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#790389 Wolf and Aaron

Posted by MMATycoon on 18 November 2016 - 07:21 PM

OK, so this sucks but here goes. To cut a long story short, I'm having to delete Wolf and Aaron for cheating.


The long story:


Back in October 2015 when I started converting the site to a mobile site, Aaron helped me out and converted maybe 30 odd pages of the 200ish pages. I gave him a folder in FTP so he could check the pages were working properly. He was someone I'd talked to plenty of times, had him on Skype, he lives in the same city as me and actually works less than a mile away from my house, so I trusted him with that access. There was nothing important in that folder so I didn't really give it much of a second thought and actually forgot all about it. Since then, I'd talked to Aaron plenty more, have written an article for his fightplatform site, which he gave me admin access to etc..


However, a couple of weeks ago, some guys from the game came to me and pointed out that Wolf and Aaron had some very weird stuff going on in their gyms. Their fighters didn't appear to be training, yet were high skilled. So I checked it out and it was indeed fishy - they'd edited their fighters somehow to be far better than they should have been (including hiddens) but I didn't know how. As I say, I'd totally forgotten that I'd ever given him FTP at this point (this year's been pretty hectic with my first kid, getting married etc... turns out that stuff makes you pretty forgetful).

So anyway, me and my programmer (and also people helping from the game) spent a couple of weeks trying to figure it out, programming in checks etc under the assumption it was SQL injection, access to an admin panel or through the forums maybe (hence the arcade disappearing, if you noticed that). It would have been nice to just ask straight up but we couldn't really risk that in case they did anything dodgy... I mean, we thought they were pretty sound people who were just fucking around and not doing anything malicious but you never know.


So after programming a load of checks, we couldn't figure out what they were doing, so I just asked Wolf straight up yesterday and he fessed up straight away. I'm grateful for that, cos he could have been a dick about it and played dumb or given a false lead. Instead he apologised and told me straight away. It wasn't a total waste of time doing all those checks because it's useful to have them in place anyway.


To explain what they actually did - basically nothing existing on the site was compromised, Aaron just wrote his own script, uploaded it to that FTP folder and ran it to edit their fighters' skills. Obviously I've deleted that FTP account now.



I'm not actually deleting them, I've just changed their passwords for now and done a forced logout. I'll delete them properly once their fights are all done then retire the fighters to the Bahamas. All finances have been removed etc. I'm not editing their hype as that would screw over people they're fighting.


Oh and if I've been shit at replying to your emails the last few weeks, this is why; it's been pretty stressful / busy.



To pre-empt some questions.


1. Are you a fucking moron? Yup. Never trust anyone apparently.

2. How long's it been going on? I dunno, I haven't asked yet. I've only spoken to Wolf briefly. Aaron is in Thailand so I'll talk to him when he gets back.
3. Are any of the other alliance members in on it? We looked at their fighters and they looked OK. A couple of them aren't training properly but their fighters' skills look fairly representative of the amount of training they'd done.

4. What happens to fights that are already booked? I have set all their hiddens to 1, so if you're fighting one of them you've basically got a free win. If you want me to just cancel a booked fight if you are fighting one of them, let me know and I will do that. I've also cleared all finances.

5. Was the Russian hack anything to do with it? It wasn't them but maybe indirectly. I asked someone from the game to download a tool to try and find SQL injection possibilities. That tool might have been dodgy and sent that hack attempt our way if it sent a list of sites using the tool back to the programmers. If it was totally unrelated then it's a massive coincidence because we were using the tool that day and the day before.

6. Can you undo a result against their fighters for me? If people feel really strongly about it, I can write a script. I am OK with doing that but I would personally prefer to move on from wasting time on this as it's already wiped out 2 weeks. As it's my fault though, obviously I will do what people prefer.

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#335846 a note to mike tycoon

Posted by on 29 January 2012 - 10:44 PM

this was a message that i wrote with the intentions of sending to mike. but it got long, so it can be his option to read it or not

hey mike, i think that you need to delete your account and start over with a brand new one, and make an honest effort to play competitively. i think what has happened is that you are still playing as an older player and it narrows your scope on things. it makes you naive to a newer players perspective. i feel i've got the right to say that because i was the same way. when i was an older manager i truly had no idea just how disheartening this game is for new players. honestly i didnt have a clue. but now that i've restarted my entire perspective has changed.

i've spent six months playing as a new manager and i've went from having a deep passion for the quality of this game, to a strong dislike for how this game functions. i can set here and try to explain my perspective on things. but i think that you'll never truly have a feel for where im coming from until you experience it for yourself.

in my opinion, new player enjoyment should be the #1 goal. simply because if there's no enjoyment factor for the new players then there's not gonna be any older players around to enjoy it. this game feeds off of young and old players equally. there value to the game is a stale mate. this game truly is a great experience as an older player. the game is incredidly rewarding as an established manager. most everyone will agree to that. but i can guarantee you that you'll have a much harder time finding younger managers that will agree to the same thing. it's just not the case.

the goal should be to make the game enjoyable over the entire spectrum. instead of only after you've played the game for 2 years. ppl just wont wait that long. hell, i know first hand how enjoyable this game can be once you've put your time in. but even knowing that, im on the verge of bailing, simply because the wait isnt seeming to be worth it.....

i've been playing with a stable of new fighters and training in public gyms for 6 months now and im absolutely disgusted with how my fighters have progressed. i know what the older managers fighters look like, and i know that my fighters arent close to that. but at the same time, i understand that your goal is to bring the overall total skill levels of the older fighter down a bit. i get that. but by slowing fighter growth isnt the key. all that you've done by nerfing fighters learning abilities is make a boring game for young and old.

i know that you didnt directly nerf learning speed, but the changes that have been made have made that happen. an example of where the system fails: you can take a fight. lose. train for a month, and enter into your next fight and show little to no skill improvement from the fight before...that's a problem in my opinion. it takes away almost all optimism. there needs to be at least SOME signs of improvements from fighters in between fights. not only because it keeps managers logging in daily to see fighter progression. but also because it gives optimism that a loss early on, wont neccassarily mean a loss down the road.

some managers just dont and will never be good with the sliders. they understand and admit to that. so in order to bridge the gap for those managers, skills is what does it. skills, whether you want to believe it or not, is what makes this game go. skills are what creates passion for ppl. skills are what creates the bond between fighter and manager. skills are what creates the butterflies for an upcoming fight. skills are what manufactures hope and the optimism that your luck is going to change. that goes for both young AND old. skills are what allows managers to put yestarday behind them and allows them to be excited about the oppurtunity of tomarrow.

by trying to limit the skills or slowing the growth of a fighter, you're limiting how excited ppl can be about mmatycoon in general. it's honestly just the facts. everything in life is pshycological and has a pshycological effect. you need to always ensure that the things that you do creates a postitive pshycological emotion for ppl. that's the recipe for success with anything. whether it's getting somebody to buy your product, vote for you in an election, hang around you at a party, or simply say hello to you on the street. you've got to always ensure that the things that you do put other ppl into a happy/comforting state of mind. that's how you get ppl to want to follow you, or to just simply be around you. in this case, that's how you get ppl to want to play mmatycoon. allow them to enjoy themselves as much as possible on the thrills of the game - maximize the things that ppl love the most about the game. watching fighter growth is a key factor in this games success in my opinion...

but im not sure what your overall goal is with the game? it may be different from what i believe it to be, or think it should be? but im certain that your goal isnt to have a stagnation effect from fighters. at least i hope it isnt. but that's kind of the feeling that i think has been created. you've always made really well thought out changes to the game in my opinion. much better than what i could have ever done. but at the current moment, there's nothing incredible going on in the game that just reaches out and grabs new players. the game i feel like is initially intriguing enough to get ppl to come back. but nothing that happens frequently enough to really take a hold of ppl and keep them on the edge of their seat. that's just my honest opinion.

i have to go back to the mice in a maze theory. you dont have to give much, but you do have to give it just a little bit of cheese occasionally. or else it wont keep running the maze. same way with this game. i get it's a slow paced game. i've played for almost 3 years now. so i can handle the pace of a game of this type. but at some point, if there's continually less and less cheese at the end of the maze, then we'll have to go off in search of new cheese. and i dont mean that as a threat to say "hey, make the game the way i want". it's just me saying, "hey mike, i've played this game for a long time. i've grown to love it. but now can feel it slipping away" - i feel like i've got to make at least SOME effort to throw something out there that can make the game more enjoyable from my own perspective. from my perspective, i think that the game really shines at the upper levels, when you can compete with good skilled fighters in a battle of wits via sliders and skill sets. that's where this game excells. but the only players that are getting to take part in that greatness are the ones that have been apart of the game for a long time.

so i want to make a push to you in hopes that you'll do something to allow us younger managers to take part in that fun maybe just a little bit quicker. i know what this game can offer in terms of enjoyment. but in my opinion, it's foolish to think ppl will play for years before getting to experience it

in the end, i thought that the basis of the game was "styles make fights". the game flourished under that thought. i sure would love to see it get back down to that. i dont care if it's exceptional/sensationals vs remarkables/wonderfuls. that's okay by me. i'd be happy to be faced with that dissadvantage. but 6 months in and still working with proficient at best? and that's with major glaring holes....mike please take notice, and bridge the gap. it's my final plea
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#506398 Fighter Option - Vacate Title Belt

Posted by EzekelRAGE on 10 January 2014 - 10:46 PM



When you click the box beside vacate title you would get the following popup




To make the contract looks less cluttered you can move the warning text to the pop up to confirm vacating the title



Now fighters can vacate a belt without harming the org(If they are above 100 hype). A fighter wouldnt have to feel obligated to stay in the org because he holds a title.

Maybe a fighter just wants to up the competition but also leave the org he is champion at on good terms.

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#246065 A basic fighter creation lesson: Distributing your points

Posted by myronmonroe on 23 February 2011 - 06:37 PM

I think this is one of those things EVERY single person that plays this game should know, so that's why I decided to make this post.

When you are putting points into your fighter on creation, which one of these strategies will be the best in the long run?

Best way to spend 111 points:

Fighter #1: Put only 1 point (USELESS) into SKill #1, and spend the maximum 110 points (WONDERFUL)on Skill #2
Fighter #2: Spread the points out, putting 55 (COMPETENT) into Skill #1 and 56 (COMPETENT) into Skill #2

Here's the basic concept of this game you need to keep on mind:

It is MUCH MUCH faster to go from 1 to 55 than it is to go from 56 to 110......Training slows down dramatically as your skill level goes up. There are no exact numbers, but I will use this picture as an example:

Posted Image

So, let's take a look at Fighter #1 and how long it will take him to get both skills to wonderful:

Posted Image

Now, let's take a look at Fighter #2 and how long it will take him to get both skills to wonderful:

Posted Image

In conclusion, Fighter #1 was MUCH easier to get both skills to wonderful than Fighter #2. If you have a fighter and you are thinking about his long term success, it is better to get as many skills to 110 as you can. He may not be as well rounded in the beginning, but he will thank you in the long run :thumbup:
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#312754 Fighte Slots change to Fighters & Staff Slots?

Posted by MMATycoon on 17 October 2011 - 08:36 PM

Just throwing out a general idea.

Instead of the slots just being for fighters, how about changing it to fighters and staff. Staff would be stuff like;

- Retired fighter (can become a coach and run seminars).
- Personal Assistant (would be able to help you with stuff like setting a supplement schedule, pointing out when fighters are running out of money etc. The more you paid them, the more they could look out for).
- Cornerman (something people asked about all the time in the earlier days - perhaps these could all be retired fighters too).
- Other stuff if people could think of anything.

Now that fighters take a bit more looking after this would help take up extra slots that people aren't in need of so much anymore, plus if we keep the retired fighters on, I would be OK with upping the number of slots that you can buy to 20, which is something else that people have asked about for quite a while. I do need the site to bring in some more money but I wanted there to be a functional point in opening up more slots.

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#730826 Convicted Weather Report: Ronda Rousey, Dinooo, & Qlimax

Posted by Rambo on 07 January 2016 - 06:59 AM

Since Ronda Rousey's KO loss to Holly Holm, she's been focusing on her life outside of the cage. During a recent press conference she was caught off guard when a surprise guest showed up to the stage for an interview.
A cameraman captured Ronda's OMG CK is going to be here!?! moment.

RR:  I'm wet.


CK:  First off, gross - I wouldn't fuck you with Dana White's head.  Second, I have that effect on women.  Third, it's nice to meet you too.  Lastly, stick to questions please.  My time is valuable. Time is money.


RR:  How shocked were you when dinooo announced he would be leaving Convicted?  Did he talk to you before he left?


CK:  It wasn't anticipated, but I'm not shocked.  He's always been very active in tycoon chat so we were aware he had a lot of buddies outside of Convicted.


RR:  Did he talk to you before he left?  


CK:  No.


RR:  Did he talk to any of you before he left?


CK:  The only one I'm aware of is LT.


RR:  Do you know what he discussed with Lance?  Did they part on good terms?  Rumors are circulating that LT assaulted dinooo during his departure from the Convicted Inc building.


CK:  We'll leave TMZ news to noob alliances.  I have no recollection of that.  Let's just say LT is loyal to Convicted.


RR:  Reports say LT hit him with a chair...


CK:  No comment.


RR:  ...Kicked him in the skirt on the way out...


CK:  No comment.



GBK and fellow noobs celebrating at some shitty gay-pride festival when dinooo announced he left Convicted




RR:  Let's talk about the new alliance Dinooo started; Qlimax.


CK:  Seriously?


RR:  Dinooo, GBK, and Ruphus Duphus started it ---


CK:  The name, they really called it Qlimax?


RR:  Yes.


CK:  Qlimax what?


RR:  That's it.


CK:  What?


RR:  Just Qlimax.


CK:  Why?


RR:  He named it after some music festival he attended as a child.


CK:  You're fuckin kidding me, right?


RR:  No, I'm not.


CK:  No comment.




dinooo protesting after Chuck Grace, a former Cocksmen, was voted into Convicted by the OG committee.  He went full body shave and shirtless to show how serious he was.




RR:  There were rumors that there's been a rift between members in Convicted for a long time.  Is that true?


CK:  No, I haven't heard that one yet.


RR:  They say it started sometime after Chuck Grace was voted into Convicted.  That Dean was against the idea of adding a cocksmen to the alliance.


CK:  He just created an alliance called Qlimax with a former Cocksmen and a pikachu loving manchild GBK.  I don't think he has any issues with cocks-or-men or the two combined in any way.


RR:  Did you just suggest that Dean Sutherland is....


CK:  Look, we've all heard the rumors about Dinooo and his boy toy Dean Sutherland Jr.  I'm not saying he is or isn't or that they're true or not true.  It's just coincidental, that's all.





The multi-plying noobs marching in Qlimatic fashion during the new alliance's annual march of pride.



RR:  Are you worried about Qlimax competing with Convicted as a top alliance?


CK:  No.


RR:  Do you think that they will dethrone you for alliance of the year?


CK:  No.


RR:  With Dinooo, GBK, and Duphus at the helm, you're not worried about their potential.


CK:  Dinooo wears a skirt, GBK still loves pokemon, and Duphus needs viagra to get out of bed.


RR:  Wow, you're really not worried about them at all?


CK:  No.  They'll compete with the likes of LOD and Tycoon Alliance.  They're a name change and a long way from competing with the likes of us.


RR:  Any closing statements?


CK:  We are Convicted.  We are one.  We do not forgive.  We do not forget.  Expect us.




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#313147 List of ID restricted orgs

Posted by Dee on 19 October 2011 - 10:43 AM


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#808218 MMATYCOON MEMES ( create some)

Posted by Beck on 17 March 2017 - 05:16 PM


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#838950 Just wanted to say:

Posted by Kanis on 01 December 2017 - 07:48 PM

Many years ago,..I lost "everything that mattered". I then spent 12 years in a self punishment cycle that included too much drug use and no concern for my own well being.

A long story will be cut short to one day ,finally, looking myself in a mirror and seeing a glint of the warrior that I used to be, looking back at me for the first time in a decade. He said. "Now, you are just being stupid"

  When I found this MMATycoon, I was trying to sober up.  My mind was a constant static of chaotic energy.

I am now 3 months away from my 4 year mark in the game.

I am incredibly sober (if you don't count weed =) just being honest). 

I am now back in my career field, Entertainment rigging- concerts and I am, again, one of the premium guys in the Oregon and Washington areas.


My closest friends are pleasantly shocked, because , I was told  "not many can come-back from where I was in my mind, heart and soul."


I am currently ranked 33 of 21518 (0.15%) and IF this is the closest that I ever get to this peak, I wanted to shout it out now, that You have NO idea just how much this environment was the therapy of mind that helped me come back from that cliff that I was on.  Thank you for that



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