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Syn Is Now Hiring!

30 April 2018 - 12:39 PM

With the upcoming time likely leading to me having less time to be able to spend on the game - Syn is now looking to hire some people to it's staff. Gonna do this all Job Listing like just so most of the questions get answered outright.


What will you get for this?


If you have no previous org experience, I'll bring you up to speed on everything org related you would need to know - Including Contracts, Matchmaking, Event Booking, and PPV Mechanics


If you have Org Experience, you'll be a part of the most iconic org in MMA Tycoon history - While also earning some Tycoon $ for your time with the org which we'll work out.


In addition - Should you leave Syn at any time for whatever reason, and run your own Fight Org, I'll help you in any way I can to get up and running.




While I'll still be overseeing pretty much everything in the org, things such as Matchmaking and Contracting New Fighters will be part of your job in the org. Matchmaking is the main thing I will look for assistance with, but you'll also have a role in any part of the org you want to know more about.


Ideally, you'll be on the game pretty often in order to have communication with me, be eager to learn, and be able to give feedback yourself and bring new ideas to the team.



All In All What We Are Looking For


1. Able to learn pretty effectively

2. Be able to work as part of a team

3. Bring fresh ideas to the org

4. Not be an asshole

4( b ) - This auto disqualifies Humors



You can send me on a PM, or even post in this thread, if you are interested in joining the org, and it's a pretty fun time to be a part of it as there are some upcoming plans for the org which should hopefully inject a bit of life back into the game.

Event Settings Not Saving

07 April 2018 - 02:35 PM

This is like the 3rd time it's happened since I took over Syn, and quite frankly it just gets annoying as fuck when I solution to it is so simple.



Yesterday I updated the event settings for Advertising, Production, Free Tickets, PPV Hours, Cameras, Commentators and Fight Order. Then I looked at it last night, and none of it got saved. So now the Syn event today is running without PPV, and the Fight Order is completely fucked. Tbh, this is getting to the point I'm considering just calling it quits.


Solution is simple - Remove the fucking Event Lock-In so that way if something doesn't register, people don't have to PM Mike to fix it, only for him to read it 4 days too late and the Org to get fucked over.

Syn Supernova VIII - Who Do You Want To See?

04 April 2018 - 02:29 AM

The annual event that truly created a Superfight feel in MMA Tycoon is back once again, with the 8th iteration of the event scheduled to take place in Wombley Arena, London on the 28th April.


I was gonna post this on the 1st April, but ya know, April Fools and all that so I steered clear of most things. We'll be putting together a Video Package for the event, alongside a Full Event Preview + Review with Fighter Interviews for those competing on the card. All 10 spots on the card are still to be filled, but the real question I am pitching to the MMA Tycoon Community here is....


Who do you want to see go head to head from the world of MMA Tycoon?


Mordecai Sackett has gone on to win the Syn Lightweight championship since moving up to the division, Russell Tyrone Jones has made it clear he is gunning for the biggest names in the Middleweight division, Evil Nixon has remained undefeated in Syn for the past 8 months, and Kimbo "Dark Killer" Slice has emerged as the most fearsome Heavyweight / Super Heavyweight fighter following his 2-0 victory over 2017's Fighter of the Year in Kajun Puno in their Best of 3 Series.


There are many more names in Syn that will be looking to get on this card, and we will look to organise the fights that the MMA Tycoon Community want to see. So feel free to post your suggestions, fantasy book to your hearts content, and we look forward to producing one of the best events in Synchronicity history.

2017 Award Winners!

14 January 2018 - 10:27 PM



Org Of The Year -  GAMMA - Mentor Corleone


Alliance Of The Year - The Six Musketeers


Manager Of The Year - David Brent


Fighter Of The Year - Kajun Puno - Chris Karter


KT Fighter Of The Year - Ravi Vamoosh - Bwang Jong Sr


Island Fighter Of The Year - Bob Fury - Rei Rei


Bantamweight Fighter Of The Year - Euphegen Doubdtfire - Aylib 2.0


Featherweight Fighter of the Year - Viktor Tsoi - Aylib 2.0


Lightweight Fighter Of The Year - Gauthier St Georges - Bradley Burns


Welterweight Fighter Of The Year - Lao Shin - Laz Staz


Middleweight Fighter Of The Year - TIED Kalervo Kaunismieli (Billy Arseworth) and Saul Goodman (David Brent)


Light Heavyweight Fighter Of The Year - Alex John Conor Burns - Bradley Burns


Heavyweight Fighter Of The Year - Kajun Puno - Chris Karter


Super Heavyweight Fighter Of The Year - Gerbert Bryant - Gerbert Bryant


Breakthrough Fighter Of The Year - Kalervo Kaunismieli - Billy Arseworth


Breakthrough Manager Of The Year - Billy Arseworth


KO Of The Year - TIED Menace Defoe vs Hector Verama (Whymer Van Mastodon) and Kajun Puno vs Jordi Joestar (Chris Karter)


Submission Of The Year - Viktor Tsoi vs Abraham Donowitz III (Aylib 2.0)


Fight Of The Year - Menace Defoe vs Divock Origi - Whymer Van Mastodon vs Bjorn O'Donnel


Event Of The Year - Bushido 72: One Last Dance - Rei Rei


Best New Org Of The Year - Dynasty K-1 - Jonah King


Forumer Of The Year - Chris Karter


Smack Talker Of The Year - Chris Karter


Upset Of The Year - TIED Leonardo Da Silva vs Marc Dutroux (Anti Kristus) and Underestimated Dillashaw Junior vs Kantaro Hoshino (Blake Phoenix)


Designer Of The Year - John Hetfield


Writer Of The Year - Alika Webb


Poster Of The Year - TIED 1490999403bushido%2048.png by Rei Rei  1510408174cec553gif2.gif by John Hetfield


Fight Character Of The Year - Marty Robbins - Buff Minion


Tournament Of The Year - Legend Creations Tournament - Bjorn O'Donnel


Game Contributor Of The Year - TIED Chris Karter and John Hetfield


Logo Of The Year - 1496786912IMG_0348.GIF by John Hetfield


CEO Of The Year - Jonah King


Company Of The Year - Aspire Clothing - TJ Mitchell


Best New Manager - Ibrahim Camara


Avatar Of The Year - 15117993501287.gif by John Hetfield