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In Topic: Dodgey Brothers Bookies

Today, 02:18 AM

Can't find O'Malley line in game. somebody put it up offer good enough odds I will put 10K on Vera.

yep it looks like mike missed it

In Topic: 1 million DC vs Stipe

Today, 02:16 AM

Leaning towards DC myself.

me too

In Topic: Testing Learning Speed

Yesterday, 03:22 PM

go to skills snapshot after you have done initial training session right click on the red bar for the secondary you just trained, from drop down menu select inspect. you will see TD width ??% highlighted on the right


Then get that number and multiply by 150 and hit %. thats your learning speed


.i.e. your fighter is 1-- for subs, you train one session, 1-1 elite coach on submissions, after training do above, say it is TD width 4.5%.


4.5 x 150, % = 6.75 learning speed

In Topic: Sucker Punch Pro Series (355k+) Opens in Sydney

Yesterday, 09:32 AM

And new..........



In Topic: Rocket Avatars

Yesterday, 08:52 AM

great gifs, really outstanding work