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#914558 Gladius Island

Posted by JakeF on 19 May 2020 - 07:04 AM

I am really curious to see where that "no private gyms on The Island" rule is written.

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#912883 Quiz of the day.

Posted by JakeF on 05 May 2020 - 01:10 PM

quack quack, good ducky

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#912869 Quiz of the day.

Posted by JakeF on 05 May 2020 - 09:16 AM

Did you check with JW at Hardcore? Just playing the devil's advocate now to my own fucking suprise, but maybe it is for a superfight or something?

He actually got mad at JW for calling GAMMA Development League "GAMMA D-League" for short lol(you can check HFC's thread)
Same way he started arguing with Butch and left Madness with the same fighter in order to avoid my two fighters and CK's beast.
Making drama, leaving the org and shit talking it after is Camara's arsenal for dealing with org owners who refuse giving him easy fights.
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#912858 counter punch vs counter kick

Posted by JakeF on 05 May 2020 - 06:39 AM

counter strikes are using the striking distribution you have set for the aggressive sliders

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#912850 Hardcore - Official Smack Talk Thread

Posted by JakeF on 05 May 2020 - 03:22 AM

D League means development league you fucking moron

Good way to dodge fighting Silva btw
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#912775 Madness MMA 350k

Posted by JakeF on 04 May 2020 - 03:57 AM

Let's go out with a bang.

Yeah, I've really enjoyed Andrade vs Kahn rivalry so far. Probably the best 350k fighters in the game.
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#912770 Madness MMA 350k

Posted by JakeF on 04 May 2020 - 03:24 AM

Madness closing totally sux.
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#912091 Craziest idea yet... have fun, don't hate! (I was high)

Posted by JakeF on 27 April 2020 - 06:25 AM

Yeah, when you spend approx. 100 VIP days in getting a project with somewhat decent hiddens, then spending precious 1on1 training to develop him, losing him to a random event would suck lol

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#911137 Sliders - By Round?

Posted by JakeF on 15 April 2020 - 12:19 PM

For me, it would make managing 10+ fighters too complicated. If you wanna increase aggro during the fight, you already have swing for the fences settings.

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#911132 Event Advertising Spend & Production Values

Posted by JakeF on 15 April 2020 - 11:04 AM

production should be arena seats * 3$


for ads i have used about 100-150% of what tycoon tools is saying

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#911117 How is it possible to roll so many bad noobs?

Posted by JakeF on 15 April 2020 - 06:25 AM

Here is one example for the stuff I said. We are looking at Jimmy Decosta:


http://www.mmatycoon...php?FTID=830427 - first fight shows Prefers Standup on right TOTT, which means that his hiddens are meh


http://www.mmatycoon...php?FTID=835105 - second fight shows KO Power on left TOTT and I honestly don't believe that he had high KO Power hidden.


To me the true indicators for having high KO Power hidden are Heavy Handed(right TOTT), Big Right Hand(left TOTT), KO Power(left TOTT when testing with very very low strength) and Lethal High Kicks(both sides TOTT, but it is impossible to get it early on cause it requires a mixture of kicks, flexibility, strength and KO Power hidden)

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#911116 How is it possible to roll so many bad noobs?

Posted by JakeF on 15 April 2020 - 06:19 AM

You can get false KO Power left side TOTT if you test with high strength, cause for TOTT strength boosts KO Power. I have seen it happen to a lot of fighters - first fight they pop KO Power left side and second fight they pop almost everything else on right side TOTT - inexperienced, tends to cut, very confident, likes pizza, intelligent, determined and etc. That's why I always test with as low strength as possible. It is true that strength improves slower from CT compared to other physicals but you can always do 15-20 sessions of weights training with muscle bulk supp and strength gains are insane.

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#911110 How is it possible to roll so many bad noobs?

Posted by JakeF on 15 April 2020 - 03:58 AM

No way in the world starting with 10 cardio could save you time. You have to rest at least 2-3 sessions a week and train just cardio and you lose a month or two of your fighter's highest learning speed just to be cheap and save some CT sessions with a coach. Cardio machine and Good gas tank show up at sensational-- conditioning, so starting with high conditioning wouldnt be a problem for a test fight. I don't suggest testing hiddens with higher than 10(10 out of 150) strength cause you might get false results about your fighter's ko power.
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#911109 Some questions from a new player.

Posted by JakeF on 15 April 2020 - 03:51 AM

me too. No one has ever explained to me what the coaching priority means

It is just the display order of coaches. I find it a pretty convenient tool cause for example i have set the tripple elites to be shown first, then striking double elites, then grappling double elites and CT trainers last. Not a big deal but saves some time when setting training.
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#911051 Looking for Test Fights

Posted by JakeF on 14 April 2020 - 05:11 PM










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