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KONFLIKT FC - Champagne Sippin' Smack Talkin' Jaw Jackin' Thread...and WRITEUPS

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#181 Monsieur.Camara


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Posted 08 September 2018 - 03:47 AM


                                                                                          Adel "Brutal" Santos


Thanks bro, i didn't know that a fighter gets sloppy at the age of 27-28. That was like a wake-up call for me, your ideas are great and means i should have as many fights as i can and train the important attributes before that age.


You are very welcome, better to invest your time on 18 year old projects.


If you happen to have 25 year olds you want to fight them as often as possible with very little down time between fights as they don't learn as fast as 18 year olds.  After a while you will only roll 25 year olds on the Island and on specific tourneys like League of Legends (25 yr olds only).


In other news "President Elect" Donald Trump (330872) just got out of his contract with failed org Volcanic Erection and we have contacted Garet Baraken to sign him to KORNFLIKT.  He should easily dominate his division and unlike some fighters he will fight anyone (his last 2 opponents were undefeated until they met the president.



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#182 tomodinho


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Posted 09 September 2018 - 04:44 AM

Jair Malachi: Chi Chi madafuka!!! Ezy, who want it next though? Come at me bro!
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#183 Monsieur.Camara


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Posted 09 September 2018 - 04:44 AM

The MMA world was shook when the POTUS (7-1) signed with LegKick Cage Cartel today September 9th !! 




The most powerful man in the planet would only agree to be interviewed if we got him the hottest, filthiest, most savage hoes we could find so we found the Riberi sisters from France and well they are famous for doing just about anything for a few bucks.




"President Elect" Donald Trump: You filthy hoes, whattaya want? 


Riberi Sisters: Welcome to Cage Cartel monsieur le president !  Any words for your fans in France?


POTUS: Stop tapping out, you bunch of french pussies. 


Riberi Sisters: Ou La La , monsieur le president them be fighting words.


POTUS: Fuck you both, France is only good at baguettes and taking it in the butt. 


Riberi Sisters: Oui Oui , hmm hmm le sexe anal.  Ou la la monsieur le president you practice BBBJ? 


POTUS:  Wut? bareback blow job?  You filthy hoes, you must have mouth herpes galore.  I bet you do ATM.


Riberi Sisters:  Revenons a nos moutons monsieur le president !  Who you want to fight at LiverKick Cartel?


POTUS: Well I don't fucking know. It's managed by the Cartel so probably some mexican'ts , do you have any mexican'ts ?


Riberi Sisters:  Nous avons Sodomy Hussein


POTUS: That's iraqui you ignoramus. What the fuck? They don't teach you Geography in France? That guy is a complete faggot.


Riberi Sisters: Ou la la ? indeed Convicted aime beaucoup l' homosexuality .  Hmm Alors Floppy Dick? 


POTUS:  The president respects Camp Grumpy.  We will fight him if that is the fight in front of us, plus we would love to avenge the L of our dearly departed Caytlin Jenner but if there are other options (HINT: GET ME SOME MEXICANS) we will take them.


Riberi Sisters: Robert Kortig est libre ...


POTUS: Deal ! 


At this time the POTUS proceeded to grab both Riberi sisters by the pussy and left the building with his entourage.

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