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2016 Plans/Goals

Progression goals plans future

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Posted 25 December 2016 - 09:57 AM

I have just one goal.
-Do better than last year, much better!

Didn`t do it
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Posted 25 December 2016 - 03:01 PM

Well first let's reflect on 2015 list for myself.


1. Make as many acquaintances, partners, friends and help as many people as I can.  Done. Joined Vendetta and made a lot of friends and possibly an enemy or two. I am busy at home with my family but I do try and help people when I can.



2. Get Epicity at least into the top 30. Done. Broke into the top 15 stop just once but was top 20 or around that for a good while.



3/ Break the 200 manager rankings barrier and subsequently the top 100. I broke the top 200, then the top 100, and even the top 10! That silver trophy looks nice.



4. Get an original fighter of mine into the top 2000 P4P. Done.



5. Become a well-known member of the forums, respected not infamous. Well-known yes, the rest? Ehhh... Depends on who you ask but I would like to think so.




In retrospect this list seems a bit modest but I am glad I reached my goals and beyond. Top 10 was beyond anything I could have hoped for and even had a fighter break into the top 100 once.




2016 let's do it.



1. I broke top 10 already so let's reach high and say reach No. 1 in the game.


2. Top fighter in his weight class.


3. Top 10 P4P fighter. 


Most of all I would like to continue to be a main-stay near the top of the game and have my manager name become synonymous with a being a top manager. This requires not only my manager rank to be high but I need to get my fighters peaked out and into the big fights of the game. I look forward to all the future challenges and hope to take on many more Current or former No. 1 managers in the future. So far I have faced the current No. 1 manager in the game twice and won both (however I had the primary advantage in both match ups so it's more props and respect to Dino and Bowser to taking those match ups against me because they were tough match ups for them.)


Srsly tho, only got 1 in 3 but they were all tough goals.
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#83 stpierrecanada


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Posted 25 December 2016 - 06:05 PM


- 1. Medal in the olympics

-2. Improve my best ranking , 15th

- 3. Get a fighter in the top 10 P4P

-4. Win a Title in one of the top 4 orgs in the game.

-5. Have a KT Champion

-6. Keep and fight with at least 2 KT fighters

7. - Be a very consistent top 30 manager

Fuck yes, I did very well for my goals of 2016.

1. I can get a Bronze in is years Olympics with Shogun Iron Tyson.

2. Didn't improve on 15th P4P but I hit 16th P4P twice manager ranking LOL. I'm happy with it. I stand at 26th P4P right now ATM.

3. Again didn't quite get a fighter ranking of top 10 P4P but Simba Burns Jr hit #12 P4P. Good enough for me.

4. Simba Burns Jr won the CEC LHW Title twice, and defended it a total of 3 times, and simultaneously held the CEC Middleweight Title at the same time briefly. Don Diego also won the Syn Middleweight Championship after KO'ing the now P4P King Wilder Wein.

5. Alistair Spong just won me my first KT Title just yesterday in EFFA by getting revenge on Deacon Frost in dominating fashion. AAANNNNDDDD NEWWWWWW KT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

6. Currently have 4 KT fighter on my roster, and have been fighting consistantly with a Dwan Diego and Spong have been full time KT fighters all year. Complete.

7. I'd say this is complete. I'm pretty well a consistent top 30 P4P manager. This year was my breakout year for sure. Took long enough lol.
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#84 itakebrides


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Posted 25 December 2016 - 09:29 PM

I not going to even look at my 2015 goals lol.All epic failures  :weeping: .


1.break the top 100 and stay there 

2. get to division 3 or above  and stay there

3.hopefully the hart foundation will break into the division 1 at least one but main goal is to not go back into division 3 .

4.Get SP ICON into  the top 5 orgs in the game

1.broke the top 100 and got to my highest rank ever of 68 .Couldn't really stay there but i call this a success yeah

2.Epic fail in division  five now :weeping:

3.Did not break into division one but  i am happy where were mostly in division 2 all year .Good going for us

4.Got fired and the org is closed and became restricted .A impossible task for anybody to many divas in the org for it to succeed



when is the 2017 one coming out?

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