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#920770 Florida Fight Squad (16-19 Year Old Fighters Only)

Posted by BuffMinion on Yesterday, 04:55 AM

Hey guys just wanted to let you know I plan on shutting the doors relatively soon. The plan is after July to only book the fighters on win streaks & release the rest. I enjoyed running the org but several things just lowered my morale for continuing: People signing contracts & then requesting only ground/standup fighters (sorry I don't take requests that's not how this works lol), FA's.. my god the FA's, & sinking $850k with zero returns at all after 15 events following the appropriate formulas (I was hoping to break even at least).  If you would like to have your fighter released just shoot me a message & i'll be happy to release him. All that being said 90% of all managers were awesome to work with & at it's height we had a 100% satisfaction rate with 19 votes. I appreciate the positive reception & who knows I may start up a more traditional MMA or KT org someday.

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Posted by BuffMinion on 27 June 2020 - 04:45 AM

And now he is a member of the GBU.


He messaged me literally 2 days ago asking to join. The interactions we've had have always been positive.

The GBU 2020-06-25 06:38:54
Hey mate, I was interested in joining your alliance 'The GBU' whatchu you think of the idea?


Re: The GBU 2020-06-25 06:43:47
 Sure man love to have you on! Let me ask the guys first & i'll get back to you.

Re: The GBU 2020-06-26 06:34:31
Just wanted to update you. Nobody said yay or nay so you should be good. Just have to wait on Camara to send you an invite as he's the only one who has access to send it.

Re: Re: The GBU 2020-06-26 10:54:37
cheers bro appreciate the message, fingers crossed the homie sends an invite :)   -jay
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#917897 Florida Fight Squad (16-19 Year Old Fighters Only)

Posted by BuffMinion on 10 June 2020 - 11:46 AM

Florida Fight Squad "Of the Night" Awards Recap!


FFS 9: Avon Park


Venue: Parking Garage




Fight of the Night


31w45.jpg VS 15784713789822.jpg


Belgium.png Archy Banoffee (1-0) vs Nigeria.png Anike Chukwu (2-1)

Winner: Belgium.png Archy Banoffee

Decision (Split) / 3 minutes

This was a fight that perfectly displayed two different schools of thought when it comes to striking: The brawling, power punching of Archy Banoffee vs. The technical, accurate Kickboxing of Anike Chukwu.

Both fighters gave the inebriated crowd what they wanted which was a stand up war!

Most of Banoffee punches missed as he swung wildly but when they connected Chukwu felt his power.

Banoffee knocked Chukwu down once for every minute of the fight.

The first time with a beautiful combination, scond time with a big right hand, & the third time with a devastating uppercut.

After being sent down to the concrete over & over, Chukwu got back up every time & still was competitive.

While Chukwu was versatile with his striking throwing both punches & kicks, it was his leg kicks in particular that Banoffee didn't seem to have an answer for.

After taking 12 unchecked leg kicks, both of Banoffee's legs were in bad shape leaving him hobbling about but still game to fight.

It was a tough call but the split decision was given to Banoffee based on the significance of the knockdowns.

Once the fight was over & the adrenaline had worn off both fighters had to be assisted out of the parking garage & both were taken to the local hospital due to the damage sustained in the fight.



Knockout of the Night




United_States_of_America.png Sam Winchester (1-1)

TKO (Knees) / 31 seconds

Sam Winchester showed the Florida crowd how effective Muay Thai can be in a street fight & man did they appreciate it!

Both fighters exchanged a couple of punches but nothing significant.

Once Winchester was in range he immediately went for the Thai Plum forcing his opponent up against the door of a Black Escalade & unloaded a big knee straight up the middle which bloodied & dropped his opponent.

Winchester let him back up but once again put him right back in the Thai Plum.

Winchester's opponent tried to arch his back to avoid the incoming knees but as they kept pouring on the referee jumped in to stop it.

It was a little early of a stoppage but Winchester wasn't stopping anytime soon.

Bad news for both fighters was they received a bill for the body work on the Escalade they dented.

Tough break.

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#917888 Florida Fight Squad (16-19 Year Old Fighters Only)

Posted by BuffMinion on 10 June 2020 - 09:29 AM

Florida Fight Squad "Of the Night" Awards Recap!


FFS 8: Sebring


Venue: Country Western Bar




Fight of the Night


14974580734642.png VS 14b6.jpg


Haiti.png Peguero Jean "Vit Chat" Philippe (2-0) vs United_Kingdom.png Jason Cole (0-3)

Winner: Haiti.png Peguero Jean "Vit Chat" Philippe

Decision (Unanimous) / 3 minutes

The former Haitian soccer player Peguero Jean Philippe tried to end the fight early, & almost did, when he landed an uppercut from hell that sent the UK's Jason Cole flying into the crowd.

As he fell through the crowd, beers & cigarettes joined him as he hit the hardwood floor.

The ref nearly stopped the fight right there to avoid the audience from stomping Cole out for spilling their shit but surprisingly everyone was so into the fight no one seemed all that bothered.

Cole managed to grab one of Philippe's legs & pulled him into his guard which bought him some time to recover his senses.

Philippe threw punches with reckless abandon but Cole managed to either block or dodge nearly every strike.

Interestingly enough, it was Cole who landed the most strikes on the bottom with the most notable being a nice upkick.

Ultimately, Philippe was given the decision as he almost finished the fight & kept the dominant position.

Word is Philippe sprained or possibly broke something in his hand from hitting the wooden floor so many times.

We couldn't confirm that with him as he doesn't speak much English.

He just pointed at the bar & said "Eske mwen ka gen yon bye?".

We handed him a few cold ones & he was all good after that.


Knockout of the Night




United_States_of_America.png "Old" Jesse Custer (2-0)

KO (Punch) / 58 seconds

As Custer's opponent moonwalked to the tunes of Willie Nelson playing in the background shortly before the fight began, it gave Custer all the motivation he needed to knock some sense into him.

As a Texan, Custer knows you don't disrespect the timeless classics of Willie Nelson with some silly dance especially in a Country Western Bar.

From the opening bell, Custer punished his opponent's head & body with punches.

Custer split him open with a straight right & countered a sloppy clinch attempt with a massive hook that knocked his opponent out before he hit the floor.

Custer's opponent woke up in a daze right as "Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys" was finishing up on the jukebox.


Submission of the Night




Ireland.png "The Gypsy Warrior" Bobby Minnagh (1-2)

Kimura / 48 seconds

Cousin to the PFC BW Champ, Seamus "The Gypsy Prince" MacNamara, "The Gypsy Warrior" Bobby Minnagh came into the fight game with some big expectations of him.

Unfortunately for him, he was 0-2 going into this fight.

With the thought of further disgracing his family, he was determined to bring home a W & that he did!

Bobby started the match off with a powerful takedown which had them ending up fighting mostly under a pool table hampering both fighter's mobility & ability to get up.

After working some ground & pound, avoiding a Guillotine, & working his way to half guard, Minnagh managed to to free his trapped foot & locked up a Kimura for the submission victory.

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#916056 Florida Fight Squad (16-19 Year Old Fighters Only)

Posted by BuffMinion on 02 June 2020 - 05:24 AM

Florida Fight Squad "Of the Night" Awards Recap!


FFS 7: South Bay


Venue: Power Plant (Raining)




Fight of the Night


25w22.jpg VS 38w9.jpg


United_Kingdom.png Sergio Pizzorno (1-0) vs Germany.png Dudley "The Powerhouse" Dilbrandt (0-1)

Winner: United_Kingdom.png Sergio Pizzorno

Decision (Unanimous) / 3 minutes

Despite the pouring rain, intensity of the crowd, & the unnerving buzz of the nearby electrical machinery, these two 16-year old fighters were calm as a cucumber & ready to fight.

Dilbrandt, the taller, heavier fighter rushed forward aggressively trying to grab a hold of Pizzorno but the rain made it nearly impossible.

However, the poor visibility didn't seem to be a hindrance to Pizzorno as all of his punches hit their mark.

Pizzorno already having rocked Dilbrandt earlier in the fight sent his opponent crashing into the mud with a series of combos.

Pizzorno pursued him onto the ground looking for a finish.

Pizzorno tried all he could to finish the fight with a flurry of punches & elbows from the half guard but they either hit the air or the mud.

Dilbrandt hung in there on the defensive & even attempted a Guillotine that was easily escaped.

The fight ended shortly after that with a clear, concise winner. 

I see a rematch in the future for these young stars in the making.


Knockout of the Night




Russian_Federation.png Khizri Aliyev (1-1)

KO (punch) / 47 seconds

Aliyev's opponent attempted several takedowns at the start of the fight.

In these grappling exchanges, Aliyev was shoved right into the protective fencing mere feet away from the dangerous, electrical transformers.

Sensing the real danger he was in, Aliyev stepped on the gas & rocked his opponent with punches ending it with a massive overhand right leaving his Canadian opponent facedown in the mud.


Submission of the Night




Canada.png Isaiah "Filthy" Laughlin (3-2)

Kimura / 57 seconds

While the poor weather conditions didn't favor grappling much at this event somebody forgot to tell Isaiah Laughlin.

After getting hit with a body shot & a big left hand, Isaiah changed levels & drove  through with a really nice takedown into side control.

No so good for them was they managed to plow through & partially slide under the chain link security fence with both guys getting all cut to hell in the process.

Despite the slickness of the blood & rain water, Isaiah fished for armlocks until finally getting a good Kimura grip & finishing the hold tapping out his opponent.

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#915192 MMA Trading Card Game (ISO: Graphic Designer/Artist)

Posted by BuffMinion on 25 May 2020 - 11:52 AM

Good news! I found a professional artist who will be doing the artwork over a 3 month period. I will update this thread for those interested in the game with updates!

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#915189 Florida Fight Squad (16-19 Year Old Fighters Only)

Posted by BuffMinion on 25 May 2020 - 07:58 AM

Florida Fight Squad "Of the Night" Awards Recap!


FFS 6: Bunnell


Venue: Scrapyard




Fight of the Night


12w5.jpg VS 32w18.jpg


United_Kingdom.png "Troublesome" Matthew Fritz (1-0) vs United_Kingdom.png Killian Hassan (1-1)

Winner: United_Kingdom.png "Troublesome" Matthew Fritz

TKO (strikes) / 2 minutes 51 seconds

The UK earned some respect from the locals here in Florida as both fighters showed us how the Brits throw down.

For the first minute, Fritz battered Hassan with punches.

Hassan, seemingly unphased, continued to move forward but showed virtually no offense & was content to eat shots showing off his durability.

Hassan eventually shot in & scored a takedown.

However, nothing was attempted from the advantageous position & shockingly Hassan stood back up.

This was perfectly okay with Fritz as he went back to work tenderizing Hassan's face.

After a succession of punches, Fritz rocked Hassan with a lunging uppercut & then planted his feet landing a really nice straight left hand that dropped Hassan.

Hassan had no idea where he was & tried to hang in there but the ref called it off shortly after.

The fans were treated to a great display of Fritz's boxing prowess & Hassan's durability.


Knockout of the Night




Russian_Federation.png Oleg "The Gator" Gazbinski (1-0)

KO (punch) / 21 seconds

Both fighters came out swingin' as soon as the ref said "FIGHT!".

Gazbinski knocked the Irishman down with a big right hand opening up a cut.

Gazbinski then waved for his opponent to get back to his feet.

The second Murphy was back up Gazbinski rushed in with the same punch knocking him back down to the ground.

This time however Murphy sprung right back to his feet albeit a little wobbly.

Still recovering his senses, Murphy got the wind knocked out of him with a big punch to the stomach.

Bloody, winded, & wobbled, Murphy circled right into Gazbinski's power side eating a beautiful right hook & fell face first into the dirt.


Submission of the Night




United_States_of_America.png Armie "Lightning" Aiden (1-1)

Triangle / 1 minute 39 seconds

Aiden damn near earned "Knockout of the Night" when he scored a big head kick that sent his Afghan opponent tumbling into the dirt opening a huge gash.

Aiden decided to let him back up which later in the fight we discovered he was being kind.

It turns out Aiden is very well versed on the ground.

Aiden clinched, pulled guard, & secured a textbook triangle choke showing off his versatile skills.

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#914848 Synchronicity's Face/Off - Official Smack Talk Thread

Posted by BuffMinion on 21 May 2020 - 04:58 AM

Another week in the books for our Synchronicity faithful.  This announcement is in regards to our weekly fighter write up.  Please show some love for Latka Gravas-



Latka Gravas, A Warrior of Good;

I've always found it interesting what will lead a man to live a life that constantly puts him in a cage fighting another human with his bare hands.  The thought of that to almost every human is absolutely terrifying.  But a faithful few make the walk, time after time...why?  Some love fame, others love the money, some are just truly violent people.  Oftentimes it is the family business, fighting is their family tradition.  For Latka it was none of the above.  No, he didn't fight because his uncle was a legend, or because he got picked on in math class.  Latka fought for liberty, he fought for freedom and he fought for his country.


Growing up in wartorn Kosovo, Latka learned early that everyone had to fight. If you were good at fighting you would live, and if you were not, then you would die.  Either way you had to fight.  Luckily for Latka and the now sovereign nation of Kosovo, Latka had gifts unmatched by any other human.  Stories of him devastating war-fields are written throughout the texts of Kosovo’s history.  Yes he is lethal with his hands, but some say he is even more lethal with weapons.  His confirmed kill count is in the thousands,  many speculate it could easily be 20,000 plus.


He left that life behind after Kosovo gained diplomatic recognition from the United Nations. He said he wanted to retire to the “simple life of martial arts' '.  See, where Latka is from hand to hand combat is equivalent to us playing touch football.  It is considered a fun but safe pastime. Now, he has been competing at the highest levels of MMA for years.  Many fans and journalists call his hands bombs, these comments always make Latka chuckle, as his hands have literally detonated bombs before.  His composure in firefights has translated to him having years of success in Synchronicity.  President Alex Maniatakos commented, “First off you love to have a guy like that on your roster.  As a fight organization president I’m very comfortable knowing I have a small army of brutes who have my back.  When a guy like Latka is one of those brutes, I feel like I could take on a country if needed.  We love him here at Synchronicity, his legacy speaks for itself.  I will be cageside this weekend to see him defend his belt!”. Latka Gravas is the current 170lb champion for Synchronicity and will be defending his belt this upcoming weekend against Polliisi Partio.  During his career, Latka has fought at middleweight, welterweight and recently won an epic fight at lightweight vs. Kagekatsu Uesugi when he fished him in the third round via a devastating TKO.  


Truly a master of combat, Latka considers cage fighting an amazing pastime and a great way to provide for his family.  He is grateful his days of fighting (war) are over. He says he is very happy that he can enjoy himself and loves the "casual" lifestyle a cage fighter lives. 

Like i said, it truly is interesting what type of life paths lead people to walking into a cage and attempting to bash someone for a living.  For Latka, it was the fact he has been fighting his whole life and wanted to find a nice peaceful job.

Your war is over Latka, enjoy the nice calm relaxing life of a professional cagefighter… 


From everyone at Synchronicity thank you for reading and as usual...FIGHT ON!


This was a fun read! :)

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#914715 MMA Trading Card Game (ISO: Graphic Designer/Artist)

Posted by BuffMinion on 20 May 2020 - 10:53 AM

Over the course of roughly 2 years, I've slowly been working on a MMA Trading Card Game in my spare time. In that time, I believe I've developed a diverse system that showcases all facets of MMA in a balanced, engaging, & diverse way.


Just as a fan of both MMA & TCGs, I've looked into other MMA related card games on the market such as Uncaged, Deckfighters, MMA Federation, etc. I found them all extremely sub-par for many reasons but mainly due to the lack of depth, strategy, & customization when compared to the big, mainstream card games (magic, yugioh, etc).


That being said, I think i've finally been able to accurately capture the art form in an accurate, fun way. I've already had all the cards professionally printed with placeholder images. I then had the game play tested with friends, family, & people at my local hobby/game shops. All with varying levels of knowledge & familiarity of strategy card games & MMA. I've worked out all the "bugs", exploits, & mechanics for a variety of play styles to be enjoyable & viable.


I'm making this post because i'm ready to move forward with the next phase of making this game a reality: official card artwork.


As of right now, their are 231 cards i'm in need of images for. I'm looking not only just for graphic artists but ones that are interested & decently knowledgeable of MMA. My vision for the art style is an anime aesthetic a la Hajime no Ippo, Teppu, etc. However, I'm open to other ideas, concepts, & styles!


With each card i can give a brief description about the fighter (nationality, size, expression, real life inspiration), techniques (source images for the real technique), events, etc which leaves a decent amount of artistic freedom.


This is a really big passion project of mine, which if i'm being honest, I'm nervously excited about moving forward with.


I have & know of multiple platforms & channels to contact artists with but this is the first place publicly i'm reaching out through.


So if you're interested or know someone that would possibly be interested, PM me in game & we can talk further details.

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#914620 Florida Fight Squad (16-19 Year Old Fighters Only)

Posted by BuffMinion on 19 May 2020 - 08:37 AM

Florida Fight Squad "Of the Night" Awards Recaps!


FFS 4: Belle Glade


Venue: Backyard




Fight of the Night


16w4.jpg VS 1b7.jpg


Richard "Lad" Wartime (1-0) vs Metal Lee (0-1)

Winner: Richard "Lad" Wartime

KO (strikes) / 42 seconds

Lee feinted a leg kick which no garnered no reaction from Wartime.

Soon after, Wartime went in for the takedown.

After Lee attempted to sprawl, they landed in the grass up against the house.

Wartime smashed his opponent with elbows & punches from the half guard until Lee was unconcious.

The crowd loved this one!


The homeowner however did not...

"Ay man ya'll chippin' my paint all up & shit muthafuckas!!!"


Knockout of the Night




Darren Williams (2-0)

TKO (strikes) / 28 seconds

Darren wasted no time showing the out-of-shape South African who the stronger man was, clinching up with him, & slamming him up against the house.

Williams fired off a variety of punches in the clinch until unloading a massive uppercut causing De Swardt to fall to his knees.

De Swardt, already out of it, took a few more blows until the ref jumped in.


The home owner commented "Damn I didn't think y'all be fightin' on my house & shit, fuck".


Submission of the Night




Frankie "Lickety Split" Fellatio (2-0)

Armbar / 2 minutes 24 seconds

After avoiding several clinch attempts from Archer, Fellatio shot in with a beautiful double leg & ended up in half guard.

You would think that after a minute or two of grappling outside in the Florida heat would make most submissions a little tricky but Fellatio decided to go for a risky armbar from mount.

The risk paid off as he forced Archer to tap.


After the fight the home owner shouted to the crowd "YOOO he took mans down right where my dog go boo boo!"

This was confirmed after the fight as Archer could be seen getting his back hosed down & cleaned up by an elderly neighbor. Gross.




FFS 5: Palatka


Venue: Construction Site





Fight of the Night


23w22.jpg VS 38b18.jpg


Callum Neenan (1-0) vs Pierre Mvarre (3-1)

Winner: Callum Neenan

KO (punch) / 1 minute 8 seconds

Callum Neenan came into this fight a big underdog as his opponent, Pierre Mvarre, had won 3 straight by KO on the local circuit & in a actual MMA organiziation.

Neenan, who was making his debut, showed no concern about his opponent's experience as they faced off.

Neenan completely outclassed the Nigerian in the boxing exchanges showing off his crisp, accurate technique.

Moments after knocking Mvarre down with an uppercut, Neenan finished the job with a big straight right hand ending Mvarre's unbeaten streak.


Word is Mvarre fell on a rusty nail & had to be treated for tetanus. Not good not good at all.


Knockout of the Night




Sturn Slugger (1-0)

KO (punch) / 17 seconds

When Sturn Slugger made his way through the crowd & squared off with Arkadiusz Burdon, everyone couldn't help but laugh.

Several audience members loudly ridiculed him with one man shouting "Who is this Mortal Kombat lookin' muthafucka *HAHAHA*"

17 seconds later, nobody was laughing...

After feeling each other out with a couple strikes, Slugger cracked Burdon with a big right hand knocking him down into the clay.

Bleeding & on wobbly legs, Burdon was beckoned back to his feet by Slugger.

Credit to Burdon as it didn't deter him from still throwing punches & attempting to fight back.

Unfortunately for Burdon he ducked a jab & got nailed with an uppercut straight from the Netherrealm.

If Burdon didn't get knocked out by the punch he certainly would have been from hitting his head on a cement mixer on the way down. Ouch.

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#912854 MMATycoon Court: Karter vs Camara

Posted by BuffMinion on 05 May 2020 - 04:33 AM

I'd bang that minion.



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#912260 Inferno Combat Series - Smack Talk Thread

Posted by BuffMinion on 29 April 2020 - 11:00 AM

Beautiful write-up

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#912258 Fighters named Covid

Posted by BuffMinion on 29 April 2020 - 10:48 AM

Hey man I with ya Django. I interpreted your message as one thats coming from a positive place. You're not hurting anyone by sharing your opinion & neither are the people replying to your post. I personally may disagree with a lot of people on this thread but it does give perspective from all angles. At the end of the day it takes all types of people to make up this world. Just keep on doin' you thats all you can do brotha.

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#911011 Florida Fight Squad (16-19 Year Old Fighters Only)

Posted by BuffMinion on 14 April 2020 - 04:47 AM

For a couple months back in 2009 I was staying in Gainesville. Little college apts off Archer. Could of been Newberry but I'm remembering Archer for some reason. I think it was right by Sante Fe CC. Wouldn't be surprised at all if we somehow hit from the same IP.

Had a few wild nights downtown Gainesville at that fake ass strip club lol. Smoked weed in that lil closet, didn't throw any money though. Definitely gotta go down to Tampa if you want a decent titty bar.


Mike says the issue has been fixed if you are still interested in signing some fighters.


Friends, Family Contract Error 2020-04-12 14:35:37
Hey Mike I cannot send contracts for Chris Karters (4744) & Rick Steiners (111698) fighters as it says we are friends, family, etc which is definitely not the case.


Re: Friends, Family Contract Error 2020-04-13 13:02:27



Re: Re: Friends, Family Contract Error 2020-04-13 13:20:21

Thanks! What was the issue if you dont mind me asking?


Re: Re: Re: Friends, Family Contract Error 2020-04-13 15:33:10

 You matched IP somehow... I dunno how :) 

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#910905 Florida Fight Squad (16-19 Year Old Fighters Only)

Posted by BuffMinion on 12 April 2020 - 05:44 PM

You live close to the 239 or 305?

Nope as far as Florida I've only lived in the 386 & now the 352.
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