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#887790 While I have been gone.

Posted by PBR on 26 May 2019 - 11:27 PM

i remember -- welcome back

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#887616 IFA 185 creation tournament

Posted by PBR on 25 May 2019 - 01:45 AM

i made two guys -- tested one waiting to test other one and will decide which to enter

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#886762 IFA 185 creation tournament

Posted by PBR on 09 May 2019 - 07:05 PM

im down

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#886593 IFA 135lbs creation league

Posted by PBR on 05 May 2019 - 08:13 PM

will join in to give someone a freebie win

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#883891 It is a sad day for America

Posted by PBR on 27 March 2019 - 12:42 AM

I really wish we could find a way to make Americans and journalists care more. This guy is racking up so many crimes against humanity people have become desensitized.


Permanently separating families, radicalizing white nationalists, increasing hate crimes, exacerbating global warming, encouraging violence and murder of journalists in the US and abroad, and lying about real threats posed by North Korea's nuclear proliferation and Saudi Arabia's terrorism around the world.


The more Trump does, the less he seems to be held accountable. The Republican Congress has succeeded in making the unthinkable commo place. A Democrat can't go on TV without some asshole journalist asking if they are going to go overboard with investigations. Unfortunately, they need to because the Trump administration's criminality is unprecedented and Republicans just watched it happen. If Elijah Cumming's Meet the Press appearance is any indication, Democrats are as clueless about how to talk about these investigations as they are immigration or Trump's corruption. I'm so frustrated, but not willing to accept this as my new normal.

do what, lmao -- your so full of it 


permanently separating families - all other presidents have done same thing (actually its not even trump it's homeland security or immigration doing it cause its the law

radicalizing white nationalists - this is joke if obama getting elected didn't do this - stupid to blame trump

increasing hate crimes - hate crimes are not increasing what is being called hate crimes and laws around them have been broadened thus of course leading to what looks like more

global warming - well thats debatable but cant say that really just cause he pulls us out of a bad deal when no others were holding up their part of the deal

violence and murder of journalist -- that is funny shit there -- he has never said anything close to that keep dreaming up shit and adding words

north korea / saudi - again you have to be joking -- he has never down played them or lied about them -- he went to try and keep them from weapons and even stopped the testing crap for over a year or more -- plane stupid to spin it any other way



your so full of trumphate you cant see any light what so ever  

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#883660 UFC Fight Night 148 Thompson vs Pettis Pick'em Thread

Posted by PBR on 24 March 2019 - 02:03 AM

WOW -- way to go pettis

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#883558 It is a sad day for America

Posted by PBR on 23 March 2019 - 02:32 AM

Mueller's investigation is over and no further indictments are forthcoming. Barring an economic collapse, that's going to be a huge obstacle for a democratic nominee to overcome.

I'll probably have to reconsider my volunteering to Tulsi Gabbard's campaign. I can't see any democratic nominee winning now

wasted 2 and 1/2 yrs and 22 million dollars

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#883308 UFC Welterweight Division.

Posted by PBR on 19 March 2019 - 09:39 PM

Askren vs Nate Diaz

would be super boring to me --- someone mentioned maia vs askren would be better -- nate and nick both quit even trying bjj anymore

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#883010 It is a sad day for America

Posted by PBR on 14 March 2019 - 04:25 AM

listening to the left cry about Trump maybe pardoning Manafort and how they can stop it --- lmao -- wasn't no crying happening when Bill Clinton pardoned his cocaine dealing brother to help him move all their cocaine across the us along with all the pardons in the whitewater case, lmao ----- pffffffft lmao ---- and talking about his big lie that mexico will pay for the wall, lmao how about obummers big lie you can keep your health insurance and your doctor -- remember that big lie ---- LMAO 



clinton in his time pardoned 10 major cocaine dealers (one being his half brother) -- biggest cocaine dealer ever Bill Clinton

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#882911 It is a sad day for America

Posted by PBR on 12 March 2019 - 10:25 PM


Trumps base can’t be reasoned with so at this point it feels like the old playground rules are the only way to get the damn point across.

the left can't be reasoned with -- you guys cried from day one before even taking office crying impeachment shit and so on and you still continue to cry like little girls years later -- thats not being reasonable, before the guy ever had a chance everyone was against him --- keep on cryin 

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#882849 Manager Ranking Broken?

Posted by PBR on 11 March 2019 - 09:25 PM

Is manager ranking broken? Or is it the way it has been for years and this guy is just taking advantage of the Ivan Drago method (to the extreme)?



yep manager ranking is broken kinda like the rules here are broken a lot too

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#882801 It is a sad day for America

Posted by PBR on 11 March 2019 - 08:54 AM

So Dems and Libs been crying for over 2 years now about foreign influence in our elections. Now they have introduced a bill that will allow foreign illegals to vote in federal elections. LMAO at the hypocrisy in that one. That is the stupidest shit I have heard in forever. Just shows they grasping at straws and willing to do anything to win -- LMAO


everyone that voted for that bill should be impeached / fired whatever -- talk about foreign influence in elections, is no bigger influence then actually voting --------- sometimes makes me glad I don't have much longer here anymore

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#881486 Going Public

Posted by PBR on 19 February 2019 - 11:23 PM


Humors mentioned it in chat, now a lot o the stuff he mentions is usually shit but every now and then you find a smidgen of truth.

thats the truth always dishing out personal info and trying to find personal info on ones he doesnt have it on

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#881373 Going Public

Posted by PBR on 17 February 2019 - 11:36 PM


So not only are you out of touch with the game, you're clearly massively out of touch with reality too. 

have you seen the dem socialist thread we already know that





honestly i would like to see anything that makes the games advance more, via by whatever means -- but on same hand we can come up with a million ideas but in the end it's mike decision if / when he does anything -- i know after 10 yrs banging away at something and only catching hell for your actions can drive anyone away or get old especially when its a side deal -- it is interesting idea but will members have say so or try to influence certain things -- i do think at 400 there is no way it will happen at this time base is too small i think 

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#881347 Bellator

Posted by PBR on 17 February 2019 - 03:56 PM

daley fought the fight he had to too try and win -- it was ugly yea but hey it was his only chance and if not for giving up position in 5th he might of pulled it off

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