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Inferno Fight Series-Ma Balls Is Hot "Inferno Hottest Fighter" Awards

23 May 2020 - 11:00 AM

As of tomorrow at ICS 33 Ma Balls Is Hot will pick a Hottest Fighter award for each and every Inferno card going forward.


This fighter will receive a direct payment to his manager of 20k and it will be captured in this thread


There is one catch, only fighters sponsored by Ma Balls Is Hot will be eligible. .



Also any Hot Balls sponsored fighter that gives a shout out at an ICS event will get 10k sent direct to manager and 20k sent if it is a title fight. This is on top of any sponsorship agreements


The reason we are doing this going forward is to recognise and thank all of our fighters and also to thank and promote the great Inferno Fight Series




Any fighter that is fighting in Inferno that would like a sponsorship please contact me https://www.mmatycoo...hp?MgrID=123962 and we will work out a deal for you. Any fighter at Inferno in top 200 we will negotiate well above our current sponsorship tiers posted here https://www.mmatycoo...ic.php?cid=5571

Unfortunately you cant trust everyone 'skengman' John Welsh 131621

18 May 2020 - 12:57 PM

Just a warning for all if you are intending on dealing with this manager John Welsh ID 131621 https://www.mmatycoo...hp?MgrID=131621 forum ID skengman


I advertised for someone to do graphics in return for free VIP. This manager contacted me, gave me a sample of a rash guard and we agreed that I would give him 6 months VIP and in return he would do designs for me. I wasnt expecting a lot just maybe a couple of designs a month


After I got him the 6 months VIP he stopped replying. Thinking about Covid etc I left it for a month as maybe he had issues although he was still logging in regularly. I then sent mail to see if all ok, no reply. over the next month I sent a couple more messsages, no aggro just reminding him of our deal and if he has problem to do right now just let me know and we can do later. STill no replies. He has also posted on Buzz so I contacted him there but once again no replies


I have had nothing but good interactions with everyone in MMAT so I am a bit pissed that this POS doesnt even have the decency to reply to my mail especially since he logs in every day


ANyway, dont trust this POS and its up to you but I wouldnt sell him any VIP if I were you either !

Maori avatar

27 April 2020 - 05:33 AM

Is there anyone out there who can do a Maori avatar with Ta Moko for me? (face tattoo)


Need something very top shelf thats not already out there, will pay top dollar, Gif background would be great but not essential


Thanks in advance



Looks like someone has maybe hacked clothing company sponsorships

19 April 2020 - 02:35 AM

so as per my other post i havent been able to renew contracts for the last 2 months.


Then today I notice ma balls is hot has dropped dramatically in hype. I have gone from 430+ to 292 sponsored fighters overnight, WTF??? These fighters had plenty of days left


Also I can see that some fighters who are in top 10/100 days have gone from 60-90 days left to single digits days left


Not happy

Unable to renew sponsorship contracts

19 April 2020 - 01:44 AM

For the last 2 months I have been unable to renew sponsorships with current fighters. Even when the sponsored fighter is showing 0 days I cannot renew I have to wait, which is problematic. I have tried with Chrome and firefox. I used to be able to renew sponsorships even when there was 50 days left (when a fighter moved up the P4P). 


I have contacted mike but he has asked me to see if anyone else having these issues


Please let me know if you are




PS i must be dyslexic when writing headings