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Wacky Island

02 August 2018 - 02:42 PM

This is going to be typed on a phone, so I hope the formatting is decent and it doesn't seem like too much of a rant.

The Island has been stale for a while now. I personally think it has to do with overexposure, the Island is basically always happening. That's why it would like to mix it up. One season is the regular season, the next is Wacky Island.

With Wacky Island I mean something we can't have in the regular game. Let people change up their regular approach by implementing a condition. For instance (and I don't know if all of this is possible, and not every idea will be a great idea:
- Every created fighter starts with 150 KO Hidden
- Every fighter starts with 50 Chin Hidden
- It's impossible to create a fighter with a certain secondary (sd, dg, subs) but you can still train it.
- Every fighter starts with evenly split points. Suddenly training and sliders matter a lot more.
- Every fighter must be above 200cm
- Every fighter starts with 119 points less, these will be added to 1 random stat.
- Each week one secondary at random om doubles in efficiency.
- Each week one secondary or physical jumps to 150 for every fighter.

This is just me spitballing of course, but let me know your thoughts.

Budokai Light-Heavyweight Tag Team Tournament

15 March 2018 - 11:13 PM



The first Budokai Tournament hasn't even started yet, and we are announcing a new tournament already.
This time, Budokai comes with a concept not seen earlier seen in MMATYCOON, a tag team tournament

Tournament rules:
  • 16 man enter the tournament
  • Everyone competes in teams of two, assigned randomly from all participants
  • Single elimination rounds
    (Each rounds consists of two fights, every team member will fight both the members of the other team.
  • Fighters must be created on or after a chosen date, to be announced later (but likely 1 or 2 days after the tournament fills up)
  • Testing is allowed, up until the 8th of April, 22:00 GMT
  • Fighters must be able to make 205lbs, and can't weigh less than 205lbs
  • Fighters must be created at 18 years old.
Match rules
  • Standard Budokai match rules 
    (2*10 minute rounds, whole fight scoring)
  • A finish scores your team 2 points, a decision 1 point, a draw or loss scores no points.
  • The team with the most points will continue into the next round
  • If teams have the same amount of points, the team that finished their wins the fastest will continue.
  • The winning team will split a winning pool of 1 million dollar
    (500k donated by Budokai, 500k donated by Tim Qwe)
  • The winning team will fight eachother for the first Budokai Light Heavyweight Championship
  • The winner of the Budokai Light Heavyweight championship will earn 3 months of VIP.
Contact me or post in this thread to enter

Well, this sure seems legit...

01 March 2018 - 01:02 AM


QFC Tournament

01 December 2017 - 11:00 AM

I know that this has been brought up multiple times, but the wait for the VIP QFC Tournament is still very long. Personally, I think thats a shame, because it's a fun idea to give some more meaning to the testing of your fighters.
A big issue in the long wait is that people know if they sign up early the wait will be long. Only when the tournament reaches about 12 entries it even has the potential of filling up quick.
For me a fix to that is set a hard date for when the tournament start, for instance the 1st of the month. People know the wait will be less, so they might sign up earlier, and if the end of the month is coming up, people would be more willing to enter a guy, since the wait won't be much longer than a regular qfc wait, maybe even shorter.
An issue would be of course what happens if the tournament doesn't fill up. If only 5 guys enter, it wouldn't make much sense to pay the winner 120 VIP days. I got two possible sollutions to that:

Percentage based pay

Keep in mind, I'm not greatly adept at coding, so I wouldn't know how hard to do this is, but here it goes. Right now, if a tournament fills up, the total cost is 160 VIP-days. The winner gets 120 (75%), the runner up gets 80 (50%) etc. Why not make it that the payout is based on those percentages. So if 13 people sign up it would be:
Winner gets 98 VIP-days, runner up gets 65 VIP-days, etc.

Full round based pay
An other option I see is payout based on how many rounds fill up. If 16 entrants are there, full pay is in play. If 8-15 people sign up, you dock the price for the tournament, since not everyone has to fight 4 fights. I wouldn't outright say half the pay, but for instance 3/4. That way you get lucky if there are only 8 entrants, but a bit unlucky if there are 15. If there are 7 or less entrants, reimburse the payed VIP days, the only price will be the Spin and Win tokens. The chance of being in the semifinals and that way winning a price without winning a fight will be too big. You already get an advantage over regular QFC by fighting equally skilled opponents and earning more money (This could also be applicable for the Percentage based pay).


If you have any thoughts about it, please let me hear em