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Posted 14 September 2017 - 09:25 PM

Aspire 72: Denke v Hardy - Live from the Wombley Arena (93,607) : Attendance - 92,008 : Event Rating - 779.98 : PPV Sales - 163,250

Betting: Bet-Your-Ass


Thoughts from the CEO:
Not going to lie folks, this review is way late and I still have a couple more to go before I catch up to myself, the rankings have not been updated in awhile either so to our new champions my deepest apologies, I will try to address this once I get back ontop of everything, thank you for the continued patience.
170lbs: Karl Denke vs Outlaw Hardy
38w23.jpg vs 14979011271937.gif
  Age: 25                                    Age: 26
  Height: 175 cm                        Height: 180 cm
  Weight: 180 lbs                        Weight: 176 lbs
  Record: 15-5-0 (WWWWW)        Record: 17-5-1 (WWDWL)
Newly crowned Aspire 170lbs champion Karl "Father" Denke capped off a tremendous run as the Caged Combat Rio 170lbs champion by defeating the great Ramon Gracie at Aspire 67: Gracie vs Denke bu unanimous decision to claim the greatest prize in the sport today, not content to sit idle on his throne "Father" requested and received the very best the division had to offer in competition.
Top contender Outlaw Hardy representing The Six Musketeers training out of the Montreal based Gwad's Playpen earned his shot at the title defeating the former Aspire 170lbs champion Jed Knight at Aspire 67: Gracie vs Denke via unanimous decision firmly establishing himself as one of the top names in the organization.
Winner - Outlaw Hardy by way TKO (Punches) : Fight Rating 51%
170lbs: Ramon Gracie vs Jed Knight
10w17.jpg vs 18b12.jpg
  Age: 28                                   Age: 25
  Height: 180 cm                        Height: 182 cm
  Weight: 180 lbs                        Weight: 187 lbs
  Record: 19-3-0 (LWWWL)        Record: 10-2-0 (LWWLW)
Existing at the top of the food chain when it comes to Brazilian Jui Jitsu, Ramon Gracie has delivered seventeen solid submission victories over his stellar career while holding the Aspire 170lbs title on two separate reigns over the course of 2017 making him one of the most respected and feared competitors in the organisation, fighters of Gracies caliber come along once a generation and his recent administration into the Aspire MMA Hall of Fame is testament to his mark of quality. Determined to forge a path back to the title Gracie has issued a challenge to all top competitors who think they are worthy.
Former Aspire 170lbs champion Jed "Jedi" Knight of the Five Points Gang comes in direct off his Aspire 67: Gracie vs Denke unanimous decision loss to top contender Outlaw Hardy following two straight dominant victories over Andy Fitzgerald at Aspire 47: McGee vs Sarkisyan and King Phol via TKO (Strikes) at Aspire 63: McGee vs Miletich, working out of the Wreckshop gym in Las Vegas alongside such names as Arena Fighting Championship's 135lbs champion Kanishka Lijikiszcz and Global Association of Muay Thai's 185lbs champion Bruce Kang insiders have suggested Knight has spent most of the run up to the fight working on his ground game earning his BJJ Brown belt in recent times.
Winner - Ramon Gracie by way Submission (RNC) : Fight Rating 46%
145lbs: Morrison Lee vs Blake Green
14385657031061.gif vs 14746565953564.jpg
  Age: 27                                   Age: 26
  Height: 181 cm                        Height: 168 cm
  Weight: 158 lbs                        Weight: 146 lbs
  Record: 16-3-0 (WLWLW)        Record: 16-3-1 (WWWDL)
Fresh off his Submission (Triangle Choke) submission of the night award winning execution of top contender Noam Nystrom at Aspire 69: Frankels v Castillo the final OMEGA 145lbs champion Morrison Lee makes his return to the cage set on a path to glory as he aims to restore his position at the top of the 145lbs division.
His opponent Aspire MMA veteran Blake "Zombie" Green has looked fantastic in his last outings with unanimous decision victories over Xi Lim at Aspire 46: Orsini vs Ramon, Ryan Brophy at Aspire 60: Brophy vs Adams 2 and finally top competitor Rollo Gracie at Aspire 68: Brophy vs Adams 3, with only a single loss to his Aspire MMA record against Isaac Hayford via Submission (Guillotine) at Aspire 37 the "Zombie" is considered one of the most formidable and unstoppable warriors in the promotion.
Winner - Blake Green by way Unanimous Decision : Fight Rating 63%

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Posted 14 September 2017 - 09:25 PM

170lbs: Alessandro Orsini vs Pavel Savkov
13967245261111.jpg vs 43w2.jpg
  Age: 25                                   Age: 24
  Height: 183 cm                        Height: 175 cm
  Weight: 178 lbs                        Weight: 180 lbs
  Record: 10-3-0 (WWLWW)        Record: 12-2-0 (WLWWW)
Former Aspire 170lbs champion Alessandro Orsini fighting out of the Amsterdam based Wild Card gym picked up victories over both Andy Fitzgerald via decision at Aspire 62: Gracie vs Warror and top competitor Jack Stone via a contentious majority decision verdict at Aspire 67: Gracie vs Denke on his road back towards the championship, standing in his way tonight is one of the brightest prospects in the division and he will enter knowing this is likely to be one of the toughest tests os his storied career.
His opponent tonight, former dominant Devastation Fighting Championship's 170lbs champion and Russian Bears team standout Pavel Savkov makes his return to action following his Submission (Guillotine) dismantlement of James Kicker at DFC 60: Enmity, "Savok" as he's known to his friends trains out of the St Petersburg MMA Gym alongside notable fighter Freedom Fighting Alliance's 170lbs champion Alexy Andreev amongst a talented roster of team mates and is said to have spent the months prior to the announcement of his Aspire MMA debut working intensively to rise to the task.
Winner - Pavel Savkov by way Unanimous Decision : Fight Rating 45%
145lbs: Isaac Hayford vs Charles Ng
1b8.jpg vs 14654138336471.jpg
  Age: 26                                   Age: 26
  Height: 179 cm                        Height: 160 cm
  Weight: 146 lbs                        Weight: 145 lbs
  Record: 13-6-1 (LWLWW)        Record: 14-7-0 (LLLWL)
Isaac Hayford now under new management following his departure from The Six Musketeers fight camp finds himself represented now by LAPD's finest Lieutenant Columbo, possessing a well-rounded combat style effective in both the ground and the standup arenas with a high-level coligic wrestling background to boot this twenty-six-year-old prospect from New York, USA still has plenty of potential to draw upon despite his recent loss to top competitor Koulouraki Souvlaki via TKO (Strikes) at Aspire 66: Casper vs Mazzini, taking residence at the Visionary Athletics facilities out of Los Angeles insiders have suggested Hayford is in the best physical shape of his life as he looks to make his return to the Aspire MMA cage.
And making his anticipated Aspire MMA debut is former Synchronicity mainstay Charles Ng, a former 135lbs champion of the now defunct GENERATION fight organisation back in 2016 his most recent encounter with Bastyn Dall at Syn 539 ended in a decision loss he would rather forget, coming in on a multiple loss streak Charles will be insistent on proving his worth to the Aspire MMA faithful upon his arrival.
Winner - Isaac Hayford by way Unanimous Decision : Fight Rating 50%
170lbs: Jack Stone vs King Phol
14738123976262.jpg vs 22w24.jpg
  Age: 25                                   Age: 24
  Height: 185 cm                        Height: 188 cm
  Weight: 177 lbs                        Weight: 184 lbs
  Record: 15-5-1 (LWWWL)        Record: 12-5-0 (LLWWL)
Following his Aspire 67: Gracie vs Denke majority decision loss to former Aspire 170lbs champion Alessandro Orsini it was the "Irish Hand Grenade" Jack Stone publicly calling the officials of the night into the cage to give them a "personal lesson on how to score a fight" that lead to his temporary suspension by the state athletic commission resulting in a $20,000 fine for his post fight behavior and subsequent destruction of the judges announce table that attracted the most media attention, but perhaps the most telling part of this story is that Aspire MMA itself covered the bill indicating that they felt Stone had a serious point, with recent moves by Aspire MMA to encourage former fighters to become judges and analysts in the hope of restoring faith in the system including a $2,000,000 trust fund setup to help re-educate fighters in this regard it might be that Stone's position leads to tangible changes within the organisation, firmly establishing him as one of the most well-liked members of the Aspire dressing room as a result.
His opponent tonight former Dignity! 170lbs champion King Phoi made his Aspire MMA debut in a losing effort to former Aspire 170lbs champion Jed Knight via TKO (Strikes) at Aspire 63: McGee vs Miletich before going on to lose against top competitor Paul Warror again via TKO (Strikes) at Aspire 67: Gracie vs Denke, resulting in a departure from his management team and training facilities as he moved over to the Helsinki Private Gym to begin his climb back up the divisional rankings, with a new philosophy and outlook on his training style fans will be looking to see his striking defense improve along with his physical speed and agility if he hopes to climb back to success in what is a very tough division.
Winner - Jack Stone by way KO (Punch) : Fight Rating 50%
170lbs: Vito Scaletta vs Ray Manchini
14587390488974.png vs 14505198609587.png
  Age: 24                                   Age: 25
  Height: 181 cm                        Height: 178 cm
  Weight: 184 lbs                        Weight: 170 lbs
  Record: 9-1-0 (WWWWL)        Record: 10-6-0 (LWWLW)
Fresh off his Aspire 62: Gracie vs Warror (TKO Strikes) victory over Jervis Tetch the multiple time KO of the Night award winning Vito "Gangster" Scaletta was said to have been less than impressed with Aspire MMA's decision to not award him the bonus following his highlight reel worthy big right hand that dropped Tetch in a beautiful slow motion affair that will surely make the opening video package of many Aspire events to come. Disgruntled as he was Scaletta is said to be impressed with the scale and reach of the promotion overall and has enjoyed a level of media attention beyond his wildest expectations, the futures bright for the "Gangster" as he continues to add to his already well-founded arsenal working under influential head coach Gianka Bonghi of #THEUNIT fame at the Casino training facilities in Las Vegas. 
Ray "Boom Boom" Manchini is a world class boxer with a solid wrestling base from Chicargo, USA that has made a career of pitting his opponents to sleep at both 155lbs, following his KO (Spinning Backfist) victory over Satoru Takada at Primal 49 Manchini made the decision to step up to 170lbs putting him on track for a showdown with contender Mantis Toboggan at Primal 53 resulting in a sound KO (Punch) victory, but it was said that Manchini perhaps struggled to find his natural KO ability as easily as he had at 155lbs as he went into his Primal 55 encounter with then Primal Fear 170lbs champion Outlaw Hardy resulting in a TKO (Kick & Punches) loss despite landing some big shots that might have taken a smaller man out, picking up win's against Dimitri Vasleyiev and Winslow Berhardt before once again looking to challenge for the Primal Fear 170lbs title, this time against Paul Warror ending in a TKO (Strikes) loss at Primal 60, many fans online had called for Manchini to return to his base 155lbs division but upon jumping to Aspire MMA it was announced his opponent would be at 170lbs much to their dismay.
Winner - Vito Scaletta by way Majority Decision : Fight Rating 61%

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Posted 14 September 2017 - 09:26 PM

145lbs: Michael Kristian vs Tobias Marshall
14461234014515.png vs 16w18.jpg
  Age: 26                                   Age: 32
  Height: 167 cm                        Height: 170 cm
  Weight: 153 lbs                        Weight: 139 lbs
  Record: 12-5-1 (LWLLW)        Record: 15-9-0 (LWLWL)
Former StrikeForce Union 145lbs champion Michael Kristian picked up a decision loss to top competitor Mads Nordskov at Aspire 50: McGee vs Gracie following his Aspire 45: Hayes vs Gracie decision victory over Misha Collins, said to have been suffering from a yet to be disclosed medical issue going into the Nordskov fight, fan's tonight will be looking to see Kristian back to the killer form he was in during his destruction of the StrikeForce Union 145lbs division across 2016 and the early 2017 but with rumors circulating that Kristian still might not be 100% doubt has been cast on his ability to get the job done tonight.
Island Season 5 veteran Tobias Marshall has made a name for himself as one of the true up-coming warriors of Aspire MMA having gone to war with the likes of Mads Nordskov, Kouloraki Souvlaki and legendary Tyrone The Crack Head during his current run with the promotion, despite not always securing victory his exciting pressing style of attack has made him quickly one of Aspire MMA's fan favorite and is expected to continue to rise if he can get past veteran Michael Kristian tonight.
Winner - Tobias Marshall by way Unanimous Decision : Fight Rating 74%
205lbs: Nasko Stefanov vs Israel Hand
14710907653764.gif vs 19w14.jpg
  Age: 25                                   Age: 25
  Height: 190 cm                        Height: 191 cm
  Weight: 210 lbs                        Weight: 215 lbs
  Record: 12-8-0 (LWWWL)        Record: 9-2-0 (LWWWW)
Determined striker Nasko Stefanov of the famed Jaspers Academy out of Los Angeles representing the Decimation camp is known for his heavy hands and lighting execution when it comes to timed strikes, possessing both the strength and stamina to stay in the fight long after most of his opponents have gassed it is Nasko's physical conditioning that is his primary trait that has lead to so much success so far with big time win's over the likes of Asmund Sykke via decision at Aspire 43 and top competitor Thomas Peterson via TKO (Head Kick) at Aspire 46: Orsini vs Ramon, Stefanov at just twenty-five years old, stands as one to watch for the future at 205lbs.
His opponent Israel Hand makes his return to Aspire MMA following a stint in Dignity! prior to its closure picking up a solid TKO (Cut) win over Antero Vipunen at D45 Galvao vs Jacquard II, before finding defeat at the hands of then Dignity! 265lbs champion Kimbo Slice at D50 Warror v Saarelainen. Deciding upon a return to 205lbs following the encounter it would take several months for Hand to reach his desired wait while his fans waited in anticipation for the end result.
Winner - Nasko Stefanov by way Unanimous Decision : Fight Rating 51%
155lbs: Jack Wilder vs Gustavo Carvalho
1w16.jpg vs 14370478516440.png
  Age: 24                                   Age: 27
  Height: 170 cm                        Height: 172 cm
  Weight: 167 lbs                        Weight: 165 lbs
  Record: 6-4-0 (LWWLL)        Record: 7-5-0 (LWLWW)
Talented young prospect Jack Wilder fighting out of the Casino training facilities in Las Vegas, USA made his Aspire MMA debut against Ray "Stack" Bundles resulting in a decision loss at Aspire 31 before going on to soundly defeat Prince Idowu and veteran Miles North via TKO (Strikes) at Aspire 40 and Aspire 49: Zaitsev vs Slice respectively, putting him back on track for another showdown with "Stack" that unfortunately ended in a similar fashion to the first encounter.  Determined to restore himself to winning ways having recently celebrated his twenty-fourth birthday, insiders close to Wilder have made it known mentally Wilder has never been stronger and is expected to return to action with relentless intention.
His opponent, the Curitiba, Brazil native Gustavo Carvalho is one of the most developed talents in the 155lbs division holding a BJJ black belt awarded by head coach Ivan Ivanov of the LOD Gym of the Gods facilities out of Las Vegas whilst also possessing one of the most technical standup games in the division that has tested some of 155lbs very best.
Winner - Gustavo Carvalho by way Split Decision : Fight Rating 62%
The Aftermath:
FON - Gustavo Carvalho vs Jack Wilder
KON -  Jack Stone
SON - Ramon Gracie
Our next event Aspire 73: Mazzini v Yew coming live from the Wombley Arena (93,607) seater stadium live on PPV headlined by Aspire 185lbs champion Vito Mazzini fresh off his Aspire 66: Casper vs Mazzini title victory via Submission (Guillotine) going up against former MMAHelsinki 185lbs champion Yef "Smdb" Yew coming in off his KO (Punch) domination of Svend Haraldsson at MMAHelsinki - 127 before signing to Aspire MMA. And in our co-main event we see the return of former Aspire 185lbs champion Harry "Opie" Winston as he takes on former StrikeForce Union 185lbs champion Sergey "Sklema" Sklemin direct off his decision victory over Jorge Morueco at Aspire 69: Frankels v Castillo in addition to the return to the cage for former Aspire 185lbs champion Casper Timmermans and many many more, join us for all that action and more right here at Aspire MMA.

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Posted 19 September 2017 - 12:49 AM

recent Aspire heavyweight acquisition Ken Tanaka, the former Underground MMA superheavyweight champion, recently came out of retirement under new management. In less than two days, he will see if his new training camp and revised gameplan, as well as a significant weight cut, can all work together to prepare him for another run at glory. After losing the Underground MMA title, Tanaka's career faltered and his interest flagged as pursuits outside the cage pulled him away from the sport. But now, under the management of extra-mediocre veteran Tony Scatero and fighting from the shadows of a shamed and silent Vendetta Alliance, Tanaka has come back with a savage vengeance to see if he still has what it takes to be a champion.
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Posted 21 September 2017 - 11:03 PM

Aspire MMA Update - 21st September 2017.

Hey folks, I keep putting this off so I figure I best just get it out the way. I wanted to make a big grand post that made this seem somewhat less unfortunate but the reality of the situation is that I have spent most of my time over the last few weeks dedicating myself to crypto currency's and as a result write-up's for our events have not been done on time or in some cases at all, that is not the standard of effort you have all become accustomed to and it's not the standard I want to set for Aspire, but the unfortunate reality is that I have found a way to make significant strides towards a better prospect for my family in my real life with this situation and that has become more of a priority over time.


What does this mean? you might of noticed a number of your favourite organisations have announced closure of late including Bushido, SFU and HFC, I'm sure you are expecting the same from me now I paint such a grim picture of things, but I want to assure you all Aspire MMA is here to stay, I love this game with a passion and while I can no longer commit to the multiple hours a week spent doing the write-ups I can promise you all that the running and operation of Aspire MMA will be no less than the very best you have come to expect, no lack of commitment or effort will be spared when it comes to that, and to ensure the future of Aspire MMA I'm proud to announce the following.

The Expanse.

As of the 20th of September 2017 we have purchased and closed the StrikeForce Union and have sent all existing fighters of note contracts to join Aspire MMA, in addition to this we have negotiated and secured deal to acquire Bushido 290k and the services of it's current leadership, Rei Rei and GBK to the Aspire MMA staff with Rei Rei taking control of day to day operations while I maintain my position as CEO of the company with a view to ensuring quality of service, GBK will be taking an advisory role during the transition period to help Bushido members find contracts at Aspire MMA.

To address some concerns since GBK does hold a number of fighters within the organisation to date, if anyone does not wish to fight GBK's fighters during this time please feel free to decline the fight offers, it's not our policy to have someone on staff who is actively fighting in the organisation and we will look to filter this situation out over time, but for the moment his position at Aspire MMA is transitional and then he will be moving onto another yet to be announced project alongside Aspire board member Tom Bickle, he will not at any time be involved in the booking process for Aspire MMA while still under fighter contract, on this you have my solemn word.

With Tom Bickle, TJ, Shiv, Rei Rei and GBK all working together to make sure the greater Aspire collective is providing the very best experience the game has to offer I can be assured the continued prosperity of the brand and organisations, I dare say this is one of the strongest teams ever assembled for such a task and I'm proud to be working alongside them all daily to reach the very top of the game.

What Rei Rei brings to the table I know many of you already understand he's the best unrestricted org manager litteraly in the game and he ran such an amazing ship over at Bushido that heavily inspired Aspire MMA that I could not pass up on the oppertunity to work with him directly, he will be everything I was and more, trust him as I do please folks of Aspire MMA, his word is my word now.

And About Them Write-Ups Adam?

Honestly one of the main reasons I started an org in the first place was to tell my little storeys, I never got burned out doing them, it wasn't that kind of situation I still love doing them, I still love seeing the replies I get from you guys ingame and on the forums when I say something funny about your fighters, I still love doing video packages and all of that stuff, I just cannot commit to doing it every week and since I'm pretty sure nobody else is going to give them the love I do I think its best I just confirm what everyone suspects that they will no longer continue on a two times a week basis, or even a weekly basis.

The plan going forward particularly since we will have a confirmed 8 events per month with all of the extra fighters we will be picking up is to go ahead and do a month retrospective on the general discussion section to attract more viewership and cover the moments that really matter in as much detail as we can, efforts will most likely be a collaborative effort between myself, GBK and Rei Rei as we hope to provide the most anticipated thread of the month, every month with a quality distribution that covers everything that's going on across the Aspire campus.

I understand this is far from the effort displayed to date and I hope you will forgive me, I love this. I love all the support you all gave me to get this far and I do feel I'm letting you down in admitting this but I have to focus my time into something else in that regard to be completely honest with you all. This will in no way affect the quality of the organization, that I promise.

And the ID range elephant in the room?

So we have made no secret of our intention to take Aspire MMA unrestricted in the new year, we looked at our current situation, almost all 280k fighters with a handful of 275k fighters we mostly picked up from OMEGA of late as a sort of test-run, that worked out fine and most 280k fighters were happy to fight the 275k guys without issue, but now that we are adding a full pool of 290k fighters to the mix (or at least the ones who skill wise can hang with 280k fighters) we want to make it very clear that our intention is to push back Aspire Unrestricted until Summer 2018 and going forward we intend to stop recruitment of all fighters under 280k ID, this unfortunately means we will cease to offer contract extensions to 275k ID fighters currently hired to Aspire MMA over the next few months as their deals run down.

We want Aspire MMA to be the very best organization in the game, its so rare we get a fight decline or have issues with any manager and I'm so thankful for that mentality that has grown here in Aspire MMA that has helped us become top of this ID range, next stop the world.


Sorry for the lack of write-ups. They are going monthly now.
We acquired SFU & Bushido and will be settling in Rei Rei as the Dana White type soon.
I'm now more of a Lorenzo Fertitta, but I'm still here and I still love it.

edit: PS we also moved to London (-:

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    Jacques Cousteau Takamatsu, Matsui, Ray Park, Jackie Chan, Master Pan, Tolkein, Douglas Adams, Carl Sagan and Numerous others, no disrespect meant, by not mentioning them, you get the point.
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Posted 22 September 2017 - 03:53 AM

                                          When I first hired Thoreaux AssKicken, his mother told me that I would have trouble getting him out of the "hollers" (what-ever those are). I guess that all he wanted to do was "wrastle gators and cat-fish noodling".     People in the area close to his fishing grounds have started hearing shouts of "I do this for ASPIRE" wafting across the waterways at dusk AND dawn. Because of Aspires influence and belief in him,. he has decided to go back to school and get his G.E.D.   I dont know how to, fully, thank you for your support in that boys future.  I think that we have created a monster. 

                                                           Thank you for your time:  Kanis


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Posted Yesterday, 06:50 PM



Ramon Gracie (21-4-0, 19 subs)


Ramon Gracie has now the most subs in Aspire MMA history. He's ready to get his revenge against the champion Pavel Savkov after his fluke win against the Gracie Jiu Jitsu master  


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