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Montreal Fight Nights - Official Thread

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Posted 15 January 2014 - 04:12 PM


Welcome to the official thread of Montreal Fight Nights!


MFN opened its doors in December of 2012 and has been taking Montreal by storm ever since. We run multiple events per week and continue to have large weight classes to accommodate fighters of all levels at each class and pride ourselves in offering fair fights and competitive contracts. We have large "Of the Night" awards to reward fighters who showed excellence during a particular event.

We are partnered with 1363315336TTFC-logo_zps91b028d3.png



For supplements and clothing we strongly recommend our sponsors


When you shop at those locations there are more sponsorship dollars that come back to your fighters!


Feel free to use this thread to smack talk each other. We will also be posting event previews, event reviews, interviews, and rankings.

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Posted 15 January 2014 - 04:20 PM


Current Champions :

135 - Ryan O Reily

145 - Mark Zietsch

155 - "Rustler" Peter Taphorn (181465)

170 - Orkan Dogu

185 - Roberto Kim


Last Edit on July 8, 2014

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Posted 15 January 2014 - 04:39 PM

Rankings :

These are the top ten contenders for each weight class as of today


Bantamweight (135) :

  • Andrey Tutov
  • Tony Grecko
  • Hector Linhares
  • Kyle Turris
  • Django Brown
  • Meguru Takayanagi
  • Dusan Kikovic
  • Timpurhkhum Chouncheun
  • Mike Litoris
  • Ed Wuncler Iii

Featherweight (145) :

  • Frank Crillo
  • Rick Ashton
  • Rob Tracey
  • Sirodom Kingchanklao
  • Zhang Wulfie
  • Mark Borocop
  • Craig Anderson
  • Robin Lehner
  • Udo Hitzlsperger
  • Tyson Pearson

Lightweight (155) :

  • Tony Montana
  • Bobby Butcher
  • Michal Tarnowski
  • Roger Wabbit
  • Johnny Garcia
  • Mick Mutters
  • Olivier Levasseur
  • Alex Steel
  • Derek Zoolander
  • Jason Spezza

Welterweight (170) :

  • Henry Loiseau
  • Jonathan Desjardins
  • Stratton Hartford
  • Ryan Wagner
  • Daniel Alfredsson
  • Yamamoto Takiyama
  • Warren G Benz
  • Benjamin Bengazzoni
  • Ma Hung
  • Paul Zuiderwijk

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Posted 15 January 2014 - 07:34 PM


Former bantamweight champion and the fighter holding the record for most fights and most minutes spent in the MFN cage Wei Sun sits down with an interviewer to talk about his upcoming fight, future plans and more:


Interviewer: Hello Mr Sun, I am glad you decided to sit down and answer a few questions.


Wei Sun: No problem...


Interviewer: You are on the toughest losing streak in your career. Does that bother you mentally, coming into the fight with Urijah Faber a couple of hours from now?


Wei Sun: Not really. I have fought the guy for 15 minutes, I know what he is capable of and I am going to prove that I am better.... again.


Interviewer: At one point you were considered the p4p king in the org but currently you are not even in the top 10 of the division, according to the rankings at least. What do you think caused this?


Wei Sun: Well I don't know really. At the begining of my career I was relying on one aspect of the game in which I was superior to all others. I was so confident that at some point, people started to adapt and counter my one-dimentional style and suddenly I found out that I have much to learn in order to turn into a top MMA fighter. That said, I started working on my weaknesses and at the moment I feel like I am truly a complete MMA fighter. I contribute those losses to the fact that I was trying to find my game - I knew it all, I just coudn't put it all together. I had a great camp coming into this fight and I am ready to prove that this was only a learning process and I am better then ever.


Interviewer: What do you think of the title picture of the moment and what do you feel you need to do to get "in the mix"?


Wei Sun: I don't know much about the champ really, but I still consider my self part of the elite of the bantamweight division. I mean, if you look at the top guys - I have fought most of them and beaten some of them or at least gave them a hell of a fight. I know I am not in a position to pick opponents or anything, so I'll fight whoever they give me and hopefully after a couple of wins I'll make it to the top.


Interviewer: Who do you think will leave the champ once Ron Lemieux and Andrey Tutov lock horns?


Wei Sun: As I said I don't know much about that Lemieux guy - he is obviously legit as he beat Linhares and got the belt but Andrey has been in Montreal forever and since I know what he is capable of, I gotta go with "The Pain Train".


Interviewer: What do you wish for yourself for the upcoming year?


Wei Sun: All I wish is to be healthy, I am sure the rest will come on its own. I am happy to have the opportunity to do what I love and with all the hard work I am putting in, I am sure that I will be at the top where I belong.


Interviewer: Is there anything you want to say to your fans?


Wei Sun: I wanna thank them for staying with me throughout this tough period in my career. I will do the rest of the talking in the cage.


Interviewer: Thanks for your time and good luck in your upcoming fight.

Wei Sun: Thanks! This will be a must-watch fight I promise!


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Posted 15 January 2014 - 09:06 PM


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Posted 16 January 2014 - 12:42 AM


Review of MFN 67: No Way Out


Virtanen vs. Marshall - With Virtanen's reputation of being cut easily, its no wonder that Marshall tried to keep this one in the clinch to soften him up before going for a submission on the ground. This opening match did not disappoint as the fans were really into it.  Three minutes into the fight, Virtanen was rocked...but he showed good determination and heart by staying in there. Marshall dominated round one and won round two pretty decisively employing the same tactics, except in round two Virtanen was able to break clinch a few times. Eventually in the third round, Virtanen was simply too tired and succumbed to Marshall's third submission attempt.


Davidov vs. Briggs - Prior to this fight Briggs indicated he was planning on taking a page out of Elliott Stanley's book for the match against Davidov, as Davidov has previously shown some weaknesses in the match against Stanley. Although Davidov indicated in the locker room before the match he always reads his favorite Incredible Hulk comics, he needed more than that to withstand the onslaught he received from Briggs tonight. Davidov's plan was to submit Briggs, but Briggs was able to fight through 9 submission attempts and even try 2 attempts of his own. Eventually the fans were starting to grow restless the longer this fight went on. Lots of takedowns ensued and almost all of this fight occurred on the ground. In the end, Briggs was more effective on the ground and got a decision win.


Liang vs. Geist - In his pre-fight interview, Geist said he was going to avenge his lost to Pound the last time he fought. Unfortunately for him Liang had other plans. Most of the match occurred in the standup as both of the combattants are known for being respectable boxers but wonderful muai tai fighters. Liang aggressively kicked Geist's legs over and over and over and both fighters snuck in a few head kicks as well. It was a kick-a-paloosa. Eventually three minutes into the third round Liang landed a gruesome head kick that rocked Geist and it was lights out from there.


Castro vs. Bernardo - Benny Bernardo made his MFN debut tonight, but unfortunately he fell to the resurgent Castro. A few months back Castro was losing matches and almost ready to retire, but a couple of wins later he seems rejuvenated. Bernardo is known for his powerful right hand and aggressive fighting style, so it was no surprise he kept targeting Castro's head with both punches and kicks. Castro's striking defense kept him in this one as many of Bernardo's attempts missed. Surprisingly Castro decided to stand toe to toe with Bernardo and eventually it paid off when one of Castro's 17 successful head punches rocked Bernardo and it was over.


Oliver vs. Al Haddad - Going into this match Oliver was on a small 2 fight losing streak and Al Haddad was on a 2 fight winning streak. On paper before the fight this had to be one of the closest matches of the night and either fighter could have won. In addition since both fighters are similarly skilled it was difficult to predict where each fighter would try to keep the fight. What resulted was almost equal time in the standup, clinch, and on the ground. In the first round Al Haddad dominated Oliver as it looked like Oliver's strategy was to take him down but Al Haddad withstood most of the attempts. In the second round Oliver continued to try and takedown Al Haddad for a submission, but Al Haddad was able to get a few good head shots in there from the standup to win the round. In the third Oliver continued to go for takedowns but yet again Al Haddad had other plans. Eventually Al Haddad was victorious by decision and one is left to wonder if Oliver had not kept going for takedowns if the result would have been different.


Konovalov vs. Arghei - Arghei was favored going into this matchup, which was also his first at MFN. Both fighters were known for excelling in both boxing and wrestling, but a rumor surfaced after the match that before the match Arghei had recieved some bad news over the phone. We have no information about what that news might have been but you could tell once the fight began that Arghei's morale was clearly affected and, not surprisingly, this one was a quick submission win for Konovalov.


Faber vs. Sun - This one was one of the featured matches of the night as many fans before the event started were overheard discussing how this was the match they were most interested in. Both Faber and Sun are long time members of MFN, have well respected managers, and had fought each other previously. Sun was looking to turn around a losing streak whereas Faber was trying to gain momentum for another title shot push.  Most of us assumed Faber was going to use his black belt in BJJ to his advantage and that Sun would use his "elbows of death" in the clinch. What occurred was exactly what the fans expected... A great fight between two well respected combatants ensued, but eventually Faber was able to hold off enough of Sun's elbows and secure a submission on the ground.


Hitzlsperger vs. Guerra - Before the match Udo let everyone in the locker room know that he was very happy to finally have another chance to showcase his talents. This matchup was only announced a short time ago as a replacement match on the card. Guerra is known for being powerful and able to take some punishment. Udo clearly tested Guerra's chin this evening but Guerra showed great resilience and simply would not go down, despite being rocked early in the first round. Udo's attack seemed pretty balanced between punches, kicks, fighting in the clinch, and fighting on the ground. The problem tonight was Guerra was on the defensive the whole time as Udo remained quite active, that Guerra just couldn't muster any legitimate offense of his own. Hitzlsperger won by decision and continued his ascent up the rankings.


White vs. Dragon - In the co-main event we had a couple of fighters who were known for having some submission abilities, but this one actually remained in the standup most of the fight. It's no secret that White has a granite chin, so Dragon's approach tonight was to be overwhelming with attacks and it was successful. White simply couldn't muster any offense as Dragon connected with White's head an amazing 43 times, yet White stood in there. White tried a couple of takedowns, and was successful once, but Dragon dominated this fight from the start and won by decision.


Lehner vs. Kingchanklao - In the main event tonight we had two fighters who on winning streaks... only one would be allowed to continue his streak though. Kingchanklao has been at MFN for some time now and had some good matches against many good opponents and Lehner is still trying to prove himself at MFN. This was only Lehner's second fight at MFN and his first fight did not reveal any strategic weaknesses that Kingchanklao could have exploited. Before the match Kingchanklao indicated that he was going to use his muai tai advantage and Lehner (after that big KO of Steve River) discussed his boxing abilities. Instead, we were all thrown a curveball as Lehner wound up winning by submission. Kingchanklao was understandably disappointed after the match, but ever the consummate professional that he is he praised his opponent for out thinking him.

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Posted 16 January 2014 - 05:37 AM





"Konovalov was the only one that didn't duck me and I gotta respect that. Regardless of this, I'll come to this fight ready to do what I did every single time I fought and specially like my last fight. I'll come ready to dominate Konovalov and win this fight. I'm getting closer to a title fight and you'll see me there sooner than you think."

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Posted 16 January 2014 - 11:10 AM

Wei Sun's manager Bel Ciganin talking about his fighter's future after his loss to Urijah Faber last night: Wei Sun is really disappointed about his performance and the outcome of his last fight. He is considering retirement at the moment. He has one more fight on his contract and i think he will compete but after that who knows... He is really emotional at that point so there will be more conclusive info later on. For now I can only say that he has switched camps and if he decides to compete again he will be representing Montreal Elite Gym.
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Posted 16 January 2014 - 07:46 PM

Arghei was sorely disappointed Konolov didn't want to bang but it just shows what he needs to work on when getting back into the gym, disgusted with the result this nothing that can't be fixed. Arghei is not going anywhere.

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Posted 16 January 2014 - 08:21 PM

Arghei was sorely disappointed Konolov didn't want to bang but it just shows what he needs to work on when getting back into the gym, disgusted with the result this nothing that can't be fixed. Arghei is not going anywhere.

Good to hear. Get his morale up though man. Morale affects fights and training gains.

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Posted 16 January 2014 - 10:59 PM

Working on it... can only gain back so much.

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Posted 20 January 2014 - 07:04 AM

Big news... we have now added affiliation with Vegas Fight Nights... Here's the press release :


As I'm sure you guys are aware, I've started to branch our org out a little bit into other locations. This will be good to help get our "brand" out there a bit as well as offer options to fight at different locations (also known as super fights). Right now we have locations in Rio (Rio Fight Nights) and now Vegas (Vegas Fight Nights). These locations each offer something unique. RFN specializes in heavier weight classes and VFN specializes in the 230k ID and higher fighters. Although these orgs are still somewhat new, they offer us some options going forward as they realize their potential. I am working with both org owners to help them build their orgs to the quality level that you guys here at MFN have grown with us to expect.

I mention this because :

1) If you have a higher weight fighter with an ID 215k or above, I encourage you to check out Rio Fight Nights as a potential destination. Since our affiliation with them began about a 3 weeks ago, their roster has more than doubled in size and shows great potential.

2) If you have any newly created fighters with ID 230k or above, I encourage you to check out Vegas Fight Nights as a potential destination. Our affiliation with them began a short time ago, but their owner is interested and will be assisted by me as they get their org going. In addition when some of their guys have grown in skill, you may see them with us.

3) Last (and probably most importantly) I am looking for someone willing to run a clothing or nutrition store that could be an event partner with Vegas Fight Nights. If you already have a store with no current event partner, or have VIP and are looking for an opportunity to expand into the business side of this game please let me know. I have experience in this area and will help you get started and explain how to run a business effectively and make sure that your business does not lose cash.


Thanks for being part of our org!

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Posted 20 January 2014 - 06:23 PM


Preview of MFN 68: Salvation Is Waiting


Gosling vs. The Quick - Both fighters are still relatively new in their careers, and for Gosling this will be his first fight at MFN. Both guys are coming off of losses during their last bout. The Quick is 2 years older though and seems to have spent more time working on his boxing and wrestling abilities, whereas Gosling has concentrated his training in the art of BJJ.

I suspect this one will go the distance and Gosling will win by decision.


Hung vs. Ziuderwijk - Our first ever 170 weight class match! Both fighters are new to MFN and, at 19 years old, are relatively new into their careers. Skills-wise Hung has a slight boxing advantage and Ziuderwijk has a muai tai advantage. Both have displayed flashes of KO power in their previous bouts.

I suspect this one will also got the distance and Hung will win by decision.


River vs. Man - Do squirrels eat toast? Toast Man is 6 years older than River (also known as "The Squirrel") but River's skills are slightly higher as he has a slight boxing and wrestling advantage. River's been alternating wins and losses (he lost his last bout so if that pattern continues this one would be a win), whereas Man's lost his last 2 bouts and this is his first fight at MFN.

In the end, I predict that River will win by TKO in the early third round.


Resnov vs. Lawler - Another 170 match! MFN is so very excited to be bringing a new weight class into the fold! Both of these guys are really new into their careers, are both 25 years old, and are undefeated through a series of quick fights. For both guys, this is their first fight at MFN. Skill-wise, Resnov has a slight wrestling advantage but the other skills are all very similar between both guys. This match will come down to who wants it more.

I predict that Resnov will win by decision


Fox vs. Ohchooto - This matchup was signed only a week or so ago as Fox's previous opponent was undecided if he was ready to fight or not. Ohchooto stepped up and is ready to take Fox on. Fox is 3 years older, but Ohchooto looks ready to avenge the loss in his last fight. Fox is on a two fight losing streak and will be looking for a submission win here. Ohchooto has never been subbed though and will be looking to exploit his muai tai advantage.

I predict that Ohchooto will win by a second round KO.


Kuivanen vs. Ketchum - Both fighters fought their first matches at MFN about a month ago, with Kuivanen taking a loss and Ketchum earning a win. Ketchum is 3 years older and has an edge in terms of fighting experience, but Kuivanen is a submission master with a distinct edge over Ketchum in muai tai abilty. Ketchum has been submitted in his career 3 times, so I expect Kuivanen to really try to submit him for the fourth time. For Ketchum to win, he probably should try and keep this bout in the standup and avoid a submission.

I predict that Kuivanen will win by a first round submission in what will probably be the shortest fight of the night.


Shaughnessy vs. Tosen - Tosen comes into this one on a 3 fight winning streak and this is his first match at MFN, whereas Shaughnessy has been alternating wins and losses as of late and has been with MFN since September. Both fighters are the same age, but Shaughnessy has a few more fights under his belt than Tosen has. Examining the matchup, Tosen has a definite boxing advantage but Shaughnessy has a black belt.  Either way this one goes, it should be a close match.

I predict that Tosen will win by a first round surprise KO


Linhares vs. Turris - Linhares, the former champ, looks hungry to get his title back. Turris is older and has fought more matches, but Linhares' wrestling ability is downright scary. For Turris to win this match he needs to stay off the ground in what could amount to a great matchup of two fighters standing toe to toe and pounding eachother. If Linhares can get Turris on the ground, don't expect a submission win, but lots of ground and pound to ensue.

I predict that Turris does get taken down but wins in a surprise submission from the bottom in the second round.


Brown vs. Wuncler Iii - Brown, one of the most underrated fighters at MFN, gets yet another chance to show his dominance in a competitive 135 weight class. Standing in his way is the also underrated Wuncler Iii. With 2 underrated fighters being showcased in this matchup, it should propel one of them to notoriety. Brown has been quietly winning by submission in 4 of his last 5 fights, while Wuncler Iii is still undefeated (4-0) at MFN. Wuncler Iii needs to stay off the ground in order to win and has a boxing advantage to do it with...although he is facing a master submission artist.

I predict that Brown does get a second round win by submission, but Wuncler Iii will inflict a lot of damage in that first round.


Wabbit vs. Garcia - Ever since his 11 fight win streak at MFN ended, Wabbit has been losing. The future MFN Hall of Famer has indicated that if he continues to lose he will take some time and contemplate his future. Garcia, on the other hand, looks hungry and determined to make a name for himself by beating the former champion in his first fight with MFN. In any event, this match is a win/win for the fans. Garcia has a slight boxing and BJJ advantage, but Wabbit has beaten the odds many times in the past.

I predict that Wabbit wins by decision and decides to continue his illustrious career at MFN.

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Posted 23 January 2014 - 04:08 AM

After tonight's event Roger Wabbit (198445) has decided to hang up his gloves and retire. As a result, Roger is the first ever member of the MFN Hall of Fame.  To view our Hall of Fame click the link on our main MFN page.


Here's a little more about Roger :

Roger fought his first MFN match in December 2012 and became the first ever 155 weight class champion in February 2013. Roger dominated opponent after opponent successfully defending his title 8 times for a total of 301 consecutive days as champion. A KO machine, an incredible 73% of his wins at MFN were by KO. At the time of his retirement, Roger's second match against Michal Tarnowski broke rating and attendance records. Roger has truly set the bar high for all MFN fighters who follow him.


We will miss Roger very much and wish him the best in his retirement!

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Posted 25 January 2014 - 06:45 AM


Preview of MFN 69: Crank It Up


Jermery vs. Andersson - Jermery has had more fights overall and has fought more recently than Andersson, but Jermery has also lost 2 of his 3 fights at MFN so far. Jermery has a clear advantage in boxing although Andersson has a slight advantage in Muai Thai. Both guys have won fights recently by submission, but neither is what I would consider to be a submission specialist. I predict that this one will go the distance and that Jermery will win by decision.


James vs. Lemieux - Lemieux has been a part of the MFN for some time now, while James will be making his MFN debut. Lemieux is 5 years older, but James has fought more matches. Primary skill wise, both of these fighters are very similar with James getting a slight boxing advantage. Everything points to this match being very close. I think James' boxing advantage will be the difference here as I predict that James will win by decision.


Yotomishi vs. Von Richtofen - Yotomishi will be looking to end his 2 fight losing streak at MFN, whereas Von Richtofen won his only previous MFN matchup. Yotomishi is a submission specialist and Von Richtofen is a boxer. Its the classic matchup between two completely opposite fighter types. So who will win? Its going to come down to Von Richtofen's takedown defense ability. If Von Richtofen can stay off the ground he should win. If Yotomishi can get a takedown, and I predict he will, then Yotomishi will win by submission in the first round.


Zoolander vs. Charcobeau - When I saw this card I had this match circled as one that I think will be very telling and have future implications. There's no secret that Zoolander is a talented fighter than nobody wants to face. The argument could be made that Zoolander has the skills to legitimately contend for the title, he just hasn't been given enough of an opportunity. Charcobeau is in the exact same boat. He hasn't fought since June as he's been training non-stop. The winner of this match should immediately start being mentioned as a future contender. Both fighters are 5-0. This one could be finished on the ground, but I suspect a surprise KO by Charcobeau in the third round will be the difference.


Pearson vs. Deeney - Both of these fighters lost their last fight and both are also making their MFN debuts. Deeney has a 3 year age advantage and a higher win percentage, but Pearson is a much better submission artist making this one hard to predict. One thing Deeney has going for him is better Muai Thai ability than Pearson. With that in mind, I predict that this one goes the distance and Deeney wins by decision.


Steel vs. Kingston - Kingston has had a few extra weeks to train and has made the most of it. Kingston should be using his BJJ advantage to punish Steel and remember not to stand toe to toe with him. Steel has taken on some tough opponents and shown a little bit of vulnerability, but Kingston knows for him to win he's gotta take this fight to the ground for a submission win. Lately, though, many of Kingston's fights have been going to the judges table for a decision. I predict that Steel will win by 2nd round KO.


Ward vs. Hansen - Hansen comes in 6 years senior to Ward but has fought 2 less matches in his career. Ward has been with MFN for most of his career, whereas Hansen is fighting his 3rd match at MFN. Ward wins the majority of his fights by KO (sporting an impressive KO percentage in his career), while Hansen has won about half of his matches via submission. Either way, this one should be a treat for the fans... I predict that Hansen wins by decision.


Wulfie vs. Borocop - Borocop has been patiently training and waiting for a fight for over a month. The question is will he be rusty or ready? When these two fought eachother back in September, Borocop won by decision and skills-wise now, Borocop has a slight BJJ and boxing advantage which will serve him well. I predict that Borocop wins by a third round KO.


Tarnowski vs. Mutters - Tarnowski is still reeling from his loss to Stelzer last time out, while Mutters (who also lost to Stelzer) won his last fight. Although these guys have both fought similar opponents, they have never fought each other. Both of these guys are talented fighters, but Tarnowski has a distinct black belt to purple belt BJJ advantage that will help him out in this matchup. All things considered, I predict Tarnowski to get back to his winning ways with a 2nd round KO in this match.


McGobblecock vs. Butcher - This will be Butcher's first fight with MFN, whereas McGobblecock is an MFN mainstay being with the company since MFN 22. McGobblecock has a 2 fight winning streak and a very small wrestling advantage whereas Butcher has a very small boxing advantage and is 5 years younger than McGobblecock. Even so, this match looks to be pretty close to being even. I predict Butcher wins by decision and starts his MFN career with a bang.

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Posted 26 January 2014 - 12:32 AM

After his fight at MFN 69:Crank It Up Tommy Ward has decided to sit down for a quick interview.


Interviewer- "First off congratulations"


Ward- " Thanks man it felt great to get in there. Happy to come out with the win."


Interviewer- "So you are known for you great KO/TKO percentage. But no KO tonight?"


Ward- "Yeah I rocked him late in the last round but he came in there ready to not let me knock him out. So I had to be well rounded and just fight."


Interviewer- "So do you think this makes you top 10 now?"


Ward-" Man I don't know. Honestly its one fight at a time. I don't really worry bout' my ranking. I am not in line  for a title shot and I know that. And that's all I really need to worry about. I think not worrying has helped me to stay motivated."


Interviewer- "What's next for you?"


Ward- "I don't know. That is not really up to me. I take what fight is offered. Prepare for it. Then fight. I take what is handed to me. And that's it."


Interviewer- "Any last words?"


Ward- "Ummm I mean yeah great job to my opponent. Thanks to MFN for allowing me to keep fighting. And to my fans. Don't worry I do not plan on going anywhere soon."


Interviewer- "Well goodbye"


Ward- "Goodbye"


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Posted 01 February 2014 - 06:05 AM


Preview of MFN 71: Lemieux vs. Tutov


Gates vs. Trump - Both of these fighters are making their MFN debuts as our 170 weight class continues to increase in number. Both of these fighters are submission specialists, so this one could be a quick fight depending on who gets subbed first. Gates has a slight boxing advantage if these guys manage to stay off the ground, but I don't see it happening. I predict that Gates will win by submission in the first round.


Ash vs. Arghei - These guys are two close but not identical aged and experienced fighters but there are slight differences skill-wise between them. I would say Ash has a distinct BJJ advantage, whereas Arghei has a distinct boxing advantage. Wrestling and Muai Thai-wise these guys are both pretty similar. This one will come down to whom can exploit their opponent's weakness. Arghei has been subbed quite a few times but so has Ash. With Arghei's main advantage being in the standup, and Ash never succumbing to a KO, I predict that Ash will win this one by decision.


Torres vs. McIlvey - Two long time MFN fighters are up next and we have to wonder how this rematch of their fight at MFN 45 back in September will go. Last time, McIlvey was victorious over Torres with a decision victory, but Torres has been a man on a mission since as he as won all 4 of his matches since. For comparison, McIlvey has won 1 and lost 3 in that same time frame. Both fighters have won with submissions, but I suspect Torres' boxing advantage will be the key in this one. Torres should control the standup, whereas McIlvey should score on the ground. I predict Torres will get revenge and win by decision.


White vs. Martins - White continues his amazing career as the young 18 year old rising star gets to take on the 21 year old Martins. For both fighters, this will be their first match at MFN and we're all excited to see how this one plays out. White has a wrestling advantage but Martins has both a Muai Thai and a Boxing advantage. Look for Martins to try and keep this one on his feet, whereas White might be looking towards getting a submission win. I predict that White will win by decision and leave us wondering what could be next in store for him.


Kikovic vs. Sun - Wei Sun has fought more matches at MFN than anyone else as he has been with us since our very first Fight Night back in December of 2012. Dusan has only fought at MFN once. This one is going to come down to Boxing. Dusan has a clear advantage there. Sun has had many of his recent fights go the distance and be decided by decision. He's also lost his last 5 matches and is looking to turn things around. I predict that Sun comes through with a decision victory starting a new winning streak for him.


Bengazzoni vs. Dorrance - Another matchup of two fighters that are new to the MFN ranks. Dorrance is older and more experienced, but Bengazzoni has had more success in his fights percentage-wise. This one looks like a true boxing match as neither man looks like he has much in the way of ground skills. Someone is going to get knocked out... the question is whom in this 170 weight class matchup. 4 of Dorrance's last 5 matches have been KO wins, whereas Bengazzoni has only had 2 KO wins in his last 5 matches. Because of that, I predict that Dorrence will win with a second round KO.


Johnson vs. White - During a pre-fight interview, it appears that White's morale is down. Most people would be too if they had to face a BJJ Brown Belt like Johnson. All of Johnson's wins have been by submission and combine that with a 2 fight losing streak for White. It's not hard to predict who will be victorious in this one. White needs to keep the fight on his feet if he wants to stave off another submission victory for Johnson. He will be taken down and he will be subbed. Johnson looks ready to do what he set out to. Johnson will win with a second round submission.


Chouncheun vs. Faber - Personally, this is the matchup that I've been looking forward to the most on this card. Chouncheun has won his last 3 fights and shows no signs of slowing down, while Faber looks like he's treading water and trading wins back and forth. Faber has advantages across the board here, as Chouncheun looks like he's standing against a wall. But, if history has taught us anything you should never count out Chouncheun. He has won some tough fights and shown much heart. Even if Faber looks like the predicted winner, we've learned over time to never count out Chouncheun. For that reason only, I predict Chouncheun to win in a decision. It may not be a popular prediction amongst the fans, but sometimes the underdog wins. Period.


Dragon vs. Caine - The co-main event looks to be a good match. Both of these guys have good records, even if Caine is 3 years older. Caine's black belt is going to be the key. He should be coming out looking for a quick submission win. Dragon needs to stay off the ground and use his slight boxing advantage. He should be countering the takedowns with solid, heavy punches to Caine's head. If Dragon can stave off being on the ground, I like his chances, but Caine is a master at submissions so I predict that Caine will win with a late first round submission.


Lemieux vs. Tutov - Tutov returns to MFN after a 6 month absence. While he was gone he did one thing... win. The "Pain Train" steamrolled opponents left and right landing decision win after decision win. The difference this time, though, his his next opponent is none other than a submission master who recently became the champion with a huge submission win over an almost unbeatable opponent. Lemieux is a sizeable underdog across all four fighting disciplines, but he simply cannot be counted out in this match due to his ability to get a submission win at any time. Tutov is confident and ready, but even so I'm going to go out on a limb and say Lemieux wins this one with a second round submission. Long live the underdog.

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Posted 05 February 2014 - 02:12 AM

Jack Torrance



Jack Torrance (18-17 MMA, 0-0 MFN) was set out to fight Rebel Johnson (14-16 MMA, 0-0 MFN) on January the 26th on Immortals New York. Both of the fighters had agreed to the bout, and it was only a cancelled event by the organisers that got in the way of this fight.


MFN officials announced that they had signed Torrance on a one fight deal, only so the long awaited match between Johnson and Torrance would be realised. The fight will act as part of the main card, and it is expected to be a very exciting one. Torrance was released by his former manager in December 2013, with 4 straight losses and no titles on his resume. He was picked up by renowned manager Low Key, who then proceeded to formalise Torrance's signing to Immortals NY. He was set out as part of a four fight contract, with the first fight coming versus Artur Grygiel, a fight which Torrance finished in the third round via TKO (cut) after dominating the rest of the fight. On the other hand, Johnson is on a roll. He has defeated his last 4 opponents, and is coming into this fight with quite a lot of hype. His wins include decisioning Von Hammer and Adriano Adrade, and submitting Artur Grygiel and John Black.

In terms of breaking down the fight, Torrance has the clear advantage in Boxing & Muay Thai, an advantage that was greatly used against his former opponent, however Johnson has the wrestling and jiu-jitsu on his side. It is going to be an intriguing match up which will determine the path of these two fighters' careers; either up or down. The fight will be held on February the 5th at the Hard Knocks Arena in Montreal, with other match-ups such as Linhares vs Brown and the 145lbs title match between Nobacki and Crillo.

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Posted 11 February 2014 - 06:04 PM


Review of MFN 73: Welterweight Wonder


Lawler vs. Erschov - Lawler, coming off a loss in his MFN debut, was looking to gain some momentum. He is known for having some boxing and wrestling ability, but his career is only three months long. Erschov was making his MFN debut and said he planned to "show the fans how we submit guys back in Russia". The fans expected a ground battle between these two combattants, and they did not disappoint. Even though Lawler had a wrestling skill advantage, it was Erschov who seemed to dictate how the ground battle went. Eventually on the 8th submission attempt, Lawler tapped.


Kenny vs. Hammer - A couple of experienced MMA veterans, both fighters came in with a list of former matches to draw back on for strategy. The fans expected a long match as each fighter sought out and exploited their opponents weaknesses, but to almost everyone in attendance's amazement, this fight was the shortest of the night. Hammer is known for his boxing ability and a perfectly timed hook caught Kenny napping and knocked him right out of the fight.


Alredsson vs. Hartford - Both of these fighters were making their MFN debuts in this first match of the 170 tournament, so the fans were not sure what to expect. Alfredsson is slightly older than Hartford but both have fought the same number of matches. Hartford is known for being an incredible wrestler, so Alfredsson's plan for the match should have included trying to stay off the ground and use his boxing ability to secure a victory. For Hartford, if he was able to take down Alfredsson the match should play to his strengths. What ensued during the match was somewhat head-scratching as the majority of the fight occurred in the clinch. To make matters worse, the eventual decision by the judges was laden with controversy. One judge ruled Alfredsson won the fight, whereas the other two judges ruled Hartford was the winner. With 2 judges on his side, even though he did not land as many strikes as Alfredsson, Hartford won by decision. I suspect these two will square off again at some point in the near future.


Hughes vs. Resnov - Resnov recently defeated Ricky Lawler, so  he was looking to continue his undefeated record. Hughes, on the other hand, was making his MFN debut. Both fighters are still relatively new in their MMA careers as following tonight's match they have only 8 fights total. Resnov is known for being more of a boxer and Hughes a wrestler. This one was over quickly as Hughes got the takedown he needed early in round one and pounded Resnov over and over eventually securing a TKO win relatively early in round 1. Resnov wound up being cut pretty badly during the fight and indicated he planned on enhancing his takedown defense in his post-fight interview.


Takiyama vs. Benz - The second match of the night from the 170 Tournament occurred next and featured 2 new fighters to MFN. Both men were seeking to advance in the tournament and keep their champion hopes alive but only one could win. Takiyama has a solid reputation as a submission artist. Going into this fight, 8 of his 11 victories came via submission. Benz, on the other hand, was more of a fighter who could adapt to any style which showed in the fight. This fight was fought standing, in the clinch, and eventually on the ground. The part that was somewhat confusing was that Benz was the one who took the fight to the ground, which played into his opponents strengths. Once the fighters were on the ground it was no surprise that Takiyama was able to score a successful submission and advance to the next round of the tournament. Had Benz kept the fight in the clinch, I suspect the outcome may have been different.


Zoolander vs. Suggs - Both of these fighters have very well known managers. Suggs was a slight underdog coming in as Zoolander is a bit older, and is known for being a hard worker in the gym. Suggs is new to MFN and his initial test was a slight uphill battle. The real question going into this match was how Suggs was going to adapt his gameplan to take on Zoolander. What ensued during the match was nothing short of an excellent match between two well managed fighters. Suggs definitely earned some respect with the fans, even though he eventually lost by decision, but many fans claimed this match was their favorite of the night. Zoolander controlled the ground whereas Suggs controlled the standup. Suggs got out to a fast start in round one, but eventually Zoolander's persistence paid off.


Loiseau vs. Desjardins - The third match of the 170 tournament was next and it featured two more fighters making MFN debuts. Both Loiseau and Desjardins came into the match with a a lot of experience and successful careers. The majority of the odds makers predicted a win for Desjardins due to his advanced BJJ and submission skills, whereas Loiseau is more of a fighter who is comfortable fighting in any method. To win this match, Loiseau needed to stay off the ground but this match wound up with a similar amount of time spent in all phases with Loiseau showing just enough in each phase to secure a win.


Beautiful vs. Wagner - The final first round match of the 170 tournament came following the last match and it featured, once again, two fighters making their MFN debuts. Beautiful is known for being a boxer whereas Wagner is more of a Muai Thai specialist. Going into this match many people picked Beautiful as the fighter most likely to become MFN's first ever 170 champion. One person who did not pick him was Wagner who stated before the match that he plans on being the champion. Following a quick one-two punch combination just over a minute into the fight, it was Wagner who stood victorious.


Pearson vs. Anderson - Coming off a nice win over Deeney, Pearson had some momentum heading into this matchup against Anderson. He needed that momentum because Anderson is arguably the hottest fighter at MFN right now with a 3 fight streak of dominating submission victories. For Pearson, the plan should be simple... stay off the ground. For Anderson, the plan likewise should have been a simple takedown followed by submission. Both fighters appeared to stick to those plans but it was the fans who were rewarded with a great match that was hard fought and close the entire time. Anderson's submission attempts were not working, and Pearsons strikes were not doing enough damage to win. Eventually this one went to a decision where I suspect the judges gave Anderson the victory because of his kicks more than anything else. The judges were not available following the match for comment.


Garcia vs. Levasseur - The main event for the evening featured Garcia who ended the career of longtime MFN superstar Roger Wabbit. He was opposed by Levasseur who's first match was also against Roger Wabbit. Levasseur had a distinct wrestling advantage, going into this one, whereas Garcia seems to have had more success in the standup as a boxer secure a nice amount of KO victories. It was clear both of these fighters were planning on sticking to their areas of strength and not surprisingly this one ended with a solid punch. Levasseur didn't have much time to setup his attack before Garcia simply rocked him. The fans grumbled that they expected more of a battle, but Garcia's right hand continues to earn him respect.

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"Levasseur, I dreamed about all the scenarios that could happen and lead me to victory in my next fight. I had no opponent confirmed but I still had those visions. Now that our fight is official, I'm more confident than ever that you'll fall under one of those scenarios. This is my fight to win and that belt is getting closer... I can just smell it."

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