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Eternity (330k ID)

Eternity; Fight; Org; Eternal

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Posted 09 November 2019 - 02:29 AM






A never-ending path to the pinnacle of excellence...





The peaks of perfection on top of the mountain of pain and sacrifice....






A defining standard that means being the best...









This is....














330k ID restricted org.



Always... And Forever... We strive to be the standard.







A message from Ryan Epicity:


  Hey everyone as you should all know by now Skrap will be entering under new management after it's 100 event. I will be taking over the org with the help of some reliable managers who have been around the org game for a long time. Some of you(hopefully) may know me from around the game and the forums but if we haven't met...

Hi... I am Ryan Epicity... A former No. 1 ranked manager and co-owner of Trinity which was consistently ranked  as the 1-4 top org in the game during it's entire duration. I also ran Epicity Productions (220k ID) for a period before we merged with Grant and Troid along with John Hetfield and Insanity to create the super org that was Trinity.

I am happy to be back in the org business but more specifically... An ID org. Which brings me to my first point... Yes, do not fret fellas, we are staying 330k restricted and that isn't changing anytime soon. 

There may some slight roster cuts to account for the vast skill disadvantages that say... a 338k fighter would have against a 330k fighter and the problems that presents for effective and most importantly... Fair matchmaking. If you are under-skilled or have a younger fighter and would like fight opponents are gonna have an advantage in training time over you then let me know ASAP and I will work something out.

If any of you have any questions at all, concerns, grievances, want to request a fight, call out, decline a fight offer, want to chat etc etc then please do not hesitate at all to contact me. Unlike my forum alter ego I am really not a sarcastic ass most of the time... But yes, in the boards I do like to bust balls ( you know who you are :P).

I promise everyone with us with the fairest match ups possible, an open door no judgement policy, timely fight offers, posters! And until I secure a writer i may even dust off my type writer and write some previews/reviews myself.

Everything I do onward to ensure 



Eternity (330k) becomes the pinnacle of not just the 330k circuit but the standard for ID org everywhere. This isn't just a promotion company... It's a production company and I want to help you create the kings of tomorrow.


Welcome...to eternal standard... Welcome... To Eternity.






Henceforward this will be the Smack Talk and Discussion thread of Eternity.

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Posted 09 November 2019 - 03:10 AM

Thats awesome man, good luck!
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#3 bazzypants


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Posted 09 November 2019 - 04:13 AM

Looks great mate! If your past orgs are anything to go by this will be a great success.
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Posted 09 November 2019 - 04:27 PM

Great news for 330ID warriors

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