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ICON Interviews: Alejandro Scott vs Texas Pete Face 2 Face Interview:

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Posted 23 December 2016 - 09:38 PM

(Chael Mir enters the room and sits at the official ICON Interviews table; looking excited by the interview.  He is followed by a whole entourage of security escorting an angry looking Alejandro Scott into the room.  He looks like he’s ready to fight already; with true rage in his eyes, he is fired up.  The next wave of security comes in with Texas Pete who looks focused; but much calmer than his opponent, perhaps the age difference has something to do with it.  The two barely look at each other as they sit either side of Chael; who signals for security to leave the room.)


CM: Hey guys it’s me Chael Mir with a very special edition of ICON Interviews here for you today.  I know it’s been a while since the last edition of ICON Interviews but this one is truly awesome, you guys will love it.  Joining me in the studio now I have the two participants in a highly anticipated fight which goes down on Christmas Eve at the Just Bleed org; run by Jake Bremner.  This fight has broken the Tycoon internet over the past couple of days after a world class preview written by yours truly which really kicked everything off!  There has even been a prediction poll about this fight which by the way is something we should totally do more often because I think that creates a serious buzz around any fight.  Anyway enough of that!  Let’s meet the fighters! Welcome to the show to Alejandro Scott and Texas Pete!

CM: Hey guys; thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to talk to me today.  This is obviously a bit of a crazy fight; it’s generated a lot of interest out of nowhere and it’s very intriguing stylistically as well.  How did this all come about? How were you guys approached about this? Alejandro we’ll start with you.

AS: Well since I've been signed to an org now my manager has been constantly bugging me. I was rolling in preparation for Adlet Mayer when he was like "Yo I've put your name forward to fight Texas Pete, he's just signed to Just Bleed and he's looking for an opponent at 205 you're a perfect opponent since you just won TUF what have you got to lose?" I was super pissed at first but I couldn't argue it all made sense and I trust in Conor, he said it wasn't guaranteed anyway and we'll see how you do after your fight with Mayer, well after I dismantled him I called Jake myself the next day and said hombre where's Texas Pete at?

CM: And Texas; how did this start for you?  How did you get in touch with Just Bleed and how did this fight materialise for you?

TP:  It all started when Highland Games went inactive, originally I was gonna retire and help spar with some of the young up and coming fighters in my managers roster, but that all changed when I received a message requesting that I take part in a "superfight" in Just Bleed.

CM: OK; so obviously this particular fight interests you; Alejandro has been a submission machine of late, what do you think of him as a fighter and an opponent?

TP:  I think he is a very skilled fighter, I have been training very hard for some time on my ground game so hopefully it pays off should the fight get to the ground. That will be a tough task for him though, my takedown defence is off the charts. I don't know how long he will last on the feet if the takedown doesn't present itself. He has been stopped before and shows no signs of having a good chin and that could spell disaster for him.

CM: Alejandro; could I get a response to this?  Can Texas Pete survive with you on the ground? And can you survive some of that dynamite in his fists?

AS: Oh boy what a pendejo, this guy is joking. I've been working hard on my wrestling game, this fight will hit the floor at some point whether it's because I've taken you down or because I've knocked you down and when it hits the floor I will make you tap out and admit I'm the better man

CM: So are you saying you believe you are the superior fighter in all areas?  That’s how it is sounding at the moment?

AS: I'm saying that I'm working hard to leave him on his back one way or another.

CM: So what does this fight mea…….(Texas Pete interrupts)

TP: You ain't got the balls to try and stand and bang with me, if you do you'll wake up with a flashlight in your eyes wondering why all these people are in your bedroom. The only chance you have is if I slip and fall to the mat.

AS: Listen to me bitch I will single handedly beat you into retirement and I can do that any way I choose so you better treat me good or I'll beat you the bloodiest way, you're past your best and I've got years left in me.

TP:   I'm still steadily improving, don't let the old age fool ya. Besides I got that old man T-rex/lion strength so I'm ready for anything you got!

CM: Alejandro; do you buy that your opponent could really still be improving at his age?

AS:  The only thing I'm buying is a new surfboard after I get a performance of the night bonus after I break this motherfucker, what you got that no other opponent I've faced has huh old man?!

CM: Alejandro; he has a record of 25-3, are you saying you’ve seen nothing which would enable him to beat you in all of those fights?

AS: Nothin' that I aint seen before.

CM: Texas, what is your opinion of the recent poll where over 60% of the MMA community have picked your opponent to win? Are these people uneducated about the sport? Or do you feel you are the underdog on paper?

TP: I could care less what a bunch of fan boys think, I know what I bring, you wanna know what that is, huh?! Well I'll tell you, I bring "IT!"

CM: Alejandro, how do you feel that the fight has been covered in such detail in the MMA forums and media? Does this put pressure on you? Knowing that people are expecting you to win?

AS:  Why don't you bring it now huh big boy? Let's throw down old man

TP: I don't fight for free youngen, you’ll get your chance to get fucked up here in a few days!

CM: Things are getting a little too heated here; I don’t want any tables turned upside down or to have to call security up in here so we’re gonna have to wrap it up.  So let me ask you guys, Christmas Eve, Just Bleed 19, I need a prediction.  Alejandro you can go first; how do you get it done and in what round?

AS: First round knockout hombre, old timer you aren't getting out the first!

CM: And Texas Pete; how do you get it done and when?

TP: I think I take it by first round flying gogoplata cuz I'm that damn good. Tune in everyone it's gonna be a hell of a fight!


(Security enters and escorts both guys out of the arena to avoid any further tension; Alejandro has calmed down but looks like someone flicking his eyelash could set him off; Texas Pete walks out with a veteran’s swagger just behind.  )


CM:  Well looks like this fight will definitely end in the first round; don’t blink guys; it could be over quick! Anyways that’s all we’ve got for you today, please tune into the fight tomorrow, it’s gonna be a good one; as we now know we will see a first round knockout or a flying Gogoplata! I’m Chael Mir and thank you for joining me on this edition of ICON Interviews.

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Posted 23 December 2016 - 09:52 PM

The king of interviews have done it again!
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Posted 25 December 2016 - 01:26 AM

Texas Pete

Not too bad for an old man

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