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ISLAND COMBAT Official Thread


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#1 Tycooner


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Posted 30 May 2016 - 07:45 AM




Just trying to give island fighters another spot to get fights for the last month of the season.


combat 1



Has been booked to run in  6 days 

so far it has  0 fights on the card  so if you want to fight on the card please pm thanks

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#2 Tycooner


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Posted 30 May 2016 - 07:49 AM



If you want or need a contract please pm me or leave your fighters info here thanks.



100 contracts sent out already with 2 fighters who have said yes  and about  38 fighters who have said no  


and 60 contracts  still waiting for a answer  i would say Island combat  is off to a great start 



4 weeks left to go on the island  my org will shut down when the season ends  even if it gets no more fighters  at all


or when the loan defaults which ever comes first 




Event one is booked  now it just needs some fights on it ! 

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#3 Tycooner


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Posted 30 May 2016 - 10:02 AM



If the org makes any cash profit at all 100% will go to the noob fund

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#4 stpierrecanada


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Posted 30 May 2016 - 12:35 PM

Lobtov is Champion of HI so it's his responsibility to re sign and defend the Title.

Jung on the other hand, is in.. He would get whooped at HI again sadly :(
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Fedor will always be the Greatest P4P fighter to ever live.


#5 SnitskyVision


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Posted 31 May 2016 - 03:47 AM

vipstar.jpg LKO vipstar.jpg The Unit vipstar.jpg *****My Yard***** vipstar.jpg VIP PROVIDER vipstar.jpg Manager vipstar.jpg Boss by Nature vipstar.jpg

"I let my fighter’s use their own words but as the man flipping the bill I prefer they do their talking in the octagon"





Justin Sane (291402)



1. W Don Sakuraba Submission (Strikes) Quick Fight Championship 2016-03-29 185 1 03:05


2. W Joseph Martinez TKO (Strikes) Quick Fight Championship 2016-04-12 185 1 03:53


- Next Fight -

Felipe Dalmazo

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#6 shockg


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Posted 31 May 2016 - 07:04 AM

Gl man.  Glad to see people taking an interest in the Island.  I tried but failed with 3x prospects there this season. 

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#7 Tycooner


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Posted 31 May 2016 - 07:18 AM

Gl man.  Glad to see people taking an interest in the Island.  I tried but failed with 3x prospects there this season. 

my fighters are  pretty bad every season and my great slider skills makes them look worse than they realy are !lol

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#8 stpierrecanada


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Posted 31 May 2016 - 04:54 PM

Sungwon Jung is going to get the Belt again in IFC.

Title shot first up, no question !
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Fedor will always be the Greatest P4P fighter to ever live.


#9 Tycooner


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Posted 31 May 2016 - 07:19 PM



combat 1:Gold Rush

the event is starting to fill up

and it looks like card one will be a big one

stay tuned for more updates coming soon  

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#10 Timqwe


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Posted 01 June 2016 - 12:23 PM

Compat 1: Goldrush Preview




Prince Idowu (3-1-0) vs Royal Pain (5-1-0) – 155lbs

We start the night off with a lightweight bout of Idowu against Pain. I think it's safe to say Idowu is not the kind of fighter that likes to fight for decisions. All of “The Future King's” fights ended in the first round. He has shown to be a dangerous striker everywhere, finishing guys on the feet, or taking them down to unleash some hellish ground and pound. Even in his sole loss, he almost knocked his opponent out, but got caught in a triangle when he dove in to finish him.


Royal Pain is not a guy to be that careless against though. The brown belt from Peru has racked up five submission wins already, four of those in the first round. Because of that threat Idowu will look to keep the fight standing. That's easier said than done though. Pain has some very strong takedowns, scoring a takedown in all but one of his fights and hitting half of the takedowns he attempts.


Nate Gonzalez (6-0-0) vs Richard Machan (3-0-0) – 155lbs title

Two undefeated fighters go at it for the Island Combat Lightweight Championship. Nate is an submission ace, coming out of Compton. So far, his tactic has always been very clear, limit damage on the outside, get to the clinch, then to the ground and then submit you opponent. Judging from his past fights, it seems to be working. The outspoken fighter has aqquired a cultfollowing of fans already, most of them drawn by his brazz behavior on Buzz, and if he does not win the title, we might see a riot in the stadium.


Looking to play spoiler is Richard Machan. Calling “Roller” an Mma fighter might be a bit of a stretch. In all three of his fights, Machan has not hit his opponent with any standing strikes. No, the ground is where Machan thrives. Once there, he mixes up strikes and submissions in high volume. He does not try to pass often, prefering to just keep pressuring his opponent with attacks, until evantually he succumbs. Because of this strong groundgame, Gonzalez might be forced for this first time in his carreer to actually try to keep the fight standing.


Issumatar Tariaksuq (7-1-0) vs Walton Kuntz (8-3-0) – 135lbs title

Next up already the second titlefight of the evening. Tariaksuq might be the only fighter on the Island who wins most his fights by decision. That's not because he doesn't have the power, but his style is tailor made for it. Issumatar has two layers of offence. On the outside he never throws a punch, but slows his opponent down by throwing a high volume of accurate low- and bodykicks, sometimes throwing a high kick for the real damage. If he's met with a better striker, he will move the fight to the clinch, where he unloads with elbows, sapping more energy from his opponent. Because of this, Tariaksuq has never lost the last round of a fight, often even scoring 10-8 cards.


Walton Kuntz is the complete opposite of Tariaksuq, having finished all his fights. Kuntz is primarely a boxer, but finishes most his fights by submission. He uses his boxing to close the distance, and once in the clinch, makes sure to quickly pull guard. It's not the safest game for Kuntz, he had to submit twice, but his oppurtunistic grappling can give any fighter fits. We'll see who comes out on top in this clash of styles.


Carlos Newton (8-2-0) vs Don Julio Cesar Chavez (5-2-0) – 185lbs title

Former champion Carlos Newton is trying to win the title once again.The Canadian submission ace lost his title at Top Dog to Gleb Zheglov, but gets the chance to redeem himself now. Newton never throws strikes, but waits patiently from the outside, till the moment he can hit the takedown. From there he stays very mobile, often improving position, and attacking his opponent with strikes and subs, till they are too exhausted to defend his subs.


Cesar Chaves prefers the outside. A top class boxer, he peppers his opponents with strikes from the outside. If his opponent manages to close the distance, he will pull guard and work from his very strong guard. That is not a place where he wants to be in this fight though.


Jake Belcher (8-2-0) vs Hop Sing Jung (10-3-0) – 170lbs title

Two former champions are back to contend for a title once again. Jake Belcher is one of the few that has been champion in both Island FC and Highland Island, and he will be looking to add another championship to his record. “The Talent's” game is based on his takedowns, which are some of the best in the division. From there he attacks with both submissions and ground and pound. His submission game is more for diversity than actually dangerous. The real danger comes from his ground and pound, where he unloads heavy elbows and punches.


Hop Sing Jung is also a former champion, but not in the 170lbs division, but in the 145lbs division. He is one of the top 145 pounders on the Island, only losing to former Island FC Champions Vermeer and Babajide, and now he wants to claim the 170lbs title too.

He has a huge task ahead of him though, Belcher seems to be his equal on the ground and has a whopping 30lbs on him when walking around.

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#11 Tycooner


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Posted 01 June 2016 - 12:39 PM

Timqwe what can i say bro nice work real good preview sir top notch  job!





Org news 




I hope everyone like the great preview that  Timqwe did great work make sure you show him some love with a thumbs up guys.



Now that is the first preview  there are several mma news outlets that will be covering ISLAND COMBAT 1


so keep your eyes out for the next two previews for this event yes 2 more !

ISLAND COMBAT his here to try to make this last 4 weeks fun nothing else matters 

so i hope everyone has a great last month

good luck to everybody with there upcoming fights.

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#12 NorthernNinjas


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Posted 01 June 2016 - 02:03 PM

That was an excellent preview!

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#13 Tycooner


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Posted 01 June 2016 - 02:23 PM

That was an excellent preview!


yes that was a real good  preview  a great read  


there are two more mma news writers covering this card 

so we will get some different views on the fights 

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#14 NorthernNinjas


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Posted 01 June 2016 - 02:24 PM



"Arctic Frost" Issumatar Tariaksuq


"I'd like to thank Island Combat for this opportunity. I feel like this is the culmination of an entire year (Tycoon time) of blood, sweat and tears. I've mentioned about never getting a shot at the title, but here I am. The number one bantamweight on the Island. I think it was worth the wait.


I have a dangerous opponent ahead of me, but I have my people's spirit and pride to guide me. My angakkuq has already shown me the way.


I'm a shadow. I'm the cold of night. Nobody can hang with me for 25 minutes. I am the Keelut coming for you while you sleep.


Good luck, Tinie Furhur."


Editor's note: Issumatar's now ranked #2.

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#15 Tycooner


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Posted 03 June 2016 - 12:47 PM

Island combat is having its 1st event and it is sure to be
talked about in the MMA community.
It features 10 fights,
sure to keep the fans, on their edge of their seats!
This is JJ Tycoon owner of island combat we have a
great first card  coming up  i know the fans are going to
love it.
I would like to introduce Jared Martin he is The Island
combat media man and he will be breaking down the
fights and giving you his thoughts on who will win.
Jared Martin:ok let's get started here are the fights! 
There is a fight between Danny lil, and Pyry Kontio, has
not been booked yet,Danny has yet to sign on for the
fight We all like to see them, go at each other in the
opening fight.
Fight number 2  on the card will be 
Felipe Dalmazo vs Justin Sane.
Felipe comes into this fight, with a 4 fight win streak, all by
This Brazilian will be there, ready to aim for the
head, and knock out his opponent. But of course we
know, it’s also a good thing to lose once in a while, so
they can adjust to their weaknesses, this goes for both
fighters. On the other hand, Justin also comes in with no
losses, and a two win streak. This American breed fighter
has not seen the octagon as much as his opponent,
which gives Felipe the experience factor.
coming up next is 
 Kona “The” Bud, and Luna “Pow Pow Ploy.
Kona tends not to go far in the fight, and ends them in the
first round. This is seen in all of his knockout victories. He
also holds, an KO of the night award.  
Luna, steps into this brawl, with more experience then his
opponent. Both of these men, have the strength to
knockout each other. 
But the advantage goes to Kona, if he can end the fight

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#16 Tycooner


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Posted 03 June 2016 - 12:48 PM

The next fight fight involves
“Future King” Prince Idowu, and Royal Pain.
The prince from Nigeria comes in this fight, with 3 overall tkos in his
career. He is also known, to end a fight quickly, if he
catches them off guard. 
So, tend to seeing Prince,
coming in with punches flying. Royal on the other hand,
will try to stay away from his reach, and go for a
submission attempt. 
This Peru native also has a tendency to end a fight
quickly, so this fight, will most likely be over quickly. There
is no real advantage in this fight at all. 
But if I had to pick an favorite it would have to be Royal
The next fight on the card  is 
“The Epals” Rudy Mar Binay, and Kyle “H-Bomb” Harris.
The Epals, come in with six wins all by submission. He
seems to have more trouble with staying up, in longer
fights, he may have less cardio, then is needed. 
He has also earned, a 3 fight win award in his career as
a fighter.
Kyle comes in with a five fight losing streak, which does
not seem too good for this fighter morale for sure. 
But can he get his act together for this fight? 
The advantage has to go too Rudy, since he has more
fights, and has won a fight.
Next up is the Bad boy of buzz MR smacktalk Nate
“Cholo Gangster” Gonzalez vs Richard “Roller” Machan.
Nate is known to throw his words, around the MMA
Tycoon community. 
He is a fan fav and has a huge buzz following 
But as I see it, it’s a tactic he uses, to cause his
opponents, to do mistakes. 
Even though, his MMA career has only been 6 fights
long, he has won every one of those fights, with his
submission technique.
He favors to use the armbar as his go to submission
move. Let’s see he can continue to live up to the hype,
he thinks he is. 
Richard comes in with 3 wins, and no losses, so both
fighters have no losses in the MMA. Two of these wins,
come from his knockout power. 
A slight advantage goes too Nate, to a longer win streak,
so more experience in the ring as well.
JJ: all i can say is the fans  love this kid Nate  he talks a
lot of shit but he backs it up 
***chough hey nate  #ISLANDCOMBAT 

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#17 Tycooner


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Posted 03 June 2016 - 12:49 PM

moving on
“Artic Frost” Issumatar Tariksuq, and Walton “The Tinie Furer” Kunz.
Issumatar tries to defend his 135 lb title.
He is coming into this fight, with pure momentum, with a 5
win streak, including two knockouts, and three decisions. 
He also has a lot to prove, since all this buzz he has been
creating maybe trt .
On the other side, the challenger Walton shows
remarkable fighting strength, and agility in the ring. He
prefers to go to submission, but has also knocked out
one opponent. I’m not sure if we can call favorites at all,
on this one. 
But if i had to pick Issumatar, would be the favorite. 
Carlos “The Ronin” Newton, and Don Julio Cesar
Chavez, for the title of 185 lbs.
Carlos knows how to submit his opponent, with all of his
eight wins, coming from some sort of submission. But he
has a slight problem, versus heavy hitters, with his two
losses from knock out.
On the other hand, Don has a more diverse way of
winning any fight. 
He has one knockout, three submissions, and one win by
decision. He also has a better record, versus fighters that
have submissions, as their main attack.
This said, I slight advantage goes to Don, because he
has the ability to adapt more, then Carlos, being only a
submission king.
Co_Main Event
“Pretty” Peter Potter, and Richard “Middle Dick” Richards lii. 
Peter has a record of 7-1, with all of his wins, by knockout.
He has proven time and time again he is a contender.
 He also has an impressive 6 win record in a row. This kid
definitely has knockout power to spare. Lastly, his only
loss was by an armbar submission. 
On the other side of the cage, Richard also has jaw
drooping knockout power as well.
This one is going to bean all-out brawl. But he has recently been knocked out,
so it may be his weakness as well as a strength for him.  
I have to give the advantage to Peter here, due to more in cage experience.
Main event
Jake “The Talent” Belcher, and Hope Sing “Hyun Ae”Jung.
Jake belcher comes off from losing his title to Tapio
Sammalkorpi, due to unanimous decision. 
This title fight, can let Jake, get his redemption, and win
back another title belt to his name. 
But Jake knows his way around the cage, because
before this he was on a 5-0, winning streak. 
Jake has a strong fist, with 8 record knockouts, in his long
career. Question is, will he come back weak, or strong
after losing the belt?
On the other side Hope Sing, is a submission expert, with
a total of eight submissions in his career. He also was in
the title run, but lost his title five fights ago, to a knockout
versus Alexander Vermeer. 
He has a shot at submitting this guy, and seems to be a slight favorite.

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#18 Tycooner


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Posted 03 June 2016 - 03:44 PM

Island Combat One

This event break down is being brought to you by MMA Fevre  Media

proud media outlet for ISLAND COMBAT


Bronco Fevre





The inaugural card of this new org founded by the legendary Jay Tycoon


promises to put substance to the fact that Mr. Tycoon is a legend and a genius in the MMA  Tycoon world.


Jay has put together a card packed with quality fights filled with virtually unpredictable matchups.


Each match on the card promises exciting possibilities from evenly matched fighters .


I'm going to give you my take on each fight but if you aren't in attendance for this show you are surely

missing one that will be for the record books .


Lets get to this spectacular card -




9. In the opener we have a 185lb matchup between Felipe Dalmazo (4-0 4KO) and Justin Sane (2-0 2KO) .


Both fighters come in undefeated .

Strong striking should be the highlight here but i look for it to be decided on the ground ultimately.


My outlook is a hard fought action packed slugfest ending in a tko on the ground for Justin Sane.




8.In the 170lb division this fight has Kona Bud (4-1 4KO) vs. Luna Ploy (6-2 2KO).


I look for the muay thai of Bud to come into play here to overpower the experience of Mr. Ploy.

Im calling for a devastating  head kick ko fairly early on.




7.At 155 we have Prince Idowu (3-1 3KO) vs. Royal Pain (5-1 5 subs) in this one .


I see this one being a tactical bout with both fighters feeling each other out early.

Im taking Royal Pain to win by submission late after a great strategic contest.





6.Next is Rudy Mar Binay (6-2 6 subs) vs. Kyle Harris (0-3).


This one will be deceptively close.

I see Harris coming out strong with his brawling style


but i think Mar Binay can counter and will dominate with ground strikes.

My pick is a TKO for Rudy after a strong furious push from Mr. Harris. 





5.Here we have Nate Gonzalez (6-0 6 subs) vs. Richard Machan (3-0 2KO) for the 155lb title.


This is my sleeper of the night.

These guys are very similar fighters.

There is no clear advantage for either man.


Im calling for ground control to give the win to Gonzalez in a split decision .





4. For the 135lb belt this one has Issumatar Tariaksuq (7-1 2KO) vs. Walton Kunz (8-3 7subs).


Now this will be fun.



The striking features the kicks of Issumatar against the punching power of Kunz.


On the the ground Tariaksuq appears to have an edge


but i think Kunz catches him with a massive punch early for the upset win. 





3.At 185 and for the title we see Carlos Newton (8-2 8subs) vs. Don Julio Cesar Chavez (5-2 3subs).


Excellent matchup here if you like action.


Chavez will look to strike while Newton i anticipate will counter and wait for his opening.

This could go the distance for a tight decision but i think Chavez will connect late and surprise Newton to claim the belt. 





2. To build tension for our finale this bout has Peter Potter (7-1 6KO) vs. Richard Richards lii (5-4 4KO).



Pure action will ensue in this fight.

I predict a furious pace with lots of powerful strikes and plenty of ground skills being displayed.


This will be determined after every facet of each mans skills is displayed.



I've got Potter to win by decision at the end of the fight of the night. 






1. To cap this night of excitement off right Mr. Tycooner booked a thriller for the main event.


We have Jake Belcher (8-2 8KO) vs. Hop Sing Jung (10-3 8subs) for the 170lb title belt.



This bout pits the chin of Belcher against the power and stamina of Jung.

On paper the stats are virtually identical.


The strategy of each managers sliders will get his fighter the win here.


My prediction is that this will go the distance with the stamina ofJung paying dividends in the end as he wins the decision. 


I encourage everyone to attend the card if possible.


Dont miss the action and dont forget the great merchandise offered by Leviathan .


Mark my words that this card will once again display the masterful talents of our man Jay Tycooner.

Enjoy the show!

Written by,Bronco Fevre

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  • Guests

Posted 03 June 2016 - 05:32 PM

three different previews? why?

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#20 Tycooner


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Posted 03 June 2016 - 05:38 PM

three different previews? why?

2 more coming soon 

i say why not?

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