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In Topic: MMATycoon Court: Karter vs Camara

Today, 12:22 AM

Goes 0-2 and depends on "powerful backers" to win the bet. #triplechamp

In Topic: MMATycoon Court: Karter vs Camara

Yesterday, 02:40 PM

Chris is living #rentfree at the morgue

In Topic: Check this anti gun bullshit out.

Yesterday, 02:36 PM

Burn them all. THe social contract is a thin line and when you alienate power (or "rights"), there is no way to get any power back but by force. French people know this since the revolution and dont fuck around, they just burn shit up every time they think this thin line is beign crossed

In Topic: UFC on ESPN 9 Woodley vs Burns Pick'em Thread

Yesterday, 11:17 AM

woodley is done. Had a good run but he is finished

I was hoping the entire fight for Woodley to come back. Losing like this means he might become a full time raper. Oh the tragedy


Yesterday, 04:19 AM


What is your solution then? if it just gets patched then we will see more stand up only counter KO tall builds will be the new meta that everyone will want to be patched.There is a reason why Mike nerfed the 7 footers a fight engine of the pass.  This is MMA Tycoon not Boxing Tycoon. If I have to dodge bombs for 3-5 rounds straight I think it is only fair that I have a chance through speed or energy to survive the storm.

I actually am writing a suggestion thread about it. Thanks for asking and I hope I see you there. Its both an answer to this issue and the "lack of build diversity" issue.

It would involve creating a new mechanic in the game called "unique charateristics", would be similar to the hidden skills but its a yes-or-no instead of 0-to-150 and you can have only one of these (hence, unique). Height affecting striking would be nerf a bit and would be used to calculate BMI and put handicap in strength. A really strong 150lb guy is not as strong as a really strong 250lb guy. It just means he is strong for his size. Too high or too low BMI => Strength handicap (Ngannou, for instance, has a BMI of around 29.98, so around 'overweight zone' 25-30 would be the desirable).

Things like "long limbs" (Gilberts is taller than Wodley but still has 4 inch disadvantage. A Silva, Jones, Ngannou, Cucuy, they all have long limbs compared to fighters with same height), south paw... These things would give you some bonus in one area but handicap you a bit on others. Long limbs make you better at counter striking (rather than just being tall) but make you more prone to submissions (I kinda disagree with this, anyone that rolls with a long arm mofo knows how annoying it is to face a guillotine spammer with those long thing forearms, it also makes hard to pass those weird worm/squid/lapel guards etc, but hey you gotta give some balance to the game), southpaw makes you more efficient at striking offence, but you also take a hit at striking D (the famous liver hook against southpaws).... You could have about 8 or 10 of these, maybe even as a hidden skill, to give new TotT flavors...
"South paw" shows your fighter is left handed, "Big Left Hand" also shows Ko power.


EDIT: Yeah, I know muscle mass index is way better than BMI, athletes and trained people totally screw the BMI curve, etc... But thats a realistic detail thats not really going to improve the game mechanics in this, so... BMI