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MMA fighter size difference vs Judoka or Pure Wrestling


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Posted 09 June 2019 - 01:30 AM

I'm fairly new to watching MMA and was wondering a couple things
1. I notice there is a difference in size in most top mma fighters compared to top heavyweights Judoka (teddy riner) or Pure wrestling (Karelin) like in the olympics? Why are all the best heavyweights in mma seem to be around 240-245 (look what Cain (6'0 240) did in his prime or Fedor, DC, JDS and not 290 monsters guys who are like 6'8 290+ like Teddy Riner who dominate Judoka. Is it because MMA heavyweights need more Cardio or speed instead of pure power or what? Sorry for sounding like a newb i have been wondering this. 
I know there is a weight limit in the UFC but not sure there would be much of a difference even if they removed the weight limit. 
2. What is the best or perfect size for a heavyweight in your opinion and how would Teddy Riner do against smaller heavyweights like DC, Cain in there primes or if he he trained in MMA?
Here is a picture of Teddy Riner

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