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The James Abraham Talkshow

Inteviews Fighter Evo

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Posted 05 October 2014 - 04:15 AM

The James Abraham Talkshow will air sometime today, and we will feature different fighters before they head on their upcoming matches, after their match, or maybe just a simple talk for publicity. 


For our first episode, we will feature the Evolution Super Heavyweight Champion, quite a big personality for the first episode. Hahaha. See you soon folks!

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#2 philofthefuture


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Posted 05 October 2014 - 04:55 AM


Episode 1

ft. Rinky Spider (EVO Super Heavyweight Champ)



James: First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Spider for being here, this is an honor for me as a host, specially it is the first episode. Haha


Spider: No problem James. This is a great opportunity for me to thank the fans.


(Audience cheers loudly)


James: Wow, that was quite an applaud. You surely got the reputation being the number 1 in the Super Heavyweight rankings. How does being the best feel like?


Spider: Being in the top doesn't feel like being the best. In MMA, any fighter below you can replace you, just like how I climbed up the rankings. Being in the top is more like being a king, and you have to live up to the reputation or else, you'll get dethroned.


James: Such great words from a true champion. You've held on the title for quite a long time now. You've defended it 7 times now, knocking out all of them. How do you do that?


Spider: Honestly, I just do what I do. I train hard, and I believe in myself. In the cage, all I can see is myself, my coach, and my enemy. It's like a battlefield, and the only option is to win. Whenever I fight, I always believe that I will win, and I just think about how will I do it. 


James: Now that's what we call confidence. And it's not just because of your confidence, it's about the power in your damn punches.


Spider: Thanks man, I know. So anyone who wants to face me, your face would have to swell. Haha


James: Let's head on to your upcoming match against Simon Williams on EVO SWAGIOUS (10-22-14) for the Super Heavyweight Championship . Any thoughts about that?  


Spider: Yeah, I've been preparing for that match. That guy is on a roll. He's not the Heavyweight Champion for no reason. But still, no matter how strong, I'm ready to take on anybody head on. I will knock him out, and become the EVO champion in two weight classes. I will do my best and knock him out. Simply put, he's a stepping stone to become the best.


James: That's the spirit! What are your plans in your match?


Spider: Plans? Hahaha. I always have one gameplan. Stand up and knock the opponent out cold. As for Williams, be ready to have another stain in your losses via TKO.


James: You heard that, guys. Spider is calling a knockout win against the Heavy Weight Champ. This upcoming match is a big one! I can't wait to see it.


Spider: Do me a favor James, why don't you set up an interview with Williams and let me hear the fear running through his bones right now. 


James: I'll do what I can to set up an interview. Ladies and gentlemen, don't forget to check for updates on the next episode of the James Abraham Talkshow. I would like to thank you again, Mr. Spider. Good luck on your match!

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