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In Topic: MMA Trading Card Game (ISO: Graphic Designer/Artist)

25 May 2020 - 11:52 AM

Good news! I found a professional artist who will be doing the artwork over a 3 month period. I will update this thread for those interested in the game with updates!

In Topic: Florida Fight Squad (16-19 Year Old Fighters Only)

25 May 2020 - 07:58 AM

Florida Fight Squad "Of the Night" Awards Recap!


FFS 6: Bunnell


Venue: Scrapyard




Fight of the Night


12w5.jpg VS 32w18.jpg


United_Kingdom.png "Troublesome" Matthew Fritz (1-0) vs United_Kingdom.png Killian Hassan (1-1)

Winner: United_Kingdom.png "Troublesome" Matthew Fritz

TKO (strikes) / 2 minutes 51 seconds

The UK earned some respect from the locals here in Florida as both fighters showed us how the Brits throw down.

For the first minute, Fritz battered Hassan with punches.

Hassan, seemingly unphased, continued to move forward but showed virtually no offense & was content to eat shots showing off his durability.

Hassan eventually shot in & scored a takedown.

However, nothing was attempted from the advantageous position & shockingly Hassan stood back up.

This was perfectly okay with Fritz as he went back to work tenderizing Hassan's face.

After a succession of punches, Fritz rocked Hassan with a lunging uppercut & then planted his feet landing a really nice straight left hand that dropped Hassan.

Hassan had no idea where he was & tried to hang in there but the ref called it off shortly after.

The fans were treated to a great display of Fritz's boxing prowess & Hassan's durability.


Knockout of the Night




Russian_Federation.png Oleg "The Gator" Gazbinski (1-0)

KO (punch) / 21 seconds

Both fighters came out swingin' as soon as the ref said "FIGHT!".

Gazbinski knocked the Irishman down with a big right hand opening up a cut.

Gazbinski then waved for his opponent to get back to his feet.

The second Murphy was back up Gazbinski rushed in with the same punch knocking him back down to the ground.

This time however Murphy sprung right back to his feet albeit a little wobbly.

Still recovering his senses, Murphy got the wind knocked out of him with a big punch to the stomach.

Bloody, winded, & wobbled, Murphy circled right into Gazbinski's power side eating a beautiful right hook & fell face first into the dirt.


Submission of the Night




United_States_of_America.png Armie "Lightning" Aiden (1-1)

Triangle / 1 minute 39 seconds

Aiden damn near earned "Knockout of the Night" when he scored a big head kick that sent his Afghan opponent tumbling into the dirt opening a huge gash.

Aiden decided to let him back up which later in the fight we discovered he was being kind.

It turns out Aiden is very well versed on the ground.

Aiden clinched, pulled guard, & secured a textbook triangle choke showing off his versatile skills.

In Topic: MMA Trading Card Game (ISO: Graphic Designer/Artist)

22 May 2020 - 08:33 AM

Make a deal with Mike, you advertise mmatycoon somewhere in your card game and he puts a link to it here from this site, win/win.


Not a bad idea my friend!

In Topic: MMA Trading Card Game (ISO: Graphic Designer/Artist)

22 May 2020 - 07:57 AM

Hope this comes good sounds like my type of thing


I'm no graphic artist but I would play the hell out of a well designed MMA TCG.


Thanks for showing interest in the actual game itself guys! I'm actually communicating & in negotiations with several artists right now in regards to the illustrations. I will most certainly keep you guys posted!

In Topic: Synchronicity's Face/Off - Official Smack Talk Thread

21 May 2020 - 04:58 AM

Another week in the books for our Synchronicity faithful.  This announcement is in regards to our weekly fighter write up.  Please show some love for Latka Gravas-



Latka Gravas, A Warrior of Good;

I've always found it interesting what will lead a man to live a life that constantly puts him in a cage fighting another human with his bare hands.  The thought of that to almost every human is absolutely terrifying.  But a faithful few make the walk, time after time...why?  Some love fame, others love the money, some are just truly violent people.  Oftentimes it is the family business, fighting is their family tradition.  For Latka it was none of the above.  No, he didn't fight because his uncle was a legend, or because he got picked on in math class.  Latka fought for liberty, he fought for freedom and he fought for his country.


Growing up in wartorn Kosovo, Latka learned early that everyone had to fight. If you were good at fighting you would live, and if you were not, then you would die.  Either way you had to fight.  Luckily for Latka and the now sovereign nation of Kosovo, Latka had gifts unmatched by any other human.  Stories of him devastating war-fields are written throughout the texts of Kosovo’s history.  Yes he is lethal with his hands, but some say he is even more lethal with weapons.  His confirmed kill count is in the thousands,  many speculate it could easily be 20,000 plus.


He left that life behind after Kosovo gained diplomatic recognition from the United Nations. He said he wanted to retire to the “simple life of martial arts' '.  See, where Latka is from hand to hand combat is equivalent to us playing touch football.  It is considered a fun but safe pastime. Now, he has been competing at the highest levels of MMA for years.  Many fans and journalists call his hands bombs, these comments always make Latka chuckle, as his hands have literally detonated bombs before.  His composure in firefights has translated to him having years of success in Synchronicity.  President Alex Maniatakos commented, “First off you love to have a guy like that on your roster.  As a fight organization president I’m very comfortable knowing I have a small army of brutes who have my back.  When a guy like Latka is one of those brutes, I feel like I could take on a country if needed.  We love him here at Synchronicity, his legacy speaks for itself.  I will be cageside this weekend to see him defend his belt!”. Latka Gravas is the current 170lb champion for Synchronicity and will be defending his belt this upcoming weekend against Polliisi Partio.  During his career, Latka has fought at middleweight, welterweight and recently won an epic fight at lightweight vs. Kagekatsu Uesugi when he fished him in the third round via a devastating TKO.  


Truly a master of combat, Latka considers cage fighting an amazing pastime and a great way to provide for his family.  He is grateful his days of fighting (war) are over. He says he is very happy that he can enjoy himself and loves the "casual" lifestyle a cage fighter lives. 

Like i said, it truly is interesting what type of life paths lead people to walking into a cage and attempting to bash someone for a living.  For Latka, it was the fact he has been fighting his whole life and wanted to find a nice peaceful job.

Your war is over Latka, enjoy the nice calm relaxing life of a professional cagefighter… 


From everyone at Synchronicity thank you for reading and as usual...FIGHT ON!


This was a fun read! :)