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In Topic: Yurmommy, rising up from the ashes of Kolmanskop.

Yesterday, 08:46 PM

I mean ... his new manager has a negative overall managerial record ... Completely different situation compared to having Ovo manage him, you only need to look at the results since being picked up by Skenoj to see the difference

In Topic: The good(?) old days

12 October 2018 - 06:50 PM

Joined in 2015, not that long ago. Since then we've had tons of massive changes such as a ground and pound damage slider and... erm... 

fam ... can't believe you forgot about the belt cabinet like that


the game in the early days was a completely different setup. Nobody knew anything about sliders, starting builds were more varied than they've ever been with people trying out everything, and money was scarce. 


Eventually people figured out the hiddens equation, and eventually got enough money to just hide their projects away in a gym to give themselves the most ideal setup for their fighters. Now, there have been numerous things that contributed to it, such as PPV being cracked and bringing in a huge influx of money into the games economy,


I left in early 2013, came back in late 2013 and the game has just got to the point that there is really nothing *new* to discover about the game which is where there was a lot of buzz and excitement about it to begin with.

In Topic: Potential Error

10 October 2018 - 11:54 AM

You arent reading the stats in the correct way, i guess.

It says 2 sub attempts(1 successful) = 50% sub landing rate.

In his only fight he tried a sub two times, with the second being successful.

On the defence side though it says the same thing, despite him not having had a Submission attempt against him, nor having one be successful.

In Topic: Need a contract? Post contract requests here!

10 October 2018 - 10:01 AM

Looking to get more active again so I'm looking to sign my fighters to orgs:



Randy Springs


480 P4P

155lbs Contract preferred



Orpheus Boagrius


170 P4P

265+ Contract preferred



Wilhelm Strauss


316 P4P

Looking for 170lbs Contract

In Topic: How does making money with topics work

08 October 2018 - 09:26 PM

I wish it was tied to reputation, but you only ever get one per post.

You don't get any for post with a negative score