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Writing 2015 Troid EVO Insanity EP Havoc

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Posted 26 October 2015 - 10:45 PM








Brett Hartlock vs Pernell Whitaker Jr


A rematch from the first round of the tournament as Brett Hartlock takes on Pernell Whitaker Jr. Whitaker Jr gained the Unanimous Decision win last time, although I expect Hartlock to come into this fight much more prepared and with an improved gameplan. Pernell will need to use his striking advantage well, but Hartlock has shown that once he gets you done, you are caught in his web.


Prediction: Brett Hartlock to win via Unanimous Decision




Pablo Escobar vs Anakoni Kai


Two heavy hitters colliding now, and realistically they have been the stars of their respective teams. Both fighters love to go slinging for the knockout, and their KO record is impressive. Kai has shown to have the better chin, and will be looking to use his lighter weight to work Escobar over more, and I will be predicting Kai to win.


Prediction: Anakoni Kai to win via (T)KO in Round 1




Frank Damozzi vs Bruce Wayne


Grappler vs Striker now and these men are coming in off opposite results. Damozzi will be looking to turn things around as he suffered a loss to Artie DeVanzo last week, while Wayne comes in off a win against Algot Von Panzerhosen. Damozzi is a great fighter, but I think Wayne will just have too much power for him.


Prediction: Bruce Wayne to win via (T)KO in Round 2




Timothy Robinson vs Jay Gatsby


Another case of Grappler vs Striker here, and similar to the other fight is they are coming in off opposite results. Robinson has gone 1-1 so far in the tournament, defeating Yaniv Schulmann before falling to a RNC by Bernhard Adelhard in the last round. Gatsby comes in fresh from a first round KO victory over Sambo Rambo, and will be looking to make it two in a row. Gatsby’s ground game seems solid, so I am backing him to survive Robinson’s ground assault and land the damaging blows.


Prediction: Jay Gatsby to win via (T)KO in Round 2




Ivar Lodbrok vs Itse Perkele


Now this is going to be a brawl. Both fighters stand at 6”9 and hit heavy. Perkele suffered a loss last round and looks like he hasn’t fully gotten over it, while Lodbrok will smell blood and will go in for the kill.


Prediction: Ivar Lodbrok to win via (T)KO in Round 1




Diego Bustamante vs Jamal Jackson


Two more heavy hitters now as Diego Bustamante takes on Jamal Jackson. Bustamante comes in with a KO in his last round against Joe Louis, while Jackson has a tough time, losing to a second round TKO to Joey Kocur. Despite the form, I feel Jackson has the edge going into this, but either guy just needs that one big hit to end the fight.


Prediction: Jamal Jackson to win via (T)KO in Round 1




Paul Landen vs Drug Killjoy


These two men met last time in the competition, and it was Landen who came away with the second round victory. Both fighters are 2-3 in the season so far, but I feel Landen will get another win here.

Prediction: Paul Landen to win via (T)KO in Round 2

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Antoni Kristofer Hong vs Giacomo Benvenuti


Both fighters are heavy hitters, and you have to feel that the fight pick was strategic as Hong comes into this fight with his cut still looking bad from his last bout against Escobar. Expect Benvenuti to focus on that and get a TKO (Cut) stoppage or else get the KO.


Prediction: Giacomo Benvenuti to win via (T)KO in Round 1




Bernhard Adelhard vs Shinyo Jintao


Bernhard has being able to lock in his new favourite submission, the Rear Naked Choke, in his last two fights taking out Pernell Whitaker Jr and Timothy Robinson in the process. Jintao meanwhile bounced back from his loss to Perala to defeat Shintaro Nomo via Unanimous Decision. While Adelhard has the BJJ advantage, I am backing Jintao to get a knockout win at some stage.


Prediction: Shinyo Jintao to win via (T)KO in Round 2




Joe Louis vs Lance Legstrong


Another rematch from the first round as Joe Louis looks to avenge his loss to Lance Legstrong. Louis lost last week to Bustamante, as he wasn’t able to utilise his grappling efficiently. Legstrong meanwhile broke the win streak of William King last week, and has been looking really strong against his opponents. Both guys are grapplers, but it looks like Legstrong is just the more efficient fighter in that area.


Prediction: Lance Legstrong to win via Submission in Round 2




Fabian Hoi vs Ruslan Mstislav Volkov


Fabian Hoi has overcome a shaky couple of weeks to get a win and a draw in the last two weeks, with the draw coming last round against Brett Hartlock. Volkov meanwhile saw his 3 fight win streak broken by Yaniv Schulmann, and he will be looking to get back to form by winning this. Both fighters are similar, but Hoi looks like he has a bit more power and could use that to get the win.


Prediction: Fabian Hoi to win via (T)KO in Round 2




Arthur Curry vs John Paul Wani


Arthur Curry makes his ITFL debut against John Paul Wani, who saw his good form stopped by a loss to Timur Rubin last week. With no real form to go on for Curry, what this fight will be is a slug fest with both fighters being heavy hitters and looking to end it early.


Prediction: John Paul Wani to win via (T)KO in Round 1




Artie DeVanzo vs Flavius Odoacer


Artie DeVanzo has overcome his losing start to the ITFL to win his last three straight. He has gotten the job done for his team in recent weeks, and looks to do it again here. Flavius Odoacer had a management change last round, with him going 0-4 in the tournament under his old management, but he managed to get a win last week in a result not many expected. I doubt there will be a cinderella tale here though, and I expect DeVanzo to get the win.


Prediction: Artie DeVanzo to win via Unanimous Decision




Wilder Wein vs Bosco Brown


Wilder Wein is currently undefeated in the tournament, going 3-0-2 so far to provide a constant source of points for his team. He packs a punch, and will be looking to use his striking advantage again here. Bosco Brown has a slender chance in this bout, with the ground being the only real chance for him to get the edge, but he will need to last that long to get the opportunity.

Prediction: Wilder Wein to win via (T)KO in Round 2

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Posted 26 October 2015 - 10:47 PM


Evolution presents














“Home of the finest threads in Tycoon”

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and it is my great pleasure to welcome you to the official preview for one of the most historic events in MMA Tycoon history: EVO 200: Revelation Now! The management team of EVO have been hard at work getting some of the biggest names in the world to compete on this event, and quite frankly, they have not disappointed. Champions from across the world have gathered to compete against each other, and this event is being headlined by the conclusion in the epic trilogy between the two biggest stars in the world, Rinky Spider and Leonardo Ferreira! Those two men headline a card absolutely stacked with talent in what will surely go down as a contender for Event of the Year. The excitement for this event has been brewing for weeks, with call outs on Buzz, and the tension of who would face Ferreira on the card going down. I have babbled on enough, so without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, I give to you: EVO 200!

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Kicking off our monster card are two widely respected fighters in the Heavyweight division as “Cocky” Rocky McColgan takes on Apollo Gutz!


“Cocky” Rocky McColgan has been experiencing an upturn in his fortunes lately, which will make him feeling confident of continuing his good form in this bout. Since his loss to Leonardo Ferreira, he lost the following fight to Brick Tires, before returning to Troid EP to defend his belt successfully against Lexington Snape. Returning to EVO, he would lose to Varg Veide at EVO 189, but that would be where his fortunes would turn. Competing against Kylla Ei, he would dominate him with a first round KO victory to bring him back into the attention of the higher ups. Returning to Troid EP once more to defend his belt, he would defeat Artur Levchenko with a second round KO to show he was on the rise once more. With Elite striking and age on his side, he has the potential to become one of the biggest stars in MMA, but will need to continue with winning his fights and turning in impressive performances to continue his rise.


Apollo Gutz is another guy rising up lately, as he bounced back from a 2 fight losing streak to win his last three in impressive fashion. Following a loss to Moyses Mattos, Gutz would take on Shane Luger and surprised everyone by claiming the first Submission win of his career with a first round Guillotine win at EVO 190. He would take on Hans Dietrich at EVO 194 but there would be no surprise finishes here as he defeated him with a first round TKO to get the momentum back on his side. He would then face Moyses Mattos once more at EVO 198 and would gain a small measure of revenge here by defeating Mattos with a second round TKO to put himself in prime position to compete on this historic card. He has Elite striking, and as he proved, his grappling game shouldn’t be underestimated either.


A fantastic bout to kick things off. Both fighters carry power in their hands, so it’s a case of who hits hardest and earliest. Tough one to call, but I will plump for a McColgan win.


Prediction: Rocky McColgan to win via (T)KO in Round 2




Our second fight of the night is a superfight between EVO and TTFC as the EVO Bantamweight champion Yoko Gushiken takes on the TTFC Bantamweight Champion Ice Drago.


“Fierce Eagle” Yoko Gushiken recently saw his 8 fight win streak snapped with a loss to Richmond Finch at EVO 195 for the Featherweight title which would have seen him become a two division champion simultaneously for the first time in his career. He would earn that fight after a great run of wins over the likes of Oompa Loompa, Rafa Silva, and a win in a superfight with MFN champion Eugene Judd. Unfortunately, “Fierce Eagle” would lose the bout but he is ready to get back in the cage and prove himself against a high class opponent as he look to secure his reputation as the best lighter weight fighter in the world.


Ice Drago has a coloured history to say the least, but we won’t be getting into that in this preview. He started off his career with a huge 13 fight win streak which was snapped by a loss to Eugene Judd. He has gone on a 6 fight winning streak since then with his last win seeing him avenge his loss to Eugene Judd with a Majority Decision win. Drago may not have as much historical achievements as Gushiken, but he is a well seasoned fighter who can provide one of the tougher challenges of his career.


A tough fight between two of the world’s best. Both fighters have the power to put each other away, but I feel this will go the distance with a Decision.


Prediction: Ice Drago to win via Unanimous Decision




Our double header of Light Heavyweight action on the undercard kicks off here as “The Viking” Hans Thor takes on “Preacher” Jesse Custer.


Hans Thor is currently on a two fight winning streak, having defeated Funky Punch at EVO 192 and Eli Crowe at EVO 195. He is somewhat of an EVO veteran, with this being his 18th fight with the org. Blessed with a Granite Chin and big KO Power, he is a force against any opponent at Light Heavyweight, and will look to prove that against another of the world’s best.


“Preacher” Jesse Custer is on his best run of form in EVO so far, racking up three consecutive wins to patch up his rocky start to life in the org. After going 2-4, he would defeat both Thomas Boothe and Ada Reyes via Unanimous Decision before turning in arguably his finest performance so far in EVO with a first round KO victory over Tat Moh. He packs a punch with his power, and will be looking to test Thor’s durability in this bout.


Both of these fighters are highly impressive and like most of the fights on the card, both have their strengths which can win them the fight. However,  I feel Hans Thor’s durability could help him to survive Custer’s onslaught while using his own power to get the fight on his side.


Prediction: Hans Thor to win via (T)KO in Round 4




Our second Light Heavyweight bout of the night now as Vagner Love takes on Flagon Sackett.


Vagner Love recently lost his championship in his first title defence against Colin Croft, but bounced back from that with a late stoppage victory over MC Wisk. Prior to that loss against Croft, he had a hugely impressive 16 fight win streak which launched his career and put him in the limelight. He will be looking to gain that attention again by winning against one of the fastest rising Light Heavyweight stars around.


Flagon Sackett comes from one of the most respected fighting families in the history of MMA, rivaled by only the Kersikovs. Sackett is currently enjoying a 4 fight winning streak, a run that saw him finish his last fight at SFC before moving to Troid EP and claiming their Light Heavyweight championship. After claiming and defending the title twice, he got the offer to compete against one of the most well known names in the world and he jumped at the chance to prove himself.


Both fighters are top class, and while Love may be more tested at the higher levels, I am giving my backing to Flagon Sackett to upset the apple cart and walk away with the win.


Prediction: Flagon Sackett to win via (T)KO in Round 4




Spider vs Ferreira isn’t the only rivalry coming to a head on this event as the final undercard fight of the night sees “Bishop” Lucas Bishop take on Esquiva Falcao for the EVO Middleweight Championship!


Lucas Bishop may not have a major winning streak to dominate his career, but he is a highly touted fighter with a legendary manager backing him. Since signing for EVO, he would lose his debut fight before firing back to win 5 in a row including winning the title and defending it three times successfully. His rivalry with Falcao would then begin as he took part in a superfight with MFN which would see him lose to a fifth round KO. Another superfight, this time with CEC, would follow which saw him Draw against Taisto Murkula. Returning to EVO, he would score consecutive decision wins against Arial Jones and Jaska Jalovaara. A rematch with Esquiva Falcao would follow, and Bishop would suffer a TKO loss in the third round to lose his championship. A third fight would be scheduled at EVO 196, and it would see Bishop finally get his revenge by defeating Falcao via Unanimous Decision. With the scores currently 1-2 for Falcao, Bishop has the momentum going into this bout but will need to gameplan as well as he did in the last fight to come away with the win and the championship.


Esquiva Falcao kicked off his career with an 11 fight win streak which saw him capture the Umbrella and MFN titles before Umbrella closed. He would see his winning streak broken with a loss to Johnny Reach, but with two wins following that he would challenge Reach for the title and regain the belt with a first round KO win. This would lead on to the first fight against Bishop, and following that, he would defeat Topi Takala before moving on to EVO permanently. His first two EVO fights were his subsequent fights against Bishop, which leaves Falcao wanting to gain revenge as well as the lucrative prize of being the champion of the world. He will need to use his devastating KO power to break through Bishop, as leaving it to the judges leaves it to chance of another decision heartbreak.


A fantastic and storied title fight to get people pumped for the main card, and both fighters have proven they can beat the other, but for me, Falcao will be out for blood in this bout which can either work for or against him.


Prediction: Esquiva Falcao to win via (T)KO in Round 3






Kicking off the Main Card is a Super Heavyweight clash as “Flash” Scott Norton takes on “The SouthSide Swanger” Stack Shillings.


Scott Norton is one of the best fighters in the world to have never held a world championship. Currently ranked as the #1 Super Heavyweight in the world, although due to the overlap between Heavyweight and Super Heavyweight, he is also #37 P4P in the world. After a fantastic run in MFN in which he only lost one fight to the champion Zell Griever, he signed over to EVO and would lose his debut title shot to Rinky Spider. Since then however, he has bounced back with big first round KO wins over Jay Jay Mutombo and Kyle Carlton. He will be looking to solidify his case for a rematch with Rinky by winning here and in convincing fashion.


Stack Shillings recently changed management teams, with Torrelio Saccana leaving as his manager before Shillings signed up with Nick Force. Going 3-2 under his old management in EVO, Shillings is now 2-0 with his new manager, claiming first round (T)KO wins over Baas Baako and Ernesto Oliveira. He will be looking to make himself the #1 contender for Spider’s crown by using his power to break through Norton.


Both fighters have big power, and while Shillings may have the better chin, that won’t save you at Super Heavyweight. I am going to be going for Norton to win the bout, but this bout is gonna be ending early regardless of who wins.


Prediction: Scott Norton to win via (T)KO in Round 1




Continuing on the card now we have a highly anticipated Light Heavyweight championship fight now as reigning champion Colin Croft makes his first title defence against Leonidas Katsaros.


Colin Croft is currently undefeated in his career, having gone undefeated throughout Season 2 of the ITFL. He had that achievement under the management of Matt Cave, and was tipped for retirement following this. However, he was picked up by Dean Sutherland who wanted to see how Croft could do at the top level. Since then, he has signed with EVO and gone 3-0, defeating Doctor Doolittle, Ada Reyes and Vagner Love to capture the Light Heavyweight championship. He has been called out by a lot of fighters coming into this event, and it is Katsaros who has been offered the challenge, so it’s time to see if Croft can continue his undefeated streak or will fall to his first loss.


Leonidas Katsaros moves over from Ascension to take on this challenge, and is currently on a 4 fight win streak. With wins over Barry Allen, Miguel Camacho and two over Almu Tantor, he is full of momentum going into this bout. He has a good record of getting the finish against his opponents, and will consider taking the 0 from Croft to be a high point on route to capturing the championship.


One of the more highly anticipated fights on the card, everyone will be looking to see if Croft can continue to remain undefeated, or if Katsaros will conquer it. I am going to saying Katsaros gets the win, but don’t be surprised if Croft walks away victorious also.


Prediction: Leonidas Katsaros to win via (T)KO in Round 4




Our final fight before the Main Events is a Superfight between CEC and Syn as CEC Featherweight champion Jameson Connemara takes on Syn Featherweight champion James Robertson.


Jameson Connemara is one of the biggest stars in MMA right now, sitting top of his weight class and #2 in the P4P rankings. Hailing from Kilkenny in Ireland, he has picked up 15 wins in his last 16 bouts, with his solitary loss coming to Vanilla Ice Cold, but Connemara would defeat him twice during that one to assert his dominance. His last win came in his debut for CEC as he defeated Jupiter Jones to become the Featherweight champion.


James Robertson will be representing Syn in this fight, who he signed for after leaving his old manager to sign with Michael Knight. Since joining Syn, he has gone 9-1 with his sole loss being a loss in a superfight with Raymond Finch. He would win the title from Luis Carlos Linhares before defending the title successfully against Linhares, Bucky The Badger, Venum Tree Knee Dad and Alberto Lopez.


I feel pretty confident in predicting that Jameson Connemara will take home the win from this bout. Both fighters are top class, but in my opinion, Connemara has more about him to bring to the fight.


Prediction: Jameson Connemara to win via Unanimous Decision




Our Co-Main event of the evening is a Heavyweight bout that sees Brick “No Air” Tires take on “Rock Em Sock Em” Rockford Knight.


Brick Tires may not be on a long running winning streak, but there is no questioning his pedigree. 23 wins in his last 29 fights, including one draw, has kept him in the upper echelons of the division. With a Granite Chin and high power, he has provided a challenge for almost anyone who competed against him, and he will be looking to beat Rockford Knight to protect the Heavyweight championships and keep them in the Bowser BigDog camp.


Rockford Knight has never won a championship, but apart from a mid career blip, has constantly been a top contender for his entire career. With 12 wins from his last 14 fights, he is looking to become the next title challenger following tonight’s title fight. With 26 (T)KO wins from his career, he has the power to get to anybodies chin, but will need to come into the fight confident in order to win.


Both fighters have power, there is no doubting that, while Tires has a chin advantage, that could easily be nullified due to the state of how Heavyweight fights happen. Tough call, but I will say Brick Tires come off with the win.


Prediction: Brick Tires to win via (T)KO in Round 1




Ladies and gentlemen, this fight is not just the Main Event of this evening’s card. This fight is the main event of the entire MMA year. Two of the world’s most recognisable names compete in a rubber match to decide who truly is the best Heavyweight, and possibly overall fighter, in the world today. Tied at 1-1, we know find the winner of the trilogy, in a fight which contains so much backstory it is hard to know where to start, but I will try to walk you through the historical bout that is Rinky Spider vs Leonardo Ferreira.


Kicking off, let’s discuss Rinky Spider. He is currently a 2 division champion in EVO, and has had numerous accolades throughout his career. His finest run however came in 2014. Although he kicked off the yea with 2 defeats, he would avenge both of those defeats over his next 5 fights en route to capturing the Super Heavyweight championship. He would then enter the Tycoon Olympics, earning a Silver Medal, however this would leave sour taste as he would lose to Genghis Congo who would eventually retire with Spider having a first loss on his career he would be unable to avenge. Following the Olympics, he would have a 13 fight win streak, including a victory over Leonardo Ferreira when he was under the management of Mannetosen. However, that date would come when the historic Dinooo vs Bowser event would happen, and the rematch between Spider and Ferreira would go down. With his new management, Ferreira would claim a Unanimous Decision win, with Spider’s streak broken, and his title lost. He would look to take his anger out on others in the next 5 fights, defending his Super Heavyweight championship successfully against Tiny McGee, Rau Utu and Rockford night, while also defeating Rocky Tyson and Cinder Smaug in superfights. He would then be given an opportunity to earn vengeance, as he took on Varg Veide with the winner earning a shot at Ferreira for the Heavyweight championship. With emotions clearly running high, Spider would lose to Veide via Head Kick in the first round. It was back to redemption again for Spider, with Ferreira moving on to take other challenges, he would defeat Scott Norton and Andrei Kersikov, before defeating Hans Beck for the then vacant Heavyweight championship. Now he is looking to gain the upperhand before Ferreira retires, and cement his own legacy simultaneously.


Leonardo Ferreira has been the other fighter who has asserted dominance throughout his career. Starting off with Mannetosen, he built his career in EMMA, before then joining HEROIC and continuing to rack up wins. With the creation of EVO, Ferreira’s first appearance in the org was the first bout with Spider, while his second, a victory against Shavo Odin, would be his last under the management of Mannetosen who would then leave the MMA management scene. With Ferreira looking for a new home, he would sign with Tosen’s closest friend in Dean Sutherland, and his dominance has only grown since then. Three consecutive wins in EVO, over Constantine Titanus, Simon Williams and Wei Pei would see Ferreira get to know his new management. A short spell at CEC would follow, with wins over Brick Tires and Daniel Silva being followed by a loss to Rocky Tyson for his first, and only, loss under Dean Sutherland. His return to EVO saw him defeat Thor Skarsgar before competing in the Dinooo vs Bowser event as the captured the gold against Spider. Vengeance was on the agenda in his next bout as he defeated Rocky Tyson with a first round KO. He would go on to defeat big names in Doctor Doolittle, Rocky McColgan and Varg Veide as he kept an iron grip on his title reign. It was then that Dean would announce the plans for Leo before his retirement, as he wished to defeat the Syn and Ascension champions as well as making one last EVO fight, essentially establishing himself as the undisputed champion. He wouldn’t get the chance to claim Ascension, as they would close before he had the chance, but he would compete against Syn champion Chick Bowdrie and defeat him with a first round KO. Now the time has come for Ferreira to go into the MMA cage one last time, against his greatest rival, and prove that while he may not be the GOAT, he damn sure is one of the best of all time.


Lots of emotions going into this fight, with one of the most colourful modern rivalries. Both fighters have their strong points that everybody knows about, and both guys deserve to be the champion. This is going to be the fight that everybody wants to see. Will Rinky be able to redeem himself? Or will Ferreira be able to claim a fairytale ending to his career? Personally, I am going to predict Leonardo Ferreira to win this and go out on a high.


Prediction: Leonardo Ferreira to win via (T)KO in Round 3


So there we have it, EVO 200 in all of it’s glory. Some of the biggest fights of the year are taking place on this card, and it is certainly going to be a frontrunner for Event of the Year in the annual awards.


Special thanks has to go to the owners of the orgs who allowed their fighters to compete on this card, as well as all the managers involved. Credit also to John Hetfield for the amazing poster he created for this event, and it truly is the cherry on top of the cake that is this amazing card.


Be sure to look up the results following the event, and if you have time, be sure to pop in chat where I am sure there will be people discussing the event.


That’s all from me, and thank you all for reading


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Posted 26 October 2015 - 10:48 PM


Havoc Fighting League






Causing Havoc 34


Live from the Beer Garden arena in Amsterdam!


In association with KAISER clothing!


Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the preview for Causing Havoc 34 live from the Beer Garden in Amsterdam! This promises to be the biggest event in Havoc history, and there are two big title fights for the fans to feast their eyes on. With the Heavyweight and Welterweight titles on the line, Amsterdam will be keeping a keen eye on their brightest young org and how they do. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it!




FIGHT #1 - Middleweight Division!


The Dog Sharik vs Don Rhodes


Coming up first on the night, we have a middleweight fight that sees The Dog Sharik against Don Rhodes.


The Dog Sharik is a Muay Thai fighter who has shown he has KO Power. With rough form in his career so far, he has been unable to string wins together but will be hoping to change things here. He will be fighting another Muay Thai fighter, so he will need to fight smart in order to land his damaging blows when he can.


Don Rhodes meanwhile is an Exceptional Muay Thai fighter who has been in training for a while in preparation for a stay in an ID org. He has shown he is inexperienced, but his superior skills, and presumably physicality, should give him an advantage in this bout. His sole win came via Submission, but that is not a true reflection on his style of fighting.


Sharik has more of a natural killer instinct, but I think he will fall in this bout to the more trained fighter.


Prediction: Don Rhodes to win via (T)KO in Round 2


FIGHT #2 - Light Heavyweight Division!


Babushka Fandango vs Gavin Blackwood


On to the Light Heavyweight division now as Babushka Fandango makes his Havoc debut against Gavin Blackwood.


Babushka Fandango is currently on a four fight win streak, and in his one fight with an org won the Premier FC Light Heavyweight championship. A GnP fighter, he will be looking to take his opponent down and land some heavy blows to win the fight and announce his arrival in the org.


Gavin Blackwood is on a poor run of form, after going 7-2 in his career, he has now lost his last three fights straight. He is coming into this fight with low morale which could be a factor in the result, and you can be sure Fandango will be looking to capitalise on it.


Both fighters are GnP style guys, so it really just comes down to who can land the takedown first. Blackwood hasn’t even trained in a gym for a while, so I will be going for Fandango for the win.


Prediction: Babushka Fandango to win via (T)KO in Round 1


FIGHT #3 - Heavyweight Division!


Jugram Haschwalth vs Tamati Ngata


Two big heavyweights collide now as Jugram Haschwalth takes on former champion Tamati Ngata.


Jugram Haschwalth is seeking revenge in this bout, having suffered his first loss in his last bout against Ngata. Heavy handed, he has picked up 3 (T)KO’s in his 3 wins so far, and he will need to use this power to blast through Ngata and get back on track.


Tamati Ngata suffered a decision loss in his last bout against Michael Vaugh, and hasn’t seem to recover from the demoralising defeat since then. From the looks of it, it appears he also hasn’t been training like his teammate Gavin Blackwood, and that could see him going into this bout unprepared.


From the looks of it, Haschwalth will be the much better prepared fighter going into this bout, and a big win over a former champion will see him looking upwards in the division towards a potential title shot.


Prediction: Jugram Haschwalth to win via (T)KO in Round 1


FIGHT #4 - Super Heavyweight Division!


The Bong vs Michael Langhi


Super Heavyweight time here now as The Bong takes on Michael Langhi.


The Bong is a BJJ fighter who is undefeated so far in his career as his submission game has been too strong for his opponents. In his last bout, he was able to use his weight to outspeed the much larger opponent and get him down before submitting him.


Michael Langhi is a big Super Heavyweight who was a competitor on the third season of the Island. Since leaving The Island, he has gone 3-1, and makes his Havoc debut here. He hits with power, and had claimed 7 (T)KO’s from 8 wins. He will be looking to hit hard and early before his opponent can use his lighter weight to work him over.


The weight difference is just too much in my opinion for Langhi to overcome. Bong is a great grappler, and should be able to use his speed to catch him. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bong move down in divisions after this, as I can imagine many fighters having issues fighting someone that light.


Prediction: The Bong to win via Submission in Round 1


FIGHT #5 - Middleweight Division!


Khal Drogo vs Ekong Bell


Our last fight of the undercard now as Khal Drogo takes on Ekong Bell.


Khal Drogo is one of the biggest prospects in the Havoc roster as he has shown off his striking and grappling, and the only person who proved tough enough to beat him so far is the champion Aldo Pitbull, and even then, Drogo is the only one to make it to a decision against him. Expect Drogo to come into this bout looking to dominate, using his big grappling advantage to try to dominate Bell, while avoiding too many shots from him.


Ekong Bell is one of the more dangerous strikers in the divisions, and comes into this bout having suffered a loss to Aldo Pitbull for the title. He has good power however, and can cause issues for any opponent if given the space to work his striking.


Both fighters have their game plans, and it will come down to who can strike first. In my opinion, Drogo has the durability to survive against Bell’s striking, but I am not sure Bell can survive Drogo’s.


Prediction: Khal Drogo to win via Submission in Round 2




FIGHT #6 - Heavyweight Division!


Monte Zuma vs Michael Vaugh


Our first fight of the main card is a Heavyweight fight now as undefeated Gangs of New York fighter Monte Zuma takes on Michael Vaugh.


Monte Zuma was a competitor in the Gangs of New York tournament, competing under the name of Jean Claude Cedric with then manager The Crown Prince of Crime. Since then, he has left the management of Mr.J, and signed up with Rory Daly, who was fast improving following his return to MMA management, and changed his name to Monte Zuma. He made his debut at Causing havoc 32, where he defeated Darrell Abbott via RNC in the third round. He has an improving skill set to ensure he isn’t a straight forward Submission fighter but a fighter who can threaten from all areas.


Michael Vaugh recently reversed his fortunes, after suffering two losses in a row by defeating former Heavyweight champion Tamati Ngata via Guillotine in the first round. He has shown he has a durable chin, although it will struggle against fighters with power at a Heavyweight level. He uses his Muay Thai striking to go with his BJJ brown Belt in order to effectively control fights and expose any weakness in his opponents game.


Vaugh is a tough fighter, but Zuma doesn’t have any particular weaknesses for him to expose, and I feel it will be a decision win for Zuma.


Prediction: Monte Zuma to win via Unanimous Decision


FIGHT #7 - Lightweight Division!


Imanali Gadisov vs Darren Kissel


The action continues with a Lightweight division fight as Imanali Gadisov takes on Mad Hatter competitor Darren Kissel.


Imanali Gadisov is an accomplished Ground and Pound specialist, shooting in for takedowns constantly in his fights and landing a large volume of strikes in order to grind his opponents down. He will be looking to use the same tactics here, as Kissel is not used to being on the ground, and Gadisov will have the advantage.


Darren Kissel was a competitor in the Mad Hatter tournament ran by Insanity, and made it to the Semi Finals before being defeated by Dr Thork. He is a fighter who uses his Boxing and Wrestling to dominate his opponents in the clinch, and he will need his Wrestling to be on point here in order to prevent his opponent from scoring the takedown.


Gadisov’s gameplan is clear in this fight, get the fight down as soon as he can and work his striking. Kissel will need to keep the fight standing, and if he can hold off the takedown, his strikes can take effect and get him the win.


Prediction: Darren Kissel to win via (T)KO in Round 2


FIGHT #8 - Featherweight Division!


Manuel La Bor vs Carlton Leach


Our final tune up fight for the main events is a Featherweight bout as Manuel La Bor takes on Carlton Leach!


Manuel La Bor has been impressive in Havoc, going 5-2 in his stint with the two losses being to former champion Rocco Falcone and the other to current champion PePe Hapitchou. Since the loss to Hapitchou, he has been ruthless, winning both of his fights via KO in the first round, beating Lenin Bottai via KO (Punch) and Julian Thompson via KO (Spinning Backfist), with both of those winning KO Of The Night honours. He will be looking to add another KO to the list, and put himself in title contention for the first time.


Carlton Leach meanwhile has been carving his own destructive path in his career. Making his debut back in January, he defeated Thomas Engine with a first round TKO. He would return to BSF and pick up another win before signing to Havoc on a permanent basis. His first fight on his return would be a loss to Crackhead Jon Jones via Decision, but since then he has been on a warpath. He has won his last 5 fights in a row, with all wins coming via (T)KO. If he can claim another win here, he will be a strong contender for the next title shot.


Both guys are flying high in the division, but there is a lot of stacked talent. They can both put themselves in title contention if they win, but they will need to win convincingly to really earn it. Both have power, and I don’t expect the fight to last long with the power being thrown.


Prediction: Manuel La Bor to win via (T)KO in Round 2




Our Co-Main event of the evening is a Welterweight title fight between reigning champion Charlie Wax and challenge Dean Kane.


Charlie Wax is currently on a 6 fight winning streak and has looks unstoppable since his arrival. He has a brutal clinch game that his opponents haven’t been able to overcome when he implements it, and it will only get better as he improves his striking. His striking outside the clinch is basic, which is the only real weakness in his game, but his wrestling allows him to neutralise any threat that strikers have in that area, as he grapples them and brutalises them with his Muay Thai. He also has the ability to submit his opponents on the ground, so any opponent looking to take him down won’t find it so easy.


Dean Kane is an exceptional boxer who holds a Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He is undefeated so far in his career, combining his two skills to overcome all the challenges so far in his career. He will be facing his toughest test to date however, as his game plan relies on having the space to land his strikes while dominating his opponent on the ground if the striking exchange doesn’t go his way. It will be a tough fight for him, but if he can overcome Wax, he will very much be a worthy champion.


I just think Wax’s skillset is built to deal with the threat that Kane possesses. He can dominate the space, and prevent Kane from getting his strikes off while nullifying him in the grappling department.


Prediction: Charlie Wax to win via (T)KO in Round 2




Our Main Event of the evening is a big Heavyweight title clash as Marco Ferreira makes his first title defence against Jamal Powell.


Marco Ferreira is an absolute powerhouse, racking up 8 victories all of which have come via (T)KO. While champion of Executioner Fight Club, he called out the then Havoc champion Robert Baratheon and a fight was set up between two of the best fighters in the org. Despite Baratheon’s heart keeping him in the fight, Ferreira finished him in the first round after knocking him down twice. He is looking to show his striking is the best around, and will be looking to make this his 9th (T)KO win of his career.


Jamal Powell has spent his entire career in Havoc so far, impressing with his powerful punching which has seen him earn all of his wins in the first round. Wins over Tyson Everett, Steve Pitstulka, George Dank, Timothy McGee and Santeri Laukanen have seen him earn this title shot, and he will be looking to earn another first round KO.


Both of these guys have big KO power, and you can’t imagine this bout going past the 1st round. I am going to go with Ferreira to retain his belt, as he seems to be the more developed striker and has proven himself more.


Prediction: Marco Ferreira to win via (T)KO in Round 1


That’s it from me, 10 big fights happening in Havoc with some huge talent on display. Two title fights will happen, and the fans in attendance in Amsterdam will be in a frenzy to see their favourite fighters in action, so be sure to check out the results on Saturday!


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Legacy 27

Saturday, 28th November 2015

Live from Montreal Sports Complex!

Live on Pay-Per-View!


Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the Preview for Legacy 27, live from the Montreal Sports Complex. With today being the day, it’s only a short wait for the thousands of fans of Legacy to get to see the stars in action, but now they don’t have to be in the arena to get the experience as this event marks the first PPV in Legacy history! With a number of big fights taking place, we will be covering the top 5 in depth to give you the best analysis available. Without further ado, let’s get right into it!




The Main Event sees the Heavyweight title be put on the line as Nick Fjera defends his title against Ken Halo.


Nick Fjera is undefeated in Legacy so far, going a perfect 4-0 en route to capturing the title with a 5th round submission victory over Culver Crimson. He knocked off Merkan Killmaz and Vincenzo Vitalli to earn that shot, and since then has defended the title successfully against Travis Browne. Primarily known for his dangerous grappling game, Fjera has locked in 9 submissions from 11 victories, he also however has recently been showing off an improving striking game with 2 (T)KO victories in his last 3 fights. A dangerous man in any position, Fjera has the diversity to threaten any challenger, and that is just one reason why he is so dangerous.


Ken Halo on the other hand is a KO Machine with 13 (T)KO’s in 15 wins and is currently riding an 8 fight win streak, and makes his debut in this fight. He is a former champion at LFC, along with a strong run in NEX. While he comes up against a Submission specialist here, he has never been made to tap out in his career, and he doesn’t plan to start that run here. He will need to keep the fight standing, as a takedown will take him out of his comfort zone, and put him in the lions den.



The Co-Main event sees two big name fighters making their org debuts in a bout that has title implications written all over it as Obelix De Gaul takes on Stu Grimson.


Obelix De Gaul signed to Legacy from LFC following their closure, and has won his last 2 fights in a row, including his first bout under new manager Bear Stevenson following his release by G Wad, and subsequent failed partnerships with Damien Washington and Dean Sutherland. Plain and simple, De Gaul is a striker who has power in his fists, and a Chin made out of Granite. He seems to be a slow learner however, as he is not as skilled as others his age should be. Regardless, he will be looking to show off his power in this bout, and come away from it with another W next to his record.


Stu Grimson is one of the hottest young prospects in MMA today, with an unblemished professional record of 17 wins, and no losses, with 16 of those wins coming via (T)KO. He is highly adept with his punches and his kicks, and when he gets to landing those strikes, his opponents find themselves overwhelmed with a vast majority of his wins coming in the first round. He faces one of his toughest challenges here, as he has to deal with an opponent with power, and also a chin. If Grimson wants to become one of the elite however, he will need to overcome this obstacle, as he looks earn a chance to compete in the 13th title fight of his career, and impressive feat for such a young fighter.



A Light Heavyweight championship bout now as Patrick Brody defends his title after a couple of unsuccessful superfights against former Imperial champion Liam McGuiness.


Patrick Brody has suffered two defeats in his last two fights, first in a superfight against then Imperial champion Chief Tappenahomma, and then against Cid Strife in the Imperial vs Legacy battle. Prior to these two fights however, he was on a 6 fight win streak and will be looking to recapture that form. He has diversity in his offense, with KO and Submission victories complete with Decisions, showing he can adjust his pace to fight any style. He will need to utilise his advantage in his diversity, as his opponent in this bout has tremendous power.


Liam McGuiness is on a great run of results, with 9 wins in his last 10 fights which saw him capture the Imperial LHW championship and also pick up a win for Imperial in the Imperial vs Legacy event. He challenges for the title in his debut here as a result of that fantastic run, and he will be looking to continue his penchant for KO victories by trying to wear Brody down in this bout. He will have to be careful however, as Brody is comfortable with taking the fight to the ground, where Liam isn’t skilled as well in. If he can keep it standing, he stands a shot, but I feel that Liam has too much against him in this bout.



Down to the Welterweights now as we see Juntusen Viljo take on George Pedro.


Juntusen Viljo has shown in his fights so far he has the ability to finish fights, but he has also shown he can be stopped as well. Showing he is a very confident fighter, he is clearly very comfortable with his punches, and throws in kicks where he feels it necessary in order to slow his opponents down to allow his punches to come into effect. On the downside, he comes into this bout with missing morale and energy, and that could be a factor in the bout. He will need to get this fight over early, as the longer this goes on the harder I believe it will be for him in the bout.


George Pedro is undefeated in his last 3 bouts, and makes his debut for Legacy after signing following Imperial’s closure. He has never been knocked out in his career, but has won 10 of his 12 bouts via (T)KO. Expect him to come into this bout baying for blood, as he looks to use his morale and energy advantage effectively and put Viljo down before he can get into the fight. He throws a large volume of kicks, and that will wear Viljo down while his punches crumble him down. He will need to be wary though, as if Viljo comes out swinging he could be caught and sent down for an early night.



Kicking off the main card is a Middleweight bout that sees Nicolas Arenas taking on Vaas Haas.


Nicolas Arenas, despite his high levels of Muay Thai and Wrestling, loves nothing more than to throw punches from range which might surprise his opponents. He is making his debut in Legacy, having signed from Coyotile Fighting Championship, where he is a former champion. An obvious weakness in his game is his low BJJ, which has seen him get submitted 5 times in his career, showing that while his Wrestling is highly impressive, it’s his only defense against a potential ground fighter.


Vaas Haas on the other hand is very clearly a striker who is comfortable fighting almost anywhere, and he is a lot more adept at throwing kicks compared to Arenas. He will hold the striking advantage going into this bout, and despite Arenas having a huge advantage in wrestling, I don’t feel Haas would feel majorly threatened inside the clinch. Either way, we are sure for an exciting striking battle!


That wraps up the preview for the Main Card, and it’s sure to be an exciting night of fights. Before all that begins though, you can catch the exciting undercard that features:


Jericho Hill vs Kevin Anderson


Michael Amp vs Manolito Damhuis


Master Wong vs The RocknRolla


Doug Pattersson vs Grado Itsyersel


Toktogulovich Bakiyev vs Winston Churchill


Hope you all enjoy the event, as I know I will certainly be keeping an eye out. It was enjoyable to cover this event for Legacy, and I wish the fighters on the card the best of luck!


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*T122* - Superhuman


Live from Wombley Arena, London!


and live on Pay-Per-View!



In association with Hellbent Clothing!

“The perennial #1 clothing company with the best designs in Tycoon”


Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the preview for the last ever Troid EP event, T122 - Superhuman! A heavily stacked card is featured here, with 2 superfights happening and 2 huge title fights, it’s a great way for the org to bid farewell to the Troid EP banner with one final hurrah before merging with Insanity to form the new brand of Trinity. Without boring you with some long winded rant about the history of the Troid and EP brands, we will get to that another time, but without further ado, let’s get right into it!




FIGHT #1 - Featherweight Division!


Skreba Reijonen (11-8-2) vs Rony Jason (9-4-1)


Our first fight of the night is a Featherweight clash that sees Skreba Reijonen take on Rony Jason!


Skreba Reijonen tasted his first bit of success in the Troid EP cage in his last bout, defeating Dylan McKay via TKO in the second round to bounce back from his disappointing results as a late replacement in the FinnFighter’s ITFL team. He is here now though to prove he has what it takes to become the champion, and start on a run of wins to achieve that.


Rony Jason is currently 3-4 in the org, but his losses have come against top contenders while he has proven his ability. Proven KO Power combined with a sturdy chin shows he is not an opponent to be taken lightly. He has been stuck in midcard limbo for a while now, so he needs to start racking up the wins to realise his title ambitions.


Neither fighter has been knocked out, and if we were to see one of them go down, I would imagine it would be Jason who would score the win midway through the third round.


Prediction: Rony Jason to win via (T)KO in Round 3


FIGHT #2 - Light Heavyweight Division!


Julle Hallava (15-8-1) vs Jeremy Stapleton (16-13-1)


Following up that bout is a Light Heavyweight clash between the resurgent Julle Hallava and Jeremy Stapleton.


Julle Hallava is currently riding a 3 fight win streak after some inconsistent form in his career. After a brief layoff between July and August, he seems to be invigorated having defeated Neil Murray via Decision, before following up with second round finishes to Ben Jonathon and Donnito Mustacho, via KO and Sub respectively. He will be looking to make it four in a row here, and keep the good run going.


Jeremy Stapleton is a fan favourite, with his do or die attitude making him one of the must see attractions in the world. He has competed in 29 fights in his career, and every single one of those fights have ended in a (T)KO, with Stapleton coming out the better on 16 of those occasions. He will be hoping to make it 17 in this bout, and show his outlandish power overrides his non-existing chin.


Hallava has never been knocked out, meanwhile Stapleton is capable of it simply by sneezing. Nevertheless, Hallava will need to be wary of Stapleton’s power, but he should be able to pull through for the win.


Prediction: Julle Hallava to win via (T)KO in Round 2


FIGHT #3 - Middleweight Division!


Silent Bob (15-6-1) vs Raoul De Muerta (11-6-0)


A return to the org for Silent Bob now as he takes on Raoul De Muerta in a Middleweight fight.


Silent Bob hasn’t been seen in action since November, when he suffered back to back losses against Ricky Icky and Joe Smith. He recently signed back to the org before parting ways with previous manager Louie DePalma, and he now finds himself under the management of Mega Jug. How the pairing will fair is still to be seen, but they have a chance to get off to a good start in this bout.


Raoul De Muerta finds himself back in the cage after a lengthy layoff, and is determined to make up for lost time. The big thing of Raoul’s game is his deadly power, which has seen him rack up 10 (T)KO’s from 11 wins. He likes to utilise his boxing to get the job done, but his Muay Thai game is vastly underrated, and can come into play whenever he feels the need for it.


Both fighters have their strong points on how they can win this fight, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see either fighter pick up the win, but I am gonna pluck for De Muerta to get the win here.


Prediction: Raoul De Muerta to win via (T)KO in Round 2


FIGHT #4 - Light Heavyweight Division!


Aleksander Kamenov (14-9-0) vs Alfredo Leija (14-9-0)


Another Light Heavyweight showdown coming up as Aleksander Kamenov goes up against Alfredo Leija.


Aleksander Kamenov’s last fight came just over a month ago as he lost to Remi Highjack, who would later go on to become the new champion. Prior to that loss, he had won 3 on the bounce and will now look to rack up the wins in order to earn a rematch, as well as a title opportunity to boot.


Alfredo Leija is going through an inconsistent patch in his career, exchanging wins and losses for his last 8 fights. Despite this form, he is a world class striker who holds a victory over the current champ Remi Highjack which shows he can get the wins, he just needs to get a consistent run going.


Overall, I think Kamenov can easily get knocked out if he loses concentration, but with his grappling advantage, he should be able to wear Leija down before swooping in with a knockout.


Prediction: Aleksander Kamenov to win via (T)KO in Round 2


FIGHT #5 - Light Heavyweight Division!


Aatish Sunuwar (13-7-0) vs Chris Severn (15-12-1)


Our final fight before the Main Card kicks off is another Light Heavyweight clash as Aatish Sunuwar takes on Chris Severn.


Aatish Sunuwar is a true anomaly in the world. Allegedly graced with a Granite Chin, he got knocked out in just 49 seconds by Moses Sithole. Since then however, he has bounced back with a Unanimous Decision victory over Shape Shifter. He will need to string a few more wins together to come into the title picture once more.


Chris Severn is making his official Troid EP debut in this fight, having competed in the org before, but as part of the ITFL tournament. He had a mixed tournament, going 5-5 in the regular season before losing in the Team Finale. He is here however to prove not only to the fans that he can fight, but to his manager as well.


Either fighter can win here really, just depends on how it goes come fight time, but I will be plucking for Chris Severn to get the win.


Prediction: Chris Severn to win via (T)KO in Round 2






Our first main card fight is a Welterweight bout between “Scourge of Desert” Omar Boulami and Alexander “Scheloch” Schelokov.


Omar Boulami comes into this bout on the back of a loss in his title fight against Carlos Centurion. He is currently 6-3 in his last 9 fights, and if history is anything to go off, he usually bounced back strongly from a loss so expect a significantly more dangerous fighter in this bout. With 17 (T)KO victories to date, he knows how to get a finish, while he can also threaten on the ground with his BJJ Black Belt.


Alexander Schelokov has had a rough time of late since signing to the org from the now defunct SFC. He is currently 0-2 in the org, suffering losses to Wrestling machine Gustav Ragnarson and Chief Tappenahomma. After looking so dominant in his SFC run, Schelokov is seeming to fall into the same rut that has befallen all the other SFC fighters who have competed in the org, but this provides him to turn it around against a top level competitor.


Sadly, I just think Boulami packs too much power for Schelokov to deal with. His chin isn’t fantastic, and I expect it to fall again.


Prediction: Omar Boulami to win via (T)KO in Round 1




Next up we have a Welterweight title fight as the reigning champion Carlos Centurion defends his title against Shinyo “Gekido” Jintao.


Carlos Centurion is currently on a 4 fight win streak, and is currently in his third reign as the champion. After losing the title to Travis Bickle, he would defeat Omar Boulami and Stephen Griffiths to earn his shot at Travis Bickle for the title. Due to Bickle being a diva, he was stripped of the title and Centurion would get his title shot against newcomer Chief Tappenahomma, winning via Decision to win the title once more. In his last bout, he defeated Omar Boulami via Decision to retain the title. Centurion is capable of knocking his opponents out or grinding them into a decision, making his offense versatile depending on the opponent.


Shinyo Jintao is currently 6-1 in his last 7 fights, having joined the ITFL as a late substitution. He is currently on a 2 fight win streak, defeating both Paul Newman and Gustav Ragnarson via KO to earn his shot at the title. He has the power to end his opponents, and has never been knocked out making him a very dangerous opponent for Centurion to come up against. He needs to make his shots count however, with Centurion regularly improving as the fight wears on.


I expect this to be an absolute war, with Jintao looking for the kill while Centurion looks to make the late fight surge he is known for. It’s hard to make a call in this bout, but I will plug for a 3rd round KO for Jintao.


Prediction: Shinyo Jintao to win via (T)KO in Round 3




We get treated to a superfight now as Troid EP’s Chief Tappenahomma takes on EVO’s “Detective” Edogawa Conan.


Chief Tappenahomma is currently 9-1-2 in his last 12 fights, with his sole loss coming against the champion Carlos Centurion. In his last bout, he made quick work of Alexander Schelokov by knocking him out in the first round. Amazingly, Chief is still only 26, meaning he still has a long career in front of him and he is already capable of competing with the best. A win in this bout would really launch him, while a loss wouldn’t be overly damaging, meaning he comes into this bout with no pressure and everything to gain.


Edogawa Conan is currently on the up again, with his recent 16 fight win streak being snapped with a loss to Ricky Rocker, and he would go on to los 3 of his next 4 fights after that. Recently however, he has scored back to back wins against Jack Daniels and Amisviiksi Tolonen. He is looking to get back on the winning path, and beating one of the best prospects in the world would do wonders for him.


This is gonna be another close fight. Chief Tappenahomma has the power to knock Conan out, but Conan has the superior grappling which could negate that. Nevertheless, I am gonna be plugging a win for Chief via Decision.


Prediction: Chief Tappenahomma to win via Unanimous Decision




Our Co-Main event of the evening sees another superfight as reigning Troid EP Lightweight champion “Dangerous” Daniel O’Sullivan takes on Olympic Bronze Medalist Hector “Macho” Camacho.


Daniel O’Sullivan is currently the only SFC fighter to move to Troid EP who has tasted success. Since moving to the org, he is undefeated, going 4-0-1, capturing the Lightweight championship in the process. In his last bout, Daniel competed in a superfight against CEC’s Idi oCrazy, securing an early takedown and locking in a Rear Naked Choke to win the fight in just 50 seconds. With a Granite Chin, Daniel has been improving his striking lately and looks very comfortable in that area now, but his bread and butter is his grappling which has seen him dominate fights with ease. He faces his toughest challenge in this bout, but a win will see him launch into bring a true superstar in MMA.


Hector Camacho comes into this fight fresh off winning an Olympic Bronze Medal as the outsourced representative for Troid EP. “Macho” has been looking for the big fights for a long time now, taking on the likes of Lil Wayne, Dennis Page, Jami Balkan and Donny Donowitz before entering the Olympics. In there, he defeated Gary Player before losing to the eventual Gold Medalist Pablo Alvado. In the Bronze medal fight, he defeated Ricky Rocker to claim the Gold medal. Now afte the win, he is looking to defeat Daniel, who himself has been looking for the big fights.


This is a fight between two of the biggest prospects in the world. Daniel is a ridiculously talented grappler, while Camacho is extremely well versed in both striking and grappling. To be honest, I can see either this fight going the distance or Daniel getting the submission, because I doubt either fighter will get the KO.


Prediction: Hector Camacho to win via Unanimous Decision




Finally, our MAIN EVENT of the night is a Heavyweight title bout between reigning champion, and Olympic Heavyweight Silver medalist, “Cocky” Rocky McColgan and the Olympic Super Heavyweight Gold medalist “Olympian” Lexington Snape.


Rocky McColgan is currently 6-2 in his last 8 fights, racking up a 3-1 record in Evo, along with his last title defence against Artur Levchenko. That run also saw him defeat both Cyril Makarenko and Cody Zeller before falling to Rocky Tyson to claim an Olympic silver medal. Rocky has ridiculous power, picking up 21 (T)KO wins from his 26 total. He has defeated Snape before, enduring his punishing clinch game before rattling off strikes in the fourth round to claim the victory. He will be wary of what to look out for now, so the question is how he approaches the fight this time, and if it works out well for him.


Lexington Snape is a long time competitor in the org, with 22 of his 36 total fights coming in the org, and 3 more of those as the Troid EP rep at The Olympics. He is currently on a 5 fight winning streak, with his last loss coming against Rocky. Since then, he has defeated Seamus Farrelly via Decision, and taken out Halo Olah via TKO (Cut). He then got the call to represent the org in The Olympics’ Super Heavyweight division. As a complete underdog in the tournament, he shocked the world in his first fight, defeating Titus Pullo via TKO (Cut) in the second round to end his 27 fight win streak. He continued to impress, defeating Hector Hernandez via TKO (Strikes) in the second round to advance to the finals, and in turn guarantee himself Silver. With the odds heavily stacked against him again, he showed the world just how dangerous he can be by finishing Stack Shillings in the first round via TKO (Knee). With renewed confidence, and an Olympic Gold Medal to boot, he now sets his sights on the Troid EP title, aiming to become the champion before the transition into Trinity.


I am extremely excited about this bout, and with good reason. In their last bout, Lexington Snape absolutely dominated with his clinch game, only to be undone with some explosive power from Rocky McColgan. With both fighters having highly impressive Olympic performances, they now stand across the cage from each other to decide the champion of the org they have both represented with pride. I have said this a few times already, but this fight is really one that either fighter can win. I might be predicting a victory for one man, but the other can easily win the fight also.


Prediction: Rocky McColgan to win via (T)KO in Round 3

That’s it for the preview this week. I am hoping to be able to do previews every week for our events, and bring a bit more life and enjoyment to them. We will see you after the event for the Press Conference, hope you all enjoyed the preview, and good luck to all the fighters on the card.

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*T123* - Enter The Arena!


Live from Wombley Arena, London!


and live on Pay-Per-View!



In association with Hellbent Clothing!

“The perennial #1 clothing company with the best designs in Tycoon”


Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the preview for *T123* - Enter The Arena! A stacked card on display here, as we see the Semi Finals of the ITFL be contested as well as the first title unification bout between Troid EP and Insanity champions, with a solo exhibition fight kicking the event off which we will not cover. Following on from last week’s monumental event, we kick start the legacy of Trinity with a bang, so without further ado, let’s get right into this!






Lance Legstrong (14-13-0) vs Sam Hall (10-7-0)


Our first fight of the evening is a Middleweight bout between former Mad Cash and ITFL participant Lance Legstrong and fellow former Mad Cash participant Sam Hall!


Lance Legstrong is a world class grappler, but his stand up leaves something to be desired as he has suffered an awful amount of losses despite being described as having a Granite Chin. Competing in 3 different weight classes throughout his career, he has settled now into the Middleweight division and is looking to break the streak of 4 losses he is currently on following his ITFL participation.


Sam Hall is now into his 5th manager of his career, with his last fight coming over 3 months ago. He won that with a convincing TKO in the third round against Doug Pattinson, and has a great record of 8 (T)KO’s from 10 wins. Despite this, he faces the same problem that Legstrong has in that he suffers (T)KO losses. He will be relieved in that he is facing a grappler, but still needs to be wary.


Legstrong may suffer a number of (T)KO losses, but he still lasts into fights. I feel confident he will be able to land a takedown, and with his level of grappling, can tie up Hall for the Submission.


Prediction: Lance Legstrong to win via Submission in Round 2




Halo Olah (20-10-0) vs Sammy Sammich (7-4-0)


Our next fight is a Heavyweight clash between Halo Olah and Sammy Sammich!


Since joining the org, Halo Olah has gone 1-5, being unable to show the form that made him a fan favourite in the US. He has lost his last 3 straight, all via (T)KO, and now comes back to the cage after lengthy absence. The crowd will be hoping the time away has allowed him to improve his game and come back with a highlight reel stoppage.


Sammy Sammich meanwhile is another fighter who has a penchant for (T)KO’s, with 7 from his 7 wins. Meanwhile, all of his losses have come via (T)KO also however, showing he can be caught as he comes forward, something he will need to be wary off when facing an opponent like Olah.


Olah based on the skills is an underdog here, but to be honest, I think he can easily score a knockout with his natural power. It’s a tough fight to call, but I am just gonna pluck for a first round KO by Olah.


Prediction: Halo Olah to win via (T)KO in Round 1




JT Redman (24-8-1) vs Dee Nice (19-4-0)


Our penultimate undercard clash is a Light Heavyweight bout between JT Redman and Dee Nice.


JT Redman is a former KT prodigy who is still making his transition into MMA. Boasting an impressive 24 wins, 23 by way of (T)KO, he is currently 4-1 in his last 5 fights, with his last fight seeing his 4 fight win streak stopped by a TKO against Chryst Halo. His main offense is obviously his dangerous striking game, with many of his opponents left lying battered and bloodied on the canvas.


Dee Nice is another fighter whose speciality is in his striking, with 11 (T)KO’s from 19 fights showing he has power. He holds a slight grappling advantage, while we can’t be sure of his proficiency in this area, it may be something he potentially looks to exploit in the fight. He will need to be wary of Redman’s diverse striking if he wants to get out of this with the win.


Honestly, without knowing Nice’s ability in terms of grappling, I can’t back him in this bout. Redman has power, and plenty of it, and has a sizable striking advantage. It may take more than the one round I predict, but I feel Redman will send him to sleep at some point.


Prediction: JT Redman to win via (T)KO in Round 1




Billy Vandam (15-3-0) vs Julius Henderson (11-4-0)


Our final fight on the undercard is a Welterweight bout between Billy Vandam and Julius Henderson.


Billy Vandam is another fighter who finds himself returning to the cage after a layoff, giving him plenty of time to get his game up to scratch under veteran manager Whymer Van Mastodon. He is currently on a 2 fight win streak, showing off a display of his striking and grappling to defeat Dan Maverick and Ronald Rousey. He is now looking to continue his run and earn a shot at the title.


Julius Henderson is also making his return to the cage after a layoff, and like Vandam, is currently on a 2 fight win streak. He has never been knocked out in his career, but you would have to go back 9 months to find the last time he scored a (T)KO victory. He may find it difficult to score the KO in this bout, as Vandam hasn’t been finished in his career either, but it will send a big statement of he could do it.


Another tough fight that either fighter can realistically win. I am gonna go with my guy and say Julius Henderson picks it up.


Prediction: Julius Henderson to win via Unanimous Decision.






Our first fight on the main card is a title unification bout between Troid EP champion Boreste Bardanos and Insanity champion Martin Saint Louis!


Boreste Bardanos recently bounced back from his disappointing Olympics outing with a unanimous decision win over Daniel Larusso to earn his title of last Troid EP Featherweight champion ever. He now comes into this fight looking to become the first ever Trinity champion, using his well rounded game to grind a victory. A highly accomplished BJJ Red Belt, he has won 7 of his 11 fights via Submission, and could look to do the same again here.


Martin Saint Louis comes into this fight having earned 4th place at The Olympics in the Featherweight category. Prior to his two losses en route to 4th spot, he was on a 13 fight win streak, which saw him capture Gold at the Tycoon MMA Championships and defeat some recognisable names along the way, including Abraham Donowitz, Boyko Kersikov and the current #1 P4P fighter Tuomari Hurmio. Saint Louis is held in high regard across the world. and the opportunity to become the first Trinity champion is a great way of getting back on the right track.


Both fighters are very well rounded in their skills, but you would describe both of them as Grapplers mainly. I am expecting a Decision to happen, but who dominates is something I can’t give a confident prediction on. I’m just gonna pluck for a Saint Louis win, and look forward to the fight happening.


Prediction: Martin Saint Louis to win via Unanimous Decision to become the first ever Trinity champion!




Our next fight on the main card is an ITFL Semi Final Heavyweight bout between Joey Kocur and Diego “The Gladiator” Bustamante!


Joey Kocur had a good ITFL season, going 6-3-1 in the regular season. Before the individual tournament kicked off, he took a one off fight in his home org for Insanity, losing to Rocco LeBaron via KO late in the third round. In his last bout however, he defeated Pablo Escobar via TKO in the third round to progress to the Semi Finals. He is a great striker, but his grappling shouldn’t be underestimated as he has picked up a Submission win in the past.


Diego Bustamante has been a bit of a surprise this season, as he went 1-3 to begin the season, but since then he has gone 7-1 to reach the Semi Finals. He has racked up a number of head kick victories, living up to his motto of “Left Kick cemetary, Right Kick hospital” as 6 of his last 8 wins have come with a Head Kick attachment. He will be looking to use his kicks again to good effect as he looks to take his place in the Finals.


Bustamante has been on a roll lately, but Kocur is just a different sort of animal. With John Coffey behind him, Kocur can win against a lot of opponents, and Bustamante may struggle to overcome it, but don’t count him out completely as Bustamante just needs that one shot to land.


Prediction: Joey Kocur to win via (T)KO in Round 2



Our other ITFL Heavyweight Semi Final matchup sees Dante Cross Furia take on Itse Perkele!


Dante Cross Furia was one of the top competitors in the ITFL, going 8-2 as his two losses both came against Vendino representatives, Giacomo Benvenuti and Flavius Odoacer. He also defeated Itse Perkele twice before, in the regular season and also in the team finale. In his last matchup, he defeated Timur Rubin via TKO in the second round. He will be looking to make it a hattrick of wins against Perkele here, and he certainly has the psychological edge going into the bout.


Itse Perkele  went 6-4 in the regular season, which as far as it goes is a respectable record. 13 (T)KO’s from 18 wins shows he shouldn’t be underestimated, but the public concern is really of whether he can get over the hump of Furia after the two losses already throughout the competition to him. It will be a big lift to him if he can achieve it, and will also put his finals opponent on notice that he is an improved fighter from the season.


As much as it would be a fairytale result for Perkele to finally overcome his demons with Furia, I see Furia taking the win in this bout to advance to the finals.


Prediction: Dante Cross Furia to win via (T)KO in Round 2



Our Co-Main event of the evening sees us move over to the Welterweight section of the ITFL tournament as Helix “Black Heart” Cabrera takes on Wilder Wein.


Helix Cabrera has emerged from this season of the ITFL as one of the best competitors on the planet. 11-1 since the beginning of the tournament, his sole loss came against Brett Hartlock, but he defeated every other competitor put in front of him. He has never been knocked out in his career, displaying some fantastic striking and grappling to pose a threat to everyone put in his path.


Wilder Wein had a good season overall, going 6-2-2 to become one of the top competitors in the competition. The majority of his wins came via Decision, with only 2 (T)KO victories. He will need to be on top of his game here, as Cabrera likes to dominate with his vast offense, Wein has never been finished, so he may be able to take a bit more risk with his attacks, but he still needs to be wary of the counter.


Wein is a fine competitor, no doubt about it, and he is managed by Whymer who has two other fighters competing on the main card. But Cabrera has shown this season you do not bet against him, and I am pinning for a Cabrera decision win.


Prediction: Helix Cabrera to win via Unanimous Decision



Our Main Event of the evening is a Welterweight ITFL clash as Jay “The Great” Gatsby takes on Pernell Whitaker Jr.


Jay Gatsby went 6-4 over the regular season, helping his team to reach the Team Finale where he won his fight against Johnny Luca to emerge as the winners of the tournament. In his quarter finals fight against Timothy Robinson to advance to the Semi Finals, but he finds himself in a sticky situation now. With his flights indicating he believed the fight was tomorrow, he comes into the bout with reduced energy which will be a big stumbling block.


Pernell Whitaker Jr was a dominating force in the regular season, going 8-2 throughout the season while also picking up the win for his team in the Finale. In the last round of the Individual tournament, he defeated Drug Killjoy to advance onto his current fight against Gatsby. With his current 7 fight win streak, he comes into this fight full of confidence on reaching the finals.


Sadly, Gatsby’s reduced energy greatly limits his chances in this bout in my opinion. Whitaker Jr has a great chance in this bout as a result, and I am gonna pick for him to win in the second round via (T)KO.


Prediction: Pernell Whitaker Jr to win via (T)KO in Round 2

So that’s it for this preview! A lot of stellar action taking place as Trinity hosts our first event. Keep an eye out for the results just after 6pm, and good luck to all the combatants in the arena!

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Posted 08 February 2016 - 04:41 AM





*T124* - Hear Me Roar!


Live from Wombley Arena, London!


and live on Pay-Per-View!



In association with Hellbent Clothing!

“The perennial #1 clothing company with the best designs in Tycoon”


Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome the preview for T124 - Hear Me Roar! We have an absolute blockbuster card lined up with not one, not two, but three huge title fights taking place! This card literally has it all. A former champion returns to the org in an undercard fight, as well as a Hall of Famer in another undercard bout, but the main card is where things start to heat up. 3 debuts for the org’s main roster kick things off, before we get to see who the winner of the Middleweight tournament to decide the champion is. It’s been 2 months since former champion Ilya Mstislav Volkov was stripped, and now Ricky Icky and Kalervo Kaunismieli battle to become the new champ. Our Co-Main event is an intense one, as long time champ Rocky McColgan takes on the young challenge of Derfel Cadarn, who has proved to be wise and skilled beyond his years and has said he will put Rocky down. But without a doubt, everyone’s eyes will be gazing upon the Main Event which sees a lot of recent bad blood come to the boil as the last ever Troid EP champ Shinyo Jintao, managed by Dean Sutherland, takes on the last ever Insanity champ Ozzy McKane, managed by Chris Karter. People have been wondering when these two managerial legends would first square off following Sutherland leaving Convicted, and we have it live right here. Without further ado ladies and gents, let’s get right into it!




FIGHT #1 - Lightweight Division!


Charlie Alaniz (21-17-0) vs Elias Al Haddad (17-16-2)


Our first bout of the evening is a Lightweight clash as Charlie Alaniz takes on Elias Al Haddad.


Charlie Alaniz makes his second appearance in the org, suffering a loss in his debut to John Murray as he was knocked out in the third round. Despite not having an impressive win-loss ratio, he has a BJJ Black Belt which has seen him rack up 15 submission wins in his career, showing he is no slouch when it comes to the ground. He will look to use his grappling to good effect in this bout in order to get the win.


Elias Al Haddad is also making his second appearance in the org, and like Alaniz, he also suffered defeat in his debut, losing via second round Kimura to Volya Nikolaev. He possessed little power in his fists, but he is known as a decision fighter, picking up 14 of his 17 wins as a result, with 3 KO wins to supplement it. He will need to be on top of his game in order to walk out with the win, as he will need to avoid being locked in a submission.


With Al Hadded possessing little power, I feel Alaniz should be comfortable in be able to secure a takedown at some point and then just swarming him. Al Haddad has shown a vulnerability in his career of submissions, and I feel another one will be coming his way here.


Prediction: Charlie Alaniz to win via Submission in Round 2


FIGHT #2 - Light Heavyweight Division!


Zoey Malone Jr (10-5-0) vs Ben Breeze (12-9-0)


Our second fight of the evening is a Light Heavyweight bout from two former EP staples as Zoey Malone Jr takes on Ben Breeze.


Zoey Malone Jr has found consistent form hard to come by lately, with his last 8 fights seeing him exchange wins and losses. In his last bout, he suffered a loss to Aleksander Kamenov via TKO in the second round. We know however that he can fight, and he just needs to get back to the form he showed in his earlier EP career where he racked up a 6 fight win streak.


Ben Breeze is a former EP champion, but has suffered losses in his last 2 fights as he has been knocked out both times. He fought Flagon Sackett as part of the Troid - EP merger bout to unify the titles, going out in the second round to a TKO, while his last bout saw him looking up at the lights from his back as he was laid out in the first round against Moses Sithole. Like Malone Jr, he is looking to get back to the form he showed at EP, and this is the perfect fight to do so.


Both fighters are gonna be desperate to get the win in this bout, with both looking like they are on their last legs, so expect both to go for the KO win, but I think Ben Breeze has more about him in this bout.


Prediction: Ben Breeze to win via (T)KO in Round 2


FIGHT #3 - Welterweight Division!


Jack Daniels (13-8-1) vs Charles Grace (12-7-0)


Our next bout is a Welterweight bout that sees former champion Jack Daniels make his return to the org to compete against debutant Charles Grace.


Jack Daniels is a former Troid champion, capturing the belt from Terrence Thornton nearly a year ago now, before losing the belt to Gustav Ragnarson, who he would defeat in his next fight to gain a measure of revenge. He would move to Insanity afterwards, failing to capture the title from Johnny Shamrock in his debut, but he would go 2-1 in his next 3 fights to give himself some confidence again. A trip to Evolution would then happen, as Jack went 2-3 in the org. He is in Trinity for the first time but will be in familiar surroundings, and it just remains to be seen if he will make a run for the title.


Charles Grace is a Mad Cash tournament semi finalist, and in his last fight saw a 4 fight winning streak broken in a title shot against Ozzy McKane for the Welterweight championship of Insanity. Despite the loss, 9 (T)KO’s from 12 wins is an impressive record, especially when you take into account he has only ever been knocked out once in his career, and also has only ever been submitted once. He has a chance to make an impact here by taking out a former champion.


Both guys have plenty of people talking about their potential in the division, but I am gonna plump for a Charles Grace win.


Prediction: Charles Grace to win via (T)KO in Round 3


FIGHT #4 - Featherweight Division!


Underestimated Dillashaw Junior (15-12-0) vs Daniel Larusso (16-8-0)


Back down the weight classes now as a Featherweight bout is up next with Underestimated Dillashaw Junior taking on Daniel Larusso.


UDJ is a former DSC champion who is making his first fight here under the management of Blake Phoenix. He is fresh off competing in the ITFL Season 4, going a respectable 5-5 as his team, Team Conquer, ended up as the winners of the season. He is now looking to kick on from that and earn himself another shot at the title, having lost his sole attempt last year.


Daniel Larusso suffered a loss in his last bout, a title fight against Boreste Bardanos for the title. Prior to that fight however, he has scored wins over Joaquim Antunes and Jack Olin. He has never been knocked out in his career, but on the flip side has scored 7 (T)KO wins in his own career. He needs to win these kind of fights if he wants to get back into the title picture, so it’s a do or die kind of situation for him.


Both of these guys are former title challengers, and from my own view, I feel like Daniel Larusso is going to pick up the win. He has never been knocked out in his career, while UDJ has been knocked out numerous times before.


Prediction: Daniel Larusso to win via (T)KO in Round 2


FIGHT #5 - Lightweight Division!


Sinbad Sailor (16-6-0) vs Sam Urai (14-7-2)


Our final undercard fight is a Lightweight bout that sees Sinbad Sailor take on newly inducted Hall of Famer, Sam Urai.


Sinbad Sailor has had a rough time of it lately, losing his last three bouts, but he is still a highly talented fighter who has scored a finish in all but one of his wins. Daniel O’Sullivan, Brynden Epicity and Boris Gregorovitsj are all top level fighters, and to lose to them is nothing to be ashamed of at all, but he will need to start winning against the name fighters in order to remain relevant, and a win over a Hall of Famer is the perfect way to do so.


Sam Urai is fresh off being inducted into the Hall of Fame, and while he may not be a star in terms of being at the top, but he is a fan’s favourite in the org for his never say die attitude and his willingness to represent the org at every opportunity. With (T)KO, Submission and Decision wins to his name, he knows how to win any fight, but it comes down to his execution in the bout.


A tough fight for both competitors, and either fighter can win with both having striking and grappling skills, but in my opinion, I think Sam Urai is gonna get the win.


Prediction: Sam Urai to win via Unanimous Decision






Our first main card fight of the evening is a Lightweight bout that sees William Henry Bonney take on John Murray.


William Henry Bonney is making his debut in Trinity here, signing over as part of the Insanity roster, and he is a name that the fans are excited to see, and with good reason. He is currently 4-1 in his last 5 fights, with his sole loss coming against the Insanity champion Norman Parke. A highly talented striker, he has 9 (T)KO wins in his career, and can catch his opponents with just one punch to end the fight. Whether the champion is Daniel O’Sullivan or Norman Parke, Bonney is going to be gunning for the title.


John Murray meanwhile is currently on a 2 fight win streak of his own, defeating Jacob Koch and Charlie Alaniz to put himself in a good position in the roster. He is also a talented striker like Bonney, as he has picked up 8 (T)KO victories in his career. On the flipside however, 4 of his 6 losses have come via (T)KO, showing that perhaps he is not as comfortable taking a punch as Bonney is.


Both guys pack a punch, but I think Bonney has more about his striking game and is more durable, so I am gonna be picking him to win.


Prediction: William Henry Bonney to win via (T)KO in Round 2




Our last fight before we hit title territory now as Pablo Escobar makes his debut for the official roster against another debutant in The Chin.


Pablo Escobar was a star performer in the ITFL Season 4, going 8-2 in the regular season to carry his team to 3rd position in the standings. Since then, he has lost a fight against Calm Like A Bomb and lost in the ITFL Individual Tournament against Joey Kocur, but he is here now in Trinity and is looking to earn a shot at the title. Carrying devastating KO Power, despite suffering 6 (T)KO losses, his chin is durable, and he will look to land the heavy strikes before it can be cracked.


The Chin is also making his debut in this bout, with the fight being reorganised due to an injury. His original opponent, Derfel Cadarn, now finds himself in the title fight, while The Chin will be looking to make his name next on the list of challengers for the title. Much like Escobar, he has 6 (T)KO losses to his name, but he backs it up with a flawless KO record of 15 in 15 wins. He will be hoping that he can use his power before Escobar can, and make it an early night.


Both fighters have sickening KO Power, and while both have suffered KO losses regularly, I think Escobar has more about him in this bout to take home the win.


Prediction: Pablo Escobar to win via (T)KO in Round 1




Our first title fight of the evening is for the vacant Middleweight championship and it sees Ricky “Sticky Chronic” Icky take on Kalervo Kaunismieli.


Ricky Icky has emerged lately as a world class fighter under manager Ryan Epicity, going 9-1 under his management, with his sole loss coming against the current #5 ranked fighter Rockmeteller Todd in a fight many felt could easily have gone the other way. He has power and an unwavering chin, making him a tough matchup for any opponent. He is currently ranked as the #20 Middleweight in the world, but a win here could potentially launch him into the top 10 as well as having his first title in his career.


Kalervo Kaunismieli like Ricky has found his finest form under his current manager Billy Arseworth, going 9-2 under his management. In a sort of mirror matchup, he also has power and an unwavering chin, something that has gotten many fans excited at. He gives away a slight height advantage in this bout, but expect him to put on a classy performance as always as he looks to also secure the first title in his career.


Both guys are incredible fighters, as both have power, durable chins and exceptional managers. Icky comes in with a slight height advantage, but also has a primary skill advantage, so I am going with him for the win, but expect Kaunismieli to give him an awesome fight, which I am tipping for Fight of the Night honours.


Prediction: Ricky Icky to win via Unanimous Decision




Our Co-Main event of the evening is a Heavyweight title fight between “Cocky” Rocky McColgan and Derfel “The Mighty” Cadarn.


“Cocky” Rocky McColgan finds himself in unfamiliar territory here, as this marks the first time he has appeared in the org and not been in the Main Event. Despite this however, he is a world class fighter who picked up a Silver Medal in the Heavyweight Olympics, and in his last bout, defeat the Super Heavyweight Gold medalist Lexington Snape. Carrying heavy power in his hands, but giving away a slight size disadvantage, he is looking to knock off possibly the hottest prospect in the Heavyweight division worldwide. He was recently inducted into the Hall of Fame, and he is looking to show the world why he earned that position, as well as retaining his Heavyweight crown.


Derfel Cadarn is one of the ballsiest fighters in the world, and the same can be said for his manager, as he looks to dethrone the Heavyweight champion at just 25 years old. He has never been knocked out in his career, in fact, he has only lost one fight, with that being his first fight in his MMA career. With 11 wins to his name, 10 of those have come via (T)KO and in his last bout against Conway Pulford, he survived being knocked down in the first round to come back ferociously and pick up the win in the second round via TKO (Cut) when it was just looking like he was about to knock him clean out. Cadarn is gonna be a top contender for years to come, and this marks the time when he is looking to make that ascension to the throne.


Honestly, it’s a tough ass fight to call. Cadarn has looked dominating against every opponent he has faced, while Rocky has cleaned house in the division for the past year. Either fighter can come out on top in this close fight, but I am gonna plump for Rocky to win it.


Prediction: Rocky McColgan to win via (T)KO in Round 3




And finally, our Main Event of the evening is a Welterweight championship unification bout with a lot of story behind it as Troid EP champion Shinyo “Gekido” Jintao takes on Insanity champion Ozzy “Insane” McKane!


Shinyo Jintao is currently 9-2 under manager Dean Sutherland, and has never been knocked out in his career. Carrying heavy power in his hands, he has scored 13 (T)KO’s from 17 wins, and he is currently on a 3 fight win streak which saw him defeat Carlos Centurion in his last bout to win the championship and become the last ever Troid EP champion. He broke into the top 100 after that bout, and is looking to launch himself even more into the top 100 with a win in this bout.


Ozzy McKane is one of the best smacktalkers you are going to see in MMA, and with a manager like Chris Karter, that is no surprise. Add into this, he is currently ranked as the #23 P4P fighter in the world and #3 in his weight class and you can see he backs up his words. Currently 18-3 in his career, he has an impressive history of winning, with 9 (T)KO’s and 7 Submissions, while has has never been knocked out. He is a 2 time Insanity champion, with his most recent reign coming after knocking off Andy Carroll within one minute, before subsequent wins against Johnny Shamrock, Charles Grace, Victor Loosa and Norman Parke. He now faces Jintao in a bout that can secure his spot as the next top Welterweight on the planet, especially after calling out Bowser Stormcrow recently for retiring before fighting him.


This is gonna be an intense fight without a doubt. Both fighters are incredibly talented, but that is the last thing on people’s minds, with this fight being the first time Dean Sutherland and Chris Karter will cross paths since Sutherland left the Convicted alliance. Both men have had something to say about the other since then, but now is the time for them to settle it the best way MMA Tycoon knows how - In a fight. Both guys have their ways to win this bout, and regardless of who wins, the Tycoon world will be keeping their eyes peeled for this one.


Prediction: Shinyo Jintao to win via (T)KO in Round 2


That’s it from me as I preview another incredible event which is headlined by a fight with a lot of bad blood involved. 3 titles will be on the line, and 3 men will walk out with gold around their waist. Be sure to tune in at 6pm to find out who!

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Posted 08 February 2016 - 04:48 AM

Small little update here, I am gonna be doing Previews for EVO every now and then, basically whenever Jug feels there is a big event that needs it, or else whenever I feel I have plenty of spare time to get one done, but if he feels an event needs a preview I can pretty much guarantee I will have it sorted.


Also, I am doing weekly previews for Trinity events. This is a pretty big workload considering the size of the write up and the fact is usually takes me somewhere between 4-5 hours to get it done, but with the fact I am involved with the fighters on the card on a regular basis anyway, I am finding them a lot more interesting and a lot easier to write about, so I ain't getting burned out just yet from it.


Also, a big thanks to everyone who likes the previews as I got voted as Writer of the Year for 2015 which is a pretty great achievement considering the names who have won it in the past, and also a great representation of the work I put into writing last year.


I am hoping that I will be able to do previews for the upcoming ITFL Season 5 which will be running after April, so a lot more work there as well, and potentially some more writing before the end of the year with freelance work and potentially writing for more tournaments.


2015 was a great year for me personally in terms of writing, so I am hoping to make 2016 even better in terms of my enjoyment and the quality of my work.

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