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Moving Private Jet Locations

13 March 2020 - 08:32 AM

I just bought a private jet that is currently located in Rio. How do I move just the jet without scheduling to move any fighters? It's probably extremely simple i just can't figure it out though.

Teenage Fight Org?

05 March 2020 - 06:06 AM

With the new company slot I had an idea for a neat little gimmick org: teenage fighters only (16-19). Real low contracts as I expect to go negative not being able to generate decent hype for events. When a fighter turns 20 I'll cut em loose. No champions will be crowned to avoid the hype loss when they inevitably get cut. Maybe people would be more inclined to put their projects out early if they knew they were fighting others of a similar age/id. Also, perfect for test fights.


What do ya'll think of this idea?


P.S. It's unfortunately going to have to wait until I can afford to buy VIP in bulk. I've got about 98 days & I don't want to blow through them before i'm able to get some more. I do have $750k for 3 months on the VIP exchange for anyone willing to help out though.

Being Held Captive... By A Player?

23 November 2019 - 03:02 PM

I have a fighter who is sitting at 31 days inactivity in the XTREME Fighting org (which is closing soon). He's been sitting with a pending fight offer for at least 10+ days. However, the other manager won't accept or decline. So I decided to message him.

Accept or Decline 2019-11-21 06:49:23
Will you please either accept or decline the fight offer with Cletus McDonald so that we can confirm the fight or I can get a different opponent. Thank you.

Re: Accept or Decline 2019-11-21 08:24:18
Sorry i cant, its not because of you but because of the org owner. Very sorry for your inconvinience

Re: Re: Accept or Decline 2019-11-21 08:52:57
 C'mon man just decline it then. I really don't want to waste my time. I'm not a part of whatever issue you have with him. I just want to play the game.

Re: Re: Re: Accept or Decline 2019-11-23 15:36:04
Its just a week, and there is no next event booked so you are not loosing time anyway. See you around 

Re: Re: Re: Re: Accept or Decline 2019-11-23 15:43:53
My inactivity is 32 days now. I could leave if youd decline.

I messaged the org owner after the first reply I got but no response their either.

The org owner is Aleksander Pawik (93232)
The other manager is Nemanja Kavaja (12228) 

Both are long time players so just putting this out there so it doesnt happen to someone else

"Can't rate as the org owner is family/friend"

20 August 2019 - 04:35 AM

I was going through my org ratings & noticed that the one for Amsterdam KT said "can't rate as the org owner is family/friend" which is definitely not the case.

Has anyone else ever encountered this issue? I've never seen it in the 4 years of playing the game.

I don't really care to fix it as I only have 1 fight left with the org but I just thought it was odd.

Theatre of the Mind

25 June 2019 - 08:48 AM

Hi everyone! This thread is going to be kind of all over the place so you've been warned lol


I started playing the game about 4 years ago as it seemed it was a combination of two of my favorite things: MMA & Table Top Role-playing games (i.e. Dungeons & Dragons). In real life, neither world of my friends/acquaintances/training partners had any interest in the other so when i found the game I was ecstatic! That being said, I wanted to see what the general consensus was as far as the importance of making character's backstories, smack talk between fighters, in-game MMATycoon lore, Buzz, etc was. Personally, that's the element that keeps me playing. After fights, I love reading the fight commentary, win or lose (although it's nice when you get that W!), of an interesting fight especially when it's of two fighters that have unique avatars & backstories to accompany them. Even orgs/companies can have a personality such as SYN & GAMMA (which in my mind i see as the UFC & Bellator of the Tycoon universe; neither in any particular order), BFF with it's well done Japanese MMA aesthetic, Sully's Bar & Grill, & the list goes on. However, I have noticed some people don't really care about that stuff & play it purely as a numbers game (which is fine to each their own) but when I see that i'm going up against a fighter without an avatar & no back story with a real life fighter's name it's kind of a bummer. Now don't get me wrong I own a private gym so I can't claim how non-competitive i am to a degree butttt I don't do test fights, I keep the same fighters I make (looking at my history now I've let go 14 fighters in 4 years idk if that's a lot compared to some people, never asked), & don't have the most meta builds around (some guys I do just to see how it play's but some of the more competitive players would straight up laugh at how some of my guys are set up lol). Just an FYI that last comment was not a sleight on anyone who does that as i'm definitely the minority when it comes to that stuff. In the end, it doesn't really matter how you like to play the game really as long as your having a good time!


Oh, & one more thing while I still have the classes attention, don't let em tell you ya can't get a fighter to the top of a weight class with a "Is Very Popular" because i've done it!  :smile_anim: