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#906688 Mike's report

Posted by Devin07 on 24 February 2020 - 02:28 PM

Welcome to Mikes report Here we do review, preview and interview
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#906638 Mike's podcast

Posted by Devin07 on 23 February 2020 - 04:31 PM

Mike: Hi welcome to the first podcast of mike's podcast. Let's review PFC 157 Aiken vs Alzheimer. The undercard Harry Daebak (12-6-0) vs Mana Gestation (27-14-2) in the bantamweight division. That fight was back and forth and that is why it was a draw. The next fight was Anurag Dikshit (42-21-0) vs Danny Brixton (26-15-2). Dranny Brixton won. The next fight on the undercard was Dick Caunt (17-9-2) vs Ramon Escobar (25-6-3). Dick Caunt won by Decision. The last fight on the undercard was Keith Bishop (20-8-0) vs Schmorgen Biscuit (22-17-0).
Keith won by decision. The first fight on the maincard was Taylor Jack (16-5-0) vs Impeio Romano (23-12-0). The two fighter got a draw. The next fight was Kystian (25-14-0) vs Joost Van Buren (22-12-0). Joost won by TKO (cut). The next fight was Koh Ibo (33-13-0) vs Mads Nord Skou (33-11-1). The fight is a draw. The next fight was Ronnie Hepple (24-9-0) vs Demon Monkeys (18-12-1). Ronnie won by TKO (cut). The co-main event was Ricardo Castillo (23-9-1) vs Patrick Thompson (18-12-1). Patrick won by KO (head kick). The main event was Midick Aiken (24-7-1) vs Friedrich Alzheimer (33-6-0) for the featherweight title. Alzheimer won by decision
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