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The most hostile takeover

Syn Dark Soul Combat Kid Torres

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Posted 18 July 2014 - 08:55 PM

ive smashed everyone in this thread. i'll come back and smash jlp again if he wants it...but he doesnt want it. he knows better.

By this do you mean Skid Torres' chin into everyones fist?

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#22 JLP


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Posted 19 July 2014 - 10:32 PM

The Kid's Corner

Featuring MMA Tycoon legend Kid Torres


Kid:  Hola amigos, it es I, Kid Torres.  Linear Champeen of Blitz, Syn and EVO.  Greatest p4p fighter of all time.  The man who took Charles Martel's virhinity.  Welcome to inaugural  edition of my new show Keeds Corner.  Si.  Dees week I interview the new CEO of DSC, my boss JLP and we break down number one DSC card.  Si.  Then we have interview with some hombre named Tim Smith.

Kid:  Heelo Mr.  JLP, I big fan of things you do here.  I also beeg fan of you giving Kid a job.  Si.


JLP:  Thanks for having me Kid.  When i found out you were sleeping in a dumpster behind Syn's offices in Vegas, I was concerned.  When I heard that you were involved in a illegal cock fighting operation I had to step in.


Kid: Yees, thank you Mr. JLP.  It was horrible.  Si.  I did not want to fight thee chickens, but Kid needs to eat.


JLP:  No need to justify your actions to me Kid, I am a degenerate as well. 


Kid:  Mr JLP was very kind to give me a job and pay my hospital bills after my last fight as well.  Thee cock was brutal to Kid.  Si.


JLP:  You know Kid, I don't really get how a chicken put you in a coma though kid. Or how you had a losing record fighting the chickens.  I would think a leg kick spammer like you would be able to smash a chicken.  Your leg kick skills would put your foot right into there heads easily.


Kid:  Si.  No.  Kid don't kick to the head. The theeng about chickens is they have little legs that are close to the ground, very hard to kick the cocks in the legs.  Si.


JLP: Yeah right, God you are stupid.  Anyways, lets break down the main card from the first event.  I have my daily injection of apple cider vinegar, propophol and ketamine to get to.


Kid: Si, boss.  Dees fight card starts with Arthur Smith vs Dark Fear.  Arthur Smith is managed by long time Tycoon manager and koala roper Cus Tomato.  Dark Fear is managed by former DSC owner Dark Soul.  Neither of dees guys is very good.  I would knock them both out very easily.  Si.  I think I would knock Arthur Smeeth out faster so i pick Soul to win fight.  Si.


JLP:  Are you fucking kidding me Kid?  If thats the level of analysis I get out of you you'll be back in that dumpster in no time.


Kid:  Si boss.  You can't do that though, I sublet dumpster to fighters from Latvia.  I do better boss.


JLP:  You better.  I have to go.  My permanent state of comfortable numbness is wearing off.  Have that idiot Tim Smith come in here and finish the breakdown.  His chin is as shitty as yours.


Kid: Si.


Kid:  Hola Tim Smith.  Welcome to Kids Corner starring Kid Torres. Si.


Smith:  Aw shucks, Kid.  Great to be here.  You are my favorite fighter.


Kid: Si.   I am everyone's favorite fighter.  I planned this good, because your fight is next on the list.  Do you think you are going to win?


Smith:  I think so Kid.  My main problem has always been my shit chin and Andrew Jackson is not known for knocking people out. 


Kid: Is true.  Not everyone can have a granite chin and be undefeated like me, Kid Torres.  Si.  What is your terrrible strategy for dees fight?


Smith:  Im just trying to keep it standing and exchange some shots with Jackson.  Either way, its not going to the judges.


Kid:  Good idea amigo.  The judges and refs have robbed the undefeated Kid Torres on many occasions.  Si.  However, the Kid predicts you lose this fight.  Andrew Jackson will pound you out on thees ground like a tortilla.


Smith:  Thats kind of uncalled for Kid, to say it like that.


Kid:  Quiet boy, or Kid will smash your shins.  Next fight is Ribeiro Da Silva vs Gustin.  According to boss, winner of this fight may get title shot in MW division.  Da Silva is my favorite fighter in DSC right now.  He has great strategy.  Si.  He throws almost 25 leg kicks per fight.  A true Kid Torres inspired fighter.  We all know leg kicks are most important part of fight, so Da Silva wins easily.


Smith:  I like Gustin in this one.  He's got great hands and KO power.  He should win this fight if he can dictate the distance here.  If he gets into a sloppy brawl with Da Silva then things could get real exciting.


Kid:  Si.  Next fight es De Fran vs Rold.  Who you got in this one Bonecrusher?


Smith.  Rold is going to want to get this fight down to the ground as soon as possible.  De Fran is known for throwing lots of power and being aggressive.  I think he keeps the pressure on and takes a win by late KO.


Kid:  Let me say first that I would beat either of these guys pretty easily.  Then let me say that I could probably beat them both at the same time.  But if thees two guys are too scared to fight the champ, Kid Torres.  Then i guess its an entertaining fight to see them fight each other.  Si.  I can see De Fran's aggressiveness getting him into trouble in dis fight.  He needs to be patient and hold back his power so he dont get taken down and tapped out after a counter.  Kid thinks De Fran can do it though, but not easily.  De Fran by judge robbery.  Si.


Kid:  Final fight on card is title shot Molina vs Matrix.  Winner of this to likely fight winner of Da Silva/Gustin.  Molina is a long time DSC fighter.  Si. He currently is on a 5 fight win streak.  Matrix has been around for a while too.  He got this fight after winning his last two in very exciting performances.  Molina is a more well rounded fighter, he is dangerous anywhere in the cage.  I think Molina gets a judges robbery.


Smith:  I tend to lean towards Molina too.  It will be interesting to see what he has planned for Matrix.  Matrix absolutely has to get the fight to the ground early on or he will be playing catch-up to the champ.  I got Molina taking a decision here too.


Kid:  Gracias amigo.  Thanks for being part of first Kid's Corner.  Next week we have interviews scheduled for two young LW's.  Kid will be sitting down with Derek Patterson and Zito Bandito.  If they get out of line, Kid will knock them out for the fans.  Si.

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#23 JLP


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Posted 25 July 2014 - 02:37 AM

Kid Torres interviews Zito Bandito.  A life long friendship is made.


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