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#883689 GAMMA opens in Las Vegas

Posted by Mentor on 24 March 2019 - 07:03 AM

Klatz Matz HOF Induction
Klatz is a all time great Tycoon Manager, former #1 and hall of famer and he is currently listed 28th in the all time GAMMA manager list with a total of 272 points.
He started fighting in GAMMA back in 2013 and his fighter Karl De Groot opened the 155lbs division and became the first dominant champ and subsequently a HOF inductee. Klatz is still active on the GAMMA roster to this day.
His all time record in GAMMA is 35-18-3, with 21 of those fights being super fights or title fights. 

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#883198 GAMMA opens in Las Vegas

Posted by Mentor on 17 March 2019 - 06:58 AM

I would like to congratulate Edward Kenway and his manager Power Shark for their huge win against Abdel Mumu in last night's super fight against Empire. This win propels Edward Kenway to the #1 spot in the game rankings and subsequently to the MMA Tycoon Hall of Fame. 
This is quite an achievement for Edward because the last person to achieve this was Saul Goodman, last February 2018. He held that sport for several months. Edward is only the 6th fighter in our history to be ranked #1 in the game.

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#882104 Rate the last movie you saw ...

Posted by Mentor on 02 March 2019 - 10:26 AM

Gran Torino - 8/10



One of my all time favorites, also one of those many people do not know. 

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#881450 How old are you managers of tycoon?

Posted by Mentor on 19 February 2019 - 07:36 AM

when i joined i was somewhere in the middle.................now i am in the old fuckers group. 

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#881185 Going Public

Posted by Mentor on 16 February 2019 - 05:48 PM

are you guys not enjoying the game? for me this is the best game i've ever played and i'm not sure what kind of changes people want implemented. it's brilliant as it is and i'm all up for the odd update but i'm still having fun playing this 5 and a half years after i started!

what changes specifically would make this better? more people playing for sure but it is quite a niche game so it will never have huge numbers...


Personally i am enjoying it as well, sure it would be nice to get a few updates, but all in all, i do not have any major issues. Also, i think almost 50% of the ideas mentioned by players will probably hurt the game more than it will help it. 

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#880195 Rate the last movie you saw ...

Posted by Mentor on 29 January 2019 - 04:33 PM

Polar - 5/10


Only reason I'm even giving it a 5 is because of Mads Mikkelsen and Sindy's body. Editing was horrible, most characters were cringe-worthy, story was simple but decent, and some of the sets / environments were nice. Average.



Yeah, those 2 points were easily the best parts of the film, Mads clearly carried the whole film. Without him, it would basically be unwatchable................besides the tits. 

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#880045 Users on the same IP / multis

Posted by Mentor on 27 January 2019 - 04:02 PM

I mentioned some of these ideas to Mike, i think there is loads of extra options other than simply increasing VIP prices. I see no problem with a 20-30% increase in the price of VIP, 3-4$ per month is not that expensive. 


Other options are:


- I would also consider adding the advertising for all users (including VIP), mike mentioned about 800 from non VIP, but VIP users are more active, so it will probably be at least double. 

- Would allow more fighter slots, i mean why not?

- Extra company slot or at least a private gym slot.

- I would make younger fighters faster learners + decrease the VIP price for them to make them more attractive.

- I would have paid options to find out more regarding your fighters hiddens (such as IQ tests, but for the other hiddens). Maybe have a cost of 5-10 days for each test.

- I would make FA's an auction option where people bid in VIP days, if there is no bidder, then the highest ranked manager gets the fighter.

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#879765 Which style of training discipline would be the most beneficial for MMA?

Posted by Mentor on 23 January 2019 - 05:30 AM

Wrestling by far, we have had more Elite level wrestlers being successful in MMA than any other discipline. If we look at the current champs of the UFC, the majority of them were former wrestlers. 

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#879516 GAMMA opens in Las Vegas

Posted by Mentor on 20 January 2019 - 08:14 AM

GAMMA and its fighters have won several awards in the forum polls this year, here is the list.

Org of the Year- GAMMA, this is the second time we won this award after winning it in 2017. 
CEO of the Year- Mentor Guru Corleone, this is the 4th year in a row i have won this award.
145lb Fighter of the Year- Gareth Keenan 
185lb Fighter of the Year- Dao Sonnen 
Submission of the Year- Richard v Partio
Upset of the Year- FRAZIER UPSETS OKAH 
Several managers currently competing in GAMMA also won awards such as:
New Manager of the Year- Action Jackson
Breakthrough Manager of the Year- John Coffey 
I would also like to personally congratulate Yabai for Alliance of the year award, they have several top level fighters in our org currently.
The full list of winners can be found here:

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#879515 2018 AWARDS WINNERS

Posted by Mentor on 20 January 2019 - 08:01 AM

Thanks for doing this junglelord, was probably the smoothest awards for a few years.

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#879068 2018 Awards Rules

Posted by Mentor on 16 January 2019 - 07:06 PM

So this is over? Will there be an official list of the winners?

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#878757 Joe Rogan says UFC fighters are lucky LeBron James doesn't join the UFC

Posted by Mentor on 12 January 2019 - 07:22 PM

Lesnar got an absolute gift of a run to the title.


Personally i think that is when the UFC started to fuck up major time. Lesnar was 2-1 when he got a title shot, he had zero major wins up till that point. When he did win the title, it was over a 47 year old Couture, who was on his last legs. In his defense, after winning the title he did have 2 big wins over Carwin (who was a beast at that time) and he revenged his win over Mir. 


Rumors are that he could get a title shot against Cormier, which is a total joke. Lesnar has not won a fight in MMA since mid 2010, he went 0-2-1 since then. 

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#878594 VOTING Manager of the Year 2018

Posted by Mentor on 09 January 2019 - 05:40 PM

Damn, a 3 way tie!

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#878361 VOTING Alliance of the Year 2018

Posted by Mentor on 06 January 2019 - 02:00 PM

That rank thing is highly overrated, I have not fought in 6 months and i am still ranked 133. In fact, i have went up 5 spots this month. The opp rank is also very misleading because it is taking the average rank of the fighters (or managers) you went up against, so even a few QFC's can screw your rank a lot. 


Great managers have great fighters, so the question here is, how many of your fighters reached top 100 (especially those you created, not the ones you picked up from FA, that were already top fighters), how many of those fighters won things, especially in top level orgs or tournaments. If you are a can crusher with a top 10 ranking, to me it means absolutely nothing (other than the ranking system is screwed up). 


So, make a list of the fighters you managed and we will see. 

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#878352 VOTING Breakthrough Manager Of The Year 2018

Posted by Mentor on 06 January 2019 - 11:42 AM

Ibrahim stepped up this year because he started to fight in some of the top orgs (CEC, GAMMA, Dare), 2017 he was mostly doing low end fights in 2017. I do not consider John as having a break out year, he has been a top notch manager for years now, he simply was away in 2017 i think. Theksit was good this year, but i would not say he had a break out year, he is still fighting in the mid tier orgs. 


Also I do not really care that much about the ranking thing because that is pretty much flawed, it penalizes losses at higher end fights and rewards inactivity. 

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