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In Topic: Thinking about making a comeback...

Today, 02:34 AM

Welcome back.


As was said in another thread it would be the perfect time as we just hit the 360k ID point.


If you're not sure about anything just ask questions and I guarantee someone will have the answer for you.

In Topic: The Alliance World Championships

Today, 12:36 AM

I think that's basically it

In Topic: Fighter ID 360000

Yesterday, 10:12 PM



Paddy Mcgillicutty (360000)

Son of the almighty Conrad Mcgillicutty and already achieved an immortal status at birth, being awarded legendary ID 360000!

Bow down to greatness.



Just looking at him and I'm not sure Mrs Mcgillicutty is telling Conrad the truth about the baby daddy.

In Topic: Fighter ID 360000

Yesterday, 12:17 AM

20 to go boiks

In Topic: Why is it we turn a blind eye to this?

27 March 2020 - 06:35 AM

Probably just a coincidence...