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GFC Smack Talk Thread

GFC Global Fighting Championship Darius Bradford MMA Smack Talk Thread

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Posted 03 May 2013 - 02:20 AM

well its up and running
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#2 RozzaD


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Posted 03 May 2013 - 05:20 AM

Bateman is gonna destroy his division... That is all!
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#3 Jimmydean


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Posted 05 May 2013 - 02:41 AM

KC: Good evening, MMA fans! I'm KC Shooto, and this is Midnight Mixed Martial Arts, the only MMA preview show to bring you previews of Global Fighting Championships in LA. Here with me tonight to preview GFC 29: Akabaro vs Richards is former mixed martial artist Brandon Tyson.

BT: Thanks, KC, and hello to everyone tuning in. There are a lot of great fights on this upcoming card. We're going to break them all down for you, and give you our predictions.

KC: That's right, and we're not going to pull any punches. Our first fight of the evening is Dax Morgan versus Casey Pollock, two little fish struggling in the 155 lb shark tank.

BT: That about sums it up. Dax Morgan has a losing record, but I think he's going to even it up with a win here.

KC: I agree. Pollock has been finished four times. If he goes 0-5, it might be time to take up a new career. It's almost painful to watch it happen again.

BT: Our next fight of the evening could very well be another loser-leaves-town match. Michael Jordan, coming off of three losses in a row, will try to redeem himself against Myself Blue, a Thai boxer who has yet to win a fight in two outings.

KC: Jordan has a big edge in experience, and is slightly more well rounded. I see him taking the fight to the ground and keeping it there.

BT: Not much to argue with there. Blue has never effectively applied his gameplan, and Jordan is hungry for a W. I see Jordan getting the submission finish.

KC: After that, we'll move up to 185, and Daniel Stopframe's MMA debut against BJJ Brown Belt Rey Malapitan.

BT: We don't know much about Stopframe, but Malapitan is an experienced grappler. I see him taking the sub in this one.

KC: Not me. Malipitan has been stopped by a KO shot before, and Stopframe will be looking to make a big statement coming in to GFC. I think Stopframe could find Malapitan's chin for the TKO victory.

BT: Next we drop back down to 145, and see a jobber thrown at TD Jobber.

KC: It certainly looks that way, Brandon. Ethen Kanven is a joke, and he was getting blown away by his sparring partners in training camp. He looks tired, and defeated, and the fight is days away.

BT: Some guys just don't have the sauce, KC. But these next two guys both have it, and they are my sleeper pick for Fight of the Night.

KC: Jason Goldman, undefeated after three fights, will take on Ray Gardner in the heavyweight division.

BT: That's right, and both men have a lot on the line. A win could put either one closer to title contention.

KC: That being said, I give Gardner the advantage in wrestling. I think he will keep Goldman on the bottom and grind out a decision victory.

BT: I disagree. Goldman has three wins, all by knock out. Gardner has two losses, both by knockout. I see Golman taking this one, TKO.

KC: We will just have to wait and see along with everyone else. Next on the lineup is another heavyweight contest, this one between Adam Fitch and Alexander Gustafsson.

BT: Fitch is a tough guy, a boxer with decent wrestling and some jiu jitsu skills. But "The Mauler" has great takedown defense, and a Purple Belt in Jiu Jitsu. I think this one's going to Gustafsson, KO.

KC: I think Fitch's experience may be the key factor here. I don't think Gustafsson can throw anything at Fitch that Fitch hasn't seen before. I see Fitch taking this one slow and winning a careful decision.

BT: Sounds exciting, KC. But Fitch is getting Mauled in round one.

KC: Anyway, our next bout is Ethan Stone vs Jose Jesus at 170 pounds. This one is going to be a clinic on grappling.

BT: It is indeed. With a combined total of FIVE Sub of the Night awards, these two are going to go straight to the ground. I have a slight edge going to Brown Belt Jesus.

KC: Not me. This time, I think Stone may elect to keep it on the feet, and utilize his slightly superior striking to get the win.

BT: I suspect the winner of that fight will get the Sub of the Night honors, to add to their collection.
Another fighter looking to get a win by submission is Kristan Maruyama, who will take on Gregor Mousasi at 205 pounds.

KC: Marayuma is an anomaly; one of those guys that's so good at one basic move that everyone knows its coming but no one can stop it. Three wins, three submissions, three triangle chokes.

BT: That's a pretty consistent record, KC. I think he can make it four against Mousasi. It would be very interesting to see a fourth triangle choke victory for Marayuma.

KC: No way. Mousasi is a grappler as well, and has the superior hands of the two. I think he's gonna push Marayuma's button and put his lights out.

BT: That could very well happen also. Next, the co-main event!

KC: Three and oh Franco Rivera looks to extend his undefeated streak at 170 pounds when he takes on four and one Rich Castellano.

BT: Rivera is an effective fighter, but not a very exciting one. He's going to look to clinch, grind Castellano out and wear him out for a decision against the cage.

KC: Castellano is a BJJ Purple belt with a great submission game. I think he has the skills to get Rivera to the mat, and take an arm home with him.

BT: Not likely, KC. Rivera has faced grapplers before, and always makes them play his game. I think he's going to do it again here against Castellano.

KC: And now... Our main event!

BT: Kwame Akabaro is the current GFC 170 Pound Champion. And he looks great doing it.

KC: In fact, our champion has never seen the third round of a contest. He has seven wins and seven knockouts in the first two rounds.

BT: CJ Richards is a tough kickboxer, and has great wrestling ability. While he has been beaten before, I think this has only taught him lessons that make him a more complete fighter. I am calling for an upset, and a new champion at the end of the day.

KC: I just don't see it happening. No one has found a weakness in Akabaro yet, and I think he's going to be 8-0 looking down at the limp body of CJ Richards.

BT: That may be, but we will have to wait and see what unfolds! A fight is a fight, and everyone has a puncher's chance at victory.

KC: That's right. Everyone is one big punch away from a title shot. But that's all the time we have this evening, so lets wrap it up. I'm KC Shooto...

BT: And I'm Brandon Tyson. And this was Midnight MMA.
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#4 Jimmydean


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Posted 06 May 2013 - 02:59 AM

Brandon Tyson: Have we got a show for you this evening! I'm on the big island of Hawaii, here to try and catch up with GFC 155 lb Muay Thai sensation, Antonin Dvorak, between training sessions. Antonin, it's good to be here talking to you.

AD: Thank you, Brandon. Ve vill be seeing much more of each other, now that you vill be covering my fights.

BT: That's true. How do you like your new home at Global Fighting Championships?

AD: I don't like to fly. Ze time not training, traveling from plaze to plaze, it vill bother me some.

BT: Is there anyone at 155 you have your sights on?

AD: I am never looking past my next fight. Gerry Castellano, my zights are on heem. After that who knows? But my next fight, my first in LA, I will get ze knockout.

BT: You aren't worried about your opponent's jiu jitsu and submission skills?

AD: I can rassel around as vell. I vill kick heem in ze face, and ze fight vill end. I have done this before, nothing new.

BT: Anything to say out there to all the GFC fans tuning in?

AD: I fight for ze fans. I keep fight on feet, like men fighting, not roll around like dogs over scraps. But if I have to I can verk from ze ground as vell. But if I have my way, you vill see blood on my face and hands. That blood is for you, our sacrifice for your appreciation.

BT: Thanks, Antonin. That's all we have time for today. This is Brandon Tyson, signing off.
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#5 Jimmydean


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Posted 09 May 2013 - 06:53 PM

This is James Dean, with a live interview of CJ Richards, half of the upcoming GFC main event hello CJ!
CJ:Hello James!
JD:On paper, Akabaro has racked up some killer stats. Do you see any weaknesses in his game?
CJ:He is a really dangerous striker, he has a BJJ Purple belt and he's a very powerful guy. But every fighter who faced him in his last fights was scared and very respectful of him. I think pressing the pace is a key for victory.
JD:What made you want this fight?
CJ:You will see it on Saturday
JD:Win or lose, what's next for CJ Richards?
CJ: Only win! You know I have 3-1 record in GFC and all three win by KO or TKO.And now it's my time!
JD:What gym do you call home? Why?
CJ:-MMA Gods Gym. When i came to MMA I had a wrestling base and heavy hands. I could join to the MMA Gods or Alpha Fight Team. MMA Gods focuses on Muay Thay, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and always aggressive fighters. Alpha Fight Team - focused on the wrestling, grappling and i have friends from this gym like Rich Castellano and featherweight division champ Rick Ashton. My choice was MMA Gods and i very happy there. I work a lot for my kickboxing and for my BJJ with Roger Gracie.
JD:How do you feel about your last decision loss?
CJ:Ohh it was so silly defeat...I knock him down twice! And didn't finish him... I think i won the first 2 rounds 10-8 and it was my fight. Jaylen Jones is a tough guy, but i wanna kick his ass. If we will face again i will finish him.
JD:Any chance of a rematch?
CJ:I'm always ready for the rematch! But i think my bro Erick Rootmans will defeat him in June.
JD:Do you have anything to say to the GFC fans tuning in?
CJ:Thanks to everybody! May 11 saturday, live from Hard Knocks LA! I guarantee you it will be nice show!

Thanks CJ, it was great talking to you! Good luck in your fight. And good luck to all of you, the GFC fans who make this possible! Ill see you with more GFC news next time. This is James Dean, signing off.

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Posted 17 November 2013 - 05:10 PM

almost forgot about this thing

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