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#360580 mmatycoon history for dunce

Posted by jacky67 on 20 April 2012 - 11:44 PM

ok i'm gonna do a few recaps of the previous events that happend in mmatycoon,

The managers that didn't follow the forums every time will be aware of all the stuffs.








New (lasts are in chronological order):










news here: edited 1 may:

About tony Maggio:




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#343470 Retirement Match: Legend Vs Legend

Posted by Duxwig on 20 February 2012 - 02:54 AM

Throughout history there have been many classic rivalries that have defined their eras.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
These all pale in comparison to one of the biggest rivalries MMA Tycoon has ever known.

Posted Image

These tired and ragged souls are once again destined to collide again.
However, there can be only room for one man in the MMATycooniverse.
One man left standing.
One man called the king of his era.
One man to fight again.

The other....shall fall upon his sword and be carried away on his shield.

Fidel Puno!
Our time has come once again to meet!

Bubba KillsInWater knows where you've been. He knows the struggles you've endured. The criticisms you've dealt with. He, himself, has heard them all too.

Fidel Puno: Age 32. 34 wins, 7 losses.
Bubba KillsInWater: Age 28. 30 wins, 8 losses.

Between these two men, they have over 60 wins combined. Two #1 P4P kings. Two MMA Tycoon Hall of Famers. Two men who take on any and all comers.

This is it though Puno. One man will put one final loss on his record and go out with a BANG

Bubbais here by challenging you to a match that will ultimately be talked about in MMA Tycoon for as long as the game exists and no doubt be the Fight of 2012.


I have already confirmed with Mike Tycoon. The winner of this match stays alive. The loser of this match will be released and forcefully retired.

Silly I know. But what do you have to lose? You've accomplished all their is to accomplish in this world. Bubba has done the same. Why not go where no men have gone before and leave our mark on this B.G.-Earth?

To sweeten the deal I hereby also propose:
  • A $100k manager bet.
  • To personally pay ANOTHER $3k to the bet pot, if I lose, for EVERY +1 vote to this topic.
  • To take a 15 day forum ban
  • Any other conditions you may see fit, we will negotiate to add.

What do you say Puno?
Feelin' Savage enough?

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#475106 Fighter Callout

Posted by minark on 26 October 2013 - 07:45 PM

I think we should add the ability to call out other tycoon fighters as a post fight speech option. Maybe add the check box that says call out fighter and then have a blank box next to it similar to contract/sponsor boxes where we can put in a fighters ID number and be able to call out anyone in the tycooniverse :)

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#790389 Wolf and Aaron

Posted by MMATycoon on 18 November 2016 - 07:21 PM

OK, so this sucks but here goes. To cut a long story short, I'm having to delete Wolf and Aaron for cheating.


The long story:


Back in October 2015 when I started converting the site to a mobile site, Aaron helped me out and converted maybe 30 odd pages of the 200ish pages. I gave him a folder in FTP so he could check the pages were working properly. He was someone I'd talked to plenty of times, had him on Skype, he lives in the same city as me and actually works less than a mile away from my house, so I trusted him with that access. There was nothing important in that folder so I didn't really give it much of a second thought and actually forgot all about it. Since then, I'd talked to Aaron plenty more, have written an article for his fightplatform site, which he gave me admin access to etc..


However, a couple of weeks ago, some guys from the game came to me and pointed out that Wolf and Aaron had some very weird stuff going on in their gyms. Their fighters didn't appear to be training, yet were high skilled. So I checked it out and it was indeed fishy - they'd edited their fighters somehow to be far better than they should have been (including hiddens) but I didn't know how. As I say, I'd totally forgotten that I'd ever given him FTP at this point (this year's been pretty hectic with my first kid, getting married etc... turns out that stuff makes you pretty forgetful).

So anyway, me and my programmer (and also people helping from the game) spent a couple of weeks trying to figure it out, programming in checks etc under the assumption it was SQL injection, access to an admin panel or through the forums maybe (hence the arcade disappearing, if you noticed that). It would have been nice to just ask straight up but we couldn't really risk that in case they did anything dodgy... I mean, we thought they were pretty sound people who were just fucking around and not doing anything malicious but you never know.


So after programming a load of checks, we couldn't figure out what they were doing, so I just asked Wolf straight up yesterday and he fessed up straight away. I'm grateful for that, cos he could have been a dick about it and played dumb or given a false lead. Instead he apologised and told me straight away. It wasn't a total waste of time doing all those checks because it's useful to have them in place anyway.


To explain what they actually did - basically nothing existing on the site was compromised, Aaron just wrote his own script, uploaded it to that FTP folder and ran it to edit their fighters' skills. Obviously I've deleted that FTP account now.



I'm not actually deleting them, I've just changed their passwords for now and done a forced logout. I'll delete them properly once their fights are all done then retire the fighters to the Bahamas. All finances have been removed etc. I'm not editing their hype as that would screw over people they're fighting.


Oh and if I've been shit at replying to your emails the last few weeks, this is why; it's been pretty stressful / busy.



To pre-empt some questions.


1. Are you a fucking moron? Yup. Never trust anyone apparently.

2. How long's it been going on? I dunno, I haven't asked yet. I've only spoken to Wolf briefly. Aaron is in Thailand so I'll talk to him when he gets back.
3. Are any of the other alliance members in on it? We looked at their fighters and they looked OK. A couple of them aren't training properly but their fighters' skills look fairly representative of the amount of training they'd done.

4. What happens to fights that are already booked? I have set all their hiddens to 1, so if you're fighting one of them you've basically got a free win. If you want me to just cancel a booked fight if you are fighting one of them, let me know and I will do that. I've also cleared all finances.

5. Was the Russian hack anything to do with it? It wasn't them but maybe indirectly. I asked someone from the game to download a tool to try and find SQL injection possibilities. That tool might have been dodgy and sent that hack attempt our way if it sent a list of sites using the tool back to the programmers. If it was totally unrelated then it's a massive coincidence because we were using the tool that day and the day before.

6. Can you undo a result against their fighters for me? If people feel really strongly about it, I can write a script. I am OK with doing that but I would personally prefer to move on from wasting time on this as it's already wiped out 2 weeks. As it's my fault though, obviously I will do what people prefer.

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#335846 a note to mike tycoon

Posted by on 29 January 2012 - 10:44 PM

this was a message that i wrote with the intentions of sending to mike. but it got long, so it can be his option to read it or not

hey mike, i think that you need to delete your account and start over with a brand new one, and make an honest effort to play competitively. i think what has happened is that you are still playing as an older player and it narrows your scope on things. it makes you naive to a newer players perspective. i feel i've got the right to say that because i was the same way. when i was an older manager i truly had no idea just how disheartening this game is for new players. honestly i didnt have a clue. but now that i've restarted my entire perspective has changed.

i've spent six months playing as a new manager and i've went from having a deep passion for the quality of this game, to a strong dislike for how this game functions. i can set here and try to explain my perspective on things. but i think that you'll never truly have a feel for where im coming from until you experience it for yourself.

in my opinion, new player enjoyment should be the #1 goal. simply because if there's no enjoyment factor for the new players then there's not gonna be any older players around to enjoy it. this game feeds off of young and old players equally. there value to the game is a stale mate. this game truly is a great experience as an older player. the game is incredidly rewarding as an established manager. most everyone will agree to that. but i can guarantee you that you'll have a much harder time finding younger managers that will agree to the same thing. it's just not the case.

the goal should be to make the game enjoyable over the entire spectrum. instead of only after you've played the game for 2 years. ppl just wont wait that long. hell, i know first hand how enjoyable this game can be once you've put your time in. but even knowing that, im on the verge of bailing, simply because the wait isnt seeming to be worth it.....

i've been playing with a stable of new fighters and training in public gyms for 6 months now and im absolutely disgusted with how my fighters have progressed. i know what the older managers fighters look like, and i know that my fighters arent close to that. but at the same time, i understand that your goal is to bring the overall total skill levels of the older fighter down a bit. i get that. but by slowing fighter growth isnt the key. all that you've done by nerfing fighters learning abilities is make a boring game for young and old.

i know that you didnt directly nerf learning speed, but the changes that have been made have made that happen. an example of where the system fails: you can take a fight. lose. train for a month, and enter into your next fight and show little to no skill improvement from the fight before...that's a problem in my opinion. it takes away almost all optimism. there needs to be at least SOME signs of improvements from fighters in between fights. not only because it keeps managers logging in daily to see fighter progression. but also because it gives optimism that a loss early on, wont neccassarily mean a loss down the road.

some managers just dont and will never be good with the sliders. they understand and admit to that. so in order to bridge the gap for those managers, skills is what does it. skills, whether you want to believe it or not, is what makes this game go. skills are what creates passion for ppl. skills are what creates the bond between fighter and manager. skills are what creates the butterflies for an upcoming fight. skills are what manufactures hope and the optimism that your luck is going to change. that goes for both young AND old. skills are what allows managers to put yestarday behind them and allows them to be excited about the oppurtunity of tomarrow.

by trying to limit the skills or slowing the growth of a fighter, you're limiting how excited ppl can be about mmatycoon in general. it's honestly just the facts. everything in life is pshycological and has a pshycological effect. you need to always ensure that the things that you do creates a postitive pshycological emotion for ppl. that's the recipe for success with anything. whether it's getting somebody to buy your product, vote for you in an election, hang around you at a party, or simply say hello to you on the street. you've got to always ensure that the things that you do put other ppl into a happy/comforting state of mind. that's how you get ppl to want to follow you, or to just simply be around you. in this case, that's how you get ppl to want to play mmatycoon. allow them to enjoy themselves as much as possible on the thrills of the game - maximize the things that ppl love the most about the game. watching fighter growth is a key factor in this games success in my opinion...

but im not sure what your overall goal is with the game? it may be different from what i believe it to be, or think it should be? but im certain that your goal isnt to have a stagnation effect from fighters. at least i hope it isnt. but that's kind of the feeling that i think has been created. you've always made really well thought out changes to the game in my opinion. much better than what i could have ever done. but at the current moment, there's nothing incredible going on in the game that just reaches out and grabs new players. the game i feel like is initially intriguing enough to get ppl to come back. but nothing that happens frequently enough to really take a hold of ppl and keep them on the edge of their seat. that's just my honest opinion.

i have to go back to the mice in a maze theory. you dont have to give much, but you do have to give it just a little bit of cheese occasionally. or else it wont keep running the maze. same way with this game. i get it's a slow paced game. i've played for almost 3 years now. so i can handle the pace of a game of this type. but at some point, if there's continually less and less cheese at the end of the maze, then we'll have to go off in search of new cheese. and i dont mean that as a threat to say "hey, make the game the way i want". it's just me saying, "hey mike, i've played this game for a long time. i've grown to love it. but now can feel it slipping away" - i feel like i've got to make at least SOME effort to throw something out there that can make the game more enjoyable from my own perspective. from my perspective, i think that the game really shines at the upper levels, when you can compete with good skilled fighters in a battle of wits via sliders and skill sets. that's where this game excells. but the only players that are getting to take part in that greatness are the ones that have been apart of the game for a long time.

so i want to make a push to you in hopes that you'll do something to allow us younger managers to take part in that fun maybe just a little bit quicker. i know what this game can offer in terms of enjoyment. but in my opinion, it's foolish to think ppl will play for years before getting to experience it

in the end, i thought that the basis of the game was "styles make fights". the game flourished under that thought. i sure would love to see it get back down to that. i dont care if it's exceptional/sensationals vs remarkables/wonderfuls. that's okay by me. i'd be happy to be faced with that dissadvantage. but 6 months in and still working with proficient at best? and that's with major glaring holes....mike please take notice, and bridge the gap. it's my final plea
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#790506 The Wolf on Tycoon Street

Posted by Rambo on 18 November 2016 - 11:10 PM


Today marks the biggest black stain in tycoon history since Mentor was busted for multi's and scamming big dick pills, when two sub-par managers at best, were busted for fraud, fight-fixing, and straight up being douche bags. Congratulations dickheads, you've turned Vendetta into the Enron of MMATycoon. You can read the full story here.  


To nobody at Convicted Inc's surprise, Wolf, Aaron, and Vendetta still suck.



(Wolf celebrating after every fixed fight)

(Aaron celebrating after every fixed fight)



(Aaron approaching Wolf after he was given access to an FTP folder)





The V for Vendetta once again stands for V for Vaginas. Thanks to two special pieces of garbage, Wolf and Aaron, the success of the entire alliance comes into question.  Cheating was obviously the only way mediocre managers like Wolf, Aaron, and even Ryan Epicity (how else could this guy crack the top 10 lol.) could succeed.  We've seen dirt balls in the past; Mentor, Steel Penn, Castor, but Wolf and Aaron take the cake and go down in history as the dirtiest scumbags to ever curse the game with their presence.

Congratulations assholes, and good riddance.

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#246065 A basic fighter creation lesson: Distributing your points

Posted by myronmonroe on 23 February 2011 - 06:37 PM

I think this is one of those things EVERY single person that plays this game should know, so that's why I decided to make this post.

When you are putting points into your fighter on creation, which one of these strategies will be the best in the long run?

Best way to spend 111 points:

Fighter #1: Put only 1 point (USELESS) into SKill #1, and spend the maximum 110 points (WONDERFUL)on Skill #2
Fighter #2: Spread the points out, putting 55 (COMPETENT) into Skill #1 and 56 (COMPETENT) into Skill #2

Here's the basic concept of this game you need to keep on mind:

It is MUCH MUCH faster to go from 1 to 55 than it is to go from 56 to 110......Training slows down dramatically as your skill level goes up. There are no exact numbers, but I will use this picture as an example:

Posted Image

So, let's take a look at Fighter #1 and how long it will take him to get both skills to wonderful:

Posted Image

Now, let's take a look at Fighter #2 and how long it will take him to get both skills to wonderful:

Posted Image

In conclusion, Fighter #1 was MUCH easier to get both skills to wonderful than Fighter #2. If you have a fighter and you are thinking about his long term success, it is better to get as many skills to 110 as you can. He may not be as well rounded in the beginning, but he will thank you in the long run :thumbup:
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#506398 Fighter Option - Vacate Title Belt

Posted by EzekelRAGE on 10 January 2014 - 10:46 PM



When you click the box beside vacate title you would get the following popup




To make the contract looks less cluttered you can move the warning text to the pop up to confirm vacating the title



Now fighters can vacate a belt without harming the org(If they are above 100 hype). A fighter wouldnt have to feel obligated to stay in the org because he holds a title.

Maybe a fighter just wants to up the competition but also leave the org he is champion at on good terms.

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#312754 Fighte Slots change to Fighters & Staff Slots?

Posted by MMATycoon on 17 October 2011 - 08:36 PM

Just throwing out a general idea.

Instead of the slots just being for fighters, how about changing it to fighters and staff. Staff would be stuff like;

- Retired fighter (can become a coach and run seminars).
- Personal Assistant (would be able to help you with stuff like setting a supplement schedule, pointing out when fighters are running out of money etc. The more you paid them, the more they could look out for).
- Cornerman (something people asked about all the time in the earlier days - perhaps these could all be retired fighters too).
- Other stuff if people could think of anything.

Now that fighters take a bit more looking after this would help take up extra slots that people aren't in need of so much anymore, plus if we keep the retired fighters on, I would be OK with upping the number of slots that you can buy to 20, which is something else that people have asked about for quite a while. I do need the site to bring in some more money but I wanted there to be a functional point in opening up more slots.

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#838950 Just wanted to say:

Posted by Kanis on 01 December 2017 - 07:48 PM

Many years ago,..I lost "everything that mattered". I then spent 12 years in a self punishment cycle that included too much drug use and no concern for my own well being.

A long story will be cut short to one day ,finally, looking myself in a mirror and seeing a glint of the warrior that I used to be, looking back at me for the first time in a decade. He said. "Now, you are just being stupid"

  When I found this MMATycoon, I was trying to sober up.  My mind was a constant static of chaotic energy.

I am now 3 months away from my 4 year mark in the game.

I am incredibly sober (if you don't count weed =) just being honest). 

I am now back in my career field, Entertainment rigging- concerts and I am, again, one of the premium guys in the Oregon and Washington areas.


My closest friends are pleasantly shocked, because , I was told  "not many can come-back from where I was in my mind, heart and soul."


I am currently ranked 33 of 21518 (0.15%) and IF this is the closest that I ever get to this peak, I wanted to shout it out now, that You have NO idea just how much this environment was the therapy of mind that helped me come back from that cliff that I was on.  Thank you for that



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#730826 Convicted Weather Report: Ronda Rousey, Dinooo, & Qlimax

Posted by Rambo on 07 January 2016 - 06:59 AM

Since Ronda Rousey's KO loss to Holly Holm, she's been focusing on her life outside of the cage. During a recent press conference she was caught off guard when a surprise guest showed up to the stage for an interview.
A cameraman captured Ronda's OMG CK is going to be here!?! moment.

RR:  I'm wet.


CK:  First off, gross - I wouldn't fuck you with Dana White's head.  Second, I have that effect on women.  Third, it's nice to meet you too.  Lastly, stick to questions please.  My time is valuable. Time is money.


RR:  How shocked were you when dinooo announced he would be leaving Convicted?  Did he talk to you before he left?


CK:  It wasn't anticipated, but I'm not shocked.  He's always been very active in tycoon chat so we were aware he had a lot of buddies outside of Convicted.


RR:  Did he talk to you before he left?  


CK:  No.


RR:  Did he talk to any of you before he left?


CK:  The only one I'm aware of is LT.


RR:  Do you know what he discussed with Lance?  Did they part on good terms?  Rumors are circulating that LT assaulted dinooo during his departure from the Convicted Inc building.


CK:  We'll leave TMZ news to noob alliances.  I have no recollection of that.  Let's just say LT is loyal to Convicted.


RR:  Reports say LT hit him with a chair...


CK:  No comment.


RR:  ...Kicked him in the skirt on the way out...


CK:  No comment.



GBK and fellow noobs celebrating at some shitty gay-pride festival when dinooo announced he left Convicted




RR:  Let's talk about the new alliance Dinooo started; Qlimax.


CK:  Seriously?


RR:  Dinooo, GBK, and Ruphus Duphus started it ---


CK:  The name, they really called it Qlimax?


RR:  Yes.


CK:  Qlimax what?


RR:  That's it.


CK:  What?


RR:  Just Qlimax.


CK:  Why?


RR:  He named it after some music festival he attended as a child.


CK:  You're fuckin kidding me, right?


RR:  No, I'm not.


CK:  No comment.




dinooo protesting after Chuck Grace, a former Cocksmen, was voted into Convicted by the OG committee.  He went full body shave and shirtless to show how serious he was.




RR:  There were rumors that there's been a rift between members in Convicted for a long time.  Is that true?


CK:  No, I haven't heard that one yet.


RR:  They say it started sometime after Chuck Grace was voted into Convicted.  That Dean was against the idea of adding a cocksmen to the alliance.


CK:  He just created an alliance called Qlimax with a former Cocksmen and a pikachu loving manchild GBK.  I don't think he has any issues with cocks-or-men or the two combined in any way.


RR:  Did you just suggest that Dean Sutherland is....


CK:  Look, we've all heard the rumors about Dinooo and his boy toy Dean Sutherland Jr.  I'm not saying he is or isn't or that they're true or not true.  It's just coincidental, that's all.





The multi-plying noobs marching in Qlimatic fashion during the new alliance's annual march of pride.



RR:  Are you worried about Qlimax competing with Convicted as a top alliance?


CK:  No.


RR:  Do you think that they will dethrone you for alliance of the year?


CK:  No.


RR:  With Dinooo, GBK, and Duphus at the helm, you're not worried about their potential.


CK:  Dinooo wears a skirt, GBK still loves pokemon, and Duphus needs viagra to get out of bed.


RR:  Wow, you're really not worried about them at all?


CK:  No.  They'll compete with the likes of LOD and Tycoon Alliance.  They're a name change and a long way from competing with the likes of us.


RR:  Any closing statements?


CK:  We are Convicted.  We are one.  We do not forgive.  We do not forget.  Expect us.




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#435365 Belt Cabinet

Posted by WarMachine on 24 April 2013 - 12:39 PM

Would be cool to have a belt cabinet.

Like the size of the trophys and below that part showing which belts you've held showing the picture of the belt held.

Some fighters have been multiple belt holders and I actually like some of the belt designs some orgs have.

Its not important but a cool update.

Has this been requested or suggested before?
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#313147 List of ID restricted orgs

Posted by Dee on 19 October 2011 - 10:43 AM


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#643301 MMAtycoon piss take videos.

Posted by RozzaD on 30 January 2015 - 06:25 AM

Inspired by Jackys work in his thread, I thought I would give it a go myself. hopefully noone gets angry or insulted by this, its a joke...


Rory's Vids:

Rory interviews a couple of Vendetta members, Mentor makes an appearance

When you realise KRad is your next opponent in a tourney

Mike kicks humors out again

Mike rejects an offer from Penn and Mentor

Dino vs Bowser be like...

Butch and Castor agree to battle for the last time

When a multi thread is made


Beck's Vids:

Humors new account

Skype Group GOT spoilers

GBK Mod removal


Jacky's Vids:

All of Jackys Vids


bijakonja's vids:

No more penis Cream


Timmy's Vids:

Life (and death) of a multi

Wont be bad again


Uniconor's Vids:

Conor reacts to Ken's Vid

The Unit


Kenlow's Vids:

Kenlow problems

Humors tries to get back in the game


Shit JLP says

CGrace pissed off


GBK16's Vids:

Hitler reacts to Grant being removed as a mod

Humors return threads be like



Vendetta's Vids:

Cristofi the scammer


The Dudes Vids:

Grasman's nutrition rant


Listerman's Vids:

Uniconor and Wolf discuss GONY 3


GWad's Vids:

MadBob finds out someone is underweight





If anyone else has any mmatycoon related videos post them in here! I remember someone made a funny subtitled hitler clip, but forgotten what it was about..

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#600835 How much notice do you need for the fight engine changes to go live?

Posted by MMATycoon on 09 September 2014 - 09:57 PM

As in the title? I am presuming Monday's fine?


There are loads of little things but the main ones are ref standups, overall fight scoring and leg kicks affecting speed and agility not stamina.


There isn't a massive amount that you would be able to gameplan for until you have experienced how you think it all works, so not a massive amount of notice needed imho.




changed scoring system including fight rating, (n.b. will likely see less 100% rated fights)
improved transitions to focus more on the transitions variable itself
improved flex vs agility for advance position; added agility plus split what you need based on top vs bottom so bottom needs flex but top doesn’t
improve subs; so that bottom needs flex but top needs agility, whilst being the taller fighter makes subs from the bottom more likely but less likely from the top (minor difference).
bug fix - commentary display for getting rocked sometimes bugged out at the start of rounds
added more commentary to indicate sustained ground stalling by a fighter    
added fight graphics for reversals
diminishing returns for scoring points on takedowns and subs.
reduced energy loss for attempted escapes    
added clinch attempts to post fight stats    
fixed alignment of little arrow things on the fight imperial stats bars   
fixed - occasionally the fight engine would do a move you hadn't asked your fighter to do

also debugged the crap out of it for about 5 days and found a few bug that would have affected the chance of certain standup things landing, sometimes positively and sometimes negatively depending on tactics. hopefully this will have been the cause of any "how the hell did that happen?" fights for you in the past, so it won't happen again.


scrap NCs due to being in the wrong location. Instead you will be teleported to the right location and get a 10% hit to energy and morale but the fight will still take place.


Added 16th sept;

Additional tweak to standups from yesterday's changes.

Altered the "ground moves per minute" calculation. The most important impact being that we won't have a massive drop in moves per min when people go high counter. I'll continue to work on this one as post of this requires me editing commentary lines individually.

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#808218 MMATYCOON MEMES ( create some)

Posted by Beck on 17 March 2017 - 05:16 PM


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#536835 :)

Posted by MMATycoon on 01 April 2014 - 01:55 AM


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#496468 Everything you need to know about learning speed

Posted by VeikkoK on 16 December 2013 - 12:01 PM

Ok, in recent weeks I think I've seen these same questions asked about 20 times, so maybe there should be a sticky or something about this?
What is learning speed?
In broad sense the learning speed refers to fighters ability to response to training, and it is based on the value of the hidden skill, fighters age, energy and morale levels, quality of the coach or sparring partners, class sizes and the current skill level. But the main interest is usually in the value of hidden skill, which is a constant value and determines whether the fighter is capable of learning things fast, given that his training is planned properly. By ticking "fast learner" in fighter creation you get boost for this skill, but other than that, you cannot influence fighters learning speed hidden.
In short, usually when talking about learning speed we are talking only about the hidden skill related to the learning speed.
What learning speed is not?
Learning speed and fighters intelligence are two completely different things. Intelligence (related to "knows how to adapt his game plan") can be tested with IQ tests (can be won on Spin and Win and sometimes you get random test via mail or when travelling with jet), and refers to "fight IQ", i.e. how well the figher responds to things happening during fight.
In short, learning speed has nothing to do with IQ or intelligence.
How to test fighters learning speed?
  1. You need to have a VIP status in order to test the learning speed accurately. Check below for non-VIP possibility.
  2. Install Greasemonkey add-on for Firefox (there are similar add-ons for other browsers but there are reports that they might not work properly for everyone): https://addons.mozil...n/greasemonkey/
  3. Install TycoonTools Greasemonkey scripts (Only Skill Snapshot Stat Extractor is needed for this, but other might come handy also): http://widing.arkku.net/tycoontools/
  4. Your fighter needs to have some secondary skill where you didn't assign any points in fighter creation and which you have not trained at all (remember that for example training clinchwork will give small gains to elbows also etc). Assign your fighter to train that skill in 1on1 training session with Elite coach. Make sure your fighter have 100% energy and morale.
  5. After training, go to Fighter skills snapshot page (http://www.mmatycoon...atssnapshot.php), select the skill in question and if you have appropriate Greasemonkey scripts installed and enabled, you should see a numeric value under the skill snapshot bar. This value is the current skill level of your fighter in that skill.
  6. Skills where you did not assign any points at fighter creation start at 1.95. It is believed that the maximum skill value you can have after one training session is 7.5 (useless++). Lowest value I have encountered is 3.9, but my guesstimate would be 3.5 for lower limit. Depending on your preferences, you could think that fighters with learning speed under 5 (useless-) are not good enough (some people use 4.5 and other 5.5 etc), unless other hiddens of that fighter are very good. Unless the learning speed is very low, like under 4, I would still test the fighting abilities of everybody (i.e. see how they perform in few QFC's and what does their ToTT say) before sacking them.
  7. Note that above values are for 18 year old (or younger), for older fighters you should expect smaller values, although I do not have experience to tell how much is good enough for example 25 year olds. And also, if you have only 2on1 training available, that shouldn't make huge difference, so you still get good approximation of the learning speed that way. And if you have already trained the skill little (say the skill value is 2.5), you can still compute the difference (new value - old value) and see how much that is compared to maximum gain of 5.55, but note that with high level skills the learning speed decreases.


Other issues:


  • For non-VIPs there is an approximate method for determining the learning speed: The pop from useless to abysmal in two sessions, is combined gain of 8.05 points,  ie. over 4 points on one session. That would equal learning speed at least 1.95->6, which is rather good. If the fighter doesn't pop even in three sessions, he is a very slow learner. Between that, depends how tight criterias you have.

  • Learning speed is constant from until fighter hits the age of 18, and after that it declines gradually when your fighters age.

  • For 25 year olds (or 19-24 for that matter) there's not public information available about range of learning speed. I've heard somebody had learning speed of 7 as 25 year old but I doubt it. If anybody makes 25 year olds and wants to share what kind of learning speeds they have gotten, please let me know and I'll add the range here.




I'll add other info if something comes up.

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#661589 Tell the people you love that you do.

Posted by 762x39 on 05 April 2015 - 10:17 AM

Maybe I am a little emotional today with it being Easter. But I learned the hard way a few months ago that no ones time here on earth is promised. I want to share this with all of you so you don't make the same mistake.


I started out the new year on top of the world, I got a new promotion at work that puts me one step closer to being the plant manager. My oldest son has been accepted to a few colleges and we were all planning our future, with it looking very good. My daughter is #3 in her freshman class, and youngest who has Down Syndrome had finally made it through a December without being in the hospital.


Toward the end of January my back started hurting. I ended up going to urgent care and they told me I had sciatica they gave me some pain meds and muscle relaxers and sent me home. I ended up making a couple more trips to the ER and my doctor over the next 2 weeks and I just kept getting worse. Finally it got so bad I needed a walker to get around. One morning I could not get out of bed or move my left leg. My wife took me to the ER again and when I got there my blood pressure was 59/40. They did an MRI on me and finally figured out I have a MRSA infection and they ignored it for so long that it spread through my whole body. I had a 10 inch pocket in my back, in both hips, down both legs to my feet, my left lung and in my heart. They told my wife to call in all the family because I was going to die.


After a few surgeries and 17 days in the hospital I was able to come home. I am still on IV meds and have a wound pump hooked up to my back and hip but I am alive. I go to the doctors at least twice a week and have home health care coming in twice a week. I am working light duty again and everything seams to be getting better. Then last week I go to the heart doctor to check the infection I had in it. He did an ECO on my heart and the MRSA has destroyed my aortic valve. So now sometime in the coming weeks I will have to have open heart surgery. The valve is falling apart, a piece broke off and ended up in my spleen and spread the infection to it. He said to watch for signs of a stroke because if more breaks off it could cause that.


I post this not so anyone will feel sorry for me, or for attention. I post this so you all will not take the ones you love for granted. We are only here for a short time and we do not know when our number will be drawn and we will be called home. I am a better man after going through this, I tell people that I love them and do my best to show them. So today take the time to do it yourself. You never know when you are going to run out of time to say it.


Happy Easter everyone and God bless you and your family.

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#472442 The story behind the Gangs (of GoNY)

Posted by RozzaD on 13 October 2013 - 02:18 PM





Background Story of the Gangs (of GoNY)



New York City, ‘The Big Apple’, ‘The Big city’, ‘The capital of the World’… There are many names for this large congested plot of land located on the East side of USA. A place widely regarded as the city where dreams are made and nightmares forgotten. Well let me tell you, ladies and gentlemen, that vision is far from the truth. Six rivalry gangs have been formed, each seeking total power of this concrete jungle and by no means are they planning on doing so with civilized discussion. Each gang is as guilty as the next when it comes to crooked behavior. There will be blood, there will be tears, there will be victories and there will be defeats but in the end… there will only be one gang left occupying the harsh streets of New York City…



Blood & Gutz


Since B&G formed they have been described by many as the most feared of the six gangs, the black crest is to portray their ability to strike in the dark, they are the reason there is a curfew when the sun sets. It has been told that in order to enter this gang, one must take the  life of an innocent to enter. They don’t fuck around and intimidation is their best weapon. This gang was started by a well-known and dangerous immigrant from Scandinavian origin, Mr. Gutz he was known as. He came to New York with fellow gang member Frank Abbott on the first ship out of that Scandinavian shit hole that they could get in search for a better, more rewarding life. Frank, like Gutz is a dangerous man with a lot of ammo in his arsenal. One of the first New York locals they met was a man who already had a big name for himself in the Big City, Johnny Lee Paris his name was. A big time bank robber and one of the most talked about names in NY, who knew the ins and outs of the city. JLP, as he is commonly known as was the first of Gutz’s recruits to the gang. After a short time a small time pick pocketer by the name of Bragi Ragnarson was picked up by B&G in down town Manhattan. This kid was a master in the art of theft, his most common tactic was to scout the streets at night disguised as a rent boy and would look for the richest guy to steal off once they fell into his falsely advertised expertise he would murder the target and take all his belongings. A dirty cbomb he was, but what do you expect he has Polish blood in him. And then there was Scooby Jr, a new kid on the block looking to prove to his elders that he was worthy of their time. The rest of the gang had little faith in him but gave him a chance to see what he was made of…



The Council


The Council, a group of ruthless savages led by Don Rage. They tend to wear red at all times with the intention to show people that they are out for blood. Don Rage is a man of entertainment and cunning ideas, it is said that his only fear is spiders. He has been of much benefit to his people, offering a lot to the community with these ideas, he has given the people entertainment by putting on events such as boxing tournaments amongst others. But, he never got anything back from the community and so he started ‘The Council’, he desired that respect and fame but couldn’t quite make it through the entertainment business so instead he turned to the Gangster business. His right hand man Ruphus Duphus joined him in his journey to run this city, I guess you could say Ruphus was the muscle of the gang; there were very few who wanted to stand up to this man. Rumors have it that he is 6’"7 and looks like he has been hit in the face with a shovel, only making him scarier than any other man in NYC. Klatz Matz, was later on picked up by Don Rage. Even though Rage is a patriotic man and wanted the best for his fellow countrymen, he decided to take on board a Russian import. This was a smart move as Matz had a lot of Eastern European connections throughout the city and could be a threat to rival eastern European origin gangs. Bobby Fossil, a big name in the boxing industry having won the Golden gloves tournament as a rookie was picked up by Don Rage to manipulate the New York city government in a way that would favor the council, all he had to do was clench his fists. Lastly, Ali Gator joined the gang. A slightly washed up gangster ready to re-live his past and prove to the big apple that he is still a force to be reckoned with.



Five Pointers


The Five Pointers are a lethal gang under command of Don Putin, the blue represents the finish flag and the cold heart of Putin. The large majority of his gang was made up of yet more Scandinavians like himself and are probably the least popular gang in the city, having a name like Five pointers doesn’t help as it implies that they rule the five points of Manhattan were most of the gang warfare and crime takes place. This gang in particular has a very large success rate in their organized crimes and is by no means to be overlooked by any of their rivalries. Don Putin is a controversial and unpredictable man, he could snap like a poisonous snake at any second, fellow gang member Castor Rollins knows only too much about that, this could come down to the fact that Castor is a bit of an outcast in the group as he comes from Sweden and is commonly known as the city scumbag. Castor was the last member to join the Five Pointers and due to his relationship and past with Putin, this was regarded as a very strange decision. They have been spotted falling out a lot and the rivalry gangs don’t see Castor’s as a big threat as rumors have it that Putin has put a hit on his head, time will tell if these rumors are true or false but for now the new blood remains a big threat to any opposition. Sami Assasi is another big name to come out of the gang and second in charge to Don Putin. He has earned his respect in NYC through grueling, tough battles. He is an honest man but don’t let that statement make you think he is a good man, because he will honestly beat the shit out of you if you for no reason. Ville Coleman, whenever I hear that name my spine shivers. But strangely enough there are quite a lot of people who don’t get the same feeling as I do, he is a silent assassin and that’s probably why he has gone by without as much fame as he deserves for his dirty work. He is one to watch out for and will play a big part in the taking of New York, I feel. Onto, the infamous Cus Damato, the only one of the 5 who is not from the grim lands of Scandinavia. This man comes across as a laid back, cheerful kinda guy… until he disagrees with you or you show him no respect that is. As soon as a fella does that they won’t forget him. He is the main distributor of marijuana in the city and has earned his street credibility.



The Outfit


The name the Outfit was given to this gang because they always dressed well and were noticeably more handsome than the average New Yorker. They are notorious for getting the ladies and this is the reason they are in charge of brothels and strip clubs throughout the city. Many of the less intelligent and elegant gang members visit their brothels and are murdered by the help of their loyal ladies of the night all under the master plan of Don Gonzaitev. Gonzaitev has been in ‘the game’ for a long time now and knows the tricks of the trade. He is one of the first Russian’s in NYC and is a well-respected name in the community he also has a lot of faith in the success of his gang. He is certainly one to be feared and is in the prime of his life right now. Another Finn walks the streets of New York, but not to support his country-men in gangs such as the Five Pointers, no, Agent Dee is probably the Outfits deadliest weapon. He is too smart to be caught out by anyone doing his dirty work, he will give respect where its due even to his enemies but he has a great sense of who is not to be trusted and who is a shmuk, for these people who fit into the latter category, he will take joy in destroying mentally and physically till they can take no more, watch out Castor. Purpose is another well groomed member of the gang. He appears as though he wouldn’t harm a fly and is a peoples man, always looking to improve his surroundings. This much is true but if you push him enough his alter ego will pounce out of him, chew you up and spit you back out to make you feel like the worthless little whore that you are. He has been in the NY scene for a while and can be of great benefit to the Outfit. Next up is the one and only, Rory Daly! They say he has a voice like Frank Sinatra and a cock like a horse. This guy was the reason for the start of the gang rivalries and bloodshed. It is said that he slept with all the other Don’s wives and girlfriends, but he claims it was more like those very women practically raped him because he is just that damn handsome. Again these could be Rumors but it’s likely that they are true, I mean look at the guy! Anyway, Daly has diverted his attention to crushing anyone in his path and judging by his recent activities throughout the city he has been doing exactly that. Not afraid of his voice being heard and talking down his enemies till they are left in tears, Daly will be a big role in the taking of the city. Lastly we have Bradley Miller, a man who has been around for a long time but has little to show on his portfolio as of yet.. he is looking for his big break in his rise to power. A man you will soon know too well in battle, he is hungry for success.



Canuck’s Capos


Don Canuck has never been so deadly as he is now, he has been killin anything and everything that even so much as looks at him. Canuck’s Capos are the most loyal of gangs to each other as they have history before they were even a gang; they go way back. They don’t appear to be the most intimidating gang out there but talk of the town is that they are the most organized gang out there, rivalry gang member Rory Daly used to be close with the Capos and has revealed that they have underground going-ons but no one knows exactly what is going on, not even Daly. Whatever it is their doing its getting them some solid income, richest of them all Peel Steel, Canuck’s right hand man, is suspected to have been the man to start this underground system and will be supplying combat facilities and weaponry training to his fellow gang members. Steel is a successful business man, so successful people thought he was Jewish, but he has denied such claims. Steel is one of the biggest names to come out of New York City running one of the biggest organizations in NYC and has the kinda money to get the best muscle out there. Rodrigo Oliveira, coming from South America brings with him Brazilian combat expertise and a shit load of cocaine. He is more out there with his cocaine distribution than other small time dealers in town due to the amount of wealth the Capos make so he pays off the authorities and gives em a little baggy on the side. Oliveira isn’t widely seen as an exceptionally dangerous man but lets see what the future holds for him. The fourth member of the Capos is Charles Lee Ray, a fresh faced, new face to the gangster world has already proved he is not to be fucked with. He has shot up the ranks of his gang quicker than a Viagra filled penis. It is rare to see such a quick learner and contributor to the gang! Will it be short lived I wonder… Last but not least Butch Harris, the kinda man who won’t take shit form anyone, he’ll only dish it out. An active man around town, always looking for a scrap with every man and his dog. There are few guys in NYC who will be more determined for success than Butch.



The Dead Pidasols


The Dead Pidasols are very much alive and at large in NYC, you won’t go through a day without noticing their presence in the streets of New York. An outspoken bunch who don’t even need to use their fists to make a grown man cry. Don Pidasol is the ruthless type; the people can hate him or love him all they want but at the end of the day he won’t give a rats cbomb. Pidasol has been a big name in the gang scene for a long time now and maintained a powerful image. One of the deadliest guys in New York without a doubt, every other Don wants this fella’s head served to them on a silver platter but that’s easier said than done. Then we have one of Pidasol’s long term pals KRad, a charismatic specimen and perhaps the brains of the gang. He appears to be a gentle, comedic, intellect but there is more to him than what meets the eye. He is the kinda guy that would tear your balls off and make you eat them for his own viewing pleasure…. A dangerous type who likes to have fun whilst carrying out his dirty work, ah yep, sick is the word I am looking for! Pidasol’s next pick up was Jax Rostenkowski, an extremely wealthy man which may well have been the reason to most of his success, still has a lot to prove despite his brutal brawling ability. He is known for finishing off other peoples fights out of nowhere and being a bit of a control freak. He will be a good asset to the Dead Pidasol’s as long as he doesn’t try and change the name to ‘The Dead Rostenkowski’s’.. Doubt it though that just sounds retarded. Moving on, some other guy with a ridiculous name was in the gang, he was known as Ari because most people couldn’t pronounce his full name. The silent but violent type, no one really knows him too well, he tends to let his fists do the talking and he does so pretty well. He gets the job done, enough said. Last of the Pidasols is Jack Frost, a bit of a loud mouth up and comer in this city, well at least he backs up his words, the guy has been terrorizing New York recently. An ambitious kid who wants his name out there for everyone to fear. Perhaps a time bomb waiting to blow up at the right moment.


Only one gang will be left standing at the end of the bloodshed and this is only the beginning…..


Whoever wins…….


The Freedom of New York loses…..


Notorious Fights: NY presents to you...









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