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Today, 01:28 AM

i mean FMO / SHIG


For a fighter with that IQ, best off just staying 100% Follow My Orders since it takes out the RNG of him doing something completely horrid.


SFF and FFD are based purely on your fighters perspective of if he is losing or not. I tend to avoid using FFD in the event my fighter is a potato and starts defending when he is losing a fight.

In Topic: I want to make fighters that are ready for qfc

Today, 01:25 AM

The amount of misinformation in this thread is staggering

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Today, 01:19 AM

Talk to Mike, he should be able to release your fighters ASAP.

Mike has done this for numerous people - No doubt he would be willing to do it in this instance also.

In Topic: Getting back your signing bonuses from FAs

Today, 01:18 AM

Let me confirm this..if I have fighters signed that never took a fight and go inactive for the like 90 days....can I release them and get signing bonus back or no? 

Only if the fighter is Retired due to being released and not being picked up from Free Agency.

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17 August 2018 - 04:44 PM


so it means i can pop granite chin after a few fights?

I believed that inexperienced means fighter has no significant hiddens. damn i need to research on this. my life has been a lie.

Yeah that is how it works. Inexperienced basically means your other hiddens such as Chin, KO Power and Heart are below the threshold required to show up on the TOTT