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Posted 04 March 2018 - 05:26 PM



(7 March 18 - Hard Knocks, Los Angeles)






Fight 1 - Lightweight Division

(3-3, 155 lbs) Jon George  VS  (1-1, 135 lbs) Christopher “Acid” Allan


George is fresh out of the UVC organization and will be making his IFC debut in this fight. Although his record seems poor this is only, because he was at the top of the rankings and 2 of his 3 losses were to the same opponent who was the champion in the UVC. He hopes a good showing in this one could lead to him trying to get a strong position in a new organization.


Allan had an abysmal showing in his IFC debut getting knocked out in 39 seconds against Nate Diaz. Considering the only opponent he has defeated was Ryan Gosling (who was singing to Emma Stone at the time) he has a lot to prove in this one if he wants to climb in the rankings.



This is kind of a classic match up between a wrestler and a boxer and as always it will come down to whether the wrestler can take the boxer down.


Winner: Christopher “Acid” Allan

George’s takedown defense doesn’t look up to the task of stopping Allan so I expect Allan to be able to take the victory in this one.


Fight 2 - Middleweight Division

(3-6, 185 lbs) Lord “God of Destruction” Beerus  VS  (1-1, 177 lbs) Uoi “Raging Bull” Ishida


Beerus has looked less like a God of destruction and more like a mortal of loss as of late. 5 straight losses is not something any fighter can afford to have happen if they expect to be anywhere in the considerations for the power rankings. He has had serious concerns about his chin as he seems to be getting knocked out a majority of the time with only his last opponent being unable to finish him.


Ishida is making his triumphant return to the mma world having not fought in an mma fight since May of 2017. His record seems ok, but if you add in his KT fights he hosts an abysmal 2-6 record. Just like his opponent he appears to suffer from an inability to take a punch.



Predicting this fight is not predicting who will win, but who will lose, because neither one of these fighters has shown much other than the ability to be knocked out. If Beerus can get this fight to the ground he has a very large advantage, but his opponent similarly has a large advantage standing.


Loser: Lord “God of Destruction” Beerus

Beerus’ takedown ability is just too poor to support his jiu jitsu and I expect him to be knocked out before he can get this fight to the ground.






Fight 3 - New Blood Division

(0-2, 145 lbs) “The Dangerous” Beast Incarnate  VS  (2-1, 150 lbs) Ronaldo Mateo Suarez


Incarnate has looked very poor in both of his showings and another loss her would be demoralizing for him, especially if its another 5 second knockout. However, he has shown nothing as of yet that would give anyone confidence in him being able to beat anyone.


Suarez left RISE with a 2-0 record and two knockouts to his name. This is a perfect opponent for him to continue the knockout streak against and a loss here would just go to show that he might not be ready for the IFC at this point in time.



Suarez has yet to face a decent jiu jitsu artist and this whole in his game does leave an opening if this fight goes to the ground. 


Winner: Ronaldo Mateo Suarez

Its hard to picture Suarez losing this one, but if he chooses to take his opponent down there is a chance of him being submitted. While he is a strong wrestler it is unnecessary for him to take the risk of taking a jiu jitsu artist to the ground and I expect him to just keep it standing.


Fight 4 - New Blood Division

(1-1, 258 lbs) Carver Frost  VS  (5-2, 280 lbs) Jason “Arm Bar” Card


Frost looked amazing in his first fight knocking Incarnate out in 5 seconds, but his second fight he ran into a good jiu jitsu wrestler and was submitted right before the match went to the judge’s scorecards. Against this opponent we will find out how he fares against a Muay Thai fighter.


Card although young already has fought 7 times with a good record to show for it. Since joining the IFC he is 2-0 and has won both of these fights with his knees. However, both of these fights were against people who also wanted to fight from the clinch.



Frost has the advantage from a distance, but if Card can bring it in close he should have a rather large advantage. 


Winner: Jason “Arm Bar” Card

I expect Card to bring this fight into the clinch where he can control with his superior strength and a combination of elbows and knees, ultimately ending in a TKO.


Fight 5 - Lightweight Division

(6-9, 140 lbs) Gin Kobra  VS  (3-1, 155 lbs) Uesugi “Samurai iii” Kenshin


In his last fight Kobra managed to win a fight against a very closely matched opponent and will look to continue with another win making him 2-0 since the IFC was split into different weight classes.


Kenshin is only participating in his second fight since joining the IFC and so far he is 1-0. You have to take this win with a grain of salt, because he defeated Davis who is on a major slump and has not won in quite some time.



This fight it is hard to say where it will take place at. Honestly this fight largely depends on Kenshin, because he has the ability to fight standing or on the ground and which he decides will have a large impact on the fight.


Winner: Uesugi “Samurai iii” Kenshin

Despite being slightly inferior standing I give Kenshin the edge, because he has the wrestling to bring it to the ground if the boxing goes poorly for him giving him more options in the fight.


Fight 6 - Heavyweight Division

(6-9, 238 lbs) En “Metal Priest” Esch  VS  (3-1, 255 lbs) Vinnie Sixx


Esch finally halted his 4 loss streak with a victory over Krieg via TKO in the 2nd round. It was a very one sided fight that participated solely in the clinch which is the strong point of Esch’s game. If he can fight from the clinch again he could get another win in this one.


Sixx is a very accomplished boxer with decent skills in wrestling and jiu jitsu as well. He has only fought once in the IFC, but in that one fight he managed to win knockout of the night with an impressive win over Wood using a superman punch 23 seconds into the fight.



In a fight where we have a muay thai fighter against a man who has a tendency to cut things look grim for the easily cut man. However, in this case that man is Sixx whose boxing skills make closing a very difficult process.


Winner: Vinnie Sixx

Esch has proven too prone to being knocked out for me to give him the nod despite Sixx having the weakness to cuts. I doubt Esch will be able to last long enough to pull Sixx into the clinch making Sixx the clear favorite.



Main Card



Fight 7 - Middleweight Division

(9-3, 217 lbs) #12 MW Damien “Avalon D” OQuinn  VS  (9-6-1, 185 lbs) Boss Yonic


OQuinn is finally making his IFC debut as he takes on Yonic in this one. He has had a successful career in the KFC and the SFC amassing a record of 9-3 through his tenure in these orgs. Now we get to see how he stacks up against the Fighters in the IFC as he takes on a fighter on the cusp of the rankings.


Yonic had his chance to burst onto the scene in his last fight where he headlined against Brawler. However, Brawler cut the dream short as he knocked Yonic out in the middle of the second round. Yonic will look to recover against the IFC newcomer OQuinn and prove that getting a chance to headline an event was no fluke.



This is a difficult fight to predict, because both fighters are impressive in their own rights. Standing OQuinn has a large advantage while on the ground Yonic has a small one. However, OQuinn is almost as good as Yonic at wrestling so its hard to say whether Yonic can take OQuinn down with any reliability.


Winner: Boss Yonic

OQuinn’s victories came against opponents that were not very impressive so I feel that his record is less impressive than it appears. Yonic on the other hand has been tested against tough opponents and I’ll give him a slight edge in this one, but OQuinn would go far in proving himself with a victory here.


Fight 8 - Middleweight Division

(8-3, 205 lbs) #4 MW Luca Brasi lii  VS  (6-0, 215 lbs) #5 MW Big Murha


Brasi was a champion who defended his belt two times in the SFC and after losing it decided to move on. Since joining the IFC he is 1-0 and is currently slated to be the 4th ranked fighter in the middleweight division. He didn’t look particularly impressive in his first fight and will have to show he belongs this high in the rankings through a victory in this one.


Murha unlike Brasi has been in the IFC through 5 of his 6 career fights and has clawed his way up to his present day ranking. Some say that his ranking at 5th is almost an insult to a fighter as impressive as Murha and beating the upstart Brasi would go far in showing that he is a serious contender in the middleweight division.



Murha has some serious power at his dispense and will try and keep this fight standing while Brasi has the ability to mix up his style between standing, clinch, and ground. Brasi would have to be very brave to keep this one standing so I expect him to try and bring this to the ground.


Winner: Big Murha

Brasi may have the advantage on the ground, but I find it extremely unlikely for him to get the fight there against a superior wrestler. On the other hand Murha is vastly superior standing and should be able to pound Brasi into oblivion.


Co Main Event - Lightweight Division

(20-5, 158 lbs) #4 LW Uri “The Bender” Gellar  VS  (11-5, 163 lbs) #6 LW Mike “The Hammer” Van Rijn


Gellar is a former island fighter who has no signed on with the IFC and he is here to show what the island runner up can do on the mainland. He was put into the #4 spot in the lightweight division and gets the chance to prove he belongs there with this fight. 


Van Rijn was also an island fighter, but he made a much poorer showing of himself on the island. He is 2-1 in the KFC organization since leaving the island and now looks to bring his skills over to the IFC. This fight gives him a good opportunity to show that his showing on the island was not indicative of the amount of skill he has.



The runner up versus a guy who got knocked out in the second round seems like a pretty simple one to predict, but you never know what will happen until the fight is over. Both fighters prefer to keep it standing so we should get to see an exciting back and forth where each fighter trades blows.


Winner: Uri “The Bender” Gellar

Gellar is superior in every part of his game and its hard to see Van Rijn having any chance at winning this fight.


Main Event - Middleweight Division

(21-3, 220 lbs) #3 MW Light “Son Of” Heavyweight  VS  (9-8, 178 lbs) #10 MW Steven “The Steamroller” Kennedy


Heavyweight proved himself to be the best fighter in the middleweight division at IFC MW13, but then summarily lost his title to Divac two weeks later in a very tough decision loss. He will be trying to recover from the demoralizing loss in this fight against a good fighter in Kennedy.


Kennedy has been floating around the top 10 rankings throughout his career, but just can’t seem to ever climb passed the bottom of the rankings. He recently lost to the upstart Brasi and a victory here would go far in validating him as a fighter showing that he belongs within the top 10 not right at the cusp.



Kennedy likes to fight on the ground while his opponent has won only by TKO and these two contrasting styles will make for an interesting fight where you have no idea what will happen.


Winner: Light “Son Of” Heavyweight

Heavyweight has fought better wrestlers and won. Its hard to vote against a fighter with as storied a career as Heavyweight and I expect yet another TKO victory from the impressive fighter.


-Eric Leoanrd

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Posted 07 March 2018 - 09:30 PM

New Blood V.3 - Iron Man League (Creation Tournament)


Hey guys. In a move that is totally not ripping off the New York Fight Nights Legends tournament that has currently been running, I would love the next New Blood tournament to start in league format!

The NYFN tournament was only open to managers that have been ranked Top 10 but this is open to any and all. My biggest prerequisite is that you have at least been playing for a little while and been active. I'm unlikely to accept entries from brand new accounts as there is rather large element of trust needed for these type of things to run smoothly but nothing stopping anyone from shooting me a message if you are unsure. 


Rules will be similar to the NYFN thing as it seemed to work well and everyone enjoyed. 




1. Creation date will be 1st April 2018 (The day of the current New Blood tournament final) - There will then be four weeks of training time until tournament start

2. Testing is allowed but fighters must be chosen and signed up two weeks after creation. 

3. As always it will be open weight up to -265lbs (must be able to make 265lbs) and fighters MUST be 18

4. Shooting for 16 fighters randomly split into two pools of 8 (though this can work with any number of fighters really and could end up being only one pool if poor numbers) and will fight each other once

5. Top 2 in each pool (or top 4 if only 1 league) qualify for the Semi-Finals which will be standard knockout format. 

6. Fights will be EVERY 2 WEEKS and fights will be standard 3 x 5 mins rounds (except for final which will be 5 x 5)




- 3 Points for Finish Win

- 2 Points for Decision Win

- 1 Point for Draw

- 0 Points for Loss




- 1st Place = 300k + 3 Months VIP

- 2nd Place = 150k

- 3rd Place = 75k

- 4th Place = 25k




That's it for now. If I've missed any glaring bits of information out please let me know. I've already got a decent amount of interest and we're about half way to the target already so if you want a spot please let me know asap. Cheers!

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Posted 08 March 2018 - 04:32 PM

IFC 41 - Preview
(10th March 2018 – King Theatre, Los Angeles)
Main Card
Main Event – Lightweight Division Title
(Champion) Klaus “The House” Chugman (12-2, 130lbs) vs. (#1) Bruce “Get Loose” Mafaking (16-4, 164lbs)
Our headline fight tonight sees Klaus “The House” Chugman defending his newly acquired lightweight title belt for the first time and his first challenger is ex-Island terror Bruce “Get Loose” Mafaking. 
Klaus Chugman has had a tremendous career so far in the Iron Man Fight Club and the fact that the vast majority of his 12-2 record was fought in the now finished open weight format really shows just how hard he has had to work to get to the stage he is at now. He has already fought and beaten many of the current lightweight Top 15 and probably his most famous victory was against Island champion Light-Heavyweight not so long ago where he managed pull off a submission upset after dragging the fight to the floor and securing a rear naked choke in the first round. 
Chugman’s most recent fight was for the then vacant lightweight title where he faced boxer “Gypsy” Tommy Walcott for the second time in his career. Although the fight went longer than before, Chugman’s tenacious ground based fighting style proved to be too much once again and Chugman became the very first IFC lightweight champion. 
Now, after basking in the glow of that recent title victory, it’s time to get down to business once more and to the task of defending the belt. 
Attempting to wrest the gold from Chugman’s grasp is former Island fighter Bruce Mafaking. With a record of 16-4, Mafaking’s time on the island was a successful one in which he managed to capture the Island FC lightweight title and defend it a further eight times until season’s end. Though a strong candidate for the end of season tournament, Mafaking was eliminated in the third round by the eventual winner. Mafaking then made his way to the mainland under new management but made a poor showing in the Pulse Fighting Championship in New York losing two out of two fights there before parting ways with management. 
Those two losses didn’t seem to damage his stock too much however and with new representation and after a strong showing in his IFC debut where he managed to catch Brock Sampson with a submission in the third round, Mafaking was given the next shot at the title. 
Both fighters are first and foremost grappling specialists and have an exceptional level of wrestling to assist their strong submissions games. Unlike Chugman however, Mafaking has put in some work both with his boxing and Muay Thai and though only to a mediocre level, Mafaking has shown some very tidy striking and even managed to pick up some finishes as a result. This could be a key aspect of the fight. Chugman has faced strikers before as well as top level submission wrestlers but not usually both at the same time. Though Chugman’s BJJ brown belt certainly trumps Mafakings purple, it’s unlikely that Mafaking will be very far behind and if he is able to keep up with him on the floor then certainly his striking advantage may come into play if he chooses to go that route. 
Chugman is the champion and has been a tremendous fighter in the IFC but make no mistake this could be his toughest fight to date and he very well could find himself struggling against Mafaking if he can’t keep the fight on the floor. He will be the slight favourite overall but mainly because of the consistency of his camp and good form of late. 
Co-Main Event – Middleweight Division
(#8) Ispa Murhaa (6-0, 192lbs) vs. (#6) Terry Bogard (7-4, 179lbs)
Our co-main event of the evening features undefeated Finnish prospect Ispa Murhaa taking on kickboxer Terry Bogard. 
It’s been interesting to watch Murhaa develop over the past six fights as, though he has always displayed great potential from the very start, he didn’t start out as a big finisher despite dominating in those early fights. Lately however, Murhaa has really upped his game and the results have been some staggering KO finishes over solid opponents and some solid gains up the middleweight rankings. Now making his seventh professional appearance in the cage, Ispa Murhaa will look to keep his undefeated streak intact and notch up another big win this time over striker Terry Bogard. 
Terry Bogard has blown both hot and cold of late but mainly suffered at the hands of skilled submission specialists. In fact only against other strikers has Bogard looked truly comfortable with big wins over Trey Daniels, Vincent Lemiuex and most recently Don Joe being of particular note. Bogard has made some obvious improvements in his wrestling over the past weeks but still has yet to take his submissions ability seriously and currently remains a white belt in BJJ. This likely won’t be a huge factor in this match up but it has definitely come to be his Achilles heel overall. 
It’s hard not to consider Murhaa as the favourite in this one as his overall game is far more well rounded and he will have a big advantage in the grappling. However, you also cannot ignore Bogard’s perfect record of KO’s in all of his wins and after his knockout of heavyweight Vincent Lemiuex in his last open weight bout, obviously has the power to test Murhaa’s chin should he connect. 
A big occasion for both and a big test for two men with designs on the middleweight title
Fight 8 – Heavyweight Division
(#14) Randall “Natural” Couture (9-3, 233lbs) vs. (#13) “Red Ribbon Armys” Android Seventeen (9-8, 281lbs)
A heavyweight bout now and Randall “Natural” Couture, a fighter who has made a pretty successful start to his time in the IFC will take on former title challenger Android Seventeen who has made something of a resurgence lately after a very rocky period previously. 
Tonight’s match up marks Randall Couture’s third time fighting under the IFC banner and will be his thirteenth professional fight overall. A record of 9-3, Couture previously fought in the now defunct World Fighting Championship out of London where he managed to capture their heavyweight title before dropping it in his first defence and after going a respectable 3-2 found his way to the Iron Man Fight Club and has so far made quite an impact knocking out both Vedran Stefanovic and former champion Ricky Hughes in the first round. These performances have been enough to thrust him into the Top 15 and tonight he will have an opportunity to go even further if he can first get past the larger, heavy hitting Android Seventeen. 
Android Seventeen has had to battle through some serious adversity and has only just managed to start turning things around after going through one of the worst streaks of loses ever seen in the IFC cage. A total of seven in a row with six of them by submission, Seventeen’s days as a high ranking contender seemed numbered before getting back to what he does best with first round KO’s over En Esch and The Requis.
The successful early days of his career built up quite a fan following and it is that loyal fan base that have kept Seventeen relevant and now back on a two fight win streak Seventeen is making moves back into the Top 10 and a win over Couture would surely seal the deal. 
This is an interest match up as Couture seems to like fighting everywhere. On his feet, in the clinch and on the ground. Seventeen would no doubt like to keep this standing as that is where his bread and butter lies and Couture is unlikely to be able to match him there. Couture does have the ability to finish fights but he also has a fair amount of decision wins too which doesn’t seem likely in this one as Seventeen has rarely gone past the first round no matter what the result. Seventeen has also made improvements in his grappling, no doubt as a reaction to his run of submission losses so it will be interesting to see how the fight will play out should Couture be successful in taking the fight to the floor. 
Couture has had a good start in the IFC and seems to be a very solid fighter at this point but tonight you get the feeling that Android Seventeen is on the rise once more and this is reflected in the bookmakers odds that see Seventeen as the favourite for this one
Fight 7 – Middleweight Division
“Corpse Making Cowboy” Don Joe (8-6, 190lbs) vs. Alexander Porto (9-8, 180lbs) 
Fight 7 brings us a middleweight match up between the “Corpse Making Cowboy” Don Joe and Brazil’s Alexander Porto
Don Joe is currently suffering a bad spell of form and has managed to lose his last four fights in a row. Two were to heavyweight juggernauts Super Heavyweight and “Big” Steve Butabi in the open weight format but after dropping into the middleweight division Don Joe has also struggled against ranked fighters in Schmorgen Biscuit and Terry Bogard. These last two loses have been particularly concerning for his management who may be considering whether Don Joe can compete at this level any longer. As a former champion in a rival org, to a title challenger in the IFC and now struggling as a middle runner in the new middleweight division. Don Joe needs a big performance and he needs it tonight. 
His opponent Alexander Porto also comes into tonight's bout off the back of some tough results. At XXXV he was caught by former champion Steven Kennedy with a first round submission and then in his second match up he faced exciting undefeated prospect Ispa Murhaa and though gave a good account of himself was caught with a big uppercut near the end of round two that ended the fight. 
This fight is likely to be a stand up war with both Joe and Porto preferring to do there work there. Don Joe has the better boxing and Porto the better Muay Thai. Statistically Porto is a little more likely to get the finish then Joe but there isn’t much in it and this area should be competitive. 
Porto’s will have a better advantage in the wrestling and has shown a decent ability in the clinch. This is an area that Joe has usually shied away from and that could be a lack of confidence in his abilities there. Both Porto and to a degree Joe have looked promising at times when on the offensive but defensively have suffered their fair share of losses by now. 
Both fighters have dropped outside of the Top 15 in the org and will be desperate to pick up a win here tonight. Porto the favourite by a small amount to pick up a win here and most likely by a stoppage
Fight 6 – Middleweight Division
Edson Ribeiro (10-2, 185lbs) vs. Terje “Nightmare” Warholm (4-4-1, 220lbs)
After a few weeks away from the cage, famous Island fighter Edson Ribeiro returns and he’ll be taking on Terje “Nightmare” Warholm
After a stunning ten fight undefeated streak on the Island that saw him capture the TIT 185lb strap, Ribeiro was inexplicably dropped by his management team and his home organisation. With such a following it didn’t take long for new management to come along and with it a move to the rival Island FC where he was unsuccessful in his attempt to become a two org champion. 
This would be Edson’s last fight for the year 2017 and it wasn’t until recently he resurfaced on the mainland and signed with a the IFC. 
Making his debut at Mid Week 13 against first ever New Blood Tournament champion Fay Gott, Ribeiro showed himself to be an amazingly tough competitor as he was battered for the entire fifteen minute match up and lost a unanimous decision. Now for his second appearance in the IFC cage he faces another tough test in the form of youngster Terje Warholm. 
Terje Warholm began his career in the IFC and has bounced from division to division. Beginning in the old open weight format, Warholm then entered the first ever New Blood tournament where he was eliminated in the second round by Micky Kirby. Moving back into the open weight Warholm managed to pick up some big wins against prospects Rober Garfield and Mr Kaalee before losing in his last fight to high ranking middleweight contender Big Murha. It was a three round war in which both fighters traded many shots but despite finishing strong it wasn’t enough to overturn the two round lead that Murha gained. 
This is a difficult match up for Ribeiro who will desperately need to get this fight to the floor quickly. Warholm hasn’t yet evolved his game in area past a remarkable level but he has developed a very strong well rounded striking game that is likely to quickly overwhelm Ribeiro. 
Ribeiro doesn’t seem to have evolved very much from his Island days but his bread and butter is still very much his submission game and Warholm will not want to test himself against Ribeiro there. 
With many believing that Edson Ribeiro’s best days are firmly behind him there doesn’t seem to be much faith in a victory for him tonight. A heavy underdog. Can Ribeiro prove those naysayers wrong or will Warholm make a name for himself off his back. 
Fight 5 – Middleweight Division
(#14) Yuri “Subversion” Bezmenov (4-0, 207lbs) vs. Chara Zaad (8-7, 210lbs)
Next up in the middleweight division, one of the most frightening prospects we’ve seen in the org since Iain Tower marched his way to heavyweight gold, Yuri “Subversion” Bezmenov takes on experienced journeyman Chara Zaad. 
Making only his fifth appearance in the cage tonight, Yuri Bezmenov already looks to be the real deal and has yet to truly be tested in the cage. With all four wins coming by way of first round finish, Bezmenov has already moved into the middleweight Top 15 and if his current form continues as it is, looks unlikely to stop anytime soon. 
Attempting to halt Bezmenov tonight is IFC veteran Chara Zaad who will be making his sixteenth appearance in the IFC cage. Zaad has been one of the most active fighters in the org’s history and is currently ranked joint third for most fights. Zaad is also up there in other catorgories such as most KO’s with six and most wins with eight. Overall though it is Zaad’s willingness to fight any and all comers that has endeared him to the fans hearts. 
This fight pits raw, natural ability against experience of which Zaad will need every ounce of if he is to figure out a way of defeating the up and comer Bezmenov
Bezmenov has shown tremendous improvements in his striking skills that are only surpassed by his frightening ground game. Zaad has some sensational boxing skills and is coming off of a couple of very big wins against The Requis and Wrecking Ball which may give him reason to believe he has a good shot tonight. Zaad has been slowly building his wrestling up in order to give him more opportunity to stay on his feet but it will be a tall order to stop Bezmenov from taking him down. Once on the floor the fight is likely to be over quickly so really Zaad’s only chance is to get the job done standing and done quickly. 
Despite Zaad’s recent good form and his wealth of experience, he will still be the heavy underdog with many believing Bezmenov to be a future champion down the road. 
Fight 4 – Middleweight Division
Joe “The Alternate” Average (2-4, 210lbs) vs. James “The Nervous” Gregor (5-10, 210lbs) 
More action from the middleweight division with Joe “The Alternate” Average taking on James “The Nervous” Gregor. 
Joe Average, fresh off a rare submission victory against Chong Tay in his last fight, looks to keep the momentum going as an IFC middleweight and improve upon his relatively poor record overall. 
He’ll be taking on another under performer in James Gregor who will be making his sixteenth appearance for the IFC but has only managed to get his hand raised on a handful of those occasions. 
Both fighters have made visable improvements in the gym but have had a hard time putting it together in the cage. Gregor will have a slight advantage in both the stand up and on the ground but generally this should be a very competitive match up with the bookies making Gregor only the slight favourite
Fight 3 – Heavyweight Division
Kirk Lazarus (2-2, 265lbs) vs. Francisco “The Count” Babyara (2-2, 270lbs) 
Next up, what should be a fun heavyweight scrap with Kirk Lazarus taking on unashamed Spanish striker Francisco “The Count” Babyara. 
Kirk Lazarus is another fighter guilty of under performing during his time here in the IFC. On paper, a very capable young prospect but having dropped losses to low ranking fighters such as James Gregor, Lazarus hasn’t exactly been turning any heads. He did managed to pick up a win during his last bout however and against a solid competitor in Kyle “Animal” Ryan but he will need many more such performances if he is to climb away from the bottom area of the heavyweight rankings. 
His opponent Francisco Babyara could very easily be mistaken for a KT fighter who has just wandered into the cage by mistake. An exceptional boxer with a competent base in kickboxing, Babyara has shunned other areas of MMA in favour of his striking and if his last fight is anything to go by could be onto something. His IFC debut against Kendrick Michaelson ended after only eleven seconds by a beautiful shot to the temple following a big combination. 
On the feet this fight should be very competitive with both having some high level striking skills. The grappling is another story altogether. 
Lazarus is a well rounded fighter who has yet to be finish in a fight. Though his results have been lacklustre so far his options in this fight are just too numerous compared to Babyara who will need get things just right in order to pull of a small upset. 
Fight 2 – Heavyweight Division
Kendrick “Ni Klaus” Michaelson (1-2, 253lbs) vs. Ruben Kirby (0-1, 265lbs)
Our second prelim fight of the night features two fighters starting at the bottom and looking to make a name for themselves in Kendrick “Ni Klaus” Michaelson and Ruben Kirby
Kendrick Michaelson will be looking for some redemption in this match up after suffering a demoralising eleven second knockout at the hands of Francisco Babyara. The defeat made all the more embarrassing after some unfortunate smack talk from Michaelson’s manager was directed Babyara’s way. Now making his second appearance in the IFC, an opportunity to do better and test himself against one of the famous Kirby family fighters, newcomer Ruben Kirby
Ruben Kirby has fought only once before in the New Blood division and lost a unanimous decision against Hennig Muller. It was a fantastic fight and one that could have easily have been awarded fight of the night. 
Both fighters are likely to keep this standing and that bodes well for the fans watching. Both fighters are fairly similar in size and ability and both will be hungry to avenge their previous loses. 
Fight 1 – Middleweight Division
Raheem “The Dream” Nazir (6-16, 210lbs) vs. Nevil “Sinclair” Hawk (1-6, 170lbs) 
Kicking of the evening we have a middleweight scrap between journeyman Raheem “The Dream” Nazir and Nevil “Sinclair” Hawk. 
Raheem Nazir has by now a wealth of experience in the cage and will look to put all that experience to good use tonight. His IFC debut didn’t go particular well after suffering a first round KO against youngster Hanny “The Fist” Sledgehammer. 
Making his own IFC debut tonight is newcomer Nevil Hawk, a twenty year old brawler with a record of 1-6. Hawk has spent the majority of his career fighting in Hilo in The Beatdown org where he managed to pick up only one win in six. Now, with a fresh start, Hawk will see if he can fare any better here. 
This really could go anyway at all. Nazir will be looking to get this fight to the floor where he will have a decent advantage there and Hawk will no doubt want to stay on his feet and win with strikes. 
Neither fighter has been that successful in imposing his style on his opponent so far so we will look forward to seeing who will come out on top in this one. 

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Iron Man Fight Club - Official Rankings (11th March 2018)
(Sponsored by IniTech Nutrition who stock both 160q Stamina Fuel and 160q Muscle Bulk along with their pioneering Chaos Energy 160q Recovery sup)
Lightweight (155lbs and under)
#1 (4) Uri Geller (21-5, W,L,L,W,W, 158lbs)
#2 (2) Evgeni Lomachenko (9-7,W,W,L,L,W, 152lbs)
#3 (3) Mister Island (10-5, W,L,L,W,W, 145lbs)
#4 (1) Bruce Mafaking (16-5, L,W,L,L,L, 164lbs)
#5 (12) Wolfgang Lee Roth (8-5, W,L,W,L,L, 154lbs)
#6 (7) Soul Shadow (6-3, W,W,W,L,W, 162lbs)
#7(12) Maximilian Kirby (5-0, W,W,W,W,W, 165lbs)
#8 (8) Daniel Sainty (9-7,W,L,W,L,W, 150lbs)
#9 (6) Mike Van Rijn (11-6, L,L,W,W,L, 163lbs)
#10 (10) Tzwrtzos Peidis (6-2, L,W,W,L,W, 165lbs)
#11 (9) Luiz Correia Azevedo (12-6, L,L,W,W,W, 148lbs)
#12 (11) Brock Sampson (6-4, L,W,L,L,W, 168lbs)
#13 (NE) Anton Touchard (6-1, W,W,L,W,W, 168lbs)
#14 (NE) Xing Pugberg (5-2, W,L,W,W,L, 130lbs)
#15 (13) Willie McCoy (6-3, W,W,L,L,W, 150lbs)
Middleweight (155lbs to 205lbs)
#1 (1) Brooklyn Brawler (11-3, W,W,W,L,W, 190lbs)
#2 (5) Big Murha (7-0, W,W,W,W,W, 215lbs)
#3 (3) Light Heavyweight (22-3, W,L,W,L,W, 220lbs)
#4 (2) Mew Choo (12-1, W,L,W,W,W, 191lbs)
#5 (12) Damien OQuinn (10-3, W,W,W,W,W, 216lbs)
#6 (7) Jaxson Wilder (8-3, W,W,L,L,W, 205lbs)
#7 (9) Jon Ubereem (13-7, L,W,L,W,L, 218lbs)
#8 (4) Luca Brasi Lii (8-4, L,W,L,W,W, 205lbs)
#9 (6) Terry Bogard (7-5, L,W,L,W,L, 179lbs)
#10 (10) Steven Kennedy (9-9, L,L,W,L,W, 178lbs)
#11 (14) Yuri Bezmenov (5-0, W,W,W,W,W, 207lbs)
#12 (11) Ribociclib Kisqali (8-2, L,L,W,W,W, 220lbs)
#13 (RE) Alexander Porto (10-8, W,L,L,W,L, 180lbs)
#14 (13) Manuel Lora (9-6, W,W,L,W,L, 180lbs)
#15 (15) Kamden Jackson (8-3, W,W,L,W,W, 189lbs)
Heavyweight (205lbs and over)
#1 (1) Super Heavyweight (18-3, W,L,W,W,W, 280lbs)
#2 (2) Vinicio Serpico (7-2, W,W,L,W,L, 260lbs)
#3 (3) Japa Koniu (7-2, L,W,W,W,W, 235lbs)
#4 (4) Greg Bell (8-9, W.L,W,W,L, 300lbs)
#5 (5) Steve Butabi (8-2, L,W,W,L,W, 290lbs)
#6 (6) Grigori Rasputin (16-3, L,L,W,W,W, 241lbs)
#7 (10) Vladimir Impaler (8-2, W,W,W,W,W, 270lbs)
#8 (7) Hamish McTavish (7-3, W,W,L,W,W, 292lbs)
#9 (13) Android Seventeen (10-8, W,W,W,L,L, 280lbs)
#10 (9) Vincent Lemieux (10-6, L,W,L,W,W, 270lbs)
#11 (8) Schmorgen Biscuit (9-5, L,W,L,W,W, 222lbs)
#12 (11) Naiki Nekele (9-4, W,W,L,W,W, 268lbs)
#13 (RE) Albert Van Rooy (4-3, W,L,W,W,W, 234lbs)
#14 (12) Jack Dawson (6-3, L,W,W,L,W, 270lbs)
#15 (14) Randall Couture (9-4, L,W,W,L,W, 233lbs)
**Rankings are determined by hype/pop, p4p rank, win/loss record and a few company internal criteria. Rankings can and will change frequently after each event**

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Iron Man Fight Club – Mid Week 18 Preview
(14th March 2018 – King Theatre, Los Angeles)
Main Card
Main Event – Heavyweight Division
(#1) Super “Dominator” Heavyweight (18-3, 280lbs) vs. (#2) Vinicio “Ill Serpente Ubriaco” Serpico (3-0, 260lbs)
Our headlining fight tonight features two of the top talents in the heavyweight division in Super “Dominator” Heavyweight and Vinicio “Ill Serpente Ubriaco” Serpico and both are building a solid case for a shot at the title. 
Super Heavyweight hasn’t long had his first crack at the IFC heavyweight title which was an unfortunately one sided affair against Iain Tower in which Heavyweight lost by submission late in the second round. Though Heavyweight was unsuccessful in that attempt he did show unbelievable determination to take Tower further than anyone previously had and also some serious toughness to take as much punishment as he did. The loss didn’t linger on Heavyweights mind for long however as in his return fight against Steve Butabi, Heavyweight was the last man standing in absolute rock em, sock em slugfest and managed to put Butabi away just before the bell at the end of round one. 
Now back to winning ways, 18-3 Super Heavyweight will look to pick up another win here tonight and ever closer to another shot at the title. 
His opponent is young up and comer Vinicio Serpico. A former KT fighter, Serpico is actually undefeated in his early foray into MMA and with a record of 3-0 and after a stunning first round TKO over Vincent Lemieux in his IFC debut finds himself flying high in the rankings and with a real opportunity to stake his claim for a shot at the heavyweight title. Of course to get there he will need to get past Super Heavyweight first and that will be no easy feat at all. 
This fight will very likely end up being a heavy handed stand up battle with Serpico trying to keep it at a distance and Heavyweight using his simple but effective striking to get in close to and work over Serpico in the clinch. Serpico has had good result using those types of tactics against big strong fighters like Heavyweight which has resulted in some decision wins on his MMA record. Heavyweight on the other hand has a terrifying 100% record of KO finishes in his eighteen wins meaning that if he is going to beat you, you are going to sleep. Making this match up all the more interesting is the fact that Serpico has never been knocked out in either KT or MMA and that could be down to either his granite chin or his evasive stand up technique. 
This fight is tough to call with both fighters being extremely good at what they do. Whoever is able to impose their game plan on other is likely to come out on top and I think we could see this end up in a decision. With no real obvious contenders in the division at the moment a win here could be enough to earn a shot at the title though it’s likely Heavyweight would need at least another after this. Serpico on the other hand could end up on a four fight winning streak and that would put him ahead of everyone else currently. Definitely a high stakes fight and what will no doubt be an exciting main event for the IFC
Co-Main Event – Heavyweight Division
(#5) “Big” Steve Butabi (8-2, 290lbs) vs. (#10) Vincent Lemieux (10-6, 270lbs)
Our co-main event of the evening is already a potential candidate for fight of the night with two extremely prolific and heavy hitting heavyweights in “Big” Steve Butabi and Vincent Lemieux
Steve Butabi started his career in the IFC back at IFC IX and absolutely terrorised the roster, going on a six fight streak of KO’s and earning himself a shot at the title against then undefeated Mew Choo. One very uncharacteristic mistake during the fight and Butabi went home empty handed and suffering his first professional loss. He didn’t dwell on that loss however and instantly got back to winning ways going on a two fight streak before running into Super Heavyweight in his last bout. An absolute war, Butabi and Heavyweight went toe to toe and both suffered terrible cuts that threatened to stop the bout at any moment. After just over four minutes of incredible action, Heavyweight caught Butabi right on the button and Butabi suffered the second loss of his career. 
Now, once again, he must pick himself up and will look to get back in the mix with a strong performance tonight. 
Facing him is Canadian slugger Vincent Lemiuex who will be making his sixth appearance in the IFC after a brief spell in the Steel Penn org of Hilo. After a strong start to his time here, Lemieux’s performances have been a little up and down of late with alternating wins and losses and will be coming into this bout of the back of a first round TKO loss to Vinicio Serpico and having slipped down the rankings from his previous best. 
This one is likely to be decided quickly and decisively. Both Butabi and Lemieux hit hard and know a thing or two about finishing a fight. They have also shown previously that they can be finished themselves and so we can pretty much assume that this fight is unlikely to go to the judges. 
Butabi has on the rarest of occasions taken the fight to the ground and it will be interesting to see if he attempts to do the same in this match up and both he and Lemiuex are extremely similar in that area. 
Butabi the favourite in this one by a razor thin margin. 
Fight 8 – Lightweight Division
(#10) Tzwrtzos Peidis (6-2, 165lbs) vs. (#8) Daniel “The Unsanitary” Sainty (9-7, 150lbs)
Next up, a classic grappler versus striker match up with Tzwrtzos Peidis taking on submission specialist Daniel Sainty
Tzwrtzos Peidis makes his return to the cage after previously losing a number one contender match up against Mister Island. It was his first loss after a couple of good wins and really upset the momentum of the Greek fighter, dropping him down the rankings to #10. Now making possibly his last appearance in the IFC, Peidis takes on submission specialist Daniel Sainty. 
Sainty is coming into this fight off the back of a stunning upset over up and coming lightweight star Gosha Lopez. Though he was outgunned in almost all areas, Sainty managed to make his best attributes count and caught Gosha napping with a guillotine. It was Sainty’s ninth career submission win leaving him second only to Klaus Chugman for most submissions in the org. 
Now, having moved to #8 Sainty could perhaps take a big step towards earning his first shot at the lightweight title with another win over Peidis here tonight. 
Both Peidis and Sainty are very proficient in what they do. Both fighters have a perfect record for finishes in their victories and have a big advantage in their specialised areas. 
There is likely to be a real battle in the wrestling where both have a proficient level and could be the key to how this entire fight plays out. If Peidis keeps it standing, he will win. If Sainty get’s him down he will catch him. 
An interesting fight and one that isn’t likely to last long. Peidis just suffered at the hands of a superior grappler and that might damage his confidence in this one however Sainty has always been a little inconsistent and has dropped plenty of losses during his career.
 An obvious winner isn’t clear and this will be reflected in the opening odds. 
Fight 7 – Heavyweight Division
Ricky “Big Tex” Hughes (9-8, 264lbs) vs. Taz “Crash” Bandichoo (6-8, 240lbs)
Next up, back to the heavyweight division and the opening fight of the main card. It’s likely to be a big one as fallen former champion Ricky “Big Tex” Hughes desperately fights to climb back into relevancy in the division. He’ll be taking on another fighter that has seen better days in Taz “Crash” Bandichoo
Ricky “Big Tex” Hughes is a former IFC champion and a current hall of famer. His early days in the IFC were filled with some truly devastating and brutal knockouts and Hughes’ name alone inspired fear among the division but that all seems like such a long time ago now and the second half of Ricky Hughes career has been almost the polar opposite. His chin has become suspect and his once feared right hand no longer seems to be able to find it’s target. He has managed to win only once in his last five and has seemingly stopped improving. It is safe to say that it is a worrying time for Ricky Hughes as he faces the prospect of truly falling into obscurity. 
His opponent tonight is Taz Bandichoo who himself has seen his career reach some real highs and currently some big lows. On a five fight losing streak with four of them by KO finish, Bandichoo too needs to find a new way to get the job done when brute force can no longer be relied on. 
Now having fallen outside of the Top 15 completely, Bandichoo faces a monumental task to climb back up but tonight attempts to take the first step in doing so. 
On paper this fight looks as though it should go to Bandichoo handily. An overall more skilled striker with ever so slightly better wrestling and the same blue belt level jiu-jitsu as Hughes on the ground. However skills don’t paint the entire picture and Bandichoo has looked absolutely awful in his last several fights. Both he and Hughes have been guilty of favouring power over accuracy and that has been evident in their statistics of strikes landed. Hughes has at least picked up a win not so long ago and it was a good one. A KO over Bricks Thrower proving that there is still some fight left in the old dog. 
If nothing else this fight will be entertaining. Two fighters with a history of brutal knockouts between them and both with weakening chins. It’s likely that whoever catches who first will get their hand raised so this fight is just as much about who is the better defensively as it is about landing that big KO blow. 
This is a massive fight for the underdog Ricky Hughes and his loyal fans will be praying that he can somehow turn things around and return to the glory days.
Fight 6 – Lightweight Division
Sirimongkol Niyotrong (5-3, 152lbs) vs. Gosha Lopez (4-2, 135lbs) 
The last bout of our undercard features fast rising Sirimongkol Niyotrong taking on Gosha Lopez, a once highly touted prospect who has so far been disappointing. 
Sirimongkol Niyotrong had a rough start to his MMA career after losing his first two fights by second round TKO’s and then by decision in his third but has since come back superbly and has remained undefeated in his last five. Now sitting just outside of the Top 15, Niyotrong has a fantastic opportunity to make himself known amongst the best in the lightweight division but first he must get past what is quite possibly his toughest match up yet. 
Gosha Lopez signed to the IFC as a very exciting young prospect. A grappling wizard who was making great improvements in his striking, Lopez, a natural flyweight competing in an open weight format, raced to a 3 fight win streak in the IFC and looked well on track to become the potential star that was predicted. A set back against a much heavier Jaxson Wilder however gave Lopez his first loss just before moving into the newly formed lightweight division and shortly after that a shock upset against submission specialist Daniel Sainty in a match up that Lopez was highly favoured to win. With two big losses in a row, Lopez found himself outside of the Top 15 and most likely filled with doubt about his future. With a win tonight, Lopez could get himself back on track but he has a tough fight ahead of him
This will be another match up in which Lopez should be favoured overall. He is by far the superior grappler and on his feet, has made enough improvements to be able to hang with Niyotrong who is much more of a striker than anything else.  Niyotrong doesn’t do anything particularly spectacular but he does like to keep busy and keep his opponent guessing with a varied offensive output. With all five of his wins having been by the judges decision it’s obvious that he doesn’t have the firepower to put opponents away, at least currently. This could mean giving Lopez too much time to get the fight to the floor where Niyotrong isn’t expected to last very long at all but Lopez might want to test himself standing and that could possibly end up being a bad idea. 
Despite form painting a different picture, Lopez will still be the overwhelming favourite in this one but with a lot of pressure to perform as another loss against supposed weaker competition could all but destroy any notion of being a potential contender. 
Fight 5 – Lightweight Division
Crack Head “Roks” (8-7, 153lbs) vs. Leon “Hands of Stone” Lentz (2-2, 161lbs) 
Next up, another struggling fighter that was once spoken about as being a potential threat in the org in Crack Head “Roks” takes on Luxembourg’s Leon “Hand’s of Stone” Lentz who also hasn’t had a great start in the IFC and will actually be making his final appearance as a professional fighter. 
Crack Head went a perfect 3-0 in his first few fights in the IFC and managed to take out the well respected Damien Demento by first round submission. Perhaps the pressure of winning got a little much however as from there, Head has not managed a win in four fights and lost to bitter rival Kongchai Phetboonme back at IFC XXX. With morale at an all time low, Head will need to dig deep and find something to get him motivated tonight as Leon Lentz will be looking to go out with a bang. 
On paper, Lentz has looked formidable but, as is the case sometimes, it just hasn’t come together in the cage and Lentz has found himself finished in both of his appearances in the IFC cage. His last, against a demoralised Andy Bogard who entered the bout on a five fight losing streak, was quite possibly the final nail in the coffin and Lentz has decide that win or lose tonight, he will call time on his very short MMA career. 
Though Lentz looks to have overtaken a stagnating Crack Head in terms of overall skills, Head is still likely to be competitive in this match up as his strengths are still enough to forge a winning path in places. Lentz is likely to want to keep this fight standing and it would be a huge mistake for Head to fight at a distance. His record of KO losses recently have been cause for alarm and really he needs to get up close and personal and quickly. 
If Head can get this fight on the floor or keep it in the clinch then he stands a chance. If not Lentz should have enough to get the KO and big finish he would no doubt want before walking off into the sunset
Fight 4 – Middleweight Division
Ophelius “Krampus” Ragnar (1-0, 222lbs) vs. Chong “The Star Fish” Tay (7-7, 210lbs) 
Our next bout sees experienced striker Chong “The Star Fish” Tay taking on fairly recent signing Ophelius “Krampus” Ragnar who is fresh off of a successful debut here in the IFC. 
Ophelius Ragnar is one of the very first BJJ black belts to ever grace the IFC cage and gave the crowd a quick glimpse of his advanced skills when he put a textbook jiu-jitsu performance against Taivon Arsett in his debut. A great start for Ragnar but still gaining experience and faces an uphill battle tonight against a much more experienced opponent. 
Chong Tay will be making his fifteenth appearance in the cage tonight and will be bringing an even record of 7-7. While inconsistency has plagued his career, Tay has shown that he has enough power in his hands to be a danger to those not paying attention and looks to also have made some improvements to his once non existent ground game. 
A difficult fight to predict as Ragnar is still in the infancy of his MMA career and in his one and only fight we didn’t get to see him use any of his skills in the stand up or in the clinch. Tay has shown himself to be dangerous with both his hands and feet against those less skilled then himself and, on paper, Ragnar fits that description. Ragnar may well have the confidence and composure to deal with Tay in that area but without knowing for sure we can say for certain is that Ragnar will find the easiest route to victory in a repeat performance from his debut. 
Fight 3 – Heavyweight Division
Blitz “88” Krieg (6-6, 300lbs) vs. Maddox “Hitman” Wood (7-9-1, 245lbs) 
A heavyweight match up this time and Blitz “88” Krieg will take on Maddox “Hitman” Wood
So far during his time here in the IFC, Krieg has shown himself to be fearless but often out of his depth and has only managed to pick up one victory in four. That sole victory however was a massive one and a huge upset over highly touted prospect Tytus Aleksy showing that, on his day, Krieg is not to be overlooked. 
Tonight he faces a fighter who looks to be a lot better overall but who’s recent form has dropped him squarely near the bottom of the IFC heavyweight rankings, Marcus Wood. 
Wood has managed to lose four of his least fights in a row including his debut here in the IFC. Alarmingly for a big striker, all four of those loses have been by first round KO so Wood has definitely got a long road ahead of himself if he is to turn things around. 
On paper this looks like a massive mismatch but knowing that Blitz Kreig is carrying some serious firepower and that Wood’s chin has possibly become a liability, things could get very interesting on the night. Of course Wood has an easy out and that is to bring the fight to the floor where Krieg has no formal training whatsoever. If he is able to do that then the chances of Krieg recovering are pretty non existent but all the while the fight is standing it is anybody’s fight
Fight 2 – Middleweight Division
Pacer “The Turnip” Dalton (2-1, 220lbs) vs. Hanny “The Fist” Sledgehammer (1-2, 192lbs) 
Next up, “The Turnip” Pacer Dalton attempts to move past his first career loss suffered in his last bout and his opponent is Hanny “The Fist” Sledgehammer who himself made an impressive entry into the IFC defeating journeyman Raheem Nazir in his debut. 
An interesting match up for Dalton as once again he is unlikely to have any trouble in getting the fight to the floor should he choose but once there will find an equally skilled BJJ blue belt. If Pacer is able to use his wrestling to control Hanny there then he will likely coast to another decision victory but if “The Fist” is able to defend and force the stand up then he might find that he has ample opportunity to find a finish on the feet. 
Dalton will be a decent favourite in this one but he will need to do better than last time. Sledgehammer in with a chance but only if he can get the referee to stand the fight up often. 
Fight 1 – Middleweight Division
“Coldblood” Ed Killer (2-3, 210lbs) vs. Taivon “Mack-10” Arsett (1-3, 200lbs)
Kicking off the evening we have two middleweight fighters looking to pick up a win after a couple of bad results each. “Coldblood” Ed Killer takes on Taivon “Mack-10” Arsett. 
This is really anybody’s fight as both fighters match up really well against each other. Both are predominately boxers and will be looking to the KO finish but Killer has some BJJ skills that he might look to take advantage of if he can somehow get past Arsett’s superior wrestling. 
Perhaps the biggest factor in this one is Arsett’s rock bottom morale and, though it isn’t always a guaranteed loss, it does show that the fighter isn’t taking the ideal care of himself and if that is the case, Ed Killer will no doubt be ready and willing to put him out of his misery. 

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Posted 12 March 2018 - 12:10 AM

Good stuff man. Another great preview. 

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Posted 12 March 2018 - 09:38 AM

Nice write up's! Keep up the great work, thanks dude.

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Posted 16 March 2018 - 04:05 AM

Iron Man Fight Club 42
(17th March 2018 – King Theatre, Los Angeles)
Main Card
Main Event – Middleweight Division Title
(Champion) Roman “The Pain Train” Divac (9-0, 198lbs) vs. (#1) Brooklyn Brawler (11-3, 190lbs)
Our main event of the evening is for the IFC middleweight title. Newly crowned champion Roman “The Pain Train” Divac will be making his first title defence against #1 contender Brooklyn Brawler. 
Coming into the IFC with a perfect undefeated 8-0 record and as a former champion elsewhere in the tycoon universe, Roman Divac was awarded an instant shot at the title against Island monster and new IFC champion Light Heavyweight, a fighter who had just handed undefeated IFC hall of famer Mew Choo his first ever professional loss. It was a massive test for Divac but he faced it head on and took the fight to the champion managing to stay a step ahead for the entire twenty five minutes. After all three judges scored each round in Divac’s favour, Divac was crowned as the middleweight divisions new champion and now he will attempt to defend not only his belt but his nine fight undefeated record. 
His challenger tonight is 11-3 Brooklyn Brawler who will actually be making his second attempt at the IFC championship belt only this time in the middleweight division. 
Brawler’s first attempt at the title was against then undefeated Mew Choo and ended relatively quickly in the first round by a guillotine submission. A disappointing performance but since that time Brawler has worked extremely hard to make it back to the top of the pile and after a three fight win streak culminating with a second round TKO over newly signed prospect Ribociclib Kisqali, Brawler has earned the right to challenge once again. 
This fight is almost guaranteed to be a stand up war. Both fighters have shown themselves to be exceptionally good knockout artists and both have only ever needed the judges to declare them victors on one occasion apiece. Brawler, incidentally, is also currently the org’s leader for most knockouts with eight. 
Divac is very good at a distance and likes to use his punches from the outside whereas Brawler prefers to get up close and personal in the clinch and has defeated many of his opponents after softening them up there. Divac has shown that he can fight inside when he needs to but more importantly he has shown that he is able to control where the fight goes which was evident against Light Heavyweight where he managed to keep the stronger clinch fighter at bay. Brawler will need to find a way of keeping hold of Divac or he will likely face the same result. 
Divac looks to be the overall more rounded fighter but Brawler is solid where he needs to be and is an asbolute physical specimen. 
It would be easy to pick Divac as the heavy favourite going into this one but to count out a fighter with such a high percentage of KO finishes would be foolish. Brawler has worked hard to get here and there is an undeniable reason why he is the number one challenger right now. 
Still, it is a very tough fight for him and Divac has yet to be beaten. He has also spent time fighting against much older and more experienced fighters and still has never truly been troubled. 
Co-Main Event – Lightweight Division
(#2) Evgeni Lomachenko (9-7, 152lbs) vs. (#3) Mister Island (10-5, 145lbs)
Our co-main event of the evening is likely to be in stark contrast to our main event with brown belt level grapplers Evgeni Lomachenko and Mister Island meeting in a top ranking lightweight clash. 
Since dropping into the newly formed lightweight division Evgeni Lomachenko has positively flourished and comes into this fight on a two fight win streak. Having beaten Top 10 ranked fighters in Simon Jensen and Luiz Correia Azevedo and both in dominating fashion, Lomachenko has regained much of the hype that was lost fighting against the giants of the IFC and has risen high once more and currently finds himself at #2. Another win tonight could possibly be enough to earn him the next shot at the lightweight crown. 
Also currently in title contention is #3 ranked Mister Island. Having earned a pretty solid reputation on the Island last season, Mister Island’s successful debut in the IFC against Tzwrtzos Peidis was enough to catapult him high into the lightweight rankings and it is rumoured that Mister Island was actually offered a shot at the title before it was offered elsewhere. For whatever reason the shot wasn’t claimed and Mister Island must now make sure he keeps winning if he has any intention of becoming the IFC lightweight champion
Though this fight is almost certainly going to be a grappling showdown both Lomachenko and Island have very different approaches to the ground game. Mister Island has a very aggressive submission based game and looks to finish the fight, sometimes even at the expense of a solid position. Lomachnko on the other hand is just as likely to finish the fight with ground and pound.
Both fighters have good take down offence and it will be interesting to see who makes the first move. Mister Island may decide to test his striking skills against Lomachenko as he will have a decent advantage in that area. 
A tough fight to predict but Lomachenko has looked good lately and will be the slight favourite. With a lot riding on the result of this fight however motivation should be high and both fighters will no doubt be looking to pull of a big win. 
Fight 8 – Lightweight Division
(#6) “Dark and Light” Soul Shadow (6-3, 163lbs) vs. (#12) Brock “The Bodyguard” Sampson (6-4, 168lbs)
Our next fight pits rising lightweight star “Dark and Light” Soul Shadow against Brock “The Bodyguard” Sampson who very well might be making his final appearance as a professional mixed martial arts fighter. 
Soul Shadow, who began his MMA journey at just sixteen years old, had already forged a very respectable 5-2 record fighting in the open weight division but after dropping into the lightweight division and picking up a solid win against newcomer Ma Moru to go 6-3 overall, looks as though he could be growing into a serious title contender and currently sits at #6
His opponent tonight is 6-4 Brock Sampson who, rumour has it, might be about to hang up his gloves for good. 
Sampson started his career in the IFC and despite being less experienced than the vast majority of his opponents has generally fared well and very rarely looked out of his depths during any of his fights. He holds notable wins over Boss Yonic and Wolfgang Lee Roth and though his recent form hasn’t been terrific has still managed to secure his place in the Top 15 of the lightweight division. 
Perhaps feeling as though he has reached his peak, Sampson will make one final appearance in the IFC cage and will no doubt hope to go out with a bang. 
In terms of match up, Soul Shadow is undeniably the more well rounded fighter and is generally strong in all areas. Sampson too doesn’t have any glaring weakness except for Muay Thai which is an art that he obviously has never felt the need to explore. The most interesting aspect of this match up is that both fighters are not only clever tacticians but also capable of finishing in different ways. Both Shadow and Sampson have ended fights with KO’s and submissions depending on what has been necessary and it will be interesting to see who will try to bring the fight to where. 
On the ground it is pretty even but in the stand up Shadow should be able to step it up a gear with his all round striking game and coupled with his superior form of late will be favoured to pick up a win and deny Sampson the grand exit to his professional career
Fight 7 – Middleweight Division
Manuel Lora (9-6, 180lbs) vs. Dex “The Assassin” Arial (7-6, 176lbs) 
Rounding off the main card we have another ex-island fighter making his IFC debut in Manuel Lora and he’ll be taking on twenty-two year old Canadian fighter Dex “The Assassin” Arial. 
Manuel Lora hails from New Mexico, USA but got his start in MMA on the island. His first taste of organised, professional MMA was in the ill fated Ghosthouse org where he went 1-1 and failed in an attempt to capture their 170lbs strap against new IFC signing Joao Vitor Xavier. From there he joined up with Chaos FC and after a disappointing debut in which he lost by second round submission, Lora put together a four fight winning streak and ended his time there having gone 5-3. His last fight on the island was against current IFC signed fighter Alexander Porto in the first round of the end of season tournament where he suffered a TKO loss in just thirty-seven seconds. Making his way to the mainland Lora signed with King’s in London and looked to be much improved after two slick first round submission victories. 
Now having made his way to the IFC Lora will no doubt be looking to keep those performances going. 
Welcoming Lora tonight is Dax Arial who is fresh off of a successful debut in the org himself. In that fight he managed to take down and submit striker Kung Le in the first round and get off to an impressive start in his new home. 
This should be very competitive bout with both fighters being evenly matched in their strongest areas. Arial has managed to put in a little bit of work with his stand up and as such will have a modest advantage in that area. Both are predominately wrestlers but Lora takes a more submission based approach to his ground fighter and statistically has an impressive 89% submission rate in all of his victories. Arial on the other hand is more likely to finish the fight with heavy ground and pound or by decision. 
Without much difference in size it will definitely come down to skill and who wants it more. Both have had their fair share of losses but it is Arial that has proven the more difficult to finish with three of his six having been at the hands of the judges. 
A difficult fight to call but the gut says Lora via submission.
Fight 6 – Lightweight Division
Joao Vitor Xavier (10-11, 162lbs) vs. Harry Entei (7-4-2, 155lbs)
Fight number six on the undercard features two new signings in Joao Vitor Xavier and Harry Entei both of whom began their careers in the island. 
Joao Vitor Xavier made his mark quickly on the island after taking the Ghosthouse welterweight strap in only his third professional fight. After adding another victory to his record from the QFC to go 4-0, Xavier’s winning streak was snapped upon joining the The Island Title org and was never quite able to recapture the form from his earliest days and ended up a disappointing 4-8 which included a failed attempt to become a two time champion in different orgs. 
After crashing out of the end of season tournament in the second round, Xavier made his way to KFC (King’s not chicken) in London and his up and down form seemed to follow him there. Going 1-2 and bringing his career total to 10-11, Xavier now finds himself in the IFC lightweight division and we look forward to seeing what he can do here. 
His opponent, South Africa’s Harry Entei, began his career not in MMA but in KT where he went an underwhelming 2-4 in the KOTR island org. From there Entei was signed by The Island Title and got off to a much better start and three fight win streak. Entei seemed to fare much better in MMA then in KT and for the TIT org managed a 7-3 record overall and made it to the second round of the end of season tournament. 
When the island was done, Entei also ended up in King’s of London and in his only two fights there both ended in a draw. 
Now signed to the IFC lightweight division, Entei will get the chance to continue on his MMA path. 
This fight is very likely to be a stand up war and quite possibly over quickly. Both Xavier and Entei have a very good level of striking and are unlikely to want the fight on the ground. Xavier has a perfect record of KO’s in his ten victories so it is obvious that he is viscous when on the offensive but the fact that he has also been finished in each of his eleven losses leads us to believe that he is shaky defensively. Entei too has his fair share of losses but half of those have been draws. A fair percentage of his wins have also been draws also meaning that he is perhaps not as gung-ho as his opponent tonight. 
A razor thin match up with perhaps Entei being the slightly favoured due to his small advantage in the stand up overall but with Xavier’s wrestling being marginally better the clinch could be an area that the Brazilian could use to his advantage
Fight 5 – Middleweight Division
Yoel Embolo (10-3, 212lbs) vs. Yoshihiro Sexyama (4-5, 190lbs) 
Ex-Island star Yoel Embolo finally makes his debut here in the IFC and his opponent is Japanese submission wrestler Yoshihiro Sexyama who is coming into the bout off of a career best performance against sensational wrestling stand out Pacer Dalton
Yoel Embolo has been signed to the IFC for quite some time now but for whatever reasons has not been able to agree a date for his debut. Now, having signed on the dotted line, fight night is here and Embolo will have a chance to recapture the glory days of his Island career where he was a two time champion in the TIT organisation and even attempted to become a two org champion when he failed to wrest the belt off of now IFC fighter Light Heavyweight.
Yoshihiro Sexyama hasn’t had the benefit of time and experience like many of the other fighters currently signed and for a fighter that got his start a little later hasn’t done terribly during his time here. A record of 4-5, Sexyama’s main criticism has been the lack of consistency in his performances as often times he’ll be unable to follow up an impressive win with another. Still, he has made notable improvements in his stand up and managed to pick up a big scalp in prospect Pacer Dalton and tonight could go one better by defeating popular Island fighter Embolo
While it’s fair to say that Embolo has pretty much stagnated since his time on the Island, there’s no denying that he has some very good attributes going for him and should still be able to be competitive against the mid-roster fighters like Sexyama. Sexyama has managed to lose in a variety of ways, a couple of which have been by KO and this is where Embolo will need to capitalise if he is to make a successful debut tonight. 
If Sexyama can get the fight to the floor there is unlikely to be much a fight from Embolo as the island star isn’t know for his submissions nor has he shown any interest in studyig them. Sexyama on the other hand has shown that he is very capable in that area as all four of his wins have been by submission. 
Sexyama hasn’t exactly been in the greatest of form but Embolo has also lost his last two fights albeit to tough competition. Embolo will be the slight underdog with many believing that Sexyama has what it takes to get this fight to the ground and get the submission win.
Fight 4 – Middleweight Division
Bea “Rick” Mason (8-5, 175lbs) vs. Sascha “Widow Maker” Koniezko (4-6, 185lbs) 
Bea “Rick” Mason had begun to make some serious progress in the IFC middleweight rankings after an impressive run of submission victories but his stock seemed to take a big hit after a KO loss to Jaxson Wilder in his last bout and has left him just outside of the top 15. A win tonight will without question get him back into the rankings once more but to get there he is going to first have his hands full with a much improved Sascha “Widow Maker” Koniezko
Koniezko has made a dramatic turnaround in his MMA carrer since joining up with the IFC. After losing his first five career fights in a row, Koniezko has now managed four wins out of his last five and is currently on a two fight win streak. 
On paper this a very even contest with both very similar in the stand up and Koniezko’s superior wrestling possibly looking to cancel out Mason’s superior ground skills. 
Mason has been the overall more impressive having racked up a perfect percentage of submission finishes in his victories while Koniezko has not really found his niche as of yet despite some good form. 
A tough fight to predict but most seem to be leaning towards Koniezko eeking out a decision win in the end
Fight 3 – Middleweight Division
Bricks “Parpaing” Thrower (11-8, 204lbs) vs. Duc Minh “Ram” Pham (5-3, 175lbs)
Next up, beloved IFC veteran and the most experienced youngster to grace the cage Bricks “Parpaing” Thrower takes on New Blood graduate Duc Minh “Ram” Pham who is coming from the same stable as current New Blood tournament finalist Dai Zexi and former New Blood title challenger Tan Han Tuong. 
Twenty-one year old Bricks Thrower will be making an unprecedented twentieth appearance as a professional fighter and eighteenth in the IFC. An incredible amount of experience for a youngster and even more so being that he made his debut in the very first IFC event. During that time Thrower has always managed to keep above a losing record and has been a staple of the lower to mid range area of the roster. Currently going through possibly his worst spell of form having lost three of his last five, Thrower no doubt will want to get one over on the middleweight newcomer tonight with a big performance. 
Duc Minh Pham doesn’t have the experience on his side like his opponent but he does come from a solid stable of fighters and a winning 3-2 record during his time in the New Blood division bringing him to an overall 5-3. He is capable coming forward but perhaps a little reckless as his record of finishes in both victory and defeat reflect but at twenty years old still has plenty of time to fine tune his style. 
This is likely to be a very entertaining bout and a possible fight of the night candidate. Both fighters have the ability to find the KO and both have what might be fair to consider suspect chins. Ability wise there is very little in it with the only real differences being the experience of Bricks Thrower and the decent size advantage he will enjoy going to this one. 
Another fight that is tough to predict. Pham is from a good team and the tactical expertise will be a big factor but will it be enough to overcome such a huge gulf in cage experience? We can only wait and see
Fight 2 – New Blood Division
“The Unbreakable” Gideon Navarro (3-1, 182lbs) vs. Paul “Tapout” Walker (4-3, 186lbs)
With the closing of the New Blood division as we know it this will likely be the last time each of these fighters make an appearance in the IFC cage, for a while at least. 
“The Unbreakable” Gideon Navarro has looked impressive in both of his fights in the org with both ending by TKO. Navarro has also progressed extremely rapidly and looks as though he will be an absolute force wherever he eventually ends up. 
Paul “Tapout” Walker has also impressed during his time in the IFC but for different reasons. An overall record of 2-3 hasn’t set any records but for a BJJ fighter with very little else but BJJ he has accomplished a lot and graduates from the division with a winning record of 4-3 with all four wins by submission. 
This is without questions Walker’s toughest test to date and really he will need the stars to align if he is to pull off the upset in this one. Navarro has made some scary gains in his overall skill set since joining whilst Walker still really only has his BJJ. He will need every ounce of the feeble amount of wrestling that he does possess and will need to get this fight on the floor within the first minute of the fight otherwise Navarro is likely to steamroll him with his superior striking skills.
Fight 1 – Lightweight Division
Bright “Quest” Heather (5-4, 139lbs) vs. Adlan Aukhadov (0-2, 160lbs)
Kicking off the evening we have Bright “Quest” Heather, a submission wrestler from Luxembourg taking on Russia’s Adlan Aukhadov who is still looking for his first victory after two attempts. 
Likely to be a striker versus grappler showdown, Heather will be the favourite going into this one as the more experienced of two and the fact that Aukhadov has yet to pick up a win. 

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Posted 18 March 2018 - 01:25 AM

Awesome fight Divac, good job.

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Posted 18 March 2018 - 02:48 AM

Iron Man Fight Club - Official Rankings (18th March 2018)
(Sponsored by IniTech Nutrition who stock both 160q Stamina Fuel and 160q Muscle Bulk along with their pioneering Chaos Energy 160q Recovery sup)
Lightweight (155lbs and under)
#1 (1) Uri Geller (21-5, W,L,L,W,W, 158lbs)
#2 (3) Mister Island (11-5, W,W,L,L,W, 145lbs)
#3 (6) Soul Shadow (7-3, W,W,W,W,L, 162lbs)
#4 (8) Daniel Sainty (10-7, W,W,L,W,L, 150lbs)
#5 (2) Evgeni Lomachenko (9-8, L,W,W,L,L, 152lbs)
#6 (4) Bruce Mafaking (16-5, L,W,L,L,L, 164lbs)
#7 (5) Wolfgang Lee Roth (8-5, W,L,W,L,L, 154lbs)
#8 (7) Maximilian Kirby (5-0, W,W,W,W,W, 165lbs)
#9 (9) Mike Van Rijn (11-6, L,L,W,W,L, 163lbs)
#10 (RE) Harry Entei (10-8-2, W,D,D,L,W, 155lbs)
#11 (RE) Gosha Lopez (5-2, W,L,L,W,W, 135lbs)
#12 (10) Tzwrtzos Peidis (6-3, L,L,W,W,L, 165lbs)
#13 (11) Luiz Correia Azevedo (12-6, L,L,W,W,W, 148lbs)
#14 (13) Anton Touchard (6-1, W,W,L,W,W, 168lbs)
#15 (14) Xing Pugberg (5-2, W,L,W,W,L, 130lbs)
Middleweight (155lbs to 205lbs)
#1 (RE) Ispa Murhaa (7-0, W,W,W,W,W, 194lbs)
#2 (3) Light Heavyweight (22-3, W,L,W,L,W, 220lbs)
#3 (4) Mew Choo (12-1, W,L,W,W,W, 191lbs)
#4 (1) Brooklyn Brawler (11-4, L,W,W,W,L, 190lbs)
#5 (5) Damien OQuinn (10-3, W,W,W,W,W, 216lbs)
#6 (6) Jaxson Wilder (8-3, W,W,L,L,W, 205lbs)
#7 (14) Manuel Lora (10-6, W,W,W,L,W, 180lbs)
#8 (7) Jon Ubereem (13-7, L,W,L,W,L, 218lbs)
#9 (8) Luca Brasi Lii (8-4, L,W,L,W,W, 205lbs)
#10 (9) Terry Bogard (7-5, L,W,L,W,L, 179lbs)
#11 (10) Steven Kennedy (9-9, L,L,W,L,W, 178lbs)
#12 (11) Yuri Bezmenov (5-0, W,W,W,W,W, 207lbs)
#13 (12) Ribociclib Kisqali (8-2, L,L,W,W,W, 220lbs)
#14 (13) Alexander Porto (10-8, W,L,L,W,L, 180lbs)
#15 (15) Kamden Jackson (8-3, W,W,L,W,W, 189lbs)
Heavyweight (205lbs and over)
#1 (NE) Big Murha (7-0, W,W,W,W,W, 219lbs)
#2 (1) Super Heavyweight (19-3, W,W,L,W,W, 280lbs)
#3 (3) Japa Koniu (7-2, L,W,W,W,W, 235lbs)
#4 (4) Greg Bell (8-9, W.L,W,W,L, 300lbs)
#5 (5) Steve Butabi (9-2, W,L,W,W,L, 290lbs)
#6 (2) Vinicio Serpico (7-3, L,W,W,L,W, 260lbs)
#7 (6) Grigori Rasputin (16-3, L,L,W,W,W, 241lbs)
#8 (7) Vladimir Impaler (8-2, W,W,W,W,W, 270lbs)
#9 (8) Hamish McTavish (7-3, W,W,L,W,W, 292lbs)
#10 (9) Android Seventeen (10-8, W,W,W,L,L, 280lbs)
#11 (10) Vincent Lemieux (10-7, L,L,W,L,W, 270lbs)
#12 (11) Schmorgen Biscuit (9-5, L,W,L,W,W, 222lbs)
#13 (12) Naiki Nekele (9-4, W,W,L,W,W, 268lbs)
#14 (13) Albert Van Rooy (4-3, W,L,W,W,W, 234lbs)
#15 (14) Jack Dawson (6-3, L,W,W,L,W, 270lbs)
**Rankings are determined by hype/pop, p4p rank, win/loss record and a few company internal criteria. Rankings will typically be updated at the end of each week**

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Posted 18 March 2018 - 03:07 AM

Awesome fight Divac, good job.


Thought your guys did great tonight even in defeat. Especially Sampson. Almost pulled off the big upset to retire on lol

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Posted 19 March 2018 - 10:41 PM



(21 March 18 - King Theatre - Los Angeles)




Fight 1 - New Blood Division

(3-3, 273 lbs) Matthew De Barros  VS  (0-1, 220 lbs) Thor “Thunder” God


De Barros just has not been able to pick up a victory as of late. His three straight loss spree has taken him from a highly hyped fighter when he joined the IFC and turned him into a guy grasping to find his place in the IFC. He has had serious issues in the clinch resorting to attempted takedowns to get out of them which are failing repeatedly. This week gives him a chance to reclaim his winning ways against an opponent who isn’t a muay thai expert.


Thor looked lost in his debut losing to Creed in the second round having shown little of what he has to offer in the IFC. His lack of activity made him look very bad in his match and if he wants to have any chance at a victory in this one he will have to show some initiative or he will just be one sidedly beaten up once again.



De Barros has shown he has trouble once drawn into the clinch so I expect Thor to try and pull him into a clinch and let history repeat itself from there.


Winner: Thor “Thunder” God

This is a tough one to pick, because neither fighter has shown they have what it takes to win, but De Barros’ troubles in the clinch lead me to believe he may lose this one as well.



Fight 2 - Lightweight Division

(0-5, 170 lbs) Bobby Hall  VS  (2-5, 142 lbs) “I Weigh” One Fortytwo


Hall went 0-5 in the UVC and wants to start fresh with a new organization and forget his past disappointments. He has a bad habit of not playing to his win conditions using the clinch and takedowns when he is a very good boxer and a poor wrestler. If he can start to fight in accord with his training he has a decent shot of getting his first victory.


Fortytwo has only fought in the IFC and has had poor results so far only managing to win two of his seven fights. Going up against a fighter making his IFC debut with an 0-5 record the pressure is on to not lose. He has shown a very poor job in any fight against someone with any skill in wrestling and must address that weakness before he will ever be a contender.



Both fighters are looking to try and turn their careers around adding some drama to this match as both are trying to improve themselves in an effort to halt their decline.


Winner: Bobby Hall

This is a difficult fight to predict, because neither fighter has looked good, but Hall’s wrestling advantage may prove to be enough to defeat Fortytwo who has looked terrible against any opponent with even decent wrestling.




Fight 3 - New Blood Division

(2-0, 190 lbs) Victor “Sabertooth” Creed  VS  (1-2, 190 lbs) Thomas “Elbow King” Farrier



Creed has shown some of the best wrestling within the new blood division and will be a strong fighter even once he ages into the middleweight division. In his IFC debut he controlled the fight from start to finish, looking decent in regards to jiu jitsu, but showcasing very impressive wrestling.


Farrier has fought only within the IFC and has had somewhat mixed results actually losing more than he has won so far. However, in his most recent fight he managed to get his first victory of his career and this could show that he has more to show than previously thought.



Creed is going into this wanting to continue his domination within the new blood division while Farrier wants to continue the reversal of his fates as a struggling fighter. It will ultimately come down to whether or not this fight takes place standing or on the ground.


Winner: Victor “Sabertooth” Creed

It is very unlikely that Farrier will be able to stop the takedowns from Creed and as such Creed is the clear favorite as Farrier’s white belt will do little to reverse his fates once taken down.



Fight 4 - Heavyweight Division

(6-7, 238 lbs) Mass “Massacre” Acre  VS  (3-4, 300 lbs) “The Phenomenal” Orgasmic Bliss


Acre has had a 13 fight career to date with mixed results. This will be his first fight in the IFC and he will want to make the statement that his previous record was due to exemplary competition not his own lack of skill.


Bliss halted a three fight skid with a win over Stefanovic at IFC MW16. He will want to continue with another win over Acre who is coming in from the SFC. None of his fights has ended in a decision and we can expect this fight to be no different whether it ends via submission or knockout.



Acre has a large advantage standing with his Muay Thai, but on the ground Bliss holds the advantage although it is much more slight than the standing disparity.


Winner: “The Phenomenal” Orgasmic Bliss

This fight should be extremely tense and close as Bliss’ wrestling is not that superior to his opponent’s. However, I think he will get this fight to the ground where he should be able to control well enough to get the win.



Fight 5 - Lightweight Division

(7-4, 135 lbs) Chris “The Solution” White  VS  (2-1, 142 lbs) Morris Kirby


White did pretty well for himself in the SFC getting himself a 7-4 record as someone who was in the upper half of the organization, but couldn’t ever quite get to a title shot. He will be trying to prove that he can be relevant in the IFC as well and possibly get the title shot he never quite got to in the SFC.


Kirby is 1-1 so far since joining the IFC having lost a close fight in his debut then winning his next in the first round decidedly. A win against White who was towards the top of another organization would go far in solidifying Kirby’s position in the IFC as a future contender.



Both fighters are pretty good on the ground, but Kirby’s jiu jitsu is a concern as White has a strong advantage in that particular area.


Winner: Chris “The Solution” White

Kirby will have a tough time winning this fight without closing with White and if White can get this fight to the ground his jiu jitsu should make short work of Kirby.



Fight 6 - Lightweight Division

(3-1, 155 lbs) Jaddie “THE FUTURE” Defensor lv  VS  (4-0, 168 lbs) Ted “Tiger” Williams


Defensor is 1-0 so far since joining the IFC, but he defeated an 0-3 fighter so you have to take that win with a grain of salt. He will want to prove that it wasn’t just an easy opponent by beating the undefeated Williams in this one.


Williams has been impressive to date amassing 4 straight victories all via T(KO). His boxing is impressive enough to stand toe to toe with any fighter and he has the wrestling necessary to keep the fights standing.



If Defensor can close for the clinch he has the advantage standing, but Williams has the advantage from a distance and has the wrestling advantage to go with it.


Winner: Ted “Tiger” Williams

This fight could go either way and how Williams does against the potential clinches of Defensor will decide it, but Williams has done well against Thai fighters in the past so I’ll give him the edge in this one.


Main Card


Fight 7 - Heavyweight Division

(9-4, 270 lbs) #13 HW Naiki “The Drunken Finnish Demon” Nekele  VS  (6-3, 270 lbs)  #15 HW “The Hunk” Jack Dawson


Nekele has fought his way into the power rankings of the heavyweight division earning the 13th spot for himself. He has won two in a row and wants to make it three against a tough opponent in Dawson. If you let him keep his feet for the fight he has the technical skill and power to take out any fighter.


Dawson is trying to recover to a very bad showing against the ninth ranked McTavish where he lost by TKO late in the first round. Against a fellow stand up fighter Dawson has the confidence to go punch for punch and we can expect an exciting showing between these two fighters.


Both fighters want this fight to remain standing and Dawson will have to push for the clinch to have any chance of victory whereas Nekele’s boxing is at a high level, as is his muay thai.


Winner: Naiki “The Drunken Finnish Demon” Nekele

Both fighters have looked strong standing, but Nekele has the ability to fight both in and out of the clinch and that is an advantage that should shine in this fight.


Fight 8 - Heavyweight Division

(7-3, 292 lbs) #9 HW Hamish “The Pig” McTavish  VS  (8-2, 275 lbs) #8 HW Vladimir “The Horizontal” Impaler



McTavish has recently been rising in the rankings after beating Dawson and Van Rooy in impressive fashion. A win here would make an even stronger case for his ability to fight in the heavyweight division against some of the best fighters in the IFC.


Impaler has been even more impressive stringing together 5 straight victories although none against an opponent as impressive as Dawson. However, the same can not be said if he can beat McTavish and a 6th win, against an opponent like McTavish would go a long way in showing he should be in consideration as a contender for the title.



Its obvious that this fight will come down to whether or not McTavish can take Impaler down. 


Winner: Hamish “The Pig” McTavish

McTavish’s exceptional wrestling is frightening and Impaler’s wrestling while potent doesn’t appear to be up to the task of preventing takedowns and his jiu jitsu is worse as well.



Fight 9 - Heavyweight Division

(16-3, 241 lbs) #7 HW Grigori “The Buttsex Monk” Rasputin  VS  (7-2, 235 lbs) #3 HW Japa Koniu


Rasputin came off of the island as one of the top fighters, not losing until the fourth round of the final tournament. He will hope to get his first win since coming to the mainland from the island. 


Koniu has hosted an impressive 4-1 record since joining the IFC and only lost his most recent fight which was against the champ Tower. He is trying to regain his spot in the #1 contender seat and is looking for another shot against the champ.



Rasputin has the obvious win condition of fighting from the clinch, but against Koniu who is no slouch in the clinch either this will be a tough fight for Rasputin.


Winner: Japa Koniu

Koniu has been a perennial powerhouse in the heavyweight division for a reason and his dominance will continue in this one.



Fight 10 -Middleweight Division

(12-1, 191 lbs) #3 MW Mew Choo  VS  (8-3, 205 lbs) #6 MW Jaxson Wilder


You can’t talk about the greatest of all time in the IFC without Choo being in the conversation. He defended his title belt 6 times before finally falling to Heavyweight in an action packed 2 round fight. The loss drew concerns on whether or not he could recover, but he silenced all doubters by following up his loss with a 45 second knockout against Ubereem. He hopes to win in this one and possibly get a chance at reclaiming his belt.


Jaxson has had a decent showing so far managing to beat almost every fighter comes against, but failing to beat those in the top 5 and falling short every time. A win against the former long time champion would go far in getting rid of his stigma as someone who has failed to beat a top fighter.



If we look at technical skill alone Wilder appears to have the advantage in all aspects, but its the intangibles of Choo that make him a strong fighter so you can’t count him out despite appearing to be disadvantaged.


Winner: Jaxson Wilder

Its hard to vote against the champ Choo, but Wilder is looking better than he ever has this far in his career while Choo is looking a bit more suspect. If Wilder ever has a chance at taking a top spot this is it and failure here would cement his position in the middle of the power rankings possibly never to rise.


-Eric Leoanrd

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Posted 23 March 2018 - 05:24 AM

Iron Man Fight Club 43 - Preview
(24th March 2018 – King Theatre, Los Angeles)
Main Card
Main Event – Middleweight Division
(#8) Jon “Enjoy Coke” Ubereem (13-7, 218lbs) vs. (#13) Ribociclib “CDK4/6” Kisqali (8-2, 220lbs)
Our main event tonight is strangely headlined by two fighters coming off of losses with all rounder Jon Ubereem taking on boxer Ribociclib Kisqali
Jon Ubereem got off to a great start in the IFC by picking up a victory over a favoured Terry Bogard. The performance lead to Ubereem entering high in the middleweight rankings and a match up with former undisputed champion Mew Choo. This time things didn’t go so well and Ubereem was caught in front of a big one, two combination that sent him packing early in the first round. A difficult result to take no doubt, especially after such a grand debut but tonight Ubereem returns and he’ll be looking to move past his previous loss with a big performance over Kisqali
Ribiciclib Kisqali has come to the IFC as something of a prospect though his debut was far from his best performance as he was beaten to the punch by Brooklyn Brawler and ended up on the wrong side of a second round TKO. His second career loss in a row, Kisqali will perhaps feel the pressure tonight to get back to the winning ways of his early career that saw him go on an eight fight undefeated streak and all by KO.
On paper Kisqali will be the favourite going into this one as his striking and rate of finishing has been nothing short of perfect when winning. Ubereem one the other hand, while being no less prolific when it comes to finishing fights with only one fight in thirteen career wins ever having ever gone the distance, has been pretty inconsistent as of late and that makes confidence in picking him to win difficult. 
Ubereem has shown that he is capable of upsetting the odds however and you only have to look back recently to his win over Terry Bogard to see that. If the fight was to hit the floor than Ubereem would have a good chance of finishing Kisqali but overall, the feeling is that Kisqali has enough about him to keep the fight standing and pick up the ninth win of his career. 
Co-Main Event – Lightweight Division
(#7) Wolfgang Lee Roth (8-5, 154lbs) vs. (#8) “King” Maximilian Kirby (5-0, 165lbs)
Our co-main event of the evening is a big one for the IFC lightweight division with grizzled veteran Wolfgang Lee Roth back to spoil the party for young undefeated prospect “King” Maximilian Kirby.
Wolfgang Lee Roth bounced back from his recent loss to Greek striker Tzwrtzos Peidis superbly with a first round submission win over up and comer CJ McGregor. Currently ranked fifth in the org for most wins with 8 and forth for most submissions with 7 and with his previous win pushing him up to #7 in the lightweight rankings, Wolfgang is once again circling the championship gold and you really get the feeling that this is all without even trying. 
His opponent tonight is undefeated Maximilian Kirby from the famous Kirby clan. A wonderful wrestler and BJJ blue belt, Max Kirby has been spending a little time on his striking and as such looks to become a little more well rounded in his fight game. 
Kirby has worked his way up now from the old New Blood division where he went 2-0 and has now added another further two wins in the lightweight division bringing him to a career total of 5-0. He holds victories over fighters such as Juanon Brephgrad and most recently Simon Jensen and really has yet to be truly tested. 
Really, both fighters here could easily be one or two fights away from a shot at the title here so there is definitely a lot at stake going into this. 
Kirby has been extremely dominant in his victories and that is why he has managed to climb the rankings so rapidly. Wolfgang has been somewhat inconsistent overall but in this scenario it is also what makes him dangerous, he just doesn’t seem to care about hype or reputation. He just fights. 
Lee Roth also matches up against Kirby particularly well as his submission skills could pose a big problem for Kirby’s wrestling based game plan though so far that hasn’t been the case. 
Overall, Kirby will be the favourite going into this one though it is a dangerous fight for him against a veteran with a history of upsetting the odds. 
Fight 8 – Heavyweight Division
(#14) Albert Van Rooy (4-3, 256lbs) vs. “Heart of Darkness” Hercules Fortier (5-1, 265lbs) 
Next up we have the much anticipated debut of recent heavyweight signing Hercules Fortier and welcoming him will be Dutch kickboxer Albert Van Rooy
Albert Van Rooy has been putting on some solid performances of late and has managed to rack up an impressive four wins out of five. His last outing was a second round TKO against Pete Blowkarski which was enough to push him back into the Top 15 at #13. Tonight he faces without question his toughest fight to date and he will need to be at the very top of his game to stand a chance. 
“Heart of Darkness” Hercules Fortier comes to the IFC with a record of 5-1 and could possibly be the most imposing figure we have seen since Iain Tower made his debut back at IFC 12. 195Cm and 265lbs, Fortier is a former champion in the now revamped Kings Fighting Championship in London though in his most recent and final fight for the org, he was unable to defend successfully and suffered his very first loss of his professional career. Now, having made his way to the IFC, Fortier will begin his attempt to make it to the top of the rankings
For a fighter with such impressive grappling credentials, Fortier has found most of his success coming from his strong striking skills with four of his five wins coming by way of TKO. Van Rooy too has an impressive percentage of KO finishes which currently stands at 100%. 
On the feet this could end up being an exciting back and forth between two capable strikers but if Fortier decides to take the fight to the floor, there is little Van Rooy will likely be able to do despite having made some efforts to learn the basics in that area. 
Overall Fortier will be the overwhelming favourite going into this one as much is expected from this twenty-one year old from Togo. Van Rooy will not just roll over however and will be looking to prove wrong those that bet against him but he certainly has a battle ahead of him to do so. 
Fight 7 – Lightweight Division
(#15) Xing “Rufus” Pugberg (5-2, 130lbs) vs. “Slim” Willie McCoy (6-3, 160lbs) 
Next up a lightweight battle with New Blood graduate Xing “Rufus” Pugberg taking on “Slim” Willie McCoy. 
Xing Pugberg will be making his debut in the lightweight division after spending the entirety of his early career in the New Blood division. Pugberg got his start in the first ever new blood tournament and after blazing through the early rounds was eliminated in the semi-fianl by eventual winner Fay Gott. It was a brutal loss but Pugberg was able to put it behind him just in time to pick up the third place slot with a first round submission over Jonathan Davis. Life after the tournament saw Pugberg pick up possibly his best victory so far over fellow submission specialist Terry Crew and one win away from a shot at the then vacate New Blood title. Unfortunately for Pugberg his following fight was one that he will no doubt want to forget as he was blasted by Kenny Tchusuk in just nine seconds. With the title shot out of the picture, Pugberg’s last fight in the division was solely for pride and he made sure to go out with a win and his fifth submission victory this time over Alfred Touchard. 
His opponent tonight is Willie McCoy who returns after a triumphant debut in the IFC against Dave Brooksbank. McCoy showed his dominance early on by taking down the BJJ fighter Brooksbank and overwhelmed him on the ground and completely shutting down any offence from his opponent. After a referee stand up McCoy went to work with his fists and it wasn’t long before he caught Brooksbank with a monster uppercut that knocked him out cold. 
The win marked McCoy’s sixth of his career and puts him on a two fight win streak going into this one. 
This is a tough fight for Pugberg who will likely be outgunned in the stand up by quite a margin despite making attempts to improve in that area. McCoy seems to be very well rounded and as was evident in his debut against Brooksbank, has no fear of going to the ground with dangerous submission specialists. This will be interesting as Pugberg really doesn’t have any other options but to keep to his usual game plan and look for the early takedown and then submission. 
McCoy will be the early favourite going into this one with many feeling that his stand up will be too much for Pugberg to handle. For Pugberg to win he will need to land his takedowns and someone maintain top position but against McCoy’s brown belt level BJJ it is not likely to come easy at all. 
Fight 6 – Heayweight Division
Urban “Brutus” Go Bucks (4-1, 255lbs) vs. Kenny “The Follower” Tchusuk (3-5, 265lbs) 
Urban “Brutus” Go Bucks has been in good form of late with a winning streak of three pushing him up the heavyweight rankings and not far outside of entering the Top 15 for the first time since signing. With a record of 4-1, Go Bucks is at his best when he is on his feet and so far has managed a perfect record of KO finishes in all of his four victories. His sole loss came out the hands of another striker Milo Yiannopoulos but that was a while ago and Go Bucks seems to have put that well behind him. He faces a tough scrap tonight against Kenny “The Follower” Tchusuk who will be making his first appearance in the heavyweight division after an up and down effort in the New Blood division. 
Tchusuk, another fighter who get his start in the very first New Blood tournament, found things difficult early on as he was tapped out and knocked out during his first three fights. He turned a corner however and with some huge improvements in this stand up began to find his range on his feet and picked up some big KO’s, the best of which was against undefeated division monster Alambick Rana who was looking for his final win to earn a title shot. However, the title shot went to Tchusuk and though unsuccessfully, Tchusuk displayed some real toughness and managed to take the champion into the third round. He bounced back with another massive KO win this time to spoil the title hopes of Xing Pugberg with a nine second KO. His last fight in the division was against Terry Crew, a rematch from their earlier bout in which Crew dominated Tchsuk with a quick first round submission. This time round things were more even and though the bout still ended in the first round it was evident that Tchusuk was far from the same fighter that crashed out of the New Blood tournament in his very first fight. 
Though Tchusuk has had the more experience in the cage, it is Go Bucks that has been training the longest and that could be a factor going into this. Both fighters are big heavyweights and have obvious stopping power in their fists. Tchusuk will have around 10lbs on Go Bucks and will be noticeably shorter too. This could also go in Go Bucks favour as Tchusuk could struggle with his reach and if he can’t get to his chin he will need to rely on his Jiu-Jitsu which so far hasn’t really played a part in Tchsuk’s career. 
Go Bucks goes into this as the favourite with his form playing a big part in the odds no doubt. Tchusk is dangerous but has been inconsistent where as Go Bucks seems to be on a run at the moment and could be set to crack the Top 15 with another win. 
Fight 5 – Lightweight Division
Andy Bogard (6-7-1, 150lbs) vs. Ma Moru (7-6, 140lbs) 
Ma Moru had a tough start to his IFC career when he was matched up with up and coming Soul Shadow in his debut and though put on a decent performance was caught with a last second submission in the first round which handed him his sixth loss of his career. With the early pressures of starting in a new org out of the way, Moru will no doubt be looking to prove that he belongs here and that he has what it takes to compete with the rest of the lightweight roster. 
Andy Bogard makes his return to the cage after managing to snap a disastrous five fight losing streak that saw him tumble near to the bottom of the rankings. It was his first time fighting in the new lightweight division after a long line of fights against heavyweight monsters and perhaps the victory was no surprise to Bogard now that he is among those much closer to his own natural weight. 
Ma Moru’s record really doesn’t do his overall skill set justice. On paper Moru looks to have little weakness in any area and tonight will have a significant advantage in the stand up. Of course, Bogard has never shied away from a stand up battle and this is perhaps what has lead to such an abysmal run of defeats. A BJJ brown belt, Bogard would find his best chance of victory comes from his submission game where he has shown competence when he has found his way to the floor. 
Moru is likely to want to keep this fight standing and take advantage of Bogard’s seemingly suspect chin though many of those six KO losses have been to fighters that outweighed him by over one-hundred pounds. 
With both fighters having been somewhat inconsistent during their career this could end up being a very entertaining match up.
Fight 4 – Lightweight Division
Al “The Butcher” Swearengen (3-1, 162lbs) vs. Boyd “The Vanilla Og” Clark (4-11, 167lbs) 
A new signing to the IFC is 3-1 Al “The Butcher” Swearengen who will be making his debut against young journeyman Boyd “The Vanilla Og” Clark. Swearengen spent most of his career fighting in the OG Cardinals Org out of Helsinki where he emerged on a two fight win streak before arriving here in the IFC.
His opponent Boyd Clark is currently on the wrong side of a four fight streak despite having made improvements in his Muay Thai and BJJ. He has had some better performances of late even in defeat and those improvements have been evident but still, Clark has a long, long way to go if he wants to be known in the lightweight division
Swearengen will have a decent advantage on the floor and is likely to want things to go that way. Clark has shown that he is capable there having picked up a submission victory during his career but seems to have made the conscious decision to put the bulk of his efforts into his mauy thai which he will most likely want to showcase tonight. 
The bookies have Swearengen as the overwhelming favourite and likely to heap misery onto Boyd’s current form. 
Fight 3 – Heavyweight Division
Pete “Red Bull” Blowkarski (3-4, 285lbs) vs. Brandon “Hippopotamus” Bowen (1-3, 300lbs) 
Pete “Red Bull” Blowkarski will be making his third appearance in the IFC tonight having gone an even 1-1. With a record of 3-4 Blowkarski is still trying to get ahead of himself and pick up experience. Tonight he has an opportunity to even that overall record when he 300lb newcomer Brandon “Hippopotamus” Bowen. 
Bowen comes to us from the Kamikaze org in Tokyo where he went an unimpressive 1-3. On closer inspection however many of those losses where against much more experienced fighters. 
A tough fight to predict but the oddsmakers have Bowen making a successful debut in this one. 
Fight 2 – Lightweight Division
Tytus “No Neck” Aleksy (1-1, 166lbs) vs. Kung Le (3-6, 165lbs) 
Next up we have what should be an extremely fun fight for the fans with young up and coming Tytus “No Neck” Aleksy taking on Vietnamese striker Kung Le. 
Aleksy is still very much in the infancy of his career and after a huge upset loss to Blitz Kreig in his debut almost decided to retire from MMA altogether. A move down into the lightweight division however proved to be a great decision as he dispatched of Boyd Clark in under thirty seconds and displayed some extremely heavy hands. Now back for his third career fight he takes a step up in competition when he faces 3-6 Kung Le
Kung Le has struggled a little since joining the IFC losing both of his first two matches here. The biggest problem seems to be his lack of a ground game as both of those losses have been by submission. Tonight that is unlikely to be a concern however as his opponent Aleksy is very much a striker. 
There isn’t a great deal that separates these two fighters though Aleksy is slightly further ahead in his development. Le will no doubt hope that his superior cage experience will be enough to negate that advantage however and enough to help him secure his first win in the IFC
The bookies have Aleksy as the heavy favourite going into this one and expect that another big KO could be on the cards. Kung Le is game and will definitely come to fight but his inconsistency and form predict that he will struggle against the prospect Aleksy
Fight 1 – Middleweight Division
Wrecking Ball (1-1, 185lbs) vs. Hennig Muller (1-4, 184lbs) 
Kicking of the evening we have a fight from the middleweight division and Finland’s Wrecking Ball takes on Germany’s Hennig Muller. 
Wrecking Ball got off to a disastrous start to his IFC career when he was KO’d at the hands of journeyman fighter Chara Zaad in his debut. It was a fight he was expected to win and Ball will no doubt be looking for some redemption tonight for that last performance. 
His opponent is Hennig Muller, a young fighter who has struggled early on in his career but made some improvements in his performances over the last couple of fights. Currently 1-4, Muller is still learning and gaining experience and tonight looks to continue that trend with another solid outing against a more advanced opponent. 
Wrecking Ball will be the overwhelming favourite in this one due to his advantages in all areas

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Iron Man Fight Club - Official Rankings (25th March 2018)
(Sponsored by IniTech Nutrition who stock both 160q Stamina Fuel and 160q Muscle Bulk along with their pioneering Chaos Energy 160q Recovery sup)
Lightweight (155lbs and under)
#1 (1) Uri Geller (21-5, W,L,L,W,W, 158lbs)
#2 (3) Mister Island (11-5, W,W,L,L,W, 145lbs)
#3 (NE) Abdel Mumu (7-1, W,W,W,W,W, 155lbs)
#4 (8) Maximilian Kirby (6-0, W,W,W,W,W, 165lbs)
#5 (3) Soul Shadow (7-3, W,W,W,W,L, 162lbs)
#6 (4) Daniel Sainty (10-7, W,W,L,W,L, 150lbs)
#7 (5) Evgeni Lomachenko (9-8, L,W,W,L,L, 152lbs)
#8 (6) Bruce Mafaking (16-5, L,W,L,L,L, 164lbs)
#9 (9) Mike Van Rijn (11-6, L,L,W,W,L, 163lbs)
#10 (NE) Feihck Tiote (5-2, L,W,W,W,W, 164lbs)
#11 (RE) Willie McCoy (7-3, W,W,W,L,L, 160lbs)
#12 (NE) Johnny Walker (9-3, L,W,W,W,W, 170lbs)
#13 (10) Harry Entei (10-8-2, W,D,D,L,W, 155lbs)
#14 (11) Gosha Lopez (5-2, W,L,L,W,W, 135lbs)
#15 (12) Tzwrtzos Peidis (6-3, L,L,W,W,L, 165lbs)
Middleweight (155lbs to 205lbs)
#1 (1) Ispa Murhaa (7-0, W,W,W,W,W, 194lbs)
#2 (2) Light Heavyweight (22-3, W,L,W,L,W, 220lbs)
#3 (6) Jaxson Wilder (9-3, W,W,W,L,L, 205lbs)
#4 (5) Damien OQuinn (10-3, W,W,W,W,W, 216lbs)
#5 (3) Mew Choo (12-2, L,W,L,W,W, 191lbs)
#6 (4) Brooklyn Brawler (11-4, L,W,W,W,L, 190lbs)
#7 (7) Manuel Lora (10-6, W,W,W,L,W, 180lbs)
#8 (13) Ribociclib Kisqali (9-2, W,L,L,W,W, 220lbs)
#9 (8) Jon Ubereem (13-8, L,L,W,L,W, 218lbs)
#10 (10) Terry Bogard (7-5, L,W,L,W,L, 179lbs)
#11 (11) Steven Kennedy (9-9, L,L,W,L,W, 178lbs)
#12 (12) Yuri Bezmenov (5-0, W,W,W,W,W, 207lbs)
#13 (14) Alexander Porto (10-8, W,L,L,W,L, 180lbs)
#14 (NE) Sascha Koniezko (5-6, W,W,W,L,W, 185lbs)
#15 (15) Kamden Jackson (8-3, W,W,L,W,W, 189lbs)
Heavyweight (205lbs and over)
#1 (1) Big Murha (7-0, W,W,W,W,W, 219lbs)
#2 (2) Super Heavyweight (19-3, W,W,L,W,W, 280lbs)
#3 (4) Greg Bell (8-9, W.L,W,W,L, 300lbs)
#4 (5) Steve Butabi (9-2, W,L,W,W,L, 290lbs)
#5 (7) Grigori Rasputin (17-3, W,L,L,W,W, 241lbs)
#6 (8) Vladimir Impaler (9-2, W,W,W,W,W, 270lbs)
#7 (6) Vinicio Serpico (7-3, L,W,W,L,W, 260lbs)
#8 (9) Hamish McTavish (7-4, L,W,W,L,W, 292lbs)
#9 (3) Japa Koniu (7-3, L,L,W,W,W, 235lbs)
#10 (10) Android Seventeen (10-8, W,W,W,L,L, 280lbs)
#11 (13) Naiki Nekele (10-4, W,W,W,L,W, 268lbs)
#12 (11) Vincent Lemieux (10-7, L,L,W,L,W, 270lbs)
#13 (12) Schmorgen Biscuit (9-5, L,W,L,W,W, 222lbs)
#14 (NE) Hercules Fortier (6-1, W,L,W,W,W, 265lbs)
#15 (NE) Kenny Tchusuk (4-5, W,L,W,L,W, 265lbs)
**Rankings are determined by hype/pop, p4p rank, win/loss record and a few company internal criteria. Rankings will typically be updated at the end of each week**

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Iron Man Fight Club – Mid Week 20
(28th March 2018 – King Theatre, Los Angeles)
Main Card
Main Event – Light Heavyweight Division
(#2) Light “Son of” Heavyweight (22-3, 220lbs) vs. (#4) Damien “Avalon D” Oquinn (10-3, 217lbs)
The main event of tonight’s card features one of the most popular fighters currently signed to the org and a former Island season winner in Light “Son of” Heavyweight and he’ll be taking on recent signing Damien “Avalon D” Qquinn who is making his return after a successful debut into the IFC ranks. 
While it’s true that Light Heavyweight’s recent form has been a little up and down, he still remains a hugely recognisable character in the org and a top ranking fighter in the IFC middleweight division. He is coming into this bout off the back of a dominant showing against submission specialist and former champion Steven Kennedy where he was able to use his strong clinch based style and get the KO victory midway through round one. 
That victory marked the second over former IFC champions with the other being of course then undefeated Mew Choo for the then vacant middleweight title and L.Heavyweight will no doubt be looking to work his way back to another shot at the title that he briefly held. Tonight he gets an opportunity to take a step towards that when he faces Oquinn but “Avalon D” has already made his views on the match up quite clear. 
10-3 Damien Qquinn is on a fantastic run of form and will be coming into this fight full of confidence. Not that he needed a win streak to do so as Oquinn has been extremely vocal on social media in the past. His most recent post indicated a certain amount of respect for his opponent tonight but also made clear, in no uncertain terms, that he sees him as a stepping stone to the title.
Skills wise there is little between these two warriors save for Qquinns blue belt in BJJ which isn’t likely to factor in at all. This fight is almost guaranteed to be spent on the feet either at striking range or up close in the clinch. 
Oquinn has a good record of KO’s on his resume and is clearly skilled with his fists but not many come close to L.Heavyweight’s frightening record of twenty two KO’s in twenty two victories. 
Qquinn is obviously confident in his abilities and is relishing the opportunity to take out such a well known opponent but it will be no easy task as L.Heavyweight has a wealth of experience to call upon. 
Heavyweight a mild favourite as the bookies open but his form hasn’t been perfect of late and Oquinn is hungry and is currently on a tear. 
A massive opportunity for Oquinn but L.Heavyweight is expected eke out the win. 
Co-Main Event – Lightweight Division
 Luiz Correia Azevedo (12-6, 151lbs) vs. Anton Touchard (6-1, 168lbs) 
Another former island fighter now with Luiz Correia Azevedo making his first appearance in the cage under new management and he’ll be taking on impressive youngster Anton Touchard who will be making his debut in the lightweight division after graduating from the New Blood division. 
Luiz Correia Azevedo didn’t have the best of times in his IFC debut last time out managing to get caught up under Evgeni Lomachenko’s heavy ground and pound attack and finished in just under a minute. It was a disappointing performance from a fighter that many had waited a long time to see and tonight, on a streak of two losses, Azevedo will attempt to pick up his first win in the org with a fresh approach from a new management team. 
Taking on the popular ex-island fighter is Anton Touchard, a 6-1 grappler from Monaco who will be attempting to get off to a running start in his new division. 
After a perfect start to his career and a 3-0 record from the QFC system, Touchard signed to the IFC’s developmental New Blood division and managed to go a solid 3-1 with his best win coming against then undefeated Matteo Boretti. It was a good test for Touchard who had to overcome the superior striking of Boretti and a cut suffered early on but in the end secured the takedown and his fourth submission victory of his career. 
This likely grappling showdown is going to come down to who wants it most and both fighters have a lot to fight for. One the one hand we have a struggling ex-island star who will be desperate to reclaim past glories and now under a new management team that will no doubt want to prove that they can get the best out of Azevedo and in the opposite side we have a young, hungry up and comer who will want to prove that he belongs with the big boys of the lightweight division and perhaps even has eyes for the championship gold. 
Touchard will have a decent size advantage over Azevedo but otherwise both are fairly evenly skilled. Azevedo is the more prolific submission fighter but has struggled of late. Touchard has done well so far but has yet to meet anyone of Azevedo’s standard on the ground. 
Touchard, slightly favoured to win due to Azevedo’s recent form but really it will be a shoot out on the ground and on this occasion, Azevedo’s smaller frame and speed advantage might be something to consider. 
Fight 8 – Heavyweight Division
(#13) Schmorgen Biscuit (9-5, 230lbs) vs. Randall “Natural” Couture (9-4, 233lbs) 
A heavyweight match up featuring two fighters coming off of losses. #13 ranked Schmorgen Biscuit takes on Randall “Natural” Couture 
Schmorgen Biscuit just doesn’t seem to be able to get over the final couple of hurdles when it comes to climbing the rankings. Obviously capable and vastly improved since he got his start back at IFC I, Biscuit has never failed to disappoint in the really big occasions that he has found himself in. After a thoroughly dominant display of grappling skill over Don Joe, Biscuit decided to move up into the heavyweight division and in his first match up faced striker Vladimir Impaler. It was a match up that would definitely set the winner on a course towards the title and one that Biscuit had a clear grappling advantage over but on the night, despite starting strong, Biscuit faded and as the fight wore on Impaler’s crisper striking and impressive defensive grappling began to overtake and late in the final round Biscuit was punished for a lazy jap and caught with a huge overhand right and suffered his very first ever KO loss. 
With a disappointing start to his heavyweight career, Biscuit returns to the cage tonight looking to once again get back on track and winning ways. 
His opponent Randall Couture is also coming into this fight off the back of a loss to rejuvenated KO machine Android Seventeen. Couture looked confident early and wasn’t outclassed but the power of Seventeen was evident and it wasn’t long before it became too much for Couture who ended up stunned with a massive head kick and then finally taken out with a huge left hook. 
The loss would have been disappointing for Couture who had remained undefeated in his two fights since signing with the IFC and was beginning to make some progress up into the power rankings but now, having fallen just outside, will need a win tonight to have any chance of a return. 
Biscuit looks to be the vastly more well rounded of the two fighters going into this one however Couture’s strengths match up very well against Biscuit. Couture is capable in many different ranges and has a decent take down too. On the feet things are likely to be interesting as too in the clinch. On the ground Biscuit is likely to be favoured though he usually prefers to maintain top position and attack with strikes from there. If Couture is able to land the takedown first there is no telling how well Biscuit will be able to regain position off of his back. 
Overall, Couture will be the heavy underdog going into this one due to Biscuits more advanced skills all round but that’s not to say that Couture is without a shot. He has decent stand up and power in the clinch and with a history of things not always going the way they should for Biscuit, Couture’s odds could be an enticing prospect for those high risk takers. 
Fight 7 – Lightweight Division
Simon “Spike” Jensen (9-5, 162lbs) vs. “Notorious” CJ McGregor 
Next up, a lightweight contest between two fighters who have just recently fallen out of the Top 15. Simon “Spike” Jensen takes on “Notorious” CJ McGregor
Simon Jensen hasn’t exactly set the IFC lightweight division on fire since making his debut despite his early high ranking upon arrival. Two tough fights against Evgeni Lomachenko and Maximilian Kirby and two TKO losses in a row have meant that a lot of the buzz surrounding Jensen’s arrival has faded and now he will need some big performances to regain that early hype. 
CJ McGregor makes his return after suffering a first round submission loss to IFC veteran Wolfgang Lee Roth and will no doubt be looking to take out his frustrations on his opponent tonight. 
The loss will have no doubt hurt McGregor who had made such a big impact in his IFC debut and into the Top 15 and now, like his opponent tonight, will need to start over again if he is to climb back up. 
This should be a very exciting match up between two fighters who are both very good at what they do. McGregor, with four KO’s out of five wins, is without a doubt a remarkably skilled boxer and will have the advantage in the stand up and Jensen, who has notched up eight submissions in nine wins, will bring his brown belt level jiu-jitsu and a sizeable advantage in the grappling. 
The main danger for McGregor will be in the wrestling. McGregor isn’t a complete novice anywhere but his wrestling isn’t at the level of Jensen’s and in order to win this fight he will need to remain on his feet long enough to land a significant strike. Jensen is also more experienced in the cage than the younger McGregor and will likely feel confident of getting this fight to the floor without taking too much damage. 
The bookmakers will have Jensen as a fairly strong favourite, mainly down to his advantage in the wrestling but with two TKO losses in a row against his name its possible that his chin is still feeling sensitive and McGregor might just have the speed and reflexes to catch him early
Fight 6 – Heavyweight Division
Vinnie Sixx (4-1, 255lbs) vs. Patrick Thompson (3-2, 270lbs) 
Vinnie Sixx arrived in the IFC as a little known 2-1 youngster with some very decent overall skills. Since that time, he has managed to get his hand raised on both outings and is starting to make his way up the rankings in the heavyweight roster. With another win tonight it’s possible that the twenty-one year old from Brooklyn, New York could crack the top 15 and make himself known amongst the very top of the division. 
His opponent is Jamaican striker Patrick Thompson who will be making a return to the heavyweight division after a small stint in the New Blood division where he managed a 2-1 record. 
Sixx is the more well rounded of the two and seems to be a much stronger grappler than Thompson though with no real history of wanting to bring his fights to the ground this fight is likely to be a stand up battle and things are a lot more even there. 
Both fighters are still relatively inexperienced in the cage and will both be making only their sixth professional appearance. They both have two decision wins to their name’s also which could possibly go a way to describing their typical fighting style. 
Both are on winning streaks though Sixx is slightly ahead with three and neither will want to drop a loss here tonight. Thompson will be the underdog due to his weaker grappling credentials and slightly lesser record. 
Fight 5 – Middleweight Division
Hen Nessy (3-1, 205lbs) vs. Hallis “The Captain” Mollen (1-0, 190lbs) 
Next up we have a superb middleweight match up between two very exciting up and coming prospects in Hen Nessy and Hallis “The Captain” Mollen
Hen Nessy, a new signing to the IFC, arrives with a 3-1 record and a veteran of the TWGC events. He got his start in the QFC system where he managed a 2-1 record and then, most recently, picked up a win in his single appearance for the now closed Ultimate Violence Championship in Hilo. 
Now looking to make an impression in his new home, Nessy is ready to make his entrance into the IFC. 
His opponent tonight is Hallis Mollen, a nineteen year old from New Jersey who is fresh off of a successful debut in the IFC in his last match. It was a tough fight and Mollen had to dig deep against Hennig Muller but in the end Mollen’s power was the difference and he was awarded the split decision and his first win on the first attempt.
This fight is expected to be a very competitve one as both fighters are fairly even on the feet and in the wrestling. Mollen is perhaps slightly ahead in those areas but he will be fighting up a class on the ground against Nessy who is already at a brown belt level in BJJ and has experience of competition in the TWGC. 
Nessy opens as the slight favourite and will perhaps feel that he has the most to lose in this match up but both fighters are regarded as propects and both are expected to rise up the middleweight rankings over time. 
Fight 4 – Lightweight Division
Dave “Tightass” Brooksbank (6-11, 160lbs) vs. Nando Vasquez (1-0, 155lbs) 
Next up in the lightweight division, experience versus potential as struggling veteran Dave “Tightass” Brooksbank takes on exciting new signing Nadno Vasquez. 
Dave Brooksbank made his debut at IFC 1 and though never a truly dominant figure on the roster, had almost remained a capable and dangerous submission artist when given the opportunity but over the past few months Brooksbank has been little more than an easy win for his opponents and with little in the way of improvement over this period is likely to struggle against his opponent tonight. 
Nando Vasquez is just getting started in his MMA career and will be making his IFC debut after just one single fight in the QFC system where he managed to impress with a fourteen second first round submission win. Though he will be giving up a huge amount of experience to his opponent in terms of cage time, Vasquez is no stranger to competition having won the TWGC division 4 title very recently and amassed a 7-1 record in grappling events overall. 
Both fighters are skilled on the floor as evidenced by Brooksbank’s perfect record of submission finishes in his six wins and Vasquez’s championship level grappling credentials and it would be interesting to see how that would go down should the fight take place there. However, Vasquez is very much the whole ticket and will be bringing some wonderful muay thai skills with him tonight. On paper he is likely a good few classes above Brooksbank in the striking and should he chose to go that route is likely to find little resistance from his opponent who has suffered a brain shattering ten KO losses out of eleven. 
Despite Brooksbank’s vast experience over Vasquez in the cage, the bookmakers believe him to have very little chance of winning this one and in truth, as it has been for a while now, unless Brooksbank begins to make improvements to either his striking or his wrestling, he is destined to become fodder at the bottom of the lightweight rankings. 
Fight 3 – Middleweight Division
Joe “The Alternate” Average (2-5, 210lbs) vs. Hank “Hill” Jones (3-3, 212lbs) 
Joe Average has obviously been productive with his training time lately having made some solid improvements to his overall game but he will be coming into this bout off the back of perhaps of the worst performance we’ve seen from him when he lost to struggling James Gregor by ground and pound TKO. 
That loss marked the fifth of his career and really after seven pro bouts and a record of 2-5 better performances will be expected from this twenty year old mixed martial artist and tonight we get to see what he has learnt from his previous set back. 
His opponent is Hank “Hill” Jones who began his MMA journey with the IFC in it’s New Blood division. There, he got off to a great start racing ahead to a 2-0 record and recording finishes by both TKO and submission showing how dangerous he could be from different ranges. From there onward Jones has had some mixed results though he has fought against some of the very best fighters that have come out of that division. 
Currently on a two fight run of losses, Jones now graduates to the middleweight division and will be looking to get a big start outside of the New Blood division. 
Average has developed a fairly respectable ground game in recent times and has managed to earn his Brown Belt in BJJ. On paper this looks to be a decent advantage over Jones but Average has not yet been able to put anything together and it could even be said looked lost on the ground in his last match up. In the stand up Jones will most likely be the one pressing the action though, again on paper, Average has a decent grasp of striking fundamentals though you wouldn’t have thought it having been KO’d in each one of his five losses. 
Average has the skills to put on a strong performance against Jones but so far hasn’t shown that he can put it together on the night. Jones looks to be outgunned in a few areas but has had some much better performances overall and against some tough opponents. 
A difficult fight to predict and the bookies have the fight as even. 
Fight 2 – Lightweight Division
Jonathan “Money Shot” Davis (4-7, 142lbs) vs. Long Thai (0-5, 165lbs)
It’s been quite a downwards spiral for former New Blood tournament participant Jonathan “Money Shot” Davis who has gone from exciting young prospect to struggling prelim fighter. His successful early career now long in the past, Davis comes into this fight on an abysmal run of six defeats and must surely feel the pressure to snap out of this horrible losing streak. 
His opponent Long Thai is also suffering from a lack of winning though unlike his opponent Davis, Thai has not yet managed to get is hand raised and is still searching for his first win. Now making his sixth appearance in the cage, Thai will look to change that tonight. 
Both fighters are most comfortable on their feet though Davis has a respectable level of grappling and this sets him apart going into this match up here. Thai is a sensational Muay Thai specialist but so far has struggled even on his feet and his lack of ground ground has made him extra vulnerable against anyone with even a modicum of grappling ability. Davis too has struggled to find his range with what was a wonderful level of boxing and as a result has either dropped decisions where he has been outworked or just outright stopped by his opponent. 
Davis should be able to turn the tide here against Long Thai though this is based purely on his early success of which Thai has never had. Both fighters are in terrible shape form wise and the only definite here tonight is that someone will be picking up their first victory in a very long time
Fight 1 – Middleweight Division
Dreamier Panda (1-2, 220lbs) vs. Julian Muller (7-3, 185lbs) 
Our opening bout of the evening finds young wrestler Dreamier Panda take on experienced youngster Julian Muller who will be making his IFC debut here tonight. 
Panda, who crashed out of the second New Blood tournament in the first round, was able to redeem his early loss with a submission win over fellow eliminated fighter Beast Incarnate in his return though tonight will be entering the cage off the back of a loss in his last fight, a first round submission finish to Kurt Wagner. In that fight, Panda’s superior wrestling was on display as he took the fight to the ground early but after trading submission attempts with his opponent was finally caught with a kimura around the three minute mark. Tonight he’ll face similar danger so it will be interesting to see what he learned from that loss. 
His opponent Julian Muller comes to the IFC with a very respectable record of 7-3 and at only twenty years of age has obviously decided to keep very busy since making his debut. He didn’t get off to the best of starts in his career as he acquired all three of his losses early and in a row. His debut in the QFC system and then two more in the now closed Dutch Series of Fighting in Amsterdam. Since that time however, Muller has been on a tear and after six mainly first round submission wins was picked up by Annihilation in Las Vegas and racked up his seventh submission win once again coming in the first round. 
Now making his way to the IFC, Muller looks to continue that success in his new home. 
This fight is likely to be a spent with Muller looking for submissions on his back and Panda using his superior wrestling to control the fight and perhaps a finish of his own. Panda will have significiant weight advantage of around thirty-five pounds and that could be a factor if he does manage to get the takedown and end up on top. 
Muller however has been in tremendous form and it will be hard to pick Panda over him at this point. The bookmakers agree and Muller enters the fight as the heavy favourite to make a successful IFC debut

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Can't wait to read my android's fight review
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IFC 44


March 31st 2018 - King Theatre, Los Angeles




Fight 1 - Heavyweight Division

(3-2, 270 lbs) Francisco “The Count” Babyara  VS  (1-1, 265 lbs) Ruben Kirby


Our opener for the night plays host to two fighters coming off of wins in their previous fights who would love to continue their upward trajectory.


Francisco “The Count” Babyara has gone undefeated since leaving the KFC for the IFC and while neither opponent were particularly high on the ladder beating two opponents in a total of 16 seconds tells a tale all of its own. Babyara has not had a single fight go passed the first round in his entire career despite having very good cardio which calls into question how solid his chin is. If he wants to find a place in the top rankings of the IFC he will need to play around his weakness and do a better job of dealing out more punishment than he takes.


Ruben Kirby first fought in the IFC early February losing in a tough decision in his debut, but recovering with a victory over the struggling Kendrick Michaelson. Both fighters have beaten Michaelson with Babyara knocking him out much faster. Kirby has a very tough chin and can hang in with any opponent, but ability to take abuse doesn’t help if you don’t deal out your own punishment. The fact that he allows his opponent control over the fight tempo is concerning once you start fighting at the highest level.


The odds have Babyara as the favorite in this one and its hard to disagree as Kirby has had trouble against the only muay thai fighter he faced and as long as Babyara is controlling from the clinch his questionable chin won’t come in to play.


Fight 2 - Lightweight Division

(6-10, 140 lbs) Gin Kobra  VS  (1-0, 142 lbs) Cahal Jefferson


Kobra meets Jefferson in this one as a wily vet who has been around since early in the IFC takes on a promising newcomer with only one fight under his belt.


To say Gin Kobra has had mixed results in his IFC career would be putting it kindly. He hasn’t managed to string together two wins in a row since August. However, lets only look at his fights since changing to the lightweight division. So far he has a 1-1 record beating one opponent into retirement then losing to a solid fighter in Uesugi Kenshin. His striking is no joke, but he looks lost with any form of grappling whether on the ground or standing.


Cahal Jefferson started off his IFC with a dominant decision victory. While he couldn’t get the finish in the fight he controlled it from start to finish abusing the clinch. His strength is extremely high and there are very few fighters who could handle Jefferson in the clinch due to the amount of sheer training he has done geared towards empowering his clinchwork. While he is still lacking in some skills as a young new fighter in the IFC he has a lot of room for growth.


Once again I am in full agreement with the odds maker as Jefferson should have a fairly substantial advantage against Kobra through his grappling if not his boxing as well.






Fight 3 - Middleweight Division

(3-1, 205 lbs) Matteo “The Werewolf” Boretti  VS  (3-13, 209 lbs) Lukasz “Cichy” Patryk


Matteo Boretti made it all the way to the third round of the new blood tournament and now that he has finished with the tournament is looking to find his place within the IFC. This will be his first fight since losing in the third round and although he is starting at the bottom of the rankings, his performance in the tournament indicates that he is a strong fighter who will almost certainly rise in the normal rankings.


Lukasz Patryk has had a very bad career so far winning only 3 of his 16 fights. He has just joined the IFC hoping to revitalize his career and possibly start off with a win in his new organization. He has lost in a variety of ways and seems to be a jack of all trades for the most part, trying to match his style to his opponents’ weakness.


Boretti made it as far as he did in the new blood tournament for a reason and I expect him to showcase his talent in pick up the victory against a struggling Patryk.



Fight 4 - Heavyweight Division

(6-10, 238 lbs) En “Metal Priest” Esch  VS  (2-1, 270 lbs) Sal Sizzaro


Esch has had a long career with the IFC starting off slow, but eventually pulling himself to a winning record. However, he is on a bad run going 1-5 in his last 6 fights despite mostly fighting people lower in the rankings. He is a relatively skilled fighter and at only 21 he has room to continue improving and we have yet to see just how good he can actually be.


Sizzaro may have lost in the new blood tournament in the first round, but he is a strong fighter and has won both of his fights in the IFC since his loss in the tournament. He may have little ability to fight standing, but he has the wrestling skill to get any fighter to the ground where he can control effectively and either ground and pound his way to victory or get a submission win.


Esch is definitely the stronger fighter standing, but his wrestling is most likely not up to the task of stopping Sizzaro’s takedowns and thus losing the fight eventually.


Fight 5 - Middleweight Division

(9-7-1, 185 lbs) Boss Yonic  VS  (4-6, 185 lbs) Lord “God of Destruction” Beerus


Yonic has done pretty well for himself in the IFC only recently falling out of the top 15 rankings after losing two fights in a row, one of which he was the headliner for. So far he has been a feast or famine kind of fighter going both losing sprees and winning sprees, and considering he has lost two in a row it stands to reason that he is due to go on another one of his winning sprees and climb back into the power rankings.


Beerus entered the IFC in impressive fashion beating 3 of his first four opponents, but after that he went on a terrible 5 fight losing streak. In his last fight he finally managed to break the slump, but another loss here could put him right back on track with where he was previously. His biggest issue is that he has no skill that enables his strength (jiu jitsu) resulting in him unable to bring it to bear in most fights he participates in.


Although Yonic will be forced to play into Beerus’ jiu jitsu skills Yonics wrestling is much better and his jiu jitsu is not much worse so I have to give him the edge in this fight as long as he controls from the top which is extremely likely.


Fight 6 - Heavyweight Division

(5-2, 271 lbs) Tan Han Tuong  VS  (9-5, 265 lbs) Maurice “The MoleMan” Stone


Tuong has had a very strong run since joining the IFC going 4-1 and only losing in a title fight in his last bout. Since then he has trained himself back to peak performance and is looking to make a run in the rankings once again, starting with his opponent Stone in this fight. His style of muay thai combined with the sheer knockout power he holds in his fists (and elbows) makes for a scary opponent that no fighter should try and trade with.


Stone will hope to avoid a head on confrontation with this opponent and bring this fight to his domain on the ground. He is 0-1 so far in the IFC, but now under new management he hopes to even that record out with a win in this fight against one of the most powerful fighters in the heavyweight class.


If Tuong can keep this fight standing he has a clear advantage, but Stone’s ability to pull guard in the clinch should allow him to get this fight to the ground where he is the one with the advantage.



Main Card



Fight 7 - Middleweight Division

(5-5, 190 lbs) Yoshihiro Sexyama  VS  #14 (5-6, 185 lbs) Sascha “Widow Maker” 



Sexyama is coming off of two impressive wins over strong opponents who were threatening his spot in the hierarchy of the IFC. After defeating these opponents he has seized their momentum and turned it into his own as he gets a shot at fighting Koniezko and possible making his way into the rankings. 


Koniezko just like Sexyama is on a roll recently seeming to have finally hit his stride, netting himself three straight victories that although all via decision were not difficult decisions to make. Despite not being a highly aggressive fighter he has shown he has good control over the fights slowing it down into his own pace and eventually getting the win.


This is a tough fight to call as both fighters have looked good recently and the winner will have made a good name for himself through beating a good opponent. However, Sexyama is slightly better in most aspects and should be able to get the win in this hotly contested fight.


Fight 8 - Middleweight Division

#11(9-9, 178 lbs) Steven “The Steamroller” Kennedy  VS  #12(5-0, 207 lbs) Yuri “Subversion” Bezmenov


At first glance Kennedy does not look like an impressive fighter. However, when you look at the people he has faced within the IFC you realize that he has fought some of the best fighters the organization has to offer and come up just short of being top tier. This is why a fighter with a 9-9 record is just shy of cracking the top 10 of a major organization. He is missing just that little spark that could put him over the edge and place him a few fights out of contention.


Bezmenov has taken the IFC by storm winning repeatedly despite going up against tougher and tougher opponents with each win. Bezmenov has yet to be truly tested to date managing to win almost all of his fights with similar finish times in the first round, mostly via submission with one knockout with a devastating head kick. When it comes to fighters on a fast track Bezmenov is probably the hottest fighter in the middlweight division right now and woe to any who end up against him.


Bezmenov’s undefeated record isn’t just for show and I expect his legend of invincibility to conitnue with another win. However, we may get to see the fighter truly challenged in this fight, because Kennedy has hovered at this ranking for good reason.


Co-Main Event - Heavyweight Division

#3(8-9, 300 lbs) Greg “The Gronk” Bell  VS  #10(10-8, 281 lbs) “Red Ribbon Armys” Android Seventeen


Bell’s ranking came in large part to having beaten Rasputin in his last fight the man who was riding high after defeating the ex champ. However, Rasputin’s rise to fame was cut short by Bell who managed to knock Rasputin out in the first round. The top five of the heavyweight division has been a back and forth hotly contested hodge podge of powerful fighters each trying to get his moment with a belt around his waist and many think it may be Bell’s turn to try his hand at it.


Seventeen has looked strong of late beating three straight opponents and climbing his way into the top 10 rankings. He has an extremely tough chin and can stand toe to toe with any fighter, his fights largely come down to whether he can keep the fight standing or not. I've pick him to lose in the past and was wrong so you can't ever underestimate this fighter, because regardless of whether he looks like the stronger fighter or not he just seems to have the ability to find the win. His fight against Bell is a real chance for him to make a name for himself in the heavyweight division through beating one of the best the division has to offer. 


Seventeen’s wrestling is just as exemplary as his opponents’, but his boxing is much better than his opponent’s giving him a good chance of winning this fight and earning himself a spot with the top rankers in this division.


Main Event - Lightweight Division Title

Champion(13-2, 130 lbs) Klaus “The House” Chugman  VS  #1(21-5, 158 lbs) Uri “The Bender” Gellar


Chugman has been around since IFC 2 and his rise has been inexorable in the way it came about. He has won a whopping nine straight fights (2 of them were title fights) and in his career has only had to go to the judge’s scorecards two times. This wrestler/jiu jitsu black belt has earned himself the #1 p4p position in the IFC organization through sheer talent and hard work. This is a fighter who at 21 has made a huge name for himself winning fight after fight.


Gellar will have his work cut out for him as he faces the best the IFC has to offer. However, Uri is no slouch himself sitting at the third ranking on the p4p ranking despite not having a championship belt for himself. He came in to the IFC highly hyped off of the island and did not disappoint in his debut with the organization managing to win in just 41 seconds. This impressive debut combined with his previous track record resulted in him instantly receiving the rights as the #1 contender and now we have the #1 and #3 p4p fighters taking part in what looks to be an amazing fight.


This fight will be extremely close and will largely depend on whether Chugman can get this fight to the ground where his superior jiu jitsu can shine. If I had to pick one fighter to come away with the win I’d have to go with Chugman, because a black belt in jiu jitsu is a very daunting thing to go up against.


-Eric Leoanrd

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Iron Man Fight Club - New Blood V.2 - FINAL
(1st April 2018 – Hard Knocks, Los Angeles)
Main Card
Main Event – Heavyweight Superfight
(#2) Super “Dominator” Heavyweight (19-3, 280lbs) vs. Bob “The Slob” Fury (21-2, 235lbs)
Our main event of the evening is a very special one off heavyweight super fight. The IFC’s #2 ranked heavyweight Super “Dominator” Heavyweight takes on massively popular ex-Island superstar Bob “The Slob” Fury. 
Super Heavyweight comes into this match up tonight fresh off of his stunning KO victory over fast rising heavyweight talent Vinicio Serpico. There were fears that Serpico’s speed and stamina might be too much for S.Heavyweight to handle but, on the night, it was S.Heavyweight that came out on top with his punishing clinch abilities causing the biggest problems for his opponent during the fight. With that victory S.Heavyweight not only bullied his way back into title contention but he also managed to do what no one else had been able to and KO Serpico. Fantastic power on display and another performance like that tonight might just be all it takes to earn another shot at the heavyweight title. 
His opponent is here for one night only, making just a single appearance in the IFC whilst on his nomadic quest around the world to challenge himself against the best of the ex-Island fighters. 
An experienced veteran of twenty-three fights, Bob Fury was a two time champion in the islands TIT org and looked to be on a collision course to meet Super Heavyweight in the end of season final tournament before a surprise loss to a previously vanquished opponent derailed those plans. It was Super Heavyweight who went on to win it all and the fans who were deprived of that potential showstopper but tonight it is finally happening and Bob “The Slob” and Super Heavyweight will finally meet.
In terms of match up this could probably be considered a grappler versus striker match up with both fighters being absolute masters of their preferred craft. Both have a perfect percentage of finishes in their wins with S.Heavyweight totalling 19 KO’s out of 19 and Bob Fury holding an amazing 21 submissions out of 21 wins. 
Super Heavyweight’s only submission loss came at the hands of IFC champion Iain Tower and even then Tower had to knock him down to get him there, something that Fury isn’t likely to be able to do. Instead Fury is going to need to rely on his wrestling and his take down ability and this is where the fight will be won or lost. S.Heavyweight has a wonderful level of defensive wrestling so it’s likely to be a real battle. 
Another key area of this fight will be in the clinch. S.Heavyweight likes to do the bulk of his work there but it will be interesting to see if he keeps his distance from Fury rather than running the risk of getting dragged to the mat by the superior ground fighter. If he does decide that clinching with Fury is too dangerous then it will be a significant portion of his skills that will go unused in this match up
This is a massive fight and there will be a huge amount of pressure on each fighter to get the result here tonight. Along with some serious bragging rights up for grabs, S.Heavyweight could also cement himself another shot of the IFC heavyweight title.
For Bob Fury, this is the big fight. Since the island season finished he has been on a quest to find the best heavyweight fighters that made it to the mainland and there are none better nor bigger than Super Heavyweight, the overall end of season champion and the razor thin favourite going into this fight
Co-Main Event – Lightweight Division
(#8) Bruce “Get Loose” Mafaking (16-5, 164lbs) vs. (#9) Mike “The Hammer” Van Rijn (11-6, 163lbs)
Co-main event of the evening features another couple of ex-island fighters in Bruce “Get Loose” Mafaking and Mike “The Hammer” Van Rijn and both are going to be on the warpath after there most recent fights which ended with a loss. 
Bruce Mafaking makes his return to the IFC cage after a failed attempt at wrestling the belt away from champion Klaus Chugman. It was blaze of grappling fury as Chugman got the early takedown and both fighters proceeded to trade submission attempts before Mafaking was caught with a rear naked choke around the four minute mark of the first round. It was the first loss for Mafaking under new management and tonight both fighter and manager attempt to get back to winning ways and back into title contention with a big performance over his opponent tonight Mike Van Rijn. 
“The Hammer” Van Rijn began his career on the Island fully intending to pursue KT glory but as the islands single KT org closed he was forced to change paths and instead found himself in the cage competing in mixed martial arts fights. 
With some initial success going 4-1 in the QFC system Van Rijn signed to Chaos FC with an immediate title shot given but despite having looked good on his feet in the past the glaring holes in his ground game were obvious and Van Rijn suffered his second submission loss. Since that point Van Rijn battled on to a 9-4 record on the island and signed to King’s in London. A two fight win streak there earned him a shot at yet another title but once again it wasn’t to be and Van Rijn lost a five round battle by decision. 
Now, with a disappointing debut in the IFC behind him, Van Rijn looks to start racking up some wins again but not before facing another big test for his meagre but improving ground game
While both fighters have an obvious preferences of where they will want to take the fight, neither are complete novices in any one area and it will be interesting to see just how well either of them can do in their weaker area. 
Van Rijn the striker, he will look to keep this fight standing and possibly work Mafaking over in the clinch while the superior submission fighter Mafaking will be looking for his opportunity to get the fight to the ground and secure his eleventh sub finish of his career. 
Initially both fighters entered rather highly in the lightweight rankings but their recent losses have seen them drop a few places and neither will want to fall any further. 
Mafaking enters the bout as the favourite due to his superior wrestling and Van Rijn’s weaker submission defence. Van Rijn has a chance but he will need to work fast as the longer the fight goes on the more chance of ending up on the floor and at the mercy of Mafaking
Fight 8 – Middleweight Division
(#10) Terry Bogard (7-5, 179lbs) vs. (#13) Alexander Porto (10-8, 180lbs) 
Terry Bogard continues his inconstant form in the middleweight division having alternated wins and losses over his last six fights. His last, a loss to #1 contender Ispa Murhaa, though entertaining was a stark reminder that Bogard still has much work to do as he was out struck and outworked from the outside which is usually his strongest area of the fight. 
His opponent tonight is Alexander Porto who has recently re-entered the Top 15 after dropping out following a couple of losses. 
What’s interesting in this fight is that both Bogard and Porto have dropped fights to the same opponents and hold a recent victory over Don Joe. 
It should be a very competitive affair with very little between them in both skill and physical attributes. Bogard has a perfect percentage of KO victories in his seven wins which include a few heavyweight fighters so power is not a problem for him generally and Porto has suffered a few KO losses in his time. With Porto’s slight advantage in the wrestling we could see him attempt to bring the fight to the ground and takes his chances there but most likely he will attempt to impose his strong clinch game on Bogard and keep him close and unable to launch heavy shots from the outside. 
Bogard might be considered the slight favourite going into this one as a fighter that has yet to be knocked out though he has been just as inconsistent as Porto and a loss is a loss no matter how it comes about. Porto is dangerous however and a very capable KO artist himself. 
Fight 7 – New Blood Tournament Final
Georges “The Guillotine” Danton (3-0, 215lbs) vs. Dai Zexi (4-0, 220lbs) 
With so many big fights on tonight’s card it may be easy to forget the single biggest reason why we are here on a rare Sunday evening but here we are indeed and the final of the IFC’s second New Blood tournament is finally upon us.
Our first finalist is Georges “The Guilllotine” Danton from Paris, France. A natural light-heavyweight, Danton has looked nothing short of phenomenal in this tournament which has only been boosted further by his incredibly fast progress in the gym. By this point Danton looks on par with fighters that have been training far longer then he and is likely only going to get better. 
Predominantly a striker, Danton has managed to finish all three of his opponents so far by knockout and has yet to be taken the distance. 
His opponent tonight and our second finalist is Chinese submission specialist Dai Zexi. 
Zexi has shown some tremendous tactical genius so far which was a massive factor in his semi-final victory against grappling monster Mohammed Ruslanov. In that fight, Zexi took Ruslanov by surprise and turned the fight into a brawl leaving the Russian with little opportunity to employ his ground and pound attack and was able to snatch two out of three rounds and earn a unanimous decision win and a place tonight’s final. Now he will need every bit of tactical trickery that he can muster as he faces his toughest test so far. 
Danton has evolved so quickly that, not only is he now vastly superior on his feet, he has also closed much of the gulf in grappling ability between them making Zexi’s job tonight all the more difficult. Zexi is still very much the superior ground fighter and should the fight end up on the floor he will still be favoured to pick up his forth submission win but the problem will now be in getting the fight there in the first place. Danton has slightly better wrestling at this point and also a decent clinch game leaving Zexi with very few good options to bring this fight to the ground. Zexi has shown a willingness to engage on the feet and though highly out gunned in that area could once again rely on his granite chin and brawl his way inside to earn the take down. 
A very tough fight for Dai Zexi who has already had to recover from facing the early tournament favourite in the semi-final. Danton has looked fantastic so far and is likely to be a big betting favourite going into this final. Zexi will need some tactical magic to pull this one off but whatever happens, it has been a great tournament once again and we look forward to crowning our second New Blood tournament champion. 
Fight 6 – Middleweight Division
Avery Nijholt (5-2, 176lbs) vs. Chara Zaad (8-8, 210lbs) 
An exciting recent addition to the IFC middleweight is twenty year old Avery Nijholt from England. Nijholt has suffered from a little poor form in his last home but looks to be a solid talent and a decent prospect for the future. 
He got off to a fantastic start managing to go 4-0 in the Gamma Rising Stars org in New York before moving on to New Jersey MMA where despite an impressive debut, winning by first round KO, he followed up with two losses and shortly afterwards his release. 
Now finding his way to the IFC, Nijholt looks to get off to a big start and he’ll be taking on Iron Man veteran Chara Zaad. 
At this point Chara Zaad has very much established himself as a middleweight gatekeeper. Testing those who aspire to reach the top ranks of the IFC and separating those who are not quite at the level to do so. Zaad himself is a very high level boxer but has generally not shown much interest in anything other then that though he has been slowly making improvements to his wrestling. 
Nijholt certainly has the tools to do well in this match up but will need to be smart in his approach. Zaad is capable of finishing fights when given the chance and though Nijholt is a very good muay thai fighter himself his biggest advantage would be on the ground where his purple belt jiu-jitsu would be overwhelming for Zaad’s white belt level ground game. 
Nijholt is expected to feature in the top ranks at some point and this is a great opportunity for him to pick up a win over an experienced veteran. He will need to give Zaad his respect though as failure to do so could result in falling at the hands of the superior boxer and suffering his third loss in a row, something no young fighter wants to deal with at such an early point in his career. 
Zaad the slight underdog in this one with Nijholt’s overall game likely to lead to more options to win. 
Fight 5 – Middleweight Division
Terje “Nightmare” Warholm (5-4-1, 220lbs) vs. James “The Nervous” Gregor (6-10, 210lbs) 
Next up we have a tough match up in the middleweight division between two well rounded fighters. Terje “Nightmare” Warholm will be looking to capitalise on stunning twenty-seven second first round KO over former Island star Edson Ribeiro. It will be his third fight since moving over from the New Blood division and so far has managed to go 1-1 with a record of 5-4-1 overall. 
Facing him tonight is James “The Nervous” Gregor who despite being guilty of under-performing in his career has recently started to pick up more wins with his biggest being perhaps his first round KO of Kirk Lazarus back at IFC XXXII. 
Warholm will be a little larger then Gregor going into this one but only by around nine pounds and a  couple of cm taller. Both Warholm and Gregor seem much more comfortable on their feet and have   a decent amount of KO finishes to their names. Gregor in particular holding a 100% record in his six career victories. Both fighters have also suffered their fair share of losses though Gregor has tended to pick them up at a greater rate than Warholm and is currently sporting a losing record of 6-10. 
With the middleweight division being the deepest of the current three, climbing the ladder is all the more perilous and grinding and even one loss is enough to set a fighter back a fair distance. Gaining ground is extremely tough and neither fighter will want to cede what they have right now with another loss and so this fight is likely to be a very fiery affair with a finish very much on the cards. 
Picking a winner is difficult and the bookmakers have both fighters evenly matched. 
Fight 4 – Lightweight Division
Uesugi “Samarai III” Kenshin (4-1, 155lbs) vs. Sirimongkol Niyotrong (5-4, 152lbs) 
Uesugi “Samurai III” Kenshin has made a strong start to his time in the IFC but could be making his final appearance with the org tonight as a fresh contract sent out currently remains unsigned. Kenshin has made two appearances here so far and displayed a rather well rounded game having finished both with a KO and a submission. 
Opponent Sirimongkol Niyotrong, though slightly behind Kenshin in overall skills, can too be counted as something of a jack of all trades and comes into this bout following the end of his five fight win streak to Gosha Lopez by submission. It was a step up for Niyotrong and on the night very evident that he still has a way to go before becoming a true contender in the division but now he has an opportunity to put that behind him and show what he learnt from that loss. 
Kenshin is capable in all areas but it is his submission game that has shone so far in his career. With three wins out of four coming by submission it would likely be a smart plan for Niyotrong try to keep things on the feet where his remarkable muay thai will give him the edge. 
Kenshin has only tasted defeat once before so it is going to be tough for Niyotrong to hand him another one. The bookmakers agree and see Kenshin as the slight favourite 
Fight 3 – Lightweight Division
“Tiny” Tim Greene (3-0, 145lbs) vs. Christopher “Acid” Allan (2-1, 135lbs) 
New signing “Tiny” Tim Greene makes his IFC debut tonight and will look to make use of his superior experience against 2-1 Christopher “Acid” Allan. 
Green has spent the majority of his combat career duking it out in the KT ring where he managed a respectable 6-5 record though he has had a smattering of MMA fights throughout and has always impressed holding currently an undefeated 3-0 record in the QFC system. Tonight he makes his MMA debut with a professional league however and the fans will be looking forward to seeing what the Canadian can do. 
His opponent is Christopher Allen. With a record of 2-1, Allan who hails from Australia, will be looking to maintain the momentum of his last win, a unanimous decision over Jon George. 
This fight should be a competitive one with both fighters currently residing near the bottom of the rankings and hungry to move up. Allan’s superior wrestling could be a concern for Greene although the newcomer is fairly well rounded and should be able to at least hold his own on the ground. In his last fight, Allan struggled with his take down attempts however and tonight will need to be a little more efficient if he wants to avoid a stand up battle. 
Allan the slight favourite but don’t count out the experience of Greene who will want to make a big entrance in his new home tonight. 
Fight 2 – Heavyweight Division
Fernandinho “Seaside Freddy” Da Costa (6-4, 241lbs) vs. Blitz “88” Kreig (6-7, 300lbs)
Another IFC newcomer in Fernandinho “Seaside Freddy” and he’ll be taking on the three hundred pound boxer Blitz Krieg
Fernandino Da Costa makes his way over from NJMMA where despite starting well with a 3-1 record, Da Costa was forced to find new management and since that change has not managed to maintain the same level of performance and has dropped his last three fights all by finish. Now, with an overall record of 6-4, Da Costa makes a fresh start in a new home and will face a stern test for his striking skills tonight in Blitz Krieg. 
Blitz Krieg, while having some glaring holes in his overall game, always comes to fight and that do or die attitude was responsible for one of his best career wins, an upset over fancied up and coming prospect Tytus Aleksy. However, those glaring holes have reared their head many times and Krieg has only managed that single solitary win in five appearances here in the IFC. With an overall record of 6-7, Krieg will find himself a rare opportunity to slug it out with an opponent unlikely to want to fight on the ground. 
Both fighters are strikers and both live by the sword and die by the sword. With similar win/loss records this could be an absolute gem of a match up if you enjoy heavyweight slug fests. Da Costa with a 83% record of KO finishes in his victories and Krieg with a bone crushing 100% record of KO’s, this fight, without question, will be settled long before the judges get an opinion. 
Da Costa the slight favourite in the eyes of the bookies due to his superior wrestling. In reality, this fight could very easily go either way. 
Fight 1 – Middleweight Division
Christopher Banks (2-5, 182lbs) vs. Glenn “The Hammer” Svensson (0-1, 215lbs) 
Kicking off the evening we have a middleweight match up featuring Christopher Banks and Glen “The Hammer” Svensson. 
Both fighters were unsuccessful in their IFC debuts last time out and will be looking to put on a better performance tonight. 
There isn’t much between these two although Sevensson has been busy in the gym and has managed to improve slightly in all areas. This improvement will likely give him the edge in this bout and the bookies agree. 

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Iron Man Fight Club - Official Rankings (25th March 2018)

(Sponsored by IniTech Nutrition who stock both 160q Stamina Fuel and 160q Muscle Bulk along with their pioneering Chaos Energy 160q Recovery sup)


Lightweight (155lbs and under)


#Champ (Ch) - Klaus Chugman (14-2, W,W,W,W,W, 130lbs

#1 (2) Mister Island (11-5, L,W,L,L,W, 145lbs)

#2 (3) Abdel Mumu (7-1, W,W,W,W,W, 155lbs)

#3 (1) Uri Gellar (21-6, W,L,L,W,W, 158lbs)

#4 (4) Maximilian Kirby (6-0, W,W,W,W,W, 165lbs)

#5 (5) Soul Shadow (7-3, W,W,W,W,L, 162lbs)

#6 (6) Daniel Sainty (10-7, W,W,L,W,L, 150lbs)

#7 (7) Evgeni Lomachenko (9-8, L,W,W,L,L, 152lbs)

#8 (8) Bruce Mafaking (16-5, L,W,L,L,L, 164lbs)

#9 (9) Mike Van Rijn (11-6, L,L,W,W,L, 163lbs)

#10 (10) Feihck Tiote (5-2, L,W,W,W,W, 164lbs)


#11 (11) Willie McCoy (7-3, W,W,W,L,L, 160lbs)

#12 (12) Johnny Walker (9-3, L,W,W,W,W, 170lbs)

#13 (13) Harry Entei (10-8-2, W,D,D,L,W, 155lbs)

#14 (14) Gosha Lopez (5-2, W,L,L,W,W, 135lbs)

#15 (15) Tzwrtzos Peidis (6-3, L,L,W,W,L, 165lbs)




Middleweight (155lbs to 205lbs)


#Champ (Ch) Roman Divac (10-0, W,W,W,W,W, 198lbs)

#1 (1) Ispa Murhaa (7-0, W,W,W,W,W, 194lbs)

#2 (2) Light Heavyweight (23-3, W,W,L,W,L, 220lbs)

#3 (3) Jaxson Wilder (9-3, W,W,W,L,L, 205lbs)

#4 (5) Mew Choo (12-2, L,W,L,W,W, 191lbs)

#5 (4) Damien OQuinn (10-4, L,W,W,W,W, 216lbs)

#6 (6) Brooklyn Brawler (11-4, L,W,W,W,L, 190lbs)

#7 (7) Yuri Bezmenov (6-0, W,W,W,W,W, 207lbs)

#8(7) Manuel Lora (10-6, W,W,W,L,W, 180lbs)

#9 (8) Ribociclib Kisqali (9-2, W,L,L,W,W, 220lbs)

#10 (9) Jon Ubereem (13-8, L,L,W,L,W, 218lbs) 


#11 (10) Terry Bogard (7-5, L,W,L,W,L, 179lbs)

#12 (13) Sascha Koniezko (6-6, W,W,W,W,L, 185lbs)

#13 (11) Steven Kennedy (9-10, L,L,L,W,L, 178lbs)

#14 (13) Alexander Porto (10-8, W,L,L,W,L, 180lbs)

#15 (NR) Dennis Fisher (2-0, W,W, 207lbs)









Heavyweight (205lbs and over)


#Champ (Ch) Iain Tower (9-0, W,W,W,W,W, 275lbs)

#1 (1) Big Murha (7-0, W,W,W,W,W, 219lbs)

#2 (2) Super Heavyweight (19-3, W,W,L,W,W, 280lbs)

#3 (4) Steve Butabi (9-2, W,L,W,W,L, 290lbs)

#4 (10) Android Seventeen (11-8, W,W,W,W,L, 280lbs)

#5 (5) Grigori Rasputin (17-3, W,L,L,W,W, 241lbs)

#6 (6) Vladimir Impaler (9-2, W,W,W,W,W, 270lbs)

#7 (7) Vinicio Serpico (7-3, L,W,W,L,W, 260lbs)

#8 (8) Hamish McTavish (7-4, L,W,W,L,W, 292lbs)

#9 (3) Greg Bell (8-10, L,W.L,W,W, 300lbs)

#10 (10)  Japa Koniu (7-3, L,L,W,W,W, 235lbs)


#11 (11) Naiki Nekele (10-4, W,W,W,L,W, 268lbs)

#12 (12) Vincent Lemieux (10-7, L,L,W,L,W, 270lbs)

#13 (13) Schmorgen Biscuit (10-5, W,L,W,L,W, 222lbs)

#14 (14) Hercules Fortier (6-1, W,L,W,W,W, 265lbs)

#15 (15) Kenny Tchusuk (4-5, W,L,W,L,W, 265lbs)



**Rankings are determined by hype/pop, p4p rank, win/loss record and a few company internal criteria. Rankings will typically be updated at the end of each week**

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4 straight ko's how many more ko's before I get a shot at the belt again?
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