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Posted 06 March 2016 - 12:25 AM

CM: Hello people of the Tycoon world, it is my pleasure to capture your attention for yet another edition of ICON Interviews.  As the proud host of ICON Interviews; I Chael Mir; would like to offer you the most engaging edition of ICON Interviews we have ever seen.  We have a guest befitting of the occasion; ever since I started interviewing, I’ve been looking for that fighter that just has a real interesting story, and a real promising career still ahead of him.  I identified this guy a while ago; he is finally joining us at ICON Interviews, may I present to you ICON Alliance’s very own Scandinavian sensation, “Mr Incredible” Sven Tveskabb!







Check out the audio of Part 1https://youtu.be/dY44_0bqIhU


PART 2: https://www.youtube....h?v=W_NBJ1YKU0Y


CM:  Sven; it’s an absolute pleasure to have you here buddy; we’ve been looking forward to it for a very long time, I for one am super excited, welcome to the show.  Talk to us about what’s been going on with you lately; your former organisation, Tradition Fight Club, collapsed and closed.  As their last ever champion, how did this alter your plans? Has this whole situation given you a different perspective on what you believe the future holds for your career?

ST:  I have so many good memories from Tradition Fight Club. I had 8 fights in the organization and it was at TFC that my career started for real. When they closed I felt like it were the end of the beginning, like chapter one in my book was finished. Now I just train, eat, sleep and repeat until I feel like I'm ready, when I feel like I'm ready to write a masterpiece.


CM: You certainly created some great memories for everybody over there buddy; what was most encapsulating to a lot of people was not just your title win; but your trilogy with Jandre Vorster; talk to me about your opinion of him as a person and a fighter and how big was that trilogy for you and your career? 

ST: Jandre is a great fighter and I respect him a lot, there isn't a single bad thing to say about him. He is as dangerous as dangerous can be on the ground, a real submission artist with a chin made of iron. I have had the great honour of fighting him not once but three times. Jandre is one of those guys that you looking forward to facing and that makes you bring your A game to the fight. When I won against Jandre and won the belt I just wanted to face him again just to prove that it wasn't luck that won the fight, I wanted to prove to myself and the fans that I was the real deal. After a couple of title defences I got the fight that I wanted and he got his rematch. I got taken down and submitted in the first round and that was that. I was so disappointed with my performance so I called the owner of TFC and begged him for an instant rematch.


CM: Obviously you beat him for the belt in a close decision in the first fight; then a few defences later he submitted you; and you came back in the third fight, still your last fight to this day, and frankly you outsmarted him and flat out dominated it from bell to bell.  What did you do differently in both training and strategizing for that fight to ensure such a different outcome? And what did winning that third fight; a fitting end to your time in TFC mean to you at the time?

ST: In our first fight I rocked him in the fourth round and he got saved by the bell. I won the fight and were the first one to defeat him but as a finisher; I wanted to be the first one to knock him out. I got obsessed with that KO and in our second fight I were just looking for a KO. Going into the third fight I felt like I had to let my obsession go and realise that Jandre isn't playing games, so I used my stand up skills in a better way and tried to make sure to keep the fight standing rather than go all out for a KO.


CM: One last question on this; if Highland Games; one of the biggest organisations in England; asked you to go over there to compete against Vorster one more time, what would your answer be?

ST: Well I’d still love that KO; haha.


CM: Ok that’s real interesting; see what surprises me is that someone hasn’t called you already.  I can’t seriously believe that a former champion as dangerous and skilled as yourself isn’t being approached every day.  You’ve had offers right?

ST: I've had some offers but nothing that have drawn my attention to much.


CM: What do you believe would be the perfect organisation for you right now? Is there an offer you could not refuse?

ST: Right now I'm just happy to go to the gym, I'm still learning.  Me and my coaches are working on some stuff that's going to take my game to a new level, until then I will remain unsigned. You should never say never but it is really going to take a lot to drag me from the gym right now, like a mud wrestling match with Beyonce and that I would do for free.


CM: I think that could get us all out of pretty much anywhere!! I can understand you’re looking to work on some new things; you’re already a pretty complete fighter who’s in his prime, it seems as if when somebody is unable to take you down and submit you; they can’t beat you.  Can you shed any light on what you’re looking to add to your game?

ST: I'm working on my offense a bit so that I can bring some more diversity to the fights, spinning back fist, superman punch and the axe kick can all surprise you in a fight.


CM: I couldn’t help but notice you and your manager are now part of the famous ICON Alliance.  What are your thoughts on ICON and the goal that they have to become the greatest Alliance in MMA?

ST:  I think ICON is a very exciting Alliance and I am proud to be a member of it. There are a good mix of experienced and new managers that managing over 250 fighters. There is a lot of young blood amongst us fighters, so the future looks bright for us and by the end of the year we will definitely be up there with the big boys. 


CM: Right; we’re gonna wrap this up so just one last question.  Will Sven Tveskabb win another Championship this year?

ST: Absolutely! 100%.


CM: Now is that a confident answer or what? Sven it’s been an absolute pleasure to have you here on ICON Interviews; thank you so much for your time today and we look forward to seeing you in the Ring or the cage again.  Hopefully we won’t be waiting too long!


CM: That concludes our first ever Audio interview! It was a hell of a lot of fun to be a part of; and here at ICON Interviews, we’re hoping this will change the game.  We hope you enjoyed this edition; let us know what you thought in the comments; everybody is welcome! And as always if you belong to the ICON Alliance; or your fighter fights for the organisation Steel Penn – ICON; please PM me; Chael Mir at108468.  See you next time on ICON Interviews!

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Posted 14 March 2016 - 10:51 AM



Fat Boy



Current MMA Record:

Record       786-481-25 (6 NCs)  

Wins           525 (T)KOs (66.79%)     62 Subs (7.89%)     199 Decisions (25.32%)  

Losses       227 (T)KOs (47.19%)     45 Subs (9.36%)      209 Decisions (43.45%)      

Historic      939-626-27 (11 NCs)

TWGC         27 - 16


Hometown:        Jacksonville, FL 

Country:             United States United_States_of_America.png (P:11)
Location:            Rio de Janeiro

Rank:                  213 of 12015 (1.77%)
Month Rank:      188 (-25 drop)
Best Rank:         17
Opp Rank:          262 average
League:              Div 4. League 15 (P: 2)  

Top Fighter:       Ray Reilly




ICON Profile:


When it comes to pure fight management; there are not many more experienced as Fat Boy; the is the most experienced manager in the Alliance; having been through more up and downs than most managers knew were possible in Tycoon MMA.  The veteran has achieved wins in over 75 title fights; a commendable achievement by any standard.  Fat Boy was also one of the top 10 managers in the world back in the “good old days” of Tycoon MMA, as many managers like to refer to them. 


Fat Boy still manages one world champion to this day; Ray Reilly.  Reilly has been around a while but would still be considered in the prime of his career as he is ranked in the top 50 P4P and the top 10 in his weight class.   He isn’t a finishing machine like some of the other top ICON Alliance fighters; but he a defensive genius who is hard to hit and has excellent anti-wrestling skills.  As a testament to his skillset and to his manager’s tactical nous; Reilly has never been stopped, and it is quite rare to see him lose a round, let alone a fight.  His intelligent style and knack for shutting down opponents games mean that he always seems in control of the fight and is hardly ever behind on the scorecards.  We look forward to seeing how much more Ray Reilly can push forward in 2016 having already completed 4 defences of his Ultimate Vale Tudo Featherweight Championship. 


Another of Fat Boy’s great achievements as a manager was managing Paul Borque to a TWGC Division 3 Championship; a phenomenal achievement for any manager, particularly when you consider that Borque had virtually no submission acumen.  Borque has never had a submission win in an MMA fight.  Ever the intelligent manager; Fat Boy guided Borque to use an aggressive guard game from the bottom; managing to sweep his opponents regularly to set up his excellent guard passing game from the top.  This allowed Borque to become the oldest Division 3 Champion in TWGC history, at 43 years old at the time.  Paul Borque was also a two division (145 and 155) MMA world champion in Ultimate Vale Tudo; Fat Boy’s own organisation.  He was a top level fighter for a long period of time; fighting for the Featherweight Championship as recently as November 2015 at age 46.  Unfortunately he would lose out by decision and he and Fat Boy eventually parted ways in February 2016.


As well as being a top manager; Fat Boy has also been a very successful organisation owner; running Ultimate Vale Tudo; the best organisation in Rio de Janeiro for the last three years.  This organisation has proved a good home to some of Fat Boy’s top talents; allowing them to develop and strengthen, a very smart move by the savvy vet.


The one criticism of Fat Boy’s management is perhaps not being ambitious enough with regards to bringing young prospects through his ranks; with over half the fighters he manages currently being over the age of 40 years old.  Whilst some of these fighters were once the best fighters in their world in their respective weight classes; their best days occurred a long time ago and they will never get to the point they were once at.  In 2016; it would be good to see Fat Boy address this issue; and not necessarily get rid of these guys, it is of course always nostalgically pleasing to see them continue to win fights at their age.  However; if Fat Boy were to raise up a couple of young starlets in 2016; his future as a manager would be extremely promising and he would prove that he is able to adapt to the modern world of MMA Tycoon. 

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Posted 22 March 2016 - 09:58 PM

CM: Hello there to everyone tuning in to ICON Interviews; welcome to yet another edition.  I am your host Chael Mir and today we will be welcoming our first ever current World Champion.  He fights for MMA Helsinki in Finland; he belongs to the ICON Alliance, and he is currently the World Middleweight Champion for MMA Helsinki and he will be defending that title on April 9thagainst Evgenii Mamchenko. May I present to you; “The Left Elbow of Doom” Hillevi Javri.





CM: Hillevi; you are the champ at the moment at MMA Helsinki; you managed to get to the belt quite quickly in a relatively short MMA career so far; talk to us about your journey upwards and what it means to have that belt and to have already defended it twice?

HJ: Honestly, having the belt is a great feeling, having defending it twice is even better! For the future I’m going to keep defending my belt until some higher ranked organisations are interested in me. I'll be here until then and I will not fall short against anyone.


CM: It’s good to know you are confident; so you mentioned higher organisations; obviously MMA Helsinki is incredibly respectable for its large roster and ability to develop younger fighters, what is the organisation you’d be looking to go to if things go your way? Is there a dream organisation which you’d love to be a part of?

HJ: My dream organisation is EVOLUTION.I Have massive respect for Mega Jug and how he's been managing everything.  I also have a great amount of respect for Ispa; he is also a very good manager. However I know I still have a hell of a lot of work to do before any of those elite organisations consider me.   But we will have to see what happens next.


CM: They certainly do have a good thing going down there; a very popular location for super fights; Evolution certainly seems like the place to go if you want to fight the best of the best.  Let’s talk about your next fight; you are defending your belt for the third time against “Baby” Mamchenko. Obviously he is a dangerous fighter; very skilled on the ground.  However; you fought him before not too long ago; you shut his game down completely; has it been hard to motivate yourself for this fight?

HJ:  I Have to admit, I have a lot of respect for Evgenii.  But I am looking to have the same outcome as the last fight, if possible I'll even try to knock him out. Motivating myself for this fight was pretty easy.  My fight camp is also great.  I'm training on a new skill that Evgenii will have to look out for.  It'll be worse than my razor elbows.


CM: He has his weapons as an opponent; so what do you think he will try to do differently this time; if anything, to avoid exactly the same outcome again?

HJ: I Feel like he will be doing the same thing last time, only thing is that he'll probably mix in some more punches. 


CM: So as far as the middleweight division in MMA Helsinki; is there anyone in there that presents an interesting challenge to you or who you would like to defend the belt against after Evgenii?

HF: Kenny Ramsey seems to be in good form, I’d also say the same For Monty Orellana. I'd like to have a match with them and break their winning streaks.


CM: You have made a career out of ending winning streaks; have you ever thought about making that part of your nickname?

HJ: I've been thinking about making that as a part of my nickname, but I am not exactly sure about that yet. I'll have to see what my manager has to say.


CM: We’re gonna wrap this up; just a couple more questions; out of the top fighters in the world at the moment; is there any one guy that you look up to? Anybody that you can see yourself emulating at all?

HJ: The person I look up to is Jameson Connamera and Donny Donnowitz.  These two are an absolute legend and I hope I can become like them soon.
Thank you for having me for this interview.  It was a true pleasure to be here.


CM:  Ok; one last question can we get a prediction for 9th April from you? What’s the outcome of the fight and what round will it be?

HJ: I'm not the type to predict what round I might win in. But since you asked, I will make it a 4th round TKO via my new technique.


CM: Well we look very much forward to the fight and seeing the new technique; Hillevi, it’s been awesome to have you here on ICON Interviews my friend; good luck with the fight, and I’m sure next time we see you you’ll still have the belt.

HJ: Thank you for having me.  It was a true pleasure to be here.



CM: Well that does it for this edition of ICON Interviews ladies and gentleman; remember to tune into MMA Helsinki 30 on the 9th April to see Hillevi Javri defend his Middleweight Championship against Evgenii Mamchenko at Hayashi’s lounge at 6pm Finland time; 4pm London time; 8am in the morning in Los Angeles; and 9am in Las Vegas.

I’ve been Chael Mir and as always if you are a member of the ICON Alliance or The Steel Penn – ICON org, then we are always ready to get your fighters the promotion they deserve; only on ICON Interviews.  For more information message me; Chael Mir at the ID: 108468.  See you next time!


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