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Ironman Fight Club - Official Thread

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Posted 07 December 2017 - 06:51 AM

Ironman Fight Club – Mid Week 11 (6th December 2017 – Hyashi’s Lounge, Los Angeles)


Post Fight Recap


Main Event – Ironman Division

Steven “The Steamroller” Kennedy vs. Wilson “KO” Reyes


The evenings main event featured former IFC champion Steven “The Steamroller” Kennedy playing gatekeeper to the nomadic crowd pleaser Wilson “KO” Reyes and it was a rough night for the man from down under.

The opening bell rung and instantly Steven Kennedy found himself bundled into the clinch and under pressure from much bigger fighter Wilson Reyes. Reyes wasted no time in getting to work and hammered Kennedy with stinging lefts and thundering hooks to the body. Usually so calm under pressure Kennedy offered no resistance and after a beautiful knee to the ribs that took the wind out of him Reyes landed some punches from the inside that staggered Kennedy. Another left and then a big uppercut before Reyes pushed Kennedy back against the cage to create some space for a quick right hook that dropped Kennedy to the floor to which the referee mercifully stepped in to save him from any further punishment.

Wilson Reyes defeated Steven Kennedy by TKO (Strikes) at 1:57 of Round 1.

It was a truly dominating performance from Reyes who now moves to 7-4 and enters the IFC Top 10 at #7.

A demoralizing result for The Steamroller who drops out of the Top 10 and will most likely be wondering where he goes from here


Co-Main Event – Ironman Division

Jaxson Wilder vs. Vincent Lemieux


Fresh off of his fantastic debut at IFC XXV, big hitter Jaxson Wilder welcomed newcomer Vincent Lemieux to the IFC cage and got to see first hand what he was all about.

The opening round started fast with Wilder missing a hook to the body and Lemieux countering with a stiff jab to the face that opened a cut. A straight right from Wilder and Lemiuex slips and land with his own straight down the middle. The pattern went on for a while but with each exchange Lemieux obvious power was starting to take effect and another jab opened the cut even further. Undeterred, Wilder kept coming but was unable to land anything significant before one last monster overhand right dropped Wilder to the canvas and finished the fight.

Vincent Lemieux defeted Jaxson Wilder by TKO (Strikes) at 0:56 of Round 1

A perfect start in the IFC for Vincent Lemiuex who has now won eight in a row and keeps his frightening 100% KO record intact. With an overall record of 8-4 Lemiuex moves into the IFC Top 10 at #9

A definite bump in the road for Wilder who will no doubt be disappointed after such a solid display in his debut but at only twenty years of age has more than enough time to make a name for himself in the world of MMA.


Other fights from the evening.


Bricks “Parpain” Thrower kept the good times rolling after winning unanimous decision against German fighter Harry “Tier” Hirsch. It was a competitive bout with both fighters taking a round apiece but it was Thrower’s striking that won the night and swayed the judges taking the final round and increasing his record to 10-5 and unbeaten in his last 4.

Bricks Thrower defeated Harry Hirsch by Decision (Unanimous)


Donold “Home Wrecker” Trenchard almost upset the bookies with his performance managing to get an early takedown on Polish heavyweight Japa Koniu. Trenchard went for the kill trying to finish with submission attempts but Koniu managed to stay calm and defend long enough to get the reversal and then back to his feet. From there Koniu countered the take down from Trenchard and punished him with a straight to the gut and then dropped him with a slick head kick which cut Trenchard. Trenchard was motioned back to his feet only to find himself dropped once more and this time the referree stepped in to save him

Japa Koniu defeated Donold Trenchard by TKO (Strikes) at 2:13 of Round 1


Jim Beam and Yoshihiro Sexyama went the distance in a back and forth match up that was ultimately decided by Beams accuracy in the stand up.


Under performing prospect Rober Garfield picked up his first win in the IFC with a nice knee KO over Boyd Clark


Boss Yonic took debutante Thai Boxer Fernando Galley through a grappling masterclass and managed to get the armbar submission in under two minutes


Yet another heartbreaking performance from gutsy journeyman Gin Kobra who utterly dominated striker Chong Tay before getting caught in a frenzy of strikes from the heavier fighter and knocked out with a fantastic spinning back fist. What Tay lacked in finesse he made up for in aggression and it paid of in the end


Heath Bace piled on the misery for struggling Lenny Manelito and ended his own abysmal run of five losses with a first round KO victory


And lastly Sascha Koniezko picked up his first professional win in six fights with a strong performance over Dreamer Panda winning by KO in just under a minute. The loss for Panda means that the wrestler is still searching for his own first win in MMA


The following "of the night" awards are sponsored by IniTech Nutrition who stock both 160q Stamina Fuel and 160q Muscle Bulk along with their pioneering Chaos Energy 160q Recovery sup. 
Fight Of The Night goes to Japa Koniu vs. Donold Trenchard

KO Of The Night goes to Sascha Koniezko

Sub Of The Night goes Boss Yonic



After today's event the Road to the Gold is currently looking a little like this...


#Champion (1) Mew Choo (10-0, W,W,W,W,W, 191lbs)

#1 (1) Brooklyn Brawler (8-2, W,W,L,W,W, 190lbs)

#2 (2) Don Joe (8-2, W,W,W,L,L,190lbs)

#3 (3) Klaus Chugman (9-2, W,W,W,W,W, 130lbs)

#4 (4) Steve Butabi (6-1, L,W,W,W,W, 290lbs)

#5 (5) Louis C K (9-1, L,W,W,W,W, 202lbs)

#6 (6) Tommy Walcott (8-2, W,L,W,W,L,140lbs)

#7 (NE) Wilson Reyes (7-3, W, W, W, L, L, 287lbs)

#8 (7) Taz Bandichoo (6-5, L,L,W,W,W, 240lbs)

#9 (NE) Vincent Lemiuex (8-4, W, W, W, W, W, 270lbs)

#10 (8) Wolfgang Lee Roth (6-3, L,W,W,L,W,154lbs)

Just Outside (in no order): Iain Tower, Ricky Hughes, Steven Kennedy, Schmorgen Biscuit, Brock Sampson



Rankings are determined by hype/pop, p4p rank, win/loss record and a few company internal criteria. Rankings can and will change frequently after each event

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Posted 08 December 2017 - 01:01 AM

Ironman Fight Club XXVIII

(9th December 2017 – Hard Knocks, Los Angeles)


Main Event


Wolfgang Lee Roth (6-3,154 lbs) vs Brock “The Bodygaurd” Sampson (4-1, 170 lbs)


Brock “The Bodygaurd” Sampson will be looking to utilize his granite chin to claim an advantage in the standup game. Sampson has already scored two KO’s with his boxing prowess and will look to add to that tally. Although he seldom attempts takedowns, he has shown himself very comfortable when taken to the ground.


Wolfgang Lee Roth has a clear advantage in wrestling ability which will be key if he is to claim the win. Wolfgang’s best chance of winning will be to establish dominant ground position with his wrestling and display his tremendous ability land submissions. Wolfgang already has 6 submissions under his belt and is clearly the more experienced fighter. However, following his previous loss, he has seemed to lose all confidence in himself. Hopefully, he manages to pick himself up in time for the fight.

Co-Main Event


Ricky “Big Tex” Hughes (8-5, 264 lbs) vs Evgeni Lomachenko (6-5, 152 lbs)


Former IFC champion Ricky “Big Tex” Hughes is looking to revive his career after a string of disappointing results. The hugely popular fighter has yet to see a fight go to the decision and will seek to utilize that aggression to finish off Lomachenko before he has the chance to take the fight to the ground. Another factor will be whether he can shake off back-to-back losses and display the swagger of his prime.


Evgeni Lomachenko specializes in taking the fight to the ground and finishing it there. His quickness and solid chin will be his main tools in taking the fight to the ground, where he will have a real chance of winning. Lomachenko’s record in the IFC so far has been lacklustre however he seems to be confident in turning it around, starting with a win against the former champ.


Fight 8


Iain “The CN” Tower (5-0, 275 lbs) vs Mr Kaalee (4-1, 300lbs)


The battle of two young rising stars who are destined to set the IFC on fire.

Iain “The CN” Tower has started his career with a bang. None of his opposition have managed to survive a single round against him. Even with the limited time we have seen him in the cage, he has managed to demonstrate a diverse skillset. Remarkably, he has already scored KO’s with his fists, legs and ground game.

Mr Kaalee has already won and defended a GFO belt before his 20th birthday. He joined the IFC shortly after losing his belt and will no doubt set his sights on acquiring the IFC belt. Similarly to Tower, his fights have yet to go to the second round. He has so far been successful at softening up his opponents with a strong standup game, and finishing them with a devastating submission. At 300lbs, it is questionable whether he can sustain a high level should Tower be able to take the fight to the end.

This is my pick of the fights, mark my words, these two young fighters have huge careers ahead of them.



Fight 7


“Ashanti Warrior” Alambick Rana (5-0, 219lbs) vs Kenny “The Follower” Tchusuk (1-3, 265lbs)


18 year old Ashanti Warrior has been lighting up the stage with impressive performances in the clinch, earning himself 5 straight KO victories. Hailing from Senegal, he aspires to promote his unorthodox fighting style one fight at a time.

Kenny “ The Follower” Tchusuk has endured a horrible performance in the inaugural New Blood Tournament, crashing out with a record of 0-3. However, the young fighter has since improved his overall game and cameback with a first round KO victory. He can cause Ashanti Warrior some real problems if he asserts his strong standup game, where Ashanti Warrior has yet to prove himself.


Fight 6


Andy Bogard (5-4-1, 150lbs) vs Leonel Ventura (1-0, 265 lbs)


Andy Bogard will be itching to redeem himself in the ring after coming off back-to-back TKO losses. Bogard has two potent weapons in his arsenal to score this victory. Firstly, he is the more experienced fighter by far with 10 fights under his belt. Secondly, Ventura, who weighs in at 265 lbs, will struggle to keep up with the impressive gas tank of Bogard who weighs significantly less.

However, Leonel Ventura will not simply roll over to Bogard. Ventura showed off impressive power in his debut match, taking home the award for KO of the night. You get the impression that just one clean hit from Ventura is all it would take to send Bogard, who lost his last to fights by knockout, to the ground.

Expect the huge difference in weight to play a big factor in this fight, will the larger and more powerful Ventura score a KO, or will his weight drag him down as the fight wears on.


Fight 5


Michael “Bael” Bobeth (4-0, 185 lbs) vs Brett “The Bull” Bersten (5-4, 175 lbs)


Let’s make some noise for two experienced fighters making their IFC debut’s.

Michael “Bael” Bobeth has made a scorching start to his MMA career with a 4-0 record. His kicks have been particularly effective as he used them masterfully to score two consecutive KO’s.

Brett “The Bull” Bersten will be looking to utilize his impressive fight IQ to gain an advantage in this bout. In particular, he will be hoping to take advantage of Bael’s susceptibility to cuts. He should have ample opportunities, as both fighters are more comfortable brawling rather than taking it to the ground.

Will Bael continue unbeaten start, or will The Bull manage to exploit his weakness to cuts?


Fight 4


Kirk Lazarus (1-0, 265 lbs) vs Albert Van Roy (0-2, 256 lbs)


Lazarus displayed a strong ground game in his debut, winning the decision on the back of some brutalizing ground and pound whilst keeping his opponent in check. He will undoubtedly try to repeat that performance and take the battle to the ground where he has a significant advantage.


Albert Van Roy has had a dismal start to his career, with an 0-2 record. However, he does possess a very solid chin, which will be a valuable asset if he can stay on his feet and brawl. Lazarus has been known to cut easily and a few lucky shots might be all it takes for the referee to end the fight.


Fight 3


Alfred Touchard (4-0, 220 lbs) vs Jerome “Hands of” Steel (1-2, 279 lbs)


Alfred Touchard has had success in the QFC, but will he be able to translate that dominance into the IFC?

Touchard’s main asset is his speed, which allows him to takedown his opponent and utilize his devastating ground and pound game.

Jerome “Hands of” Steel will want to stay on his feet and unleash his superior standup game. He was absolutely lit up in the clinch in his last fight against Joe Average and will have to step it up if he is to stand any chance in this fight.


Fight 2


Anton Touchard (3-0, 170 lbs) vs Callum Kane (0-1, 170 lbs)


Similarly to Alfred Touchard, Anton Touchard has yet to prove himself outside the QFC and will be looking to silence his critics in this match. He has shown his ability to takedown his opponents, however it must be concerning that he has been unable to finish his opponents after getting them there.


Callum Kane is abit of an unknown quantity after taking a quick loss to Ashanti Warrior in his debut match. Kane will be looking to showcase his abilities in this fight and prove that he has what it takes.



Fight 1


Hennig Muller (0-1, 184 lbs) vs Ivashin Dmitrievich (1-2,240 lbs)


Hennig Muller took a quick debut loss after taking a hit from the much larger Tan Han Tuong. Once again, Muller opts to take a fight where he is much lighter. Muller’s best bet in this fight is to take advantage of Dmitrievich’s weak ground game to gain the upperhand.


The promise Dmitrievich showed in his debut match against One fourtytwo is starting to fade after two disappointing first round losses. Youth is still on Dmitrievich’s side as he is 19 years old and can still develop, although you wonder how much patience his manager will have should he fail to seal the deal.

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Posted 08 December 2017 - 06:49 AM

Nice work mate. Thank you

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Posted 10 December 2017 - 09:39 AM

Ironman Fight Club XXVIII (9th December 2017 – Hard Knocks, Los Angeles) - Post Event Recap
Main Event
Wolfgang Lee Roth vs. Brock “The Bodyguard” Sampson
The evenings main event featured long time Top 10 IFC veteran and proven submission specialist Wolfgang Lee Roth taking on rising star Brock “The Bodyguard” Sampson. 
Round one began and after a little exchange on the feet Lee Roth managed to drag Sampson to the ground and proceeded to test the grappling defense of the larger fighter Sampson. Lee Roth maintained control throughout the round and at one point ended up on Sampson's back but was enable to finish the fight from there and the round ended. 10-9 Lee Roth. 
Round two was much the same. An exchange on the feet and a much more aggressive Lee Roth than we’d seen before. Lee Roth shot from a distance and caught Sampson napping once again taking him to the floor and went for the kill pulling out of trick out of his sleeve that he could. Sampson remained cool and was able to defend everything Lee Roth threw at him but still, it was clear who was dominating the fight at this point. Another round for Wolfgang Lee Roth and Sampson’s team knew that only a finish would do from here. 
With both fighters given their final instructions from their corners, Round three began and Sampson came out swinging. A flurry of strikes and then a jab, cross combination from Sampson of which Lee Roth countered with a driving takedown into guard. The one minute mark passed with Wolfgang on top, trying to pass the guard of Sampson. Two minutes in and Lee Roth passed into mount and attempted a kimura but to no avail. Sampson defending well but with time running out. Three minutes gone and Lee Roth maintains position but there's a noticeable lapse in output from both fighters and it becomes apparent that Lee Roth would be quite content to ride this one out to the final bell. The referee decides there’s not enough action and just before the four minute mark stands both fighters up. 
Both fighters clearly tired and the result almost a foregone conclusion but one final push from Sampson. 
Sampson landed a jab, followed by a cross and then another and had Lee Roth backing up against the cage. Sampson throwing strikes but Lee Roth avoiding using some good head movement. Lee Roth pumps out a half hearted jab in retaliation and Sampson counters back with a left hand that just misses. Twenty seconds remain and a kick to the body from Lee Roth and then BOOM! Sampson dropped Wolfgang with a left, right combo and dives on the fallen fighter into side control. With Wolfgang clearly dazed Sampson applied a tight kimura and started cranking forcing Wolfgang Lee Roth to tap with only five seconds of the fight left. 
Brock Sampson defeated Wolfgang Lee Roth by Submission (Kimura) at 4:55 of Round 3
It was an epic comeback from Sampson to take out the #10 ranked fighter in the IFC and with it improves his record to 5-1 and usurps Lee Roth’s #10 spot for himself. 
Co-Main Event
Ricky “Big Tex” Hughes vs. Evgeni Lomachenko
In the co-main event of the evening it was almost back to business for Ricky “Big Tex” Hughes when he opened round one against Evgeni Lomachenko with a massive uppercut that dropped the smaller fighter and opened a nasty cut but over excitement got the better of the former champ as he followed Lomachenko down to the ground in order to finish the fight. Lomachenko was able to regain his senses and managed to reverse Hughes using his superior grappling skills and proceed to soften Hughes up before ending the fight by submission
Evgeni Lomachenko defeated Ricky Hughes by Submission (Kimura) at 1:48 of Round 1. 
Another shock turnaround only this time caused by an uncharacteristic mistake from one time IFC champion Ricky Hughes. Hughes will have every right to be disappointed with himself as he drops to his third loss in a row and suffers the lowest period in his career so far. 
A superb scalp for Lomachenko who moves back into the Top 15 and overcomes his own two fight losing streak. His record now currently 7-5. 
Other fights from the main card. 
Two top prospects collided when Iain “The CN” Tower took on former super-heavyweight GFO champion Mr Kaalee. 
Kaalee gave as good as he got early on but very quickly Tower started to take over with his kicks before securing a takedown into half guard. Kaalee threw up a submission attempt of his own but Tower defended, remained patient and eventually finished with a slick rear naked choke just before the three minute mark. 
Iain Tower defeated Mr Kaalee by Submission (RNC) at 2:58 of Round 1
Iain Tower continues his march up the rankings and remains undefeated after six fights with no one so far managing to make it out of the first round with him. Tower moves up to #7 and on his currently trajectory looks to be a genuine threat to the IFC crown. 
In a night filled with shocks and last minute comebacks without a doubt the biggest upset of the evening was in the New Blood division and 1-3 Kenny “The Follower” Tchusuk defeating 5-0 “Ashanti Warrior” Alambick Rana in a fight that many believed a mere formality for Rana. The result also throws a spanner in the works as Rana was all but guaranteed a shot at the New Blood Title upon winning the fight but now will lose that opportunity to the man who defeated him. 
Kenny Tchusuk defeated Alambick Rana by TKO (Strikes) at 0:09 of Round 1
Leonel Ventura wins his second fight in the IFC and moves his record to 2-0 with an impressive TKO victory over the more experienced Andy Bogard
Michael “Bael” Bobeth remains undefeated after a unanimous decision victory over IFC newcomer Brett “The Bull” Bersten
Albert Van Rooy picked up his first win after two fight beating IFC debutante Kirk Lazarus by KO early in round two
In the New Blood Division Jerome “Hands of” Steel survived an early scare against submission wrestler Alfred Touchard and went on to win by KO at 3:54 of Round 1
Anton Touchard beat Callum Kane by submission to go 4-0 in the New Blood Divsion 
Ivashin Dmitrievich defeated Hennig Muller by TKO at 0:38 of Round 2
The following "of the night" awards are sponsored by IniTech Nutrition who stock both 160q Stamina Fuel and 160q Muscle Bulk along with their pioneering Chaos Energy 160q Recovery sup. 
Fight Of The Night goes to Wolfgang Lee Roth vs. Brock Sampson

KO Of The Night goes to Kenny Tchusuk

Sub Of The Night goes Evgeni Lomachenko


After today's event the Road to the Gold is currently looking a little like this...


#Champion (1) Mew Choo (10-0, W,W,W,W,W, 191lbs)

#1 (1) Brooklyn Brawler (8-2, W,W,L,W,W, 190lbs)

#2 (2) Don Joe (8-2, W,W,W,L,L,190lbs)

#3 (3) Klaus Chugman (9-2, W,W,W,W,W, 130lbs)

#4 (4) Steve Butabi (6-1, L,W,W,W,W, 290lbs)

#5 (5) Louis C K (9-1, L,W,W,W,W, 202lbs)

#6 (6) Tommy Walcott (8-2, W,L,W,W,L,140lbs)

#7 (RE) Iain Tower (6-0, W, W, W, W, W, 275lbs)

#8 (7) Wilson Reyes (7-3, W, W, W, L, L, 287lbs)

#9 (9) Vincent Lemiuex (8-4, W, W, W, W, W, 270lbs)

#10 (NE) Brock Sampson (5-1, W, W, W, L, L, 170lbs)

Just Outside (in no order): Taz Bandichoo, Terry Bogard, Steven Kennedy, Evgeni Lomachenko, Schmorgen Biscuit



Rankings are determined by hype/pop, p4p rank, win/loss record and a few company internal criteria. Rankings can and will change frequently after each event

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Posted 11 December 2017 - 12:33 PM

Iron Man Fight Club - New Blood Tournament V.2 


The brackets have been set and the opening round is due to begin on January 7th 2018!


Round One 


Fight 1


Mohammed Ruslanov (235lbs, Russia) – Wonderful Wrestler

Manager - Tim Qwe (Top Rank 82)




Sal Sizzaro (270lbs, Jamaica) – Wonderful Wrestler

Manager - Larry Hawk (Top Rank 421)


Fight 2


James Dean Bradfield (212lbs, Wales) – Wonderful Boxing)

Manager - Jason Hazan (Top Rank 402)




Jake “The Rattlesnake” Kirby (180lbs, United Kingdom) – Wonderful wrestler

Manager - Tony Sassano (Top Rank 60)

+ Runner Up of previous New Blood Tournament


Fight 3


Kurt “Nightcrawler” Wagner (210lbs, United States) – Brown Belt in BJJ

Manager - Ikki Takeda (Top Rank 1749)




Dai Zexi (220lbs, China) - Brown Belt in BJJ

Manager - Alexander Melchiott (Top Rank 38)


Fight 4


“The Dangerous” Beast Incarnate (145lbs, United States) – Purple belt in BJJ, Feeble Wrestling

Manager - Raichu Kong (Top Rank 337)




Carver Frost (258lbs, New Zealnad) – Competant Boxing, Mediocre Wrestling

Manager - FueL4 Hatered (Top Rank 193)


Fight 5


Pedro Costa (202lbs, Brazil) – Wonderful Wrestler

Manager - Theksit Ruengruong (Top Rank 258)




Armel Vidal (146lbs, Monaco) Wonderful Muay Thai

Manager - Emily Chenet (Top Rank 93)


Fight 6


Dreamier Panda (220lbs, Japan) – Wonderful Wrestler

Manager - Pika Choo (Top Rank 59)

+ 3rd Place previous New Blood Tournament




Warren Golder (245lbs, Germany) – Wonderful Muay Thai

Manager - Tristan Hunter (Top Rank 134)


Fight 7


Boris Boulder (180lbs, Ukraine) – Wonderful Wrestler

Manager - John Stevens (Top Rank 33)




Paily “Dragon” Vattakkuzhi (283lbs, India) – Wonderful Muay Thai

Manager - Red Hood (Top Rank 373)


Fight 8


Georges “The Guillotine” Danton (215lbs, France) – Wonderful Muay Thai

Manager - Peter Dry (Top Rank 400)




Nigel Farage (220lbs, England) – Remarkable Muay Thai

Manager - Judobill Tyler (Top Rank 119)

+ Winner of previous New Blood Tournament


First Alternate


Thomas “Elbow King” Farrier (190lbs, Australia) – Proficent Muay Thai, Feeble Boxing

Manager - Thaddeus Banks (Top Rank 402)


Second Alternate


Facundo Galley (170lbs, Argentina) – Wonderful Muay Thai

Manager - Alfred Winterbottom (Top Rank 121)

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