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Posted 08 June 2018 - 07:16 PM




"Touch Of Death" Dumba Diame Jr (316441)   DEF  Derek "The Reaper" Rogan (325927) by RNC at 5:57 RD 1


Diame Jr's quickness and transitions were too much for the hulking heavyweight in the semi final of the tournament. Rogan looked to use his size and weight to his advantage although couldn't stop from being taken down at the beginning of the match where the quicker Diame Jr was able to progress and transition his way to the back of Rogan and eventually was able to put him to taps. 



David Morrison Jr. (300012)  DEF  Roger De Santos (320201) by DEC
Two equally sized and skilled opponents that looked to be a great back and forth match ended up being more of a lopsided training session. De Santos just didn't have a very good day as he was taken down and controlled from start to finish an never was able to reverse or sweep his way back into an offensive mode. Morrison Jr even though controlling the match, never could get De Santos in a submission as testament that even though De Santos had a bad match his submission defense was still top notch.
JUNE 13TH, 2018
Mark "Money" Tyme (319324)  DEF  Guillaume Dupre (333929) by ARMBAR at 4:40 RD 1
Highly unexpected beginning as Dupre was up on points 8-0, and had the back and mount on Tyme when money reached in his pocket of tricks and pulled out by submission win via armabar. Dupre exhausted from his trip seemed very upset that if he had planned better he possibly could have won the match.  Props to Tyme for having to dig real deep here to fend off a very game opponent.
Matvey "The Gymnast" Pavlov (315727)  DEF  Guilherme Mendes (313733) by DEC
Pavlov's 1st official grappling only match didn't miss a beat for him. He was able to secure the takedown and used his agility and quickness to keep Mendes guessing and countering to no avail.  Mendes had a small amount of success but was unable to get offensive in the match as Pavlov won on points 14-2.
Mark Tyme will now face Matvey Pavlov June 13th, 2018.
Matt "Juicy" Chiasson (293164) won his 2nd straight DARE SUB MATCH, and has won 7 straight in grappling.
"The Iceman" Richard Kuklinski (185422) remained unbeaten in his past 5 matches as he defeated Carmo. He is now the #1 P4P Grappler in the Tycoon Game!
"Ice Cold" Pablo Dominguez (275403) remained unbeaten in his past 5 matches as well as he defeated Khalidov. He is now at #4 P4P Grappler in the Tycoon Game!
Richard Kuklinski will now face Pablo Dominguez June 13th, 2018.

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Posted 09 June 2018 - 02:39 PM

DARE 50 (905598)






424 Co. (5320)



The Vampire's Bank


Today we have a great card lined up for everyone as it will be the 2nd time in the 209 Arena for DARE, and will hope to show the world that DARE is here to stay.  On the card we have great divisional matches that always implicate moves on the rankings and possible new contenders as well as two great attractions as the co-main and main event should definitely deliver to the tycoon world. Junior Vilson looks to defend his title in his 2nd reign against the fighter he first won it against by a split decision in Marat Magomedov and Benson Whyte the undisputed DARE middleweight champion looks to take on former CEFC lightweight champion Chris Carter in a cross promotional super fight. Lets look at the main fights.




Benson "Highlight" Whyte (290376)  VS.  "The Little Ginger Prince" Chris Karter (274719)


Benson Whyte has pretty much cleaned out the current division at DARE, while he defeated Soylent Green for the 2nd time and newcomer Vlad Darko, there wasn't a top challenger worthy of this spot so negotiations were out to find a suitable fight for him. Many turned down the opportunity to face Whyte, where money definitely wasn't the issue as top fighters sitting on the free agent market declined or let offers slide without a response, in comes this little Ginger Prince of a firecracker that was on a 4 fight win streak and then the lightweight champion at CEFC. Close in size and weight, the match up made sense to make as an option and Chris Karter wanted the challenge to face Benson and put him on his ass in his own orginization in Amsterdam. Karter did fight in DARE before as he lost to Azar Qasi.

Whyte (19-5) is undefeated in DARE opposition, losing only once in DARE versus "Zenith" Hakuin Ekaku Jr (250038) for a super fight showdown. Whyte has defended his title 5 times in DARE and is a monster striker who can attack in multiple ways. Look for Benson to use his height advantage to keep Carter off balanced and away from clinching.

Carter (22-10-2) has more experience and although close in weight is a little shorter than his opponent and has recently been through a surge as he has rebounded from several losses to find his niche again and its scaring the hell out of people. He has found that his fists can do some real damage if he attacks his opponents without mercy, he will have to be able to set those inside combinations up by withstanding the reach and onslaught of another high powered striker. Get ready folks this is gonna be good!







Junior "Tarantula" Vilson (290550)  VS. "The Beast" Marat Magomedov (295920)




DARE 17 Vilson defeated Magomedov via split decision to win the title.  Fast forward to DARE 50...Vilson after losing his title and regaining it again from Koh Ibu now faces Magomedov who has battled his way back through the division to have his 2nd chance at glory.  If you go back to that 1st scorecard, Judge 3 had Marat winning 4/5 rounds, while the other two judge saw it in reverse, very strange indeed. 

Magomedov (12-2-1) closed out a rubber match against Tommy Gavin with his 2nd win after their 2nd fight ended up in a draw. He has only one loss to Oliviera by decision since he last fought Vilson. Magomedov is a beast on the ground and looks to use his grappling and ground n pound to do his talking for him. He will need to not be too predictable because I guarantee Vilson knows this and will be ready to counter.

Vilson (18-2) is riding a 3 fight win streak that started with beating rival Ibu for the title. He is one of the most skilled fighters in the org with numerous championship title fight experiences in Bushido and DARE.  He looks to make his 3rd defense of the title with this reunion with Marat. Vilson can go the distance easily and has the elite level striking to take it to and defend his opponents. He also has elite ground game and is not afraid to shut down would be wrestlers. Both of these fighters have been waiting for this rematch, and I'm sure after its all done with no one will be disappointed.



Soylent Green (290019)  VS.  Vlad "The Night Is" Darko (305868)
Both of these fighters are legit as fuck, but.....there's Benson Whyte.  Both have lost chances at gold recently and now look to face each other to stay at the top of the division.  
Green (17-9) is fighter that lives and dies by the stand up. 15 of his 17 wins have come by KO/TKO and rarely ever goes the distance. Green makes no secret that he wants to knock your head off and relishes the punches he takes as adding fuel to the fire. I don't see how this will change in this fight.
Darko (7-2) is a great athlete and fighter across the board, good chin, KO power, and a pretty high IQ. He has only lost once in DARE, a title fight vs. Whyte. He has thus disposed of Alistair Dunn and Bena Berr.  He has won in all 3 ways not afraid to take the fight deep, to the ground, or strike it out. This is the 1st meeting between the two and will be a future determining common factor as who will move on to bigger and better things. Expect this fight to be a front runner of fight of the night honors.
Magnus Pyke (300798)  VS. Gilberto Simeone (296395)
Pyke (15-5) holds the experience between the two fighters and also has a more evolved ground game as a brown belt in bjj compared to Simeone's blue belt. Pyke has won his fights across the board by many different ways, so expect him to try to take advantage of possible weaknesses. This will be Pyke's 3rd DARE fight as he started off by defeating Jamie bounty and thus was on a 4 fight win streak dating back to his time in Gladiators. He got the shot against hall of famer and now departed Razmig Grigorian and lost by tko in the 2nd. 
Simeone (7-2) who had been inactive since Carnage called quits last June, was picked up by a new manager and started off winning his first 2 fights in DARE against Ladd and Cage. We last saw him in a loss by triangle choke to now champion Dean Wesson. Simeone is a striker plain and simple, his elite level boxing is his bread and butter, having a decent amount of wrestling/bjj skills to counter those fighters has been his main defense. It will be interesting to see how this fight turns out as Pyke will look to possibly take this to the ground.
The Best of the Rest


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Posted 12 June 2018 - 02:57 PM



Paddy O'Malleys Bar - Tokyo, Japan 

June 13, 2018


Submission Grappling Tournament Final 


#1 vs. #4 P4P Grapplers in the World go at it!


Event Preview by: John Daugherty


"The Iceman" Richard Kuklinski (185422)  VS.  "Ice Cold" Pablo Dominguez (275403)


Here we have the #1 Tycoon World Grappler in Richard Kuklinski vs. the #4 Grappler Pablo Dominguez. Kuklinski has a 28-6 grappling record and is on a 5 match win streak. We last saw him in DARE winning by guillotine against former DARE Super Heavyweight fighter Lucio Francisco "Jurupari" Carmo (290209). The 43 yr old Kuklinski will have a great challenge as Dominguez has been on a role as of late as he last faced Mamed "Cannibal" Khalidov (273286) where he won a technical decision. Pablo on his own 5 match win streak is favorably younger at 30 yrs old, but the experience and weight advantage will be with Kuklinski at about a 35 lb difference.  Dominguez won a D2 Tycoon World Championship vs. Nickey Spillane (230768) and he also competed in now defunct Empire Combat Grappling. Both are black belts in bjj and both have high level wrestling with the edge going to elite status of Dominguez. This will undoubtedly show who the world's best P4P grappler is, will The Iceman reign or will Ice Cold take it.



Ace Rob (304924)  VS.  Claudio Gadelha (307308)
Rob, a D2 Silver medalist has not grappled since losing his 2nd straight match back in April, started grappling off to a bang and has dropped the past couple. That usually happens at some point, but its how you respond to adversity that is the key. On the flip side Rob has won his past 2 mma fights from the inactive Kamikaze organization in Japan. Rob definitely has skills and can use his tall size for the 135 lb weight class to use his limbs as a weapon. 
Rob will be facing Gadelha who is 9-4 in TWGC and is on a 3 match win with 2 in DARE. He has taken out James Osterberg and Ryan Turbidy.  Gadelha is a finisher, only 2 decisions out of all of his grappling matches, he loves armbars and kimuras.  The smaller of the two, he may be able to compact himself and stay away from space that could benefit the taller Rob.
Mark "Money" Tyme (319324)  VS.  Matvey "The Gymnast" Pavlov (315727)
Two of the top young prospects go at it for 15 minutes.  Money vs. The Gymnast is a very interesting match and on paper it seems as maybe Pavlov has the upper hand, but Tyme has a huge heart and is very patient for the opponent to make the one mistake it takes for him to win the match. Tyme did that is his last match vs. Guillaume Dupre (333929) as he was behind on points and was in a bad position, where Tyme stayed with it and waited for Dupre to get too close and make the mistake of leaving his arm out there and snatch it was over.  Pavlov was a champion in mma and won mostly by submissions, so he tried his hand at submission grappling to polish his skills, he thwarted Guilherme Mendes (313733) in his 1st ever grappling match in the last DARE event and at 5 years the junior to Tyme, he says this is only the beginning. Strategy vs. Tactics?  
300K Tournament Open Final
David Morrison Jr. (300012)  VS.  "Touch Of Death" Dumba Diame Jr (316441)
Morrison Jr. defeated Amun Ghosh and De Santos to arrive.
Diame Jr. defeated Rogan and Crespo to arrive.
The winner receives a Grand Prix Champion Belt and 25K to the manager.
Morrison Jr. and Diame Jr. are both black belts in bjj with the wrestling edge going to Morrision Jr. Morrison has the more experienced grappling record 6-3 and a trip to the D1 Semi Finals in TWGC.  A great talent, Morrison has been able to outmaneuver and out smart his opponents scoring points for positions at will.  Ranked #7 P4P he will face off vs. #19 P4P in Diame Jr. They both are virtually identical in size and weight so that will be even in this match up. 
Diame competed mostly in mma and has transitioned well competing in grappling thus far in only this tournament resulting it 2 submission finishes. I looked for common opponents in their histories, but they have not faced the same opponents as it will be the first time they have faced each other. I expect nothing but a great match to determine the champion.
The Others
265+ lbs 1 15 Kim Il Sung (-130) v Charley Hanagan (-115)- Who Nukes Who?
145 lbs 1 15 Enzo Salvatore (-111) v Guilherme Mendes (-135)- Suck or be Sucked
265+ lbs 1 15 Mamed Khalidov (-111) v Matt Chiasson (-135)- Juicy Warriors
135 lbs 1 15 Ryan Tubridy (-115) v James Osterberg (-130)- Stuck in the Middle with You
265 lbs 1 15 Derek Rogan (-144) v Tyrone Sparxx (-104)- Young Prospects
205 lbs 1 15 Jules Winnfield (-182) v Roger Gauthier (+120)- Say what again, I dare you
424 Co. (5320)



The Vampire's Bank

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Posted 13 June 2018 - 04:27 PM



"Touch Of Death" Dumba Diame Jr (316441)











Matvey "The Gymnast" Pavlov (315727)  DEF  Mark "Money" Tyme (319324) BY KIMURA @ 1:58


Pavlov had to work hard to get the takedown as Tyme tried to stop it and Pavlov kept driving through him eventually seating him. Tyme had an opportunity to lock in a triangle but he couldn't get the proper angle as Pavlov transitioned to half guard and isolated the far side arm of Tyme's and cranked a kimura. Congrats to both fighters for showing a great display of sportsmanship after the match as they lit up a doobie.


"Ice Cold" Pablo Dominguez (275403)  DEF  "The Iceman" Richard Kuklinski (185422) DEC


The Iceman was finally overtaken by the Ice Cold Weather as Dominguez wins by a razor thin decision 9 to 8.  This was a great scramble and Dominguez used his wrestling to put Kuklinski in defensive mode early on but Kuklinski battled back with 5 points in the last part of the match then ran out of time.  Kuklinski got the takedown and advanced to submission tries but never could catch the elusive Dominguez. Dominguez never got to try submissions as Kuklinski really countered his offensive transitions. It was a chess match that ultimately went to the judges points. I would have to believe that these two will see each other again.


Ryan "The Late Late Show" Tubridy (307770)  DEF  James Osterberg (318380) BY TRIANGLE @ 6:34
Tubridy got back in the win column as he took on James Osterberg and came back from being down on points and on his back to winning by triangle. This was a great match that saw Osterberg really control his opponent and put himself in great positions by the crafty Tubridy countered well and was patiently waiting for the opportunity to explode into a position that gave him all the angles. 
Derek "The Reaper" Rogan (325927)  DEF  Tyrone "Lugz" Sparxx (335287) BY GUILLOTINE @ 8:34
Two very young heavyweights here looking for mat time and put on a great show. Rogan, who was in the open weight tournament and lost his 2nd fight got the opportunity to get another chance with someone his own size in Sparxx. Rogan got the takedown early and used his body weight to try to crush his opponent, he continuously worked for the submissions as all were defended well by Sparxx who eventually was able to sweep Rogan and try his own skills from the top.  Rogan did well off his back as he was able to defend and keep Sparxx from getting mount and transitioned well from a loose triangle to a guillotine that finally put Sparxx into taps. Point totals at that time were Rogan 5 to Sparxx 2 to show how close the battle was. Great job by both fighters as they both congratulated each other after Rogan's hand was raised.
Other Results
265+ lbs 1 Charley Hanagan def Kim Il Sung Submission (Armbar) 1 03:59
135 lbs 1 Ace Rob def Claudio Gadelha Submission (Guillotine) 1 05:33
145 lbs 1 Guilherme Mendes  def  Enzo Salvatore Decision 1 15:09
265+ lbs 1 Mamed Khalidov def Matt Chiasson Decision 1 15:02
205 lbs 1 Jules Winnfield   def  Roger Gauthier Submission (Arm Triangle) 1 02:42

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Posted 07 July 2018 - 05:48 PM

DARE looking for top 2K P4P Talent! Lots of opportunities to fight for titles! I take in account records from other orgs into account and not just DARE. Give us a shout! 1 year and going strong in Amsterdam!
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Posted 16 July 2018 - 01:29 AM

Dare 57: Williams vs. Volkov 5 is just around the corner, and we caught up with Stanly Williams to get his thoughts on the main event.


Reporter: Stanly, first of all thanks for taking the time to talk to us. 

Williams: Anytime. You know I've always got time for you.


Reporter: Appreciate it. Now, you're 45 years old. You were retired. You've had injury after injury. You're a +100 underdog. And most fans consider that generous. Why take this fight?

Williams: Oh I didn't just take this fight. I begged for this fight.


Reporter: But why? Don't you think it's a step too far? Ilya Volkov is a seven time GAMMA Champion, two of which were victories against you.

Williams: It's unfinished business. I beat him twice. Then he beat me twice when it mattered most.


Reporter: Do you think you have a good chance of winning on Saturday?

Williams: I'm not fighting for the money. I'm not fighting for the hype or popularity. I'm fighting for my legacy. Every day since that last fight, I have been thinking about getting back in the cage with Volkov. Win or die, it'll be the closure that I need.


Reporter: But to what end? What comes next?

Williams: Well I'm not exaggerating when I say I begged for this fight. Only John Daugherty was kind enough to entertain such a crazy idea. Nobody else wants to hire a 45 year old. But people forget that I'm still top 2,000 P4P material. This is a one fight deal but I'm looking to make it to 100 fights. That's another 20 fights after Saturday. If I win this, If I put an end to Volkov, hopefully when I get home, my phone will be ringing off the hook with contracts.


Reporter: I hope you're happy come Saturday, all the best Stanly.

Williams: Thank you friend, and to all the DARE fans that haven't bought their tickets yet, what are you waiting for? Come and watch. Come and watch Stanly Williams shock the world.

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Posted 01 August 2018 - 07:03 PM

1520173857Ixcb8As.gifSYN: DARE (290K+)

Logo by: Carlos Castenada (84794)


Hall of Fame Fighters


Razmig Grigorian undefeated in DARE, former undisputed Middleweight Champion


Benson Whyte  current Welterweight Champion


Junior Vilson former Lightweight Champion


Street Fighter current Featherweight Champion


Harold Nicolas former Light Heavyweight Champion


Current Title Holders

135   Midick Aiken

145   Street Fighter

155   TBA

170   Benson Whyte

185  Dean Wesson

205   Kassim Magufuli IV

265   TBA

265+   Jucal Jabneel


The Fight Report


Highest Attendance:  DARE 58 (20,948) 

Highest Rating: DARE 42: NICOLAS VS. SLATER (396.74) 

Most Fights in org on roster: Marv Ellis (13) 265 lbs

Most KO's in org on roster: Thomas Raske (9) 170 lbs/ Benson Whyte (9) 170 lbs

Most Subs in org on roster: Adam Baumann (5) 265 lbs, Aldo Crespo (5) 145 lbs


Top 15 P4P


1 Kassim Magufuli I V 54 -

2 Junior Vilson 66 -
3 Street Fighter 72 -
4 Iosefa Umaga 74 -
5 Dean Wesson 137 -
6 Midick Aiken 149 -
7 Wesley Correira 167 -
8 Krystian Soszynski 196 -
9 Soylent Green 239 -
10 Jucal Jabneel 318 -
11 Harold Nicolas 340 -
12 Keijo Tapaus 353 -
13 Vika Partio 356 -
14 Kvame Zulu 397 -
15 Gabriel Arones 424 -

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Posted 01 August 2018 - 08:04 PM

DARE 59 (909013) Preview



Amsterdam 209 Arena

Sponsor: 424

Bookmakers: The Vampire's Bank


Gabriel Arones (299196) 14-5   vs.  Konstantin Sokolov (300739) 7-7




Two rising stars in the DARE Heavyweight division will go toe to toe this Saturday for a chance for gold for the victor. Arones and Sokolov both have continued to show that they are rising stars destined for greatness, and it has finally come to this that they have to face each other in order to take the next step. Arones, is on a 4 fight win streak since arriving in DARE and recently won his biggest fight when he took a decision from former champion Larry Shreve Jr. Arones is a sub machine with 11 victories coming by submission, and although he has the ground specialty he can move and react well on his feet to counter good strikers with the ability to take them down. He is a grinder that instead of looking for a brawl, looks for implementing his strategy on his opponent making them play his game. By contrast Sokolov is also a ground fighter in his own right with a Russian Sambo background. He has won fights through all phases and has a 4-2 Tycoon World Grappling record as well. Don't let the 7-7 record fool you, he is on a 4 fight win streak as well, with the last 3 coming in the DARE organization. Truly a spectacle of a fight that will be one step closer to the belt for the winner.


Ryu "The Water Moccasin" Aokison(296494)14-10 vs.Xafan"Demon Hunter" Kong(297561)  12-3


Light Heavyweight Firebomb


Ryu has 8 submission victories, and is 3-2 in the DARE organization. Hailing from Japan, he boasts that he can submit most animals, although its not on record for he could possibly be arrested. He has shown flashes of ability, but has yet to snare a submission victory in DARE, winning by decisions and a tko. He is ranked at 1000 p4p and looks to show he can move up in rankings with the test of the Demon Hunter. Kong, an extremely brutal looking foe with a magnificent 12-3 record looks to finish Ryu and get noticed again for another title run. Kong 6-2 in DARE with losses only to champions has elite level striking, muay thai, and wrestling and he has won 8 fights by KO and has not lost once by ground submission. Ryu will have to be able to get kong to the ground and implement his animal submissions against a dangerous striker like Kong.


Dean "The Bounty Hunter" Wesson (293172)  18-9  vs.  George Salvador (308017)  11-5

For the Middleweight Title


Wesson has taken over the division since Hall of Famer Razmig Grigorian vacated the title and moved to the GAMMA Organization. Wesson is a perfect 7-0 in DARE and looks to make his 2nd defense of the title. Wesson is extremely skilled in many primaries with elite level techniques. He has the gas tank to go deep and all but one of his victories in DARE have been by decision. Wesson trains in Vegas at Valhalla MMA and he and his team are looking to extending his streak to 8 with the Salvador fight. George Salvador, a former champion with the now defunct Tokyo Rage Fight Club is entering his 3rd fight with the promotion and is 2-1 in those fights. He gets his opportunity with a tremendous opponent. Salvador has shown that he can also go the distance and has also 9 KO's to his record. I would expect that Salvador has nothing to hold back in this fight and may go all out early to avoid a decision in the end.


Main Event


Kvame "Brahma" Zulu (311722)  10-2  vs.  Edmond Honda (309430)  12-5




Zulu was supposed to fighting for the title vs. losefa Umaga, but unfortunately the top 100 P4P and top 10 Heavyweight went inactive and was thus stripped of the title leaving the door wide open for a new champion. Challenger fights have been conducted all summer to arrive at the top 2 Challengers. Zulu is taking on a less than rated opponent, but although not as perceived to be the top talent he is highly respected and ranked high and not afraid of opposition. Zulu should not take this fight lightly. Zulu is obviously the favorite with a 6 fight win streak since joining DARE and dispatching all but one of his foes by tko or spectacular ko. He is dangerous, he is brutal, he has lots of potential but if he wants that title shot he will have to get by Honda first. Honda is on a 4 fight winning streak, with 2 of those in DARE. He is an extremely popular fighter with a fearless attitude, he has 9 KO's and 3 submission victories and does have lots of fight experience, but most of his fights were in smaller organizations. Take it for what its worth, the winner will get to fight vs. the winner of Sokolov vs. Arones for the belt.


Other Notables on the Card


Buster Hymen (195199) 36-11-1  vs. "Cocky" Rocky McColgan (215739)  33-10

Two old dudes keepin the dream alive, both former champions, first meeting ever looking to extend their DARE records to 2-0 in the 265+ Division.


Aki "巨人" Hiko (299236) 11-3  vs. Toni "The Mountain" Eerkilaa (208412) 31-21

Another 265+ fight with implications as Hiko 3-1, 2-0 in has last 2 fights in DARE squares off with the older Mountain who is 1-0 in DARE.


Yuvraj "6x6 King" Singh (299691) 14-3  vs.  Gattsu "Iron Fist" Emelianenko (297602) 10-5

265 lb Fight. Singh had a NC for his last fight which the oppoent went inactive and didn't meet the weight limit, while Emelianeko has won 3 of 4 fights in DARE with his only loss coming from rising star Zulu. Winner of this fight likely gets top ranked heavyweight newcomer Wesley "Cabbage" Correira (305194) 17-2-1 former EFA/Gladiators heavyweight champion in their next fight.



Preveiw done by : John Daugherty

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