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Wacky Island

02 August 2018 - 02:42 PM

This is going to be typed on a phone, so I hope the formatting is decent and it doesn't seem like too much of a rant.

The Island has been stale for a while now. I personally think it has to do with overexposure, the Island is basically always happening. That's why it would like to mix it up. One season is the regular season, the next is Wacky Island.

With Wacky Island I mean something we can't have in the regular game. Let people change up their regular approach by implementing a condition. For instance (and I don't know if all of this is possible, and not every idea will be a great idea:
- Every created fighter starts with 150 KO Hidden
- Every fighter starts with 50 Chin Hidden
- It's impossible to create a fighter with a certain secondary (sd, dg, subs) but you can still train it.
- Every fighter starts with evenly split points. Suddenly training and sliders matter a lot more.
- Every fighter must be above 200cm
- Every fighter starts with 119 points less, these will be added to 1 random stat.
- Each week one secondary at random om doubles in efficiency.
- Each week one secondary or physical jumps to 150 for every fighter.

This is just me spitballing of course, but let me know your thoughts.