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Today, 01:20 AM

Results and Group Standings have been updated on the first page. 


With the final week of the group stage coming up, some fighters have now had their four group stage fights and have either been eliminated or are still awaiting their fate. 


A brief look at the groups before a more detailed preview of the next event that I'll put out later. 


Group A


With Polly Paulson's win over Nilton Guimaraes tonight he now guarantees himself a place in the final. Whether he goes through as the group champion or not comes down to his final group stage fight against Able Archer who up to now had looked a solid bet to qualify but after a shock finish loss against bottom of the group Nance Gibbord, he not only losses a point but also his first place spot and could be under pressure to even make it to the finals if he loses to Paulson and third place Pete Peterson able to pick up a win in his final match up. Peterson will go into his final match up with Nilton Guimaraes knowing that a win would at least put him into the 5th Place Play-Offs but also that the championship finals are a possibility. Guimares, who currently sits in fourth place would leapfrog Peterson with a finish win against him and also take his place in the 5th Place Play-Offs. 

Fifth place Nance Gibbord has completed his group stages matches and though he goes home on a big win, a 1-3 record this season sees him eliminated from the tournament. 

All in all, Group A will definitely be one to watch going into it's final group stage week. 


Group B


It's amazing how quickly things can turn around. Gruff Dragon has spent most of the group stage looking like a dead certainty to qualify for the championship play-offs but after suffering a decision loss to Joe Slasher in his final group stage fight, he now sits in second place and is completely at the mercy of the final week. Joe Slasher has grafted hard this season and goes into his final fight against Crisostomo Ibarra who has struggled to get going this season. With a win Slasher would cement not only a qualifying position but also the number one spot in the group. Gichin Funakoshi in third place had his bye week this event and will be going into his final week against Chris Chaitle and both will have a lot to fight for. A maximum point win for Funakoshi would put him in second and into the championship play-offs and for Chaitle could make a great comeback and find himself fighting for 5th Place in the 5th Place Play-Off should he secure a win. 

In the bottom spot is Ibarra who will be fighting purely for pride. Still looking for his first win this season, Ibarra's final fight against Slasher will be his last opportunity. 


Group C


Things are a little more clear in Group C as Takayama Yataro took out his closest group rival Duke Nukem this weekend to finish in an untouchable first place and will now rest up until the finals as he has completed his four group stage fights. 

Second place Duke Nukem is in a strong position still in second and currently four points ahead of the fighters underneath. Still things can change and if Nukem were to loss his final group stage fight against Anders Silver by a finish, he could theoretically find himself bumped down into the 5th Place Play-Off should his time in the cage be more than Silvers. 

Anders Silver and One Fortythree are joint on 1 point each with Silver currently ahead by virtue of less time in the cage during his wins. One Fortythree will go into his final fight against Rascals Alfalfa who is still searching for his first win. Fortythree still has an outside chance to qualify for the championship play-offs but would need a very quick maximum point win in his last fight and would need Silver to beat Nukem in a very long drawn out fight to go through on time. 

Alfalfa, though in bottom place, is not eliminated at this point and with a finish win against Fortythree could still make it into the 5th Place Play-Offs but would need Nukem to finish Silver and then rely on time spent in the cage. 


Group D


Our last group is now locked and loaded. Tom Baker and Balor Fino, both undefeated after three fights, will now face off against each other in their final group stage bout to determine just who the king of the hill truly is. Baker currently ahead by virtue of time spent. 

Qualifying for the 5th Place Play-Off is the feel good story of the tournament, the completely unfancied Brian Marais who was able to finish Eunan Moray in his final fight. Marais was predicted a last place finish at the beginning of the tournament so has done superbly to prove those naysayers wrong. 

Eunan Moray, my pick for first, ends the tournament in fourth spot with out a win. Technically he has a fight left but his opponent hasn't been seen since losing his opening bout and so Moray will likely be handed a forfeit win that will not be enough to put him into a qualifying position

In Topic: World Vale Tudo Fight League - 135lb Grand Prix

Today, 12:46 AM

Silver KO 1st RD 8:59 mark


50k sent to your manager account for closest prediction!

In Topic: Ironman Fight Club - Official Thread

Yesterday, 11:27 PM

Absolutely fantastic stuff mate!

In Topic: Ironman Fight Club - Official Thread

Yesterday, 01:41 AM

Iron Man Fight Club - Official Rankings (21st October 2018)
Lightweight Division (155lbs and Under)
1 (1) Abdel Mumu (12-3, 170lbs, W,W,L,W,L)
2 (10) Damen Mayer (16-5, 150lbs, W,W,L,L,L)
3 (2) Klaus Chugman (18-6, 130lbs, L,W,L,W,W)
4 (3) Nando Vasquez (8-2, L,W,W,W,W)
5 (4) Daniel Sainty (15-12, 150lbs, W,W,W,W,L)
6 (7) Dohn Jodson (11-1, 143lbs, W,W,W,W,W)
7 (5) Xing Pugberg (11-5, 130lbs, L,W,W,W,W)
8 (8) Jonathan Davis (11-8, 142lbs, W,W,W,L,W)
9 (14) Evgeni Lomachenko (15-13, 152lbs, W,L,L,L,W)
10 (RE) Miki Viki (15-6, 160lbs, W,L,W,W,W)
11 (NE) Charlie Darwin (8-1, 169lbs, W,W,W,W,W)
12 (6) Tony Hibbert (8-4, 160lbs, L,L,W,W,W)
13 (11) Mike Van Rijn (16-11, 163lbs, L,W,W,L,L)
14 (12) Vape Diaz (9-6, 162lbs, W,L,W,W,L)
15 (9) Soul Shadow (10-7, 163lbs, L,W,L,L,W)
Middleweight Division (185lbs to 156lbs)
Title Vacant
1 (NE) Ispa Murhaa (14-0, 204lbs, W,W,W,W,W)
2 (1) Roman Divac (14-3, 198lbs, W,L,W,W,W)
3 (NE) Luther Jones 24-5, 197lbs, W,L,L,W,W)
4 (NE) Dany Crosby (15-7, 200lbs, W,W,L,L,L)
5 (2) Hallis Mollen (7-1, 190lbs, W,W,W,W,W)
6 (3) Mew Choo (16-6, 191lbs, L,L,W,L,L)
7 (4) Damien OQuinn (14-7, 201lbs, W,L,W,W,L)
8 (5) Terry Bogard (12-10, 179lbs, L,L,L,W,W)
9 (NE) William Ralph Dean (10-5, 198lbs, L,L,L,W,W)
10 (6) Willie Wood (12-3, 180lbs, W,L,L,L,W)
11 (7) Buffalo Marley (13-8-1, 195lbs, W,L,L,D,L)
12 (8) Vincenzo Hall (7-3, 176lbs, W,W,W,L,W)
13 (9) Virgulino Ferreira Da Silva (6-2, 193lbs, W,W,W,L,L)
14 (NE) Boss Yonic (14-10-1, 185lbs, W,W,L,L,W)
15 (NE) Iggy Manly (12-7 192lbs, W,W,W,W,W)
Light-Heavyweight Division (205lbs-185lbs)
Title Vacant
1 (2) Arany Dali (13-3, 215lbs, W,L,W,W,W)
2 (4) Terje Warholm (13-6-1, 220lbs, W,W,L,W,W)
3 (1) Light Heavyweight (27-7, 220lbs, L,W,W,W,L)
4 (5) Ribociclib Kisqali (13-6, 220lbs, W,L,W,L,W)
5 (5) Tank Ispa (9-2-1, 220lbs, D,W,W,L,W)
6 (6) Jaxson Wilder (11-4-1, 205lbs, D,W,W,L,W)
7 (8) Mike Megaton (18-8, 225lbs, W,L,L,W,W)
8 (7) Dennis Fischer (14-3, 207lbs, L,W,L,L,W)
9 (10) Comeon Hitme (12-10, 215lbs, L,L,W,W,L)
10 (12) Hen Nessy (7-1, 205lbs, W,W,W,W,W)
11 (11) Chara Zaad (13-11, 210lbs, L,W,W,W,W)
12 (13) Anatoly Gorbachenko (15-8, 221lbs, L,W,L,W,L)
13 (14) Ture Torped (6-1-1, 215lbs, W,L,W,W,W)
14 (NE) Top Heavy (8-5, 212lbs, W,L,W,L,W)
15 (NE) Chong Tay (11-12, 191lbs, W,W,L,L,W)
Heavyweight Division (205lbs and over)
1 (1) Doug Bell (15-4, 253lbs, W,W,W,L,W)
2 (2) Big Murha (12-3, L,W,W,W,W)
3 (5) Thiago Araujo (10-4, 285lbs, W,W,L,W,W)
4 (8) Vincent Lemieux (14-11, 270lbs, W,W,W,L,L)
5 (3) Japa Koniu (12-7, 235lbs, L,W,W,L,W)
6 (13) Naiki Nekele (16-7, 270lbs, W,L,L,W,L)
7 (12) Thierry Paulin (10-6, 240lbs, W,L,L,L,W)
8 (4) Albert Van Rooy (10-8, 256lbs, L,W,W,L,W)
9 (7) Vladimir Impaler (14-6, 275lbs, L,W,L,W,W)
10 (10) Joe Foreman (9-2, 235lbs, W,L,W,W,W)
11 (14) Schmorgen Biscuit (14-9, 230lbs, W,L,W,L,W)
12 (9) Fanta Coco (12-7, 230lbs, L,L,W,L,W)
13 (11) Kenny Tchusuk (8-8, 265lbs, W,W,L,L,L)
14 (6) Francisco Babyara (10-4, 270lbs, L,W,W,W,L)
15 (NE) Diyorbek Nurudinov (10-7, 270lbs, W,W,L,L,L)
**Rankings are determined by hype/pop, p4p rank, win/loss record, recent opponents and a few other company internal criteria. Rankings will typically be updated at the end of each week**

In Topic: BANDAI WW Creation Tournament (350k reward!)

20 October 2018 - 02:34 AM

Holy shit this is just sad. 


The guy spent so much time recruiting and advertising just to not buy enough VIP to keep running the org.


This is why I like to keep things simple and not burn out with org stuff.  Keep the orgs under 175 fighters , the divisions relatively small and the golden rule Fart Master taught me:  Focus on booking fights more and less fireworks (previous, interviews, etc.)


I mean, I WISH I could do all that but then it just gets too heavy.


Good luck to all the fighters.


Definitely agree with the previews, interview stuff. Nothing sucks the fun out of this game more for me than feeling like i HAVE to get some writing done when I'm really not feeling it. I know some people like it, myself included, but I also know I'd rather have consistent fights then fluff.