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10 December 2018 - 06:26 PM

EMPIRE - Official Rankings (9th Dec 2018)
Bantamweight Division (135lbs)
1) Lito Alcala (13-4, W,W,W,L,L)
2) Takashi Yoshida (15-4, L,W,W,L,W)
3) Santosh Nagasaki (12-8, W,W,L,L,L)
4) Oskar Friman (7-1, W,W,W,W,W)
5) Tommy Walcott (16-9, L,W,W,W,W)
6) Yang Xinhai (9-2-1, W,L,W,W,L)
7) Will Norris (7-3-1, L,L,W,W,W)
8) Tragic Visions (11-11, L,W,W,L,L)
9) Klahan Metharom (10-7, W,L,W,L,W)
10) Rico Dominguez (10-7, W,W,L,L,W)
Upcoming Fights 
(CH) Wamberto Boaz (15-5) vs. (1) Lito Alcala (13-4) - Boaz attempts 2nd Title Defence (05-01-19)
(3) Santosh Nagasko (12-8) vs. (5) Tommy Walcott (16-9) (05-01-19)
(4) Oskar Friman (7-1) vs. (6) Yang Xinhai (9-2-1) (05-01-19)
(7) Will Norris (7-3-1) vs (NR) Yung Hung Dong (11-10) (05-01-19)
(8) Tragic Visions (11-11) vs. Klahan Metharom (10-7) (15-12-19)
Featherweight Division (145lbs)
1) Kendo Hirigushi (14-3, W,W,W,L,L)
2) Iolyn Madog (14-4, W,L,W,L,W)
3) Kevin Sheedy (14-4, L,L,W,W,W)
4) Mickey Munday (7-2, L,W,W,W,W)
5) John Mills (9-3, W,W,W,L,W)
6) Dumba Diame Jr (10-8, W,W,L,L,L)
7) Dulles Bush (14-5, W,L,L,W,W)
8) Reymond Donde (11-3, L,W,W,W,W)
9) Angelo San Diego (16-8, W,L,L,W,L)
10) Sergei Babakov (17-8, W,L,W,L,L)
Upcoming Fights
(CH) Diego Escobar (18-2) vs. Kendo Hirigushi (14-3) - Escobar attempts 4th Title Defence (29-12-18)
(3) Kevin Sheedy (14-4) vs. (10) Sergei Babakov (17-8) (12-1-18)
(8) Reymond Donde (11-3) vs. (9) Angelo San Diego (16-8) (15-12-18)
Lightweight Division (155lbs
Currently Vacant
Welterweight Division (170lbs)
1) Avraam Papadopoulos (12-3, W,L,W,W,L)
2) Nate Lopez (10-1, W,L,W,W,W)
3) Corban Storm (13-6, W,W,L,W,W)
4) Hairy Scrotum (16-5, L,W,W,L,L)
5) Pollisi Partio (8-1-1, W,W,L,D,W)
6) Rudolf Kleinschmidt (17-4, L,W,L,W,W)
7) Domingo Chavez (14-3, L,W,W,W,W)
8) Ronnie Hepple (14-4, L,L,L,W,W)
9) Timiko Chen Lo (11-3, L,W,L,W,W)
10) Dave Wearmouth (14-4, W,L,L,W,W)
Upcoming Fights 
(1) Avraam Papadopoulos (12-3) vs. (2) Nate Lopez (10-1) (28-12-18)
(3) Corban Storm (13-6) vs. (4) Hairy Scrotum (16-5) (5-1-18)
(6) Rudolf Kleinschmidt (17-4) vs. (8) Ronnie Hepple (14-4) (15-12-18)
Middleweight Division (185lbs)
1) Nick Graves (16-1, W,L,W,W,W)
2) Luc Gagnon (14-4, W,L,W,W,L)
3) Marciano Cobb (14-4, L,W,W,L,W)
4) Jackson Jericho (9-4, W,W,W,W,L)
5) Crack Head (16-3, L,L,W,W,W)
6) Denny Sideman (12-7-1, W,L,W,D,W)
7) Gennady Mikhasevich (16-6, W,L,W,L,L)
8) William Ralph Dean (12-6, W,L,W,L,L)
9) Thomas Raske (14-5, L,W,W,L,L)
10) Dave Beast (12-7, W,L,L,W,L)
Upcoming Fights 
(CH) Joe Smith (13-4-2) vs. Luc Gagnon (14-4) - Smith attempts 1st Title Defence (22-12-18)
(1) Nick Graves (16-1) vs. (3) Marciano Cobb (14-4) (29-12-18)
(7) Gennady Mikhasevich (16-6) vs. (9) Thomas Raske (14-5) (5-1-19)
(10) Dave Beast (12-7) vs. (U) Youri Tielemans (7-4) (12-1-19)
Light-Heavyweight Division (205lbs)
1) Arany Dali (14-4, L,W,W,L,W)
2) Jean-Claude Marceau (10-4, W,W,W,L,W)
3) Luther Jones (25-6, L,W,W,L,L)
4) Nikos Giannopoulos (9-4, W,W,L,L,W)
5) Bobby Wangler (15-7, L,W,W,L,W)
6) Jose Morales (12-7, W,L,L,W,L)
7) Scott Murley (12-5, L,L,W,L,W)
8) Wallace Cobb (8-4, W,W,W,L,W)
9) Carl Moore (8-6, L,W,W,L,W)
10) Sambo Trambai (7-3, L,W,W,L,W)
Upcoming Fights
(CH) Pekka Toivonen (13-1) vs. (CH) Chris Steve (24-2) - CHAMPION VERSUS CHAMPION SUPERFIGHT - Non Title (22-12-18)
(1) Arany Dali (14-4) vs. (2) Jean-Claude Marceau (10-4) (28-12-18)
(6) Jose Morales (12-7) vs. (8) Wallace Cobb (8-4) (12-1-19)
(9) Carl Moore (8-6) vs. (NR) Duncan Ferguson (10-4) (22-12-18)
(10) Sambo Trambai (7-3) vs. (NR) Harry Hole (8-6) (22-12-18)
Heavyweight Division (265lbs)
1) Bartholomaus Wolff (14-1, W,W,L,W,W)
2) Crotch Grabber (16-2, L,W,W,W,W)
3) Karelin Pripyat (13-4, L,W,W,W,W)
4) Tyson Cobb (13-2, W,L,L,W,W)
5) Norman Pearson (10-3, W,L,W,W,L)
6) Jon Umber (6-4, L,W,W,W,W)
7) Carlos Ruas (10-4, W,L,W,W,W)
8) Maxim Menshikov (6-2, W,L,W,W,W)
9) Jake Butler (14-6, L,L,W,L,W)
10) Ricardo Del Brophy (8-1, W,W,W,L,W)
Upcoming Fights 
(CH) Iain Tower (14-2) vs. (1) Bartholomaus Wolff (14-1) (28-12-18)
(2) Crotch Grabber (16-2) vs. (4) Tyson Cobb (13-2) (22-12-18)
(7) Carlos Ruas (10-4) vs. (8) Maxim Menshikov (6-2) (22-12-18)
***Rankings are determined by hype/pop, p4p rank, win/loss record, recent opponents and a few other company internal criteria. Rankings will typically be updated at the end of each week***

In Topic: World Vale Tudo Fight League - 135lb Grand Prix

08 December 2018 - 09:37 PM

Iron Man Vale Tudo – 135lbs Grand Prix Final
It’s been another great season for Iron Man tournaments that has been full of upsets and surprises, heartbreaks and glory and tonight we crown our overall champion at 135lbs. 
The last event saw the 5th place spot sown up with Jamaica’s One Fortythree taking the honours with a strong performance over Pete Peterson who was without his management team in his corner. Utterly abandoned and on his own, Peterson just couldn’t find a second gear to match Fortythree’s grit and found himself on the receiving end of a TKO finish late in the first round. Congratulations to 5th place One Fortythree. 
Now on to tonight's finals. 
3rd Place Bout
Takayama Yataro (5-1 in season) vs. Duke Nukem (4-2 in season) 
Takayama Yataro will likely feel extremely disappointed to have ended up fighting for third place against a man that he has already beaten once. From the beginning of the tournament all the way up until his last fight, Yataro had looked like a strong contender to take it all after consistently destroying whoever was put in front of him. He even had the good fortune to be gifted a bye into the semi-final after his scheduled opponent was no where to be found leaving Yataro ample time to recover and prepare. In something of an upset, due to form if nothing more, Yataro was caught by scrappy wrestler Gruff Dragon in a armbar early in round one and his chance at championship glory alongside his undefeated record was lost all in that instant. Having spoken to his management team you get the feeling that Yataro now casts somewhat of a dejected shadow and it’ll be very interesting to see if he will be able to motivate himself in this final tournament fight. 
His opponent is Duke Nukem who has been active on social media formats and has kept things very interesting with his vocal interactions on the forums. Apart from his earlier loss to Yataro, Nukem had looked very good himself elsewhere in the tournament and, though touted as the ever so slight underdog going into his semi-final match up against Joe Slasher, Nukem was expected to have as good a chance as any at reaching the final at that point. It would have been a little disappointing for him however as Slasher was clearly the better fighter and largely a step ahead all the way to a second round TKO win. Nukem tried his best to keep up but it was the clinch of all places that really was his undoing. Now, Nukem has an opportunity to finish the tournament with a degree of vengeance for his earlier loss to Yataro and really pile on the misery for his opponent. A third place finish is nothing to sneeze at but even if honour and glory aren’t your thing, the cash prize incentive usually is. 
135lbs Championship Final
Joe Slasher (5-1 in season) vs. Gruff Dragon (4-1-1 in season)
Tonight's final will also be a rematch after their group stage encounter ended with Joe Slasher putting on an anti-grappling clinic and winning a decision that almost sent Dragon crashing out of the tournament. In hindsight, perhaps Dragon wasn’t given enough credit for his performances and his deceptively average record in the group stage meant that he has been able to fly under the radar a little but now, after taking out two massive favourites in the knockout stages, Gruff Dragon can no longer be considered an outsider and will come into this fight with every chance of emerging as tournament champion. To do so however, he will need to avenge his loss to Slasher and somehow get past their last result in which Dragon was unable to truly trouble Joe Slasher. 
If form was the most deserving factor for winning the tournament then few would argue against Joe Slasher coming into this final. After going 0-2 in his first career fights (one loss a QFC warm up before the tournament and the second his opening group stage fight) Slasher has gone on a fantastic tear of five straight wins that includes four KO’s and one hard fought tactical victory over his opponent tonight Gruff Dragon. Slasher has seemingly gotten stronger and stronger as the victories have piled up and tonight we get to see if he can once again defeat his group nemesis in the same manor. Though he had a fairly tough semi-final match up against Duke Nukem, Slasher was able to remain in control throughout and pick up the TKO victory late in the second round and will have had a decent amount of time to prepare for this final showdown which, thankfully, both fighters will come into completely injury and cut free so we can truly see who is the grand champion. 
Can Joe Slasher do it again and walk away with the grand prize or will it be Gruff Dragon who comes along and snatches it all away

In Topic: stripping of title belt

08 December 2018 - 08:41 PM

It's barely noticeable in my experience. And as the poster above said, may as well do it sooner rather than later.  

In Topic: SFC Smack Talk

04 December 2018 - 06:44 AM

Nobody is saying Boble didn’t work hard. Nobody is saying the org was not good.

What I have been saying from the beginning is that in MMAT this UFC swallow all business model is flawed as running an org takes a lot of time. An org with 350 fighters is like running 2 big orgs.

This isn’t like IFC with just a few divisions, this is much more work and bound to fail. All while taking down smaller orgs by buying entire divisions.

Now, unless some dude with lots of time on his hands takes it, we have a problem in this bracket.

Hope that clarifies.


I think this is where we see things very differently. So what if running an org with 350 fighters is like running two big orgs? If someone is comfortable and motivated to do such a thing then it is down to them as a paying and active member of the game. No one is saying that you or anybody else has to run such a monster. It's simply your personal preference. You're making it sound like Boble did something wrong when quite clearly he did something pretty right for a good chunk of time. 


Also, my org doesn't run every division it's true but I do have around 230 fighters and prefer to have huge divisions. Why? Because I personally think it is very cool to have the opportunity for fighters to work their way up from the bottom of a 50 man division all the way to championship glory. I also feel that it makes the IFC belt extra competitive and something very meaningful (possibly just my own delusions there but whatever lol) Another big reason why I think having bigger divisions is better is because it is so much easier to arrange fights. It's really boring fighting the same people over and over again and having a big roster makes the chances of this less. 


The size of the org isn't the reason that Boble is finishing up. He says he doesn't have the time (no doubt some of the BS that comes with running an org contributes too) It was no more likely to finish then your own org. You will get bored in time and you will close up. Same as me. Same as every org here. 


Boble has now said that he won't sell it. I understand this completely. I'd probably feel the same way. He has given a heads up though so anyone who is thinking about or interested in running an org there is a POTENTIAL gold mine here but then there has been for ages after NJMMA and CCF and countless others in the ID range (all smaller than SyFi) closed shop because the owner got bored/didn't have the time. Even then it's no guarantee that it will be a good org. I left NJMMA with two or three months worth of booked and paid arenas, a decent roster and 500k in the bank and the guy who took over still messed it up. 


Lastly, if no one does decide to step up and create an org it will barely register as a blip. There will be no problem in this bracket. The game will carry on no problem. Just as it did with 310k and Kings MMA leaving The Global Colosseum as the only org in the ID range, just as it did with 315k when The Beat Down left IFC as the only org in the ID range. The fighters closest to 322k are welcome in IFC and will just put on more shows to cover any roster increase. The fighters 325k and over have other choices. Hell, The Global Colosseum has just signed Rick Piano to it's open weight 320k division. It's already happening.


Have faith Monsieur Camara!

In Topic: SFC Smack Talk

03 December 2018 - 06:46 AM


Anyone with 2 brain cels could have seen this coming to be quite honest.


The biggest loss here is the 320K bracket , you idiots absorbed entire, healthy orgs to create a 350 fighters monster and now its bye bye


We should sign a petition to rename the Evil Empire to The Idiot Empire.


What are you talking about? It was the best ID org in the game from it's start to it's finish and it lasted a good while longer than some of the other shitty org's that have come and gone in it's time. The dude obviously worked ridiculously hard with it and the fact that pretty much no one has a bad word to say about it says it all