotch Grabber (18-2, W,W,L,W,W)
3 (4) Rick Piano (17-2, W,W,W,L,W)
4 (6) More IsMore (13-4, W.W,L,W,W)
5 (5) Steve Butabi (13-4, W,W,W,W,L)
6 (NE) Travis Dillon (13-5, W,W,L,W,L)
7 (RE) Doug Bell (17-6, W,L,W,L,W)
8 (7) Vladimir Impaler (18-8, L,W,W,L,W)
9 (RE) Thiago Araujo (12-7, W,L,L,W,L)
10 (NE) Kvame Zulu (14-4, L,W,L,W,W)
Upcoming Fights 
(2) Crotch Grabber (18-2) vs. (9) Thaigo Araujo (12-7) (3-3-19)
***Rankings are determined by hype/pop, p4p rank, win/loss record, recent opponents and a few other company internal criteria. Rankings will typically be updated at the end of each week***

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Empire Welterweight Championship Tournament 


As some may already know, Empire welterweight star and MMATycoon p4p no.3 Chris Steve will be vacating his 170lbs belt in order to pursue further glory in the middleweight ranks. 


Without any obvious stand out contenders to step up it has been decided that a tournament will take place to crown a new champion. The internal announcement was open to any and all current Empire welterweights and now those that answered the call will now meet in a single elimination tournament with the winner taking home a bonus 500k as well as being crowned the new king of the Empire welterweight division. The draw has been completed and the first round will take place on the 24th March 2018 (https://challonge.com/n8248ff8)




Hairy "Turtle" Scrotum (17-6)

(Former ABW Welterweight Champion, Former Empire No.1 Contender and Title Challenger)


Trevor Burrows (10-5)

(Former NJMMA Title Challenger)


Avraam Papadopoulos (14-4) 

(2x Empire No.1 Contender and Title Challenger)


Timiko Chen Lo (12-4)

(Former TBD Welterweight Champion)


Corban "The Wolf" Storm (15-7)

(Former PFF Welterweight Champion, KFC Title Challenger, Former Empire No.1 Contender and Title Challenger)


Marco Alvado (8-3-1)

(GPG Title Challenger)


Marciano "Crusty" Cobb (15-5)

(2 x Former Empire Middleweight Champion)


"Shameless" Frank Gallagher (11-7)

(Former GFO Welterweight Champion, Empire Welterweight Title Challenger)

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Group D
Weekly Round Up – Opening Round 1.5
(16th Feb 2019)
Marcus St Stone v Alan Odrobny
(Odrobny def. St Stone by TKO, 04:48 Rd 1)
Another big result for unfancied brawler Alan Odrobny who this time pick up a late TKO victory over third seed Marcus St Stone. The bulk of the fight was spent inside the clinch where St Stone had little in the way of an answer to Odrobny’s shots. 
With the win Odrobny moves up into the second spot and is looking like a solid bet for a place in the next round. Group D is perhaps one of the most competitive groups out of the four with not much separating anyone other than the bottom place fighter. Odrobny faces Bubba Sparxxx in the next fight and Sparxxx is still without a win going into week six and will also be sporting a fairly significant injury. 
Marcus St Stone drops just outside of the qualifying spots with this loss, of which also marks his second in a row. He will now need some good results in his final couple of fights though the going will be tough as he faces first placed Daniel Bradshaw next. Both fighters will be at their best for that however. 
Daniel Bradshaw v Heitor Machado
(Bradshaw def. Machado by TKO, 00:21 Rd 1)
Daniel Bradshaw took the top spot from Heitor Machado with a display inside the clinch to end the fight in little over twenty seconds. Machado will no doubt be disappointing with himself after offering nothing in the way of retaliation and conceding first place in such a poor manner. 
The win marked Bradshaw’s third in a row though whilst he is good form currently, he will still need at least another win to absolutely guarantee a place in the next round. He faces Marcus St Stone next and St Stone will be a tricky opponent made all the more challenging as he fights for a spot in the next round himself. 
After a solid start to the tournament, Machado has started to slip into some inconsistent form which threatens to undermine his earlier results. He drops down from first to third and further slip ups could see him miss out on qualification to the next round altogether. He will meet Johannes Boe next week and Boe will be on his own mission to secure a qualifying spot. Both fighters are expected to be fully healed and rested come the day. 
Johannes Boe v Roar Dinosuar Jr
(Dinosuar Jr def. Boe by Sub, 00:47 Rd 1)
Roar Dinosuar Jr made sure of no mistakes in this must win match up against Johannes Boe. Managing to get the fight to the floor quickly, Dinosaur Jr took full advantage of Boe’s lack of grappling and cut through his submission defences in under a minute of the first round. 
It was an absolute must win for the number one seed who’s qualification chances rest precariously in the balance. Dinosaur Jr still remains outside of a spot in the next round but the win means that he stays in the game though he will need to make a strong finish going into the final couple of weeks of this opening round of group fights. He will face Prince Thick next and Thick will no doubt prove to be a very tough customer indeed. 
Johannes Boe is a little bit more comfortable at this point and remains in a qualification position despite the loss here tonight. He too will need to make sure of a strong final two weeks however as not much separates him from sixth spot and crashing out of the tournament. He faces Heitor Machado next and both fighters will be fully fit for that showdown. 
Prince Thick v Bubba Sparxxx
(Thick def. Sparxxx by KO. 00:20 Rd 1)
A big KO victory for Prince Thick over a struggling Bubba Sparxxx tonight and a short nights work for the striker. Sparxxx threw a couple of mistimed shots on the feet that were punished by Thick who found the KO blow just twenty seconds into the fight
The victory meant that Prince Thick was able to move back up into a qualifying spot at number four and go into the final couple of weeks of this group stage feeling only slightly less pressure. He will still need at least one more good result to secure a spot in the next round and that won’t come easy as he faces grappler Dinosuar Jr next week. Both fighters are expected to be fit for that encounter. 
For Bubba Sparxxx, his tournament is now firmly over and all he can really do from here is to try and end things with a bang and pick up his first win. He faces Alan Odrobny in his next fight and will be carrying an injury into that one making things all the more difficult. 

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Yesterday, 09:44 AM

Group C
Weekly Round Up – Opening Round 1.5
(16th Feb 2019)
Abdufatto Zamanov v Legend Broly
(Zamanov def. Broly by KO, 01:19 Rd 1)
A much needed win for top seed Abdufatto Zamanov over Legend Broly was enough to get him back on track for the next round though the result of the fight once again left him with a pretty significant injury. Zamanov was accurate on the outside and managed to avoid taking any damage in the clinch where Broly threw everything at him from all angles. He managed to knock Broly senseless with a tight combination and the bout ended shortly after around the one minute twenty mark. 
A big jump for Zamanov who moved up from seventh in the fourth spot though he is tied on points with two other fighters and separated by time. Unfortunately for Zamanov, injury proneness has been the big issue in his tournament campaign so far and once again he will head into battle in less than top condition. He faces a tough time against BJJ specialist Bishop Heahmund who will himself be ready and raring to go. With so much riding on these final two fights it truly is devastating for Zamanov to find himself injured after only just getting over his last. 
For Legend Broly, he drops down a spot into sixth though is far from out of the race right now. With such a tightly contested middle of the pack, a couple of wins in his final round of fights would almost certainly secure him one of the remaining three qualifying spots left up for grabs. He next faces undefeated Amanda Nunes and though still likely to be a tough fight, he will have the advantage of facing him/her whilst not in optimum condition. Broly is expected to be at full health on the night
Bishop Heahmund v Amadeo Camara
(Heahmund def. Camara by Sub, 01:55 Rd 2)
An important win for Bishop Heahmund tonight against fellow grappler Amadeo Camara and a big boon towards ambitions of a place in the next round. The fight itself was a little lacklustre with neither fighter really managing to get anywhere on the ground. Camara fought off numerous submission attempts from Heahmund and in turn was thwarted when threatening to improve position constantly. In the end it was Heahmund who managed to find a way through the defences of Camara and finished the fight in the second round by submission. 
With the win Bishop Heahmund ends his streak of two losses and moves a step closer to the next round. He is by no means guaranteed a place there however and will at least one more good result to really get comfortable. He faces top seed Abdufatto Zamanov in his next fight though Zamanov will be sporting a niggling injury. 
Amadeo Camara continues to play a dangerous game with regards to qualifying and the second seed will need to make sure not to drop any more points from this point on. He faces Alf Konrad next who currently sits in the qualifying spot above him at fifth. Victory there will see him leapfrog Konrad and into safety. A must win fight for Camara and both fighters will be fit and healthy for the encounter. 
Alf Konrad v Kyle Cruz
(Cruz def. Konrad by TKO, 01:33 Rd 2)
Another win for Kyle Cruz tonight who continues to impress after suffering from a stress related weight issue early on. He battered a determined Alf Konrad on the ground who managed to grit his teeth through the entire first round but was stopped a little after a minute into round two. 
Cruz continues to put the pressure on group leader Amanda Nunes for the top spot but most importantly looks to have secured himself a spot in the next round. He will face JT Rolli in the next round though there is some uncertainty in the Rolli camp after his manager filed for bankruptcy following some bad investments into retro VHS recorders. Apparently he believed them to be the next vinyl. 
Alf Konrad drops a spot from fourth to fifth and must now make sure to finish this first round of fights with a couple of good results. He next faces Amadeo Camara where a loss would see him drop out of the qualification race with only one fight to go.
JT Rolli v Amanda Nunes
(Nunes def. Rolli by KO)
A confused and bewildered JT Rolli found himself utterly alone against group killer Amanda Nunes as his management left him high and dry for this almost inevitable beat down. Rolli tried to grapple with the KO hungry Nunes but was out of luck as Nunes battered him on the outside and then even more so in the clinch winning the fight in under two minutes. 
The win made it five out of five for Nunes and cemented it’s place in the next round of the tournament. Unfortunately Nunes suffered a fairly large injury and will not be fully fit for the next fight against Legend Broly meaning that it’s undefeated streak is under threat as well as the top spot in Group C that he has held from the start. 
For JT Rolli, his tournament ends here and whether he will even fight again is debatable unless he can find alternative management before the start of next week. Regardless however, he finds himself once again injured and cut and should he face Kyle Cruz next week, it would likely be an almost impossible feat to get any kind of result