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Will Mousassi be champ ?

15 December 2016 - 11:10 AM

Hi guys,


Been a long time here,


what you guys think of mousassi, i just have a hard time to figure his real potentiel, looks like some fight he come out very strong and on some he lose without showing too much.

Example is both Hall fights.

Do you think it's a lack of skills or something else, or he's too jack of all trades a la Bisping ??

Card Game: Duelyst

16 September 2016 - 08:20 PM

I've been a Magic The Gathering player when I was younger, I found a very cool game yesterday and wonder if some of you know it ?

it's https://duelyst.com/ , also free to play on steam. This is a mix of chess and card game like MTG or hearthstone.


I've also played Hearthstone a lot but got pushed away because of the poor gameplay and their fake "free to play" system every new edition has op new card and you can't compete at the very top without them, when a new edition will come they nerf old cards... Never reached legend because of time but reched ranked 2 and 3 on several occasions.


The card system on Duelyst is pretty much the same but tweaked to be way more healthy for people who want to buy no booster or very few. Been playing only since one day and already rank 15 with only basic cards and the few I got in boosters.


The strategy is also way way better than Hearthstone for several reasons:

-the draw system is different so this is less random based andd more skill based

-you put your cards on a board and move your minions

-game are very action paced

-you can lose/win games with one mistake and can't play "eye close" like in HS


I don't think this is as good as MTG paper version which has 20 years of card and experience but very close to it; the game is free to play and very new when in MTG you have to spend 100-200$ every three months if you want to play decently, or you have to print plenty of cards if you want to play with friends. (which also cost 40-50$ of print, did this at university when playing with friends).


Was wondering if some of you play it  or played MTG?


you can add me if you want play with me even I have only basics card right now username: "midorfeed':


If some people want to try out the game you gain one booster if you refer me just adding my referral code before your first ranked game midorfeed.



Also if you want to play it on steam and play on windows mode ask me on this forum because you can't do it via settings.


If any of you currently play Hearthsone you should absolutely try it, the game is not well known at all but way much better.


Also if some people are currently playing it I would like to discuss about decks, or gauntle strategy.

49 yo and still fighting

13 June 2016 - 05:54 PM

The goat.