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You could almost call it...rent free









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18 September 2020 - 11:59 PM

Needs big upgrade, tutorial, pop ups. very basics found in most games.

Seeing a fight on day 1 is essential. need set up system where create new fighter (for noob. part of the tutorial) set tactics and roll instant results vs 1/1/1/1 fighter. It is like a QFC on standby with an auto-bot. Doesn't show up or count on record. don't reveal true hidden but use it as an educator.

nobody signs up to mma game to train or prepare for a couple days. they need to see action and results from setting numbers into blank spaces or sliding bars left and right.

and only action you get in mmatycoon outside of fights is the forum gang bangs

Where is Mike? is he doing other house work or did numbnuts really convert him to give up after conversing with him?

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11 September 2020 - 11:12 PM

Not a good look, first, you fight ur "champ champ" at 200 lbs in a 205 lbs weight division cuz ur desperate for any advantage you can get. Second, you got OUTCLASSED twice in ur own weight class against the actual champ but ur making these bold claims... i mean I kinda get it, ur on a high from beating hopkins. And you feel like since u beat the legend u can achieve anything, but this just ain't it. Also, make sure if you ever want to fight at 265, u get that weight up enough for me to respect you. Or you can beg me.

Thats it im pulling a camara and saying that Hopkins fight is void and never happened 




& all that shit

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23 August 2020 - 10:55 PM

Breaking News:

Former Fartma and Rapid chump HOPKINS loses by KO2 to Undergound Champ LOMAX.

Giuseppe Folilio outspoken and largely disliked manager of HOPKINS, drowns in Convicted GOLDEN SHOWER.

Pretty sure the dislike is only from you and numbnuts so ill take that all day long.


Impressive win


well done

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16 August 2020 - 05:20 AM

I just lost 3.6 mil after taxes. Wanted to get it over with

Karter wishes numbnuts was as quick