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HGH Nutrients Q160 Tycoons Best Quality supps (1529)

04 November 2018 - 09:47 PM

https://www.mmatycoo...c.php?ncid=1529 Just took over H.G.H and I'll be giving away 10k sponsorships limited to 5 per manager, hit me up in game. I'll also be looking for an updated main logo along with a few jet skin's if anyone wants to take a crack at it please show me what you have and I'll pick a winner in 1 week. Thanks again and have a good day

LAS VEGAS 70$ BEST (5532) THIEF!!!

20 October 2018 - 06:55 PM

https://www.mmatycoo...ic.php?cid=5532 Jonny Hank has decided to "borrow" some designs from my shop. I've contacted Mike a few times and nothing has been done yet so hopefully this gets some attention and the clothes removed from his shop.


13 August 2018 - 10:56 PM

HELLBENT will be sponsoring a 64 man ground tournament, TWGC Rules apply.
1st- 1 million
2nd- 200k
Enter more than 1 fighter if you want
MUST be at least a Brown belt or exceptional wrestler to enter, no white belts allowed.

Now that the TWGC tournament is over I want to put on an openweight tournament to crown the true king of the ground. I want guys like current kingpin Percy Schmeiser, as well as kuklinski, Hero, Tupu, Starseed, Machado, Blake, Robinson, Wasa, Dixie, Tribbiani, Johnson, Fokin, Pending. Ground slider masters like Shape Shifter, Burns, Karter, Steel Penn, Morrison, Rac2, JLP, Ruphus, IHU, PBR, and many more.

We'll try for 64 but if not the first 32 get in, each fighter will get a 5k/5k/5k 6 fight contract
HELLBENT and hopefully a few others will be sponsoring other prizes for thing like most subs in the tournament. Good luck and please sign up below or get a hold of me in game(4966).

HELLBENT(1058) Las Vegas

30 June 2018 - 03:29 PM

That's right we're finally back and fully stocked, stop in and buy yourself a new set or whole new wardrobe.
Also looking for an org to partner up with and will be taking the best deal offered preferably by a top 15 org.
Also i'll be giving away a set of clothes(trunks and shirt of choice) to the first 50 fighters who send in their ID's in game. (limit of two per manager)
I'll also be giving away 10 sponsorships today for 10k 30 days each to the first ten(1 per manager) fighters who reply here in the forums.
Thanks for your time and good luck
HELLBENT(1058) Las Vegas

EMPIRE Combat Grappling

16 January 2018 - 12:44 AM

EMPIRE Combat Grappling(5409) in London, We're an open ID Grappling only org.


Our current weight classes=

135,145, and 155 sharing a division

170, and 185 will be sharing a division



265+ will be an openweight for the top grapplers that like to fight at any weight class and want to be the best of the best.


We will use TWGC rules and all fighters will be allowed to enter when it comes around.

Current contracts will be 5k/5k/5k 3 fight deal but you are allowed to sign for 1 fight or 10 its all up to you, and I will release and share fighters at any time.

Hell's Balls Recovery(1335) will provide all your supp needs, just PM Cody and he'll send your fighter anything you need.

We are currently working on a ground gym free of charge for all our fighters

We also provide a private jet if you need it, just PM me the details and i'll set up the flight.


Thanks and good luck to all your fighters.