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Bowser Stormcrow and Johnny Fantastic EVO Interview

EVO Bowser Cockstorm WW clash TheWolf Interviews

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Who will win the fight, The Raging Cockstorm or Stormcrow?

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Posted 25 January 2015 - 11:37 AM


"The Raging Cockstorm" Johnny Fantastic – Q + A



Johnny Fantastic is 9-1 over his last 10 with 6 of those wins from KO. The man packs a punch and that has led him to EVO, where the mightiest fighters ply their trade. Fighting for the NGF made him one of the best welterweights around, with the fall of NGF he found a home in EVO. After winning his EVO debut via KO he finds himself matched up against the champion and #1 in the weight class, Bowser Stormcrow. Not many men can boast of beating Stormcrow and not many can boast of beating Fantastic. #1 and #2 in the weight class face of in EVO, it’s sure to live up to its potential. I had the chance to speak to the charismatic Johnny Fantastic to ask him a few questions about the fight.



Reporter -  First of all, before I ask any questions about the fight. I feel I must ask about your unusual nickname. How did you become known as “The Raging Cockstorm”?


Alright, hi there. The nickname, um, that is from my movie career. You know I did some adult work before my MMA career, and I think the name came because I might have knocked a few girls out by swingin my... um,  "thing", a bit too wildly. And I have a bit of a short fuse, as evident how my film career ended, so that's about it.



Reporter -  You are fighting #2 p4p and #1 welterweight, Bowser Stormcrow. How do you see the fight playing out?


Bowser seems like a one tough motherfucker. He fought a friend and training buddy Brutaali Keijo a few years ago and beat him so I somewhat know what to expect. He's a solid striker and a decent grappler which pretty much sums up what I am, though I think I have a slight edge on wrestling experience.. So it's going to be an exciting fight, I'm sure.



Reporter -  One thing that separates you from your opponent is you finishing ability. You have recorded most of your wins via (T)KO. Do you think your KO power is your best attribute?


I think it is. Separating your opponent from his senses is a great way of ending the fight and when you're good at it you can go far in this game. I know I can knock out most everyone they but infront of me as long as I can touch them. Bowser's a durable dude though, so it might take more than just connecting with his chin to beat him. 



Reporter -  You are fighting for the EVO championship, and a chance at becoming the best welterweight on the planet. If you win this fight what do you see yourself doing afterwards?


Just defend the title. I'm sure Bowser would want an instant rematch in the case I beat him, and he's been so good for so long that he probably would deserve it. But there is a lot of tough guy's out there. Just line them up and I'll knock them out. Just make sure they come one at a time so there won't be any pile ups.



Reporter -  Thank you for taking time out to answer these questions, is there anything else you would like to add?


Thanks for having me, and just tune up for the fight. I'm sure it'll be a great one.




There we have it. The confident person that Fantastic is, he believes he can do anything in MMA. He certainly has a tough task ahead with Bowser Stormcrow. Be sure to check out their fight on the 28th and to vote who you think will win.

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Posted 25 January 2015 - 11:38 AM


Bowser Stormcrow – Q + A




Bowser Stormcrow has made a name for himself as the best 170lbs fighter around, being in EVO for 10 fights now he has faced a non-stop rush of elite tier fighters. Now one more stands in his way, Johnny Fantastic a fighter known for his power. Stormcrow’s critics have said his inability to finish his opponents makes him not connect with the fans as well as others, but Stormcrow does what he does and until someone can find the way to stop him he will continue raking in the money. Stormcrow will be looking to defend his title and make a push to get #1 p4p and cement his place amongst the all-time greats. I managed to sneak in a few words with him earlier today.



Reporter - You have been the top welterweight around for some time now. Some fighters once they reach the top, don’t last long in holding that spot. What has been motivating you to sustain the success you have been experiencing?


Focus and strategy. Know yourself and know your opponent and the rest takes care of itself.



Reporter - How helpful is it for you, that you are able to train with elite fighters such as Rinky Spider, Brick Tires, Crabby Iron all under Manager of the Year Bowser Big Dog?


Training with these beasts day in and day out makes you push to your absolute limits on a daily basis in sparring and every other kind of training. When there are a half dozen superstars, no one wants to see someone working harder than them and that fuels our success.



Reporter - Your upcoming fight, you face #2 welterweight Johnny Fantastic. How do you see the fight playing out for you, is there any place you feel you have the distinct advantage?


This fight will be a fun one. It's been in the making for a while and I see it being a fun fight for the fans and one that will have me walking away as the undisputed top WW in the tycooniverse.



Reporter - You have been facing an abundance of high level fighters whilst fighting in EVO. One thing that sticks out in recent memory is your inability to finish opponents, having not scored a finish in over 5 fights. How do you respond to the fans who question your finishing ability?


If you fight to knock out your opponent you often lose a decision. I fight to beat my opponents in each round and if the finish is available I take it. When fighting the world's best fighters, you can't be reckless or you'll get caught.



Reporter - You are just entering your prime at the age of 30. What do you see in your future, is there anyone you would really like to have a fight with?


I see a few more years of ass kicking and retiring as the greatest WW that's ever lived.



Reporter - Thank you for your time, is there anything else you would like to add?


By the end of 2015, you'll see 6 members of the Bowser stable in the top p4p.



There it is then. Bowser Stormcrow is happy to beat any and all comers EVO sends his way and he thinks the fight with Fantastic will cement his place at the top. Make sure to catch his fight on the 28th as it's sure to be a good one!

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